The Most Extreme Real-Life Weight Loss Success Stories (and How They Did It)

There are an abundance of different diet and workout regimens to choose from. The internet opens an entire realm of research, possibilities, and diet scams. While you’d expect this to widen your options, it often overwhelms and hinders your fitness goals. Many people find themselves discouraged when they try a new plan and don’t see the same results as the featured model.

This leaves us wondering what food and fitness plans actually make people healthier and help them see results. We’ve found seven real stories of hard-working people who lost the weight in a healthy way.

Jennifer Denson Black using Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide

#bbgprogress @jblack_bbg.motivated progress using my #bbg program She says “Left pic is BBG week 5, right is BBG week 63! Completely different person right!! I certainly feel like a different person! This program gets you the results you want 100 percent as long as you’re willing to commit! ”

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:03pm PDT

Kayla Itsine’s famous workouts have proven time and time again to work for people of all different shapes, sizes, and ages. Jennifer Denson Black, a mother of two who was struggling with insecurity and anxiety, was no different.

Black lost nearly 30 pounds and six dress sizes all from the comfort of her living room. “I haven’t gone to a gym this entire time. Every workout has been in my living room and using my phone for the BBG app, and other HIIT workouts. You can get in shape with small kids, and no gym time.”

Kari Hammond using tabata exercise

You don’t need to spend an hour at the gym each day. | KC England Photography

Kari Hammond told Today about the moment that changed her life. Hammond finally narrowed in on a diet that worked for her after her daughter expressed concerns about her weight.

Hammond paired cutting back on sugar and tracking her caloric intake and output with tabata workouts. Tabata incorporates high-intensity interval training with four minute exercises to help build stamina and keep you motivated. Hammond lost 78 pounds in one year, however she encourages having goals that don’t include a number. Her other weight-loss recommendations include; be consistent, keep moving, and build a community.

Leandie Williams using a personal trainer

Small changes can add up to a huge amount of weight loss. | TODAY

Type 2 diabetes and an embarrassing flying experience motivated Leandie Williams to lose the weight and keep it off for good. The 33-year-old from South Africa lost 100 pounds over four years.

Utilizing a personal trainer helped Williams learn her way around the gym and start developing a fitness plan. She eventually found that weight lifting rather than cardio helped her lose weight. She also joined’s online community to find new exercises and remain accountable for her weight loss.

Peter Blynn using Precision Nutrition

You can get in shape by learning about your health and muscles. | Livestrong

Precision Nutrition, co-founded by John Berardi, Ph.D., incorporates personal coaching, professional education, and nutrition software to help you reach your weight loss goals. Peter Blynn is proof that Precision Nutrition works, and learned that sometimes you need to pay a bit more to access true, quality help.

Blynn’s story reminds you to resist conditioning and try something new. Switching up your workout is a healthy way to lose the last of your stubborn weight while continuing to keep a healthy exercise and diet plan. Blynn lost 33 pounds and 11% of his body fat with Precision Nutrition. He told, “… the secret to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is consistency.”

Allison Keller using Weight Watchers

Many women find a great support system through Weight Watchers. | Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Weight Watchers

Allison Keller, a Houston teacher, lost 60 pounds dieting with Weight Watchers and working out five days a week. She recognizes that attending weekly WW meetings was crucial and helped hold her accountable for her diet and workout habits.

Keller’s advice to those who struggle with dieting was this, “Avoid temptations. I stopped buying ice cream and chips because I knew if they were in my house, I’d eat them.”

Lou Maldonado by preparing for a mental battle

This determined father lost weight so he could spend more time with his athletic children. | Lou Maldonado/TODAY

Lou Maldonado began a hefty weight loss journey after years of injury had left him dangerously overweight and out of shape. While at the heart of his success was exercise and proper dieting, he expressed how the mental fight was more than half the battle.

He encourages people to remain patient with themselves and be realistic about their goals. “You didn’t gain all that weight overnight,” he said. “It took a lot of months and years of just abusing your body and eating the wrong stuff. It is going to take patience (to lose it).”

Laura Micetich by deciding to stop making excuses

Keeping track of your progress can be fun. | Laura Micetich/The Iron Giantess/Eat This

Your body may be ready to lose the weight, but it’s tough to make progress if your mind is in the way. Laura Micetich learned to push past the excuses she was making and lose 115 pounds. Micetich’s two year journey to combat her thyroid issues involved eating natural, preservative-free foods, and an intensive cardio and weight lifting routine.

“I stopped justifying destroying my body, health, and quality of life with hollow, empty excuses,” Micetich said, “I don’t have a simple solution for you. I have the cold, honest truth: It requires work. And anyone can do that.”

Many people struggle with being overweight, or even obese. It’s a common topic at office visits. As a doctor, I know that excess weight is associated with potentially serious health conditions — high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol — not to mention sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, and back and knee problems, among other things. Patients may also worry about their appearance.

Whether a patient is at risk for medical problems due to being overweight, or if it’s a personal health goal, then it’s my job to provide counseling.

In my experience, most patients consider weight loss drugs or surgery only as a last resort. “I want to lose weight naturally,” they say. Once we screen for (and treat) any contributing medical problems that could be causing weight gain (low thyroid function, polycystic ovarian syndrome, prediabetes, among others), or psychological issues (bulimia, binge-eating disorder, depression, anxiety), I encourage a diet-and-lifestyle approach for many reasons, among them my own personal experience.

A real-life weight loss story

A few years ago, I embarked on a personal weight loss journey. I had had two pregnancies back-to-back, and had gained considerable weight, to the point where my own body mass index was over 30 (obesity range). I was many months postpartum, and realized that the “baby weight” wasn’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact, I had gained even more weight since my daughter was born.

At that point, I had a quandary many people can identify with: I was one of two working parents, with two kids under two. How on earth does one tackle weight loss when one is busy and distracted? What I did was fairly basic, and there is research to back up this approach:1

Here’s what worked for me:

  • I resigned myself to the fact that, hey, it took me 18+ months to put on the weight, so it would probably take 18+ months to lose it. As much as I knew about nutrition, I felt like I needed guidance. So I researched a bunch of popular diets and philosophies.
  • I chose a well-rounded, nutritious diet plan consisting of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats (and also very low in carbohydrates). It was a popular commercial diet, which I modified to suit my preferences (most of the diets out there are fairly similar). I never bought any of their prepared foods, and used their menu only as a guide, substituting what I liked or had in the pantry where necessary.
  • I got a small pocket notebook, and started keeping track of everything that I ate. Each page represented a day’s intake, and I counted calories, as best I could. Once a week, I weighed myself, and jotted that down as well.
  • Exercise in those early days consisted of only a few minutes of sit-ups, pushups, and other in-place calisthenics at nighttime, after the kids had gone to sleep (and before they woke up again overnight).
  • Yes, I had the occasional slice of cake, glass of wine, chunk of chocolate, piece of baklava (a major downfall), or other treats. I forgave myself those indiscretions, as well as any “vacations” from my dieting, logging, and exercising. I would just pick up where I left off and keep going. And going.
  • There were stops and starts, and the scale went up and down, but over time, the pounds slowly, slowly came off. As the months went on, I was able to rejoin my gym and add once or twice-weekly workout sessions. As my muscle tone increased, so did my metabolism, and the weight came off faster.
  • It took over two years, but I lost 50 pounds. In the three years since, I’ve maintained that weight loss within five pounds.

