2. Keep moving. Exercise is even more important for maintaining weight loss than for taking off the pounds in the first place, according to the successful losers on the National Weight Control Registry. And experts agree that exercise is essential in helping you cope with stress. Further, getting regular activity can actually give you more energy to tackle that long holiday “to-do” list. If you just can’t get to the gym, keep in mind that something is better than nothing. Do whatever you can to squeeze in 10-minute intervals of activity throughout the day.

3. Weigh in regularly. Checking in with the scale at least once a week is the true test for maintenance. Remember to do it first thing in the morning, in your nightclothes, and after emptying your bladder. When the scale notches upward, that’s your signal to cut back on portions or rev up physical activity.

4. Eat plenty of lean protein. Boosting your protein intake with lean meats, skinless poultry, low-fat dairy, seafood, and beans will keep you feeling satisfied longer. When you visit the buffet table, opt for these lean protein choices and complement them with high-fiber grains, fruits, and vegetables, which also help fill you up for relatively few calories.

5. Have a healthy breakfast. Study after study confirms that people who eat breakfast end up eating fewer calories throughout the day. Successful losers never skip breakfast because it powers up the brain, gets the metabolism perking, and helps you perform any task better.

6. Put it on a plate. It’s hard to keep track of how much food you’re eating when you nibble without using a plate. Serving meals and snacks on a plate will help you avoid the mindless hand-to-mouth munching that can add lots of extra calories.

7. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. This is my golden rule. Why waste calories on foods that don’t knock your socks off? One bite is usually enough to tell whether you love it. If not, don’t worry about waste — just leave it on your plate. Use those extra calories for something you love.

Tis the season!

November is upon us and December is right around the corner – this means quality time with friends and loved ones, cold nights wrapped up on the couch watching classic movies, awesome work and holiday parties, and an extra ten pounds of unwanted weight as a result of:

  • minimal exercise – it’s too cold!
  • maximum consumption of unhealthy delicious food and alcoholic beverages – why not!
  • hibernation due to the colder weather and shorter days – I can start January 1st!

Well, I say NOT THIS YEAR!

I’m not going to tell you to forgo drinking, skip anything the slightest bit unhealthy, or miss out on your parties; I still want you to have fun and do the things that make you happy with the people you love. I want you to do all of that, but without losing any momentum, flat out dominating these next two months.

Lets do the damn thing!


The problem with holidays

I asked Nerd Fitness readers recently what their biggest struggle was with getting healthy.

OVERWHELMINGLY, I received two types of responses above all others:

  • “I know what I need to do, I just can’t get myself to do it. I lack the motivation!”
  • “Once I get started, I fall apart after a week or two. I lack the dedication.”

Building new healthy habits is hard enough when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful. During this time of year however, you have to factor in crappy weather, shorter days, and a busy holiday schedule. It’s very easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed, saying things like:

  • “Meh, I’ll wait til January 1st.”
  • “Why bother starting now? Thanksgiving is next week!”
  • “Who cares! It’s a party!”

These types of thoughts are bad news bears. They allow you to rationalize bad behavior, “you know, because of the holidays.” Soon the problem with making bad decisions gets compounded like interest (banking joke ftw!): you get down on yourself, freak out about all of the weight you’ve gained, yell at yourself for being lazy, and then eat comfort food to make yourself temporarily feel better about the situation.

Last week, I had Rebels answer a quick survey. Almost 60% of people admitted to gaining weight during last year’s holiday season:

This is what your fellow rebels are struggling with during the holiday season:

  • “Office ‘goody days’ are killers. Food is brought to the office and placed on tables right outside my cubicle. It is November 2nd and I’ve had to walk past piles of candy since Halloween. As soon as that’s gone it will be time for Thanksgiving feasting and then Christmas gorging.”
  • “One of the biggest issues I have during this time is when family comes to visit, there’s always tons of snacks just laying around the house. When things get boring, which they always do, there is a greater temptation to snack unhealthily.”
  • “Being home for the holidays and all of the associated outings and activities means a combination of two things: more eating out (very easy to eat too much with dessert every night, and less healthy options) and less consistent working out.”
  • “When staying with friends & family, it’s so hard to step away even for 20 minutes — since i only see those people a couple of times a year, there’s a lot of *guilt* associated with doing this selfish exercise thing.”
  • “Um…chocolate. And cookies. And candy. And pie. And ice cream. Anything and everything that has to do with sugar.”
  • “Familial pressure. I have a hell of a time saying no when everyone is all, ‘But! I made this just for you!’ Also, socializing in the extended family ALWAYS revolves around food.”

How to not suck at the Holidays

Here are some surefire ways to make sure you don’t suck at life during the next six weeks:

Half workout is a million times better than no workout – No more of this “meh, I only have 30 minutes, why bother?” Do you realize what you can accomplish in 30 minutes? A quick Angry Birds Workout or Beginner Bodyweight Circuit or two can be completed in less than twenty minutes. Guess how long the 20-Minute Hotel Workout takes? Go on, guess. Even if its push-ups every other morning after your morning mile walk, it’s certainly better than nothing. WAY better.

And come on, it only took me four minutes to run around the world.

EVERY MEAL COUNTS! Just because you ate a crappy breakfast this morning does NOT mean the day is ruined. Just because you’re going to eat birthday cake this afternoon does NOT mean you get to say “**** it” and eat whatever the rest of the day.

  • If you’re going to eat ONE bad meal, that still gives you the opportunity to eat two really good meals.
  • If you are going to eat poorly, don’t also add in tons of liquid calories.
  • If you are going to eat a bad lunch and dinner, consider intermittent fasting the next day.

As soon as you eat ONE bad meal, the next meal becomes the most important meal of the week. One bad meal does not make you gain weight. It’s when that one bad meal is followed up by a week of bad meals that things get ugly realllly quickly. Eat a bad meal and move on!

Have a support team to keep you accountable – If you happen to be the only person in your family interested in being healthy, or the only one at a party that’s taking your own wellbeing into consideration, this is going to be a tough six weeks. So don’t do it alone! Have somebody that you can text or call each day, form an A-team, Justice League, Jedi council, or join the Nerd Fitness Community and check in daily with your supporters. You’d be amazed what a simple text message each morning can do for you. Yeah, you might get a few weird looks – embrace them.

Choose awesome – “Oh it’s the inevitable holiday weight gain” is the rationalizing attitude most people take as they funnel eggnog down their throats and eat enough mashed potatoes to make Mr. Potato Head put on his angry eyes. Even worse, the, “It’s hopeless to try, I’m just going to deal with it in a few months,” is even worse! Start by adjusting your expectations for the next six weeks.

There’s no reason you can’t kick ass instead, right? Yes, you can remain healthy AND have fun. You don’t have to ride the Holiday weight gain train. That train blows.

Choose to be awesome instead.

A Healthy Thanksgiving?

Can you eat a healthy Thanksgiving dinner that still tastes good? Absolutely!

Me personally? I’ll be eating a mostly healthy Thanksgiving Dinner but won’t turn down every unhealthy option (following my rules above). I certainly don’t blame you if you decide to take this day off too. If you’re somebody that is interested in keeping Thanksgiving healthy without sacrificing deliciousness, here are some tips:

Are you a Paleo fan? Swap out regular potatoes for sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes are a far healthier option for you than regular potatoes. If you’re craving mashed taters, make em sweet! I’m a huge fan of sweet potato slices, drizzled in olive oil and baked in the oven for 12 minutes on each side at 375 degrees.

