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Gaging Intensity Level

If you want to start exercising and using the activity points calculator, then you will need to know how to measure the level of intensity of your workout. Since this is a bit subjective, below are some general guidelines to help you select the right level.


If during your workout you can talk or sing, your breathing is regular and you are not sweating, then this is a low intensity workout.


If your breathing is deep and often and you start to sweat after 10 minutes, this would be a moderate workout. Another measure is if you can still talk a few sentences but cannot carry on a whole conversation or sing, then you are at a moderate level.


A high intense workout can be measured by heavy breathing and sweating after 3 to 5 minutes. You may be able to talk briefly but you for sure could not sing a song. If this sounds like your workout, then select the high level on the activity points calculator.

Activity Points Overview

If you are a Weight Watchers member and still following the points plan (or original plan), then you already know you can earn extra points by working out, doing fun activities or even cleaning around the house.

If you are not a member, then here’s a quick overview. For a more in-depth explanation behind this activity points calculator, read this article.

Activity points are extra points earned by being active. Exercising is a must for any diet and Weight Watchers understand this. So they have offered a way to reward members who are active by giving them extra points. These extra points can then be used during that week if needed.

They can come in handy when you have a special occasion (and food points may be higher), for that sweet snack you have been craving or perhaps an occasional alcoholic beverage.

The choice to use them or not is up to the person themselves. It is not required to use them. Even if you decide not to use them, it is important to any weight loss program to be active.

As the activity points calculator shows, there is certain information needed to get the proper results. These include your weight, exercise duration and level of intensity. Depending on which Weight Watchers plan a person is following, the calculation is different.

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Wello, the startup that connects people with personal trainers to receive private fitness consultations through online video chat, is in talks to be acquired by Weight Watchers, sources tell TechCrunch.

We’ve contacted Wello for details on the deal, but at the moment, the company has declined to comment. This post will be updated with any additional information, such as financial terms, we receive.

Wello, which launched in mid-2012, has raised some $1 million in seed funding from a range of well-known investors including Rock Health, Kleiner Perkins, Mohr Davidow, Aberdare Ventures, Mayo Ventures, Morado Ventures, S-Cubed Capital, PhilQuo Ventures, and other angels.

Since its launch two years ago, Wello has extended its product lineup from one-on-one video chat to include group training sessions and gym-like monthly membership subscriptions.

Wello has said its core aim is to “democratize” access to personal fitness training, which has historically been a relatively high-end and rarefied service. This mission fits well with Weight Watchers, which has become a household name for making weight loss and nutrition consultation accessible to the masses. Weight Watchers has been moving in recent years to expand its reach into the wider health/fitness “lifestyle” market, so Wello could be a nice bolt-on product to add to its offerings.

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