What does the science say about my approach? Let’s take a look.

Diet and weight loss

Studies have shown that just about any diet will result in weight loss, if it’s one that someone can follow.1,2 Esteemed Yale physician and nutrition expert David Katz examined over 58 popular diets and found that the most successful in terms of both weight loss and nutrition consist of “real food.” By that he means plants, whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as meat (ideally, from animals that ate plants). Basically, foods closer to nature. The other key is minimizing processed foods, including sugars and flours.3

Without realizing it, I followed Katz’s advice: I ate mostly fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dairy. I occasionally had whole grains like quinoa or farro, even rice or corn chips. And, of course, an occasional treat. But I had sworn off sugars and flours, for the most part.

Behavior change and weight loss

It’s hard to keep track of how much we eat. But a lot of research shows that when we keep track of intake, we eat less. This is called self-monitoring, and why writing down what I ate and weighed helped me.4,5,6 There are so many ways to do this nowadays: from the old-school paper-and-pencil method, to apps like MyFitnessPal, or the Weight Watchers points system.7

Another key approach: forgive your failures. Studies show that people who “mess up” their diet plan and then “give up” end up gaining, while people who forgive themselves and move on continue to lose. It’s called self-acceptance.8,9 Look, we’re human. Birthdays, office parties, weddings, random movie nights: they happen, and we celebrate by having the amazing chocolate cake, or Betsy’s famous buffalo chicken dip, waaaay too much champagne, or buttered popcorn. Expect this, enjoy, and then move on.

Exercise and weight loss

Most major weight loss is followed by weight gain, as people revert to their old habits. But, some folks manage to keep it off. How do they do it? Researchers have found that maintaining a healthy diet, ongoing self-monitoring, plenty of self-acceptance, as well as a high level of physical activity are all associated with keeping the pounds off.10

When I feel like I’m slipping, I start logging again. Nowadays, I use an online fitness app on my phone to more easily keep track of my daily food intake. Red wine and dark chocolate are always in stock in our house, and that’s OK. Exercise is important, too, but in my book, any and all physical activity counts. Two or three workouts a week help me maintain muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. If I can’t get to the gym, I run. If I can’t run, I do something at home, like five minutes of in-place kickboxing moves, or dancing around the living room like a crazy person with my kids. I take the stairs wherever I am as often as possible. I use a carry basket at the grocery store, and switch from arm to arm while I shop: biceps curls! Hey, it all counts.

Staying at a healthy weight for life

The old adage is “eat less, exercise more,” and this is still true, to some extent. But human beings are psychologically and sociologically complex creatures, and that adage is a lot harder to follow than it sounds. For average adults who do not have contributing medical or psychological issues, a nutritious plant-based diet low in processed foods and carbohydrates, consistent self-monitoring of intake and progress, forgiving oneself when expected lapses occur, all combined with regular physical activity, can result in weight loss for life.

  1. Gardner CD, Kiazand A, Alhassan S, et al. Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Diets for change in weight and related risk factors among overweight premenopausal women. The A to Z Weight Loss Study: a randomized trial. JAMA, 2005.
  2. Dansinger ML, Gleason JA, Griffith JL, Selker HP, Schaefer EJ. Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone diets for weight loss and heart disease risk reduction: a randomized trial. JAMA, 2005.
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Most of things in life are easy to lose and hard to gain. Unfortunately, this isn’t in the case for weight…Megha, 29, a married Software Engineer from Delhi, India lost a whopping 21 kg in 7 Months.

Megha’s Pre & Post Weight Loss Statistics

Height: 5 ft. 2 inches
Starting Weight: 78 kg
Current Weight: 57.6 kg
Current Waist Size: 30″

Megha’s Journey of Total Body Transformation

Q. When did you become unhappy with your weight?

I gained 10 kg extra in my final trimester and after having my baby. Being overweight, I had a terrible lifestyle with several health problems. To overcome them, I decided to start my journey towards a healthy body transformation.

Q. What were the changes you made to lose weight?

I went to bed early so I could wake up early and get on with my exercise routine. I also ate an early dinner that also helped.

Q. How long did it take you to start to see results?

Within the first 3 months, I started to notice positive changes.

Q. How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?

It took me 6 months to reach my current weight.

Q. How long have you maintained your weight loss and what are the important factors for keeping it off?

It might take some time to be consistent and follow a healthy routine, but once you get on track you can maintain it. Remember, it’s 80% mental and 20% physical.

Q. What keeps you motivated to continue your weight loss success?

When I’m complimented about looking young, it feels great. I also have no health issues now, which is a huge motivator. My life is transformed. I am so much more confident and active now. I feel proud about my body.

Q. Do you have any advice for others who are trying to lose weight?

Health is vital, so dedication is key. A determined mindset is the foundation of motivation. Only then will one’s goals be reached.

Q. How did ‘ShapeFit’ help you reach your weight loss goals?

I read so many weight loss success stories on which inspired me.

Megha’s Weight Loss Tips

  • Whilst categories of foods are also important, when there is a lot of weight to shed, track your food intake and cooking at home is wise.
  • Eat dinner as early as possible and watch the carbs. Less is more.
  • Balance out your meals. After a big meal, eat moderately next time.
  • Workout daily for 30 minutes to build muscle and burn fat.

Megha’s Diet

Q. What do you normally eat in a day?

Breakfast is usually gluten free muesli, egg whites, milk, dalia (cereal dish made from cracked wheat) or poha (made from flattened rice).
For lunch, I eat vegetables with 1 wheat bran roti (flatbread). 
Soup, dalia or any vegetable with bran roti for dinner. In between, I snack on a low sugar fruit like a green apple, kiwis or pear.

Megha’s Workout

Q. What do you do for weight training (exercises, workouts)?

Power yoga for my strength training workouts.

Q. What do you do for cardio training (exercises, workouts)?

For cardio, I enjoy running and cycling.


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10 of the most inspiring weight loss stories from this year

  • As the New Year approaches, weight loss might be on your list of resolutions.
  • It can be tough to stay motivated to stick with losing weight, but inspiration can sometimes help.
  • People also have vastly different weight loss journeys, whether it’s by following a specific diet program or just by counting calories.

As we finish up 2018 and prepare to start fresh next year, losing weight will likely be on people’s minds. Last year, weight loss (tied with being a better person) was the top New Year’s Resolution, according to a Marist poll, and the year before, weight loss and exercising more tied for second place.

However, losing weight can be tough, especially without outside inspiration. It can also be hard to remember that everyone loses weight in different ways.

INSIDER has collected 10 of the most inspiring weight loss stories of 2018.

Dara Sarshuri lost 180 pounds in just 10 months this year just by diet and exercise

It’s football time in Tennessee! I hope the Vols have improved as much as I have since last season! 😜🤞🍊#140poundsdown #govols #weightlossjourney #gobigorange #fitnessjourney #ihopewewin

A post shared by Dara Sarshuri (@utdara) on Sep 1, 2018 at 9:40am PDTSep 1, 2018 at 9:40am PDT

Dara Sarshuri weighed 390 pounds in February this year and said he was shocked by the number.

At first, he decided on gastric bypass surgery and had to lose some weight ahead of the procedure. In his first two months following an eating plan, he lost 55 pounds. He lost 45 more by June, a total of 100 pounds.

It was at that point he decided not to go forward with the surgery. He had also started exercising, first just by walking. He eventually joined a gym and goes five days a week, still walking on the weekends.

