Workout Review: Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method

When talking about fitness and celebrities, the name that comes up quite often is Tracy Anderson. Not only has the diminutive trainer worked with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, to Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson, but many of the A-listers she has worked with have been very vocal about how much Anderson has contributed to their change in physique.

I recently finished reading Anderson’s book, Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible, which has an introduction penned by her “A-plus” student, Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow has said on numerous occasions that the only way she can indulge in her love of food and still stay looking the way that she does is with at least 90 minutes of exercise a day (based on a routine designed by Anderson), at least five days a week. As someone who exercises about five days a week and likes to indulge my food cravings, I can relate to needing this balance. Unfortunately, while I admire the honesty that both Paltrow and Anderson maintain, it also highlights the biggest flaw in Anderson’s book: most women do not have the time for 90 minutes of exercise a day.

Further, while Paltrow has said that she works out as much as she does so that she can indulge in the foods that she loves, the meal plan advocated by Anderson struck me as almost absurdly restrictive given the amount of exercise suggested. A sample meal plan for a day, for example, would entail:

Breakfast: papaya and blueberries

Lunch: greens with oranges and pumpkin seeds

Snack: choco chestnut pudding

Dinner: Grilled tofu and pea mash

Now, I’m not a nutritionist, and neither is Anderson, but even on days where I don’t go to the gym, I don’t imagine that would be enough food to sustain the energy level I need to function. I do, however, commend the meal plan for pushing real foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein (versus protein powders and overly fussy dishes), but I wish there was more of an explanation as to the reasoning behind it.

Meal plans aside, there is much to love in the workout plan outlined by Anderson, especially for those who favor the bar method (think Physique 57, Core Fusion, etc.) Most of the movement showcased in the book focus on isolating our smaller muscles with small, isolated movements and Anderson, who maintains that she helps sculpt a dancer’s body minus the bulk, avoids targeting large muscle groups or working with heavy weights. Personally, I work with heavy weights all the time and am not one of those women who believe that you necessarily “bulk up” just because you lift 10 pound weights versus 2 pound ones, and I’m proof of that. That said, I do realize that it depends on your body type. After having gone through some of the workouts outlined in the book, I do believe that many of them would build endurance, especially in the arm muscle area, by working muscles to fatigue, but I can’t imagine that they would allow you to build much in the way of strength.

Anderson, in my opinion, is her strongest when it comes to her stellar ab and leg exercises and she has a number of them that I’ve never seen before. Further, the book is very well detailed with lots of pictures to make the exercises easy to follow. The cardio component of the workout is presented on an attached DVD.

I found that the most important thing to take away from Anderson’s book is that our bodies are smarter than any treadmill or Stairmaster will ever be, and while you might see results when you first start running, for example, you will eventually plateau so it’s imperative to continually switch up your routine to challenge your body. Anderson is hardly the first person to say this, but I’m always surprised at how many people I see day after day during my AM workouts running while watching the TODAY show who wonder why they are no longer seeing changes in their body. Mix it up! Work in weight training, spinning, boxing, cardio sculpt – there are so many options out there that finding a varied routine is easier than ever. I, for one, will be adding a number of Anderson’s ab and leg movements to my current routine in an effort to do just that.

DOES THE TRACY ANDERSON METHOD WORK? – It was 10 am in Brazil and a sweet voice thick with sleep answered. It sounded as if I had woken her up after a hard night and, of course, I had. As Madonna’s personal trainer on the star’s Hard Candy tour, Tracy Anderson had probably had a late one. This was 2008.

Now the trainer is a star in her own right. I was supposed to be interviewing her for The Independent newspaper, but even back then my editor declined because she was too much of a celeb. Shooting to fame after she sculpted Gwyneth Paltrow’s body, she now owns a chain of gyms, has designed a line of workout gear, masterminded a food programme and produced a fitness programme (The Tracy Anderson Method) followed by millions. She’s developed a workout machine, a workout for men, teenagers and pregnant women; there’s a juice line in the pipes, detox weeks, hair salons, wellness shakes; she’s far too busy to actually train celebrities herself.

Anderson always claimed that following her Method religiously would give anyone a ‘teeny tiny’ body (although now she’s a bit more PR savy and says things like, ‘recognise what is unhealthy and work to keep that in check’).

The question is, does her method work?

