Top Tips on How to Film a Makeup Tutorial for Beauty Youtubers

If you’re a beauty vlogger and you find yourself constantly swallowed by shadows, then you know just how frustrating it can be to create the perfect make-up tutorial. So, put on your eyeshadow, and grab your contour kit because we’ve got some fabulous lighting and filming tips for all you MUAs that’ll leave you feeling like the queens and kings you are.


Bringing your best to the table doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You know that big bright ball of light in the sky? Well, that is your best friend when it comes to your lighting set up. Find a window that the sun is shining through and use that light to your advantage. Just make sure the light isn’t too intense, it should be soft and natural.

Credit to Zoella Sugg


If you don’t have a lighting set up that people can see from the street, then we suggest buying some LEDs. You can’t be messing around as an MUA when you’re flexing 25 ranges of foundation. By surrounding yourself with LED lights you’ll be sure to make those colours pop, but don’t forget your reflectors. Reflectors disperse the light evenly throughout the room so that you won’t feel hot, or be overwhelmed by the brightness.

Check out the Spectrum Aurora Crystal Luxe LED side lights or the Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit the which reduces harsh shadows and justifies the colour of your work.


Have you ever seen that small white ring in a beauty Youtuber’s eye while they are applying make-up or styling their hair and you think to yourself “How in the world?!…” Well, this is thanks to this godsend of an invention called ring lights. This light provides a soft, radial glow and with a temperature of 5400K, it’s even capable of mimicking natural daylight. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about flickers or distorts when filming, as the ring provides a continuous stream of light.


A rule of thumb is that your voice should be as loud as your makeup. Some cameras have mics, but its best to upgrade if you can to assure quality audio. We recommend finding reliable audio software to amplify your voice or even attaching a mic to one your front facing lights.

The Aputure DSLR Shotgun mic picks up high-quality sound, which makes your content 100% more engaging.

Credit to Desi Perkins


Your lighting set up should arranged in a way that captures not just your face, but ALL your beauty. You can easily copy three-point lighting by forming a triangle with your lights, and making sure you’re in the middle. You’ll instantly notice the difference when the lights hit all your best features, and overall, you’ll keep a delicate appearance while filming.

Ever seen your favourite makeup guru’s backdrop and noticed it has an ombré effect? They’re using a backlight to create that effect. You can use an LED continuous light such as the Aputure AL-198 and place it at the centre behind you when you film to achieve that.


You can’t just put makeup on your face, style your hair and end the video. As an MUA and beauty vlogger, you’re an entertainer, so open dialogue is essential when filming. Ask your audience what they want to see, more importantly always remember to ask for feedback. Everybody isn’t going to agree with how you used that nightshade when you should’ve used a jet black.

If you’ve just started this inspiring journey of becoming a beauty Youtuber then hopefully these tips on how to film a makeup tutorial helped. Be sure to keep your audience posted for that next upload, we’ll be waiting.

Makeup Tutorials on Instagram: the 8 different types, 17 tips to make it #flawless, and 12 creative Ideas for your next one

Remember the days when you tried to mimic a makeup look you saw in a magazine?

Maybe you loved the layered eyeshadow you saw on a model in an ad. Maybe you followed, to the letter, the step-by-step process laid out in an article that promised the perfect winged eyeliner.

Whether you were going it completely on your own or heeding the advice of beauty editors, the result was always the same: a mess.

Why? Because one-dimensional tutorials are incredibly hard to follow. There’s a world of difference between seeing a flat image accompanied by written directions and actually watching someone apply makeup.

Beauty brands and influencers know the power of visual, illustrative content. Plus, non-celebrities are more influential than better-known names. According to Collective Bias, 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product that a “regular” person promoted.

Beauty influencers are reigning supreme on social media, both on their own accounts and by being featured by big brands.

How do they piece together their makeup tutorials? What do they do in between instructional videos to keep their audience entertained? We’re about to tell you.

8 Types of Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials span all sorts of beauty-related topics, from tricks and techniques to product and brush recommendations. They can help fans with classic or on-trend looks. They can also create over-the-top styles for holidays or special events, or just to let viewers live vicariously for a little while. Here are 8 types of makeup tutorials to consider.

  1. Show how to upgrade a basic look. For example, instead of simply applying red lipstick, show how to contour your lips with various shades of red.
  1. Nail something tricky that other makeup tutorials don’t seem to focus on or that you haven’t emphasized in the past. For example, makeup tutorials often show all-over application, but they don’t always hone in on one particular thing, like drawing bright red lips or cat eye liner.
  1. Focus on skin type to draw in certain audience members. For example, you can talk about matte makeup for oily skin or dewy makeup for dry skin. You can also show viewers how to find the right color to match or complement their skin tone, like when Sephora showed off a number of shades from their nude lipstick crayon collection or when Huda Kattan demonstrated her line’s palette.
  1. Turn an everyday look into something glamorous. For example, show how to go from day to night without having to completely redo your makeup.
  1. Prep for an event as your fans follow along. (If you don’t have an event to get ready for, you can do something as simple as prepping for a regular work day.) Audiences love seeing the before-and-after, especially since so many beauty influencers seem to look perfect all the time. Watching the progression and seeing how much work you have to put into your look makes you relatable. Check out the before and after that Maybelline showed using their green Master Camo color-correcting pen.
  1. Transform your face into a work of art. This can be either the entire face or a portion of it (like just the eyes or lips). This type of tutorial doesn’t have to be practical – it can be a look that’s appropriate just for the runway or Halloween, for example.
  1. Fix a mistake. Applying makeup correctly is one thing; fixing a boo-boo is another. Show your audience what to do when they overdraw their lipstick, botch up their eyeliner or cry tear streaks into their foundation.
  1. Make sure to always save your best content to your phone. After one month, put together your favorite mini-tutorials to create a new Story. This is a way to repurpose old content and to reach audience members who you may have missed the first time around. Technically, Stories only lets you post content from your phone that’s from the last 24 hours. There’s a workaround for this, though:
  • Make sure that Save Original Photos is enabled in Instagram (from the Options menu).
  • Put your phone on Airplane Mode.
  • Go through the process of posting to regular Instagram (not Stories). When you try to share the post, Instagram won’t allow it because your phone is in Airplane Mode.
  • Click the “X” to remove the post.
  • Turn off Airplane Mode.

Now, the content you just tried to upload to Instagram will show up in your recent content, which will allow you to add it to your Story.

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17 Tips for Makeup Tutorials

Knowing what you’re going to teach your audience is just a starting point. You have to plan ahead to figure out the best way to deliver the information in a palatable way; to maximize exposure, and to get your viewers to take the next step.

  1. Storyboard the tutorial ahead of time to create a cohesive Story. Figure out how many steps you’ll need. Decide which steps require a video and which will be fine with just a photo. Write out the descriptions you’ll be using.
  1. It’s fine to use a voice-over if you want, but assume that some people aren’t going to be able to watch your Story with the sound on. Even if you’ll be talking during the tutorial, you should also write out the steps.
  1. Introduce what the video is going to cover. You may even want to include a visual of the end result at the beginning of the video. This is how Benefit started their Instagram Story about brows.

  1. If you’re getting your inspiration from somewhere specific, show your audience. Christen Dominique started her Story with a photo of Selena Gomez, then replicated the look.
  1. Make sure your audience knows what they’ll need – go over products and brushes first instead of launching right into technique.
  1. Post incremental videos instead of trying to show everything in one 15-second video. Each step can be its own, independent video that you add, in succession, to your Story.
  1. Use numbers to clarify the steps.
  1. If there’s a particularly important point to make, mark it with a drawing. For example, if you want to clarify which direction to apply blush, draw an arrow.
  1. Name every product you use, including brushes. Make sure to tell your viewers not just the brand name but also the specific color name or number, as well as the brush number. Check out how Benefit named the pencil and the shade that was used to create this look.
  1. Make sure your viewers know which cosmetics and brushes are being used for what. You can even post an image to your Story with everything laid out and text next to each one for clarity.
  1. Give credit where credit’s due! Naming a brand isn’t enough – you should make sure to actually tag any brands that you mention. (If you’re playing music over your tutorial, you should also tag the artist and mention the name of the song.)
  1. Add a location sticker if you have a physical salon where customers can visit or if you’re at an event, like how Kandee Johnson geo-tagged her Story during a ULTA Beauty event.
  1. If you have a signature color that your audience associates with you, use it to add more branding to your Stories. For example, change your text and emoji colors to match your signature color.
  1. Show the progression at some point. If you want to show this sped up and in one video, use it either as a teaser on regular Instagram to encourage people to watch your story; as the introduction to your Story; or as the ending.
  1. Always include a call-to-action (CTA). If you want to get customers into your salon, your CTA can be, “For bookings in San Diego, contact Jane Doe at (555) 555-5555.” Or, your CTA can ask viewers to swipe up to see the full video on YouTube or to read an in-depth blog post about your technique. Benefit created a branded hashtag and asked users to tag their Instagram posts with it for the chance at a feature, while Roxette Arisa Howe offered a coupon code to encourage people to buy.
  1. At the end of the video, don’t forget to show the final result!
  1. Post to your regular Instagram feed to encourage people to view your latest tutorial. Not only will you possibly reach more people from your own audience, but you can max out your post with hashtags to potentially attract new followers and viewers.

