Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Review & Bikini Series Overview!

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Happy Monday! This past weekend was a blast! S’ birthday was on Sunday, so this past weekend I planned a series of surprises for him!

On Friday night, he unwrapped a box that had a note in it. The note told him to pack his bags for an overnight trip.. and that’s it 🙂 On Saturday morning, we went to our car to hit the road when he saw two of our besties – Hayden and Taryn – who were joining in on the festivities! From there, he was blindly led to Allgash Brewery in Maine. He loves brewery tours and Allgash makes sour beers which are his favorite. Here two of our other besties surprised him – Ev and Shan!! The tour was super fun. For the rest of the weekend, we all hung out in the Old Port with other surprises along the way, like lobster tacos on the pier at Portland Lobster Co., dinner at The Corner Room and then we bar hopped all night! We are so lucky to have such genuine, amazing friends in our lives. The whole weekend was a blast and I loved celebrating my amazing husband.

Now we are on to a fresh week, right?! Most people hate Monday’s, but I actually really enjoy them. Maybe it’s the optimist in me or maybe I’m just a little crazy hehe. I find that Monday’s are a fresh start and clean slate to conquer our goals!

Today is an extra exciting Monday because the Tone It Up Bikini Series starts! I’ve been a Tone It Up member since 2013 . I actually partnered with TIU earlier this year to complete their Love Your Body challenge and if you follow along on Instagram, you probably remember all my daily check in via Instagram stories.

One of my top questions through that experience and my four years of blogging has been about the TIU membership so today I’m diving into Tone It Up in general, membership benefits, my fitness/health background and also provide details on their latest challenge that kicks off today- the Bikini Series! I am going to talk through how we can do this Bikini Series challenge together at the end of the post and my personal goals 🙂 So let’s start!

Tone It Up is a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle brand owned by two gorgeous and inspiring trainers, Karena and Katrina. They offer resources to women across the world including nutritional plans, work out routines and healthy recipes, in order to fuel our bodies with nutrient-packed, yummy foods, get our bodies moving and in turn, see maximum results in our bodies. They also offer nutritional supplements like protein powder, protein bars and work out gear like weights and medicine balls too. Their nutritional plans provide insights and guidelines to incorporate into your life to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, rather than a binge diet like many other programs out there. It’s not a diet.. it’s an educated, healthy lifestyle.

I found K&K in 2012 via Pinterest! After using their free recipes and work outs for a few months, I felt like I was missing a puzzle piece when it came to nutrition so after discussing with S, I decided to invest and become a Tone It Up Nutritional Plan member in 2013. Over the past five years, I have learned so much about my body and how to fuel it via their program.

I’m often asked by readers if the TIU plan is just a whole lotta recipes, which is a huge N-O. There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes included , but the main benefit of the paid plan is learning about nutrition and how to really fuel your body to boost metabolism and burn fat.. so if this is of interest to you, I highly suggest it! They used to include their work outs via the plan as well, but that has since transitioned to their mobile app, YouTube and DVDs .

I have used their nutritional guidelines ever since joining in 2013 and also enjoy doing rounds of Whole30 . I feel my best when following Tone It Up’s plan, but removing dairy, ‘healthy’ sugars like honey and no “cheats” like baked goods. When I have one baked good or ‘healthy’ cheat, I just snowball so that’s just me understanding my mind and body! Everyone is different. After I get two months of 100% whole, clean eating under my belt, I reintroduce foods and allow moderation as I kicked the habits and don’t crave so them after having one as a treat.

I also followed the plan leading up to my wedding and absolutely confident, beautiful and healthy for my wedding day. You can read all about my bridal fitness routine here.

You can honestly pay as much or as little as you want if you’re resourceful and conscious.

For myself, I purchased the nutrition plan and also use the app . The nutrition plan currently runs $150 and the app is $13 a month or $83 in bulk yearly. You can use the free resources for work outs and recipes until you decide it’s time to invest in the nutrition plan or mobile app.

For work out gear I have, two set of weights , a yoga mat, booty bands, medicine ball and protein powder. You do not need to buy TIU branded weights and yoga mats, so that’s an area you can save on for sure. Most my gear is from TJ Maxx.

