We’re thrilled to announce that Hourglass Angel now carries Spanx shapewear! But, what is Spanx and what does Spanx do? If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s the scoop.

Spanx shapers are typically lightweight garments that help to control trouble areas and make your silhouette look slim and streamlined. The layers are designed to be thin, so that they’re unnoticeable under close-fitting dresses and other attire.

Very few women have a “flawless” figure. Spanx makes it possible for virtually every woman, regardless of their shape or size.

Spanx offers a variety of garments, including bodysuits, shaping panties, camis and other styles, each designed to target and enhance different areas of the body.

Here are some of the features found in select Spanx garments:

  • Tummy sculpting power: Spanx shapers use a bonded tummy panel to flatten your tummy and give you a smooth midsection.
  • Lightweight design: Spanx uses a unique spandex/nylon blend that is comfortable and feels like it’s barely there.
  • Pocketed rear: As Brooke Shield says, no more uni-butt! Enhance your and support your curves.
  • Side panels for ultimate slimming power without uncomfortable squeezing.
  • Paper thin leg openings for a seamless look under show-stopping styles.

These are just a few of the benefits of Spanx, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some celebrities are saying this beloved shapewear:

“You guys have no idea how many friends I’ve turned on to the Bra-llelujah!”
— Jennifer Garner

“Every celebrity walking down the red carpet. You think she’s all just naturally like ‘shooop.’ A lot of them have Spanx on. They’re these tight little tights. You put ’em on, it sucks you up, baby. No matter what red carpet, I got ’em on. I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it’s like, ‘palow!'”
— Tyra Banks

“Spanx are my best friend!”
— Kim Kardashian

“Spanx—it’s all hidden and squashed!”

—Sienna Miller

“I love Spanx, I love Spanx. I wear Spanx every single day. I’ve given up panties. I wear Spanx!”
— Oprah

“I wore Spanx under my Fantastic Four costume. I love them! Spanx are the only thing that smooths out all of my lumps and bumps.”
— Jessica Alba

“Spanx are a gift from God!”
— Miley Cyrus

“Style secret? Definitely Spanx. That’s every girl’s secret, but most don’t talk about it. You don’t have to think about sucking it in—they do the work for you.” —Miranda Lambert

—Brooke Shields

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Your Failproof Guide to Wearing Spanx

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

I swear by Spanx. Sure, the sucking in and smoothing conjures up the thought of a girdle, but shapewear gives me extra confidence when I’m really showing off my figure. And depending on my mood, that can be up to three or four times a week.

Now, my vast knowledge of Spanx comes from my own trial and error and most directly correlates to shorts, underwear, tights, and slips, but considering that these women worked in fashion, I was surprised they had such limited experience. All of this made me realize I needed to impart my wisdom and share my knowledge. Thus, ahead, a frequently-asked-question guide to wearing shapewear, based on my personal experience as a self-proclaimed addict.

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How do I find my size?

When it comes to the shaper shorts and underwear, which I find to be the most popular styles, finding your size is directly related to your waist and hips size. I would pick something that mimics your regular pant size, so if your denim size is 28, I would pick a size small shaper. A more clinical approach is actually measuring your waist and fullest part of your hips to get an exact size. For hosiery, take into account your height, like any other tights. Selecting a size that is smaller is not going to make you appear slimmer — if anything, it will bulge and make you more uncomfortable and irritable. Trust me!

How should I wash my shapewear?

I don’t follow this rule much, but you should hand-wash your shapewear in cold water and lay it flat to dry (just like any delicate lingerie). Do not twist or wring; it will lose its shape. If you’re lazy like me, machine wash in cold, but do not, I repeat, do not use the dryer. If you do, you will be left with too-small Spanx and that unfortunate bulging issue.

Do you need to wear underwear underneath a shaper short or underwear?

No way. The whole point of slimming shapewear is to create a seamless line underneath. Excess fabric will lead to excess bulk.

Are they sweaty?

There is a certain amount of sweat associated with shapewear, for sure — there is nothing worse than wearing them to an outdoor summer wedding, but miraculously, sweat won’t seep through your clothes. The durable material seems to act as a buffer against visible wet patches.

What should I wear my Spanx with?

You can’t go wrong with a shaper short under a fitted pencil skirt. The long bike-short-length style creates a lean line from your waist to the top of your knee. If you aren’t as worried about your thighs (lucky!), try a high-waisted panty that focuses on lifting your butt. Tank slips work well under sheath dresses, but if you still need to wear a bra, try an open-bust slip that offers support.

What color should I buy?

It’s smart to invest in skin tones to go under pale shades, like white or pink, and black for darker clothing. Some shapewear comes in more interesting colors like oxblood and navy, which are fun, but I don’t find them to be as wearable.

Can I wear Spanx as outerwear?

Because of the sheer and shiny material that Spanx comes in, I wouldn’t recommend doing this (though certain Kardashians would disagree). But shaper leggings and jeans do exist — they’re meant to look like regular clothing with the added benefit of a super-stretchy, comfy fit.

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What should I do if I’m wearing shapewear on a date, but don’t plan on going home alone?

Ah yes, the Bridget Jones conundrum. Honestly, if you are wearing a shaper short, I would go to the bathroom at the bar or restaurant you are at and take them off. You’ll thank me later.

I Tried Man Spanx and My Body Looked Totally Unreal

Middle age, so the quip goes, is when your age starts to show around your middle. By that measure, suddenly I’m feeling its hard onset at 40. That’s why I’ve been going to the gym daily and attempting to employ a modicum of restraint when it comes to food and booze. Has six weeks of this made a dent in my burgeoning dad bod? Perhaps. But progress is happening at a glacial pace—a consequence of both a slowing metabolism and lying to myself about what restraint actually looks like.

