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Makeup tips from models are always a plus, especially when these models *cough* angels *cough* are none other than the Victoria’s Secret Angels. These women are constantly on the go with fashion shows, photoshoot bookings, and fashion campaigns, yet they always manage to maintain such flawless skin. How do they do it? Because we’re so awesome, and maybe had our own personal interests, too, we decided reveal their best kept beauty secrets.

Two words–coconut oil. As one of the youngest models, we could blame her beauty on her age, but Taylor Hill claims all credit goes to coconut oil. The model says she loves coconut oil so much that she even carries a travel size of the product around in her purse.

Warning: be careful carrying coconut oil around. As summer is approaching and temps are getting hotter, that coconut oil will liquify and could totes ruin your purse.

Bella Hadid

Wearing makeup too often, while not taking care of your skin can cause breakouts, and who actually loves dealing with a pimple before an interview? Bella Hadid shares with Harper’s BAZAAR how she recovers her skin before heading into the next set of fashion shows and photoshoots. The key to her youthful skin is taking makeup breaks, drinking lots of water, and just overall giving her body what it needs.

Candice Swanepoel

When in doubt, natural products are always safe. OG Victoria’s Secret Angel and soon-to-be mother of two, Candice Swanepoel, says she loves natural skincare products to keep her face clean after work. According to Vogue she uses organic coconut oil to take off her makeup and Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea to cleanse her skin.

Adriana Lima

Supermom, VS Sport champ, and Victoria’s Secret Runway queen, Adriana Lima, advises to take your makeup off before working out. I know. You want to look cute while you’re working out, but sweaty melting makeup is the key to acne breakouts. She also told Elle that she loves avocado as a face and hair mask…and to eat as well!

Jasmine Tookes

Ice…wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Jasmine Tookes, who strutted down the runway wearing the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, told Elle, “You take an ice cube and run it all over your face until it melts away and it leaves your pores really tight and your face really firm.” Who knew ice could be so useful?

Joan Smalls

Looks like our girl Joan Smalls doesn’t do basic. The angel moisturizes throughout the day, a lot, and switches up her workout routine daily. She loves everything from boxing, to pilates, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. A few of her must-haves are Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

Behati Prinsloo

Easy, breezy. Behati keeps her beauty routines simple and straight to the point. She loves fresh rosewater to freshen and rehydrate her skin, or the Weleda Skin Food. With her makeup to a minimum, she loves Revlon!

Lily Aldridge

Seems like ballet isn’t just for children and professionals after all. Lily Aldridge says that she loves to do Ballet Beautiful from Mary Helen Bowers’ program. The angel says she started the ballet program after having her daughter and has never been in better shape!

Sara Sampaio

Monday mornings can be long and difficult, but who says you have to actually look like you’ve missed six hours of sleep? Angel Sara Sampaio says her beauty secret is getting plenty of sleep (go to bed early and stop letting the television watch you) and highlighter. She says highlighter is a quick and great way to brighten your skin when you’re in a hurry. Just dab some on your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s heart and you’re good to go!

Elsa Hosk

This past year, Swedish supermodel, Elsa Hosk, received all the attention she deserved wearing the enchanted Swarovski Angel wings. The down-to-earth model swears by the power of epsom salt and gentleness when cleansing your skin. The angel also told Vogue she’ll never leave the house without three essential products: Dior concealer, a Bite Beauty lip mask and Chanel’s eyebrow pencil

Lais Ribeiro

Elsa wasn’t the only one to gain spotlight at last year’s fashion show. Lais Ribeiro stole the spotlight of the entire 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, wearing the $2 million dollar Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra. The lucky angel says her best kept beauty secret is Burt’s Bees…everything! However, her favorites are Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial cleanser and Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion.


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10 Amazing beauty tips from Victoria’s Secret models

Even the models who appear at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show need help to look as beautiful, as they do and, yes, they too have their bad days. But, Victoria’s Secret Angels have a whole team of beauty experts backstage to help them get ready for the show and iron out any last minute flaws. These girls have the inside track to some of the best beauty experts in the world, so you know that these ten beauty tips of Victoria’s Secret models will be worth the read:

1. Apply blush before foundation (Lindsay Ellingson)

Lindsay Ellingson pays close attention to what her makeup experts are doing, which is how she discovered that applying blush before foundation works for her. She says that applying blush, after toner and moisturizer allows it to soak into her skin and look more natural.