I have to say upfront that I am a fan, although I have some reservations. I started doing her dance cardio and mat workouts in 2007; in 2011 after I stopped breast-feeding my daughter, I did a post-pregnancy DVD workout followed by her 30 Day Method (I lasted 25 of them) and then I signed up to Metamorphosis. This is a series of DVDs, which are posted out to you. You are meant to do an hour of exercise six days a week, comprised of half an hour of dance cardio (the cardio changes every three months) and half an hour of mat work using 3 lb weights (the abs, arms and leg exercises change every 10 days). The idea is that your muscles don’t get used to the exercises and are constantly challenged. For the first two years the workouts are tailored to your body type; by year 3 it’s assumed you won’t have any problem areas (yeah, right!).

The philosophy behind TAM is that conventional exercise works large muscles and doesn’t create a lean and defined shape. Anderson concentrates on what she calls the accessory muscles – essentially smaller muscles responsible for stabilising the body during movement – she claims to target at least 400 of them. The arm section of the DVDs, for instance, usually lasts seven minutes – so it’s pretty tough, even with light weights.

Dance cardio focuses on these muscles too because you are moving in many different directions, rather than in the same plane as you would if you were running, or rowing, say. Anderson says she initially contacted scientists to help her develop her programme. She tested it out on about 150 women, following them over ten years. I asked her about the scientists she spoke to and she batted my question away defensively. Nothing has been revealed or published about the background research underpinning her fitness programme but there are hundreds if not thousands of success stories on her website.

My reservations are:

– the vegetarian diet that goes with it is too low in calories (the menus are in the 30 Day Method and in the first stage of Metamorphosis). It’s low carb (the only carbs are from fruit and vegetables) but it is also low in fat and it’s exceptionally low in protein (although Anderson does say this diet is not for life, only the bootcamp and the first phase of Meta).

– the cardio is boring. I listen to audio books whilst doing the mat work. I do other cardio exercise in place of some of the dance cardio (hence it’s taken me three years to get through two years of the programme) or I would have gone insane.

– you still won’t end up with a body like Gwyneth’s (she does 2 hours a day five days a week). There are no TAM studios here and the ones in the states are phenomenally expensive. The dance classes are held at a temperature of 26 degrees C and in high humidity – pretty difficult to attain in one’s living room in chilly Blighty. Plus in the studios they have resistance band workouts, personal training and customized pilates equipment, which most of us don’t have access to.

– after about a year, I plateaued because the dance cardio is not particularly intense (I was pretty fit before I started and I’m less fit now).

However, I do think it works. I lost the baby weight and toned up rapidly. Although I weigh the same as I did pre-pregnancy, my limbs are leaner and look more streamlined. I have always been slim and quite fit but when I exercised I would develop a ‘sports-specific body’. I had big biceps when I rock climbed but didn’t lose underarm fat; I had large quads when I trained to run half-marathons, but my inner thighs were no slimmer. No matter how much exercise I did or how fit I was, I did not have the streamlined lean physique I craved.

If you want to be healthy and fit for a purpose (say you want to run a marathon), then do the appropriate training. If you like exercising with other people, then join British Military Fitness or take up a team sport. But if you want to be fit, healthy and very slim, if you don’t mind exercising on your own, or you don’t like gyms, if your schedule is erratic, or you’re trying to cram in exercise round childcare, then this is the workout for you. Let me know how you get on.

I felt good in my wedding dress, a year after I started Metamorphosis! I’ll keep you posted as I crack year 3 – and attempt to up the intensity of the cardio!

J.Lo Trainer Tracy Anderson Just Posted an Insane Before-And-After of Her Own Fitness Transformation

August 6, 2018

3 August 2018

If you’re wondering how to look younger and fitter in your 40s than your 20s, J.Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer has some pretty solid inspo for you. Tracy Anderson, founder of the Tracy Anderson Method, just posted an incredible before-and-after photo.

The snapshot shows the celeb trainer at age 20, and now, at age 43, looking super svelte. (While somehow also not looking a day older!)

Tracy credits her approach to fitness for how good she looks and feels, writing, “One of the reasons I have focused so deeply on the strategy of my method is because of the way that hard work has paid off for me personally.”

She goes on to say, “Everyone’s before and after is unique and I believe the most empowering gifts can’t even be seen by the naked eye.”