Now, I’m a relatively slim dude, which makes the burgeoning chungles rearing up over the waistband of my slim-fitting pants all the more conspicuous and lamentable. But as I demurely unbutton them mid-meal at my favorite ramen joint, I know that I have a choice to make: Abandon the size I’ve had since I was in high school, or buy into the brand that made Sara Blakely a billionaire at my age—Spanx.

If you’re a man, you probably know what Spanx are and, if you’re a woman, you almost definitely do (don’t blame me—blame the patriarchy). So here’s the skinny at tweet length: Spanx are foundational shaping undergarments designed to smooth out wearers’ silhouettes making them appear svelter than they actually are.

Blakely launched the company in 2000, and since 2010, Spanx have had a men’s line. If any of my male friends have taken advantage, they are keeping that information tightly under wraps. My female friends, on the other hand, responded to my Facebook inquiry about their Spanx experiences full-throatedly and en masse.

There were two main camps: those who said that they primarily wear or wore Spanx to “hold them in” so that they appeared thinner, and those who mostly wore them to smooth out lumps and bumps, make their curves appear sleeker under a figure-hugging dress.

I received plenty of anecdotal intel on Spanx to boot. One friend told me that all I needed to know about them is that they proved Archimedes’ principle of fluid displacement. “If you put a fat ass into a small tight garment, the fat doesn’t go away,” she explained. “It just overflows the top it and spills out at the bottom.”

Another talked about putting on a Spanx body suit at a clothing swap, hoping that it would cinch her body into an hourglass shape. It didn’t. ” basically pushed all of my curves into my waistline so I looked like an overstuffed, lumpy sausage.” She added that it took two people thirty minutes to eventually pry her out of it. “We almost resorted to cutting it off.”

I asked a few other friends how they dealt with ridding themselves of body scaffolding when on a date. One said that she preferred to head to the bathroom to discretely peel herself out of her Spanx first while another friend said that while she had no qualms about revealing her figure-morphing exoskeleton, she would normally not wear them on a sex date with someone, as “men tend to ruin them and stretch them out when they are taking them off of you.”

Given that so many of the women I casually polled love these things, I’m genuinely excited to unbox the press samples: a crew neck t-shirt and slim-waist trunks, when they arrive in the mail. Excitement gives way to confusion as, once unfolded, the former looks as though it might fit a medium-sized Jack Russell. The shirt is so small, in fact, that the box also comes with illustrated instructions for how to get in and out of it without incident. The bottoms resemble something worn by somebody who is convalescing from thoracic surgery.

Without consulting the instructions—I am a man, after all—I try to pull on the shirt and endure a moment of wide-eyed panic as I get stuck halfway through the maneuver. In the ensuing struggle, I fall over, my head narrowly missing the corner of my bed. I imagine the ignominity of the emergency services breaking down my apartment door to find me incapacitated while Porky-Pigging it. I finally get into the shirt which, being tighter than a dolphin’s asshole, demands that I sit bolt upright on the edge of my bed. I pull up the bottoms so that the top of the thick waistband sits above my navel and gingerly walk across the room to assess my new profile in the mirror.

Sure enough, from every angle, I looked remarkably more aerodynamic, if faintly ridiculous. The point of Spanx of course is that they are not meant to be seen. When I put on a shirt and pants over them I immediately see that my mini-muffin tops are conspicuous by their absence. But then, to my horror, so is my butt. The whole point of this was to experience the benefit of a shapewear on my profile but if looking trimmer comes at the price of negating all those squats, lunges, glute bridges, and even a cosmetic intervention, I’m frankly disappointed.

While Spanx actually does offer padded constricto-knickers for their female customers, the same can’t be said for their more limited men’s line. I decide to buy some padded men’s briefs with butt pads from another company and, two days later—I love Amazon Prime—I have the components of for a trimmer, fitter, more bootylicious-looking me. With the bright blue and red, generously-padded briefs over my Spanx layer, I look like some sort of facacta superhero, but once concealed, my undergarments are really doing the trick. I’m standing taller, looking trimmer, and appear to have the ability to crack golf balls betwixt my glutes.

Of course, women don’t wear Spanx to mince around the house fancying themselves, and I’m not about to either. I arrange to meet my girlfriend at an oyster bar near my home and she’s uncharacteristically late. Thirty minutes late, in fact. By the time she arrives, I’m out of my winter outer layers and am down to a long-sleeved thermal shirt, rosy cheeked and sweating. My friends had told me that these things could get pretty toasty and they weren’t kidding. The upside of my stripping down is that my girlfriend now has an unobscured view of my suddenly more Justin Trudeau-like trouser region as I take every opportunity to stand up and walk around for her viewing pleasure. After my third unnecessary sashay to the bathroom, I throw her a bone.

“You okay?” she says, as I retake my seat with a painful wince, a clearly audible groan.

“Just sore,” I say. “I’ve been doing a lot of squats lately.”

“Y’know, I was going to say that your pants are fitting differently lately,” she says. “That tush, it looks…unreal.”

Unreal? Is my girlfriend that perceptive? Is she clued into the fact that the bodacious buns I’d been clumsily tantalizing her with are largely foam? Or is she using the term “unreal” in a more figurative sense?

“Can’t wait to get you out of those pants,” she says as we make a beeline for my apartment, indicating that my sartorial subterfuge has yet to be rumbled.

I can’t wait to get out of them too, I think, as I begin to overheat. But there’s a sudden change of plans. She wants to eat dinner at a little Vietnamese place near my apartment before we head back. Somehow I muscle through the meal and, once we’re through my front door, I immediately initiate sexy time. Typically, part of this involves quickly undressing myself as I invite my girlfriend into the bedroom. But wanting the full Spanx experience, I encourage her to get me out of my clothes and then, when the jig is finally up, shuck me out of my elastic casing.