I also have never got caught up in the gimichy bundles.. I don’t need $15 TIU socks or a $50 tank top. One thing they sell that I do highly suggest is their protein powder though. It’s organic, vegan, tasts awesome, around five ingredients that you can actually understand without Googling them and it’s easy to digest since it’s made from pea protein and not whey. I’ve tried other vegan/pea proteins and nothing I’ve found compares. I really encourage you to go read the label of your protein powder.. more than likely there are a huge list of ingredients you can’t understand or the protein source is from dairy.
When you purchase the nutritional plan, you receive:
1. The Nutrition Plan
The staple plan is available in regular, gluten free, vegetarian, gf vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan versions to meet really any dietary need.

At the beginning on the nutrition plan, they cover TIU nutrition basics – when to eat, when to work out, why you should eat specific foods and how to structure your meals for optimal fat burn and metabolism boost. They also deep dive into WHY they provide these guidelines and the science behind them.

There is also a section on superfoods to incorporate into your meals, tips for increasing water in take and what it means to eat a complete protein . Having all this information laid out in one spot, in one cohesive ‘full story’ manner was and still is very helpful for me to this day. Whenever I feel like I’m not feeling my best and am not eating the healthiest, I revisit my plan. I always learn something new, even after reading it SO many times over the years, because there is so much great information in there.

K&K guide you in eating five small meals a day that are lean, clean and green. I like to think of it as three meals and two snacks . for me. You’re eating whole foods and learn how to make them super yummy, rather than relying on anything processed!

You also have a huge array of hundreds and hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, smoothies, juices, desserts and snacks. Each recipe within the plan is also labeled for which meal you should eat it for , which is really helpful in learning what foods to each when during the day. Multiple times a year, K&K release extension plants , that have even more recipes so they are always releasing new meals for us to create. Do note that a lot of their “healthy desserts” require their protein. I know some girls can find that unappealing since it’s something you need to purchase.

Overall, with being a TIU member, you learn so much about nutrition, your body and how to fuel it and it’s much more than just recipes.

2. All Extension Plans
K&K release new content and recipes multiple times a year for members only. For example for the 2018 Bikini Series, I just received a 190 page plan extension that has exclusive recipes and content for the challenge and summer! While they offer a lot of content for free, members receive 10X what you find via Google or YouTube.

You’ll receive all their past challenge nutritional guides for Frisky Fall, Holiday Hustle, Bikini Body, Summer Sizzle, Love Your Body as well as their Bridal Edition, the 7 Day Slim Down, 5 Day Detox, 31 Day Challenge, entire recipe guide and their 8 Week Guide. That’s not even all of them! LOTS of guide.. LOTS of recipes.. LOTS of content!

The cool thing is that when you sign up, you get each one they’ve ever released! This may be overwhelming, but just start with the staple plan mentioned above an then take your time working through the others.

3.Weekly TIU Members Only Emails
The members-only emails go out weekly with encouragement from K&K, even more recipes and content.

4. Exclusive Product Discounts
During the year, members often get first access or exclusive item discounts on protein powder, apparel and more

While K&K offer many free resources, the primary benefit for myself is the full circle nutrition and meal structure. I needed information from A-Z on how to fuel my body. I also needed the guidance and information in one place to understand. That’s just how I learn. I will feel overwhelmed and have 1000 questions if I don’t have the materials suppled from beginning to end.

So you learn from point A to point Z about fueling your body, boosting metabolism and eating clean. While they do share tid bits of nutritional information online, their members plan has information not on the web and is so much more thorough and extensive.

From the plan, I understand when to what certain foods to increase fat burn. I understand what superfoods to add into my smoothies to stay full longer. I understand I also have hundreds of recipes to recreate. I’ve often been asked if I just sue the plan for recipes and that’s a no!

The main benefit of the plan is digging into nutrition and how to structure your meals . The latter is their secret sauce! You don’t deprive yourself of anything, but instead you eat certain foods at certain times of day to optimize your metabolism and fat burn.

I have learned so much about eating lean, clean and green from K&K through the Tone It Up Nutritional Plan and cannot suggest the program enough.

