July 27, 2016 – 10:41 BST hellomagazine.com Kourtney Kardashian has revealed her beauty secrets to HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott.

Can you be glam and green? Is it really possible to be organic and eco-friendly and still be a Kardashian? HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott sat down with Kourtney to find out…

As one of the world’s most visible families, we have seen just about every aspect of her life played out in front of the TV cameras. But if you think you know all there is to know about Kourtney Kardashian, think again. The 37-year-old mother of three – sons Mason, six, and 18-month-old Reign and daughter Penelope, four, with on-off partner Scott Disick – and elder sister of Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie still has a few surprises up her sleeve, not least championing an organic, sustainable approach to health and beauty.

You are known as the eco-friendly Kardashian sister. Do you think you deserve the title?

“I think I do. Having children made me really conscious of what food I was going to feed them. I started reading this baby book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, about organic ingredients. I then began to learn more, visiting holistic doctors and doing an Ayurvedic cleanse after Penelope was born. I learnt so much and now I often do Ayurvedic recipes.”

How do you manage to tread the line between being green and clean and the glamour of life as a Kardashian?

“Recently people have been asking me if I really am a Kardashian . I love being a mum and want the best for my kids and for me, so this has led me onto a path of reading more and more about clean and healthy eating, beauty, fitness and mindfulness.”

And you are now an ambassador for Manuka Doctor – how did that come about?

“I’ve been using Manuka Doctor honey for years. I’d just launched my app, and on it I do this Good For You Glossary, in which I highlight ingredients that I love, the benefits and how to use them. One of these was Manuka Doctor honey, so they got in touch and asked me to work with them. I only take on projects that mean a lot to me- I do not want to be away from my kids unless I’m passionate about something.”

What do you like about the products?

“I love that they are all natural. I’m always looking for new beauty tricks and tips that are easy with three kids. I love the honey, but also the Gold Dust serum under make-up for a healthy glow, and the Brightening Oil, which I use at night.”

When it comes to skincare, what is your secret weapon?

“I don’t like to use an eye cream because they seem to make my eyes worse. I prefer the consistency of oil. I put it around my eyes, rub it down onto my neck and onto my hands every night.”

In addition to eating organic, do you also use organic beauty products?

“I’m trying but it’s hard, as I want products that really work. I’ve been asking beauty editors what make-up to try as I want to use only organic make-up. I haven’t switched yet, but that’s my next thing.”

Have you given yourself a time scale for making the switch?

“Yes, six months; and when I do it I will share the information and advice about the best brands on my app. I used to use Jane Iredale mineral base and it really helped my skin, so I need to start looking at brands like that again.”

Balancing a more natural approach with a full-on glam squad for your TV show must be tricky, though…

“I’m lucky that I get to film most days so I have someone doing my hair and make-up for me. But to be honest, there was a phase when I was completely over it. I hated spending hours getting ready – what mom has time for that? I would insist that it only take 20 minutes. But now I’m back and enjoying it more – I let them take an hour because it’s good to feel good about yourself. I still make sure that I’m working while it’s being done, though – approving episodes, checking emails or working on my app or my social media posts.”

What are your current make-up essentials?

“I love Lancôme mascara, an Armani Designer Lift foundation, the Beauty Blender sponge in black and my peachy Givenchy blush, which I can use to hide dark circles.”

Do you have a signature scent?

“No. I really don’t like heavily scented anything. I prefer my skincare to have a more natural scent that comes as a result of the organic ingredients.”

Let’s talk hair – how do you keep yours in such great condition?

“Healthy eating, good genes and a great shampoo and conditioner from Rahua. Oh, and coconut oil.”

Tanning – fake or real?

“I really can’t stand fake tan so I prefer to just get out in the sun for a little while. I think the sun is good for you; I love to hang outside with my kids around the pool.”

I hear you have a great morning shake recipe. Care to share?

“Every morning I have a shake for my breakfast – a whole avocado blended with coconut milk and Manuka honey. The avocado is great for skin and hair. I am a big tea drinker and I put honey in that too. I also put honey and coconut milk into my green tea – I love it.”

Maintaining a totally dairy- and gluten-free home with three young children is quite an achievement. How do you do it?

“I was hesitant at first. We visited this kinesiologist who does muscle testing to tell you what foods to avoid, and when he told us that we should all be gluten and dairy-free I freaked out. I took Mason with me to the market and tried gluten-free pizza, which was not a success. We totally picked the wrong things. But now I find bakeries that do gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies for the children and I have found a dairy-free cheese that actually tastes of cheese. I’ve also found a gluten-free pizza base but not a dairy-free cheese that melts really well.”

Do you feel better for making the changes to your diet?

“Yes, I think I have more energy. I thought the dairy was going to be the hardest, but that was actually really easy to avoid. The gluten I will admit I cheat on every now and then. I am the biggest Disney freak and I can happily stay for 12 hours but recently I went and ate a churro and felt drained and exhausted. I’ve learnt my lesson.”


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How do you boost your energy levels and beat the dreaded mid-afternoon slump?

“Iced tea. I can’t drink coffee, it makes me insane. No one wants to see me on coffee.”

Do you watch what you eat to stay in shape, too?

“For me, it’s about being healthy. I don’t count calories or think about eating too much or too little but t I do feel guilty when I don’t eat healthily.”

Despite having had three kids you are more toned than ever. Do you have a killer abs move?

“My trainer Don Brooks does this super-hard move. He gets me and Khloé to lie down, holds our feet and then gets us to roll up and then stand right up, and then all the way back. Three sets of ten. Khloé and I work out together with Don and he comes to the house.”

Is there any area in particular that you would like to work on? “I am obsessed with lifting my butt. So before I get in the shower I will do 100 deep squats. It’s a little thing, but doing it before your shower reminds you to do it every day. It’s a little extra. I even do sit-ups while watching TV. For me it’s about multi-tasking.”

How often do you exercise?