“Are you…are you wearing….Spanx?” she says as she runs a hand over the taut, seamless garment pushing my vital organs snugly together .

I nod.

“I was going to say that you were looking particularly tight and trim today. And…that ass! It is unreal! I was thinking that it couldn’t have grown that quickly!”

“Oh yeah,” I reply, trying not to be fazed by her reaction to what could be accurately described as false advertising. “Why don’t you take them off?

What follows is more reminiscent of a greco-roman wrestling match than a preamble to love making. Breaking me out takes several minutes leaves us both tousle-haired, red faced, breathless and exhausted though I’m revivified by a sense of body freedom. My little love handles were right where I’d last seen them, of course, but then so were my hard earned buns. The garments weren’t all stretched out and ruined, as my friend said they might be. But then, it was a woman who was removing them; a woman who owns Spanx herself, it turns out.

The instruction card that came with the top—the one I neglected to consult—includes a tongue-in-cheek warning that says: ” Side effects of wearing shirt include increased confidence and decreased waistline.” I can attest to this, and I can see why so many of my female friends employ them, downsides and all.

I expect that men would be more inclined to wear shaping undergarments if male business, evening, or formalwear meant thin, slinky, figure-hugging dresses, skirts, and blouses. Instead, we wear blazers, shirts, ties, and pants that are pre-designed to make us appear taller, trimmer, and more broad-shouldered. Suiting, it seems, is already a type of shapewear for men—a kind that seeks to gently camouflage our bodies, and not reconfigure them through brute force.

6 Cons Of Using Body Shapers You Might Have Not Known

The first that comes to my mind the moment I hear terms like “body shapers”, “body slimmers”, “waist trimmers”, etc, is whether these products actually work. And we they do work, then how?

The moment you try googling on these lines, you will find various companies advertising products on similar lines making promises of making you achieve an hourglass figure of sorts.

But the question still remains, how true are these claims. How effective these body shapers are in reality.

Now in this article, we choose to bring to you a few pros and cons of using a body shaper finally leaving the final call for you to take whether you would like to use a body shaper or you would like to follow a gradual way to weight loss which is sustainable in future.

There are definitely a few benefits of wearing that body shaper, especially if you are eyeing to don that slimmer you on a special occasion.

Looking good on special occasions is certainly important and when you have made the effort of spending time on selecting that outfit, you would certainly not want to look as if you have squeezed into it.

So let us see why body shapers come across as a good choice while we look out to achieve a slimmer and less flabby version of ourselves and wish to fit into clothes which otherwise don’t “fit” the bill for us.

So let’s take a look at various benefits a body shaper offers to you.

Different facets of using body shapers

1. Provide A Slimmer Physique In A Jiffy

There is certainly no doubt that a body shaper gives you an instantly ready slimmer physical appearance.

Most users can fit into maybe 2 sizes smaller than the normal while in their body shapers. This obviously provides an instant solution to people weighing on the heavier side.

And what better than to look good and feel great! So one point to body shapers here!

2. Easily Available In The Market And Shopping Websites

As idealists, we may want to disagree here but the fact remains that appearance plays an important role in whether you are liked or not during the first meeting; and a slim appearance always gets extra marks.

A body shaper provides an easy way to make your way towards that slimmer you without going through rigorous exercises and crash diets.

It gives a slimmer appearance to your entire body, from your bellies to back to thighs – so basically the whole of upper and lower body.

Now the best part is yet to come i.e. it is easily available in the market and on shopping websites. You can easily visit one of the stores and try your body shaper before buying it.

Even the shopping websites today provide this option to the users of trying the product before buying. So there you go!

3. Invisible Beneath Clothes

Because these body shapers are made of Lycra-based fabric containing advanced microfibers, the body shaper, as a result, has a sheerness that makes it easily hidden under clothes.

This implies that it anybody looking at you from outside can’t make out that you are actually wearing something fishy inside which is giving you that “fabricated” slimness. That is just for you to know!

Go Well With A Weight Loss Program You May Be Following

If you have already been exercising and dieting for acquiring your desired shape, the body shaper may come as a motivation for you.

You can wear that dress you have been eyeing for long sooner than the actual time it would have taken you otherwise.

So you get to experience that “feel good” factor much before that tumultuous road of sacrifice and self-discipline ends.

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Now that we have briefly discussed the benefits of using a body shaper, we also wish to draw your attention to the various disadvantages it offers to its users. Here are they:

6 Health Risks While Using Body Shapers

Whatever said and done, body shapers are extremely tight garments, which insanely sticks to the body while compressing it.

In the long run, wearing such a tight garment may play havoc with your well being, completing defeating the intention of wearing the body shaper in the first place.

1. Adversely Affect the Functioning of Lungs

Body shapers that are worn along the upper body start compressing the lower lobes of the lungs stopping them from expanding to their fullest.

This means that lungs in such a situation, cannot take up oxygen as much as they would have wanted to thus affecting the breathing and overall functioning of lungs in the long run.

2. Cause Irregular Blood Circulation

Because of its tight fitting on the body, body shapers exert high pressure on skin and muscles causing an ill effect on blood circulation in the long run.

Tight body shapers cause the heart to work harder to pump blood into the compressed areas, thus tiring the heart easily.

Sometimes blood clots can also form due to this, which when travel to the heart and lungs cause immediate death. This phenomenon is called embolism.

3. Cause Indigestion

Body shapers not only exert pressure externally but also on the external organs such as stomach, intestines, liver, etc.. basically organs controlling the digestion process adversely affecting the process of digestion. Gastritis or acid reflux is commonly observed in people making regular use of body shapers.

