Why Don’t Dudes Like My Crotchless Panties?

My “weird” sex thing is crotchless panties. I’ve never had anal, I think 69’ing is stupid, and I’m not about to go around pissing on someone, even in the shower, unless, you know, I was, like, in love and he really, really begged for it. But I do enjoy wearing underpants with the important bits cut out, and when I say “enjoy,” I mean nothing else on this planet, not even nude Jake Johnson offering me a burrito, could make me hornier. There’s something about wearing something while having sex—even if it’s just lace around my hips—that really turns me on.

I first discovered this when I was about 23. Wanting to impress a boy I loved more than I’ve ever loved any boy before or since (so much he didn’t even have to beg), I bought a crotchless lace g-string and matching lace bra with the boob region cut out, garter belt, and thigh high tights from Ann Summers and surprised him on his birthday. (Budget option: take a pair of scissors to existing cotton briefs. BONUS: kill two birds with one stone by cutting out the crotch on pairs that have yellowed over time and you’ve been too lazy/cheap to throw out.) Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Well, if we are to consider the men I’ve been with a representative sample for the population as a whole, no, you probably don’t. While that ex boyfriend was crazy about my penchant for negligible undies, others haven’t been so bonered-up by the idea.

The next long-term boyfriend I had wasn’t into it at all. I wore them for him once and he looked at me, top lip curled in scorn, blood rushing from his penis, and spat, “Who else have you worn those in front of?”

But he’s not the only one! I’ve brought the prospect up on two other occasions with more recent boyfriends and been told it “sounded stupid and weird,” with one guy even saying he’d probably just laugh at me if he saw me wearing sexy lingerie.I am truly, honestly baffled as to why a straight male in his “raging hormones” period of life wouldn’t want to see a woman— and moreover, the woman he regularly sleeps with—wearing itty-bitty panties with a cut out for him to stick his dick in. It’s perfect for lazy dudes! No need to even bother taking anything off, just slip it right in! More bang for your buck!

At this point I’ve stopped asking why guys don’t want to entertain my penchant for kinky underwear and started asking why they don’t. In a relationship ,sometimes both parties have to suck it up (be it cum or fucking a girl with crotchless panties) and do things they don’t necessarily enjoy in order to please their partner. All of the men mentioned above expected me to fulfill certain functions for them sexually; functions that weren’t always my favorite things to do, but I did regardless, because mostly I am too lazy to give blowjobs, but I know it would be mean to have a boyfriend and let such a selfish, sluggish thing get in the way of his having them. And yet, all of the men mentioned above flat out refused to meet my requests.

It’s inherently accepted in sex—even in what we deem “healthy” and “nonviolent” sexual relationships—that women will do things they don’t really love to please a man, like suck on his balls or go doggy style. In my experience, as well as the experiences of many women I speak with about sex regularly, there’s rarely even a polite question put forward before a man follows his impulses in the bedroom. That is to say, oftentimes a dude will just try and stick it up your butt without notice.

Yes, sex should be spontaneous and crazy sometimes—no one wants to feel like they have to ask their partner “Are you OK?” every 30 seconds—and it’s always great to have that level of trust with someone, but the fact remains that there’s still an imbalanced gender dynamic where sexual intimacy is concerned. Men aren’t expected to just do things they might not be that interested in because women want them; and yet, though it goes largely unsaid, a woman who refuses to flip over and take it from behind by a guy who took the liberty to shove her hips around that way is a prude, someone who is killing the mood, or collar-pullingly awkward. That dynamic exists, and I’m not saying it happens with malicious intent, or that it exists in every relationship, but generally, in heteronormative sexual relations, the balance of power still resides with the male, no matter what we tell ourselves.

I’m fed up with not being allowed to wear my favorite panties to bed. Maybe next time I’ll just wear them under my dress and when it’s time for the clothes to come off and the dude I’m with is faced with the HORROR! of porn-star panties, I’ll just scream “PUNK’D!” and jump on top of him regardless.

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Open Gusset Shapewear Guide

Today, when it comes to shapewear, women are not only looking for the perfect slimming solution that will smooth their figure out and create a flawless look. They don’t want just to look good if they won’t feel good at the same time. Women are looking for practical solutions that will keep them comfortable when using the restroom. This is especially important for women that wear shapewear all day – at work, at home, at the gym, etc.

Shapewear has become extremely popular as an undergarment for weddings, not only for the brides but also for all the women who attend weddings and want to look flawless in their favorite body-con dress. Wearing shapewear on this day for several hours is not easy, and going to restroom can especially be unpleasant when we think of having to take off your shapewear and put it on again. And that’s where open gusset shapewear comes in place to make your life easy with your daily use of shapewear.

It is also necessary to mention the importance of open crotch design for post-surgery and maternity shapewear when women are in a period of their life when their body is the most sensitive and needs an additional comfort and support.

We have selected our bestselling shapewear with this amazing feature from our top shapewear brands to share with you women’s little secret that’s been keeping behind the restroom door.

Cysm Extra Support Ultra Flex Slimming Bodysuit

The Extra Support Ultra Flex Slimming Bodysuit uses one of nature’s most efficient silhouette defining features to give you a curvy, yet slender figure; and that is a correct posture and superior back support! The wide adjustable shoulder straps will not only reinforce your improved posture but also help lift your bust, regardless of your choice in bras. The bodysuit incorporates invisible compression bands that slim and shape your abdomen, back, thighs and hips, while also acting as butt-lifters and a bust push-up aid.

Features powerful split crotch so you don’t have to slip it down to use the restroom.

