What Does Vera Wang Love Collection Have In Store For Your Engagement Ring?

Are you looking for just the one for your One? It could be waiting for you in the vintage Vera Wang Love Collection at Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store. This celebrated designer is globally acknowledged for her mesmerizingly beautiful bridal designs, coveted by many future brides-to-be. If you choose an engagement ring from her collection, you won’t make a mistake. Here’s why.

Something blue

The Vera Wang Love Collection features sapphires that accent the beauty of the diamond center stone or carry their message hidden in the band. These gorgeous blue sparklers touch on the trend of colored gemstones in engagement rings. In fact, it was probably Kate Middleton’s enchantingly beautiful sapphire engagement ring that put sapphires back on trend. You may be surprised to know that before diamonds became “the engagement ring stone” in the 20th century, sapphires were commonly used for engagement rings as symbols of love, purity and fidelity.

They also wink at the age-old tradition of wearing something blue for the big day. It’s a modern way of honoring a tradition that said an older female relative should give the bride something blue on the day of the ceremony. Traditions are nice, but we can adapt with the times.

Hand selection

The diamonds in the Vera Wang Love Collection are not only hand-selected, but also hand-set. These exclusive rings often boast diamonds of around 2.00 carats total weight. Vera Wang is famous for her unfailingly beautiful design, as well as her uncompromising commitment to the highest-quality craftsmanship. For this reason, diamonds are bezel set, which is the safest set for precious stones and they are hand-set to ensure impeccable results.

Timeless design

Modern renditions of timeless designs make every bride beautiful – which is the guiding principle of this world-acclaimed New York bridal designer. She incorporates features that will universally resonate with brides across the globe, regardless of their age or background. She admits that she finds inspiration in her own life and experiences and focuses on the message that her ring will convey about the woman who wears it.


What do you say to your One when you propose with a ring from the Vera Wang Love Collection? With the circle, you say: “My love is infinite and beyond time.” With the diamond center stone, you say: “My love is stronger than anything else.” With the sapphires, you say: “My love is pure and knows for no one else.” And with the strikingly beautiful, elegant and graceful rings that incorporate all these symbols, you say: “To me, your beauty shines through wherever you go and whatever you do.”

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