“Right now it’s at least five days a week, to feel good physically and mentally. Sometimes we meet Don outside and he will have us running, hill climbing, or hiking. Sometimes we go to the gym. Khloé and I try to post our workouts every day on our Snapchats to share advice.”

And what’s your favourite workout wear?

“I love a brand called Beyond Yoga as they have high-waisted leggings. And APL trainers; they are cool and on trend, and super-comfy.”

Flying is part of your life. What would I always find in your bag on the plane?

“A cell phone charger and Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer – a great balm.”

Interiors are your passion, so if you had to choose between fashion and furniture what would you go for?

“Oh that’s tough, but I would choose interiors. I think I’m good at creating looks for less, so I could get away with spending minimum money on clothes.”

What was the last song you danced to?

“It was probably Beyoncé, at her concert – I went with Khloé. Or maybe J-Lo; we saw her too, in Vegas. Both were amazing.”

Favourite app and Instagram account – not counting your sisters’?

“Favourite apps are Tidal for music and Net-a-Porter for shopping. And for interiors, 1stdibs and theinteriorreport on Instagram.”

Finally, describe your perfect Sunday – glam day or make-up free?

“No make-up, pyjamas all day, get a massage while the kids watch a movie, and if it’s nice outside, hang out around the pool.”

Kourtney’s collection – We asked the eldest Kardashian sister to pick her favourite beauty buys.

1. Groovy Food Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, £5.99, from Waitrose “I love using coconut oil on my body. I’ve been using it since I had Penelope and used it on her”
2. Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Lip Enhancer, £14.99, visit manukadoctor.co.uk
3. Givenchy Le Prisme Powder Blush in Aficionado Peach, £32, fromfeeelunique.com and escentual.com
4. Manuka Doctor Gold Dust Firming Serum, £29.99 “Amazing to put under your make-up for a little glow”
5. Beauty Blender Pro Sponge in Black, £16, visit beautyblender.co.uk
6. Manuka Doctor Active Manuka Honey, £24.95, visit manukadoctor.co.uk
7. Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil, £19.99, visit manukadoctor.co.uk “I love the way this smells simply of honey, which to me is important”
8. Rahua Shampoo, £30, from cultbeauty.co.uk
9. Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara in Black, £23.50, from Boots or visit lancome.co.uk
10. Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation in Shade 2 or Shade 5, £42, from John Lewis and House of Fraser

Beauty Secrets Kourtney Kardashian Swears By For Natural Skin Care

Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner might own beauty lines, but Kourtney Kardashian is the real beauty guru in the Kardashian-Jenner family. If you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or read Kourtney’s blog, you might have noticed just how passionate the reality star is about natural beauty.

Ahead, we take a look at some of Kourtney Kardashian’s beauty secrets for natural skin care, including what natural deodorant she uses and how she keeps her skin hydrated with manuka honey.

Kourtney Kardashian uses natural ingredients in her skin care regimen. | Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images

Coconut oil

Superfood ingredients such as coconut oil have made their mark on natural skin care and beauty products. And, like many natural beauty devotees, Kourtney is no stranger to its beauty benefits. On top of using the natural oil in her hair, the reality star likes to moisturize her body with it, too. According to her app, Kourtney applies coconut oil to her body skin “right out of the shower” and let it sit for 10 minutes.

In addition, the reality star uses coconut oil in some homemade beauty recipes, too. One of Kourtney’s go-to’s? A DIY lip scrub made with coconut oil, manuka honey, and sugar. The natural concoction gently sloughs off dry skin and nourishes for a silky soft, smooth, lipstick-ready pout.

Manuka honey

Another all-natural ingredient Kourtney Kardashian swears by for skin care? Manuka honey. The reality star is a big fan of Manuka Doctor skin care products and also swears by the all-natural superfood honey for home skin treatments.

Thanks to its natural humectants and anti-aging properties, manuka honey can be used in beauty for many things. For soft, hydrated skin, more youthful-looking skin, apply manuka honey to the complexion as a face mask and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing. You can also add it to homemade beauty product or as a spot treatment on pimples. In addition to being anti-aging and hydrating, manuka honey also boasts anti-bacterial properties that can help combat breakouts and keep the complexion clear.

good morning

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Oct 7, 2017 at 10:57am PDT

Natural deodorant

Like other celebrities and wellness aficionados, Kourtney no longer uses chemical-ridden deodorants and switched to a natural deodorant. “Changing over to an all-natural deodorant seemed like an important thing to do when I heard that when people are diagnosed with breast cancer, they are told to immediately discontinue using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants,” the reality star shared in a blog post. “Although research connecting the parabens and aluminum from these products directly with breast cancer is inconclusive, I like to play it safe,” she concluded.

So, what natural deodorant does Kourtney swear by? Schmidt’s Natural Ylang Ylang + Calendula deodorant. At $8.99 a pop, the natural deodorant is more affordable than other other natural brands. In addition, it features an award-winning formula made with essential oils and free of aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, and phthalates.

Natural sunscreen

Deodorant isn’t the only natural skin product Kourtney likes to use. As a California native, the reality star knows how crucial it is to protect her skin from the sun. That said, like many of her products, she prefers a more natural formula. Her favorite natural sunscreen? Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30.

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IF YOU want flawless red carpet ready hair, Andrew Fitzsimons is the man to go to.

The Dublin-born hair guru, who’s a brand ambassador for Beauty Works extensions, has styled everyone from models Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls and Ashley Graham, to Hollywood icons like Susan Sarandon in the past.

11 Kourtney Kardashian’s hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons has revealed his top tipsCredit: Instagram 11 The 31-year-old Dublin-born stylist is an ambassador for Beauty Works hair extensions – which he’s using here on model Sofia JamoraCredit: Instagram

Currently based in LA, the 31-year-old is also a firm member of the Kardashian inner klan – you may recognise his tell-tale rose arm tattoo from their various social media accounts.

The family are known for their glossy hairstyles, and Andrew has revealed he swears by Alterna’s £14.95 Dry Oil Mist to get the look.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Online, he said: “I use that as a top coat and that gives a super, super high gloss shine.”

