We are soon entering the other half of the year and still crying over the resolutions that we made at the beginning of this year.

One of the most common resolutions made every year clearly is weight loss.

I know, just like me, there must be a lot of you who have been trying to get the New Year resolutions in line but well, we need to face the truth. We get tired and it gets difficult for us to hit the gym everyday, we get greedy looking those nutella waffles, we are not even close to reaching our goals. But today, we have a fun solution for you.

Yes, your ultimate solution for weight loss. Honestly, yoga is boring, the gym gets us tired and who waked up at 5 for a jog!

Do you know dance can help you lose a lot of weight? No? You may be great at dancing, you may not belong to that world or you may be stuck in between but once you get to know the benefits, you will stick to this form of exercise forever. Read on.

How Dancing Helps You Lose Weight?

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Dancing for an hour helps you lose around 400 calories. It is not only a fun exercise, it helps you lose a lot of weight.

Dancing is one exercise where your whole body gets into motion. You don’t need any types of equipment to do it, you don’t need to join classes, just turn on the music and start to dance.

It improves the flexibility in your body, make you active and increases your metabolism. With an increased metabolic rate, you can lose weight really quickly.

Which Dance Forms Are Best For Weight Loss?

If you really want to take it seriously, you can join dance classes. These days you get dance classes easily. Wondering which dance form to try? Read on.


© Provided by Jagran Prakashan Ltd. zumba

You must have noticed, a lot of gyms these days offer Zumba classes to all the clients. Zumba is a great dance form where you need to put in a lot of energy.

It involves a lot of movements that make your whole body move. Other than weight loss, this dance form helps you treat your breathing and heart problems also.


© Provided by Jagran Prakashan Ltd. belly dance

We know this one is really not an easy form but once you learn to do it, you are closer to that flat belly and thinner thighs. Belly dancing helps you burn your thigh and belly fat quickly.

Hip Hop

© Provided by Jagran Prakashan Ltd. hip hop

Hip hop is one of the most popular dance forms around the world. It is an easy dance form to learn. It helps you burn a lot of calories. It has a lot of exercises that help you shed fat from your whole body. The best part, you can hog all the attention at the party with some really cool hip hop moves.

If you are bored with your current workout then try dancing! It will help you lose weight, build your stamina and make you active. So, what are you waiting for, go dance and lose weight!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are the author’s own and MSN does not endorse them in any way. Neither can MSN independently verify any claims made in the article. You should consult your physician before starting any weight loss or health management programme to determine if it is right for your needs.

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Masala Bhangra Dance Cardio Workout

Regular dancing can slow down your heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and burn fat, all signs of effective and healthy weight loss. Read further to know why you should dance to lose weight.

Different Dance Forms to Lose Weight

Dance workouts are becoming increasingly popular these days. There are many forms of dance that can help in reducing weight. It is a fantastic form of exercise and is effective in burning calories. Regular exercise might become boring and monotonous and hence dancing appears as a pleasing and fun option. However, you have to choose the right type of dance depending upon your body structure, strength and stamina. Some dance forms are more strenuous than others and you have to be careful in choosing the right one to get maximum results.

1. Freestyle


This dance form enables you to move freely without bothering about the dance steps or body movements. This is the easiest of all dance forms and can be practiced by all age groups. Apart from causing weight loss, it also makes your body more flexible. This dance form can be performed on any type of loud music and you can increase your pace by dancing anyway you like. The beats should be fast to boost up your energy levels and teases you to dance non-stop. This dance should be practiced every day for 30 minutes to lose weight. You can dance alone or with a group who loves thumping, fast paced music. It will be a fantastic experience to enjoy this dance form in a group.

2. Hip Hop


Hip hop is an urban, street form of dance that is most popular in nightclubs. The quick succession of movements involved in this dance exercises the entire body. It is a high energy workout that is good for both beginners and veterans. It has been given this name because of the fact that it takes place in the hips and waist and thus helps to firm and tone your abs. Dancing while watching a video or at a club for an hour will enable you to burn around 250 calories.

3. Hip Hop Abs


This dance form strictly uses dance moves to shape and tone your abs so there is no need to lie on the floor and do crunches. This involves isolation exercises in combination with an intense cardio workout to enable you lose fat and build a strong six pack. Women have greater advantage to cut down those extra pounds in abs and look pretty. Hip hop abs should be completed in 2 to 3 days a week.

