Do These Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms Forever

You want toned arms. You’re not alone, and a lot of effort has been dedicated to helping you and others set a course to achieving your goals. Like all other things fitness related, it requires dedication, perseverance, and discipline. And it’s definitely not going to be easy. But if you’ve been living with flabby arms, there are a number of steps you can take to get in shape.

Truth be told, it only takes a few relatively simple lifts. These are the lifts and exercises that will help you get rid of your flabby arms.

1. Shoulder press

Shoulder presses will build your upper body. |

The lift itself is simple: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Next, bend your elbows to bring your hands to shoulder level, palms facing forward. Push up, extending the weights straight overhead while keeping shoulders down. Once you’ve fully extended, slowly lower the weights back to the shoulder.

2. Get-up plank

This plank works more than just your core. |

If you haven’t been planking, it’s high time you start. There are numerous variants that you can try, and each set will help you build more muscle.

One such variant, the get-up plank, is a great move for working your back and shoulder muscles. Start out in a modified side-plank position — one leg over the other with knees bent. Hold a small kettlebell or dumbbell in your right hand, and keep your right elbow bent so the weight is resting on your forearm. Lift your hips so that your body is a straight line from knees to shoulders. Next, extend the kettlebell up to the ceiling, then slowly lower it back to starting position. Do a few reps, then switch to the other side.

3. Bicep curl with alternating lunge

You can’t go wrong with bicep curls. |

This bicep curl exercise incorporates a lunge to achieve an effective lower body workout in addition to toning your arms. Begin standing with your knees slightly bent, and hold a light dumbbell in each hand. Beginning with your right leg, step forward and lower into a lunge position, maintaining a 90-degree angle at your knee. At the same time, curl your left hand toward your chest to work your bicep. Alternate arm and leg extensions, completing your targeted rep amount.

You’re essentially doing lunges and curls at the same time. And after a set, you’ll definitely feel it.

4. Sit-up pullover

Get ready to build your triceps and deltoids. | Ammentorp Lund

Start by lying face-up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Extend arms overhead with a light dumbbell in each hand, then slowly curl up and forward by contracting your abs.

While you are sitting up, bring your arms forward in an arcing motion toward your knees. Once they reach your knees, hold the position for a moment, then reverse slowly to your starting position. It’s pretty simple; just a standard sit-up, with a curl blended in.

5. Overhead tricep extension

The overhead tricep extension will define the backs of your arms. | iStock

The overhead tricep extension is a pretty common exercise — particularly among those looking to beef up their arms and shoulders. Here’s what to do: Hold a dumbbell in each hand (experiment with weights until you’re comfortable) and begin with your arms extended overhead. Then bend your arms at the elbows so that the dumbbells are dropped slightly behind your head.

Slowly re-extend your arms above your head. Since you are working both arms simultaneously, you’ll immediately feel the effects of this move. Continue the process until you fulfill your repetitions and set goals. You can also do this exercise (often associated with another lift, the French press) with cables.

How I Got Rid Of Arm Flab In Time For Summer

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I’ve never been a woman who wanted a rock hard body worthy of fitness competitions. To me, so long as everything doesn’t flap too long after I stop walking, I’m happy. As I’ve gotten older, things definitely aren’t as trim as they used to be, and after having my daughter? Forget about it. But just because I no longer care what others think of my less than toned abs, doesn’t mean I don’t care about my body and that I don’t want to feel good about myself. My personal hurdle has always been my arms. While I’m a naturally thin and petite person, my arms have always been a little extra fleshy. I don’t have spindly arms, and I often have to size up in T-shirts because they aren’t as thin as the rest of my body and the arms are too tight on me! So, I set out to tone my arms and I did it just in time for summer. Even though we are already there, you can still start this arm workout and start seeing results almost immediately, I promise! So how did I do it?

Getting Rid Of Arm Flab

First off, I took a starting picture of myself because I wanted to see if the video workout I found really worked. There’s nothing worse than suffering through a painful workout, only to see no results, right? Here is my starting point and I took this photo on March 17:

Next I started implementing the video I found immediately. How did I find the video? Oh, a skilled research. In other words, I found one on Pinterest, watched the video and determined I loved the instructor’s British accent. It also didn’t hurt that the video was around 12 minutes and I didn’t feel like I was about to die while doing it.

I started doing this workout with only 5lb weights because my goal was to slim down and tone. You are more than welcome to use bigger weights if you don’t feel enough resistance, but I highly suggest starting with 5lbs because some of these exercises use muscles you may not normally use and you’ll find that 5lbs is plenty.

I also did this workout no less than 4 times per week. Mamas- I’m a work from home (two jobs) mom and wife. I made it through a 3 month home construction project, preschool drop offs and pickups, swim lessons and a mom group during the time I did this workout. YOU CAN DO IT. DON’T make excuses! It’s only 15 minutes out of your day! You can do this while you’re waiting for dinner to come out of the oven, while you’re vegging and watching TV. If you want toned arms, you have to work for it!

The workout I used was XHIT Daily’s “How To Lose Arm Fat” and is found on YouTube. It has over 22 MILLION views, only takes TWELVE MINUTES and I’ve pasted it for you below!