Andrew is Kourtney’s personal hairdresser, being on-hand most days to do her locks, and has also styled Kim, Kris, Kylie, Kendall and Khloe for TV and photoshoots.

View this post on Instagram

Want to get Kourt’s shiny hair? Check out my video up today on the KOURT app and KourtneyKardashian.com and see how to make your very own ‘Avocado Hair Smoothie’! #hairXandrew #LinkInBio

A post shared by Andrew Fitzsimons 🇮🇪 (@andrewfitzsimons) on Nov 22, 2016 at 12:32pm PST

11 He works with the whole Kardashian family – including KimCredit: Instagram 11 Kylie Jenner is also a fan of Andrew’s skillsCredit: Instagram

He revealed: “I started my career in Paris in fashion then I moved to New York to try and break into the celebrity world.

“I started working with a lot of big names and models, Kendall being one of them, and I think word just spread and when I moved to LA it was a natural progression.

“Luckily (the Kardashians) are really influential in the beauty industry, so when you work with one girl everybody sees and word spreads quickly.

“I only really work with people I enjoy being around because I have to be around them every single day.

“So if I’m keeping a client long-term it’s because I like working with them.”

11 Victoria’s Secret model Joan Smalls is also among his clientsCredit: Instagram 11 Momager Kris Jenner gets a makeover from the hair guruCredit: Instagram 11 It was model Kendall who introduced Andrew to the glamorous familyCredit: Instagram

Andrew’s top tip is to invest in a good set of hair extensions, which he recommends for everything from a Kim or Kylie-inspired blunt bob to voluminous Hollywood curls.

He said: “For an instant ‘wow’ impact I always like to add extensions.

“Most of the time we use extensions just to make sure the baseline of the bob is really razor sharp and thick, a couple of tapes really low down, then a great straightener.

“Everybody wears extensions on the red carpet, and the great thing is nowadays it’s less of a taboo.”

View this post on Instagram

Happy 21st birthday @kyliejenner baby!!!!! It’s such a trip that my baby sister is 21 😱 So happy to be on this sister and now mom journey with you forever!!!! I love you so much! You will still always be my baby sis and I’m always here for you no matter what!

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Aug 10, 2018 at 7:32am PDT

11 Andrew also styles Hollywood legend Susan SarandonCredit: Instagram 11 Andrew at a Christmas bash with with Khloe KCredit: Instagram

Beauty Works extensions, which are loved by the likes of Towie’s Jess Wright and Georgia Kousoulou, come in a huge range of colours – as well as balayage, rooted and highlighted colour dimensions.

Andrew said: “I always have them in my kit because wherever I show up, whether it be a red carpet or magazine cover photoshoot, I know I’ll be able to match up the extensions with my clients no problem.

“I have two full clothing racks full of hair extensions on hangers.

“I show up and people think I’m the stylist because I’m bringing in so many racks, but I have pretty much every shade that they have – so I always know there’s a shade for a client. “

Andrew’s go-to products

  • Alterna Dry Oil Mist, £14.95, All Beauty – buy now
  • Texturising spray for ‘sexy, tousled Victoria’s Secret hair’
  • Beauty Works heat protection spray, £11.99, Look Fantastic – buy now
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Beauty Works Professional Styler curling wand, £69.99, Look Fantastic – buy now

11 Andrew has also worked with Ashley Graham for yearsCredit: Instagram 11 He describes her as ‘one of my favourite people in the world’, pictured before her first Met GalaCredit: Instagram

Among Andrew’s most loyal clients is plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham.

He told us: “I’ve been working with Ashley for years, and she’s one of my favourite people in the world.

“She’s so much fun, so beautiful so whenever we shoot something the results are really amazing.

“Last year I did her for her first Met Gala so she’s always fun to work with, and she is a supermodel so everything looks great on her.


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“Every day is a little bit crazy, with the amount of clients I have it can be really hard to manage everybody and schedule everything.

But I like to be as busy as I can, so it’s kind of like organised chaos.”

In more beauty news, there’s now a £17 sheet mask for your vagina… and we gave it a test run.

Andrew Fitzsimons is the global ambassador for Beauty Works.

Last year, Kylie Jenner celebrated Mother’s Day with an extra-special Kylie Cosmetics collection devoted to her mom, Kris Jenner. How can she possibly one-up that gift this year, you ask? With a Kris Jenner-inspired beauty bundle, obviously.

For Mother’s Day 2019 — Kylie’s second celebration as a mother herself — she’s dropping the Limited-Edition Momager Kit, a two-piece collection inspired by mom/boss Kris. The duo includes the Todd Kraines Velvet Liquid Lipstick, a subtle pink-nude shade named after an infamous prank call between Kris and Scott Disick. It also includes the 12-pan Kris Collection Eyeshadow Palette, with a mix of peach, pink, and smoky matte and shimmer shades.

courtesy of brand

The packaging comes with plenty of nods for Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans, like a “10%” in Kris’s iconic black sunglasses and the phrase, “You’re doing amazing sweetie,” detailed on the palette.

The Kylie Cosmetics Limited Edition Momager Kit ($49) is available at Ulta Beauty. Snag one for your actual mom, or be your own Momager and buy yourself a Mother’s Day gift.

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  • Yikes, Kylie Jenner Just Slashed the Price of Her Lip Kit Named After Jordyn Woods
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Now watch Hailey Baldwin’s makeup artist break down her best looks:

I Tried Khloe Kardashian’s Nightly Beauty Routine For A Week & Here’s What Happened — PHOTOS

As someone who loves playing around with new beauty products and tutorials, I’m always down to try the beauty routines that celebrities, whose jobs revolve around being ~*~flawless~*~ swear by. I once washed my hair with Coca-Cola after model Suki Waterhouse claimed it gave her perfect waves, I used up precious coconut oil and honey for a mask Julianne Hough calls her secret weapon, and I was inspired by Kim Kardashian to go a week without washing my hair. So when I saw that Khloe Kardashian had posted her nightly beauty routine on her website, I knew I had to try it out.