“I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I never had any confidence and now I see how far I have come. I can run. I can do burpees. I can do push-ups. I can do planks. I take these small victories,” he told TODAY.

Rachel Saintfort lost 121 pounds by cutting fast food and soda from her life.

#TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY Your inner sexy is in there!!! FIGHT TO RELEASE IT!!!! You can do it 🎉🎉🎉🎉 -135 lbs, Naturally ✨ #ms100lbs #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #peoplemagazine

A post shared by Rachel Saintfort 🏋🏽‍♀️🎵🇭🇹 (@ms100lbs) on Nov 13, 2018 at 3:43pm PSTNov 13, 2018 at 3:43pm PST

“In high school, I hit 200 lbs., but I was blessed to be a confident person,” Saintfort told People magazine.

After the birth of her daughter in 2007, however, things changed for Saintfort. Weighing 291 pounds, her highest, she decided to try dieting. But it wasn’t until her daughter turned 10 and one of her classmates called Saintfort “fat” that she made lasting changes.

“She looked so sad, and she’s trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal. At that moment it hit me that she’s suffering, and she’s being picked on or laughed at because of my laziness or my unhealthy choices,” Saintfort told the magazine.

She cut out fast food and soda and started doing daily three-mile walks around the lake in her town.

Barry Parkes lost 122 pounds in a year and a half with his Fitbit

A post shared by Men’s Health (@menshealthmag) on Oct 25, 2018 at 10:33am PDTOct 25, 2018 at 10:33am PDT

Barry Parkes never really worked out and didn’t eat healthily, but thought he was fine as long as he didn’t weight 300 pounds. However, when he got to the point where he did weigh 325 pounds, he knew something had to change.

“That’s when it really hit me,” he told Men’s Health. But he didn’t quite know where to start in order to make a lasting impact until one of his coworkers recommended getting a Fitbit.

The device and app helped Parkes create a calorie budget and he also started going on daily walks with his wife.

After about a year and a half, he lost 122 pounds. He said he now has more energy and doesn’t snore anymore. Plus, he and his wife have found they’re even more in love than before, he told the outlet.

“The key is you got to commit to it first,” he said. “You got to be at the point where enough is enough. You got to commit to doing it and then you’ve got to stick with it and be consistent.”

Jen Wagner has lost 88 pounds since February without even going to the gym

Jen Wagner had always been athletic, but when she got married, she stopped working out and gained 100 pounds, reaching her highest weight of 240 pounds in 2017.

“I felt like a stranger in my own body. I didn’t recognize my own reflection, and when I would see photos of myself, I was disgusted. I didn’t know who that was,” she told Popsugar.

Though she had tried for six years to lose weight on fad diets and different programs, she finally buckled down in February this year. She started with her diet, first on keto, then to low-carb. Now she tracks her calories using MyFitnessPal and does intermittent fasting.

She also exercises by playing tennis, swimming, walking with hand weights, jumping on trampolines with her daughter and even doing yard work.

“I never did something that made me miserable and not want to do it again,” she told POPSUGAR. “I haven’t stepped foot inside of a gym even one time on this journey.”

Her ultimate goal is to lose the 100 pounds she gained after getting married and she documents her journey on Instagram.

“The thing I hear the most from people is that I look like a new person,” she wrote on Instagram recently. “I agree, since I often don’t recognize myself when I pass a mirror or a window, but more important than that, I FEEL like a new person! I feel like the person I had longed to be all those years I was overweight.”

Joey Morganelli has lost 150 pounds by going vegan

Both of Joey Morganelli’s parents died when he was a teenager, his mother from cancer when he was 13, and his father from a heart attack when he was 16. He began to cope with food but didn’t realize he was developing an addiction to food, according to what he told Men’s Health. By the time he was 18, he weighed about 312 pounds, and that number eventually rose to 400.

After encouragement from a professor during his freshman year, Morganelli decided to try to lose weight. At first, he lost some weight by counting calories but his weight fluctuated for several months because he sometimes binged.

One day he had a panic attack but thought it was a heart attack. He decided then that it was time to completely change his diet. He decided to go vegan.

“Since starting my weight loss journey, I have seriously learned so much about nutrition and what works for me that it’s becoming a passion of mine,” he wrote on Instagram. “If there’s one thing about Nutrition that EVERYONE knows, it’s that there’s always a new fad diet or there’s always a pill or some shakes to take … Over these past four years, I’ve learned so much about what my body likes and this is it. I’m focusing on a high-carb-low-fat vegan diet that is based on foods in their purest form.”

Since then, he has found both his physical and mental health improved drastically and his weight is down to 250 pounds.

Joanna Wilcox lost 60 pounds on the keto diet

Joanna Wilcox wrote about her weight-loss journey for Prevention stating that she’d always had unhealthy eating habits and after the birth of her two children, they only got worse.

“I was eating fast food just to have a break in my day,” Wilcox wrote in Prevention.

This all changed when she decided to see a certified psychotherapist for the emotional eating she was doing “to cope with the stress and isolation of job.”

Her psychotherapist suggested she try a low-carb diet and Wilcox decided on the keto diet. She stuck to the diet and slowly incorporated exercise into her routine, including training for a 5k.

She went from weighing 203 pounds to 143 pounds.

Kayla Mills lost 70 pounds after taking exercise classes through Groupon

In April 2016, Kayla Mills decided to start losing weight because she said, she didn’t recognize who she was.

“One morning I woke up, looked in the mirror, and cried for a while and then told myself to pull it together,” she told POPSUGAR.

When she first started to lose weight, she bought a month of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) boot camp classes on Groupon. She saw a lot of progress after just her first month and continued for a few more before she started working out on her own.

Eventually, 21 months later, she lost almost 70 pounds.

“Since then, I have gained about 10 to 15 pounds, but I try not to focus on the scale … Weighing a certain amount can take away the joy and stress relief that working out has brought to my life,” she told the outlet.

Dr. Kevin Gendreau lost 125 pounds by intermittent fasting

After the tragic news that his sister was diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Kevin Gendreau decided it was time to change his life. His weight had reached 300 pounds and he had been diagnosed with a series of health issues including hypertension, diabetes and fatty liver disease in 2016.

“For me, being obese was a choice,” he told People magazine. “How could I literally eat myself to death while my poor sister was fighting for her life?”

He decided to eat only a very specific set of foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, non-fat Greek yogurt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and non-caloric spices and seasoning.

However, his weight plateaued, so he implemented intermittent fasting, eating only between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. every day. That addition to his routine helped him drop the last 50 pounds off his 125-pound total loss.

“Intermittent fasting works because it helps naturally decrease your daily calorie consumption while improving your insulin sensitivity,” he told the magazine.

Hunter Croteau lost 170 pounds in eight months with the help of weight loss surgery

Figured I’d finally post a fat loss before and after. I’ve officially hit my goal weight of 175lbs. Now time to focus even harder on gaining more muscle. 💪🏻

A post shared by Hunter Croteau 🌛 (@huntercro) on Oct 15, 2018 at 1:54pm PDTOct 15, 2018 at 1:54pm PDT

Hunter Croteau decided it was time to get healthy the year after he graduated from high school, after years of binge-eating and reaching 360 pounds. His life changed when a woman came through his line at the grocery store where he worked.