4. Adversely Affect The Bladder

People using shapewear, especially women wearing body shapers feel inconvenience in using the restroom because of its tight fit.

It is not easily removable and thus restricts urine passing in women. This causes severe discomfort and urinary infections in the long run.

5. Give Rise To Numbness In Legs

Because the body shapers compress the thighs for as long you are wearing them. The tightness quotient reduces the blood flow and also sometimes compress the nerves, leading to problems like numbness of the leg and cramps.

6. Create Breeding Grounds For Infections

Wearing body shapers for a long time causes sweat and moisture to make way in the area where the body shaper has been worn. The moisture can lead to various fungi and bacteria on the skin giving way to various infections, rashes, etc.

So here we have given you a look at the various benefits and hazards of using a body shaper. Now, whether or not you use it should be totally your call.

But let us tell you. There are no shortcuts to acquiring that hourglass figure. If at all you must acquire it, you have to start exercising and supplement it with a healthy and balanced diet.

Body shapers have a very short-term effect causing more harm than offering any benefits. So get up and get going! Hit the gym, start walking, consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and most importantly, start detoxifying.

This will give you a result you have been waiting to experience. We are telling you, if you start following these, you would never need to do something with your body that brings you side effects and ill health.

Want to know more about other healthy and sustainable ways that aid in weight loss along with providing nutrition to your body while avoiding all the side effects?

Talk to a Truweight Nutritionist today. The first consultation is on us!

Pros And Cons Of Using A Waist Trainer

I’m sure we have all seen the advertisements for this growing trend of waist trainers. They look like a modern day corset and are meant to be worn to help you get that hourglass figure everyone wants. I, myself, have bought one so I feel I am well suited to talk about the pros and cons of this product. The advertisements you see show the product on someone so you can see it works in giving that flawless hourglass look for wearing tight dresses or shirts. Then they show you how people have lost weight or changed their figure from this product.

Let me start off by telling you the pros of using a waist trainer. I think they are fantastic for using if you want to fit and feel sexy in that tight little black dress that you own. It does a great job in hiding flaws in fat distribution along your mid-section and “love handles.”

Waist trainers are also a great tool for NPC bikini bodybuilders to use during “peak week” before a competition. I know this from experience — peek week is the week before the competition where the competitors are trying to dry out or dehydrate themselves essentially.

A waist trainer comes in handy during this because if you work out with it on and do cardio, it helps in sucking water out of the mid-section. Yes, this makes it appear as if you had lost weight or fat, but don’t let it fool you. As soon as you start drinking fluids again normally, you will gain that all back.

Now let’s talk about the cons. The advertisement for the waist trainer shows people who have lost weight using the product. Though they have obviously lost weight, I doubt it was because of the waist trainer. Like I said above, it only helps to heat up your body so that you sweat more in your mid-section and lose water. It is not sucking out fat.

The only reason the fat is going away is not because of the waist trainer, but because you are going to the gym and working out. There will also be people telling you that wearing it all the time is most effective. DON’T DO IT. In an article on People, Julie Mazziotta wrote about this extreme kind of waist training.

She included a quote from Dr. Nassif saying,”I don’t like the idea of waist training. I’ve read about so many complications in regards to lung problems and intestinal issues.”

The lung problems and intestinal issues come from the waist trainer reshaping the structure of your ribs to curve in more, causing unnatural internal pressure on those organs. Not to mention, scientifically, if you have this waist trainer that supports your spine and core so that your muscles don’t have to, you will weaken your core muscles. It’s the concept of “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. So if you stop using the waist trainer after using it for so long you may develop muscle aches from you back and core trying to get strong and support you again.

Waist trainers are being seen everywhere now, supported by celebrities as being a great weight loss tool. I just wanted to shed some light on the true pros and cons of this product. They aren’t all bad, but they aren’t all good either. Please take my words into consideration in your decision to purchase a waist trainer.

As people search for new ways to lose weight and slim the body, old trends sometimes end up becoming new again. Corset or waist training has regained popularity over the past year, thanks to raving endorsements from the hottest celebrities. Women now look to corset training to slim down their waists and open up new opportunities to look good and feel great.

But is corset training really the best way to slim down? In this article, we’re going to examine corset training as a practice and review its pros and cons.

What is Corset Training?

Corset training, also known as waist training, is a process used to slim and/or reshape your waist by wearing a corset for hours each day for an extended period of time. These slimming devices are often worn during exercise, but most women who wear these devices have adapted to wearing them while doing day to day things.

In the past, corset training involved the use of actual corsets, which often had stiff inner wiring that did compromise the health of the wearer. Today’s slimming garments use a number of materials that make wearing the garment more comfortable than a corset. Of course, some women do choose to wear corsets as a part of their waist training regime.

Corset or waist training garments are designed to help promote thermal activity within the mid-section, which helps promote sweating. As a result, it potentially cuts water weight and slims the mid-section.

List of Pros of Corset Training

The popularity of corset training can be attributed to its positive aspects. Many people who undergo corset training tout its benefits, especially when it comes to weight loss. Let’s examine the pros of corset training.

1. Corset training can help facilitate weight loss.
A lot of people don’t know the relationship of corset training with weight loss regimes. But now, a lot of people are touting the benefits of pairing corset training with a regular weight loss regime.

Wearing high compression shape wear or a corset helps people see results before they achieve results. This is why it’s encouraged to wear a corset before embarking on weight loss to see the results before they happen. It also helps encourage people to lose weight. The loosening of a corset, which typically occurs during and after weight loss, often encourages people to keep losing weight until they hit their target weight.

2. Corset training can help regulate diet.
Another element that encourages weight loss is diet regulation. Wearing a corset during certain periods of the day, namely during meal time, often encourages the wearer to eat less. This encourages them to consume smaller and more regular meals throughout the day, mainly due to the continued wear of the corset or shape wear garment. However, it’s encouraged not to use the garment as a way to significantly reduce food intake throughout the day.