Whatever You Do, Don’t…

Don’t include so many steps that your viewers won’t be able to follow them. This comes down to knowing your audience. If you help with practical makeup application, though, make sure that what you’re using and teaching matches the makeup collection, budget and expertise of your followers.

Don’t over-explain. For example, if you’re going to be applying lipstick and the lipstick comes in a traditional lipstick vessel, you don’t need to point to the lipstick and then to your lips to clarify where it’s going to be applied. Assume your audience has a ground-level understanding of makeup; don’t dumb it down more than necessary.

Don’t put something in slow motion that doesn’t need to be slowed down. This can be tedious instead of instructional. If you’re showing something that requires patience and care, zoom in – you can still show detail in a regularly-paced (or even sped up) video.

Don’t try to squeeze an ultimate guide into an Instagram Story. The platform isn’t designed for “everything you need to know” content. If you have a full-length YouTube video or a long-form blog post with comprehensive information, pick an aspect of it to share on Stories and then include a CTA and link to where your viewers can find the rest.

Shannon Harris did this when she linked to her 24-minute YouTube video. Christine Mielke, the editor of beauty blog Temptalia, linked to an “Everything You Need to Know” piece from her Story.

Don’t over-promote products in your Story just because you have them on hand. Focus on quality advice that your followers will benefit from. Promoting products may be important to you, but catering to your audience should be your priority.

12 Creative Ideas for More Stories

Even makeup artists don’t have to stick solely to makeup tutorials every single time they want to create a Story. Branch out a bit by thinking about what else your audience would love to hear or learn.

  1. Help your fans create a good base. Prepping the skin with serums or oils prior to makeup application or even caring for the skin on makeup-free days will give them a good foundation – literally and figuratively – for those makeup tutorials. Makeup artist Keira Rowland showed her beauty essentials for a day at the beach. Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic shared the vitamins he takes to keep his skin healthy.
  1. Show off your newest wares with a haul video or tease new products that are about to hit the shelves. To create extra buzz, offer a giveaway. You can also follow a post like this with an actual makeup tutorial using the item you just promoted.
  1. Feature people who are relevant to your brand and who know a lot about your products, like an employee. They can host a live Q&A session. Tarte Cosmetics did this, allowing users to write in with questions for experts to answer.
  1. If you have a subscription to a beauty box like Birchbox, Boxycharm or Ipsy, create an unboxing Story. Open the box on camera, give your reaction to what you’ve received and take the opportunity to promote certain brands. If you don’t want to do this completely off-the-cuff, you can get a sneak peek at what to expect in the box by looking at Instagram posts from other subscribers – most people receive a similar assortment each month. Daisy Marquez showed her followers her latest Benefit swag.
  1. Give your honest recommendation with a first impression video. Similar to an unboxing video, you’ll test out a product for the first time, on screen. Your audience will get your honest reaction and feedback. For the truly brave, consider live streaming this on Stories.
  1. Spill out your makeup bag for a “What’s in my bag?” segment. Show your fans what you always have with you on-the-go or what you take to work to convert your look into something more Happy Hour appropriate.
  1. Show your audience your entire makeup collection. This is especially useful if your audience is used to your unique aesthetic and if your feed focuses a lot on your personal style.
  1. Go behind the scenes at an event, either your own or that of a brand you love. Shelby Triglia took her fans backstage at a Stila event, while Desi Perkins headed to a Buxom Cosmetics event.
  1. Let another influencer take over your account. Essie let actress and social media influencer Cara Santana take over their Story while she got a manicure.
  1. During the holidays, help your audience put together the perfect beauty bundle to give as a gift.
  1. Post a rave review from a customer. Huda Kattan added this screenshot to her Story, which included feedback about her line’s color palette.
  1. Tour makeup headquarters, offices, factories or another space that true makeup buffs would love to see. Alessandra Steinherr spent a day at the Avon UK skin care lab.

One Last Thought

What did we do before the Internet?

We had to heed the non-professional beauty advice of our relatives, high school friends and the girl who worked behind the makeup counter at the mall. Magazines offered plenty of makeup tips but printed, one-dimensional tutorials are tough to follow. Today, there’s a makeup tutorial out there to answer any question, demonstrate any technique and fix any mishap.

If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram Stories, I suggest you go back and check out our post about How Instagram Stories Work, Plus Content Ideas.

What has been the most effective tip for you to start applying?

For an effective makeup tutorial, solid techniques for scripting, setting, lighting and shooting are just as important as cleaning eyeshadow brushes. Here’s a few tips on making the production value of cosmetics videos as shiny as Becca highlighter.

Anyone who’s dabbled in makeup knows the frustration of creating a cute look that seems nice under bathroom lights, but melts under natural light, fluorescent lights or just a camera flash. Recording and uploading that look for a digital audience requires even more effort, but by focusing on good scripting, tasteful settings, skilled lighting and artistic shooting, the production value of your videos will be as flawless as three concealers and a setting spray.


While many tutorials may seem spur-of-the-moment, scripting is actually an important part of cosmetics videos. Each video begins with some sort of concept, and it never hurts to practice the makeup look before setting up the camera — preferably in whatever lighting you plan to use for the video. There are even apps like YouCam or Sephora Virtual Artist, where people can test out hypothetical looks on themselves without busting out a single sponge.
This ties in with researching what you say in your videos! Way too many bloggers claim that their new fave product is “chemical-free” and thus in line with their organic vibes — except everything is a chemical. Water is a chemical. Whatever tropical-fruit-flavored detox tea the vlogger is currently suckling from a DIY mason jar mug has chemicals in it. And the toner/primer/holy grail dual-phase floral essence that they’re hawking is probably packed with alcohol anyway!

Scripting cuts down on shoot time because you spend less time wondering what you’ll do and say next. A script also makes it easier to add closed captioning to your videos once they’re uploaded so they can be more accessible and reach a larger audience. For a product-centered video, like a haul or first-impressions chat, try making a list of each thing with a short description next to it to start off. Tutorials are also much easier when the steps are written out beforehand. For more spontaneous videos, even just a quick outline will help organize your thoughts.


Most people typically shoot their videos in the same spot, building continuity. The most common backgrounds are either a large sheet of fabric or green screen, or a vanity with assorted pretty accoutrements. It’s really up to you how clean or cluttered you want the background to be.

Clean backgrounds bring the viewer’s focus to whatever you’re talking about, while cluttered backgrounds can show a bit of your personality or add to the content. Still, it’s best to have some sort of organization — even with a desk full of perfume — for a more professional atmosphere. Make sure you have enough space around you for the demonstration without tripping over anything, like a camera charger or empty Ulta box. To keep the camera from being reflected, most people use a smaller compact to apply makeup while filming.

Since the blogger is in the foreground, clothing is also integral to visual quality. There’s the matter of personal taste and making sure the outfit and makeup complement each other without either blending into the background, but it’s also best to avoid flashy patterns like plaid or chevron, because the horizontal scan lines of pixels on computer monitors have trouble displaying the vertical lines of the fabric. This can create a moiré effect, causing the blogger to practically vibrate across the screen, which is not the best aesthetic choice for a summer glam look.