Now, the reason I’m sure you’re all here is because you probably want to see if it really worked right? IT DOES! I’ve NEVER been so diligent with both doing this workout and taking progress pictures along the way. They make all the difference. If you feel like you are losing steam or motivation, start taking progress photos. You will see any change as a positive reason to keep going. About halfway through my goal, I picked up a bad case of the flu that lasted almost two weeks. I didn’t work out at all during that time, but looking at my progress pics helped me pick up where I left off.


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The #1 Exercise to Ditch Arm Flab

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has finally answered the question women have been asking for decades: how can I get rid of arm jiggle and what is the single best arm exercise to target this troublesome area? Scientists at the Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducted a study using 70 female participants to find out once and for all. By attaching electromagnetic (EMG) electrodes to women’s triceps while performing various arms exercises, the scientists were able to record the women’s real-time muscle activity and determine which arms exercises produce the most muscle activity; read: blast arm jiggle the most!

Results from the EMG revealed that the triangle pushup registered the most muscle activity amongst all the exercises tested making it the number one exercise for eliminating arm jiggle. What’s more, you don’t even need any equipment to execute this uber-effective exercise. Like a traditional pushup, the triangle pushup can be performed on your knees or toes. But, rather than aligning your arms beneath your shoulders, your hands form a triangle directly under your chest. The tips of your left and right middle fingers should come together to form the top of the triangle while your thumbs point toward one another creating the straight-line base of the triangle. As in a traditional pushup, focus on keeping your core stable and your body in one straight line as you lower yourself almost al the way to the ground and back to the starting position. Watch a video demonstration of this move (found on page 3) here.

The study revealed that triceps kick backs and dips also activated the hard-to-tone arm muscles at higher levels than the other upper body protocols tested. The less effective exercises studied include overhead triceps extensions, bar push-downs, rope push-downs, closed-grip bench press, and lying barbell triceps extensions.

The key to seeing results from these three arms exercises, like all fitness routines, is form and safety. “Triceps kickbacks and triangle push-ups not only produced high levels of muscle activation, but these exercises can be safely performed by the vast majority of exercisers, require little to no equipment and a relatively short amount of time to produce a positive result when included in a regular fitness routine,” says ACE Chief Science Officer Dr. Cedric X. Bryant. The bench dip however, comes with one word of warning. While this move results in high muscle activation it can also place excess force on the shoulder joint so proceed with caution.

If you’ve been benching your brains out think about changing your routine to incorporate these three arms exercises for a fearlessly sleeveless summer instead! Are there any arms exercises that really do the trick for you? Please share your most effective upper body exercises with us in the comments below.

How Can I Get Rid of Upper-Arm Flab?


I hate the “bat wings” on my upper arms. I’ve heard there are several ways to get rid of them, including surgery. Are they safe? Do they work?


Jiggly upper arms—not so fondly called “bat wings”—are an inevitable fact of getting older for both men and women. Age-related fat deposits on upper arms, thinning skin and hormonal changes, such as decreased testosterone levels, are to blame. It’s a cosmetic problem rather than a health concern. But if yours bother you, treatments can help…some better than others.


Injectable fillers, such as Radiesse and Sculptra, used to reduce wrinkles around the elbows can also improve upper-arm appearance. These fillers stimulate collagen production to thicken “crepey” skin. However, they will not remove flab. Ultrasound, lasers and cryolipolysis—which either heat or freeze fat cells or destroy them with sound waves—are often advertised as noninvasive ways to firm up saggy upper arms, but they have not proved very effective. Liposuction, another treatment touted to do the trick, removes upper-arm fat but is not good at tightening skin. Liposuction works best on younger people who do not have loose skin on their upper arms.


The only long-lasting treatment for excess skin on the upper arms is brachioplasty. This surgical procedure eliminates bat wings by removing excess skin—leaving a long scar from armpit to elbow in the process. Recovery takes a week or two. Brachioplasty is often combined with liposuction and is frequently performed on people with sagging skin from weight loss. It is not covered by insurance and costs about $4,000 on average.


Before you head to a plastic surgeon, though, why not head for the gym? While exercise doesn’t tighten excess skin, it does tone the underlying muscles—which might be all you need to feel happy going sleeveless. Try this arm-toning move that tightens muscles on the front and back of upper arms (biceps and triceps). Start with five-pound weights (or smaller weights, such as two or three pounds) and gradually work up to 10 pounds… Tone biceps: Stand with feet shoulder width or slightly wider apart, arms at your sides, holding a weight in each hand with elbows slightly bent and wrists facing forward. Slowly lift the weights, curling them up to your shoulder, and return to starting position for one rep, making sure to keep your elbows slightly bent. Tone triceps: Stand with feet shoulder width or slightly wider apart and arms raised, holding the weights above your head. While bending your elbows, slowly lower the weights toward the back of your head…then lift them back up to the starting position, again making sure to keep your elbows slightly bent when your arms are extended. Work up to 25 repetitions of each exercise, up to three times per week.


