I Followed the Victoria’s Secret Angels Skincare Routine—And It Was Actually Easy

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“The models very much benefit from calming treatments, which is why we I products and techniques that work against inflammation, redness, and dehydration,” Shiman explained when I asked how she conjured up the most optimal routine for the models. And after a few days, I could see the same effects on my skin, too. Usually when I breakout I overdose on every acne-fighting product I have in my medicine cabinet even though I know better. This usually results in a skincare product hangover where my complexion is red, irritated, and inflamed.

VIDEO: Inside the Victoria’s Secret Models’ Pre-Show Workouts

In just a few days after I started following Shiman’s product lineup, my skin was noticeably calmer. I experienced less inflammation, and aside from the average blemish or two that coincided with my cycle, my skin was relatively clear. However, I expected this all to change when I travelled over Thanksgiving weekend.

Aside from the fact that the in-flight air sucks all the moisture out of skin, I indulged in a weekend of gluttony full of foods that Shiman recommends the models keep their hands off of like carbs and salty dishes. While Shiman treats the Angels to an Oxygen Facial right before the show and ensures they’re using Decléor Aurabsolu Instant Glow Hydrogel Mask ($20; decleorusa.com) a few times the week of the show, I went the more practical route and popped on the Hydrogel Mask after my flight.

The instant glow that the jasmine-infused sheet mask gave my skin may not have been ethereal, but my complexion looked fresh and dewy enough to warrant a compliment from my friends, not to mention the new, overall zen-like sate of my skin—and that’s better than any pair of wings.

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Fashionista had the opportunity to chat with Louise ahead of this year’s runway show and find out exactly what products, tools, techniques and tips the models rely on to get glowy, de-puffed and breakout-free before they strut their stuff in those heavy headpieces and angel wings. Read on for the highlights.

When the models come to you for a facial, what is your main focus?

We have different protocol that we do for the models before they go on stage. We’ve named it the ‘Angel Face.’ It’s focused on de-puffing, brightening and helping with any blemish control, enabling the models to look their best without any downtime. It just gives the ideal sort of canvas and base for Charlotte ‘s makeup.

What does the ‘Angel Face’ involve? Is it mainly massage?

Some of the tools that we’ll be using will be LED lights — red and blue — and negative-ion oxygen, which dramatically freshens the skin, so it really gives you an intense glow.

Then we do a lot of massage. We use the George Louise Butterfly Stones. The girls are going to generally be coming in from all over the world, so they’re going to be puffy or dehydrated from traveling. There’s going to be lots of lymphatic drainage with the stones and with cryo sticks.

Are there any specific concerns they’ve been coming to you and asking for help with?

The girls are on the young side and they have beautiful, flawless skin, but everyone always wants to feel lifted.

What products do you use on them and recommend that they use at home?

I’ve been using and recommending Dr. Barbara Sturm, because the whole line is focused on anti-inflammation, as well as hydration. The range is specifically targeted for skin that’s dehydrated and that’s inflamed.

We have them use the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid, Cleanser and Anti-Pollution Drops.

Are there any other treatments you tell the models to do at home ahead of the show?

Many of them are using the Georgia Louise GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer, which stimulates the blood circulation and penetrates the active ingredients in the sheet mask into the skin.

Are there any products you tell the models to avoid in the days leading up to the show?

Yes, I always tell them to stop using any AHA or BHA — alpha hydroxy acid, alpha hydroxy acid — and vitamin A. No scrubs on their skin. And no picking! I find that some of them are under pressure, a lot of stress, but I tell them not to pick any blemishes. You can treat that with a blemish control product or wait for me to see you — we can fix that with high-frequency.

What nutritional tips do you have that can help make a complexion look its best?

No salt — stay away from it because you’re going to end up super puffy. Stay away from refined sugars, because you can get what we called ‘the sugar face,’ which is basically that sugar can create break outs. Try and have a daily supplement such as the Dr. Barbara Sturm Skin Food, which is an easy way to achieve the daily supplements for skin health, like zinc, magnesium and coenzymes. And of course, lots and lots of water.

Given that the show’s in New York, how does the environment affect models’ skin or possibly create problems they might not experience somewhere else?

The key thing we have is the carbon in the air, all the pollution in the city. People find that their skin starts to dull a little bit, so I basically triple-cleanse and ask them to really cleanse thoroughly when they get to their hotel rooms. The second thing is the humidity is lower in the city, so even though they generally may have a natural hydration in their skin, they really have to hydrate. I tell them to get a humidifier and have it by their bed.