Eat turkey like its your job – Meat is your friend on Thanksgiving, so eat it like there’s no tomorrow. The more protein and healthy fats you have, the less room you’ll have for unhealthy sides like biscuits, stuffing, and so on.

Veggies should dominate that plate – Asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and whatever other veggies are on that table – go beastmode on those things! And no, corn is not a vegetable – it’s a grain; your body doesn’t process it very well (though you’ve probably noticed that).

Put some bacon on it – Nitrate-free, hormone-free, uncured bacon goes great on practically everything. Wrap your sweet potatoes in it. Cover the top of the turkey with it. Serve it as a side. You can’t go wrong with bacon. And you’ll never hear anybody say “I wish we had less delicious bacon to consume.”

Hydrate, fool! No matter what you’re drinking at dinner, have a big glass of water as well. Before you can get yourself another beer/glass of wine/motor oil, you have to finish your water. Deal? Deal.

Save the unhealthy stuff you want to try til the end – Unfortunately, things like rolls and stuffing are calorie dense but volume light, meaning you could eat ten rolls and not feel any less hungry. If you have a problem with overeating bad foods and stopping yourself after just one, save it til the end. Stuff your face with the healthy stuff. Seriously, I want you to literally stuff your face with the good stuff until there’s no room left in you. Then towards the end of the meal, after you’ve finished your plate of healthy stuff, try some of the unhealthy stuff.

GET BACK ON TRACK THE NEXT DAY- Your body has no clue it’s Thanksgiving break, it’s just another day. So the day after Thanksgiving, treat it like the rest of your healthy days. Get up and go for your walk, make yourself a good breakfast, complete your workout and go about kicking ass at life. Deal? deal.

What about holiday parties?

Hopefully at this point in your life, you’re in agreement that you don’t want to turn into Billy Bob in Bad Santa (language NSFW).

However, we all know holiday parties can get the best of us if we’re not careful…

Learn to love the 80/20 rule. If you are going to attend your office and family parties and plan on eating and drinking whatever the hell you want, that means you need to be incredibly diligent in your normal days. No more, “okay just one” which leads to four or five. Instead, aim for great week days – eat great breakfasts before work, bring your lunch in, and cook a great dinner. Then, on weekends or holiday parties, eat what’s available.

Eliminate the term “cheat day” or “cheat meal” from your vocabulary. “Cheat” implies that you’re doing something wrong or immoral and should thus feel ashamed afterward, which I don’t think is true. Last weekend, I ate pizza, drank beer, and ate a dozen hot wings on a Sunday while watching football, and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt or shame about it – it wasn’t a “cheat day,” it’s just simply part my eating plan. Eating great 80% of the time and eating what I’m in the mood for during the other 20% allows me to feel good, look good, and have fun.

Now, after that “whatever” meal is done, I immediately go back to my normal healthy eating schedule – not because I was cheating or because I felt guilty, but because that’s just how I operate. No momentum loss, because it’s business as usual!

Be smart. Now, if you’re also interested in keeping things under control while at holiday parties, I’d start by reading “How to Eat Healthy At A Barbecue” and “A Healthy Nerd’s Guide to Drinking,” as a LOT of those principles will apply here. However, here’s a brief rundown on how to get through the parties as well:

  • Bring something healthy – If you know you’re headed to a party with a bunch of unhealthy foods, BRING something healthy. And healthy doesn’t = sucky. You know people would be ALL over these bacon-wrapped sweet potato bites or bacon-wrapped jalapeno chicken bites. Too much work? Steak tips!
  • Be okay with being the “weird healthy” one. It’s okay to say no to cake, you know. Nobody is force-choking you to eat it (see what I did there?). Use the age old “sorry, I’m allergic” if you don’t want to hurt somebody’s feeling, or “I just ate, I’ll have some later!” If you’re trying to be strict with your decision making, you can be crafty in how you avoid eating really unhealthy foods.
  • Choose your alcoholic beverages carefully – It can be the difference between a handful of calories and a few hundred calories, which adds up significantly when multiplied by half a dozen cocktails (or a dozen? eep.) throughout the evening. Alternate a glass of water and a drink. Sure, the drinking is unhealthy, but more often than not it’s the 1,000+ calories you eat while drunk that lead to the weight gain.
  • Be awesome the next day – don’t let one night ruin your six weeks. After all, eating at the party was all part of the plan, right? Check in with your support team. Eat great. Be awesome.

Go forth and dominate!


photo source: Santa and Darth, Drunk Santa, Turkey Cupcake, hannukah menorah, lego pilgrims, mario mushroom

Can we be honest for a sec? When we come face to face with a tray of snowman-shaped sugar cookies and bottles of Manischewitz, it spells trouble for our weight-loss goals.

But with the right outlook, a little willpower, and a few tricks for staying on track, it’s completely feasible to stick to a healthy way of eating during the holiday season. In fact, it’s even possible to lose weight between November to January. This is not a drill.

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These women actually managed to shed pounds during the most wonderful time of the year—here’s how they did it.

“I choose quality foods over a quantity of foods at parties.”

Natalie Moore

“This is my first holiday season while on Weight Watchers Smart Points, and it has helped me enjoy parties while still staying on track. Before starting this plan, I used the excuse ‘January is close enough, I’ll change my eating habits then.’ And to be honest, I would eat whatever I wanted, feel sick, and not feel the best about myself. Now, I plan ahead for parties and still enjoy my favorite holiday foods, which has increased my self-confidence this season, too. Also, I find that I’m choosing quality over quantity in regards to what I eat at parties. I’ve intensified my workouts, making them more consistent and tougher from November and December.” —Natalie Moore, lost 2.4 pounds during the holidays, 51.8 pounds total in less than a year

“I only indulge on Holidays.”

Natalie Maniscalco

“I’ve actually lost weight and inches since Thanksgiving. My program: I eat whatever I want on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. That means that in the one month of holidays, I’m only indulging for three days, which won’t make a difference in my results. I’ve continued to dedicate myself to training hard in small group classes or high-intensity interval classes with my trainer at Rivertowns personal training and BattleFit boxing classes in Nyack, New York. When it’s not a special day, I follow a high-protein diet mixed with carb cycling grains, potatoes, and rice. It also helps that every day my trainer texts me motivating messages to get my butt to the gym!” —Natalie Maniscalco, lost five pounds since Thanksgiving, 20 pounds in a year

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“I eat healthy snacks before parties.”

Kelly Boyer Sagert

“From 2013 to 2015, I gained a significant amount of weight after a series of colon surgeries. One night, I just decided that enough was enough. I knew that there was always going to be an excuse not to get healthy, like the holidays, so why not just go for it. Before holiday parties, I made sure that I ate small portions of healthy food, so I wouldn’t feel the urge to chow down at events. I might also take along low-fat string cheese, protein bars, and grapes just in case I want to chew on something and there are no healthy options.” —Kelly Boyer Sagert, lost 65 pounds total since September 2016

“I keep my portions in check during holiday meals.”

Cathy Walker

“For me, the holidays used to be a free-for-all. I didn’t think I had any power to control what I ate. I didn’t have the knowledge or tools to prepare myself for all the food and events that come with this time of year. But now I bring my travel kitchen scale, my travel measuring cups and spoons, and my Weight Watchers calculator when I’m not at home. I used it for Thanksgiving and will use it for Christmas and New Year’s. I also make sure to get in more exercise and drink extra water. I bring my water bottle and keep it filled while I’m shopping or at family events. I also scout out a Weight Watchers location so I can weigh in while out of town. When I know I’ll be weighing in, I stay accountable and focused.” —Cathy Walker, lost 2.4 pounds during the holidays, 61.4 pounds in total

Check out some of the craziest things people have actually done to lose weight back in the day.

