I wear these $12 Walmart jeggings to work all the time — no one can tell the difference between them and my $74 pair from Nordstrom

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Jag Jeans Stretch Denim from Nordstrom Jag Jeans

  • I wear this $74 pair of jeggings from Nordstrom all the time, but when I saw a similar pair for $12 at my local Walmart, I couldn’t resist buying them to see how they compared.
  • Walmart’s Time and Tru jeggings are $62 less than Nordstrom’s Jag Jean jeggings, but it turns out they look and feel practically identical. Now I wear them both to work all the time.
  • Buying a pair of pants from an unknown brand at Walmart felt like a bit of a style risk, but I was pleased to find that they were a fantastic alternative to my more expensive pair.

In a world of long commutes and meetings that last well over their scheduled time, the last thing I want to worry about is the annoyance of uncomfortable clothing. From itchy sweaters to ill-fitting pants, finding clothes that check off the boxes of comfortable and work-appropriate can be more difficult than you’d think.

There are certainly mixed feelings about the “jeggings” trend that hit its peak after the comeback of the ever-popular skinny jean. Some claim that leggings and jeans should be kept separate from one another, but I was there for the trend when it started and I don’t plan on eliminating them from my wardrobe any time soon.

Finding a pair of jeggings is not difficult — but finding a pair that fits nicely and stands the test of time comes down to a long process of trial and error. I’ve been an avid Nordstrom shopper for years, so following my instinct, I found a dependable pair of $74 Marla Stretch Denim Leggings there made by Jag Jeans.

These super-skinny cut pair of pants are flattering and versatile. I can wear them to work or while going out to dinner with friends — which is exactly the kind of adaptability I want out of my clothes. It wasn’t until I was browsing my local Walmart that a similar pair of jeggings, coming in at a mere $12, caught my eye and made me question my original choice to spend $74.

Walmart’s jeggings are on the left (they can be un-rolled), Nordstrom’s are on the right. Walmart, Nordstrom

Let’s talk looks

One of my biggest concerns about purchasing an inexpensive pair of pants from a generic brand was the overall appearance. I’m not opposed to buying wardrobe essentials from unknown companies, but I typically rely on recommendations from friends or colleagues prior to making an uncertain buy. Despite my hesitation, the fact that the Time and Tru jegging capri pants (which can be un-rolled) looked almost identical to the pair I purchased from Nordstrom was the selling factor.

Both pairs lacked a button on the front waistband which never posed a problem since I regularly wear a belt. In fact, the ones from Walmart worked better with my regular workwear because they included belt loops — unlike the Jag Jeans pair.

On the website, the Time and Tru jeggings are advertised as capris but I’m 5-foot-8, and I found them to extend longer than I expected based on the ad. The ones I purchased from Nordstrom reached my ankle as advertised and were flexible enough to roll if I wanted them to fit like capris.

The main difference between these pairs of pants and your go-to pair of leggings is that each of these have pockets on the front and back. This subtle detail turns an extremely casual outfit into something you could wear to a dressier event — without looking like you just came from the gym.

What about quality and fit?

Both pairs fit well and were comfortable enough to wear throughout the day without any noticeable irritation. The Nordstrom pant is slightly more rigid to the touch and the Walmart ones had a softer feel, similar to a pair of cotton leggings. However, I tried on both pairs and couldn’t decipher much of a tangible difference between the materials.

Whether you’re purchasing from Nordstrom or Walmart, you’ll find that both jeggings are advertised as a skinny-fit, but Walmart’s Time and Tru ones were definitely more fitted from the knee down. This wasn’t a huge deal because both pairs primarily looked the same, but if you want the classic legging feel, the Walmart ones are the way to go.

The bottom line

There are some slight differences between the Jag Jeans jeggings from Nordstrom and the Time and Tru pair from Walmart, but if you are looking for a really great value, the pair from Walmart shouldn’t give you any reason to complain.

I’ve worn the $12 pair for over two months and they’ve withstood multiple washes, the occasional coffee spill, and a wipeout on the stairs heading up to my apartment. I will continue to wear both pairs simply because I can’t do enough laundry to keep up with my black pant obsession, but I will most definitely be purchasing more Time and Tru jeggings in the future.

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but Walmart has seriously stepped its game up, — from beautiful furniture collections backed by Drew Barrymore to the Sofia Vergara-approved jeans. Now, the retailer is taking over the swimsuit arena, with its in-house Time and Tru collection of mix and match separates.

According to Walmart reps (and the endless amounts of praise on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), shoppers can’t get enough of the best-selling bikinis by Time and Tru, which are made to fit sizes small all the way up to a 3x. And get this: the affordable designs are less than $18, so you’ll have plenty of money leftover to sip piña coladas by the pool.

What’s even better are the functional details in the Time and Tru lineup, which include underwire finishes and adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit, as endorsed by influencer Noelle Downing, who posted a sponsored post in the underwire bikini top ($16; walmart.com) and lace-up bottoms ($16; walmart.com) above. They’re so good, in fact, that people are passing on Victoria’s Secret push-up styles for Walmart’s selects. One of InStyle’s Facebook followers tipped us off in the comment section underneath a VS post, admitting to finding awesome plus-size options at Wally World, for a fraction of the price.


And Walmart’s also giving Target’s beloved swimsuits a run for their money. On Twitter Emmie wrote, “I tried a lot on at Target and wasn’t feeling it. Online Walmart!!! That’s where I found two Time and Tru plus size swimsuits!”

I take that back!! I tried a lot on at target and wasn’t feeling it. Online Walmart!!! That’s where I found two. Time and tru plus size swimsuits!

— Emmie🍍 (@Emmieejacq) March 23, 2019

Peak season to grab the Time and Tru swimsuits is in May. But if you wait to late your favorite style or size might be sold out. So we’d suggest grabbing one of Walmart’s best-sellling swimsuits, asap.


Shop It: Ladder Trim Top, $17; walmart.com. Ladder Trim High-Waist Bottom, $17, walmart.com.


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Walmart plus size bikini

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