Lighting is perhaps the most significant component of cosmetics videos for an accurate portrayal of the product colors. And, you know, for making ourselves look good. Diffused light is key, and it’s best to have equipment that bounces the light particles around rather than a glaring focused beam. I explain how to light videos with a traditional lighting kit in an old, poorly-lit video here, but the most common tools for cosmetics videos are soft boxes and ring lights.

Brooke Miccio uses a ring light.

A soft box is basically a normal lighting fixture with a box around it, consisting of reflective inner sides and diffusing material at the front. The reflective sides bounce the light around within the box, and the front filters the particles for that nice glow. This effect can also be achieved by using a normal light kit and a bounce board — or just a big piece of white cardboard — and angling the kit and board so your face gets the full luminance.

The ring light is the most popular setup for cosmetics videos; as Stephanie Musick from the DVe store explained it, the ring of light “washes out any blemishes” because of its simple, effective structure. It’s basically an illuminated doughnut with a stand in the center for a camera or phone to capture the “soft glow” that the tool provides.

Junie uses soft boxes, which you can see reflected in her eyes.

Natural light is any light from the sun! Golden hour occurs around sunrise and sunset, causing filmmakers to keep even odder hours than the average creative type, but diffused sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm is also pretty. Position the camera in front of a large window, then work quickly to capture the best light before it fades. This is where a streamlined script is handy.
If you look closely into the eyes of your favorite beauty vloggers, you can probably pick out what kind of lighting they use. This is the key light, and its purpose is to highlight the subject of the video. Soft boxes appear as many small squares, natural light is usually one blurry rectangle, and ring lights are a perfect halo in the pupil.

Color temperature is also a principal component of lighting for accurate swatches. To achieve a neutral atmosphere, make sure to white-balance your camera before filming. This means holding a white paper — or maybe a super matte white eyeshadow — in front of the lens so the camera resets and displays the rest of the spectrum correctly.


After the well-primed base of scripting, setting and lighting, you can now start shooting. Make sure the camera, if not on a tripod, is on a steady surface at an even angle, so the focus is on you rather than a wobbly frame. Vloggers typically shoot from the top of chest to the top of head while utilizing the rule of thirds. This concept can be visualized by imagining straight lines going vertically and horizontally across the screen to divide it into three even sections. The eye naturally goes towards the intersection of those lines, so you’ll want to center yourself on those points to capitalize on that effect.

Junie centers a product on the side third lines……and centers herself on the middle third!

Make sure you’re staying in frame through the camera’s flip-around viewfinder, an external camera monitor or place-marking. As opposed to tech tools, place-marking is where you just mark out the physical frame of the shot, like knowing that if you move past your desk too far to the right, you’ll be out of frame.

Most video cameras used by vloggers have automatic exposure and focus settings, but it’s still good to know what these controls are and how to use them. Exposure is the amount of light that comes to the sensor, determined by aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

If the setting is too bright or dark, it could change the exposure level and produce inaccurate colors.

Focus refers to how clearly defined the subject is. Bringing things to and from the camera could blur the focus, so watch out for that during close-ups of products. Remember to readjust the lens if the camera is using manual focus, or allow buffer time if the camera is set to automatic focus.

Everything mentioned here, from the first words of a concept to the final cut, can be personalized to give your videos individuality. Anyone can become a skilled vlogger with practice, even without high video quality, but the most important thing is that you have fun producing your content. With those tips in mind, blend away!

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Top Beauty YouTubers to Follow in 2019

YouTube’s beauty community is massive and ever-growing, which isn’t surprising with an abundance of incredibly talented beauty YouTubers out there. Since we’ve recently discussed successful beauty brand collabs & up-and-coming beauty micro-influencers on Instagram, we thought why not give you a rundown of our top beauty YouTubers in 2019?


Rachel Claire Levin is one the biggest beauty YouTubers & has one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the world. Her audience is slightly younger, and the internet personality makes different types of videos ranging from DIYs, life hacks, comedy, skits, and more. RCLBeauty101 was reportedly the highest-paid beauty YouTuber in 2018 and the channel has 14m subscribers & over 3 billion video views.


Jeffree Star, who goes by jeffreestar on YouTube, is a singer/songwriter and a true OG Beauty influencer on the Internet. Jeffree is actually known as the most followed person on MySpace in 2006. Yes, you read that right, Jeffree’s big break dates back all the way to that time we used MySpace (throwback to MySpace Tom!). While he’s been part of the YouTube community since 2006, Jeffree started posting more tutorials & beauty tips after launching his own cosmetics line Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. Since then, he’s amassed nearly 1.5 billion collective video views and 13m+ subscribers on YouTube alone.


With over 11.5m subscribers and 1 billion total views on YouTube, Dutch beauty vlogger Nikkie is a YouTube sensation. Nikkie is all about keeping it real and doesn’t shy away from showing her bare face. She sees makeup as a fun way to change her look, much like she demonstrates in one of her early viral hit videos, The Power of Makeup. The beauty YouTuber has done makeup videos featuring celebs Kim Kardashian & Drew Barrymore on her channel and collaborated with several beauty brands like Ofra & Maybelline.

Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is a YouTuber with 3m+ subscribers, but even more famous Instagram beauty guru with 33m+ followers. She launched her own cosmetics line Huda Beauty in 2013, which has been received really well by the beauty community. On her YouTube channel, the Iraqi-American beauty YouTuber covers beauty hacks, DIY Makeup tutorials – all of which are frequently accompanied by her adorable daughter or other family members. Time Magazine even listed her as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet in 2017.


While Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) hasn’t been super active on her main YouTube channel, she still counts as one of the top beauty YouTubers out there. Zoella has been in the biz for a while and accumulated a massive 11m+ subscribers on YouTube and over 1 billion views on all her videos. She’s known for her sweet personality, beauty tips, and sharing her life with fellow YouTuber & boyfriend Alfie Deyes. All in all, Zoe is quite a busy bee; she’s published books, launched her own beauty line in 2014, and collaborated with several brands. Just a couple days ago, she actually shared her exciting new collaboration with ColourPop Cosmetics.

Safiya Nygaard

The former BuzzFeed employee & regular on BuzzFeed’s series Ladylike, left the company in early 2017 and created her own channel. Of course, loyal fans were quick to follow, and her channel blew up. Currently, this rising star & beauty YouTuber has over 7.3m subscribers and 800m video views. Whether she’s posting beauty advice, makeup reviews or trying out questionable style choices, Safiya knows how to entertain a crowd.

James Charles

James is not even 20 yet and already a big Internet personality. The 19-year old YouTuber has had quite the career for such a short time on earth. He was appointed the first-ever male spokesmodel for CoverGirl in 2016, does modeling on the side, and collaborates with several other cosmetics brands like Morphe. Just this January he made headlines when 7000 James Charles fans promptly brought the city of Birmingham to a standstill for his 30-second public appearance. Of course, he’s long joined the club of 1+ billion collective views on YouTube and has nearly 15m subscribers.


Sara says she’s just a “regular girl who loves all girly related stuff“. On her channel, she posts about DIY, comedy, nail art, and everything makeup. Since joining in 2012, the YouTube beauty guru has gained over 9.7m subscribers and a modest 1.7billion video views. While she resides in Norway, the pretty blonde often goes traveling and shares her adventures with her fans. She’s most notoriously known for her cute & colorful nail art tutorials.

Manny Mua

Manny Gutierrez, or better known as Manny Mua on YouTube, is a self-proclaimed boy beauty vlogger. With nearly 5m YouTube subscribers who adore his tutorials, reviews, and other shenanigans happening in his life, Manny has been a VIP beauty YouTuber since first joining in 2014. We’ve previously talked about his successful collaboration with Makeup Geek, and his mission for makeup to be genderless. In 2017, Manny also became the first-ever male brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics and was featured in Maybelline’s “That Boss Life” campaign promoting Big Shot Mascara.

Dulce Candy

This little firecracker measuring 4’7″ (1.45m) is much more than the naked eye can see. The Mexican beauty vlogger, who grew up in California, started making beauty videos when she served in the U.S. Army! Dulce has over 2.2m subscribers on YouTube and frequently gives fashion & beauty tips. On her second channel, DulceCandyTV, she shares her personal stories and vlogs with her family. Dulce has also published a book called The Sweet Life & collaborated with beauty brands like Pixi.