“I started replacing food-centric holiday traditions with new ones.”

Kristy Finch

“During the holidays, as well as the rest of the year, I make it a point to get plenty of sleep. It’s much easier to make healthier choices when you’re rested. Then, I plan ahead by bringing a fabulous salad to the office potluck. That way I know there will be food I can enjoy. I also found things to replace food as a reward, like treating myself to a massage or a long walk—rather than a box of holiday candy. Instead of baking cookies with friends, I get a group together and walk through our neighborhood and enjoy all the Christmas lights. Creating more active traditions has made my holidays much happier and healthier.” —Leona Powell lost 16.5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day for a total of 168 pounds in 18 months

(Stick with your weight loss goals with Women’s Health’s Look Better Naked DVD.)

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“I track my eating habits and workouts.”

Kristy Finch

“I invested a lot of energy into changing my life, weight, and health for the better. But during the holidays it’s tempting to let my guard down and revert to old habits. So I kept track of what I ate, how much I ate, and how much activity I was getting every day. That was really valuable in helping me maintain my focus during the holidays. We all have trigger foods, and I’m surrounded by them in my office this time of year. While some people can eat just one piece of candy or one Christmas cookie, it’s easier for me to avoid the temptation completely. I never feel deprived because I know the healthier choices I’m making are creating results.” —Tania Sinette, lost 15.1 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day for a total of 138 pounds in 20 months

It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season. This combination of religious and national celebrations can help keep the cold winter away. But the feasts and parties that mark it can tax the arteries and strain the waistline. By eating just 200 extra calories a day — a piece of pecan pie and a tumbler of eggnog here, a couple latkes and some butter cookies there — you could pack on two to three pounds over this five- to six-week period. That doesn’t sound like much, except few people shed that extra weight in the following months and years.

You don’t need to deprive yourself, eat only boring foods, or take your treats with a side order of guilt. Instead, by practicing a bit of defensive eating and cooking, you can come through the holidays without making “go on a diet” one of your New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Budget wisely. Don’t eat everything at feasts and parties. Be choosy and spend calories judiciously on the foods you love.
  2. Take 10 before taking seconds. It takes a few minutes for your stomach’s “I’m getting full” signal to get to your brain. After finishing your first helping, take a 10-minute break. Make conversation. Drink some water. Then recheck your appetite. You might realize you are full or want only a small portion of seconds.
  3. Distance helps the heart stay healthy. At a party, don’t stand next to the food table. That makes it harder to mindlessly reach for food as you talk. If you know you are prone to recreational eating, pop a mint or a stick of gum so you won’t keep reaching for the chips.
  4. Don’t go out with an empty tank. Before setting out for a party, eat something so you don’t arrive famished. Excellent pre-party snacks combine complex carbohydrates with protein and unsaturated fat, like apple slices with peanut butter or a slice of turkey and cheese on whole-wheat pita bread.
  5. Drink to your health. A glass of eggnog can set you back 500 calories; wine, beer, and mixed drinks range from 150 to 225 calories. If you drink alcohol, have a glass of water or juice-flavored seltzer in between drinks.
  6. Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach. Alcohol increases your appetite and diminishes your ability to control what you eat.
  7. Put on your dancing (or walking) shoes. Dancing is a great way to work off some holiday calories. If you are at a family gathering, suggest a walk before the feast or even between dinner and dessert.
  8. Make room for veggies. At meals and parties, don’t ignore fruits and vegetables. They make great snacks and even better side or main dishes — unless they’re slathered with creamy sauces or butter.
  9. Be buffet savvy. At a buffet, wander ’round the food table before putting anything on your plate. By checking out all of your options, you might be less inclined to pile on items one after another.
  10. Don’t shop hungry. Eat before you go shopping so the scent of Cinnabons or caramel corn doesn’t tempt you to gobble treats you don’t need.
  11. Cook from (and for) the heart. To show family and friends that you reallycare about them, be creative with recipes that use less butter, cream, lard, vegetable shortening, and other ingredients rich in saturated fats. Prepare turkey or fish instead of red meat.
  12. Pay attention to what really matters. Although food is an integral part of the holidays, put the focus on family and friends, laughter and cheer. If balance and moderation are your usual guides, it’s okay to indulge or overeat once in a while.

(I originally wrote this for the Harvard Heart Letter.)

5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Savor a serving of the foods you really love.

Here’s your recipe for staying on track no matter what’s cooking.

‘Tis the season for family, festivity, and food—lots of food. Temptations are everywhere, and parties and travel disrupt daily routines. What’s more, it all goes on for weeks.

How do you stick to your diabetes meal plan when everyone around you seems to be splurging? Here are 5 tips that can help:

1. Holiday-Proof Your Plan

You may not be able to control what food you’re served, and you’re going to see other people eating tempting treats. Meet the challenges armed with a plan:

  • Eat close to your usual times to keep your blood sugar steady. If your meal is served later than normal, eat a small snack at your usual mealtime and eat a little less when dinner is served.
  • Invited to a party? Offer to bring a healthy dish along.
  • If you have a sweet treat, cut back on other carbs (like potatoes and bread) during the meal.
  • Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast. It will be harder to manage your blood sugar, and you’ll be really hungry and more likely to overeat.
  • If you slip up, get right back to healthy eating with your next meal.

Holiday Hacks

  • Have pumpkin pie instead of pecan pie. Even with a dollop of whipped cream, you’ll cut calories and sugar by at least a third.
  • Break physical activity up into smaller chunks so it’s easier to schedule, like walking 10 minutes several times a day.
  • Schedule some “me” time every day—a nap, dog walk, or hot bath to get your energy back for the next celebration.

2. Outsmart the Buffet

When you face a spread of delicious holiday food, make healthy choices easier:

  • Have a small plate of the foods you like best and then move away from the buffet table.
  • Start with vegetables to take the edge off your appetite.
  • Eat slowly. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full.
  • Avoid or limit alcohol. If you do have an alcoholic drink, have it with food. Alcohol can lower blood sugar and interact with diabetes medicines.

Also plan to stay on top of your blood sugar. Check it more often during the holidays, and if you take medicine, ask your doctor if the amount needs to be adjusted.

3. Fit in Favorites

No food is on the naughty list. Choose the dishes you really love and can’t get any other time of year, like Aunt Edna’s pumpkin pie. Slow down and savor a small serving, and make sure to count it in your meal plan.

If you plan for it, no food needs to be on the naughty list.

4. Keep Moving

You’ve got a lot on your plate this time of year, and physical activity can get crowded out. But being active is your secret holiday weapon; it can help make up for eating more than usual and reduce stress during this most stressful time of year. Get moving with friends and family, such as taking a walk after a holiday meal.

5. Get Your Zzz’s

Going out more and staying out later often means cutting back on sleep. Sleep loss can make it harder to manage your blood sugar, and when you’re sleep deprived you’ll tend to eat more and prefer high-fat, high-sugar food. Aim for 7 to 8 hours per night to guard against mindless eating.

Most of all, remember what the season is about—celebrating and connecting with the people you care about. When you focus more on the fun, it’s easier to focus less on the food.

Intuitive Eating During the Holidays

Eating during the holidays can be a source of stress, anxiety, and tension for many. Practicing intuitive eating during the holidays can help ease the tension and help you find more peace and joy with food. Here are six tips for intuitive eating during the holiday season, so you feel more relaxed and at peace.

The holidays are coming, which inevitably bring stressful family interactions, crazy food, diet and weight talk, and anxiety about all the extra food and alcohol that’s available (and what it will do to your body).