3. Corset training produces a slim figure.
The slim, hourglass figure promoted by many celebrities is the biggest reason why corset training has come back into fashion. Many of today’s hottest celebrities have enthusiastically endorsed corsets or shape wear garments for that reason. Naturally, this practice has gained traction among their followers, namely women who want to look and feel slimmer.

Wearing high compression shape wear can make the wearer look slim. It makes clothing fit and look much better, since it compresses and hides skin folds and undesirable fat. Many shape wear garments are also provide back support or midsection support, particularly for women who have just given birth.

List of Cons of Corset Training

While corset training does often many benefits, there are a few cons that corset training practitioners should understand. Let’s examine the cons of corset training.

1. Corset training isn’t a permanent or long term weight loss solution.
While corset training can provide people with short term weight loss results, wearing one ultimately doesn’t provide long term results. Results do vary between people and it’s not medically safe to wear a corset or high compression shape wear for an extended period of time.

Many companies do produce high compression shape wear for use during workouts. The intended effect that’s produced while wearing the garment while exercising is that it helps facilitate circulation throughout the mid-section, activating ‘brown fat’ and activating its fat burning properties as the body warms up and sweats. While the suggested use for this type of garment makes it ‘okay’ to wear during suggested fat burning workouts, most health professionals suggest not to wear high compression shape wear when doing any exercise.

2. Corset training is detrimental to the wearer’s health.
According to health professionals, corset training historically has a lot of health disadvantages. Many of these health disadvantages can be traced back centuries, during times where corset use was common among women.

Corset training, especially if the garment is fit too tight, can make the wearer become short in breath over time. It’s also known to cause sharp stomach pains, numbness in the legs and may cause rib and/or organ damage. Studies that have uncovered the effects of long term corset use have found that corsets, particularly the traditional garment, may shift organs out of place and greatly affect one’s health.

3. Corset training temporarily produces a slimmer figure.
While wearing a corset or high compression shape wear does make people look slim, the effects are ultimately temporary. Much like its purported weight loss properties, people who wear these garments should take note that they’re ultimately getting a temporary result and not a long term or permanent one.

Why Is Corset Training Popular Today?

Waist training garments, including corsets, have been on the market for years. But over the years, they’ve fallen in and out of popularity. You could say that waist training garments come in and out of fashion depending on who’s touting them as the next best weight loss tool.

That seems to be the case with corset training in recent times. Over the last year, corset training has come back into fashion. High compression garments, including shape wear from popular companies like Spanx, have helped people slim down their figure and look better in clothing. But recent demands have birthed an entire renewed market of garments with much higher compression, such as the type of compression that a corset offers.

This new type of shape wear offers the compression of a corset, but in a more comfortable way. They’re also affordable and provide better results for most people than a corset, which might take some adjusting before getting used to the garment.

Of course, corsets are still popular in waist training. Corsets nowadays tend to range from higher compression shape wear to actual corsets, otherwise those with wire foundations. They do have a learning curve, so those who want to work their way into wearing a corset for fashion purposes often wear their garment on a regular basis to get used to the garment.

In Closing

Thanks to copious celebrity endorsements, an old trend has become new again—corset training. This waist training trend helps people, particularly women, look and feel better about the way they look. The slimming effect of corset training helps hide undesirable parts of the body, producing a look that many women want to achieve.

While it’s not the most permanent way to slim down, corset training can help women look slimmer on a limited basis. The health disadvantages make this popular slimming trend less appealing on the long term, but it’s perfectly serviceable for a night out.

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Spanx

Clothes shopping can be hit or miss, and when you experience more misses than hits, you may surrender to the idea that you’ll never find clothes that fit. Maybe you blame your curves, the baby weight, or your age. You don’t have to ride this self-loathing train of thought, however. You have other options that not only will lead to confidence in your own skin but also in the dressing room. One of the best ways is to start wearing Spanx.

Its purpose is to smooth and support trouble areas so you can slip effortlessly into your attire and not have to worry about pulling, tucking, or rearranging. Just get dressed and leave your insecurities behind. This may all sound great, but perhaps you have no idea where to start. Here at Stitch It, we want you to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, so we’ve put together a beginner’s guide for you.

Tips for Choosing the Best Shapewear

Just like with any fashion choice, the wide selection can make it difficult to decide which style to get. Sara Blakely, the creator of the popular brand Spanx, offers some advice. First, choose what silhouette you want. This refers to the cut, such as mid-thigh shorts, bodysuit, or open-bust slip. Which type you need depends on what you’re wearing over it and where you need the support. The three levels of support include:

  • Smooth: The most minimal, this type feels like a second skin.
  • Shape: Items in this category firm and slim specific areas.
  • Sculpt: Through maximum compression, sculpt totally transforms your figure.

No matter which you need, all products are seamless and lightweight for comfort and convenience. For the most accurate fit, determine sizing by measuring your bust, waist, and hips.

How To Use Shapewear

Spanx doubles as underwear, so no need to wear both. Some styles allow you to use your favorite bra instead, or you can try the brand’s own panties and bras. Nude colors work well for lighter shades, and black is best for dark colors. The undergarments alone aren’t meant to serve as outerwear, though the company does offer everyday leggings and activewear.

Slips go with sheath dresses, and shaper shorts are meant for pencil skirts. If you only need tummy support, skip the lengthy Spanx and opt for high-waisted panties. You can even use shapewear for simple layering or modesty.

Although most materials are breathable, you can still get sweaty in them, but don’t worry about it showing through—only you will know. The care instructions say to hand-wash and lay flat to dry. Avoid shrinkage by never putting your shapewear in the dryer.