Promise Tamang Phan, known as YouTuber dope2111, started making videos as a hobby and blew up. She teaches her fans about makeup transformations – dope transformations, one may add. Promise Tamang Phan’s tutorials are mind-blowing and it’s truly fascinating to watch her turn into celebrities like Beyoncé, Disney princesses & Bratz dolls. Overall, she’s amassed a following of 5.6m+ subscribers and 1.5billion video views.

Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is an Australian beauty YouTuber with over 2.6m subscribers. We’ve previously talked about her successful collab with Pixi alongside Dulce Candy and Weylie Hoang. On her channel, she shows practical tips and tricks to up your looks for any occasion. Also, Chloe isn’t afraid to make fun of herself & the beauty industry every now and then.

Wayne Goss

Professional makeup artist Wayne gives honest reviews and beauty tips. In his videos, Wayne shows practical step-by-step instructions to perfect any look, what to use and what to toss. With over 15 years in the makeup industry, Wayne does not shy away from calling out bad beauty trends & fads. So, for anybody fearing they’ve been using makeup all wrong these past few decades, Wayne knows just how to fix it.

Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is a fiery Latina and self-proclaimed YouTube Ninja. Her YouTube channel has over 3.2m subscribers (+3.8m Instagram fans). She’s famously collaborated with Kim Kardashian. Aside from partnering with Lancôme, MAC, and La Mer, Desi also launched her own makeup line in collaboration with Dose Of Colors & fellow beauty influencer Katy ‘Lustrelux’ Degroot.


While her YouTube channel sounds rather dooming, Bunny Meyer is quite the opposite. Her lively personality with lots of little quirks has attracted more than 8.6m subscribers and just about 1.5 billion views on all her YouTube videos collectively. The “Swamp Queen” posts makeup tutorials, personal stories, lots of reviews, and previously collaborated with Tarte Cosmetics.


Weylie Hoang is the sister you never had and posts videos about hair, beauty, advice, and all the other bits of her life. Her 1.6m subscribers tune in regularly to hear what Weylie has to say. In 2018, Weylie became one of the pixipretties in collaboration with Pixi Cosmetics for a selection of eye makeup.


Fun-loving Andrea loves posting hacks, DIYs, hair, hairstyles, makeup, and more. Andrea is becoming more popular by the minute and her channel has over 4.3m subscribers to date. After partnering with talent agency Abrams Artists in 2018, we’re excited for the release of her cosmetics line very soon.

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota covers pretty much anything and everything on her channel, ranging from traveling to beauty and fashion tips. Her loyal fanbase, also called motavators, has grown to over 10m subscribers and she’s just shy of passing the 1billion collective views count. While she’s dabbling more in comedy recently, she still posts routine makeup videos and gives beauty tips.

Carli Bybel

With a following of 6m+ subscribers on YouTube and half a billion video views, Carli has joined the ranks of YouTube’s beauty elite. Whether fans want to look like Marilyn Monroe or the mother of dragons, Carli’s got just what you need. However, Carli’s main focus are easy-to-do makeup styles for any occasion, like a nice lunch date or a night out. Aside from that, Carli is a vegan and enjoys her life with five adorable felines.

Christen Dominique

Christen has over 4m subscribers on YouTube and evolved quite a bit from the days when she started doing makeup videos for friends and family. Brands like L’Oreal, Sephora, and Urban Decay all spotted her makeup talent and collaborated with Christen in the past. On top of that, the beauty YouTuber is running her own makeup line Dominique Cosmetics and the beauty community is absolutely loving it.

Jackie Aina

With nearly 3m YouTube subscribers, Jackie hopes to change the standard of beauty one video at a time. Her impressive makeup skills are on point – just like her stand on lots of important issues. She openly talks about skin bleaching, the pressure to wear wigs or makeup brands that aren’t inclusive enough for people with darker complexions. Plus, she just recently collaborated with TooFaced Cosmetics for a set of foundations.

Camila Coelho

Brazilian stunner Camila Coelho has not one, but two major beauty channels. Her main channel Camila Coelho with over 3.4m subscribers is in Portuguese, while her second channel with 1.2m fans is for all English-speaking folks. Beauty brand Lacôme chose Camila for their first-ever influencer collaboration to create L’Absolu Rouge, a collection of 10 limited-edition lipsticks.


Kiwi Shannon Harris got inspired by watching other beauty vloggers and ultimately made her own channel Shaaanxo. To date, Shannon has over 3.2m YouTube subscribers and 400m+ video views. Beauty brands Clinique and Smashbox have both collaborated with Shannon in the past. Besides, Shannon runs her own cruelty-free cosmetics line xoBeauty.

Lauren Curtis

Australian-native Lauren covers anything from makeup and hair tutorials to product reviews and hauls. The pretty blonde has amassed over 3.5m subscribers in a short period of time. Whether you’re looking for an easy everyday look or a touch of zombie for Halloween, Lauren’s got you covered.

Meredith Foster

LA girl Meredith is all about being confident in your own skin and loving who you are. Her cute and uplifting personality has drawn in over 4.7m loyal YouTube subscribers. She posts beauty & lifestyle videos on her self-titled channel and continues to spread positive vibes one video at a time.

Nyma Tang

Aside from her fabulous glam looks, Nyma is known for voicing her honest opinion. In her YouTube series The Darkest Shade, she puts makeup brands’ darkest foundations and concealers to the test. With over 800 thousand subscribers, she is the #1 go-to beauty guru for anybody with a darker complexion. Last year, Nyma collaborated with MAC for a dreamy red lipstick.

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is an actress & beauty YouTuber with over 3.5m YouTube subscribers. The British beauty runs her own cosmetics line and posts anything about fashion, beauty & lifestyle on her channel with lots of DIY tutorials, favorites videos and makeup reviews.


Oddball Kathleen says she loves all things beauty. She primarily posts reviews and easy-to-follow makeup tutorials and her 4m+ subscribers on YouTube love Kathleen for her honesty and quick wits. Thanks to her popularity, brands like Colourpop, Ofra Cosmetics, Morphe & Makeup Geek all collaborated with Kathleen in the past few years.

Jenn Im

Beauty vlogger Jenn has over 2m subscribers on YouTube and 1.7m Instagram followers. The bubbly Korean-American beauty YouTuber shares beauty routines and stunning looks with her fans. Also, she works with several different fashion labels and cosmetics brands. In 2016, ColourPop and Jenn collaborated on a collection of lipsticks & eye shadows, which turned out to be a big success.

Why Do We Need Makeup Tutorials?

The good thing about makeup is it knows no boundaries. The bad thing about makeup is it knows no boundaries. There’s a thin line between dramatic makeup and “did-you-look-at-yourself-in-the-mirror-before-you-walked-out-of-the-house” makeup.

So, we are going to highlight some of the best makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram to give you a wide range of makeup ideas.

The great thing about Instagram is the videos are only 1 minute long so if you need a quick idea or lesson before you head out to an event it’s ideal.

But if you feel like you need more instruction then we consider YouTube to be a better choice because the videos can be much longer.

We either have the natural talent to makeup or not but never fear! In this day of technology and with time to practice, you, too, can become a guru in makeup at least for yourself and maybe you will find a new hidden talent to practice on your friends.

In fact, it is a fun girls’ time to get together and watch the videos and discuss while practicing on each other. Make makeup fun, its really not brain science, although may seem so in the beginning!

Even if we are proficient in makeup application, its fun to watch the tutorials to learn more. We can learn about the newest seasonal colors and runway styles.

Maybe you have a special event that has a theme and you can research specialized makeup styles from something as classic as “smokey eye” to as exotic as “mermaid”.

So how do you find the best makeup tutorials? As mentioned before, if you need a quick idea, Instagram makeup tutorials are the best because their videos are limited to one minute each.

If you want a more detailed tutorial then go to YouTube. Just go to the search window in either site and type in what you are looking for and poof! You have your private lesson at your fingertips!

Eye Makeup Tutorials

Where to start? Well, with the windows to the soul, of course, the eyes! Who doesn’t get drawn to a great set of eyes? You don’t have a great set of eyes? Then turn to makeup.

That is the point of makeup. Your face is a stage where you can write the script.

You can see lots of videos where people imitate the looks of famous celebrities. Imagine one person who can transform themselves from Michael Jackson to David Bowie all with makeup!