Holidays used to cause me so much stress and anxiety. With so much delicious food around 24/7 – homemade cookies in the break room, a bunch of big family dinners, and a different holiday party almost every night – I constantly worried about what and how much I was eating. Food was more than just food – eating a cookie became “this isn’t healthy, you shouldn’t eat it”. I’d constantly try to compensate for my eating by exercising or eating less the next day. I’d plan to “start over” on January 1st…which inevitably led to me overeating almost all December long. The food wouldn’t be around come January, so I might as well just screw up and eat as much as possible now – right?

What I didn’t realize at the time was that by trying to avoid or portion control my holiday foods, all the while thinking I’d just start over next month – this is what was leading me to feel crazy around food. My body sensed that restriction was on the horizon, so every eating occasion became a free for all.

Because the problem isn’t the holiday food itself. The problem is our attitude about food and eating the rest of the year. Have you ever tracked your food intake, or counted points, calories, or carbs? Or maybe you try to be “good” with your portion sizes or the foods that you eat or don’t eat. What happens is, when you try so hard to be “good” with your food choices, your body feels restricted and deprived, and it literally thinks you are starving. So it’s no wonder that by the time the holidays roll around, you end up feeling out of control around food and unable to eat without feeling completely over-full and stuffed.

The good news: it IS possible to have a holiday season where:

  • You can enjoy all of the food you truly want
  • You eat according to how your body feels
  • You feel prepared to deal with uncomfortable comments about weight, food, and diets
  • You don’t dread getting “back on the wagon” again come January 1st

Here are some of my tips to help you work on and implement intuitive eating during the holiday season – so you don’t feel crazy around food all month long.

1. Vow not to go on a diet in January.

The mindset of “I’ll just start over on Monday” or “The holidays are a wash, I’ll just go on a diet/cleanse/etc in January” — this is a large part of the reason why you end up feeling out of control throughout the holidays.

Because if that’s in the back of your head – even if it’s more of subconscious thought – your body knows that restriction and deprivation are around the corner. Even though you may technically be surrounded by food, this upcoming restriction triggers a mental deprivation and your body reacts like it’s in starvation mode. This then influences how you behave around food.

Relying on a diet come January – either consciously or subconsciously – is why you end up feeling like you can’t pass up the buffet or the appetizers at that holiday party. Why you can’t pass by those cookies at work without grabbing a few. And why you end up feeling stuffed and out of control all month long.

Read more about why diets don’t work and start to shift your mindset around this idea of dieting.

2. Give Yourself Permission To Eat

Avoiding your favorite holiday foods causes cravings to increase, not decrease, which is always going to be a set up to feel out of control around these foods. Remember that no single meal or snack (or drink or dessert) will make you “unhealthy”. Sticking to the foods that we deem “healthy,” instead of giving ourselves permission to eat what we enjoy and eat to satisfaction, will leave a lot to be desired. Try to notice what you consider “unhealthy” and why, and try removing that filter from your food decisions. Instead think about “what sounds good to me right now?”

There’s room for all the foods. When you eat, do so mindfully and with intention – allow yourself to experience the food wholly and completely (remember: with no judgment!). This is hard, and you’re not going to perfect it overnight. It isn’t a holiday-only rule – this unconditional permission to eat all the foods should be practiced on a daily basis until you break the cycle of deprivation/guilt-ridden overeating.

3. Tune Into Your Body Cues

Holidays can be stressful, with a lot going on. This can make it tougher to be aware of our body cues. Try to bring some extra awareness to your interoceptive cues – that is, your feelings of hunger, of fullness, of satisfaction, and overall how your body is feeling.

Before eating, take a few minutes to assess your hunger level – how hungry do you feel? What are you in the mood for? What sounds good? Give yourself permission (as in #2 tip above) to eat whatever it is that sounds good, and pay attention to how your body feels as you’re eating it. Check-in with your body partway through the meal and then again at the end: where do you fall on the hunger-fullness scale? How does that food taste? Is it as good or as satisfying as you expected?

This mindful eating guide can help you practice this:

Learn how to start eating more mindfully.


A note on hunger-fullness cues: while tuning into your body cues is important, you want to watch out that you don’t turn this into the “hunger-fullness diet”. It’s normal to eat past the point of fullness during the holidays or to try a special cookie or dessert even if you aren’t hungry. This is ok! But it’s also ok to turn down food and say “no thanks” if you really don’t feel like eating it. As Evelyn Tribole talks about in her Holiday Bill of Rights, you don’t have to overeat in order to please family members and you also don’t need to give a reason for why you’re saying no. Listen to your body and trust yourself. Plus, you can always take a plate of leftovers home for later 🙂

4. Eat Consistent Meals and Snacks

Oftentimes people try to ‘save up’ for the big holiday meal. In reality, this usually backfires: by the time you allow yourself to eat, your body is so over-hungry and feeling deprived, which makes it really hard to enjoy the food or to stop when you feel comfortably full. Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar, increased cravings, and increased binging.

Instead of saving up, continue to eat consistent meals throughout the day. Pay attention to your hunger cues, and work to honor each and every instance of hunger that occurs throughout the day.

This goes for non-holiday meal days too. If you aren’t consistently eating when you feel hunger, then your body starts to lose trust in you feeding it – which means, when you do start to eat, you may find it harder to stop eating when you’re full. Your body isn’t sure when you’ll eat next, so it can push you to eat more and ‘save up’.

Eating consistent meals with plenty of variety and excitement will help satisfy your hunger and keep you from feeling deprived.

5. Watch Out For The “Last Supper Mentality”

The last supper mentality is the idea that if you’ve eaten a “bad” food or had a “bad” day, then the day is shot and you might as well just keep ignoring your body cues – because you’ll start over tomorrow. This is common throughout the year, but tends to happen even more often during the holidays. Similar to vowing now to go on a diet come January (see tip #1), work on ridding yourself of the all or nothing thinking that causes you to label certain meals or foods as “good” and others as “bad”. This means that no matter what you eat, you can tune back into your body for the next meal.

6. Set Boundaries

Being around friends and family during the holiday may mean opening yourself up to food, diet and weight or body talk. Figuring out how to deal with comments – whether directed towards what you’re eating, pushing food at you, or just general weight/diet talk – can help you get through the day without as much anxiety or stress. By setting boundaries with friends and loved ones at the beginning of the holiday season, you may find you will enjoy the holidays more.

I know it can be uncomfortable to voice disagreement with someone, but remember that it doesn’t have to be a whole big thing. You can simply change the subject to something more pleasant, in a friendly way—like “I think you’re beautiful exactly as you are, and there’s so much else I want to catch up on. Tell me about .”

Or if you’re up for something a little more direct and self-revealing (and you feel safe with the person in question), you can say “I actually have a hard time hearing about people’s diets / nutrition programs / wellness protocols, because those things have really messed up my own relationship with food, and I’m trying to heal.”

You can also simply excuse yourself from the conversation and go into another room to breathe, vent to a friend over text, or listen to a few minutes of a podcast. Take a break if you find yourself getting overwhelmed with family socializing, all the food sitting around, your aunt talking about how she shouldn’t eat another piece of pie…whatever it is…know that you can step away from the situation for a pause at any time. Some ideas:

  • Take a bathroom break and remind yourself of your values or a positive mantra
  • Step outside and get some fresh air
  • Leave the conversation entirely and go hang out with a “safe” person
  • Take a break and listen to a supportive podcast episode

Remember, you have the right to have boundaries and to protect yourself. For more ideas for dealing with diet talk, check out this blog post.