They started chatting and the woman ended up telling Croteau about how her daughter had had weight loss surgery.

“That kind of planted the seed in my brain,” he told Men’s Health.

He went to a doctor and decided to get a sleeve gastrectomy when he was just 19, which involves preparing with physical and psychiatric care. Croteau spent six months preparing, visiting with a therapist and a nutritionist to help him stay healthy in the future.

After the surgery last December, he changed his lifestyle. He started cooking his own food and going to the gym with one of his friends five days a week, every week since January 2018. His weight was down to 190 pounds in August.

“You have to be able to be honest with yourself: Find out what your problems are, and what hurts you the most about yourself,” he said. “If you want to fix it, you have to just do it. Take the steps – even if they’re baby steps,” he told Men’s Health.

Brianna Bernard lost 107 pounds and became a powerlifter

Brianna Bernard gained 70 pounds when she was pregnant with her first child and weighed 245 pounds after she gave birth. Though she thought she could lose that weight quickly, she held on to the weight even a year after her child was born.

“I stopped feeling like myself,” she told People magazine. “I was so busy being a stay at home mom, that my whole life was about my son and I didn’t take the time for self-care.”

Though she had tried plenty of weight loss methods, she was inspired to go to a gym that had helped another woman lose weight. She started training there two or three times a week doing weightlifting, plyometrics, and boxing and also changed her diet.

One year later, she had lost 107 pounds and started doing powerlifting competitions.

“I feel like a completely different person, and I am in so many ways,” she said. “Not just physically – that’s obvious – but the way I feel in my mind. It’s hard to even look back. It feels like a lifetime ago. Now I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. If I can lose 100 pounds, I can do anything.”

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The 19 Most Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories of 2019

People want to lose weight for a whole slew of different reasons. Some want to feel better about the way they look and give their self-esteem a boost, while others aim to stop using food as a coping mechanism for emotional struggles. No matter what reasons you have for wanting to shed some pounds or where you are in your journey, these inspiring weight loss success stories prove that it’s never too late to turn things around and get a new lease on life. The following people you’ll read more about here have battled—and overcome—difficult challenges, such as depression, anxiety, and feelings of self-worthlessness to achieve their weight loss goals. And you know what that means? You can do it, too!

1 The doctor who lost 125 pounds after beating his food addiction

Courtesy of Kevin Gendreau

Kevin Gendreau, MD, 31, wrestled with a food addiction for more than a decade, and was 306 pounds at his heaviest.

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and sleep apnea, among other things,” Gendreau told Best Life in October. “I knew they were all because of my eating habits, but I just couldn’t stop.”

But when his sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2016, it became a wake-up call for him to make his physical health a priority. “What she was going through wasn’t her choice,” he said. “What I was doing to myself was.”

By cutting out all the junk food and replacing it with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein, Gendreau lost 125 pounds in 18 months.

“The best advice that I can give is to find a motivation to change,” he said. “For me, it was my sister getting sick and needing to be there for her kids, but it could be anything. Once you find that reason and commit to it, you’re good to go.”

2 The 73-year-old woman who lost 55 pounds and became a viral sensation

Joan MacDonald/Instagram

Think it’s too late to change your body once you’re over 50? Think again. In October, 73-year-old Joan MacDonald became an internet inspiration after showing off her incredible transformation.

“For many decades, I was more often overweight than at a healthy weight,” MacDonald told The Daily Mail. “I was on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux. My arthritis was acting up pretty bad.”

Concerned about her health, MacDonald’s daughter taught her mom how to use her iPhone to track her meals and exercise activity. That tool helped drive her to eat more protein and healthy fats, and go to the gym four or five days a week. And after making those major changes to her lifestyle, MacDonald lost 55 pounds in a year, gained plenty of muscle, and now helps others reach their fitness goals, no matter how old they are.

“For those who truly feel at a loss, I’d say change one thing with your food intake, one exercise to do, and each week add something new,” she said. “Don’t expect miracles right away, take it slow and steady but keep building.”

3 The woman who lost 190 pounds after overcoming an eating disorder

Amber Neale/Instagram

Amber Neale spent most of her young-adult life in a pattern of losing weight on various diets, and then gaining it all back. In January 2017, she hit 325 pounds—her second heaviest weight—and decided to seek treatment from a mental health professional to address her unhealthy eating habits.

“I realized I needed help when I found myself living the same dismal day over and over again—and food was my only oasis,” Neale told Women’s Health in April 2019. “It took therapy to make me realize how awful my eating habits had become: I ate from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed.”

Once she dealt with her anxiety, depression, and binge-eating disorder, Neale was able to cut out fast food, reduce her portion sizes, and start exercising daily for 45 minutes. She lost 190 pounds in two years, and today, she says she takes things “one meal, or one moment, at a time.”

4 The man who lost 150 pounds thanks to his college professor

Joey Morganelli/Instagram

When Joey Morganelli was 16 years old, he watched his father die of a heart attack right in front of him, only three years after losing his mother to cancer. Looking for a way to cope with such tragedy and loss, he turned to food. By the time he graduated high school, he weighed 400 pounds.

Luckily, Morganelli had people around him who cared about his wellbeing and were concerned by what they saw. In his freshman year of college, his microbiology professor pulled him aside to express concerns about his health, and asked him to watch the 2011 documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The film had a major effect on Morganelli and slowly but surely, he replaced fast food with healthy, home-cooked meals. Eventually, he became more committed, going on a vegan diet, and by mid-2018, he had lost 150 pounds.

In January 2019, he wrote on Instagram that even though losing weight is hard, what’s harder is facing yourself and dealing with the issues that drove you to overeat to begin with. “Give yourself a fair fight and take that blindfold off,” he wrote. “It will propel you into places you never thought you could be.”

5 The woman who became a fitness influencer after giving up alcohol


We all know alcohol contains plenty of calories, has little nutritional value, and can impede weight-loss and other lifestyle goals we set for ourselves. But a viral post by Instagram influencer Jelly Devote really showed just how much curbing heavy alcohol consumption in favor of drinking more water can help you lose weight.

The photo on the left shows her at 21, during her college partying days, when she was drinking beer and cider with abandon. Now 27, Devote exercises, drinks in moderation, and feels like she’s aging in reverse as a result.

“I’m a new person and I feel better both on the inside and about my outside,” she wrote on Instagram in February.

6 The bride who lost 135 pounds and wore her dream wedding dress

Mary Jane O’Toole/Instagram

When Mary Jane O’Toole got engaged to her longtime boyfriend in 2016, she couldn’t have been more excited about it. Weighing 281 pounds, however, made picking out a wedding dress somewhat of a disheartening process.

“I didn’t want to buy a plus-size wedding dress, because they cost way more than straight sizes,” O’Toole told People in April. “I felt like I was paying this fat tax—I didn’t have the ability to buy affordable clothes because I was bigger.”

When she and her husband-to-be saw photos of themselves from a trip to Disney World, they made the decision to lose weight together and began tracking their calories and meals with the the app LoseIt!

O’Toole lost 75 pounds in the first year, and another 25 once the couple began incorporating exercise into their routine. By the time the wedding rolled around earlier this year, she had lost a total of 135 pounds and was able to walk down the aisle in the dress of her dreams.

7 The teen who lost 175 pounds and fell in love with fitness

Hunter Croteau/Instagram

Hunter Croteau had to go to the doctor to find out he was 367 pounds, because the scale at his home was no longer capable of weighing him. Once he graduated high school and with the help of his family, Croteau threw himself into a healthy diet. But two weeks in, he fell off the wagon.