How Stitch It Helps

Remember when we said you had more than one option in how to address shopping woes? The other solution is having your clothes tailored. Rarely does clothing fit perfectly off the rack, even for the “ideal” body type. You don’t need to change your body to fit into the fashions you want to wear; your clothes need to change to fit your unique shape—and with a needle and thread, they can. Make an appointment for same-day service and browse through our Spanx selection while you wait.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to wear a tight dress, but had no confidence for it. We will explain to you how to wear Spanx and give you all the answers you need.

There comes a time in life when everything shifts a little bit. Your bum isn’t as tight as it was when you were a teen and you may have a few extra rolls around your waist….

You go to the gym, but it’s really hard work! So, you look for an alternative: Spanx! They’re meant for old ladies, right? Not you. You’d never be seen buying a pair—not in broad daylight anyway! Besides, aren’t they bad for your body?

And then it happens. You see a pair at the store, and you decide to try them on just to see if they work. Maybe you’re a little bored and somewhat curious to find out what the secret is behind them.

So, you choose a pair that look like they could fit and squeeze into them holding your breath for dear life. Voila! You’re hooked! But, should you stick to your guns and walk away slowly, or give in and grab a pair?

The dilemma. What do you do? How to wear Spanx anyway? We’ve got the answers.

Is it really damaging my organs?


There are rumours that wearing Spanx can damage your organs, and this lingers in the back of your mind. Is it really true though? Women have been wearing Spanx-like undergarments for years with no permanent damage done, so there is some reassurance that they may not be quite as harmful as people currently portray.

Can I still feel my legs?

After a few hours of wearing them, you may start to feel a little tingling in your feet, or you start to feel nothing. Should you panic? Did you read the label correctly? Maybe you’re only supposed to wear them for 5 hours instead of 6! What if the feeling in my legs never comes back!

These thoughts and doubts going through your mind are normal. It’s also possible that you bought them one size too small. The purpose of Spanx is to lift a few things and suck in other things, not cause you permanent nerve damage.

Is she wearing a pair?

Kim Kardashian wearing Spanx

You start noticing other women’s figures and can’t help wondering if they’re natural or if they’ve also fallen into the trap of buying something they’re not sure is actually good for them. Some jealousy may creep in when you know for sure that another woman’s curves are all natural.

How come she gets to look so good without Spanx and you need to suffer? Then you remember: you have qualities she doesn’t. Maybe you have beautiful hair, a beautiful smile or even better skin. Perhaps your personality is more inviting? Never underestimate the value of a beautiful mind!

What will I be doing later on?

While getting dressed for an important date, the question of Spanx is an important consideration. Of course, you want the sexy figure that Spanx gives you. You’re just not sure if you’d have to do some explaining later on when that figure goes further into the night.

Are you just going for a nice dinner and a movie? Will you be inviting him in for “coffee” afterwards? What if you really like this guy and things get a little steamy?

You can always pretend that you need to use the restroom before things get steamy. That way, you can quickly take off the Spanx and spare yourself the embarrassment of explaining why you’re wearing something that resembles your spinster Aunt Agnes.

But it makes all my good parts stand out…

Sometimes we need a little help holding things together after the age of 25. We’re women—not superheroes. It does the work your gym is supposed to do, and it only takes a little bit of ‘sucking it in’ to create a lovely figure.

I’m sure more women do it; they just don’t want to admit it! That doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to shovel in pizzas one after another and not take a walk to get rid of some of that extra cheese, though.

Spanx won’t cover everything! Spanx will, however, enhance what you naturally have to make you look even more beautiful on your wedding day or that special date that determines whether or not you two will get married.

Is it going to make me feel more confident?

Kim chilling out in her Spanx

Feeling like you have things together makes any woman feel more confident—whether it’s mentally or physically. Having a smoother bum will make you feel more confident—and perhaps even more daring—to approach the gorgeous guy you’ve had your eye on for a while.

What is important to remember is that Spanx will only enhance the confidence you already have. When you take them off, you’ll still be the same person inside as you were before—only with the more natural features most of us have. Confidence comes from what you do on the inside, not so much from what happens on the outside.

Would I personally wear Spanx? On occasion, why not? I don’t see why I should go all natural all the time, especially if there’s a sexy dress I want to fit into and look flawless.

However, I wouldn’t wear Spanx to bed or while cleaning. Everything in moderation is alright. Obviously, Spanx do put pressure on your organs. Spanx work to squeeze everything possible, but it’s nothing that will do long-term damage if you rely on Spanx for special occasions only.

So, the question remains: to Spanx or not to Spanx?

Tagslook slimmer

Spanx are the great unifiers of our time. Just look at the tears of joy shed round the Internet last week when a photo of Beyoncé surfaced revealing a pair of lacy shapewear shorts beneath her windswept hem, one side cut off to accommodate the single thigh-high slit. “Queen Bey is of the people,” one Twitter user wrote. Another said, “Wow. Beyoncé is actually normal but just extra talented.” It’s not easy to find common ground with a woman who, for a maternity photo shoot, posed underwater in a flower crown while six months pregnant with twins. Spanx is a sartorial touchstone. But it’s not always about the tightening, lifting, and smoothing of your bits from the waist down, nor is it about hiding what’s underneath your body-hugging garments. Spanx founder Sara Blakely wants women to have a wardrobe full of Spanx for their tops, their bottoms, and now their arms too.