The Bikini Series is an eight week fitness challenge to get you in shape for summah! Whether you want to loose weight, tone up for your wedding, gain muscle, slim your waist line or learn to fuel your body with whole foods – you will want to check it out! You can click here to sign up. It’s free to join and you will receive a starter pack that includes details on the challenge, 3 slimming recipes and K&K’s #1 tip for success! Every Tuesday, there will be a free work out released and you can access the daily moves within the TIU mobile app.

For each of the Tone It Up challenges, they offer a weekly schedule on what to eat for each meal, each day. Since I have the nutrition plan, I don’t follow the meal by meal plan. I understand what I need to eat and when, so I just follow the plan guidelines, but this is a great tool for people that are just beginning with TIU or enjoy a really structure plan.

I’ll be following the Bikini Series program this Spring so let me know in the comments if you;re joining too!
Other than of course following the plan guidelines, I have a couple other goals for myself below.

– Complete daily moves each and every day for eight weeks.
I followed through with this this for the entire Love Your Body challenge this winter and felt amazing and super toned! I usually get these done while watching TV at night or as my booty call .
– Log 100 running miles over the next eight weeks.
S and I run a lot so this would be easy, but their old challenges always had a 100 mile running goal so I’m old school and still like to add this!
-Drink 80 ounces of water a day.
I use a 32 ounce water bottle and my water reminder app with my Apple watch to get this in!
-No complex carbs, processed sugar or dairy AT ALL
If you really follow the plan, there is very, ver, veryy limited of all the above. I feel my best when I don’t eat these so I will be removing them for eight weeks. I’ve done this before and can do it again! Dairy makes my stomach extremely upset, carbs make my super bloated and I easily get addicted to sugar. It’s easy for me to avoid carbs and dairy, but sugar is my down fall. I’ve also been eating to much ice cream lately, lol. So bye bye to them! I’m also not baking any of the TIU “treats” even though they are technically approved. While they are healthier version of bad treats, I want to focus on craving/eating whole foods from Mother Nature, not baked goods. When you ditch all the above, fruit tastes like candy 🙂

If you’ve never ditched these food groups, I really encourage you to follow the TIU guidelines and limit them . Ditching them for the first time two years ago was eye opening. I didn’t have a single belly ache, post-meal bloat or.. We grow up thinking that these feelings are normal and just get used to them. But once you ditch these food groups, your eyes are opened and it really is life changing! I quickly saw that I felt AMAZING, didn’t carry water weight, never had belly aches, easily digested foods and stopped eating lazy by relying on anything processed .

I’d love to hear your experience with Tone It Up below or any questions you have! Are you joining me in the 2018 Bikini Series challenge?! Xo Mindy



My new year’s resolution was as generic as they get – I vowed to clean up my nutrition. Years ago, when I started this blog, I was a clean eating machine. I loved working out, I loved eating well, and most of all, I loved how I felt. While I held onto most of those habits through the years, in the last year especially, my eating habits really hit rock bottom. I essentially was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Or, I was barely eating at all – letting the rush of life get the best of me. Come Christmas, I had acid reflux every day, my pants were tight, and it was time I got serious about how I was treating my body.

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan

Over the last year, I’ve been doing a mix of Beachbody workouts, and Tone It Up workouts. Both programs offer a nutrition plan, but I’m a longtime fan of the Tone it Up Girls and was curious about their nutrition plan. I never purchased it before, because in my opinion, it’s pretty expensive. You can also grab a lot of their recipes on Pinterest and on their website. However, I felt like I really needed a kick in the butt, and wanted to know the full ins and outs of the program, so I hit that purchase button. It took a week for the kit to come in, which included a hard copy of the book, a booty band, water bottle, and two containers. But, I was able to get a download immediately after purchasing online, so I got started immediately.

The plan is very much how I used to eat, with a few changes. I was what you would consider a “clean eater” and the only thing different about this plan is the time of day you eat carbohydrate rich foods. Their plan breaks down into five small meals a day, eating most of your sugary and carb heavy foods (fruits, grains, oats, etc.) before your fourth meal of the day. Your dinners are meant to be “lean and green”. So, what have I been eating?

What I Eat on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan

Meal 1

My absolute favorite meal 1, or breakfast, is overnight oats. This has been a favorite of mine for years. The TIU plan has many recipes and options for oats, but my all time favorite combination is simple; peanut butter, banana, oats, and almond milk. I also still drink my coffee with cream and stevia, although that’s not technically part of the plan. I can’t break up with that. I’ve also had TIU protein pancakes, which I love! I’ve yet to try any of the other recipes because I love the oats, and they’re working for me right now.