2. Contouring (Hilary Rhoda)

Every day, Hilary Rhoda uses a bronzer to highlight the contours in her face. She applies bronzer to her eye sockets and cheekbones to make herself look ‘more fresh, awake and refined’.

3. Hydration is important (Lindsay Ellingson)

Drinking plenty of water is another tip from Lindsay Ellingson. Keeping her skin hydrated is an important part of her beauty regime and she recommends drinking plenty of water each day, getting plenty of rest and using a good eye cream.

4. Faking fake lashes (Jourdan Dunn)

Jourdan Dun has a tip for creating the look of fake lashes without the damage to your real lashes that fake ones can cause. She recommends that, if you place a credit card or a playing card behind your lashes when you apply mascara and push against the card, it will give you the thicker and longer look of fake lashes.

5. Eat well for healthy skin (Candice Swanepoel)

Making sure that she gets enough vitamin C and D in her food is a big priority for Candice Swanepoel, and she says that the most important thing for healthy and glowing skin is to think about what you eat.

6. Always use eyelash curlers (Jessica Hart)

Jessica Hart loves eyelash curlers, as they really open up the eyes. She sometimes wears no mascara at all, because she thinks that lashes curled with a curler sometimes look better without mascara.

7. It’s all about the skin (Lily Aldridge)

For Lily Aldridge, taking care of her skin is the most important part of her beauty regime. As well as drinking plenty of plain water, she also drinks lots of coconut water and eats plenty of avocado and salmon to keep her skin well nourished.

8. Salt water spray for the hair (Behati Prinsloo)

Behati Prinsloo sprays her hair with a fine mist of salt water to make her locks look amazing. She says that it’s a cheap and easy way to give her an instant, ‘just off the beach’ look.

9. Get your beauty sleep (Erin Heatherton)

A simple but effective piece of advice from Erin Heatherton is to make sure that you get enough sleep every night; she says that it makes all the difference.

10. Never blow dry your hair (Lindsay Ellingson)

Lindsay Ellingson never uses a blow dryer on her hair, unless she is working. She also says that she does not shampoo her every single day and that she uses a leave-in conditioner regularly, as well to keep her locks looking beautiful.

What are your favorite beauty secrets and beauty tips? Please, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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Just hours before the Victoria’s Secret Angels hit the catwalk at the Grand Palais in Paris, we went backstage with a mission: Find a beauty hack for everything. From their seemingly-effortless bombshell waves to the XXL lashes, we got the beauty scoop straight from the pros. Here, find the tricks even us mere mortals can take advantage from BTS at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Lauren Valenti

1. Be spontaneous with a Beachwaver

Sexy tousled waves may seem like they’re no fuss, but when you attempt the look at home you could end up with ringlets. Lead hairstylist Anthony Turner has a simple solution for this: Don’t section off the hair. “When you’re curling hair, it’s kind of standard to take sections so you work from the back all the way up,” he explains. “But for a more natural effect, what I’m doing is picking up a random piece of hair, curling it one way, then picking up another piece of hair, curling it another way.”

Another tip to achieve the signature Victoria’s Secret waves? Not leaving the curling iron on the hair for a long time. “I’m leaving it on for maybe just a second or two so that it’s a bend rather than a corkscrew curl.”

Lauren Valenti

2. Do less of everything…except for the eyes

Lead makeup artist Tom Pecheux called this year’s look “glamour with a natural face,” keeping the skin as natural as possible with tiny amounts of foundation and concealer. For a subtle sculpt, he opted for a light contour, blush, and highlight. Even the nails were more pared back, simply well-groomed and painted with a soft pink color—Red Carpet Manicure’s Candid Moment. But there was a notable exception to the “natural” rule: the eyes…

Lauren Valenti

3. Let your mascara dry in between coats

Before Pecheux adds anything to the eye—yes, even liner or shadow—he paints on a layer of mascara so it has time to dry while he does the rest of the makeup. “By that time, the first layer is definitely dry, so the second layer will dry faster,” he says. “And with another layer, you make the lashes more intense. I can also go really close to the roots without being afraid to damage the work on the eyelids.”

Lauren Valenti

4. Use an ashy liner instead of a black one

To create slightly-smudgy cat eyes, Pecheux opted for a gray-brown eyeliner instead of classic black. “Black is very sophisticated and powerful, almost too intense,” he explains. “Because the girls are in lingerie, I wanted it be softer.”