Today, it’s not so much about being skinny. Rather social media and society, in general, like to promote a healthy body. Though dieting is a big part of that, exercising has a huge role in this as well. We all may have different bodies, but we all want to be our healthiest and look our healthiest.

When you have areas that you might feel have excess fat, that may cause those areas to look slightly bigger. Men and women experience different parts that they feel store the most excess fat. For women, those problem areas are usually their thighs, buttocks, and arms.

If you are someone who is having difficulty figuring out where to start to lose underarm and breast side fat, stop worrying. Most likely, it’s not even excess weight but some insufficiently developed muscle of the arms and chest. These are all easy exercises that, over time, add up to some great results.

1. Dumbbell Floor Press. The first exercise that you can do to help out those frustrating areas is the dumbbell floor press. According to Women Fitness, this exercise is a pure upper body movement, allowing you to press some heavy weights without hurting your shoulders and back. The site notes that all you have to do is lie on your back on the floor and push up the dumbbells up so your arms go directly over your shoulders. Women Fitness also notes that pressing one arm at a time will “increase the core demands of the exercise, as you have to brace to keep your torso steady”.

Before we get to the next exercise it is important to realize that everyone experiences those annoying folds of skin between your arm and your breast. So if you feel like you are the only one that struggles, don’t! It’s super common. According to Women’s Health Magazine, “all of us store weight in certain places based on our genetics. So if you’re trying to lose a little from a certain spot, you need to focus on losing overall body fat.”

The magazine continues by noting that diet has a huge role in all of this. So, although these exercises can help you gain muscle and reduce the fat, if you are eating fattening food, these exercises won’t help! Women’s Health writes that you need to make it a point to take in less calories than you are “expending overall (not just via exercise)”.

2. Staggered Push Ups. Alright, back to the exercises. is a fitness site and they’ve released a 30-day-challenge HIIT workout. One of the exercises they’ve included is the staggered push-up and that’s the exercise that’ll help you with underarm and breast side fat. The site notes that unlike regular push-ups, with these you have to have one hand slightly back and the other slightly in front of you. Then you do the push-up!

As previously mentioned, you can be working out as hard as ever, but if you aren’t eating the right foods, you won’t see the results you want. According to Livestrong, the best pre- and post-training meals for most exercises typically have a combo of high-quality protein, high-quality carbohydrates, healthy fats and some fruit and veggies. But everyone’s body is different so you need to find what works for you and your lifestyle!

3. Dumbbell floor fly. To perform this exercise, you must keep your back straight, lean forward and bring the weights together in front of you until your arms form a circle. LiveStrong notes that any form of standing dumbbell training works a lot of muscles in your upper body. But form is very crucial. The site notes that having poor form can cause shoulder impingement.

4. Dumbbell rows. They are noted by to be the most basic exercise that “strengthens the back, shoulders, and biceps while actively engaging the core throughout the movement”. The site also notes that dumbbells are a crucial aspect for this exercise (as well as all the other ones) because they not only create muscle, they create balance and stability on both sides of the body. Don’t be afraid to lift and create muscles; it’ll create such a difference.

5. Dips. According to, dips are exercises that go a long way for those annoying, flabby areas of your body. They write, “dips are intense and effective isolation exercises that help develop powerful and defined triceps”. They’re also exercises that you can do just about anywhere. That’s why the last exercise on this list is the bench dip. Just position your hand shoulder-width apart on a bench or chair. With your legs straight out in front of you, simply move up and down, with a pause at the bottom!

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Before you start, choose your weight!

Because we’ll be doing high reps, use a lower weight dumbbell. I recommend that if you’re a beginner you choose 3 or 5 pound dumbbells, the more advanced can use 5-8 pound weights. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 15 seconds between each exercise.

1. Dumbbell Bicep Curls

A classic exercise to tone your biceps. Make sure to keep your tummy tight and biceps engaged, this will help you refrain from swinging the dumbbells.

2. Forearm Plank

The forearm plank is an amazing full body exercise that not only tones your glutes, abs, and thighs, but your shoulders too! Plus, there’s no equipment necessary! Have you met 71 year-old Betty Lou Sweeney? She holds the world record for forearm planks, at an amazing 37 minutes!

3. Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

The tricep is actually larger than the bicep which is why it’s so important to focus on this muscle during weight training. This exercise will help tone and shape that back part of your arm!

4. Incline Push-Up

Incline pushups amp up the normal pushup by elevating your lower half from the group. This exercise strengthens your chest, shoulders, and triceps.The higher your feet are from the ground, the higher the difficulty!

5. Arm Circles

This can be done with light weights, or no weights at all, and gives your shoulders and traps a run for their money!

6. Dumbbell Chest Press

The main muscle group worked during this exercise is the chest, but your shoulders and triceps will feel it too!

7. Dumbbell Upright Row

The trap, biceps, and shoulders are all used to lift and lower your dumbbells during an upright row.

8. Tricep Push-Up

Yep, I saved the best for last! Tricep push-ups not only work your triceps, but also your chest and shoulders! This exercise, if done properly, is the key to getting rid of that arm flab you hate! For a modification of this exercise, drop down to your knees.

Under arm flab exercise

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