1. The Makeup Chair

A great beginner’s video for eye makeup is “Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial” on YouTube with over 1 million followers.

Sinead Cady @sineadycaday takes you from prepping your eyelid to the final stage with simple contour and highlighter.

They use very natural colors and it is perfect for a day look. The point of makeup, in most cases, is to accentuate what you have and to look like you aren’t wearing makeup.

This is a perfect video for that and it’s just 4 minutes long.

2. Teni Panosian

Watch this brown smokey eye video for a more formal event or for a special night out. Blogger, @tenipanosian is popular with a following of over 1 million on youtube and 600k on Instagram.

3. Cosmo by Haley

Hayley is a young, cruelty-free makeup artist from Portland who has this awesome video named How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly | Hacks & Tips.

In this video, she gives some great tips on how to achieve a perfectly blended eyeshadow look, including the importance of prepping your eyelid before applying shadow.

Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorials

Eyes draw your attention but what is the use if the rest of your face is forgotten? For everyday looks, it is important to accent what your best features are and to even out complexion to get that no-makeup look. A good base of that is good skincare but makeup can do miracles!

1. Brianna Fox

Brianna has a great video for an everyday “makeup, no makeup” natural look. It’s called How to – Easy everyday makeup tutorial | Fresh and natural.

It’s a little bit lengthy at 19 minutes but her friendly, carefree attitude makes it a joy to watch. She highlights the products she uses and why so it’ very informative, as well. You can also check out her ‘my everyday makeup routine’ video too.

2. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie is awesome, vibrant fun and a skilled makeup artist. She has so many must-watch makeup tutorials and 11 million Instagram followers!! Find her on Instagram here @nikkietutorials. She’s a full coverage girl so most of her videos are not natural BUT she does have this awesome Natural Makeup Challenge video here.

3. Shay Mitchell

We recently came across this video by Shay Mitchell who is best known as Emily Fields in the television series Pretty Little Liars and as the founder of travel brand BÉIS. She has also started making makeup tutorials with her favorite products and looks.

The video shows off her everyday makeup look and we LOVE it. The finished look is fabulous and she is a delight to watch. We also love her smokey eye video which features celebrity makeup artist Ashley Holm.

Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Whether you are 12 years old or 65, you can easily learn how to apply makeup in the world wide web. Videos are the easiest way because you can start and stop them at each step.

There are thousands of vloggers out there to follow. You can take your time and see who gets you the most excited about learning and follow their channel on YouTube or their account if its Instagram.

We have tried to give you a starting point here with this article but don’t let us stop you from exploring on your own for other videos to show you how to apply makeup for beginners.

1. Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie is a self-proclaimed lazy person so she is perfect for people who are just beginning or for people, like her, who sleep in until the last minute. She jokes that she cherishes sleep more than makeup!

Her Quick and easy 5-minute makeup tutorial video is actually 11:30 long but she explains well and talks about products which are good for the beginner. And for those of you who swoon at Australian accents, she is heaven to the ears.

She explains makeup application from her perspective of what is most important to least important so if you run out of time you can just run out of the house.

She begins with primer and concealer and ends with lips so it’s a very detailed video and you can learn all the steps in 11 minutes and pick and choose what calls to you.

I do not think as a beginner you need to go full face but it’s better to have the knowledge. Knowledge is power! She even gives you some quick tips at the end for your hair.

2. Dani Mansutti

Dani is a makeup, beauty and lifestyle vlogger from the UK. This great ‘makeup for beginners’ video gives a step by step of how to apply makeup, including makeup tools for beginners, tips, and tricks for a full face of makeup and shows you how complete a quick and easy everyday makeup look in a very short time

Makeup Tutorials for Older Women

Older women often do not want to admit it but it takes different techniques and tips to work on mature skin. As we lose elasticity and luminescence, we need to try to recuperate that through highlighting and contouring.

This can require more work when applying makeup, especially for a big night out.

It took quite a while to find a mature makeup tutorial that didn’t disappoint. Honestly, some of the makeup applications on some YouTube channels shouldn’t have been published.

1. Jocelyn McClellan – Fit Mission Makeup

Her mature skin makeup tutorial video is a bit on the longer side with 20 minutes but I saw a few about an hour! I love makeup and its hard for me to sit that long.

This video begins by addressing the most important part of makeup application, skin care. This is so important no matter your age. If you address this early in life, then you will find your skin not as mature for your age later on in life.

I loved Jocelyn’s natural look and glowing skin. I loved the colors she used! This particular video emphasized more on the highlighting and contouring you need as you age to get a lifted more elastic look.

Her eyes were already made up but at the end, she goes over tips for mature, hooded eyes. Her light, chirpy attitude kept my attention from fading unlike many other tutorials that droned on and I just went on to the next one.

2. Hot and Flashy

Angie is a youtube vlogger who creates how-to videos for women over-50 who are looking for style, beauty, anti-aging, and health how-tos from an actual mature woman herself. Here is her Makeup 101 – Beginner makeup for mature women video.

3. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is a Pro Makeup Artist, Global CD of Lancome, Author of NY Times bestseller ‘Face Paint – The Story Of Makeup’.

None of Lisa’s YouTube videos are sponsored and 100% of her advertising revenue is donated to charity. We love this video: Glowing, Youthful Day MakeUp Tutorial For Mature Skin.

In this video, she shows off a really great day look for ladies in their 50’s, 60’s and older. She focuses on how to make skin look even and fresh without emphasizing lines and how to get eye definition without a harsh end result. In the video, she demonstrates these techinques on a beautiful 64 year old.

She also has two other videos we love ‘Simple evening makeup look for mature women’ and ‘Menopausal makeup tips’.

You can also check out this amazing makeup transformation video by Julia Dantas Beauty where she does a mature skin makeup tutorial on her mom.

For just a short 1-minute video the covered all the contouring for face and eyes. The result was stunning. A theme you will notice with the mature skin is light, natural tones.

Mature skin with its crepiness will attract powders into the wrinkles so its best to not go with very dark colors. Also, stay away from bright colors as we do not want a throwback to the 80’s theme to get started!

Party Makeup Ideas Tutorial

What is more exciting than a big party to go to, or even a little get together? The planning up to the event can be as exciting as the event. What will I wear? What makeup will I choose?

Want to try something outside of your comfort zone? This is the time. Again, we can turn to the world wide web for lots of exciting ideas.

1. Shonagh Scott

This Rose champagne makeup tutorial video from @showmemakeup was designed for Valentine’s Day but I personally love the rose champagne look for any occasion.

You could even lighten the drama and use it for an everyday natural look. She begins with contouring which is critical to making your best assets shine for this party gathering.

She gives great tips about brush usage, such as spraying with it with a primer first to pick up more pigment for eye contouring. Also, check out her sexy date night eyes tutorial here for an even more dramatic look.

2. Glamourous Reflections

For our Instagram pick for party makeup video, I was drawn to Asma and her super glamorous party makeup tutorial This is just an eye makeup tutorial but I love the result!

I am amazed at how 1 minute of music can give you so much insight on key things, such as the essential dab at the inner corner of the eye for that extra pop.

Her Instagram is fabulous and a lot of her images are close up’s of her eye makeup looks with the eyeshadow palette used and numbered as a follow along guide. Brilliant.

I have been in makeup for decades but these little hints remind me of what I may be forgetting in my everyday makeup.

She has lots and lots of party style makeup videos on her Instagram @glamourousreflections as well as some more sparkle and color on her YouTube channel.

Wedding Makeup Tutorials

Whether it is your first wedding or your fifth, because practice makes perfect, you still want to shine as the bride.

You could want so many looks for this day. Maybe you are a breezy, beach wedding hippie bride and want a natural but flawless look.

Maybe you are a dramatic, bold socialite bride who wants to make a statement with your makeup look. No matter what your bridal makeup goal is, you can find it online.

1. Bronte Jones

Bronte has a fun video to watch because it’s simple She did makeup for her best friend and her bridesmaids.

I selected this video because it is a natural look which is the most selected makeup theme for weddings but can also be the base for a dramatic look.

Add more contouring to the eyes, cheeks or a bolder lipstick and you can go from au natural to wow in just a few brushstrokes.