Lauren Valenti

5. Give yourself a face massage

“There’s no point in buying an expensive cream if you don’t do a skin massage first,” says Pecheux of circulation-boosting face yoga. “The massage is as important as the skin product.” To prep the skin, he pushed ultra-lightweight and moisturizing BUTTERelixir oil into the face, especially around the cheekbones, to help it “melt” into the skin.

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6. Do a 24K mask before a big night out

Skin expert Mimi Luzon helped Angels like Alessandra Ambrosio, Iza Goulart, Sara Sampaio, Elsa Hosk, and Irina Shayk get their glow on with unapologetically-luxe gold leaf face masks. At $300 for a pack three, they don’t come cheap but make for excellent selfies, and, more importantly the tiny gold particles penetrate the skin to improve tone, texture, and elasticity.

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Lauren Valenti Associate Web Editor I’m the associate web editor at Marie Claire.

11 Beauty Secrets That Victoria’s Secret Angels Don’t Want To Reveal

It ain’t no secret that the models are forever on a crash diet but we cannot overlook the fact that they work really hard in the gym for this fearsome beauty. Undoubtedly the hottest beauties are the most genetically blessed women, always striking the perfect poses. These goddesses work like an athlete who has to perform in front of millions of people on a runway.

Victoria’s Secret models are no less than angels with a body as beautiful as the sky! While we can’t stop looking for remedies to a get a well-toned body and glowing skin, these models have pretty little hacks to stay confident and sexy.

Luckily, I bring to you real secrets from the world’s most beautiful girls:

1. All that glitters isn’t make up.

Yes, guys! These model aren’t buried deep under makeup 24*7. They use the right kind of moisturiser because the skin gets thirsty and dehydrated when you wear makeup. In order to have acne free and wrinkle-free skin, you need to stop wearing makeup all the time, your skin needs to breathe.

2. Stay hydrated, always.

You are advised to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day but these professional models make sure that they drink the right calculated amount of water in order to have flawless skin and body.

Body’s water requirement depends on the climate we live in.

3. Workout rules.

Ladies, you all need to stop being lazy and removing your makeup before your workout. The amount of sweat released by the skin is supposed to open the pores and when you don’t remove your makeup, they clog instead.

Not wiping that makeup will also result in breakouts.

4. Ice that face.

Doing something as simple and easy as icing your face can relax your face muscles. Every morning these gorgeous ladies firmly massage their faces with a piece of ice to keep the skin fresh and natural.

5. The eyes have it.

Setting the makeup trends for the entire world, these beauties prefer no makeup on any body part but their eyes. They attain glamour with natural face knowing that they inspire million other women. Loud eyes, loud impression.

6. Know your suppliments.

A lot of us depend upon nutritious supplements when it comes to caring for our hair and skin. Any random nutrient pill can have side effects you may not be aware of. Make sure your routine has a good intake of vitamin B12, B and D3 in your diet. Ideally, we should consult a certified nutritionist or a doctor to get the best results.

7. Shaving at night is a big no no.

I bet you never saw this coming but the time you shave can have a good or bad effect on your skin. The next time you shave, it is best if you do it in the afternoon or at least an hour after you wake up because the swollen skin will hinder with clean shave.

Shaving at night can cause irritation, bumps and itching resulting in damaged skin.

8. Toothpaste to the rescue!

Okay, this is going to sound gross but applying toothpaste to get rid of pimples is the coolest trick ever. You can always beat your jet lagged or tired face. However, doing it frequently may cause irritation as the skin will dry out.

9. Cheat days are real.

We all know the struggle to get a sexy body. Keeping up with a healthy diet and workout regime isn’t a piece of cake.

All professional models abide by the rule of healthy eating but once a month they have a cheat meal. Yes! We need to relieve our mind of all the tension and enjoy a happy meal every once in a while.

You can always go back to the strict diet.

10. Get that face mask on girl!

Victoria’s Secrets’ gorgeous angels spend a good amount of money on their fancy face masks. They make sure that they multi-mask, giving the skin what it needs. You need to know the order of application since the wrong choice of face mask will damage your skin and cause irritation or allergies.

A good balance needs to be sought between what you feed your skin and when do you do it.

11. No more eye bags.

These models may not get time to showcase their cooking skills but they for sure know to use potatoes for all the right reasons.

Did you know potatoes can help you get rid of those bags under your eyes? If you’ve had a rough week, slice those potatoes into two and place them under your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

That’s it ladies, steal that glow and rock the world!

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