What is her method exactly? She’s referring to her fitness program, The Tracy Anderson Method. Tracy created it about two decades ago, when she felt something was missing in fitness, she tells

“I did the work and the research and stayed 100 percent focused to what I was finding to be true,” she says. “My mission has always been to help people truly own their most balanced self, while feeling like they know themselves better.” It’s all about doing what works for your body, and this clearly works for Tracy.

muscle groups—she’ll often move through smaller range-of-motion moves in her routines, and usually for a higher number of reps. Compare this to other trainers that may focus on lifting heavier and heavier weights over time, but sticking to a low rep count. The classes at her studios in New York City, the Hamptons, and Spain, as well as her online streaming sessions, each change every week to keep your body guessing and avoid hitting a plateau with results.

Celebs tend to flock to Tracy’s method as well. Molly Sims, Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian all reportedly love the workout, according to the Huffington Post.

As shown in Tracy’s IG post, it sure seems to lead to fit results.

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As you may have heard by now, celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson is offering her dance-inspired workouts — as well as her signature muscular structure toning techniques — to the masses. By live-streaming her in-studio classes, you can essentially feel as if you are one of the class participants while actually exercising in your own home.

The idea is to combine a dance cardio segment (30 minutes each) with a muscular structure segment. (These are offered in beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations). With her toning segments, she aims to target smaller muscles that other forms of exercise fail to hit. New muscular structure segments for each level are made available to subscribers every Wednesday to help prevent plateaus.

It’s honestly quite difficult to describe what her workouts entail but a mix of dance, barre, and pilates mostly gets the point across. In short, it’s truly unique — so I was intrigued. Upon discovering that a free two-week trial was being offered, I signed up.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tracy Anderson (@tracyandersonmethod) on Feb 1, 2019 at 6:14am PST

The Workout

The order in which I did the workouts was a cardio segment first, followed by a muscular structure video. For those without any dance background, you will certainly feel as if you are all over the place during the dance segments and are unable to keep up at times. Although I did the same dance segment probably about five times within the two weeks before trying other ones, it didn’t get drastically easier to keep up. With that being said, I would imagine that if you had the subscription, you could definitely pick a few and really learn those dances, but I was attempting to get an overview of all the content in only two weeks.

Another observation I had about the dance cardio was the intensity, which quite honestly given all the hype around Tracy Anderson, I expected to be higher. As an avid runner and cyclist, I didn’t feel particularly breathless during the dance videos. Again, if you really knew the dances, this may be different as you’d be able to put your whole body into the movements versus just trying to keep up and anticipate what’s coming next. Even so, I can’t imagine those ever being as challenging of cardio workouts as running or cycling. However, I will concede that they are much more fun and unexpected!

After dancing, I would begin the muscular structure work. Being relatively fit but not necessarily skilled in this particular style of workout, I chose the intermediate level. The intermediate level is one hour while the advanced level ranges anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes, and the beginner level clocks in at 30 minutes. The muscular structure segments are where Tracy and her team of trainers really shine. To kick off the toning, there are both an unweighted and a weighted arms segment (you should have three-pound dumbbells as well as ankle weights for the muscular structure work). Then, you will go down to the floor and proceed to perform a LOT (and I mean, a lot!) of exercises on each side of your lower body. I have never felt my glutes like that, despite over eight years of tough workouts. Be aware that many of her moves are incredibly complex (i.e. not your usual fire hydrant glute lift) so don’t be overly discouraged if you don’t grasp everything immediately or if you have to move a little slower than the people on your screen!

Source: @tracyandersonmethod


I definitely enjoyed Tracy Anderson’s streaming workouts and found them to be innovative and non-repetitive. The convenience of working out at home and having access to fresh content while doing so was great. Overall, I did feel it was a bit lacking in the cardio department and would want to supplement with a run or bike ride at least once a week if I were to keep doing her workouts over the long-term. With that said, the muscular structure work is truly unparallelled, and unlike the dance cardio, is something you won’t be able to easily find elsewhere.

Another major observation I had about these workouts was the time commitment they require. It certainly seems like a lot compared to other exercise methods, especially if you do cardio and muscular structure work on the same day and as you progress through the levels, the muscular structure videos become longer. One solution that Tracy Anderson’s team offers is the multiTAsk workouts, which are condensed versions of both the cardio and muscular structure work, and allow you to fit both into approximately one hour. I definitely enjoyed the videos that I tried from this category and found them to be just as challenging as the full-length segments. I think that I will probably pay the $90 per month for a few months and see how I fare doing Tracy Anderson workouts over a longer period of time, but I also won’t be giving up my spin classes and runs any time soon.