Meal 2

Meal two is like a mid morning snack. I’ve been eating fruit with almond butter, or a green smoothie. My absolute favorite smoothie is the green goddess smoothie. I decided to try their collagen, as well as their protein powder and have been enjoying both. I’ll do just about anything to make my skin look better, so I’m hopeful the collagen will help out. I make my smoothies ahead of time, freeze them in a mason jar and take one with me on the go.

Meal 3

Meal 3 has become my favorite, because I’m a carb loving girl, and this is the last meal of the day that you can include them. I’ve made PB wraps which is a whole wheat wrap (I use Ezekiel Wraps) with peanut butter and blueberries, but I mostly take leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. I’ve made their chili, and substituted lentils for the turkey, and have also made quinoa pasta with a simple marinara sauce.

Meal 4

Meal 4 tends to fall right in the middle of school pick-up for me, so it has to be easy. I will sometimes drink a smoothie if I didn’t have one that morning, or grab a kids Rx Bar. I’ve also made TIU Peanut Butter Cookies and Protein Balls that are easy to take on the go.

Meal 5

Last is that lean, clean and green dinner. My husband loves a good piece of meat, and also loves to grill – so most nights we’ve grilled up some chicken or fish and paired it with veggies. At this point I really need to branch out because I’m starting to get bored with that combination, but the book is full of recipes to try!

How I Feel About the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan

I will go ahead and tell y’all I haven’t been perfect. Last week especially I went astray many times. While their plan doesn’t have “cheat meals” because they believe in this being a lifestyle, they say to just pick back up and continue eating well and working out after a not so perfect meal. Which is just what I did.

Overall, I’m glad I’m finally purchased the plan, and have learned a thing or two about the best times to eat certain foods, and I am also enjoying the recipes. My favorite thing about the book is that each recipe tells you on the bottom which meal it’s best for. Once you’ve purchased the plan you also get their special releases, like the Love Your Body Series and the Bikini Series, so the recipes keep coming. As far as results, anytime you start eating better, you feel better. I’ve lost a couple pounds (I don’t have a ton of weight to lose), and have been less bloated. I’ve also been keeping up with their workouts, which incorporate a lot of yoga and stretching, so overall I’ve felt less achey and more limber! I’m most pleased with my renewed love for taking care of myself, and thinking about what goes into my body.

Have you tried the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan?


Now, let’s…get…linking!!

Link up any post you would like to show off; your outfit, home decor, recipe, workout. Anything at all! Because, oh, hey girl! I want to see it!


This post is for my fellow health and fitness girls!

It’s been brewing in my head all week, and I’ve been putting it off because it’s something I care about SO much right now, and I have been intimidating myself with the concept of getting all my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Er, screen.

Lately I’ve been following two healthy eating plans and I love them both. I don’t have to count calories, I eat treats without feeling guilty, I have tons of energy (like, Ben is kind of scared of my energy), I am never hungry, and I am in the best shape of my life.

I’ve struggled with body image and self esteem since I was in 7th grade, and to finally have reached this point of confidence and be able to eat intuitively, with just enough structure to keep me sane without having to obsess, is an incredible feeling and I can’t keep it to myself!!

I have been on-and-off following the Tone It Up nutrition plan since last August (which I talked about here), and have been also following the 21 Day Fix portion control system ever since I finished the program in March (you can read all about that experience here!)

Full disclosure: I am not compensated in any way for promoting Tone It Up, but you can purchase the 21 Day Fix through me and I will personally coach you through it!

I don’t really use the portion control containers anymore since I’m now able to eyeball my portion sizes, but I’ve been eating my allotted number of “containers” (e.g. fruit, veggies, carbs, fat, protein) every day to make sure I’m getting the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and fats. I love the 21 Day Fix container system because you can eat whatever you want (mainly healthy food but treats too!) as long as it fits into your portions, so it’s really easy to adapt to the TIU plan!

What’s the difference between Tone It Up and the 21 Day Fix?