Her video is called Bridal/Bridesmaid makeup tutorial (it says “hooded eyes” in the title but it’s a basic eye application that can be used for all eye shapes.).

2. Chloe Morello

Again, amazed at a look they can crunch into a minute, granted with time lapse, but you really can learn so much from these short clips (again if you can’t get enough of an Instagram video, most have the long version on YouTube).

This Wedding Glam video shows you the products so you get a better idea of the shades than just from the brush or application. The highlighter really illuminates and shows you how you can glow on your big day!

Prom Makeup Tutorials

Almost as exciting as your wedding, Prom is a coming of age for many girls. So, its expected you would want to look your best and stun your peers.

Natural looks reign here as you are still a girl at 18 even if you feel like a well-cultured woman.

You have your entire life to be dramatic and sexy, high school is a time to accentuate your natural assets while they are still tight and taught.

1. Nikkie Tutorials

For a fun twist on prom makeup, we found Nikkie’s video called ‘Prom makeup tutorial – white cut crease and diamond eyeliner’ This video was something different using the white eyeliner but it makes it fun for teens to do something different for their big night.

This look also uses gemstones so you may want to practice those applications a few times before the big night to avoid unneeded extra stress before the limo arrives.

2. Lauren Curtis

For a more sophisticated glamorous look, we love this prom makeup tutorial video from Aussie beauty vlogger @lozcurtis.

3. Denitslava Makeup

Check out this easy glam prom makeup tutorial from Denitslava. Its super simple and with gorgeous color shades.

Drag Queen Makeup Tutorials

What should be the 8th wonder of the world is Drag Queen Makeup! It will never cease to amaze me how men can be so talented at hair and makeup.

The transformations here are surreal and I could watch them all day! Drag makeup is definitely unique as its own genre of makeup for men.

After getting lost for hours watching men actually become their feminine sides, we found some favorites.

1.Miss Fame

Supernatural blonde makeup tutorial for drag queens is FAB! It takes you from an all-natural looking guy to a stunning drag queen all in just 10 minutes. Seriously, how does he do it?

Miss Fame is an inspiring makeup artist, recording artist and model with cheekbones to die for! Check out his glamorous instagram @missfamenyc.

2. Alyssa Edwards

Speaking of Instagram, Alyssa Edwards who has over 1 million followers was featured in both Netflix Original Series “Dancing Queen” and RuPauls Drag Race Season 5. Drop Dead Gorgeous featured her super fun one-minute drag queen tutorial video on their account.

We hope you have as much fun watching these as we did.

Unicorn Makeup Tutorials

Now it’s fantasy time!! (Although, Drag Queen Makeup might be included in this!) Who as a young girl or a grown adult doesn’t dream about being a mermaid or unicorn? I do on a daily basis! So, of course, we had to add these makeup tutorials in here!

1. Karen Yeung

Karen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger currently based in Los Angeles. SHe has made this great unicorn makeup tutorial called ‘Holographic tumblr inspired unicorn makeup’

This tutorial shows you a magical fantasy makeup look in just five and a half minutes! It was flawless, luminescent, and otherworldly. She includes titles with each section to make the instructions even more clear.

The soothing colors, not only in the makeup but in the video, was mesmerizing getting you in the mood to become the mythical creature itself.

The final touch was the application of stars under the eyes which was the perfect “cherry on top”.

2. Nicola Flanagan

Our Instagram pick for unicorn makeup was from, Nicola Flanagan, an alternative makeup artist from Cork, Ireland.

Her version of the unicorn makeup tutorial was based on a choker of opals that she loves. She nailed the look through the makeup application of soft, muted pastel colors.

She already looked magical with her big, doe-like eyes and facial piercings but the makeup put her into a new realm.

Do you think you could replicate this look?

Mermaid Makeup Tutorials

As for Mermaid makeup, we were surprised at the millions of videos we came across. Mermaids are the unicorns of the sea.

Magical and mystical creatures that make us wish we could shed our human skin, literally. It is so easy to get lost in this world and watch these transformations happen all day.

1. Miss Nose bleed

The simply named Mermaid makeup tutorial video on YouTube included actual shell details and she really hits the nail on the head with her heavenly mermaid look.

Shell details in her hair with pearls accenting her stenciled on iridescent scales.

She is Swedish but grew up in Japan studying art which explains so much! She clearly joined her two loves, art and makeup, to make this and many other styles.

Yes, we stalked her other videos such as her Elf Princess one.

2.Emilly Madelon

Emily is a makeup artist originally from Brazil but relocated to the US. Her mermaid makeup tutorial video shows you how to use netting as a stencil for the scaly look.

Her use of color were a nice combination for this underwater beauty. Finally, she used applications of jewels and sequins to add to the shimmer you would see in a real mermaid under the sea.

She didn’t stop at the face but went to neck and shoulders, too, where many people often forget to continue fantasy makeup.

That’s not all! Wait for it! At the end, she has a super surprise that will shock you and show you how good she is at this fantasy makeup!!

3. Glamorous Reflections

Here’s another beautiful look from @glamorousreflections who were featured earlier. I’d say you could call it a unicorn OR a mermaid makeup look.

4. Chloe Morello

Chloe makes an appearance again with this fun and beautiful Mermaid Makeup video!

The Best Makeup Removers

Well, that should have you covered, literally, at least your face! Do not forget the most important part of makeup, taking it off.

This is where the Kiki & Josie Makeup Remover Glove comes into play.

A great alternative to makeup remover wipes, this miracle makeup remover only requires water, no product!

It works with microfiber technology to breakdown and whisk away makeup particles (yes! even waterproof) and to gently exfoliate your skin, even the sensitive eye area.

It is reusable and washable and lasts up to 3 years! If you want to use your favorite product, the glove is the perfect applicator for it.

Especially when practicing your new makeup looks, you will want to make sure to take off each new look thoroughly to be fair to the upcoming look. It is the best makeup eraser!

And when that big night comes, you will want an easy way to take off the final perfect look.

The Kiki & Josie Makeup Remover Glove will be your best friend, give it a try and check out their collection of sexy styles!

Remember there are thousands or more makeup videos out there! Take the time to look through YouTube and Instagram at your leisure to find channels or accounts that resonate with you.

The more you watch, the more you will find how techniques overlap and you will naturally remember how to contour, etc.

There are classic tricks to the trade but also there are always new looks and tricks coming up, as well.

Remember the subscriber and follower number here in this article was where these vloggers were at the time the article was written.

Also, keep in mind that newcomers may be just as good as the experts but not have the following so be open to seeing videos that call to you not only for their following.

Once you find the expert of your liking, cross reference other social media realms for them.

This is especially true for your favs on Instagram because most of the time they have a YouTube channel and you can see longer videos from them. Makeup can be scary but once you get the feel for it and know that it is always erasable, it becomes fun and adventurous.

Happy makeup-ing!

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You, too, can look this glowy! Photo: @jaclynhill/Instagram

Once upon a time, if you wanted great makeup tips you had to A) sign up for a cosmetology class, B) shell out for a makeup artist or C) make friends with somebody who could grace you with their superior beauty knowledge. Dark times, friends. Lucky for us, we’re now one click (and the occasional YouTube ad) away from a wealth of beauty experts, ready to lend a hand with even the most obscure makeup quandaries. But with such an embarrassment of riches, how are you supposed to decide which videos deserve a spot in your late-night playlist? Below, we’ve collected 11 A+ examples of makeup knowledge you absolutely need in your life.

Solve all your eyeliner woes in one video

Eyeliner is an amazing tool in your beauty arsenal — and there are about a thousand ways it can go wrong. In this video, Tina Yong covers some of the most common foibles and how to fix them, showing the techniques side-by-side so you can really see the difference. Her tips include everything from choosing the right color and maintaining your pencils to where, exactly, you should line to enhance your eye. All of them are designed to work well with monolids and hooded eyes, but those aren’t the only shapes that will benefit from her expertise.

Cover that breakout

Despite how it may sometimes seem, beauty vloggers aren’t some special breed of flawless-skinned demigoddesses who never get pimples, and vlogger Mamichula8153 has experienced that personally. Not that you’d ever know it from watching her videos, thanks to the series of products and techniques she’s come up with for covering her spots (without looking like she’s wearing a flesh-colored makeup mask). As an added bonus, all of the products she features come straight from drugstore shelves, so there’s no need to break the bank to follow her tips yourself.

