The 11 Most Supportive Plus Size Bras That You Can Actually Wear All Day

Sometimes it feels like there’s now an infinite number of plus size bra options, compared to when I was young. But, in reality, good bras are still hard to find. The best supportive, plus size bras should make you feel like you’ve found something one of a kind — or at least one in a million!

One thing that still hasn’t seemed to change is that definitions of “plus size” vary wildly. I often find bras listed as plus size that fit either my band or my cup size, but not both. And, of course, there are bras marketed as plus size that fit neither my E-cup breasts nor my 52-inch band size.

Not to mention that if I find a bra which does fit me properly, it often doesn’t have cups — which, for me, is not an option. I need cups like I need oxygen. While there are lots of health claims about what wearing bras does and doesn’t do, in my experience, a bra that doesn’t offer enough support is guaranteed to cause me severe back pain, at the very least.

I know many people have the same problems I do, but fortunately, I have some excellent bras to recommend! These 11 bras are some of the most supportive plus size bras out there, with a wide range of band and cup sizes available.

1. Elila Lace Soft Cup Bra

The Elila Lace Soft Cup Bra provides amazing support, with four hook-and-eye closures, plus non-stretch lace cups and non-stretch straps. Though non-stretch straps may be a downside for some folks, they can be totally necessary for others, especially if you, like me, have ruined several bras by stretching the straps out of their ability to support.

2. Lunaire Plus Size Barbados Stripe Underwire Bra

This plus size bra from Lunaire is made of double-layer mesh which doesn’t stretch, has fully adjustable straps, and the pattern is way too cute to resist! It’s also available in plenty of pretty prints — a relief after a lifetime of beige, beige, and more beige.

3. Curvy Couture Plus Size Lace Demi Bra

So, you may be saying, “But that looks like a push-up bra.” And, well, it is. I know plus size folks are told not to wear push-up bras, but some push-ups offer excellent support. Like this one from Curvy Couture, which comes in sizes up to 44H, and offers three-piece cups made of breathable power mesh, plus a wide, three-hook closure in the back.

4. Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Like regular bras, my sports bras have to have an underwire. But if regular bras with underwires can be uncomfortable, sports bras seem like they’re twice as bad — the wrong placement of underwire and your run becomes a 45-minute torture session. But this underwire sports bra offers mesh panels, and doesn’t compress your breasts while still managing to hold them in place. That means no bounce and no pain, all in sizes up to 40H.

5. Goddess Kayla Underwire Banded Bra Underwear

What caught my eye about this Goddess plus size bra was the pattern, but its upsides don’t stop at how cute it is. This bra’s full-coverage design offers a natural rounded shape. For folks who have a hard time finding straps that aren’t too thin or thick, this bra offers great mid-width straps that won’t slip off shoulders.

6. Wacoal Underwire Bra

This Wacoal underwire bra is seriously heavy-duty. It’s also the master of hidden things: it has a hidden underwire for comfort as well as a hidden inner sling for extra support.

7. Elomi Plus Size Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra

Plus size bras are being made in more and more styles — which means we get to enjoy this comfortable (and pretty sexy, not gonna lie) Elomi bra. The Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra offers the plunge neckline without the push-up aspect plunges often include, has a racerback for extra support, and comes in wide range of band and cup sizes.

8. The Starr Cupped Bralette

Smart Glamour is one of my go-tos for plus size clothing because the brand offers fully customizable clothing in literally any size. And that goes for bras, too. This bra comes in set sizes up to 60II, but can be made at any size. It’s reinforced with solid elastic, and for a little extra oomph, you can add jersey lining for $5 more.

9. Elomi Plus Size Soraya Underwire Plunge Bra

The Elomi Soraya Underwire Plunge Bra has a plunge neckline with no push-up, and three-section cups. The straps may not be strong enough for very busty folks, but this bra is a great option for those comfy with smaller straps.

10. Freya Underwire Molded Sports Bra

Freya is another go-to brand of mine, thanks to multiple recommendations from friends. This sonic underwire sports bra offers lift and separation with wide underwires, cups made of foam, and wide straps which can convert to a racerback style.

11. Curvy Couture Flawless Lace Bra

This is another heavy-duty bra. Available in sizes up to 46H, it’s made of nylon and Spandex, with double-layer underwire cups, super wide side panels, non-stretch straps, and cups that are made to mirror your natural shape — a big plus for those of us used to spending all day with our chests squished.

I am and always will be fond of the ol’ get-home-and-immediately-take-your-bra-off routine. But these bras make me a little less eager to strip down the second I’m in the door, and a little more excited to get dressed in the morning — as long as I have a cup of coffee nearby!

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