The TIU plan is $150 and you get a set of digital files with the “rules” and hundreds of recipes, and you can access workout plans for free at If you share your meals and workouts on social media you get the support of thousands of other women who are also TIU plan members.

The 21 Day Fix is $160 and comes with a nutrition guide, portion control containers, Shakeology, and a different 30 minute workout for every day of the week. You get to participate in a small, private motivational Challenge Group (led by yours truly!) for accountability and support.

Yes, you have to shell out some cash. But you are investing in your health, and although it seems like a lot of money at first, the value you receive from purchasing either program is in my opinion worth so much more. Plus you will probably save on your grocery bill from all your meal planning!

Six months of following the Tone It Up nutrition plan and sticking to a daily workout routine with the support of the Instagram community whipped me into pretty good shape, but let’s face it. It’s easy to get off track and go down the delicious yet guilt-ridden slippery slope of comfort food, and after this horrible winter full of pizza, pasta, and Polar Vortex Happy Juice (yup that’s what I call wine…) I was looking for a way to really take it up a notch and actually see results from all my workouts. My friend Deidre (who I actually met through Tone It Up), promised me that the 21 Day Fix would do the trick! AND IT DID:

How Karena And Katrina Of Tone It Up Created A Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Brand And Community

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are experts in fitness, nutrition and all things wellness, which led them to co-found Tone It Up. Tone It Up is a fitness lifestyle brand that reaches millions of women committed to wellness with each post across their social media channels and within their expansive community. Since launching the company in 2009 with a $3,000 investment, Dawn and Scott have built a women’s healthy lifestyle community, offering workout content, nutrition guidance, recipes, and a network of support encouraging women to share their journeys towards better health.

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn of Tone It Up

Dawn and Scott believe they do not have customers, instead they have a community of engaged women and a multi-million dollar business with 40% growth year over prior year. This year they are tracking for even larger growth numbers with numerous projects including their own PerfectFit Protein and a clothing collaboration with Bandier.

“It was our love of fitness that brought us together,” Dawn said. “We literally met at the gym, and soon discovered we both lived in Manhattan Beach. Scott’s skill set as a personal trainer and budding Youtube fitness expert combined with my sports and fitness modeling background provided a complementary combination that worked well on and off camera. In the beginning, we never said ‘let’s start a business.’ We said ‘let’s have fun, capture it and share it with the world’ in hopes to inspire other women to workout. We also made a conscious decision to call our company “Tone It Up” rather than naming it after ourselves (think Karena and Katrina Fitness) like many others in the fitness space. We wanted to create something bigger than ourselves. We wanted to help women Tone It Up.”

Photos from a Tone It Up Retreat

“Back then, we really didn’t have a business plan or strategy, and in retrospect this freedom was a tremendous advantage,” Scott said. “Without the pressure of a destination in mind from the get-go, we have been able to make Tone It Up more about the journey for us and our community members. In 2009, we would walk down to the sand or a lifeguard stand with a camera and tripod in hand and hit record. In 2016, although our business has grown tremendously, you can still find us doing much of the same, but now we’re on Snapchat or filming our latest Beach Babe workout.”

Dawn and Scott founded their company with an investment of $3000, and have since remained a self-funded company.

“Launching Tone It Up did not require much financial investment, and to this day we remain self-funded without angels or VCs,” Dawn said. “We can’t say we haven’t been offered to take on outside investment, but deciding to not do so has, without a doubt, kept us focused on the bigger picture and the integrity of the brand in tact. Initially, it took less than $3000 to get things moving. We purchased a camcorder, MacBook with iMovie and the domain for $600.”

Katrina Scott of Tone It Up

“To this day we still reminisce opening our first business account and walking into the bank with twenty-five dollars each, but with no money left for rent,” Scott said. “From here, the investment shifted from dollars to time. We realized early on that we were in the content business, and producing quality, authentic content took a tremendous amount of time and energy. We quickly learned that wasting time was the same as wasting money (if not worse) in the beginning, because we weren’t getting paid for it. Luckily we had each other, and our community, to lean on for support and motivation.”

The duo remember a distinct moment early on when they felt like they had hit the nail on the head with Tone It Up.

