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‘The Blind Side’ Wins Bullock an Oscar

Bullock enjoyed a career breakthrough with the sports drama The Blind Side (2009), based on the true-life story of African-American professional football player Michael Oher. She starred as Leah Anne Touhy, a suburban wife and mother who brings Oher (played by Quinton Aaron), a homeless teenager, into her family and helps him overcome his personal challenges. The touching drama earned Bullock an Academy Award for Best Actress, and she also won a Golden Globe for her work.

‘The Heat’

After the success of The Blind Side, Bullock largely stepped out of the Hollywood’s spotlight for a time. She made a tremendous return in 2013 with the box-office hit The Heat with Melissa McCarthy. The duo played a pair of mismatched law enforcement agents out to take down a drug lord in this buddy comedy. The film made an impressive debut, bringing in more than $40 million in its first weekend and going on to earn more than $220 million internationally.


Bullock followed with another huge success in 2013, taking on the lead role of a medical engineer and astronaut in the film Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuarón and co-starring George Clooney. The blockbuster film was highly praised for its visually stunning effects and stellar performances. Though it cost $80 million to create, the film raked in more than $720 million at the worldwide box office and generated a second Academy Award nomination for Bullock, with Cuarón winning two Oscars for his visionary direction and film editing.

Her role in Gravity, along with her role alongside McCarthy in The Heat, helped Bullock keep her career in the stratosphere, as she was named Entertainment Weekly’s 2013 Entertainer of the Year. However, this wasn’t the first time that the versatile actress found herself in the coveted position. In 2009 she was also named Entertainer of the Year for her roles in The Blind Side and The Proposal.

‘Our Brand Is Crisis’

In 2015 Bullock’s voice could be heard inhabiting the character Scarlet Overkill in the animated feature Minions. Then in the fall she co-starred with Billy Bob Thornton in the political comedy Our Brand Is Crisis, based on a well-received 2005 documentary about American consultants working with a Bolivian presidential candidate.

‘Ocean’s 8’

In 2018 Bullock led an all-star female cast — which included the likes of Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Paulson — in the heist comedy Ocean’s 8, a spinoff of the Ocean’s franchise by Steven Soderbergh. In the film, Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, the estranged sister of Danny Ocean who carries on the family tradition of being a professional thief.

Sandra Bullock Biograhy

Sandra Annette Bullock knew popularly Sandara Bullock was Gorgeous and extremely talented American actress, producer and philanthropist, are multiple awards winning Hollywood actress turned producer was born on July 26, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia, USA. She is one of the top Hollywood actors today, she has acted on some of the big blockbuster films making her the most bankable star and her success can be measured from her net worth which is estimated to be $ 135 million.

Sandra Bullock’s Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Affair, Career, Personal Details

Hollywood star was born in Arlington, Virginia, USA on 26th July 1964 daughter of voice coach John W Bullock and opera singer Helga Mathilde Meyer. Sandra went to the Waldorf School and she graduated through Washington Lee High School. She earned a degree in drama through East Carolina University in 1986. Having an opera singing mother and coach father with no doubt her parents helped nurture her talent since her childhood. Though Sandra is not particularly recognized for singing talent, she started performing as a member of a Children’s choir at the age 12. In addition to this, she as well performed with her mother during several opera tours across Europe.

Talking about her personal life, she was engaged to Tate Donovan, an actor. The couple parted after 3 years of togetherness. She as well dated actors Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey and Troy Aikman, a football player. She married Jesse James, a Monster Garage host in 2005. In June 2010, the duo divorced after the news of Jesse James having affair with model Michelle McGee hit tabloids. Before the divorce, the couple had filed for the adoption of a baby boy, Louis Bardo Bullock. Currently, the child is being raised by Sandra. According to the rumors, the stunningly beautiful American actress, Sandra Bullock has undergone through surgeon’s knife with the motive of enhancing her beauty. It is assumed that she has followed the rhinoplasty, facelift, and Botox to enhance her beauty. The true definition of human, Sandra has supported various social causes by donating for victims of natural calamities and indulging in other activities.