Are you looking for more support with intuitive eating and body image healing?

We work with clients virtually throughout the US, helping people who are frustrated with dieting change their relationship with food and their bodies Learn more about our intuitive eating coaching programs to see how you can find balance and develop long-term lifestyle habits, no guilt or obsession required.

Looking to learn more about intuitive eating on your own? Our Intuitive Eating Crash Course is a self-paced online course that walks you through the foundational principles of intuitive eating.

10 Reasons You’re Likely To Lose Weight On Vacation

Walking the streets of New York – 22,000 steps.

3 days at Disney World – 72,000 steps.

Hike to see sunrise – 30,000 steps.

Dengue fever – no food for 3 days.

If you gain weight on vacation, then you need to go read my 20 Reasons Why You Gain Weight On Vacation. But if you’re lucky enough to be one of those people shedding weight while on vacation, I’m jealous! Here’s a list of reason’s why people are losing the pounds when on vacation.

You have kids

There’s nothing like little ones to keep you active. Whether it’s playing in the pool with them, chasing them down as they race towards the beach or just trying to keep up with them at a water park. Little ones avoid rest and will keep you on the go.

You feel fat

If you head to Asia chances are the clothes won’t fit and the staff in the mall will shake their heads at your size.

I’m not saying you are fat, I’m saying there are some parts of the world where you’re sure going to feel it. And let’s face it our Western Countries certainly have their share of obesity.

And let’s face it when the beautiful Balinese lady offers me a second helping of Pisang Goreng (fried banana) I may find myself saying no while eyeing off her impossibly slim waist.

You are always on the go

Perhaps it’s not the kids that keep you moving. Perhaps you have a travel partner who’s vacation idea is constant sightseeing and hiking. Or perhaps that’s your idea of holidays. When you are travelling the majority of your time is spent seeing the sights, or doing the sights and then getting up to do it all over again.

Sunrises, sunsets, views for miles usually all require a certain amount of exercise. Want to see a waterfall? That’s a good hike. Want to ride a slide? Then start climbing those steps. What to be on the river, hop in your kayak.

I mean you can cheat in Paris and take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but don’t let the lack of elevator stop you from seeing Batu Caves in Malaysia. And certainly, don’t let your lack of fitness stop you from doing yoga in Bali.

You’re going to have to put on your swimmers

In Malaysia, I felt risqué in my bikini, so I went and bought a tankini and swim skirt. After that trip, I headed to the beaches of Mexico and I felt like a nun. Everybody was in a bikini. But after having my body covered in so much material I was loathed to start stripping.

Back home you may find yourself drinking the best tasting protein powder for weight loss just to fit into a bikini for your beach vacation… and maybe you’ll keep drinking them during your vacation too.

No need for a sauna, you’re going to sweat

Australian summer, Asia at any time. There are plenty of places around the world that will help you lose weight by their sheer force of weather. The humidity of Bali will have you sweating day and night and shedding those kilos instantly. But you won’t need to fear the disheveled sweaty look because everyone else will be sharing those wet armpit t-shirts. Plus, who wants to eat full hot meals in that heat, you’ll be reaching for salads.

You may get sick

My dengue fever in Bali had me lose my appetite for 5 days. But if it’s not some mosquito born disease it might be something else. Chances are if you travel a lot at some point in those vacations you may get food poisoning. And as your stomach attempts to deal with all those foreign invaders the vomiting and diarrhea will be an instant weight loss program. Don’t get stuck with a hospital bill, make sure you review International Health Insurance.

The good news is once your stomach has passed through several street food vendors you can form an iron gut and pretty much eat anything from anywhere. Kind of.

Dengue fever in full effect

You’ll be eating fresh food

In Greece, the vegetables and fruit came from the chef’s backyard. In Bali, the chicken you’re eating most likely was never frozen, but wandering down the street.

Not only is a lot of the food in other countries absent of chemicals and hormones, but a lot of it is farm to table.

And not to point fingers but the corn syrup found in the majority of foods and drink within the US has not been found anywhere else in the world. So even if you are eating bread or drinking soda, chances are it is void of sugar or at least using real sugar.

You will eat less

The portion sizes in the US are insane! I remember sharing meals with my kids to avoid overeating. Then the day we crossed the border into Mexico and ordered a meal to share we quickly realised we were back to normal and had to order a separate meal for everyone.

I mean one meal at Tony Roma’s fed our family of 2 adults and 2 kids! In Mexico, you order one taco… or more. But it doesn’t just come as a standard three.

There’s also the fear of eating that might hold you back from the food. I was pretty scared of the meat in Guatemala that I found myself eating vegetarian.

Plus, with all those activities keeping you busy you may find yourself skipping a meal or two.

You’ll find less dairy and wheat

Cheese costs a fortune in South East Asia that it’s not worth buying. And, of course, most meals are made with rice, not wheat. So you may not even notice your new gluten free diet when visiting.

Granted this is not true in vacation spots in Europe where bread is your every meal accompaniment or in the US where the cream is served in coffee.

You may just hate the food

What do you do when you go to a country and you can’t stand the food. I remember seeing a friend’s meals in Japan and thinking I could eat nothing if I ever visited there.

If you hate the food you will inevitably lose weight just from avoidance. In Australia or the US, it’s so easy to get what you want, when you want it. But there are other large parts of the world where if you don’t eat seafood then you’ll be eating noodles or rice and that’s it.

You are not alone. Check out all my blogging friends who lose weight while on vacation.

And by the way… if you don’t lose weight on vacation you are not alone. Check out my blogging friends who gain weight on vacation.

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

These holiday diet tips will allow you to eat what you want – and still lose weight.

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many weight-conscious women, they’re anything but merry. That’s because they spend the five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s navigating a dietary minefield, dodging festive yet fattening foods, like sugar cookies, pecan pie, and buttery mashed potatoes.

“But depriving yourself will only leave you feeling frustrated,” says Sharon Richter, R.D., a dietitian in New York City. “Eventually you’ll give in, and that one taste of stuffing will lead to a second or third helping.”

In fact, a recent study in the journal Appetite found that women who followed strict diets were more vulnerable to temptation-and weight gain-than those who indulged on occasion. So this year, we’re suggesting a novel new mind-set that will benefit your waistline and sanity: Eat the foods you love.

The trick, of course, is to indulge in moderation. Follow these simple rules for shoring up your willpower and curbing your appetite and you’ll be able to relax and truly enjoy yourself at those seasonal soirées-and develop habits you can use all year long. In addition to fending off winter weight gain, you just may get a jump-start on your 2010 slim-down resolution.

Keep reading for more holiday diet tips that really work.

Don’t snack before dinner? Those were the old rules. Check out the new must-know holiday diet tips.

Skipping lunch and your afternoon snack to save up calories for a night of feasting may seem like a smart move, but it almost always backfires.

“When you show up to a party ravenous, you’re more likely to make unhealthy choices and wolf down your food,” says Debbie Bermudez, R.D., senior clinical dietitian at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans. To fill up-and still leave room for dinner-Bermudez recommends eating a light lunch packed with protein and fiber, like half a turkey sandwich with a cup of broth-based soup or a green salad topped with beans or tofu.

Then, about an hour before the event, take the edge off your hunger with a 100- to 150-calorie snack, like string cheese and a few crackers, half of an energy bar (like Larabar or Kind Fruit and Nut), or even one of those small oatmeal-raisin cookies from the office treat table.