Click through the gallery below for 13 of the products, tools and supplements Louise swears by — and this year’s Victoria’s Secret models will be, too.

13 13 Images

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A Victoria’s Secret model follows a surprisingly simple skin-care routine — and you can easily do it at home

  • Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm shared her nighttime skin-care routine with Harper’s Bazaar, and it’s surprisingly simple.
  • The 26-year-old said she used to use tons of products, but has recently scaled back and pays closer attention to where the products are sourced.
  • She starts by applying the Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water ($28) with a cotton ball to gently cleanse her skin.
  • Malcolm then confesses that she doesn’t use toner since she tries to keep her routine “really simple.”
  • She then gently pats on a layer of Maelove The Glow Maker Serum ($27.95) for its vitamins C & E.
  • Malcolm then applies two pumps of Asarai Ultralight Moisture Cream ($48.95).
  • The final skin-care step involves a quick dab of Eminence Citrus Lip Balm ($24).
  • Once she’s done with the face, she swipes on some Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Balm ($34) to mositurize her body.
  • As a bonus step, she takes a Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. Multivitamin ($34.50), which she says has helped maintain her glowing complexion.
  • Lastly, she tries to fit in 15-30 minutes of meditation before finally falling asleep.
  • Watch her full routine below.

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Getting asked to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is like making it to the Super Bowl of modeling. And like the elite athletes hoping to take home the Vince Lombardi trophy every year, these models understand that preparation is absolutely key to killing it on the runway (feeling good stripping down to your undies in front of millions takes work, people).

And while each Victoria’s Secret Angel is essentially a mini wealth of knowledge about tricks to shape up fast (cardio), go-to junk foods (burgers!), and other secrets from Model Land, we’re highly invested in learning about what these beauties use to keep their skin looking as good as their bodies.

This year, we popped backstage before the annual extravaganza (which taped last month and airs tonight, December 8, on CBS) and grilled six top Victoria’s Secret Angels about their skin care secrets. And, yes, there’s just as many “drink a lot of water” tips as you’d expect.

Andres Otero/Wenn.com

Gigi Hadid
“I actually always use St. Ives Apricot Scrub from CVS.”

David M. Benett/Getty Images

Leomie Anderson
“I just wash my face. No, I’m joking. I think it’s really to do with the fact that I drink a lot of water and, at the moment, I’ve been using the Clarisonic facial brush, which has been really amazing. I’m also using a natural shea butter body wash, and you can use it on your face as well.”

Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Ming Xi
I do think the high-level Clé du Peau products—the black line—are really good for the winter. I used to use Eve Lom the summer to get hydrated, but I’d be a little dry when I woke up so I changed to that.

Getty Images

Joan Smalls
Whenever I drink water, I make sure I put lemon in it. It gives it taste, but also lemon is great for your skin, for your metabolism, and your digestive system. And I always make sure to use serum. I use Estée Lauder serum, but I use it throughout the day and night—not only at night.

Getty Images

Josephine Skriver
“Honestly, I’m going to sound like a TV , but I’m a huge fan of Proactiv. The three-step system has really cleared out my skin. And it really is about keeping hydrated. I drink a lot of hot water with lemon and a lot of water throughout the day. I try not to overdo it more than that because I so many products on all the time, so I try to keep it simple, especially on my days off.


Kendall Jenner
“Always washing your face before bed. The simple stuff—eating right and drinking a lot of water.”

Courtesy of Getty Images

See below for the step-by-step on how to achieve the Angel Face treatment:

  1. The facial starts with a triple cleanse using Georgia Louise’s The Balm to remove any impurities and Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask for smooth skin with added moisture. The angel is then ready for the ultra-sonic modality, used to help penetrate a variety of serums.
  2. Next the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum and Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops are used to hydrate and repair the angels’ skin before a bespoke individual modality is chosen.
  3. For any angels needing lifting and tightening, Georgia will also incorporate a micro-current, and those with inflammation or blemishes will sit under an LED Light and use Georgia Louise’s Stemcell Renewal Elixir to soothe skin.
  4. This is followed by a signature lift and sculpt massage. Starting with cheeks and followed with the brows and jawline, each are sculpted with Louise’s Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone.
  5. Next, the GLOPulse is applied to skin (using galvanic currents to penetrate active ingredients from the sheet mask into the skin). This is followed with a shoulder massage to calm any pre-show nerves.
  6. The facial is completed with Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops applied to the angels’ cheekbones for extra shimmer.