“I knew lying in bed that night that I was not going to go back on the diet the next morning, and I needed to make a drastic step,” Croteau told Yahoo! Lifestyle in July. His doctor suggested getting sleeve gastrectomy, which typically removes 80 percent of the stomach and therefore limits the amount of food a person can consume.

Croteau decided to have the surgery, even though he was “extremely nervous” going into the operation. “You’re going into this building specifically because you’re fat,” he said. “It’s almost like you’re coming to terms with it in front of the world. You’re saying, ‘I need help. I can’t do this on my own.'”

About a month after the surgery, Croteau began going to the gym, and he became increasingly interested in the science of fitness. Thanks to his workout routine and portion control, he lost 175 pounds in eight months and is now studying to become a certified personal trainer.

While he believes that the surgery was “totally worth it,” Croteau also credits his love of exercise with helping him keep the weight off and stay in shape. “You need to fall into a habit of something you can maintain, something you enjoy,” he said.

8 The woman who lost 220 pounds for her health

Stacy Blair/Instagram

By the time she was 28, Stacy Blair was already beginning to have health problems due to her weight.

“I was taking medication for high blood pressure, my asthma was getting worse, and it was physically painful to walk or stand for more than five minutes,” Blair told Women’s Health in October.

For the first time in her life, she was motivated to lose weight not for the sake of looking good, but for personal wellness and improving her health—an approach that changed everything.

“I wanted to be able to play an active role in my little brothers’ lives rather than watching from the couch,” she said. “I wanted to be able to be a mom one day. I wanted to be able to move without being in pain. I wanted to live instead of just exist.”

Blair got started by counting calories and keeping a daily log of her meals, which led to her going on a keto diet that helped her lose 220 pounds in 17 months.

“At the end of the day when everything is all said and done, it’s not about the weight you lose, it’s about the life you gain,” she said.

9 The mom who lost 80 pounds and discovered self-care

Courtesy of Stacey Welton

Stacey Welton, 50, knew she’d never be a gym aficionado—not with six kids and a full-time job as a teacher, at least. But once her weight began to give her health problems, she knew something had to give.

“I saw a picture of myself and wasn’t happy,” Welton told Best Life in July. “I knew that, as I was getting older, that the weight would continue to increase if I did nothing, so I made up my mind to change my life once and for all.”

She went on the Atkins diet, which had her eating fewer carbs—and in just eight months, she shed 80 pounds.

“I learned to eat to live, not live to eat,” Welton said. “I would say that weight loss is one of the very few areas where it’s OK to be selfish. It is about you. Whatever it costs, it’s worth the personal investment in you. This is the sacrifice that a mom has to make—not only for herself, but her family.”

10 The man who lost 90 pounds with the help of his girlfriend

Jared Sklar/Instagram

As a kid, Jared Sklar loved to play sports. But when the 27-year-old fell in love with his girlfriend, Samatha MacDonald, he gained some relationship weight. All those late nights spent snacking on the couch with his parter left him at 285 pounds, and when he opened up his refrigerator one day and saw pizza boxes from four different restaurants, he decided something had to change.

Sklar and MacDonald decided to give intermittent fasting a try, eating all of their meals between noon and 8 p.m. They immediately noticed that their energy levels increased, and with even more of a drive to be active, the couple used the buddy system to go to the gym six days a week for 45 minutes of indoor cycling.

“We pushed each in our weak areas,” MacDonald said. “We were on different pages initially but pushed each other to be on the same page, and that was a huge help.”

MacDonald lost 12 pounds, and said that the mental health benefits of going to the gym are the real win for her. Meanwhile, Sklar lost 95 pounds in about seven months, and is now a fitness instructor teaching indoor cycling classes.

“It was hugely beneficial to have a support system with me,” he said. “There are always going to be those days where you want to cheat and have a pizza, and just having a support system to keep you in check and being responsible for keeping somebody else in check was really important to me.”

11 The mom who lost 76 pounds and became a wellness coach


At nearly 200 pounds, Jennifer Riviera no longer had the energy to play with her 13-year-old son—and her weight was also taking a toll on her marriage.

“My husband and I weren’t getting along because frankly, I made it really hard to love me because I stopped loving myself,” Riviera told People in August. “Everybody became more important than I did and fast food became my way of life.”

Then, two years ago, she saw a friend post about her weight loss journey and found it inspiring. Her friend recommended Isagenix—a dietary supplement brand that makes meal replacement shakes. Now 115 pounds, Riviera is a full-time health and wellness coach who loves yoga. She says she continues to drink at least one Isagenix shake per day and, most importantly, she now has the energy to play with her son.

12 The man who lost 150 pounds thanks to math

Deande Upshaw/Instagram

At 6’7″ and 400 pounds, DeAndré Upshaw was a big presence in any room he walked into. And while he loved the spotlight and didn’t necessarily hate the way he looked, the 30-year-old knew that his weight could pose certain health risks as time went on. So, rather than going on some of the fad diets that he had experimented with in the past, Upshaw began doing more math and started meticulously counting calories. “The coolest thing about calories in, calories out is that it was math,” he told Men’s Health in January.

He also avoided escalators and elevators, and used a Fitbit to ensure that he took at least 10,000 steps a day. As a result, Upshaw lost 150 pounds in just one year, and now, he hopes to inspire others to put in the hard but rewarding work it takes to make a weight loss transformation. “I didn’t lose 150 pounds once,” he said. “I lost one pound 150 times.”

13 The woman who lost 135 pounds on her own terms

Vanessa Flores/Instagram

Growing up, Vanessa Flores was always overweight. She tried several fad diets to slim down, but nothing stuck—a vegan diet helped her lose 60 pounds but proved difficult to maintain. But when she switched to a low-carb diet, which allowed her to have more carbs on days when she worked out, it was a whole different story. Since making that lifestyle change in 2013, Flores has lost 135 pounds, and she’s still going.

“I think I started my weight loss journey for the wrong reasons,” she told Women’s Health in January. “Deep down, I just wanted a boyfriend and wanted to be prettier. But since then, I’ve realized my weight loss means so much more than that. I’ve not only gained more confidence, but I feel healthier than ever. Now, I feel like I can do anything—in a relationship or not.”

14 The woman who lost 101 pounds after being turned down from an amusement park ride

Sophie Trewick/Instagram

By the time Sophie Trewick, 23, was in college, she weighed 331 pounds. But a 2017 trip to an amusement park was the last straw for the co-ed. “The staff at the theme park gave us all fast track passes so I didn’t have to queue to see if I’d fit on each rollercoaster,” Trewick told The Daily Mail in April. “One of my friends actually said to me ‘I am glad you are fat as we get to jump straight to the front.’ I went home that day distraught, and knew I had to change.”

She cut out the junk food, began exercising three times a week, and joined the UK weight-loss organization Slimming World. According to a recent Instagram post, she’s lost 101 pounds since 2017.

15 The woman who lost 150 pounds despite her thyroid condition

Desiree Alexis-Kae Mize/Instagram

When she was eight years old, Desiree Alexis-Kae Mize was diagnosed with hypothyroidism—a condition that affects approximately three million Americans and causes a variety of symptoms, including a slow metabolism. Remaining active often helped her lose weight, but eventually she’d gain it all back. By 21, Mize weighed 260 pounds, and her doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery, which would reduce the size of her stomach, making it easier to practice portion control.