4. Cabaret/Belly Dancing


This is an exotic art form which helps tone problem areas like hips, back and abs. Also known as “raks sharki”, this form involves slow and controlled isometric movements that help to maintain flexibility and improve circulation. Shaking the belly or lower body burns calories and helps shape up your buttocks. In addition, it also burns thigh and abdominal fat. By strengthening muscles and improving posture, it prevents back pain that is often an obstacle to exercising. Because it is a low impact dance form, it is less stressful to the bones of the feet than other exercises and thus improves bone density. An hour of belly dancing can burn up to 300 calories. Though it is not an aerobic exercise it can form part of a training regimen. This can be practiced by watching videos or joining special dance classes offered by gyms and dance studios. Cabaret increases the flexibility and fitness of your body.

5. Salsa

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by iangbl

This intricate and exhilarating Latin American dance form has recently gained immense popularity in night clubs and dance studios. It has drawn inspiration from the dance styles of combia, bomba and merengue music among others. Salsa basically consists of a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music along with several turns and is danced side to side. An hour of salsa dance steps causes you to burn an impressive 420 calories. Hence, it is a good choice for a weight loss program.

6. Zumba


Zumba incorporates salsa, rumba, merengue and hip hop moves to cause movement thus giving you a cardio workout. Zumba classes are offered by many chain gyms across the country and aim to make people enjoy while working out simultaneously. No partner is needed for this type of dance. Most of the steps are easy and isolate your arms, abs and legs for strengthening. This aerobic workout is great for overall fitness. You are bound to enjoy the results as you enjoy the dance. This is one of the most demanding dance styles all over the world for its convenience in style and output. Zumba classes are also offered on DVD. For best results, zumba workout should be done at least 2 to 3 days a week.

7. Jazzercise


Founded in 1969, it is one of the oldest dance forms, which basically combines jazz dance and strength training to tone muscles and burn calories simultaneously. It builds muscles during the workout through the use of barbells and dumbbells. Apart from these, it involves some classic Pilates and yoga movements which lengthen muscles while cardio boxing moves give an aerobic workout. According to the Jazzercise website, this workout enables you to burn up to 600 calories in an hour. It should be done 2 to 3 times a week to lose weight effectively.

8. Ballet


Ballet is often viewed as a slow-moving and low impact dance form but it plays a great role in shaping your body. In fact, this dance forms demands a lot of flexibility and it actually requires strength and precision to perform most ballet positions and movements. The slow pace and posture required in ballet is very much similar to Pilates. The slow and controlled movements help to build long and lean muscles. Some ballet movements are comparable to certain gym exercises. The movements cause the stretching and lengthening of the muscles, thus providing you a full body workout. Concentration will increase the flexibility of your body parts and help burn fat deposits that make you look fat.

9. Pole Dancing

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This dance form might not appear effective to most of us. But you will be surprised to know that climbing and rotating on a pole increases your flexibility and also helps you burn down some calories. A pole dance of 30 minutes is equivalent to 20 minutes in a gym. You can try pole dancing to lose weight, tone your muscles and shape your body.

10. African Dance


It is a fun dance form that generally involves a combination of contemporary and traditional African dance forms and is extremely aerobic. It introduces some great music and culture and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced dancers.

How Dancing Results In Weight Loss

1. Lose Weight At A Dance Studio

It is a common misconception that dance classes are for kids but if you switch on your television and surf through the channels you are bound to come across dance reality shows featuring adults, some of them even mothers and fathers to teenagers. It is obvious that you are going to find dance studios in your city geared towards adults considering these fabulous dancers on television are learning their moves somewhere. Take up dance lessons and lose some weight as dance like aerobics utilizes all parts of the body to give you a complete workout. A simple jazz or hip hop routine could effectively burn around 300 calories and simultaneously workout all your muscle groups. The best thing about taking up dance classes are you don’t need to be able to dance, in fact, you are paying an expert to effectively teach you.

2. Ideal Dance Routines For Weight Loss

Unfortunately, Indian classical dance has little to offer in terms of weight loss, focused mainly on hand and leg movements and facial expressions, you are bound to be disappointed if you are looking for weight loss. Effective dance routines for weight loss are mainly ballroom dance like Tango, Jazz, Cha-cha and Pasa Doble or street dance forms like salsa and hip hop. These high energy dance routines can be compared to an intense workout at the gym and often yield the same results. Ballroom dance being a weight-bearing activity effectively burns calories, improves bone density and works all muscles in the body.

3. Dance For Weight Loss At Home

For many of us the idea of dancing in a group would be embarrassing simply because we haven’t done it before. So if you are pathologically shy and blush red at the idea of dancing in groups, there’s no need to give up on dance to lose weight. Simply lock yourself into your room, put on your favorite dance tracks and move to the beats.