Dr. Barbara Sturm products are available in Australia through mecca.com.au

1. First, he preps each girl’s skin with an exfoliating scrub to remove flakes and start with a smoother surface. “I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub for tougher skin, Lancer Skincare Sensitive Skin scrub for sensitive skin, and Dermalogica Microfoliant for everybody else,” says Vanngo.

2. Next he applies an eye mask and a face mask (his favorites: Skyn Iceland Eye Gels and SK-II Facial Treatment masks), letting them sit for as long as humanly possible. “Masks are amazing for giving you a little extra hydration, which helps with the glow. If you don’t have time to sit for 20 minutes, try the Bliss Triple Instant Energizing Mask, which takes only three minutes to work.”

3. After he removes the masks, he massages a lightweight moisturizer into the skin. “You don’t want something too heavy that can mess with your makeup, so use a lotion instead of a butter or thick cream,” says Vanngo. “I love Embryolisse and IS Clinical Reparative Moisture. They give the skin just the right amount of dewiness.”

4. As the final step of his incredibly methodical process, Vanngo dabs on an eye cream (Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream and Tatcha Revitalizing Eye Cream are his go-tos), applies a clear lip balm, and admires the most well-moisturized, glowing woman in the world. At least that’s what I assume happens. I’m generally too busy fangirling to notice.

Try the above and tweet us (@Allure_magazine) pics of your results! The coolest image will get a big thumbs-up from me.

Check out these 14 products that will save your skin this winter:

Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver knows how to have fun with her beauty routine. Exhibit A: she has a collection of sheet masks inspired by cute animals. As a jet-setting model and face of Maybelline New York, Skriver’s sensitive skin gets stressed out—so she turns to an exacting routine of cleansers, lotions, and cute animal-inspired masks aimed at tackling whatever issues could arise.

“My skin type is all over the place, some days it’s super sensitive because I’ve been traveling a lot in different makeup and countries, sometimes it dries out, sometimes it’s super oily,” says the supermodel as she unwinds for the night at New York City’s The Surrey Hotel. The more important step in her beauty routine is to make sure she removes all her makeup. “If you come home, you’re tired, you don’t want to do the whole routine, always take your makeup off.”

Shop Josephine Skriver’s Routine

Garnier Miceller Water, $9, garnierusa.com


Karee Hays Hydra Cleanse , $42, kareehays.com


Karee Hays Koji Pads, $176, kareehays.com


Avène Thermal Spring Water, $9, aveneusa.com


Theraderm OPC Reparative Serum, $72, theraderm.net


Theraderm Eternal Peptide Creme, $95, theraderm.net


Gilette Disposable Razor, $4, gilette.com


SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask, $5, ulta.com


Maybelline Baby Lips Balm, $5, maybelline.com


YSL Manifesto Eu de Parfum , $50, perfume.com


For Skriver, it’s particularly vital since she prefers to wear waterproof mascara every single day. “I want to be gentle on my lashes, it’s the last thing I want to pull out,” she says as she presses a cotton pad on her eyes.

One of Skriver’s best tips? Treat your face and your neck as one. Any product that she uses on her face she also carries down her neck (because aging doesn’t stop at your jawline, as we all know).

After cleansing and toning, Skriver reaches for the Avène Thermal Spring Water and mists it all over her face. Though she says she originally discovered it in Paris seven years ago, the cult-favorite mist is now available in drugstore stateside. She follows the mist with a vitamin C and E serum, night cream, sheet mask (if she has time), and trusty Maybelline New York Baby Lips lip balm.

But Skriver’s last two nighttime beauty rituals are highly unique. “A fun thing lately I love to do lately is I shave my face,” she says. “I know it’s gonna sound scary, at first I was like—’don’t do it!’ My friend has been doing it for a long time, and she really swears by it. Her skin has cleaned out a lot. I only do this once, max twice a week.” Shaving your face is essentially dermaplaning, an exfoliation technique that can help with skin turnover and clogged pores. Skriver cautions that you should cover your eyebrow with your finger if it’s your first time trying it, and to only use a disposable razor that you can toss out after one use.

Before she hits the pillow, Skriver loves to spritz a little of the Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto perfume in the air and walk through the fragrance cloud. “It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night,” she notes.

Victoria secret skin care

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