Another option: Stash a Granny Smith in your bag to crunch on your way there. In a new study from Penn State, women who ate an apple before a pasta dinner consumed 15 percent less-about 187 fewer calories-than those who sipped on juice. “Because high-fiber apples pass slowly through your digestive system, you stay satisfied far longer,” says lead study author Julie Obbagy, Ph.D., R.D.

Find even more weight loss tips that allow you to enjoy your holidays – and still lose weight.

Here are more holiday diet tips to help prevent you from nibbling too much while you’re cooking your Christmas feast.

Helping prepare Christmas dinner or whipping up a dessert for the potluck can be a recipe for weight gain. “Those little bites and tastes you take while cooking can add up to hundreds of calories,” says Amy Jamieson-Petonic, R.D., the director of wellness coaching at the Cleveland Clinic and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. A slice of cheddar cheese, for instance, serves up 100 calories, while a handful of chocolate chips tacks on another 70 calories.

To avoid nibbling, pop a piece of gum to occupy your mouth when you’re in the kitchen so you can save those calories for the treats you’ll really enjoy. Researchers at Louisiana State University discovered that people who chewed gum throughout the afternoon were less likely to snack mindlessly than those who didn’t.

When grabbing a pack, reach for spearmint or peppermint rather than a sweet or fruity flavor. “The scent of mint may stimulate the area of the brain that registers fullness, helping you eat less,” explains Bryan Raudenbush, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University. In a recent study, he found that people who whiffed peppermint oil before meals consumed about 250 fewer calories a day. Out of gum? Grab a candy cane off the tree or light a mint-scented candle.

Check out two more weight loss tips to help you lose weight during the holiday season.

Shape.com provides even more holiday diet tips that allow you to enjoy the season without packing on the pounds.

With some advance planning, even the most decadent buffet can become a diet do. The first step: surveying your options. According to a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania, people tend to underestimate how much they consume when they’re given a variety of foods. Before you belly up to the table, peruse the entire spread so you know exactly what you have to choose from. Then go back and, instead of tasting everything, help yourself to just the three or four things that catch your eye.

“The best tactic is to opt for special dishes that you love and can get only during the holidays, like your mom’s honey-glazed ham or Aunt Susie’s macaroni and cheese, and savor every single bite,” says Bermudez. And because it takes at least 20 minutes for a feeling of fullness to set in, swap memories with your sister or slowly sip a glass of water before going back to the table for a second helping or dessert.

Holiday weight loss tip # 4. Take Dainty Bites

You know better than to shovel in your food, but even the average mouthful may be your dietary downfall. According to a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who took bites about the size of a tablespoon ate 25 percent more at a meal than those who took teaspoon-size ones. “Smaller mouthfuls-of any kind of food-slow down the pace of a meal and extend the amount of time you spend tasting the food,” says Richter, “so you feel satisfied with less.”

Avoid taking a full fork or spoonful; your food should cover less than half the utensil. (At home, eat your meals with a salad fork or teaspoon.)

Here are more terrific holiday diet tips: Also, reach for the smallest plate you can find: Research shows people polish off nearly everything they’re served, so you’ll eat about 20 percent less if you use a salad plate rather than a dinner-size one or a cup instead of a bowl. In fact, a recent study from Cornell University found that people who had a large bowl of ice cream with a big spoon took in about 53 percent more-or roughly 74 additional calories-than those who were given a smaller dish and spoon.

Need more holiday weight loss tips? Here they are!

Keep reading for more holiday diet tips includes ways to adjust your workout routines during the season of sweets and goodies.

Just because your co-worker brought in her famous chocolate peppermint bark doesn’t mean you need to eat it until you feel ill. “Many women think they have to fit in all their favorite dishes now because the holidays come only once a year,” says Richter.

Before you reach for a treat, stop to ask yourself how hungry you are-and whether you really want it. “Also, remind yourself that there will be plenty of other opportunities to indulge all season,” she says. If you’re already full but can’t bear to pass up those goodies, consider having just a tiny taste or saving them for another day. (You can even extend the season by stashing that treat in the freezer for a few months.)

Holiday weight loss tip # 6. Stay on the Move

Gym attendance plummets in November and December, reports the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association. But working up a sweat is especially important during these months. “Not only does exercise burn calories,” says Bermudez, “it also boosts mood and tames stress.” And that’s an especially good thing, since a recent survey from the American Psychological Association revealed that 41 percent of women say they turn to food to soothe their frazzled nerves during the holidays. Try hitting the treadmill instead: A study from Britain’s Loughborough University found that people who ran for an hour experienced a greater dip in their hunger level than those who lifted weights for 90 minutes. Researchers say aerobic exercise boosts the production of peptide YY, a protein shown to suppress appetite.

No time to get to the gym for your workout routines?

Sneak in a little exercise by taking a fastpaced stroll around the neighborhood before work, popping in a dance DVD, or doing one of the three 15-minute cardio workouts featured in “Beat Winter Weight Gain,” page 114.

Still, even if you do fit in a good workout, don’t use that as a free pass to load up on snickerdoodles. “One exercise session won’t immediately cancel out the hundreds of extra calories you consume,” says Richter. If you know you’re going to be tempted, she recommends tacking on an extra 10 or 15 minutes to your normal routine.

Find even more weight loss tips to help you lose weight during the holiday season.

What makes you eat more? What can you do to prevent that from happening? Check out these holiday diet tips to get your answers.

With just 123 calories for a 5-ounce glass, wine is a calorie bargain compared to other alcoholic beverages, like gin and tonic (164 calories), buttered rum–spiced cider (275 calories), and eggnog (321 calories). “Plus, you’re not as likely to guzzle a glass of wine the way you might a mixed drink,” says Jamieson-Petonic. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, feel free- but have only one alcoholic beverage before switching to a lower-calorie drink, like iced tea or sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime.

Regardless of the drink you choose, don’t pour yourself a glass until you sit down to dinner. “Alcohol loosens your inhibitions and stimulates your appetite,” says Jamieson-Petonic. By pairing that pinot with a meal, however, you may compensate for those extra calories in your glass by eating a little less of what’s on your plate: Research from Colorado State University found that people who sipped wine with their evening meal every night for six weeks didn’t put on any weight.

Holiday weight loss tip # 8. Keep Your Focus

The last time you saw your cousin was back in college, so you have a lot of catching up to do. But swapping stories over a bowl of artichoke dip won’t do your figure any favors. Researchers from France’s Hôtel-Dieu hospital found that women who listened to a story during lunch ate 15 percent more than those who dined in silence.

“When you’re preoccupied, you don’t fully taste everything, so you tend to overeat,” says Richter. “Give your full attention to the conversation or sit down to concentrate on the food in front of you-you’ll appreciate both much more.”Where you sit at dinner matters too. Try snagging the chair next to your brother’s cute friend: A new study published in the journal Appetite found that women who ate in the presence of a man consumed 358 fewer calories than when they dined with a group of women. Researchers at Canada’s McGill University say women often suppress their eating in front of a person of the opposite sex. They also tend to mirror their dining partners’ habits, so avoid the seat next to that friend with the huge appetite and enviable metabolism.

Keep reading for one more set of weight loss tips that really works.

Sleep your way to weight loss? Read the last of our holiday diet tips to find out more.

Between prepping your house for out-of-town guests and finishing your holiday shopping, sleep may be the first thing that gets cut from your endless to-do list. But skimping on shut-eye can do more than create under-eye circles: Research published in the Public Library of Science journal found that people who logged fewer than five hours of slumber had lower levels of leptin, a hormone that controls how full you feel, than those who snoozed for eight. What’s more, the sleep-deprived also had higher levels of ghrelin, another hormone that stimulates appetite. “When you’re exhausted, you feel hungrier and less satisfied after meals, which can set the stage for weight gain,” says Richter.