At first, Mize felt like getting surgery would be the easy way out, but she decided to go through with it after hearing the inspiring success stories of women whose lives were changed by the procedure.

“I also learned that the surgery would help me with portion control, but my weight-loss would still require the discipline that I’d been working on my entire life,” she told Women’s Health in April. “The only difference was this time, I’d actually see results.”

A year after the surgery, Mize has lost 150 pounds and continues to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. While the surgery got the ball rolling, it’s been her responsibility to keep it moving forward, and she’s proud to be doing the work.

“I feel like I’m finally happy and confident with myself and my body,” she said. “I know gastric bypass surgery isn’t the best choice for everyone, but it was the right choice for me, and it definitely wasn’t the ‘easy way out.’ It not only helped me see results I never thought were possible because of my health condition—but it has also helped me stay healthier by keeping my weight in check.”

16 The man who lost over 100 pounds and became a bodybuilder

Quantel Thomas/Instagram

Many of us wake up on New Year’s Day with the resolution to lose weight and get fit. But Quantel Thomas actually did it. Overweight since childhood and 300 pounds by the time he was 18, Thomas kicked off 2017 by starting a routine that found him at the gym six days a week, helping him to lose 180 pounds in 10 months.

Now weighing 204 pounds, he continues his bodybuilding and fitness regimen, and can bench press 285 pounds and deadlift up to 475 pounds. “To be able to love myself, that’s the true, ultimate milestone achieved to this day,” Thomas told Men’s Health in November.

17 The woman who lost 80 pounds and became a social media influencer

Randi Vasquez/Instagram

Randi Vasquez always struggled with her weight, but it never really bothered her until she got out of her “post-grad slump” in 2014 and realized her boozy brunches and weekend binges had brought her up to 240 pounds.

“I stared at myself in the mirror with tears in my eyes and asked myself, ‘How did I let myself get like this?” Vasquez told Women’s Health in March. “I always tried to blame it on my genes, but really, I was obsessed with fast food and I wasn’t working out.”

She kept trying to adopt healthier eating habits, and while she did lose some weight, it wasn’t nearly as much as she wanted. Then her friend recommended Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide program. From the first 28-minute workout, she was hooked.

“It was never easy, but I saw my body and mindset change so much and that kept me going,” she said. “For the first time ever, I totally believed in myself and knew that I was capable of my weight loss goals.” Her fitness regime inspired her to eat healthy, too. She does the Whole 30 diet when she falls off track and needs to get back to good patterns. All in all, Vasquez has lost 80 pounds, and gained more than 70,000 Instagram followers in the process.

“I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and experienced a whole life that I never thought I’d be a part of,” she recently wrote on Instagram. “While my belly may be a little fluffier today, I’m happy from where I started and eager to see where I’ll end up.”

18 The dad who lost 92 pounds to be a better father

Jeremiah Peterson/Instagram

In 2017, Jeremiah Peterson, 40, went on a hiking trip with his family and quickly found that he couldn’t keep up with his young children.

“I had a kind of ‘aha’ moment,” Peterson told The New Haven Register in April. “I reflected on what my life had been. I thought about what my life was at that very moment, and saw what I wanted my life to be.”

At the time, his days were consumed by the antiques store he had opened with his wife, and his evenings were spent sitting around drinking beer. Weighing 290 pounds at the time, he decided to make some changes by going on the keto diet, cutting out all alcohol, and hiking in the great outdoors. Once he was in better shape, he began lifting weights again, and his body transformation has garnered him more than 113,000 Instagram followers. He certainly looks like he could run after his kids without losing his breath now.

“The road to your dreams isn’t always going to be easy to accomplish,” Peterson recently wrote on Instagram. “Just remember this if you get lost along the way: that anything worth having doesn’t come easy. You have to be willing to dig down deep and do the work and most importantly never give up.”

19 The A-list celebrity who lost the baby weight

Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Back in May 2017, Jessica Simpson had an awkward interview on Ellen, in which she quashed pregnancy rumors related to her weight gain. The proud mother of three has frequently been the subject of vicious tabloid headlines mocking her post-kids physique. So in September, she rocked the internet when she revealed that she had “tipped the scales at 240” and was “100 pounds down” just six months after giving birth to her third child.

” so proud to feel like myself again,” Simpson wrote on Instagram. “Even when it felt impossible, I chose to work harder.”

Meet Tony, a Nerd Fitness rebel and the man behind another kick-ass success story that needs to be shared with the world.

His transformation was so inspiring that I featured him in my Google presentation and decided to do a whole interview with him today. Here’s why:

Back in November of 2010, I got an email from Tony asking about the Rebel Fitness Guide. He bought it, said he was going to make changes in his life, and that was that. He told me:

“Once I get to where I want to be physically I’ll have to send you some before and after shots. That would be a good addition to NF, a before and after page. Kinda corny cuz all those “6 minute ab” sites do it too but I think people may want to share their success stories.”

I’m not going to lie, I get emails like this a few times a week from people that vow they’re going to make changes, that “things are going to be different this time!”…and then I never hear from them again.

Four months went by and not a peep from Tony – add him to the list of casualties of people who got too eager too soon and eventually lost interest, right? Well, imagine my surprise when back in March I got another email from Tony out of the blue:

When I first started working out on my own you really motivated me to get my butt off the couch and hit the gym. I started at 257lbs and now my down to 211lbs!!!!!!!!! Size 40 pant size down to 36 now!

I purchased your Rebel fitness guide and currently I’m on the Outcast level. I work out during my lunch hour at work (small office building type gym) so I don’t have anything to throw resistance bands around but I try to supplement those parts of the workout with some other exercise that works the same muscles.

Here are some before and one after pic.

Promise I’ll get a real NF t-shirt soon! Lol.

Holy crap, not only did Tony stay self-motivated for four months, but he worked his way through almost all of the different levels of the ebook, and made his own NERD FITNESS t-shirt. I remember reading Tony’s email thinking “this guy is THE MAN.” I was so pleasantly surprised and excited about Tony’s story that I told him I’d send him a free Nerd Fitness shirt so he didn’t have to keep wearing his fake shirt 🙂

I recently reached out to Tony and asked if I could interview him about his 4-month (now 6 month) transformation, both physically and mentally. Tony is your typical American – he works a full-time desk job, has a wife and kids, and struggled with his weight until making some changes late last year. Here’s that interview:

Steve: Hey Tony! Congrats on all of your success up to this point, but let’s go way back to before you started. Describe a typical day for you before you decided to make a change.

Tony: Wake up and go to work. Before starting my day I’d spend $5 on a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich (on a croissant.) After breakfast I’d have a smoke until mid morning when I’d go out for another smoke break. At noon I would typically go to McDonald’s or to a local deli and order a steak and cheese or spicy Italian hoagie.

Of course I would wash it down with nothing other than a Coke or cream soda. Chips or a cookie for dessert.

Another smoke break after eating.

Mid-afternoon snack and smoke break.

After work I’d get home and devour whatever I could find in the fridge, usually hot dogs, pizza or some kind of quick fix meal. Desert would be whatever I wanted, no holds barred! Ice cream! Cookies! Chips! Chocolate! More pizza!

The night would end on the couch or in bed, in a food coma, flipping through channels until I lost consciousness. Sounds unreal but I kid you not, that’s how my typical day went before making the decision.