Yes, I already have a nightly beauty routine that works very well for me. But who could turn down the chance to live like a Kardashian? Plus, Khloe’s nightly beauty routine includes something that she swears makes her eyelashes more full, and I would very much enjoy Kardashian-esque eyelashes.

Here’s the routine, according to Khloe:

  • 10 p.m.: Grab my liter of water and try to drink as much as possible. Usually it’s a bottle of Smart Water or Essentia (I like Essentia because of the pH).
  • 10:05 p.m.: Go upstairs to my bathroom.
  • 10:06 p.m.: Start my facial routine. I wash my face three times to get all the makeup I wear off. I use Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser. Kylie’s obsessed with it now (she’s basically obsessed with me lol).
  • 10:08 p.m.: Mix my La Mer face cream with vitamin E oil and slather it on. My face look like a Slip ‘n’ Slide!
  • 10:09 p.m.: Put vitamin E oil on my lashes. I swear it makes them extra full.
  • 10:10 p.m.: Brush my teeth.
  • 10:12 p.m.: In bed, but checking emails. Pick up where I last left off editing “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on my computer.
  • 10:30 p.m.: Put my phone on silent. I’ll still check it, but having it on silent winds me down.
  • 10:59 p.m.: Close my computer. I try to stop editing episodes around this time because I could stay up all night. I have to limit myself.
  • 11 p.m.: Flip my cell phone over on my bedside table so I don’t see any light. I have a house phone so if anyone needs me, they know to call me landline. Lights out!

Simple enough, right? Could changing up my routine with a few new products and a new phone policy really give me glowing, perfectly contoured skin and long Kardashian lashes? There was only one way to find out, and that was to test it out myself. I am always wary when the Kardashians say what products they use and love, because it’s hard to tell when they actually like them and when they’re just being paid to say they like them. Here’s what happened when I lived like Khloe for a week.

Day One: Sunday

My face pre-Khloe routine.

An hour before I was planning on falling asleep, I went into my boyfriend’s bathroom armed with beauty products so that I could pretend to be Khloe Kardashian. This was very hard to do when my boyfriend kept calling me “Jessica” and I was wearing sweatpants from Victoria’s Secret instead of a waist trainer and Yeezys, but I digress.

My biggest issue with this routine, at first, was the water. To me, drinking “as much water as you can” before bed sounds like the perfect way to ensure you will wake up two or three times during the night because you had to pee. This is usually why I, myself, avoid drinking water too close to bedtime. But as someone who dislikes water and regularly forgets to drink it until she feels dehydrated, I figured this could be a good thing for me. I chugged my Smartwater before washing my face.

Khloe says she washes her face three times to get all of her makeup off, so I did too. It was my first time using Kiehl’s Herbal Blue Cleanser (which Khloe has raved about before) and I liked it (so far). It smells very clinical because it’s made with salicylic acid, which was kind of refreshing. When I’m using a cleanser that is supposed to target my acne, I always feel like it’s working better if it smells like serious business — and this one does. I’m breaking out quite a bit at the moment, and was hoping that this acne-fighting cleanser would live up to its name.

Once the rigorous cleansing process was done, I moved on to the moisturizer. Since I do not have an extra $300 lying around to buy the La Mer moisturizer Khloe loves, I used my L’Occitane moisturizer instead. I mixed it with two drops of Vitamin E oil and saw that my face also resembled a Slip n Slide. Cool, and also very sexy when sleeping next to bae.

The last part of the product routine was putting Vitamin E oil on my eyelashes. I’ve heard this Pinterest hack a lot, and I’ve always doubted it. It seems too easy. I also have naturally long, full eyelashes that are quite nice (they are one of my favorite things about myself) and I’ve never wanted to mess with them. But I figured I’d try. As it turns out, oil on your eyelashes makes it pretty impossible to see.

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser, $21, Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil, $9, AmazonLa Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream, $85, La Mer

Sitting in bed, I chugged more water, then opened up my iPad. Khloe, apparently, edits episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians before bed, which… what? Khloe edits the episodes? OK.

As I am not the star of my own reality show, I do not have to edit episodes before bed. Instead, I used this obvious “work” time to write this and research future story ideas.

During this work, the oil on my eyelashes was driving me insane. Every time I blinked, things got more blurry. “How does Khloe do this?” I wondered to myself, as I tried wiping some oil off. Maybe I had used too much. Maybe I was irritating my eyes. Maybe this was a horrible idea. I was nervous.

A few minutes before I wanted to go to sleep, I put my phone on silent and turned it upside down so I wouldn’t see light. I mean, I never worry about that, because unlike Khloe, who probably gets 500 texts throughout the night, literally no one texts me after midnight. I am in my late 20s and all of my friends are sleeping by then.

What would tomorrow bring? An oily pillow case? The longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen? We shall see.

Day Two: Monday

To be honest, I was pretty nervous that I was going to wake up without eyelashes. Silly, but I am very protective of my eyelashes. As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry. My eyelashes were intact. I touched my face a lot. The slightly sticky oily feeling from the night before was gone, and my skin actually felt incredibly soft. I absolutely noticed a difference from adding oil to my beloved L’Occitane moisturizer.

Upon further inspection, I also noticed that my acne from the night before had calmed down a bit. And unless I was imagining things, my eyelashes were super soft. My mascara, which usually clumps a little, went on smoother than it ever has before, which was awesome.

After work, I decided to really commit to my Khloe routine and go to a SoulCycle class. I even took a Khloe-inspired gym mirror selfie in the bathroom of the SoulCycle studio, but unlike Khloe’s pictures, mine featured a toilet bowl. Nice.

As the nightly routine began and I drank water, I thought, “there has to be a better way.” The night before I had woken up twice to go to the bathroom, which isn’t the end of the world, but I hate disturbing my sleep that way. I washed my face three times, added a little bit more Vitamin E oil to my moisturizer than the night before, and applied a little less oil to my eyelashes so that I could actually, you know, see. By 11 p.m., I forced myself to go to bed.