To make sure you get plenty of sleep, set an alarm for an hour before your usual bedtime as a reminder to start winding down. If you can’t stop ruminating about the 1,001 things you still have to accomplish before the week ends, make a list before turning in and keep it on your bedside table. Putting your worries and tasks on paper will help you clear your mind-so you can start dreaming about how you’ll look in that slinky New Year’s dress!

Find more holiday weight loss tips at Shape.com.

  • By Sharon Liao

1. Resist the Urge to Splurge

According to a study led by Linda H. Clemens EdD, RD, of the Consumer Science and Education Department at the University of Memphis, women tend to splurge when they eat out, then eat normal amounts during their other meals that day. This means they end up with an abundance of calories and fat that day — much more than the body needs!

Clemens believes we should no longer think of eating out as a special treat and thus give ourselves carte blanche to overindulge.

“Most of us grew up thinking of eating out as an event that didn’t happen too often,” she explains. But today, many of us eat out on a daily basis.

What has happened to women nutritionally because of this trend? In a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 1999, Clemens and other researchers found that the more often women ate out, the higher the total calories, grams of fat, and milligrams of sodium their diets contained.

There are probably three main factors that contribute to this overabundance of calories and fat coming from restaurant meals:

  • We tend to splurge by choosing higher-fat and higher-calorie menu selections,
  • Restaurants are serving us large portions,
  • And we are eating it — all of it.

According to a recent survey by the American Institute for Cancer Research, 67% of Americans say they finish their entrees always or most of the time. Sometimes, it isn’t what you are eating as much as how much you eat that gets you into nutritional trouble.

Melanie Polk, RD, nutrition director at the American Institute for Cancer Research, recommends exercising portion control even in restaurants.

“Some Americans are now ordering half-sized portions, sharing entrees, taking home leftovers, and ordering appetizers as meals,” she says.

Do you want to Slim Down for Christmas with me?

Yes, I really am talking Christmas in October!!! We all want to be nice and slim for Christmas, well I do anyway. And I know it’s no good waiting until December to do something about it. So I’ve put together a special Weekly Weigh In Slim Down for Christmas Challenge and I really hope you’ll join me.

Step 1: Printout the weekly weigh in sheet with daily successes

Here’s what it looks like…

>>>>>>Download your Weekly-Weigh-in-sheet2.docx<<<<<<<

If you’re starting on the 12th October with me then 12 weeks takes us into the first week of January So you’ll need to print out 3 sheets. Each sheet is for 4 weeks.

Step 2: Watch the video explaining how to use the sheets

TIP: I’ll be sharing weekly weigh in video’s EVERY MONDAY so I’d love you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel.

Step 3: Get started, Weigh yourself

Aaargh, yes I know this is scary, but we can do this!!!! We can!!!

Okay so get on the scales and fill in your starting weight in the BLUE BOX

If you’re feeling brave, go ahead and share your starting weight in the comments below or drop me a private message via twitter

Or come and join my weight loss challenge Facebook group

Nobody wants to do this weight loss thing alone so don’t be shy, let’s support each other.

Step 4: Add your daily successes

Every day add a daily success. This can be anything that’s a positive.


  • Your daily steps
  • A workout completed
  • A walk
  • A run
  • A healthy meal
  • Meal planning for the week
  • Healthy swaps
  • Healthy habits
  • Saying “No thanks” to dessert
  • Listening to a guided meditation
  • Listening to a
  • Listening to a guided weight loss visualization
  • Doing some EFT for weight loss
  • Drinking 4 big glasses of water

These are really important to stay motivated. ADD something EVERY day.

Step 5: Go do this!!! Take the action you need to Slim Down for Christmas

Every single day ask yourself “What can I do today to achieve my ideal weight goal?”

Now go do it! It’s that simple.

OKAY, I know it’s not simple, but we CAN DO IT!

That’s it. ARE YOU IN?

If you are, go ahead and let me know below.

I’d love you to share the challenge with your friends too, so we can all get slim for Christmas together.

You can tweet this if you’re on twitter

Okay, I’ll be back tomorrow with my first weigh-in.


Oh and remember to fill in your ideal weight goal at the bottom of the printout. I’ve added my slim down for Christmas goal as well as my ideal weight goal.

Top 15 Best Weight Loss Pills For Women In 2019 – Christmas Weight Loss Challenge pills to lose weight quick »- The Anantmaya Resort

Updated: 28-Jan-2020Published: November, 2015

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Jiang Xiaojie questioned Stolen christmas weight loss challenge cars? What do you want? Dont ask so many, can you say you can get it? Jiang Xiaojie didnt think so much, and his life saved by Lin Yan was worthless compared with this condition As a reminder, he happened to be another drag racing owner, and he used to be a policeman.

and he still has a joke on his mind Okay Li Hankes only glimmer of hope reburned and replied shyly Han Dao looked at Lin Yan with a playful look He knew that Lin Yan could pass the eighth level Haha.

and widow I still have to rely on myself It is not suitable for killing and killing This is a legal society We must use legal weapons to defend ourselves.

my sister christmas weight loss challenge is here, dont be afraid Chen Xiaowei said with a loud voice, she didnt even hear what Lin Yan said, in fact, Lin Yan opened her mouth.

2. Freestyle Weight Loss

He said, Little Super Son, did you say that? Xiao Chengchao nodded like a chicken and smiled happily Yes, this is a unique greeting from my classmate Lin Yan The way is not to bully me.

On the afternoon of the first day of the college entrance examination, in a teachers dormitory in H City No 1 Middle School, Li Yuan was leaning on the sofa with a sad look on his finger, burning a cigarette near his finger In part, I never paid attention.

sad, let the past pass Well, Xia Chunyu and I havent died Correspondingly, I also got some benefits The body can become bigger and smaller is one of them.

Although I dont know why Lin Yans attitude was judged as two people before and after, but seeing Lin Yans hiphop personality on the weekdays, at the moment.

Watching a movie is a ticket, do nt worry about it, sorry for that money, no one s money is a big deal The drifting over, Lin Yan will weig not deliberately waste extravagance, even if it is rich now.

Now the christmas weight loss challenge boss escapes, and they definitely want to Those who went to prison and wanted to get out of it earlier had to rely on the original hostage to show off his kindness Now.

talked for a long time, and saw her future motherinlaw and fatherinlaw Lin Yan stole a few cigarettes of her fatherinlaw when she left Villa No 6, so she was in front of her fatherinlaw It came in handy, leaving only three bags for himself, all of which were given to Li Hong.

she has done enough homework Except for a student named Lin Yan who did not come to military training, the rest of their class arrived For this purpose.

foundation he had made in Huaxia With nutriv weight loss pills orange blue box a onepercent chance, he also had to work hard Among them, his son Ye Wuxin also participated in several illegal acts.

christmas weight loss challenge He stopped moving, and then they went to Century City to buy movie tickets, but Lin Yan couldnt bear the burning gossip in his heart , Xiao Xuexins exboyfriend.

Li Han could smell the masculine smell from Lin Yan christmas weight loss challenge and was so close to Lin Yan, his face was reddish, and he could not help lowering his pink neck.

the instructor showed it to more than a dozen people When in doubt, he had to stay in his heart to figure it out He couldnt The 25 Best barbra jean from reba weight loss find the christmas weight loss challenge way for a long time Now Han Dao is demonstrating it to Lin Yan alone If Lin Yan does not understand.

Whats even more incredible is that Lin Yans hands covered the airport, and the two small buds felt a second ago, but after a second they felt the feeling of touching the walnut.