Sad. I know.

Steve: I’m sure there are quite a few people reading this who can relate, so don’t beat yourself up too much. Okay, lets fast-forward a bit: Was there a specific moment that you decided to make changes? What inspired you to start exercising?

Tony: Yes! There actually was! A very specific moment as a matter of fact.

I was up to 257 LBS. Never before had I been so overweight. I wasn’t happy and I had been thinking about getting in shape.

That was about it. No action.

Just wishful thinking and some memories of my younger days when I was fit and healthy.

A buddy of mine at work felt the same way and we had been talking for weeks about how we needed to get our asses in the gym…But never did.

Then one day I got an email from him telling me to read this extremely motivating article, your guest post on the Art of Manliness.

The one line that totally did it for me and still sticks with me today is this one: “Every man should be able to save his own life and protect his children and spouse.”

My family isn’t in any danger that would require my coming to their rescue or anything, but “what if?” My tongue was practically hanging out of my mouth after climbing a flight of stairs. How would I ever save my my wife, my kids in the event of a life threatening situation?!!

I had never thought of fitness that way. I also never had what you could call a meaningful purpose for getting healthy and in shape. There is a higher purpose to being in shape and Steve, you helped me see that purpose!

“Rediscovering a passion for exercise goes far beyond just elevating your heart rate and shedding a few unwanted pounds. If you really want to be the best husband to your wife, best father to your sons and daughters, and ultimately the best man you can be, it’s time to make your physical well-being one of your top priorities.”

So what inspired me? A nerd named Steve did.

Thanks buddy.

Steve: Aw gee, thanks man – that means a lot. Thank YOU for actually following through with your changes. So, you bought the Rebel Fitness Guide, and then I didn’t hear from you for MONTHS, how did you stay motivated during that time? Most people struggle with this when there’s nobody pushing them along. Why were you successful?

Tony: I kept reading Nerd Fitness and learning more about getting stronger and healthier. Reading NF gave me new habits to try out…like the Paleo diet for example. Aside from educating myself, the cold hard truth is that once you’ve made a real decision to make a change, there is very little that can stop you. If you NEED motivation to stay on track, then you have to question your level of commitment to change. Motivation was just another tool to keep me a little more focused, but the decision had been made and nothing was going to stop me.

Steve: I absolutely agree with you there, and it was the same thing I noticed with my buddy Saint – once you finally find your reason to stay focused, there’s nothing that can stop you. So you committed to making a change, but I’m sure it wasn’t an easy path. What was the toughest change for you to make?

Tony: Eating habits at first. The first month was a true test of will power. My will power muscle did a lot of growing that month. Saying no to brownies and pizza was the hardest part for me. Working out was relatively easy compared to changing the way I was used to eating.

I only work out once a day which meant I only had to fight my urge to give up once per day also. Once I got past that initial feeling of laziness when it came to working out, and actually got my butt in the gym, the rest was easy. But junk food is constantly being presented to us on a daily basis, several times a day, just by walking down the street even!

Having the will power to say “no” each time junk food was presented to me was not an easy task.

Steve: So your physical appearance has CERTAINLY changed…what else has changed about you?

Tony: I’ve found that mentally, I push myself more. When it comes to completing tasks I found I have more mental stamina. I don’t give up as easy. I’m also a lot more cheery and less lazy. I have more energy at the end of the day. Clarity of mind is highly enjoyable. I’m not so cluttered by stress anymore. Overall, I can say that I am a much happier, well balanced being.

My family is also reaping the benefits of my new positive outlook and energetic bod. I get inspired to take more risks now. I’ve even started taking steps to launch my own blog and also to start a non-profit organization! I am now a true believer of the phrase “strong body, strong mind”. I’ve also noticed that people around me have been inspired by my progress and have also started to lose weight and get fit. Pretty awesome to witness that. It’s amazing what impact you can have on people simply by being an example of what’s possible.

Steve: Damn straight! Congratulations, my man. Alright, describe a typical day for you now.

Tony: Wake up to a tall glass of water. Eat some fruit and go to work. I drink plenty of water throughout the morning and for lunch I hit the gym and knock out a quick Rebel Fitness Guide workout! After my workout I run out and get myself a healthy salad full of protein-filled meat like chicken, salmon or turkey. In the afternoon I continue drinking lots of water and when I get home I enjoy making dinner with my family.

We usually make some kind of meat with tons of vegetables on the side. For desert we’ll often have a blueberry, banana smoothie that I love to make. Then I play with my kids and spend time with my wife. I then work on my businesses for a little while. I end the day reading a few blog posts and a few pages from whatever book I’m reading at the time.


Steve: That’s awesome…you’ve made some tremendous strides but I know you’re not done yet. What are your goals moving forward?

Tony: I want to get stronger. I want to be able to do 10 pull ups. I also want to lose enough belly fat to make some muscle visible (vanity, I know). I would also like to be able to do some upside down push ups. Otherwise, I’m living my goal everyday! The journey is most rewarding.

Steve: Do you have any words of advice for people who are at your “starting point”? What can you say to those people to help themselves make changes.

Tony: Have a reason. I really good reason! You can’t just make up some shallow reason like “I want to lose 50 lbs”. You have to have a purpose, like being around for your family 20, 30, 40 years from now. If you don’t have kids, then maybe your purpose can be to get stronger or to run a marathon. Forget about your appearance in the beginning. All of that will come on its own, sometimes faster than you ever expected.

Pay close attention to how your clothing feels and not the number you see on the scale. I used to weigh myself once a week and sometimes I wouldn’t lose anything but I noticed that I needed more holes in my belt. Educate yourself! Read Nerd Fitness. It’s the only resource I use consistently. Also, reach out to Steve, he’s great at being supportive and can help keep you on track when you feel you need an extra push. It’s literally like having a training coach by your side whenever you need one!

But above all, I have to reiterate, have an ultra compelling reason! Something bigger and greater than just losing weight! You are meant for greatness and the sooner you start believing everything that Steve tells you, the sooner you’ll start seeing results!

Steve: Is there anything about the NEW you that the OLD you would be surprised to learn?

Tony: I consider the OLD me to be the young, healthy, vibrant, energetic, strong and good looking teenager that I used to be. So the OLD me would simply say something like “Welcome back, glad you found your way again.” 🙂 The chubbier mid-version of myself would probably be shocked to learn that almost everything I ever thought were reasons I couldn’t… were actually just lame-ass excuses.

Steve: Favorite video game?

Tony: God Of War trilogy!!!!

Steve: Agreed; Kratos is the man! Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Tony: Lord of the Rings all the way! Hairy Hobbit feet for everyone baby!

Steve: Agreed once again, I knew I liked you for some reason!

Why was Tony Successful?

Let’s do a quick recap about why Tony had such success:

He was motivated. Tony realized that he wanted to be in shape for his wife and his children. After wallowing in years of denial, excuses, and apathy, he suddenly realized that he was going to have to make some changes if he wanted to live a long healthy life with his loved ones. It was this internal motivation that kept Tony working out on days when he felt lazy, eating healthy when he wanted junk food, and taking care of himself when all he wanted to do was go back to his old habits. He found his motivation, and did whatever it took to get there.

He cleaned up his diet! What you eat is 80-90% of your success or failure when it comes to losing weight – no amount of exercise will allow you to outrun an unhealthy diet. Exercise, especially strength training, is the icing on the cake…hmmm, wait bad example – the cake is a lie!