Dance Vs Other Weight Loss Methods

Common weight loss solutions are working out at the gym, weight loss diets, weight loss supplements and pills. Dance effectively beats all these other weight loss methods. For those of us who are easily bored or not athletically inclined, working out at the gym can be a time consuming and hard task. In comparison to working out at the gym, dance can be fun even as you listen to upbeat music and move your body.

Weight loss diets, in most cases, unfortunately mean starving your body and can result in weakness, headaches and the constant feeling of hunger where as with dance you simply burn off the calories you consume. Weight loss supplements and pills come with their share of adverse side effects whereas with dance the only side effects are the positivity it infuses into your daily life.

One important thing that you have to keep in mind is the clothes you wear while dancing. Opt for loose shirts and trousers which make you feel comfortable. Consulting your family doctor before starting any work out will be of a great help for your health. So those willing to sweat it out better wear your dancing shoes!

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Dance Forms That Will Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds

An hour of dancing is said to burn a minimum of 400 calories, in addition to a host of other benefits such as improved cholesterol levels, slower heart rate and lower blood pressure among many others.

Dance workout is the new fad gaining immense popularity with people belonging to all age groups. There are many forms of dance that can help in reducing weight, all you have to do is choose the right type of dance depending upon your body structure, strength and stamina. Some dance forms are more strenuous than others so you ought to be smart in choosing the one that gets you going and yields best results.

Here are some dance forms that could trigger weight loss, make you more flexible, and give you that perfectly toned and sculpted body.


Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music thereby giving you a perfect cardio workout. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Squats and lunges are also a part of the dance workout that help tone your lower body.Zumba classes are now offered by fitness studios and gyms across the country with an aim to make people enjoy while working out. This aerobic workout is great for overall fitness. Due to its convenience in style and output, this is one of the most demanding dance styles all over the world. For best results, zumba workout should be done at least 2 to 3 days a week.

Image: Getty Images

Belly dance

Belly dance is an expressive dance which emphasizes complex movements of the torso. Originally a Middle Eastern folk dance, it has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region. It helps tone problem areas like hips, back and abs involves slow and involves controlled isometric movements that help to maintain flexibility and improve circulation It helps burn thigh and abdominal fat , strengthens muscles and improves posture, thereby preventing back pain. This low impact dance form, is less stressful to the bones of the feet than other exercises and thus improves bone density. It can form a part of a training regimen and can be practiced very conveniently by watching videos or joining special dance classes offered by dance studios.

Image: Getty Images

Hip hop

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping. The quick succession of movements involved in this dance exercises the entire body. It is a high energy workout and has been given this name because of the fact that it takes place in the hips and waist and thus helps to firm and tone your abs. Dancing while watching a video or at a club for an hour will enable you to burn around somewhere around 300 calories.


The exhilarating Latin American dance form is sensual and sexy and perfect if you wish to workout with your partner. Salsa follows a pattern of six steps which goes along with a count of eight. It involves heavy swaying, bends and swirls, and requires you to be well co-ordinated with your partner. If practiced properly and regularly, a class of an hour will burn 400-500 calories.

Image: Getty Images

Indian classical dance forms

Be it Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi or Odissi, depending upon the form one can burn a large amount of calories and increase mental stimulation.

all dance forms help in raising cardiovascular endurance which further improve longevity of heart and lungs but classical dance is better at toning lower limbs and thighs and calf muscles.

About 10 minutes of Odissi, one of the eight classical dance forms of India, is equivalent to an hour of any other workout. Odissi involves movements of all legs, upper torso, wrist, neck and feet. Originated from Uttar Pradesh, Kathak demands a lot of breathing exercises and neck movements which are effective in improving vitality and preventing headaches. Just like all other classical dances, Kathak’s movements also help in toning up the body and improve blood circulation.

Image: Getty Images

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This 10-Minute Dance Workout Is Our New Favorite Kind of Cardio

Is there a better way to move your body than by getting lost in the rhythm of music? That’s what FORWARD__Space, a dance fitness studio in New York City, is here to help you do. Their motto: beats high, lights low. Breaking a sweat to the beat is just what you need to change up your usual workout routine. Plus, dancing works your body in ways other workouts just can’t.

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When you’re rocking your body across the dance floor, you’ll shake out stiffness and improve your flexibility. This will help relieve any joint pain and even reduce post-exercise soreness. Dance is also a killer form of cardio, which torches calories, strengthens your heart, and increases your lung capacity.

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If you still need one more reason to give it a go, try looking at dance as a natural mood enhancer, thanks in part to the upbeat music and the contagious energy of other dancers around you. So put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to rock.

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