Karena Dawn of Tone It Up

“We had our first Tone It Up meet-up in New York City and announced it just days before,” Dawn said. “We didn’t think more than 20 people would come and as we arrived there were thousands of women wrapped around Times Square cheering Tone It Up. We hugged and greeted each woman and listened to their story about how Tone It Up had changed their life.”

“That’s when we knew we were doing something remarkable and bigger than ourselves,” Scott said. “To this day, we always hug each member as if we are being reunited with a best girlfriend and we love to listen to each of their unique and inspiring stories. It is the fuel to the fire in our hearts.”

The duo have grown a very impressive TIU community with millions of followers across all their social platforms.

Photos from Tone It Up’s book launch

“In a world where businesses can now buy followers, fans and views, we decided to invest in ourselves, our content and our team,” Dawn said. “It really is true that ‘if you build it, they will come,’ and the Tone It Up Team is like no other community of women in the world: empowering, inspiring and extraordinary.”

“There truly is no substitute for quality and authenticity in the content business, and viewers quickly convert to passionate community members when they believe in us, our motivations and the experience we consistently deliver,” Scott said. “Our Tone It Up girls are what make this community the force it is today.… and they inspire us to keep working hard and evolving. It’s easier to pull an all-nighter when you know you have millions of women looking forward to what you’re giving them next.”

Dawn and Scott did speak about what have been their biggest challenges in business. For them, scaling their business while continuing to deliver an intimate, high-touch experience has been important to them as their community grows. They work on not sweating the small stuff, just the workouts and enabling themselves by delegating tasks and decisions that are better suited for other trusted and talented staff members.

Photo of members of the Tone It Up community

With so many product launches from books, to retreats to workout equipment, the duo are excited especially excited about their annual Bikini Series launching later month.

“We’re excited that the frequency at which we’re launching new products and delivering unforgettable experiences is increasing,” Scott said. “Our 6th annual Bikini Series is launching at the end of April and we anticipate over 2.5 million women joining to get confident and ready for summer. In parallel, we’re also releasing our 4th Beach Babe program and two upcoming exclusive retreats with 600 remarkable women.”

As the competition increases in the growing digital health and fitness space, Scott and Dawn believe that what distinguishes them is their community.

“What makes us different is we’ve bridged the gap between digital and physical,” Dawn said. “Between our meet-ups, book tours, retreats and appearances, we are meeting women that have already connected with each other all over the world through Tone It Up. Women are making girlfriends of a lifetime. At many of our events, women are hugging, dancing and even crying that they have found someone that supports their dreams and aspirations. We’re only a small part in their journey. That’s what the Tone It Up community is all about.”

All images courtesy of Tone It Up

Bride-to-Be Karena Dawn from Tone It Up Shares Her Healthy Wedding Day Secrets

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are one powerful duo in the fitness world. The faces of Tone It Up have built not only a mega-brand that includes dozens of workout videos, DVDs, nutrition plans, exercise equipment, clothing and swimwear, magazine covers, and weekend-long retreats, but also a true fitness community. Professionally, you could say these ladies make one seriously sculpted team, but now Karena Dawn is gearing up to join a different duo-one with her soon-to-be hubby Bobby Gold.

In true SoCal-fashion, Gold popped the question on the beach during a TIU retreat as hundreds of TIU members and fans watched. You can watch it all go down here, but fair warning, you might need a tissue.

As any bride-to-be knows, once the engagement festivities wind down and regular schedules begin to take over, that’s when the real work begins-planning a wedding. With all the contracts to sign, dresses to shop for, and flowers to choose, workouts, and healthy eating can sometimes fall to the wayside. So who other than fitness guru, trainer, and true girl’s girl, Karena Dawn to share how she’s keeping it all organized without letting it get in the way of her workouts?

SHAPE: Be honest, did you suspect Bobby was going to pop the question at the TIU retreat last fall?

Karena Dawn: We had been talking about getting engaged for about a year, so I knew it was coming . I have to say, Bobby definitely caught me off guard by asking at our annual Tone It Up Retreat in Newport Beach. He got on stage and down on one knee in front of 400 women from our TIU Community. I’m a tough one to surprise, but I was completely shocked!

SHAPE: Have your workouts changed at all since you became engaged?