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis

By now, I think you all know how amazing I think my trainer, partner and friend Tracy Anderson is, how she kicked my twice-pregnant ass into shape, and keeps taking me to new levels. Tracy’s dream has always been to be able to make her ingenious customized-to-your-problem-areas program available to any woman who is up for the challenge—and now she has. See below! It’s pretty f’ing great ’cause it works!

Love, gp

From Tracy Anderson

After twelve years of customizing workouts for hundreds of women, I created a program taking the best sequences and most successful data from my work with private clients, to give you an at-home workout that is as close to having me as your personal trainer as possible. My dream has always been to use my years of research, development, and knowledge to reach and transform countless women at home in the same way I do with the clients I can physically reach.

Metamorphosis gives you a new workout every 10 days and is customized to your body type. What is so special about Metamorphosis is that it wakes up every woman’s accessory muscles and gets you started on a consistent and successful path to your ideal body. In addition to the hour long workouts, Metamorphosis comes with a 90-day nutrition guide, items to track your progression, as well as access to the online Metamorphosis community so that you can connect with others and join the Metamorphosis discussion.

The first step is to identify your body type based on one of 4 options that I have targeted based on how women’s bodies gain and store unwanted weight. This is an important starting point because you have to focus on your body’s weaknesses and your problem areas. I designed each of these programs around waking up certain muscle groups and creating connectivity in your body through the carefully designed sequences. It’s important to note that while your body type is the focus of the 90-day program, Metamorphosis won’t neglect one single part of your body. All the body types start with the same workout for the first 10 days and end with the same workout in the last 10 days, these are because you first need to wake up the muscles in your entire body and end with this vitally important connection.

Body Types


If you gain weight in your midsection and stomach and have a thick waist.


If you have a smaller waist but larger hips and thighs.


If you hold weight in your rear or if there’s no distinction between your butt and thighs.


If you don’t have one particular problem area or if you have all of the above.

You do not need to be at a certain physical level before starting my method. Anyone, at any fitness level, can begin Metamorphosis and benefit from the results. After I developed this program, it was tested on a group of 30 extraordinary women. These women did the exact same program that you are going to be doing at home, and their amazing results speak for themselves. These were women who often made poor choices when it came to diet and exercise and were able to completely turn their life around through their dedication to this program. Women from ages 20-50, including a cancer survivor, several fast-food addicts, and a diabetic—everyone in the group went through an amazing transformation. It was incredible for me to watch them go from barely being able to look at themselves in the mirror, to their most confident and energetic selves just a few months later.

Before & After

Janet Barnett

Carolyn Cassidy

Michelle Calderon

This 90-day program is extremely focused and will break you out of bad habits and problems that you have encountered with other workouts. I designed Metamorphosis so that you will never plateau and you will own your new body and progress at the end. Additionally, the nutrition component will rid your body of toxins and at the end you will have a better understanding of which foods make you gain weight, and which foods are important for you to avoid.

Fortunately your transformation doesn’t have to end after 90-days and you have the option to continue with Metamorphosis through the Continuity program available on my website. You will continue to receive customized workouts every 10 days as well as additional bonus features along the way. I have no plans on stopping your journey to your healthiest and happiest self and want to be there to continue to offer you innovative and exciting new workouts. You can visit my website for more information.

For additional recipes and information on the Method, you can also purchase Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method available at

How Tracy Anderson Changed My Workouts and Body- A Detailed Review

My journey with Tracy Anderson began with a dislocated ankle and a broken leg. I ran almost daily prior to the break, and felt terrified to sit on my butt for 4 months. I desperately looked for something, anything that I could do to workout. Fast forward 2 years later, and I’m writing a Tracy Anderson review.

It’s funny how life can throw you a box of lemons, and you either decide to make lemonade or cry over the lemons. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes you have to be put on your butt to get it. In this case, the metaphor translated quite literally.

I discovered a lot of things during this time, and needed a “reset button” to allow that to happen. During the weeks leading up to my ankle surgery and a month post operation, I couldn’t do anything physical. I spent that time reading about my overall health. Not only did I discover Tracy Anderson, I also self-diagnosed myself with hypothyroidism and got a blood test to confirm it.

The signs of hypothyroidism were there since childhood, but I never slowed down long enough to pay them the attention they deserved. Likewise, I never slowed down long enough to be honest with myself about my workout regimen. I ran at least 4 miles a day, and did not have the body that I wanted. In fact, I was 15 lbs overweight. This was partially due to my hypothyroid disease, but my workout routine also had a part to play.