Day Three: Tuesday

Waking up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that my skin was still very soft and that my eyelashes were still feeling incredibly lush. My mascara once again went on like a dream and I felt like I didn’t even need my normal morning skincare routine of serum and moisturizer. Maybe Khloe was onto something.

Later at night, after a long day and a terrible commute, the last thing I felt like doing was washing my face not once, but three times, then getting work done. But I did it anyway, because I’m a trooper. This time, I paid more attention to the Kiehl’s cleanser. While washing your face three times in a row seems excessive (because it is), I noticed that my skin really did feel and look so much more clean than it usually does when I wash it quickly once. The first time the cleanser foamed up on my face, I could see it collecting the makeup. By the third time, my face was shiny and clean. It felt good!

Day Four: Wednesday

Surprise, surprise — I again woke up to soft lashes and nice skin. I could definitely get used to this! Today I decided to channel Khloe some more, and so I asked my beauty-and-Kardashian loving co-worker and friend to put my hair in the French braid pigtails that Khloe, Kim, and Kylie have been so obsessed with the last few months. While I don’t have Khloe’s long extensions, I do have a similar blonde lob, so I mean, I was basically Khloe’s twin for the day.

I walked around all day with these braids, feeling like I maybe looked like I was trying to hard to be trendy or that I looked like a 12-year-old, despite the fact that my friends insisted they were cute. They proved to be quite convenient during a spin class event later on, so maybe that’s why the Kardashian-Jenners love them — they keep your hair out of your face.

An hour before bed, I drank more water and washed my face three times, noting that I have never gone through a cleanser so quickly before. I then put way too much Vitamin E oil on my eyelashes, so I’m currently blinking about three times per second while trying to see my iPad so that I can type. I was once again left wondering how Khloe edits episodes with this blurriness happening. But hey, at least it was making my eyelashes feel great.

Day Five: Thursday

Today I decided that the way I would channel Khloe’s spirit was by doing something I should have done in the beginning of the week: contouring. The Kardashians are known for their next-level contouring. That is, after all, the reason Khloe has to wash her face three times in order to get her makeup off. So why not really test out the cleanser? I recruited my Glam Squad (OK, fine, my co-worker who did my braids) and we did this in the middle of the office.

It took a whole lot of product to do a makeup routine that still doesn’t rival Khloe’s: Too Faced foundation, Laura Mercier bronzer, a Makeup Forever cream contour set, two different concealers, a Lorac powder contour set, a Becca highlighter, blush, a Beautyblender, and two brushes. All of that is on my face right now! I took a photo of the process and then after I posed for what I feel like is a Kardashian-esque selfie, but I don’t know guys, I might be too far in this.

I’ve never been so excited to wash my face. I’ve contoured before, but I usually only use a powder set rather than cream and two different concealers and extra highlighter on top. I could literally feel the makeup on my face and wanted it off. When I was finally able to wash it off, hours later, I really did appreciate the extremely clean feeling of the three washes (although, to be honest, I could have gotten that feeling with two).

Oh, also, my other co-worker caught me on camera acting extremely vain and self-absorbed so I guess I really am too far gone.

Day Six: Friday

Today ended up being a really lazy day for me, which just didn’t feel very similar to what Khloe’s Fridays are probably like. After searching through her Instagram for something “Khloe” to do, I settled for downloading the Kimoji app on my iPhone. I spent a very long time texting friends random Kimojis until they stopped responding to me.

I didn’t even put makeup on throughout the day, so washing my face three times at night felt even more excessive than usual. I will say, though, that the Kiehl’s cleanser has become sort of comforting to me. The smell and feeling is very refreshing. I ended up accidentally falling asleep before applying the Vitamin E oil to my eyelashes, and I kind of felt like a fraud, to be honest. Although I will say that it was nice to be able to see when wearing my glasses in bed.

Day Seven: Saturday

When I woke up this morning, I was curious to see if my eyelashes still felt as soft and lush as they had been all week. Maybe the Vitamin E had lasting effects! It didn’t. When I tried putting mascara on in the morning, I found that it didn’t go on as smooth as it had been. It was a little bit more clumpy, like it used to be before I started using the oil. So that settles it then: I will officially be using Vitamin E oil on my eyelashes at night even after this experiment.

I had a bridal shower to go to, so I got ready as Khloe-like as possible. It started with a yoga session and a face mask to make my skin look as poreless as Khloe’s. I then took a full 30 minutes to do my makeup, which included the basics (primer, concealer, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blush, bronzer, etc.) and the Khloe stuff: contouring and highlighter. I normally save my contouring for going out at night or to fancier events. There’s nothing wrong with contouring during the day, obviously, but I don’t love the feeling of all of that makeup on my face for so long. I used a Kardashian favorite for my lipstick — Charlotte Tilbury’s “Bitch Perfect” — because obviously. Then it was onto the last night of the routine, and, fine, I’ll admit it: I didn’t do the 45 minutes of work Khloe does. I’m sorry! It was a Saturday! I honestly don’t think she does it either on Saturdays.

Is Khloe’s Extensive Beauty Routine Worth It?

In the beginning of this experiment, I was very skeptical. Oil on my face?! Oil on my eyelashes?! It seemed almost too simple to be something a Kardashian does. As it turns out, I kind of love the beauty routine Khloe has before bed. The Kiehl’s cleanser was very refreshing, and I found that it did clear up my acne. TMI: I was PMSing this past week, and I normally break out a lot during that time. I honestly didn’t break out at all this past week, and I think I may have the cleanser to thank for that. Check out a before and after:

As for the Vitamin E oil? While I was very hesitant to use oil all over my face every night, it ended up being really great. It made my skin feel so soft, and I like that you can just mix it into your moisturizer rather than use it instead of moisturizer. For all those claiming it can make your eyelashes longer, I have to say that I really don’t think that’s true. My eyelashes certainly felt softer, more lush, and more amazing, but they weren’t longer. Proof:

Moving forward, I’m definitely going to be using the Vitamin E oil on my face and eyelashes. I’m also going to use the Kiehl’s cleanser on a regular basis. It’s on the pricier side, but I’ll dish out the money for anything that can help with my acne. As for the 45 minutes of work before bed? Uh, count me out. I’d prefer to veg out and relax before going to sleep rather than doing work that I do all day long. Lastly, the water situation needs to go. I’m not quite sure why Khloe drinks as much water as she can before sleeping, but it just really does not make for a great night’s sleep.