KD: I’ve stayed pretty consistent with my Tone It Up workouts, but now that there are just a few weeks until the wedding day, I’m stepping up my game! I think the biggest change is that Bobby and I have become each other’s accountability partners. We are cooking healthy meals together (from the TIU Nutrition Plan) and working out together more. I have Bobby coming to my hot yoga and sculpting classes and he’s has me doing his gym routine. It’s been a really fun time and a great excuse to spend more QT together. (Another option? Join the 30-Day Slim-Down Challenge or the 30-Day Strength Challenge with Dumbbells, both of which were designed by TIU exclusively for SHAPE.)

SHAPE: Are you focusing on any particular body part or area that you really want to look and feel your best for the big day?

KD: Leading up to the wedding I’m really putting an emphasis on preparing my mind and body. I want to feel and be the absolute best ‘me’ the day of. Plus, my dress is a dream! I can’t wait to wear it on our wedding day and for Bobby to see it for the first time. Before getting engaged I didn’t think the dress would be such a big part of the wedding, but I’ve realized it’s one of the most fun parts of the whole “fantasy.” The memories will last a lifetime.

SHAPE: What do you think about the concept of “shredding for the wedding”? Should women feel the need to lose weight or shape up in time for their wedding or honeymoon?

KD: It’s all about feeling your best and taking care of yourself. Sometimes as women we take care of everyone else first, but your wedding and honeymoon are when it’s all about YOU! It’s a great time to refocus and center yourself, and be reminded that if you take care of yourself first, you can actually give more to everyone else.

SHAPE: How do you manage the stress of planning a wedding?

KD: Lots of yoga, meditation, and some red wine.

SHAPE: Will you be serving healthy food at the wedding?

KD: We’re getting married in Hawaii so fresh fish and other fresh ingredients were a must! The chef even took “TIU approved” items into account when we did the tasting. On the menu are dishes like lime coconut shrimp, ahi poke cucumber cups, coconut curry tofu noodles with zucchini and green onions, and lemon ginger-crusted mahi-mahi. (Brides-to-be, let your hair down during the reception, dig into that delicious food you spent so much money on, and absolutely eat a piece of cake, but before you walk down that aisle take look at The Best and Worst Foods to Eat for Your Wedding Day.)

SHAPE: But seriously, are you crazy excited for wedding cake?

KD: Yes! That was the best part of our tasting. We chose Maui vanilla bean cake with coconut icing.

  • By Alyssa Sparacino @a_sparacino

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Karena Dawn is best known as a YouTube Star. Fitness coach, entrepreneur, and reality star known for her time on the Bravo TV series Toned Up. She co-founded the fitness business Tone It Up, which provides advice and regimens for living a healthy lifestyle. She was born on March 22, 1981 in Indianapolis, IN. She and her fellow Tone It Up co-founder Katrina Hodgson were called “The New Faces of Fitness” by Jane Fonda. At age 12, she ran her first half-marathon. She moved to Los Angeles following her high school graduation.

On TRENDCELEBSNOW.COM, She is one of the successful YouTube Star. She has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on March 22, 1981. She is one of the Richest YouTube Star who was born in IN.

First Name Karena
Last Name Dawn
Profession YouTube Star
Age 38 years old
Birthday & Zodiac
Birth Sign Aries
Birth Date March 22, 1981
Birthday March 22
Birth Place Indianapolis, IN
Country IN
Height & Weight
Height (Approx.) in centimeters – N/A
in meters – N/A
in feet-inches – N/A
Weight (Approx.) in centimeters – N/A
in meters – N/A
in feet-inches – N/A
Body Measurements Not Available
Physical Stats
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Dress Size Not Known
Shoe Size Not Known
Family & Relatives
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Relatives Not Known

Her work as a fitness coach has been featured in editorial magazines such as Women’s Health, In Style, and Vogue. She has also competed in multiple triathlons.

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Karena Dawn is 38 years old old.

She has no children.

She had at least 1 relationship in the past.

This information is not available.

She is now 38 years old. Noted, She was born on March 22, 1981.

Karena Dawn become popular for being a successful YouTube Star.

Marital status not available right now.