Tony stopped eating junk, stopped drinking tons of liquid calories, and started loading up on protein and vegetables. Look at that picture above, and read his words – you can actually FEEL how much happier and healthier he is. His positivity and happiness radiates off the screen.

He had a plan to follow. The Rebel Fitness Guide is a collection of workout plans and healthy diet information for the average Joe presented in a super nerdy, fun way – it doesn’t have any top-secret formulas, get-fit-quick workouts, or magic supplement secrets (those things don’t exist). The reason the Rebel Fitness Guide was successful for Tony was because HE ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH IT.

He didn’t give up after two weeks, he didn’t constantly change directions, he didn’t keep trying new fads and giving up when instant success didn’t show up. He put on his metaphorical hard hat and went to work – he started with the Level 1 Rookie workouts and slowly, steadily, surely worked his way all the way up to the Level 4 Renegade workouts. He always had a new challenge to look forward to, and a new opportunity to push himself to be better, faster, stronger.

Want to know what the best workout plan is? The one that you actually follow through with and complete.

He was consistent. I’m sure Tony had his shares of ups and downs over the past six months while losing weight and getting in shape. What’s important is that he looked at his journey as a marathon, not a sprint. On a day to day basis, the scale might not have been moving, but in the long run he knew that he was making significant progress and getting stronger. His belt kept getting tighter, his clothes started feeling more loose, and he could compare “after” pictures to his “before” pictures to see changes.

Tony didn’t concern himself with instant gratification and speedy success – he knew he was making changes that would last him an entire lifetime. Because of this, he has been successful where so many others have failed.

You can see awesomely drastic and lasting changes in a few short months if you stay focused. Think about it; If you plan on living for another 40,50,60, 70 years…a few months of fun, inspirational, challenging hard work really isn’t as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be in your mind. Tony did all of this awesomeness while working a full time job, building a website on the side, and raising a family.

If you have any questions for Tony, go ahead and leave your questions in the comments and I’ll make sure he comes by to answer them!


PS – psssst…Hey Tony, now that you’re an inspiration for tens of thousands of people, looks like you’ll just have to keep kicking ass. I want a video of you doing 10 pull ups by the end of the year!

Men’s Coaching stories: Meet 12 guys who fixed their health and body fat issues.

As we transition from young guys, a few things tend to happen: we move a little less and we eat a little more.

Our metabolisms slow down and we gain some fat. Maybe a little fat; maybe a lot.

If you’re like most guys, you’ll chalk it up to a natural part of aging, akin to losing your hair or suffering from an ever-decreasing sex drive.

We have two words for you: Screw. That.

Despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t take much to lose weight, get back in shape, and enhance the quality of your life.

Just ask any of the guys below.

Like many, they found themselves settling for a below-average body, even if the rest of their life was well above average. Eventually they (along with thousands of others) got fed up looking and feeling like crap, and joined us here.

Precision Nutrition Men’s Coaching helped them achieve phenomenal results. But the best part? It’s all replicable.

Just as these guys lost weight, got back in shape, and transformed their lives, so can you.

Meet Kevin.

Kevin Littler joined Precision Nutrition Coaching to lose fat.

But what surprised him more were the inner changes: improved confidence, grace under pressure, and deeper self-awareness.

Losing 37 pounds was just part of the bargain.

Meet Patrick.

Patrick’s a nice blue-collar guy. Holds down a couple of jobs. At night, he’s a bouncer.

Recently, he had to throw a couple guys out for being too drunk. They called him names.

But after losing 152 pounds, they didn’t call him fat.

Meet Peter.

Peter knows the value of a dollar. And he’ll be damned if he’s gonna give it away for no good reason.

So when he joined Precision Nutrition Coaching he had one question: “Will it be worth it?”

After dropping 42 pounds, he had his answer: Yep.

Meet Richard.

Richard was like a lot of guys his age: family man with bad habits, just a step away from a heart attack. To deal with chronic pain and random injuries, he popped Advil like candy.

But after losing over 100 pounds he’s a new man.

Meet Peter.

Between family, travel, and getting older, Peter was finding it hard to get in the gym and stay in shape. He didn’t have time for a personal trainer and was tired of not being consistent on his own.

Peter found Precision Nutrition Coaching, got consistent, and went on to lose 33 pounds and win $25,000.

Meet David.

A former college athlete and high school football coach, David knew his way around the gym. Problem was he ate more doughnuts than he did push-ups.

He got his butt in gear, lost 82 pounds, and now his kids are his new reason to stay in shape.

Meet Steve.

As an emergency room surgeon, Dr. Steve Leech knew how to fix others. But when he reached 230 pounds, he knew it was about time to fix himself.

The good doctor went on to lose 55 pounds, build muscle, and take on new challenges.

Meet John.

Obese since his 20′s, John topped the scales at 355 pounds in his 40′s.

At 46, he joined Precision Nutrition Coaching and went on to lose over 100 pounds, completely transforming his body and life.

Meet Yano.

Yano seemed to have it all — a great job, a beautiful wife, and amazing friends. The only thing that sucked? He couldn’t fit into a pair of pants off the rack.

After losing 70 pounds and improving his health, Yano now truly has it all.

Meet Bryan.

Like a lot of guys, Bryan knew what to do to get in shape and be healthy. The only problem? He wasn’t doing it consistently.

After joining Precision Nutrition Coaching, he found new motivation, dropped 32 pounds and built muscle and strength.

Meet Alvar.

Alvar, 44 years old, didn’t have a ton of fat to lose, but his body was slowing down on him. It got tired easily. It hurt often. It was just felt old.

Which is why after losing 27 pounds and revealing rock-hard abs Alvar looks and feels like a completely different guy.

Meet Ken.

Ken, 64 yrs old, had a laundry list of medical diagnoses, and knew he had to act. The alternative was a lifetime of medications.

After a year of Precision Nutrition Coaching, not only was Ken healthier and 24 lbs lighter, but his doctor began prescribing the program to his other patients.

Want help finally getting the healthy, energetic body you’re after?

Most people know that regular movement, eating well, sleep, and stress management are important for looking and feeling better. Yet they need help applying that knowledge in the context of their busy, sometimes stressful lives.

That’s why we work closely with Precision Nutrition Coaching clients to help them lose fat, get stronger, and improve their health…no matter what challenges they’re dealing with.

It’s also why we work with health and fitness pros (through our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs) to teach them how to coach their own clients through the same challenges.

Interested in Precision Nutrition Coaching? Join the presale list; you’ll save up to 54% and secure a spot 24 hours early.

We’ll be opening up spots in our next Precision Nutrition Coaching on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015.

If you’re interested in coaching and want to find out more, I’d encourage you to join our presale list below. Being on the list gives you two special advantages.

  • You’ll pay less than everyone else. At Precision Nutrition we like to reward the most interested and motivated people because they always make the best clients. Join the presale list and you’ll save up to 54% off the general public price, which is the lowest price we’ve ever offered.
  • You’re more likely to get a spot. To give clients the personal care and attention they deserve, we only open up the program twice a year. Last time we opened registration, we sold out within minutes. By joining the presale list you’ll get the opportunity to register 24 hours before everyone else, increasing your chances of getting in.

If you’re ready to change your body, and your life, with help from the world’s best coaches, this is your chance.

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