How Tracy Anderson Changed My Workouts

So now that you have the back story, I bet you are wondering how in the world did I use the Tracy Anderson Method with a broken leg! I found Tracy Anderson on Pinterest while searching for arm exercises. I never thought for even a second that I could do leg exercises with a broken leg.

I soon discovered that the vast majority of her leg exercises were done while on one’s hands and knees. Since my break was below the knee, I was able to do a lot of her moves. At the time, I would search Pinterest for TA arm and leg moves and create a workout list for myself.

It was not until I was in a “walking boot,” that I started Tracy Anderson Streaming. Keep in mind that I was still not allowed to put any weight on the walking boot. I would use the knee walker during the arm portion, and perform the leg moves that did not require weight on my bum leg.

So here is the interesting part : I was losing weight, my body looked leaner and I had a broken leg all at the same time. I had an Oprah aha! moment : “Running my ass off does not give me the results I want.” Yes, I am burning a lot of calories. No, I don’t have a lean and balanced body.

Keep in mind that I’ve also worked out with personal trainers for years at a time. I did not get the results I craved with their traditional forms of strength training either. I bulked up even more, and moved back to a “running only” regimen.

Let’s start with the dance/arms portion of the Tracy Anderson Master Class. I had zero rhythm prior to Tracy. My sister was the dancer, I was the tennis player. I was very uncomfortable with the moves, and mostly confused in the arm/dance-ish portion of the Master Class.

My 16 year old daughter recently told me that she is wasting her time doing a Tracy Anderson workout. Specifically, she said that she spends more time trying to figure out what Tracy Anderson is doing than actually working out.

She is right. This is exactly how you will feel in the beginning. If I had the option of running in the beginning of my Tracy Anderson journey, I would have given up and gone back to running. I crave a good sweat like anyone else.

You know how they say anything worth getting takes time and effort ? It turns out they are right.

Stick with Tracy Anderson, and you will see amazing results. It won’t happen over night, and you will want to scream at the crazy moves that she maneuvers with lightening speed. Nonetheless, its all worth it.

By the way, you absolutely will sweat during the Master Class. The Master Class is different than yoga, pilates or pure barre in that there is an element of pace. This is partially what frustrates people in the beginning, but its also what creates the calorie burn. (Disclaimer : I’m not a yoga, pilates or pure barre expert. I also have nothing against those forms of exercise. In fact, I believe the Tracy Anderson method incorporates elements of those in her Master Class. )

Tracy encourages additional cardio in the form of dance cardio if you have weight you want to lose. However, I am here to tell you that the Master Class has an element of cardio to it. Some weeks more than others, but I always sweat.

Below is a detailed explanation of the changes I experienced with my body during 2 years of working out with Tracy Anderson.

How Tracy Anderson Changed My Body

Through repeated practice, I started to understand how Tracy Anderson moved in her classes. Once that happened, I started to have more strength, balance, flexibility and a leaner physique.

No I’m not lifting 25 pound kettle bells, but I can do things I’ve never done before.

I can hold up my own weight with one arm in a really weird position while kicking one of my legs in the opposite direction. More importantly, I can do it 30 times at a crazy fast pace. Oh yeah, I can also do all that with ankle weights.

I’ve noticed some very interesting changes in my body that must be methodical on Tracy Anderson’s part. My back looks strong, yet my arms don’t look overly tone.

Proof is in the pudding, so take a look at this photo taken in Italy.

I am less impressed with my back muscles in this picture than how my “new” back makes my arms look leaner than before. I’ve previously worked my ass off to have sculpted arms, and they still bulged behind my back. I think its because my arms were not in “balance” with my back.

I think this is pretty obvious, but I am fully aware that I don’t have a perfect body. I am just a better version of me after doing the TA method for 2 years.

Anyway, Tracy’s method also really lifts your butt. More importantly, lifting your butt gets rid of saddle bags.

Stay with me. Stand in front of a mirror, and put your hands on your bum. Lift your bum, and tell me what you see in the comments below.

Yup, saddlebags are gone. Its amazing how that works…right ?

One cannot talk about the Tracy Anderson Method without discussing the core. Interestingly, I’ve noticed that the TA method works the obliques or lateral portions of the core more than the center.

Again, I think this is done to design a strong but also feminine looking core.