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Tone It Up Trainer Katrina Hodgson’s Shabby Chic Malibu Wedding

When a friend invited Katrina Hodgson to a movie night get-together hosted by Brian Scott, she had no idea she would meet the man of her dreams. “At the end of the evening, Brian picked up a guitar and sang to all of us. I fell in love right then and there,” remembers the co-founder of fitness-and-lifestyle community and star of Bravo’s Toned Up. As years passed and their love grew, Brian asked Katrina’s father and older brother for their blessings before surprising his bride with a light-yellow canary diamond engagement ring on their annual summer vacation to her family’s lake house.

When the time came for the couple to begin planning their nuptials, they designed an event that would truly celebrate their many years of love, as well as commemorate the loved ones who helped shape who they are today. “Our ten-year anniversary celebration was our wedding, so we wanted it to be special and feel like us,” shares Katrina. The first step in doing so was to host a rehearsal “beach day,” in lieu of a traditional rehearsal dinner. “Rather than a formal dinner, we invited our closest family and friends for a relaxing Malibu beach day at one of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite private beaches,” explains the groom.

The following day, the bride and her bridesmaids prepared for the ceremony on the lawn of a bluff overlooking the ocean. Romantic furniture, including a vanity and plush antique seating upholstered with dusty-pink silks, brought the bridal suite to the beach. Katrina wore an elegant strapless trumpet gown with a sweetheart neckline; her long hair was styled in her famous beachy waves and pulled away from her face on one side with a single, light pink Café au Lait dahlia. Bridesmaids were dressed in long, mismatched gowns in hues of seafoam green or sky blue; their tresses also styled in long, loose curls.

Meanwhile, guests enjoyed light refreshments from the “lemonade stand” before making their way to the charming ceremony seating. “We wanted our ceremony and reception décor to be a reflection of our home,” begins Katrina. “We have a beachy-antique style and love soft hues of greens and corals,” which blended seamlessly with their vision for the seaside nuptials. Some décor elements, including trinkets and photos, were borrowed from the couple’s home, and other items, such as chaises and chairs, were purchased from antique fairs and implemented into their home décor after the wedding.

Once guests found their seats, attendants walked down the lace-and-burlap aisle runner to reach the altar, which was built by the groom. Bridesmaids carried bouquets featuring Juliet garden roses and Café au Lait dahlias in shades of light pink with dusty miller accents; each was tied with lace from the wedding dress of Katrina’s paternal grandmother, who at age 91 attended the wedding. Groomsmen were casual in rolled-up slacks and white button-down shirts, and Brian donned a three-piece khaki suit with a tie the shade of sea glass; boutonnieres featured ivory blossoms, verdure, and were also tied with grandma’s lace.

“One of my most memorable moments was listening to Brian’s vows… He read a letter he wrote me ten years ago!” confides the bride. Following the picturesque ceremony, Katrina and Brian took a moment alone together before joining loved ones at a nearby vineyard for an alfresco reception. “It was the only time during our entire wedding day that we were alone,” explains Katrina of their drive to the venue in a bright yellow 1973 Volkswagen Thing – her wedding gift from the groom. “We were really happy we took the time to do that… and get lost for 20 minutes – so us!”

As wedding attendees entered the reception space, a table of wedding photos from both families welcomed them. “We wanted everyone to witness why we’re here, what brought us together, and who taught us to love,” says the bride. Dinner seating was modeled after the couple’s dining room at home: Farm-style wooden tables decorated with lace-and-burlap runners made by Katrina’s mother were topped with vintage ceramic centerpieces filled with hydrangeas, garden roses, Café au Lait dahlias, and Sahara roses in peaches and creams, as well as touches of Queen Anne’s lace and dusty miller.

After enjoying dinner selections from the buffet-style feast, guests discovered a dessert table that featured a wedding cake from Katrina and Brian’s favorite local creamery, which they often visit on date nights. As the sun began to set, the newlyweds enjoyed their first dance and a band performed a playlist throughout the night that was perfect for all ages. “Our first dance was the first time I cried. I realized everyone we loved was in one place,” recalls the bride.

She urges other couples to enjoy the planning process together since a wedding only happens once: “Make it a date night! Grab a bottle of wine and put together song lists, choose napkin colors, and do whatever it is that you need to check off the list.” The groom, who was also very involved in wedding preparation, credits the success of their event with the planning they accomplished as a team: “We’re so happy we made our wedding feel like us.”

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