The acting prodigy, Sandra took no time to shine in the American entertainment world after entering in the acting field professionally. After spending some time performing on the stage, this spunky performer with a girl-next-door personality started to land TV and film parts in the 80s. In 1993, she grabbed the spotlight with numerous flashy movie roles that include the role of wannabe county singer in “The Thing Called Love” and a lively cop in “Demolition Man”, a mega-budget sci-fi flick. In the following, she grabbed lead role in the blockbuster flick “Speed”. However, her performance in 1995 hit “While You Were Sleeping” enchanted everyone heart. Her ability to showcase a striking aptitude for every genre has contributed to her success. Ironically, she tried to produce an award-winning flick “Million Dollar Baby” through own production venture Fortis Films. Though her some flicks were disasters, her romantic on-screen avatar remained and she eventually delivered some commendable movies like fluffy comedy “Miss Congeniality” and “Two Weeks Notice”. Sandra’s one of the marvelous performances were seen in the award-winning flick “Crash” in 2004. Likewise, she was seen in “The Lake House” romancing Keanu Reeves. The 2009 flick “The Proposal” helps her to win critical appreciating and success, making three-hundred and fifteen million dollars at the box office globally. Later that year she appeared in “The Blind Side” which helps her to grab the best actress award at the Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Despite tremendous professional life, she faces lots of problems in personal life in 2010. But the sadistic phase of her life could not hold her from delivering magical performances; she continues to star in “Extremely Loud and Close”. She then appears in “Gravity” in 2013. She is currently busy shooting “Heat”, which will hit the theater next year. Reportedly she has garnered net worth of two-hundred million dollars. Her main source of income is acting.

A trained ballet dancer has a fetish for dancing and performing. With the distinct ability to cope with every genre of acting, Sandra Bullock has brought convenience in every role she has portrayed. Her seamless performances and dedication towards her work have helped her claim the throne of American diva. Beautiful and super sexy, Sandra Bullock’s hard work has been consistently honored through several accolades and commendations throughout her career. For more information regarding Sandra Bullock, her fans may read her biography and wiki.

Sandra Bullock – Biography

Washington DC

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Sandra Annette Bullock was born on July 26, 1964, in a Virginia suburb of Washington DC. Her mother was an opera singer, her father a voice coach, and it wasn’t long before the youngster established her own showbiz credential by singing in the children’s choruses of her parents’ productions.
She was also something of a tomboy, and was determined to beat the boys on her street at their own games. Indeed the hoydenish characters she has played in films like Miss Congeniality and Forces Of Nature contain more than a little of her real-life persona. “I was a tomboy by necessity,” says the actress. “There were so many boys in our neighbourhood and I didn’t want to be left out of the games, so I took up every sport I could. I was a deadly skateboarder!”
But there is also a more serious and creatively accomplished side to Sandra. Since breaking into the big time with the 1994 Keanu Reeves vehicle Speed, she has gone on to make her mark as a producer, with movies like Two Weeks Notice and Hope Floats.
In the former film, her on-screen chemistry with Hugh Grant sparked rumours of a real-life romance. Ever the professional, Sandra studiously avoided denying the tabloid reports, which generated more publicity for the project than any ad campaign could hope for. “Hugh is better at it than I am,” she later admitted. “And I liked watching him do it.”
Her career choices have followed a similarly considered strategy. The mantle of “America’s Sweetheart”, which followed her role in Speed, was simply a stepping stone to becoming a Hollywood power player. “Had I not made Speed 2, I wouldn’t have had the clout to produce Two Weeks Notice,” she reveals. “It’s about having real control.”
There’s no doubt that Sandra has come a long way from her first efforts at drama, studying acting at East Carolina University. As an aspiring thespian she worked at an ice-cream parlour, before moving on to a series of minor roles in New York theatres.
Now commanding upwards of $15 million a movie, Sandra is ranked among Hollywood’s most bankable actresses. And she’s also one of its most talented – in 2010 she earned a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award and her first Oscar for her role in The Blind Side.
But with such status come inevitable frustrations. In the past there has been relentless interest in her romantic life, with her name linked to those of several Hollywood hunks.