Launching on September 25, Arm Tights are, according to Blakely, “a solution that will smooth and flatter your arms and feel super luxe on the skin too.” She adds: “We wear tights on our legs to transition skirts and dresses into the fall and winter seasons, but why not on our arms?” As someone who owns Spanx and enjoys a great layering piece, I was intrigued when my editor approached me with the new Arm Tights and tasked me with trying them out during New York Fashion Week. Holding one up, it looked like a shrunken long-sleeved shirt, one that might fit the body of a Chihuahua or Kendall Jenner. There were several colors, like neon blue, hot pink, a black style with sparkly sleeves, and an ivory version with braid detailing from the shoulder to the wrist.

“It’s basically a crop top made out of tights,” Blakely explained. “We made it cropped for less bulk under clothes and the arms are completely seamless too.” Like any woman whose mother made her wear itchy, saggy tights to school as a little girl, the idea of slipping them on my legs again seems torturous. As for wearing them on my arms, forget it. But as soon as I slipped one of the tops on, I saw and felt the appeal—my arms looked slender and toned and the shirt, well, it fit much better than I thought it would when I first eyeballed the Polly Pocket–sized thing. I chose to test drive the ivory version with braided detailing first and layered it under a fairly impractical nude-colored embellished dress I’d just impulse-purchased online. With arm skin sucked in, I went off to fashion week.

Photo: Courtesy of Spanx

Are Spanx Worth It?

Spanx — it’s the wonder piece of apparel touted by Oprah (hey, what Oprah says goes!), worn by millions of women for everything from first dates and weddings to job interviews. The concept is simple: Slip it on and watch that little pudge vanish into thin air. At least, that’s what we feel like. But what actually happens to, you know, the extra? Is it really gone, or just pushed somewhere else?

Don’t get us wrong: Spanx can feel sexy at first. And If you’ve seen Bridget Jones, you know what we’re talking about. It starts early in the night, when you pull on a pair of Spanx over your tummy. All that tucking in makes you feel like you’ve lost five pounds (without dieting or a single push-up!), and suddenly you’re oozing sex appeal. Your guy picks up on this and can barely make it through dinner without ripping off your clothes. And just as his hand slides up your leg, it hits you — you’re still in the Spanx. Could anything be less sexy than a piece of clothing designed to pull in fat?

Some designers are taking notice and are attempting to make shapewear sexier with new designs. Clever? Perhaps. But is it possible to make oversized pantyhose hot? We’re asking you: To Spanx or not to Spanx?

Spanx Shapewear: What You Need To Know! Warning: VERY Revealing Review (LOL)

And finally, the details you’ve been waiting for on my FUN (first ever) Spanx experience! 🙂

WARNING: This is a very revealing review, lol.

Not only will I show you photos of “my underwear” (er, undergarments – the more appropriate term!), I’m also going to share the nitty gritty details about “the spanx experience” – you know, the things you REALLY want to know. 😉

I also decided to try a cheaper knockoff brand of shapewear, just to compare them – and find out if Spanx is really worth the price. Wait until you see what I discovered in THAT experience. 😯 haha – Ack! 😛

(Brace yourself – there are scary pictures…)

Getting In & Out of Spanx Shapewear Undergarments

I was nervous about trying Spanx after hearing horror stories of people fighting to squeeze in and out of them, or having to CUT themselves out of one. LOL. Honestly, Spanx are pricey to be cutting off your body with scissors. 😛

Fortunately, that was not the case at all. I found it VERY easy to get on and off, yet it fit like a second skin. In fact, it felt fabulous! 🙂 But yes, slipping in and out of it was as easy as bra & panties, or putting on pantyhose – super easy.

It was so easy to get on and off, and so comfortable, that I wore mine 3 days in a row – for 12+ hour days! I loved it so much I actually MISSED IT on the fourth day, lol.

Interestingly it didn’t get hot, or damp / sweaty / icky – at all. It had great compression yet I didn’t feel squeezed or hot, even in the Orlando heat!

What About When You Have To Go Pee?!

I pee A LOT. Especially being in ketosis, as it’s a natural diuretic. Fortunately the model of Spanx I ordered has a very well made “pee hole” (though I’m quite sure it has a more proper name, lol). It was very well designed on this particular model, and made it easy to use the bathroom without having to take it off.

You do have to spread the opening apart to go pee. It has great coverage so you don’t have to wear undies (although you could if you just had to) but the hole works well for those frequent bathroom breaks. No getting undressed required!

Spanx Pee Tip: Just make sure “your parts” are positioned for a straight stream. 🙂 haha. It’s easy. Like I said, I wore mine 3 days in a row… and never got pee on mine!

Choosing The Right Spanx Shapewear

The shapewear piece I bought was the SPANX Slimmer & Shine Firm Control Open-Bust Bodysuit. I got mine on Amazon, but I’ll share other options with you too so you can find the best deal.

There are many similar models, but this one was a total WIN. I settled on that one after reading quite a few reviews, and determining there were slight differences between them all – even though they look the same.

I chose an “open bust” model so I could wear my own bra, and also to avoid a chest flattening or “uni-boob” effect. 😛 Highly recommended!

Getting the right size is key. I found the sizing chart & reviews on Amazon to be incredibly helpful for that. I ordered Size Medium (I am 5’5″ tall, 150-155 pounds, and wear a Size 10 in jeans). I got Rose Gold. That color goes GREAT under lighter colored clothes, so it was a great universal pick no matter what I wear it under.

I thought about the Slip, but honestly I was afraid there would be a bulge where it stopped at the top (a “muffin top”). I’ve experienced that before with compression panty shorts. I also wanted to be able to wear it under pant suits. That’s why I chose the full body style to wear with my own bra.

This model was perfect – even for wearing under pants & jeans! The legs never crawled up, and they didn’t make a line or a dent under my dress or pants either. They were short enough for above the knee summer dresses too.