Look more awake

Maybe you stayed up late catching up on “The Walking Dead,” but that doesn’t mean you want to show up to the office looking like a zombie. Model Recommends, the YouTube account of former fashion model Ruth Crilly, tapped makeup artist Caroline Barnes to demonstrate how she keeps the perpetually jet-lagged supermodels and celebs she works with (think Emma Watson and Diane Kruger) from looking like they spent all night on a plane. She goes into lots of detail explaining the process, which makes this video the next best thing to a private lesson.

Apply liquid lipstick the right way

Five years ago, liquid lipstick was what happened when you left your favorite Ruby Woo in the glove compartment in the middle of July, but nowadays, these long-wearing formulas are everywhere. Since the wand-based formulas are so different from classic lipstick (and stick like glue once you’ve got them on), vlogger Nikkie Tutorials walks you through everything you need to get those lines social-media-perfect and how to correct them if you color outside the lines a little on the first try.

Highlight and contour without looking like a long-lost Kardashian

Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop highlighter collaboration with Becca sold out in literal minutes, so naturally she’s the go-to gal for amazing highlight and contour. Despite the title, this look is the kind of minimal that relies on two different artfully applied shades of concealer (which is to say, not minimal at all) but it if you’re craving that pristine “no-makeup makeup” style, this routine crafts a look that you could actually wear out sans reality TV-level lighting.

Color correct like a pro

If you’re still confused about what to do with that color correcting palette you got for your birthday, Jen from From Head To Toe has you covered (literally). Her bubbly attitude and smart use of graphics make everything easy to understand, even if you flunked out of high school art class.

Get the perfect smoky eye

We’re all about subtle makeup, but sometimes you just need a lewk. This smoky bronze eye by Sona Gasparian splits the difference, serving up some beauty blogger realness that you could actually wear to date night.

Make mature skin look its best

LBR, some of those hot makeup trends that have taken over social media are really most flattering on 20-something skin (looking at you, ultra-matte makeup). So it’s refreshing to see a legit tutorial aimed at those who may be slightly beyond that demographic. Sister duo Pixiwoo brings beauty even more into the family by showing off tips for adapting makeup to more mature skin on their mom in this video. The techniques are simple and doable, focusing on helping the skin look dewy and plumped and bringing out the best in your bone structure.

Master those brows that have taken over your Instagram feed

Bold brows are an internet obsession, but you need to know what you’re doing if you don’t want to veer into Groucho Marx (or evil Disney villain) territory. Here’s MayraTouchofGlam’s simple step by step technique (which she performs on a sparse set of brows, in case you were worried this was only for the brow blessed). It includes plenty of close-ups so you can see exactly what’s happening.

To finally find the right nude lipstick

Celeb makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has worked with the likes of Kate Winslet, Lily Collins and Victoria Beckham, so you know she’s a master at enhancing natural beauty. In this video, she serves up everything you’ve ever wanted to know about finding a your-lips-but-better lipstick shade, giving examples of what too-light and too-dark colors look on the skin to act as guide, as well as tricks for picking out the right shades while shopping and what kind of makeup to wear them with.

Look great in your glasses

If you think glasses don’t change the look of your makeup, you’ve probably got 20/20 vision. For those who spend their days behind specs, Canadian vlogger LoveNana has you covered. As she expertly demonstrates, nailing the whole glasses-with-makeup thing is all about keeping things simple and focusing on perfecting your skin with a precise application of foundation, blush and contour.

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50 Beauty YouTube Video Ideas

Have you ever been stuck for a video idea? Want a video idea bank that you can come back to when you aren’t sure what to film next? No problem! I’ve compiled a list of 50 beauty YouTube video ideas so you will never be stuck for ideas.

Don’t let a lack of inspiration stop you from filming and uploading consistently. Come back to this blog time and time again or add these ideas to your video idea bank for reference later.

Tutorial Videos

When it comes to tutorials, your imagination is the limit. There is a tutorial video opportunity for every possible look or occasion.

1. Full Face Of Drugstore Makeup
2. Halloween & Costume Tutorials
3. Wedding Makeup
4. Makeup For Beginners
5. A ‘No Makeup’ Tutorial
6. Everyday Makeup
7. Makeup Throughout History
8. How To Contour, Create A Smoky Eye, Etc
9. Celebrity Tutorials
10. First Day Of School Makeup
11. Holiday Tutorials
12. Best Of Beauty

Let everyone know about the best of the best in beauty this year or this past season.

13. Travel Makeup

Give your audience a rundown of what your go-to travel makeup bag looks like.

14. Makeup Favourites

Get in the habit of letting everyone know about your favourites (makeup, skincare, and general life favourites) from the past month.

15. Get Ready With Me

Get ready with me (GRWM or Chit Chat GRWM) videos give you a chance to make a beauty video and just chat with your audience and update them about your life.

16. How I Did My Makeup In High School

Give your audience a laugh for the day. Show them a pic of you in your blunder years and recreate the look for everyone to see.

17. This Not That (Dos and Don’ts)

Be the big sister every young girl needs and show your audience what to do – and more importantly what not to do by doing a half face of each.

18. Reacting To Old Makeup Videos

Been on YouTube awhile? Give yourself a good cringe and re-watch your old videos with your audience

19. Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup

It’s a tough one, but you’ll go down in beauty guru infamy if you can make a full face of kids makeup work.

Beauty Videos For All Occasions

20. The Power Of Makeup

Show everyone why you do what you do. Do half a face of makeup and let them see the power of makeup.

21. My ____ Does A Voiceover My Makeup Routine

Is your boyfriend or dad already making fun of your videos (what do they know?), then make the most of it, and let them voice over your makeup routine.

22. 3 Minute Makeup Challenge

Disaster or a pleasant surprise? Show your audience what you’re made of by trying to do all of your makeup in under 3 minutes.

23. No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Ever said “I could do this with my eyes closed” well, prove it. With the no mirror makeup challenge you won’t be able to see anything your doing.

24. My ____ Picks My Makeup

Stuck in a rut? Want to mix it up? Let your friend, boyfriend, or dad pick out the makeup you have to put on your face.

25. Dollar Store Makeup Challenge

Make it work. Spend a few bucks and get a full face of makeup from the dollar store.

26. Drugstore Versus High End

Half-face drugstore versus half-face high end.

27. $20 Makeup Challenge

Give yourself a $20 limit to buy everything you need for a full face of makeup. Make it even more compelling – compete with a friend.

28. Testing Makeup

First impressions can be extremely useful to your audience, and if it all fails – extremely entertaining.

29. Makeup Reviews

Thousands of people are searching for makeup reviews every day. Give the people what they want, review products and tell them how it really is.

30. New In Makeup

Love buying or researching new products? Let your viewers know about the best and worst new products.

31. Empties

Save that trash and show the world. Let people know what you thought of your used up products.

32. Full Face

One of the toughest challenges – full-face videos have been done with lip gloss, highlighter, and even eye shadow.

33. Makeup Haul

It’s a great excuse to go shopping. You pretty much have to buy it.

34. Full Face Of One Brand

If you’re a true makeup junkie, the likelihood is you can create a whole face of makeup using just one brand – it’s a great way to change up your routine and talk about why you love that brand.

35. What’s In My Everyday Makeup Bag

A girl’s bag can tell you a lot about a person. Let your audience in and show them what you are hauling about.

36. Morning & Night Routines

Give a bit of insight into what you get up to each morning or night.

37. Skincare Routine

Beautiful skin, beautiful you. Show your audience what skincare you use and love.

38. Best Of Brand / Ever

Let your viewers know what to buy from a brand, and what not to buy.

Tag Videos

Easy, fun and quick – tag videos are not only popular but they are a great way to collab with other YouTubers as well.

39. Ride Or Die Makeup Tag
40. YouTube Made Me Buy
41. ___ Does My Makeup
42. Used Abused Makeup Tag
43. This Or That Tag
44. 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag
45. Would You Rather Beauty Tag
46. Top 5

Show off the best of the best. Whether it’s top 5 products, top 5 mascaras, top 5 brand products, there is plenty to cover.

47. DIY Beauty

Show them what you can do with what you have at home, whether it’s a face mask or homemade lip-gloss, there are plenty of DIY video opportunities.