I still have a long way to go in my core, as this my stubborn area. However, I bet those abs look amazing under the layer of fat and loose skin!

What you need to get started with the Tracy Anderson Method

First and foremost, you will need patience! After you have resolved to be confused for a while, you will need a few other things.

Every Tracy Anderson Master Class uses 1.5 ankle weights, 2.5 ankle weights and 3 lb hand weights. You can get them here.

After a while, your ankle weights will get sweaty and start to fall off. I found this trick to keep them on. I tuck them under my leggings.

I also strongly suggest you buy a full length mirror. We are building a new house that will have a dedicated gym, but its the kid’s music room for now. I can throw the mirror in the closet after I complete the workout.

The mirror is important to make sure you are using correct form. Look at every detail of how Tracy performs the move, and mimic it to your best ability. Its important to watch her do the move a few times before you perform it yourself. Trust me, she will do it more times than you can handle anyway.

Lastly, you will read that Tracy Anderson keeps her studios at 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity. Prior to incorporating heat and humidity into my home workouts, I went to one of her Master Class’s in New York City.

I thought I was going to have a heat stroke, and so did my sister. I would have to walk outside the room every 15-20minutes to cool down.

I understand her reasoning behind adding the heat and humidity, however I think one should still use their own common sense. If you are feeling lethargic, light headed, have a tingling sensation, or nauseous then you are overheated. Not everyone is in the physical condition to handle heat and humidity while strenuously working out. I certainly was not in the beginning of my TA journey.

I did not add the heat and humidity to my home workouts until recently.

I’ve just now started adding the heat and humidity in hopes that it will help my skin tighten around my core. Stay tuned on whether that actually happens! Admittedly, I am enjoying the additional sweat that the heat and humidity induces. I feel like I am getting a sauna session, and a workout at the same time! Tracy recommends an infrared heater like this one.

I hope this post gave you a realistic peek inside the Tracy Anderson method. I wish you all the best in whatever fitness journey you are on!

The video for Cheryl’s newest song features her dancing in the streets, and now we know how she’s achieved such a svelte physique.

In an interview with The Sun, Cheryl says: “I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson Method, where you work your muscles at all different angles to lean you out, rather than bulk them up. You do it in 90-degree heat with humidity, which is supposed to help tone your skin.”

She’s hardly the first celebrity to sing the praises of the Tracy Anderson Method – but what exactly is it?

Who set it up?

The clue’s in the name; this is the work of Tracy Anderson, who has a background in dance. Anderson says she created the fitness plan when she was 22 – she had gained weight after having a baby, and when her then-husband was suffering from a sports injury, she wanted to use her dance training and love of fitness and Pilates to create something new and slim down herself.

Even though her methods have won praise, it’s interesting to see a fitness star posting before and after pictures – this is increasingly a rarer sight on Instagram, with the body positivity movement arguing that thinness does not immediately equal being better. However, Anderson does write in Women’s Health: “Sure, I wanted to lose my baby weight – but what I really wanted was to be healthy, strong, and balanced in a way I could sustain my whole life.” It must be said that she doesn’t endorse quick fixes or punishing your body with workouts or diets – instead she advocates a more sustainable way of being healthy, even if the genesis of the method was focused on losing weight.

What does the workout entail?

The whole method is aimed at targeting and strengthening the small, accessory muscles to achieve a long and lean body. They’re high-energy workouts which focus on repetitive movements, lots of reps, and light weights – the whole point is to fatigue your muscles. Some classes have more of a dance cardio focus – in a room where the heat is turned right up – and others are for toning.

Unusually for fitness classes, if you’re in a dance cardio class with Anderson, she won’t talk or give you any verbal queues, you just have to follow her movements.

Many of the classes – and the DVDs Anderson has released – focus on target areas like abs, arms or thighs, and you can pick which areas you want to work on.

Which celebs love it?

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alessandra Ambrosio – this really is just scratching the surface of all the famous people who subscribe to the Tracy Anderson Method.

In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow loved the method so much when she first tried it, she soon became Anderson’s business partner.

Where can you do it?

Anderson is based in the US, so most of her activity is there – she has six studios across the country, as well as one in Madrid and a personal training team in London.

However, what’s helped the Tracy Anderson Method become so popular is the fact you can do it at home, like Cheryl. You can pay to have access to the Online Studio – but if you don’t want to take the plunge immediately, maybe try a few of the workouts on her YouTube channel first.

Tracy anderson before after

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