Over the past couple of years, Khloé Kardashian has made fitness her signature. In doing so, the Kardashian has seemingly aged in reverse, walking around with a glow and a newfound confidence. But her workouts, which she frequently documents on social media, isn’t her only beauty calling card. Kardashian also credits strong defense against the sun, whether it’s lathering on sunscreen or shielding her eyes with protective eyewear. In the latter case, it’s easier than ever to follow in her wake as Kardashian just released a collection of sun blocking aviators with the eyewear brand Diff dubbed “koko,” her nickname as viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians already know. The ’70s-inspired shades, which come in four different lenses—ranging from red to gold—aren’t just good for warding off sun damage. They also have a charitable component: With the sale of every pair, a person in need will receive an eye exam and glasses. To celebrate the launch, we caught up with Khloé Kardashian to talk about the inspiration behind them, why she loves aging, and the surprising place she wears sunscreen. Hint: it’s not on her face.

What inspired you to create a pair of aviators?
I’ve been a fan of Diff for years and when the opportunity came about for us to team up on creating a shade, I was excited to work with a brand that is really making an impact on the world. The inspiration behind the Koko was the ’70s—the shades are a perfect blend of vintage ’70s aviator and modern oversized shape.

Can you talk about the charity component of the collaboration and why it’s important to you?
I love that this collaboration gives back—it’s really what makes this partnership so special and close to my heart. For every pair we sell, we’re able to help someone who really needs reading glasses or an eye exam in parts of the world where resources aren’t readily available. Working with younger millennial brands that are socially conscious is very important. It’s more than just creating cool shades—it’s helping make a real difference in someone’s life.

Who has the best sunglasses collection in your family?
Kris! Her collection is incredible. I grew up borrowing my mom’s sunglasses. She’s always had a great collection and it keeps on growing. I love a lot of her vintage aviators which played a little bit into the Koko shade.

DIFF Eyewear

How deep is your own collection of sunglasses?
I probably have over 300 pairs of shades. When you grow up in California, sunglasses become a wardrobe staple.

What kinds of other precautions do you take against the sun? Favorite sunscreen?
It’s so important to protect your skin from the sun, I can never emphasize it enough. I use a daily SPF moisturizer and always lather on at least a 85 SPF (especially on my hands!) if I know I’m going to be in the sun for long periods of time. I even keep sunscreen in my glove compartment. Some people don’t realize that you’re still highly exposed even when you’re inside of your car. I don’t really have a favorite sunscreen brand—usually just use whatever my dermatologist gives me or something over-the-counter with a high SPF.

How does your beauty routine change seasonally? What is it like on an average day in fall?
California weather doesn’t change too drastically from season to season so neither does my routine. Generally, I try not to layer on too much product on my face, but when I do, I always make sure to take extra care at night before bed. Bio-Oil’s Multiuse Skincare Oil is great for a deeper, overnight pick-me-up.

When you travel, do you do anything special to keep your skin hydrated?
Drink water! I habitually carry a liter of water with me wherever I go and drink as much as possible.

What is a beauty piece of advice you wish you could have given to your younger self?
Wear sunscreen every day. When you’re younger, it’s hard to imagine the effects that sun exposure will have on your skin but it’s real. I get my skin checked every three months for any abnormalities—you can never be too careful.

Within your family, who gives the best beauty advice and what’s an example of it?
Definitely Kim and Kylie. Kim taught me the importance of a investing in a good eye cream and I never go to sleep without it. Kylie isn’t afraid to take chances with her makeup, which I really admire, and she always keeps it real.

This year, the phrase anti-aging has become somewhat obsolete. What are your favorite things about getting older?
Confidence just comes more naturally as I’ve gotten older. There’s a certain amount of self-acceptance that happens after the age of 30—you learn to embrace things about yourself that maybe once made you self-conscious. It’s so important to love yourself!

A Brief History Of All the Times the Kardashians Have Gone Blonde

Kim Kardashian steps out in a blonde lob alongside husband and rapper Kayne West during Paris Fashion Week in 2015.


Kendall Jenner looks unrecognizable with her blonde wig walking alongside Gigi Hadid who also sports a brunette wig after the the Balmain Fall 2016 show in Paris.


Known for her ever-evolving hair colors, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner crew wears her locks in long, tousled waves.


These days, Kim Kardashian can regularly be seen sporting her blonde locks and poses alongside with singer Fergie and model Chrissy Teigen backstage during Fergie’s “M.I.L.F” music video.


Khloe Kardashian, the most regularly blonde of the whole family, wears her long platinum locks sleek straight with a nude lip.


Sporting dramatic platinum blonde locks during New York Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian steps out for the Yeezy Season 3 show.


Kylie Jenner takes on a silver platinum shade, wearing a sleek, middle-parted pony in tousled wet waves.


As the most recent Kardashian to go blonde, Kris Jenner debuts a chic platinum blonde pixie.


Khloe Kardashian takes her blonde locks to new heights, sporting perfectly tousled air-dried beachy waves.


At the 2017 Met Gala, Kylie Jenner showed up in a side-swept chin grazing blonde bob.


After debuting silver platinum locks during New York Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian styles her locks in an ultra sleek high pony.


Posing alongside sister Kendall, Kylie wears her blonde locks in soft, polished curls.


While she may have temporary tried on a platinum pixie, Kris Jenner starts off the New Year with freshly dyed tousled do.