When she filmed Speed 2, it was co-star Jason Patric. Then came A Time To Kill and reports of a romance with Matthew McConaughey, followed by another with Hugh Grant.
However, it’s her relationship with biker Jesse James, who she met on his Monster Garage TV show in December 2003, that ended up grabbing the most column inches.
The pair married in July 2005 and lived together with Jesse’s three children from previous relationships. However, in the wake of Sandra’s joy at scooping an Oscar in February 2010 came turmoil in her personal life. It emerged that Jesse had allegedly engaged in a string of extramarital affairs with heavily tattooed women, including stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.
Handling the situation with dignity, Sandra disappeared from the public radar as further lurid headlines appeared in the weeks following the scandal.
But all was not as it first seemed. In fact, as covered in the pages of HELLO! magazine, the actress had been in hiding to prevent the unearthing of a secret – that she had adopted a baby boy, Louis, from New Orleans.
“I will be adopting as a single parent,” she told us. “Anything else will be taken day by day. I have a different relationship with Jesse now. A bittersweet one. One of new understanding. One of forgiveness. One of support for his recovery. One that changed my life. I don’t really know how our paths will intersect in the future, but the father I have known Jesse to be with all the kids is one that I hope Louis can experience one day, no matter how Jesse and I go on with our lives.”
Soon afterwards the couple divorced and the actress began to combine working with looking after little Louis. Since the adoption the mother of one has worked on several films including; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close alongside Tom Hanks, light hearted comedy The Heat and most recently in the sci-fi thriller Gravity opposite George Clooney.
Gravity was not only a box office hit, bringing in over $675million, but also earnt Sandra several awards and put her in the running for Best Actress at the 86th Anuual Academy Awards, for her role as Ryan Stone.

Great Yoga Apparel for Women to Translate from Street to Studio

When athleisure wear first appeared on the market, it was scoffed at by some who didn’t believe comfortable clothing could exist outside of an extremely casual setting. We wore certain clothes to the office, certain clothes on other outings, and saved the sweats or yoga gear for the gym, studio, or at home doing the heavy chores.

However, that is all starting to change as more big-name designers are getting in on the athleisure trend. Starlets like Gigi Hadid and Sandra Bullock have been candidly photographed in their yoga pants, and fans began following suit. Designers responded by making yoga styles that can be worn anywhere, not just the gym or the studio. This is making this year one where athleisure wear rules the streets as well as the studio!

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Mix and Match

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Function Meets Fashion

The “ath-” part refers to working out, and the “leisure” part is about being able to do things in comfort. The original intent of athleisure wear was to provide comfortable clothing to workout in, but also fashionable enough to wear beyond the yoga studio or gym. Flattering cuts, bold patterns, and chic embellishments have appeared, giving us athleisure we can’t just hide in the home or locker-room. Try not to pair more decorative shoes, accessories or jewelry, however. A great athleisure look keeps function in mind, and too many ornate accessories can clash. A colorful print on yoga pants or a crop top can be paired with a solid-colored wrap for a sporty but feminine on-the-go look.

Clothes to Build Your Look Around

A few items that can be the foundation of an entire outfit are:

    • Crop tops and bralettes: with innovative contours and great colors, add a skirt and an overshirt and catch a movie after yoga class.
    • Cool jackets: technology is bringing us new fabrics that are designed to look great, whether you’re jogging or shopping. A bomber jacket can be matched up with a graphic tee to compliment leggings and boots to get through those cool nights.
    • Tropical prints: A print bodysuit with a jacket and tennis shoes can go on the town, and you can replace those with a wrap skirt and some sandals for a poolside cocktail party.
  • Bold colors: yoga apparel used to be muted colors, but no more. Bright colors and even whites have found their way into the studio. With all the colors you have available, your street wardrobe and your workout wardrobe can be better friends than ever before!

With all the great looks this season, finding the right one for you should be as easy as opening your closet. Yoga apparel and athleisure wear has gone mainstream, and is bringing with it a wave of fashion that will have you looking awesome both on and off the mat!

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