48. New Releases

Let your audience know about what’s coming out in the coming month, what to look forward to, and to put in their wishlist.

49. Mail Opening

Are you being sent PR packages or fan mail? Your audience might be interested in knowing what you’ve been receiving.

50. Daily Vlog

Give your audience some insight into your daily life by vlogging.

I hope those were helpful and gave you a few new beauty YouTube video ideas.

Can you think of any other beauty video ideas? Help out your fellow readers and let us know in the comments below. Or check out this blog about the top beauty hashtags.

10 YouTube makeup tutorials that are total must-sees for beauty beginners

By Kelly Dougher

Date February 17, 2016

Before the Internet existed, if you didn’t have an older relative or friend to teach you how to apply makeup you were pretty much out of luck. You had to figure out how to do it on your own–and even if you did have someone helping you along the way, chances were they weren’t exactly a makeup guru themselves. Today’s generation of young girls and women are incredibly lucky because they’re growing up with limitless resources at their fingertips when it comes to online makeup tutorials. For pretty much any beauty question you have, you can find tons of videos on YouTube that contain the answer.

The only downside is that the sheer volume of video tutorials can be overwhelming. There’s so many well-known beauty vloggers and there’s even more less well-known (but still talented and creative!) ones. Nobody has time to sort through hundreds of videos when they just need to know how to do a cat eye before going out.

That’s why we put together this guide to the best, most helpful tutorials for makeup beginners. These videos cover everything from nailing tricky eye makeup to applying face makeup that’s right for your skin type. Even if you’re not exactly a makeup newbie, you’re sure to pick up a bunch of new tricks, techniques, and product recommendations. And if you are a beginner, well, that’s about to change. Click through to check out the ten YouTube beauty tutorials that every beauty rookie needs to watch.

1. Cat-eye

“Easy Ways To Use Liquid Liner” by Michelle Phan is probably the only video that liquid liner a makeup rookie will ever need. In it, she demonstrates several different ways to draw a cat eye, along with different eyeliner recommendations and even a sneaky cat eye sticker tip. If you’ve never been able to do winged liner, this video will change your life.

2. Smoky eye

A smoky eye is a classic eye makeup look, but it can be very overwhelming if you’re new to it. If you want a simple, easy, and no-nonsense tutorial, watch Lisa Eldridge’s “Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial.” In less than ten minutes and using only a handful of products, Eldridge demonstrates a smoky eye that anyone (yes, anyone) can do.

3. Cut crease

Doing a proper cut crease can be tricky. It’s a gorgeous eyeshadow technique that really helps to add some depth to your eyes, but you need to know how to blend properly. Ellarie explains the steps slowly and clearly as she demonstrates the technique on herself in this “Matte Cut Crease Fall Makeup Tutorial”. In the end it seems easy and totally doable–plus most of the makeup she uses is very affordable.

4. Contouring and highlighting

The Kardashians made extreme contouring and highlighting popular, but unless you have a professional makeup artist on hand like they do, it can easily go very wrong. Some contouring tutorials are extremely long and involve tons of different products that you have to paint all over your face until you look like unrecognizable; not so with this “Natural Contouring And Highlighting Tutorial” by daceyhapa. She gives great advice for achieving a natural-looking contour and highlight that you can wear during the day, and she clearly explains each step as she does it.

5. Dewy makeup for dry skin

If you have dry skin (or you just prefer a dewy, luminous makeup look) then you’ll enjoy this “Everyday Glowy Summer Makeup Tutorial” by Tanya Burr. She shows you how to do a glowy, natural makeup look that would be great for everyday (and every season). She also makes some great recommendations for products that will give your skin a nice glow.

6. Matte makeup for oily skin

If you have oily skin, you’ll probably want to know how to do a matte makeup look. Rose Kimberly demonstrates several tricks and techniques for achieving a matte look that lasts all day in her video, “Flawless Foundation All Day Tutorial.” She uses a lot of affordable drugstore products and includes a powder and setting spray technique that might be a game-changer for you if you have very oily skin.

7. Bold lip

There are a lot of makeup tutorials that include a bold lip, but not quite as many that will make that the central topic of the video; instead they just swipe on some lipstick at the very end. If you really want to rock a dark lipstick but you’re not sure how or if you can do it, you should watch Anna Russett’s video “How To Pull Off Dark Lipstick.” She has a funny personality, and not only does she give tips for how to wear dark lipstick and what sort of makeup goes with it, but she also gives advice on how to feel confident wearing it.

8. False lashes

Applying false lashes is the worst until you get the hang of it. There’s actually a lot of little tips that help to make the process go a lot more smoothly, but you often need someone to explain them. Enter: “How To Apply False Lashes” by Jaclyn Hill. She has a big, upbeat personality that makes all of her videos entertaining, and she gives excellent, detailed advice that will have you applying false lashes easily in no time.

9. Blush

Blush is one of those everyday makeup products that seems easy to use in theory but can actually be very difficult to get right. In “5 Different Ways To Apply Blusher,” Wayne Goss demonstrates several blush techniques on himself. It’s really easy to watch and follow along with the way he applies the blush, and then you can choose the method that best suits your face shape and the result you want.

10. Fixing mistakes

Samantha from Batalash Beauty made an entertaining and helpful video called “How To Fix Your [email protected]#$ Ups.” If you’ve ever messed up your eyeliner or completely overdrew your lipstick, Sam will show you how to fix it quickly and easily. You’ll be happy you watched this video the next time you mess up your makeup.

No one loves a good makeup tutorial more than we do, but what makes a tutorial even better? When it has a celebrity in it. Here are some of our favorites.

Since launching Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore has showed how involved she is in the brand with weekly Tip Tuesday videos, where she does makeup how-tos with products from her line. Want to see a specific tutorial? Leave a comment on Flower Beauty’s Facebook page.

Lauren Conrad has gone from reality star to beauty guru with her site The Beauty Department. In this tutorial, Lauren shows us how to get her signature cat eye.

Ever since launching Nuance, Salma Hayek has become a bigger presence in the beauty world. Our sister site Beauty High got an exclusive video with the star explaining how to get a smoky eye.

Who wouldn’t want to look like Heidi Klum? In this video for her channel on AOL, she and her makeup artist go over everything eyeliner-related.

Talk about a #ThrowbackThursday! This 2009 clip from The Tyra Banks Show includes the former supermodel’s favorite beauty tips. Just make sure your volume isn’t turned up too loudly. Miss Tyra likes to yell in this video.

In preparation for a new season of Bethenny, Bethenny Frankel shares her secrets for flawless foundation. We just wish the camera was set up at a more flattering angle.

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit Kim Kardashian’s makeup is kind of insane. Learn the secrets behind her look from her makeup artist.

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7 Mesmerizing Celebrity Beauty Tutorials

Celebrities may have access to the top makeup artists in the world, but every once in a while, the rest of us do, too—thanks to the magic of YouTube. We found video tutorials from the pros who work with stars like Adele, Jessica Alba and more. Even if you never try the looks yourself, watching the wonders these people can work with makeup is pretty enthralling.

1. Gigi Hadid’s natural makeup

Makeup artist Monika Blunder shows how she gave Gigi Hadid a bronzed and beautiful look the night she accepted the Model of the Year award in 2015.

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2. Kim Kardashian’s glowy complexion

Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, shares her strobing routine, which adds a dewy glow that helps accentuate her features.

3. Adele’s winged eyeliner

Makeup artist Michael Ashton, who gets Adele Grammy-ready, explains the secret to her eyeliner look is using multiple products.

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4. Jessica Alba’s smoky eye

Blunder, the same makeup artist who shared Gigi Hadid’s look, also works with Jessica Alba. Here, she shares her tips for achieving the star’s perfect smoky eye.

5. Kaley Cuoco’s vamp lip

Jamie Greenberg took a risk with a dark lip for Kaley Cuoco’s 2013 Golden Globes look. Learn how to recreate it.

6. Anne Hathaway’s dreamy Oscars eyes

Makeup artist Kate Lee explains how she made up Hathaway’s eyes to look especially big and bright.

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7. Rihanna’s 5-minute ‘sexy eye’

The singer’s makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, shares her favorite quick routine for head-turning eyes.

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