You know her as one of the starring sisters of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but did you know Kourtney Kardashian is also a skin care fiend? In this episode of Go to Bed with Me, the Poosh founder walks us through her entire nightly skin care routine, an eight-step process that involves luxe hair wraps and a CBD-infused serum. Watch her full routine above to learn how the eldest Kardashian maintains her skin’s healthy glow.

Shop Kourtney’s Routine

Rapid Dry Leopard Print Hair Turban Aquis x Poosh poosh.com $38.00 Micellar Cleansing Water Garnier SkinActive amazon.com $6.78 Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser Peach and Lily peachandlily.com $28.00 Glycolic Peel Mask Caudalie caudalie.com $39.00 Pink Moon Milk Collagen Latte Vital Proteins x Poosh poosh.com $49.00 Rose Lip Polish French Girl goop.com $18.00 Lip Balm Dr. Barbara Sturm bluemercury.com $55.00 Hyaluronic Halo + CBD Hora x Poosh horaskincare.com $50.00 Derma Roller Hora x Poosh horaskincare.com $26.00 Face Cream Light Dr. Barbara Sturm bluemercury.com $205.00

Kardashian begins by tucking her hair under a leopard-print towel by Aquis and Poosh. “If I don’t wanna wash my hair and I put it on the silk side, which is the leopard side, even if I wanna take a shower when I get home or take a bath, it’s nice to wrap it up in this,” she says. “And it protects my hair and keeps my hairstyle for the next day.”

Once the cleansing part of her routine is finished, she opts for a detox mask by Caudalie, which she leaves on for 10 minutes. After slathering on lip balm by Dr. Barbara Sturm, she applies the Hyaluronic Halo + CBD serum by Hora and Poosh. “We spent probably months and months creating this,” she says.

View this post on Instagram

newest skin obsession @poosh 🍯

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Oct 15, 2019 at 3:41pm PDT

Watch the video above to see how Kardashian incorporates the rest of her favorite beauty products into her wellness-focused skin care routine.

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Chelsey Sanchez Editorial Fellow Chelsey Sanchez is the Digital Fellow for HarpersBAZAAR.com.

The Kopari Beauty Products Kourtney Kardashian, Olivia Culpo, and More Celebs Love for Dry Skin

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

If you have perpetually dry skin or are just in need of some mega-hydrators to nourish flaky limbs and lackluster hair in winter, you might resort to an internet deep dive hunt for products that can help. But how to narrow down and pick a moisturizer that works without making you feel oily, is fairly cheap, and has shining customer reviews? Well, when that product also gets a stamp of approval from a celebrity, like a Kardashian, it can make the choice to “add to cart” a little simpler.

Case in point: Kourtney Kardashian’s site Poosh shared a story called “How to Look Good Naked,” which highlights products for smoother and more radiant-looking skin. The post may not be written by Kardashian specifically, however, it does call out her product recs, since “feeling prime sans clothes starts with healthy skin,” according to the article. (Related: 8 Beauty Oils to Keep You Hydrated from Head to Toe)

The post is divided into four categories—six exfoliating scrubs, six body creams, six tools to increase hydration (i.e. drinking water), and six candles—and while many of the products are on the pricier side (like a $275 jar of La Mer The Body Creme), there was one affordable standout pick.

Enter: Kopari Organic Coconut Melt (Buy It, $28, amazon.com and sephora.com), a multitasking, 100 percent organic coconut oil that deeply hydrates skin and hair, leaving you with a gorgeous head-to-toe glow. Not only is it hypoallergenic—and safe for all skin types, including sensitive and eczema-prone—but it’s also packed with fatty acids to lock in moisture and lauric acid to soothe skin and minimize redness and inflammation. (Related: The Best Moisturizers for Every Skin Type)

Image zoom SEPHORA

Buy It: Kopari Organic Coconut Melt, $28, amazon.com and sephora.com

And Kardashian isn’t the only A-lister who swears by Kopari’s Coconut Melt. Celebrity hairstylist and founder of best-selling haircare line Ouai, Jen Atkins—whose hands are responsible for the tresses of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid—has also named the cream as one of her favorites. “I am obsessed with Kopari,” says Atkins on an episode of Beauty Stash for Harper’s Bazaar. “Coconut melt is so yummy if you haven’t tried it. Love it.” (Read this before using coconut oil in your hair.)

What’s more, even more celebrities have credited the coconut-infused brand Kopari as a must-have in their beauty arsenals. In a press release, Olivia Culpo revealed that she never travels without Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy (Buy It, $13, amazon.com), and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses Kopari Coconut Balm (Buy It, $30, amazon.com) to help remove stubborn makeup and waterproof mascara, according to her beauty website, Rose Inc.

If the celeb-loved Kopari Organic Coconut Melt feels a little steep at $28 in comparison to drugstore alternatives, keep in mind that it truly is a multitasking hero product. You can lather it on your entire body, and also apply it to scars, your baby bump, cracked cuticles, your under-eye area, as a deep conditioning hair mask, or as a makeup remover—the options are seriously endless. Plus, a little goes a long way, so the tub will really last you. (Related: Best Body Lotion for Your Skin)

  • By Susan Brickell

Kris Jenner’s Makeup Artist Reveals Her Best Tricks (& None Involve Kontouring)

A few years ago, as an entertainment writer in Los Angeles, I found myself working as an editor for the Kardashian-Jenner Official Apps and meeting up with the entire family for dinner at Nobu in Malibu to celebrate the launch. While Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie were all (of course) stunning IRL, the person I really couldn’t take my eyes off was Kris Jenner. In her early sixties, Jenner sparkled a bit more brightly than anyone in the room, with that signature twinkle in her eye and her warm but don’t-mess-with-me demeanor. And her skin — her skin! Not only was there was nary a wrinkle in sight on the family matriarch’s face, but her skin was glowy and overall healthy-looking. Perhaps my reasons for reaching out to Ash K. Holm, Kris Jenner’s makeup artist, were just a tiny bit selfish, then.