I’ll show you some photos below…

I’ll also show you a cheaper knockoff shapewear undergarment I tested, and how it FAILED. I discovered that Spanx is worth every penny! 🙂

Where To Buy Spanx

As I mentioned, I ordered my Spanx on Amazon here. At the very least, check out the sizing chart and read the reviews at that link – and make note of the model. If you decide to buy it in a local store, you’ll be more informed when you go. 😉

You can order from the Spanx website too: Shop Spanx.com New Arrivals! You can also scroll to the bottom of that page and click Store Locator to find a store near you.

When you go to Spanx.com you’ll find pants, swimwear & lots of fun options!


If you’re an Ebates member, you can get cashback by ordering from either Amazon OR the Spanx website! If you’re not, it’s free to sign up:

Sign up for Ebates & Save!

Definitely sign up for Ebates before you shop online. It’s quick & easy, plus you’ll earn cashback on TONS of shopping you do online. I just recently signed up myself and already got my first cashback payment. 🙂

(I earn commission on referrals and sales, when you sign up for Ebates or order Spanx through my links here, so thank you in advance for using my links! That’s what keeps this blog and all of my food diaries FREE for you!)

Spanx Photo Reviews & Proof!

I’m going to show you some very revealing photos.

As a conservative southern woman, I’m not one to flaunt my undergarments on the internet (lol) but I really want you to get a true image of what Spanx is like – and why it’s the ideal shapewear (and worth every penny). I’ve included comparisons of a cheaper knockoff brand so you can see the difference for yourself…

Front view of the Spanx Open-Bust Bodysuit:

As you can see, it has very good coverage. And the open bust is absolutely perfect. If anything, it gives the girls a little lift. 😉 Below is a back view. As you can see, the back comes down low enough to wear with lower-back dresses:

This is the first dress I wore, which is a thin clingy Spring/Summer dress. The rose-colored Spanx did not show through at all, and it gave me nice smooth curves – including a more shapely bum!

I even wore it under this soft, clingy shorter American Eagle dress. The legs stay in place, and they’re short enough for even your summer dresses!

Notice ^ there are no lines showing under my dress. 🙂 No lumps and bumps and panty lines – nothing! Spanx gives you a VERY smooth look.

I discovered I was not the only one wearing Spanx…

Apparently women everywhere are doing it!

That’s my friend Alice, and we had great fun comparing our Spanx experience. 🙂

Actually, hers was a different brand and she said she had trouble going to pee in hers – so she had to go up to her room and undress every time. LOL – Spanx is definitely smart with their pee features!!

Speaking of other brands, I decided to test a couple myself…

I won’t even bother looking up the name or link, because I do NOT recommend them. I’ll show you one, and you can see why for yourself. Here it is – the first time I put it on the “weird fit” was immediately obvious:

It has an extra large “pee hole” (again, I’m SURE there is a proper term for that, lol – sorry!). You might think that’s a perk when you’re reading the reviews, but as you can see above… it creates a weird “squeeze out” bulge effect at the top of your thighs.

I have fatty thighs, and that was just gross 😛 lol. Plus it will definitely show through in my lighter dresses, or in slacks. Ack! 😯

I managed to get a better fit by pulling it way up, but I did find I needed to wear panties with this one – due to the gaping hole.

Here’s a full front view of the cheap knockoff:

Here’s a back view. As you can see, it comes up WAY high in the back – and your butt hangs out. 😛 That creates a weird fatty bulge too, lol. This is not ideal if your dress has a lower back. Oh – and this one WAS hard to get in and out of!!

You’ll also notice you can still see my rolls & dips – the shape of my actual body – under that one. It has hardly ANY compression or shaping factor to it compared to the Spanx:

Then there’s the weird top and straps…

And there’s my famous “armpit tits” for you. 😉 haha.

It doesn’t fit under your bra right, and I’ll show you why that matters in a second. But the thick straps were awkward and kept rolling up. Plus they created more of an “underam bulge” – making me look even more dumpy than I do without shapewear on! 😛

I put on this cute American Eagle dress, and it looked fine. As long as I stood totally still, lol.

Here’s the cold hard truth:

That picture ^ says it all. UGH!!

I swear that undergarment made me look WORSE than wearing none at all!

Cheap shapewear or Spanx knockoffs are a total waste of money.

In contrast, here’s me wearing Spanx again… feeling comfortable, confident & happy:

Here’s another photo of me “sitting in Spanx” happily:

BIG difference, right?!

(yes, I got photo-bombed, lol)

This is the ONLY shapewear undergarment I’ll EVER wear from now on:

Check Out The Spanx New Arrivals!

I was VERY impressed with Spanx, and with how comfortable it was to wear – and the HUGE difference it made! Not only in how I looked, but also how I FELT.

I wasn’t self conscious and fidgety with my clothes (like usual, lol) but instead… confident and HAPPY. I’ve never had underwear make me feel so great, lol.

Spanx was worth EVERY penny! 🙂

Again, this is the one I ordered for myself, and highly recommend:
SPANX Slimmer & Shine Firm Control Open-Bust Bodysuit

What about you – have you ever had a Spanx Experience?

I’d love to hear about it!! Leave a comment and let’s discuss. 🙂

I hope this “revealing review” helped you make a decision for yourself. I wish I had discovered Spanx YEARS ago. I love looking better – smoother, curvier, sexier – but the biggest perk for me personally was how GREAT I FELT.

Confidence shows, and lights you up! When you feel great about yourself, you shine… and that’s even more beautiful than any physical feature ever could be.

Don’t forget to Sign up for Ebates & Get Cashback!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. My bras are Victoria’s Secret. Wearing the right undergarments makes ALL the difference, and they’re worth the investment. They last, they work, and they make you look and feel fabulous! Our bodies are not perfect, but on our weight loss journey… we might as well feel and look the best we possibly can! 😉 *cheers*

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