Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel

I have super thick, naturally wavy/curly, puffy Caucasian hair that I have been blowdrying and thus frying into a semi straight puffy mess since grade school. No one in my family has wavy/curly hair so I never learned how to properly care for it, thus it has spent most of its life in a pony tail or bun. I have never been able to wear my hair down unless it has been flat ironed to death, but recently even that has not been enough to keep my puffiness at bay. I have likely spent hundreds on hair products in attempts to have hair I could wear down as opposed to a ponytail. Two weeks ago I decided I was tired of being a slave to my flat iron and started following Loraine Massy’s Curly Girl method. Since switching and using Tousle Me Softly I have begun to love my naturally wavy/curly hair and I have even received a few complements. Me? Complements, on my hair when it has not been flat ironed and slicked down by heaps of silicone products? Now that is a first. I had this gel kicking about in my massive hair product stash and was surprised to find it had only one silicone, and it was a water soluble one at that. Before stepping out of the shower I will rake my hands through my sopping wet hair one last time to remove any remaining tangles, then wet my hair under the shower head a final time and step out. I immediately spray this gel into my hair, only touching it to divide the hair on either side of my head to apply this product. Three squirts on both the underside and outer layer on each sectioned pile of hair. I then scrunch lightly with a t-shirt or towel to remove some moisture and set up my curls. I then let my hair air dry. Sometimes some areas will dry somewhat crunchy so I will wet my hands under a tap and slick some water over my hair then lightly scrunch again, voila far less crunch! My hair looks fabulous every time I have followed this process. I will say I wish the hold lasted longer, my hair falls a bit too flat for my liking by the next morning. I am still relatively new to this CG method and alternate between Tousle Me Softy and IC Fantasia Hair Polish with Sparkle Lights gel. While I prefer the texture of my hair with the IC Fantasia as there is no crunch whatsoever and the shine is unbelievable, it does look somewhat flat. I have yet to have a bad hair day using Tousle Me Softly however, I just wish it would impart more shine and leave my hair less crunchy and sticky. UPDATE: I must add, I love using this to refresh my curls for lazy second day hair. I will scrunch in some water with my hands and then spray my hair with this and my hair clumps decently. It also works great for messy updos, adding texture and shine without having the crispy hard hold of a hair spray. The smell is also divine!

Tousle me softly hairspray

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