How can there be such a good thing in the world, now they are weight loss center louisville ky equivalent to gambling, Lin Yan squeezed things out, but Liu Ren was unwilling to give anything Lin Yan didnt want to do it.

Xiao Xuexin Cant wait to ask Lin Yan, Lin Yan, do you know Jiang Xiaojie? On the way, the two only talked about their recent situation, but didnt ask much about the key questions When everything was christmas weight loss challenge right, Xiao Xuexin couldnt help but be patient and curious, and took the lead to ask.

this is the famous Alley Street in Jianghai City The Forgotten Bathing Center is also located here It is located on the 30th, 31st, 32nd, and 33rd floors of a 50story building It is exclusive to the four floors of the building Earnings the police entered the search several times without success, and the big brother behind him had a lot of eyes.

At this time, if you have christmas weight loss challenge seen the famous detective Conan, you will find that the concubine of the concubine became very much like the gray sorrow of the adult Feiais instructor didnt break his clothes because of christmas weight loss challenge his bodys rapid growth Lin Yan curiously pulled off the clothes of.

Xiaolin Yan also protested for a long time, causing him to lie on the bed, tossing and turning to sleep, afterwards Lin Yan was still dreamy, holding The fist said fiercely I will tease you Uncle Lin, and even if it is a day of prostitution, you will have to deal with Li Hankes maiden skin.

Lin Yans head turned, and he christmas weight loss challenge lowered the dragons eighteen palms, such as the palm of the god of God, the palm of the ice, and he was willing to learn such legendary palms Boxing.

only the two parties knew it Li Hanke only said that Wang Xiaoya was drunk, but he didnt take it seriously, and nestled beside Lin christmas weight loss challenge Yan with a happy look.

so I have to find an instructor One? No problem, but you are sure that what you just said is right Lin Yan looked at him sharply Since Xiao christmas weight loss challenge Chengchao was willing to be a stab.

Of course, your acting skills just sucked, and even when Commander Lin came, I just had no reason to salute, because I and you During the duel, as a soldier, there should be beginnings and ends, and you should not be distracted.

they cannot run Lin Yan remains unchanged for ten years, standing carefully before class two Waiting for the end of the parade Time hastily passed In an.

than Lin Yan guessed Even worse Lin Chong sweat waistband to lose weight A little bit of anger appeared on his face Lin Chong invited Lin Yan to come over for treatment, but he was scolded by the brothers and sisters without giving a face Lin Yan was not angry.

christmas weight loss challenge science diet ideal balance Questions About Weight Loss atlanta weight loss and body balance.

6 simple tricks to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

  • We talked to nutritionists about how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays.
  • One nutritionist suggested keeping a proactive food diary.
  • Another recommendation is keeping up with your normal exercise routine.

For many, the holidays are a time when you give yourself a get-of-jail-free card in terms of diet.

But no matter how many times you tell yourself that the calories in that second piece of pumpkin pie don’t count because it’s Thanksgiving, the fact of the matter is that they do, and you might be feeling some regret by the time January rolls around.

We talked to Dr. Jonny Bowden, a nutritionist and weight loss expert, and Keri Glassman, nutritionist and founder of The Nutritious Life, about how to end the holidays at the same weight you started them.

Here are their tricks to avoid weight gain:

1. Write down what you plan on eating before your meals.

Go into the meal knowing what you’re going to eat. vxla/Flickr

Bowden says that while many people are familiar with the concept of a food diary — writing what they ate after they finish a meal — not as many people use what he refers to as a proactive food diary. Bowden suggests mapping out what you’re going to eat for the day when you wake up first thing in the morning — when your blood sugar is stable and you’re not craving any particular foods. He says this should involve visualizing each of your meals and deciding what you’re going to let yourself have and what you’re going to avoid.

Bowden says if you make these decisions ahead of time, when you’re not surrounded by the temptations of fresh food, you’re more likely to stick to your plan than if you had tried to make those decisions at the table.

According to Bowden, a proactive food diary uses a psychological technique known as rehearsal, which has been tested in both basketball players and musical performers. He says that when the players and performers were given time to imagine themselves physically making a three point shot or performing a certain song, they experienced greater accuracy when they performed the actual task in real life.

While Bowden acknowledges that you might not stick to your proactive food diary completely, you’re likely to have more discipline if you take the time to outline your food choices in advance.

2. Start your meal with a soup or salad.

Take the edge off your appetite with some soup. Henrique Félix / Unsplash

It might seem like a good idea to show up to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with an empty stomach, but Bowden advises against it. He cites research done by Dr. Barbara J. Rolls, a professor and the chair of nutritional sciences at Pennsylvania State University, who found that eating two foods before a meal can help you to eat less during the meal. These foods are salad and soup.

According to Bowden, Rolls’ research shows that eating a small green salad (without a lot of dressing), or a bowl of soup (something broth-, not cream-based) can keep people from overeating during a meal.

Bowden says this is because both of these foods rank low on the glycemic index. Foods that rank low on this index are less likely to cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which can lead to increased fat storage. Plus, they’ll keep you feeling fuller longer than foods that rank high on the index.

Bowden also makes the point that a small appetizer can help to take the edge off your appetite, discouraging you from eating everything in sight in an attempt to conquer your hunger.

3. Focus on other healthy habits besides food.

Take care of yourself in other ways. Rachata Teyparsit/

Keeping extra pounds off during the holiday season extends beyond just calories. Glassman told INSIDER that weight management and healthy living revolves around eight pillars including eating empowered, sweating often, stressing less, sleeping deeply, and living consciously, among others.

“Especially during a time of year filled with holiday parties and cookie swaps, focus on keeping all of your eight pillars in order by implementing habits like getting adequate sleep and decluttering your space, which will translate to better habits when it comes to your food too,” she said. “Focusing on other positive habits can be more empowering than thinking about what not to eat and will actually end up helping you eat better.”

4. Always eat a simple breakfast.

Yogurt with fruit is a good breakfast option. Unsplash/Peter Hershey

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, according to Glassman, it’s a must-do during the holidays.

“Making a habit out of having the same healthy breakfast every morning during the holiday season will create a positive morning routine,” she said. ” get your metabolism going and lead you to make better decisions later in the day.”

INSIDER previously reported that having breakfast will also ensure that you don’t overeat later on, stabilize blood sugar, and prevent hunger pains.

5. Keep up with your exercise routine.

Stay active with friends and family. Eduardo Munoz/REUTERS

It’s no secret that your body and brain benefit from exercise, both of which need attention, especially when hopping from holiday party to holiday party. Glassman said consistent exercise over the holidays should be a “no excuse activity.”

“Not only will help you maintain — and not gain — during the holiday season, but it may even motivate you to stay focused on eating healthy,” she said.

Try making exercise a social affair, instead of a chore, by including your family and friends too. Working out with either a partner or your significant other has even been shown to increase your motivation — which you might neglect when inundated with holiday treats.

6. Get back to your normal habits immediately.

There’s a time and a place to indulge. Foxys Forest Manufacture/

So you overindulged at a holiday party or two — that’s OK. It’s important, however, that get back on track with your usual routine once the season ends. Additionally, Glassman said you want to avoid fad diets.

“If it drags on through the winter will only be harder to get off come in the summer,” she said. “You don’t have to go hardcore on a cleanse that will leave you feeling deprived and tempted to binge.”

Instead, Glassman recommends focusing on the quality of your diet by reducing or cutting out added sugars, refined carbs, and packaged foods and replacing them with whole foods such as lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats.

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Weight loss during the holidays

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