Co’Coon Double Layer High Waisted Bio- Crystal Capri

This powerful yet comfortable high-waisted capri-style body shaper features everything you need to help you look and feel your best every day. Provides control for your abdomen, waist, hips and thighs while remaining soft and smooth to prevent discomfort and irritation. It also shapes and lifts your rear.

The fabric is enhanced with Bio-Crystals, that reduces the appearance of cellulite. Features an open gusset for convenience when you are going to bathroom.

TrueShapers Slimming Braless Body Shaper Girdle in Bodyshort

The Slimming Braless Body Shaper Girdle in Boyshort comfortably adjusts to your body to recuperate your figure after surgery. These kinds of post-surgical compression garments are commonly worn after many different kinds of surgeries. The compression, or strategically placed pressure, of the garment, helps keep swelling down while promoting tissue re-adhering normally during your recovery process.

Compression may also reduce pain and fluid retention which can decrease your healing time and build-up of scar tissue. Features an open gusset for your comfort.

Diane & Geordi Colombian Tummy Reducer Capri Shaper

This bodysuit shapewear controls your tummy and buttocks while stylizing your silhouette. Our open bust shapewear has a knee-length style that will lift your buttocks and highlight your curves. Its latex inner layer controls your tummy due to thermo reducer effect. Made of Powernet, with compressive properties that make this girdle comfortable and pleasant to wear at the same time.

Our butt lifter shapewear features a side zipper with inner hooks for optimal compression and an open gusset.

Clearpoint Medical Mid-Thigh Hook and Eye Shapewear

Clearpoint Medical Mid-Thigh Hook and Eye Shapewear belongs to a range of post-surgery shapewear that is recommended for buttocks augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, body sculpting, fat grafting, abdominal, hip, and back procedures. This high back style features power mesh fabric, adjustable shoulder straps, and three-row hook & eye closure.

It also comes with practical open crotch feature that is extremely important in the post-op period.

Fajas D’Prada Short Girdle with Buttocks Enhancement Panty Style

Mold your figure with bust-free girdle with clasps that can be adjusted to fit three sizes smaller and with a silicone lace that adheres to the skin. Three levels of clasps with gradual compression as needed that reduces and controls your abdomen. Features lateral wires for a better fit of the garment on the abdomen and to improve posture correction.

This shapewear panty comes with an open crotch area with wide space zipper for your comfort.

Equilibrium Post Op Shapewear Boyshort Style Bodysuit

This is the perfect post-op compression garment after a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, lipectomy or liposuction has been done on the waist, back and/or abdomen. Lined internally in cold lycra that prevents sweating for freshness and comfort. This fabric is much softer to the touch making the girdle easier to put on because it glides on to your skin. Open-Bust in case you have had breast augmentation so that you can wear a bra according to your new cup size.

Hook and eye crotch flap to go to the bathroom without having to remove the body shaper.

Cysm Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort

A full and round bottom that is firm and stands-out, when paired with the smooth and flattened waist, back and hips, is the end-result of wearing our Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort! Your skin can breathe; you have freedom of movement and, best of all, you have a flawless figure to show off! The fabric is enhanced with Bio-Crystals, that reduces the appearance of cellulite.

For maximum comfort and versatility, the underbust body shaper has removable straps, additional handles, an anti-slip silicone band and an open-crotch intimate area.

Co’Coon Light Thermal Braless Full Body Capri

The abdominal panel on this thermal bodysuit is made from latex, which shapes your tummy and waist, and encourages perspiration to help you shed the inches quicker. It is also lined with cotton to absorb the perspiration, so you can stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

Featuring open gusset for your convenience this Capri pant shapes your hips, thighs, and legs and gives your bottom a boost to complete the fashionable figure you have always dreamed of.

TrueShapers Power Slimmed Mid Thigh Body Shaper

Reduces the waist and entire abdomen, sides, and back.Special cuts and seams that Instantly enhance and reshape the hips, thights and rear to Reveal Your Most Naturally Seductive, and Sexy Curves. This Power Slimmed Body Shaper provides great control and reshaping from the underbust to the mid-thigh, while allowing air-flow to the body.

Features a comfort elastic legband endings and open gusset for practical use, making it incredibly easy and comfortable to wear.

Peelux Shapewear Pee Accessory Black Case

What is Peelux? It’s how to pee while wearing your shapewear and stay dry! peeLUX holds your shapewear open and prevents any liquid from contacting the fabric. Compatible with ALL brands that have an elasticized crotch hole including Cysm, Co’Coon, TrueShapers, Maidenform, and more! No washing in the sink, and not gross to carry around. peeLUX wipes clean with TP and the waterproof case is an extra measure to keep peeLUX contained. Included: 1 Magenta peeLUX w/ White Zippered Pouch

Gussets — What’s the Difference?

There are several different types of gussets to choose from when you are looking at tights.

Cotton gussets have the benefit of helping to improve fit and comfort. Cotton is a breathable fabric, which makes them ideal for hygiene purposes. To determine if a garment has a cotton gusset, you can look for a circular patch of fabric at the top of the tights.

Plain gusset is another type of gusset. These are similar to cotton gussets in the way they can improve comfort and fit, but they don’t offer the same breathability and hygiene benefits. These plain gussets may be available in a number of different colors, while cotton tends to be white. It usually comes from the same fabric as the hosiery.

No gusset: Although many tights have gussets built into them, some have no gusset at all. Instead of a gusset, they have the same thickness of fabric around the top of the legs and the waist. Tights that are designed without a gusset have straight seams, or a seam that has been sewn into the gusset V shape.

Open gusset: Finally, you may see tights with what is known as an open gusset. This means that there is a hole instead of a fabric patch. These are the most breathable tights of all, because they allow air to circulate freely.

What does split gusset mean?

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