As an artist, Holm helps women of every age look absolutely flawless; from Jenner (63), to her daughters Kourtney Kardashian (39) and Kim Kardashian (38), to celebrities like Carmen Electra (46) and Kristin Cavallari (31) — and I jumped at the chance to unearth some of her go-to makeup techniques for enhancing at any age.

Ahead, Holm shares her favorite products, tips, and tricks for lessening fine lines (only if you want to), keeping lips plump, and faking an eye lift with nothing but strategically placed eyeshadow — including the one beauty rule Jenner always breaks.

The Key To Healthy-Looking Skin? Hydrating Makeup

“I find moisturizing products to work well with mature skin,” Holm tells The Zoe Report. “Keeping the skin hydrated makes it look plump and youthful.” First, she preps her clients with Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer, because it “smoothes out the skin while keeping it moisturized,” she says. Next comes foundation: The makeup artist recommends Dior Air Flash Foundation for full coverage, or Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur for a more lightweight look. “Finally, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is amazing for mature skin,” Holm reveals. “It has a soft finish and hydrates the skin.”

Her Genius Trick For Keeping Jenner’s Skin Glowy, Not Cake-y

Holm admits that setting powder is notoriously tough to pull off when you’re dealing with fine lines, since it can settle into creases. “Wrinkles can be tricky because you want to cover them without making the makeup look heavy,” she tells us. Luckily, she’s figured out the ultimate hack for keeping makeup in place, minus the caking: ditching the powder brush in favor of a damp Beautyblender. “Applying the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder in this way adds moisture and makes the skin look fresh and lightweight,” she says.

Is Powder Or Cream Blush Better For Aging Skin?

“When choosing powder or cream blush for your skin, it all comes down to the finish,” Holm says. “Cream blush can look like skin and very natural.” If you do decide to go the powder route, Holm suggests applying with a light touch to keep skin from looking dull or flat.

The Unexpected Skincare Product She Always Uses

“Lip masks with collagen help to diminish fine lines on lips,” the makeup artist advises. Use the Nannette de Gaspe Youth Revealed Mouth Mask before applying lipstick — adding this anti-aging step to your routine is an easy way to make your smile look years younger. As far as Jenner’s go-to lip product post-masking session? Kylie Lip Kit, obviously. Holm reveals on Instagram that Jenner is a fan of the neutral shades Todd Kraines (a muted peach) and Queen (a warm yellow nude).

How To Fake An Eye Lift With Shadow

“I do like to play up the eyes sometimes on more mature skin,” Holm tells us. “To prevent crow’s feet, prep the skin with Bliss Eye Do All Things eye cream. Then apply a thin layer of concealer and push into skin with a damp Beautyblender.”

The makeup artist will often “fake an eye lift” on her clients with some strategic shadow application. “Changing the shape of your eyeshadow can change the actual shape of your eye to create an optical illusion,” she explains. To make your eyes look open and lifted, apply a light shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone, then brush a darker shade into the crease, focusing the color on the outer corner. Instead of lining your lower lash line with eyeliner, opt for a soft shadow and “wing” the color past your outer corner (as seen on Kristin Cavallari, below).

The Only Beauty Rule Holm Believes In

There are some old school rules in place when it comes to makeup and mature skin — for instance, that older women should avoid shimmer and heavy eye makeup (both are said to accentuate wrinkles). But Holm doesn’t subscribe to any of those limiting beliefs, and often reaches for sparkly, smokey shadows when doing Jenner’s makeup. Her one rule? Be bold with eyes and lips, but “when it comes to the skin, less is more.”

Phillip Faraone/WireImage

Los Angeles, CA, May 24 – The woman responsible for building a beauty empire around her famed family, Kris Jenner, had a few things to say about her fountain of youth, insider beauty secrets, and family time. New You snagged a spot on the rooftop of the uber luxurious Sixty Beverly Hills Hotel for the launch of Makeup Artist, London Fromson, where Jenner and other supporters of the brand celebrated in style.

“It starts from the inside out,” Jenner told New You, “And when you get to my age, it’s about sleep and stress.”

“Anything you can do to treat yourself, eat right, feel better; you know the things your mom taught you when you were five, that we thought we knew better,” the media maven went on to emphasize her beauty do’s.

From nail polish to makeup and tanning lotion to lip kits, Jenner and the Kardashian name dominate in cosmetics and can certainly talk the talk when it comes to beauty. Jenner even drops plans for a future business venture! She playfully shared her next big vision which includes an anti-aging skincare line for more mature skin.

Jenner goes on to discuss her guilty pleasures and “me” time, which includes reality TV – surprise, surprise – but her TV vice isn’t what you’d expect. Beyond the traveling, the hustle and bustle, and business deals, her “me” time is important, which quite simply begins and ends with her grandkids. It’s time with them that the busy “momager” of six with five grandkids and growing does not take for granted.

“My favorite thing to do on the weekend is just hanging with my grandkids,” she gushes. “I truly get sad when the weekend is over and they are walking out of the door.”

Splash News

Jenner emphasized family time in the 2014 New You exclusive interview saying:

“You have to find your balance, according to the needs of your children. I don’t have little children anymore, but I now have an added “guilt” situation—I don’t spend enough time with my grandchildren. I am trying to redirect the energy in my head and micromanage my schedule. Monday through Friday will now be about Kris and my work, so that on the weekends I spend time with Mason (6), Penelope (3), and North (2)—to nurture the relationships with my grandchildren. They call me “Lovey.”

Since the interview, the Kardashian crew has grown with the addition of grandsons, Saint (almost 6 months) and Reign (eighteen months).

From the board room, to the rooftop, and from the heart, the “Lovey” shows on her glowing face.

“I think that’s why I had so many kids to begin with, I truly enjoy the kids.”

At the event, New You also chatted with Elisa Fromson, who spoke about launching her new business, London Fromson.

Scott Nevins spoke about his skincare routine. He said, “I’m very minimalist. I try to not use too much stuff.”

Actress Tiffany Phillips shared her beauty routine.

Photo Credit: New You/Fadil Berisha

What shampoo does kourtney kardashian use?

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