I’m going to go ahead and say it: fanny packs are underrated. I ditched my purse for a fanny pack years ago. Fanny packs are convenient and functional for all the times when you need to have both hands free and are the ultimate piece of gear to bring on road trips or traveling to pretty much anywhere. Not to mention, they can look cool, too. It’s not hard to find a souped up fanny pack that’s also got a cute design, colorful print, or a sleek style that’ll get you a compliment or two.

So, snag one of these practical packs if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to have your gear (and look) dialed.

Here’s our list of the best fanny packs for female travelers that look cute and work well.

DAKINE Hot Laps 5L Hydration Waistpack

The DAKINE Hot Laps 5L Hydration Waistpack is a workhorse of a fanny pack. Designed for mountain biking, but versatile enough for day hikes or traveling, this is one of the best fanny packs for female travelers who like doing a little bit of everything. The biggest feature is the spacious main compartment that stores a 2 liter hydration reservoir and a bite valve, so you don’t have to remove it while drinking. Plus, a front zippered pocket that organizes everything else: keys, wallet, phone, snacks, and even a spare bike tube.

Kavu Spectator Waistpack

The Kavu Spectator Waistpack is a simple, stylish, and straightforward option for everyday or casual outings. It has two zippered compartments, an adjustable strap, and an easy side buckle. The cute striped design punches up the look enough so you can go without a bag and not have to worry about stuffing everything into a pocket. Easily the best fanny pack for going hands-free on a night out with friends.

REI Co-op Trail 2 Print Waistpack

If you want a low-profile fanny pack that also has some technical design details, go for the . One of the best fanny packs for female travelers while hiking; it’s made for storing your essentials on the trail with features like a bucket-style, top-loading main compartment for easy access while you’re on the move. Plus, it’s even got a front and secret back zippered pocket for valuables. It’s breathable mesh material keeps you from feeling sweaty and uncomfortable while hiking.

Cotopaxi Bataan 3L Fanny Pack

The Cotopaxi Bataan 3L Fanny Pack has a large main zippered compartment that’s great for holding bigger items (think: sunglasses, snacks, even a packable layer) and smaller mesh pockets inside, so you aren’t fishing around for the car keys. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it on the front, side, above the bum, or even as a sling bag. Plus, you get to choose from one of the many unique colorways which sets it apart from the rest. A top-notch characteristic of best fanny packs for female travelers.

DAKINE Rad Hip Pack

Strap on the DAKINE Rad Hip Pack when you want a fanny pack with a more stylish and streamlined look. The two large zippered compartments have a surprisingly large storage capacity for a sleeker fanny pack, so you won’t run out of room when it comes to essentials. Best for casual activities, road trips, festivals, or just as your new everyday carry.

JanSport Waisted Backpack

When you want to have the option of switching things up, you’ll want to go for the JanSport Waisted Backpack. The best fanny pack for female travelers while on the road, it has a low-profile, roomy zippered compartment, and a cool look. It’s got an adjustable strap to customize your fit, or to sling it across your back when you don’t want to wear it as a fanny pack.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini 1L Hip Pack

The Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini 1L Hip Pack is BFT writer Katherine’s favorite fanny pack for hiking and traveling. It’s adjustable, roomy, and made of durable ripstop nylon that’s also waterproof and easy to clean. True to its name, this is a lightweight and versatile pack that looks cute and does everything that it’s designed to do while you’re out and about. Katherine wore this one on our Central California Coast Road Trip.

What’s your favorite fanny pack for outdoor adventure travel? Leave a comment below or join the discussion in our Bearfoot Theory Outdoor Adventurers Facebook Group!

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A fanny pack may bring back memories of the 1980s and some of the fashion disasters that went with the era, but owning one of these much-maligned sling-style bags will completely transform the way you carry your personal belongings with you.

Sling it over your shoulder or tie it around your waist, and you’ll soon see why the fanny pack is back and is a favorite of fashionistas all over the world.

The Benefits of Fanny Packs

If you’re thinking of investing in your first ever fanny pack or simply looking to re-ignite your love, remember that there are many great reasons to wear your belongings around your waist.

  • A fanny pack leaves your hands free to concentrate on the more important things in life. Without handles, you can slip it around your waist or over your shoulder, and off you go.
  • Anyone can wear a fanny pack. The style itself is unisex, meaning that the whole family can wear one if they want to. There are also thousands of styles to choose from, available in colors and sizes to suit every fanny pack fan.
  • These types of bags are lightweight and durable and will help keep you better balanced than a shoulder or tote bag. Because of this, fanny packs are perfect for outdoor activities, sports, and other adventures where you don’t want your travel bag to hold you back.
  • A fanny pack is spacious without being bulky. With several different compartments, you can easily keep your keys, wallet, phone, and other small essentials about your person without weighing yourself down.
  • Fanny packs are back in fashion! From music festivals to the beach and everywhere in between, fashion-focused travelers once again love the look of the waist bag.

Things to Consider With Travel Fanny Packs

Before you buy a fanny pack for your next trip, be sure to take into account the following:

Belt Length

Fanny packs aren’t one size fits all. Some will have longer belt straps than others, and depending on the size of your waist, you’ll need to investigate whether it will fit before you purchase.

Also, if you’re planning on wearing it across your body or over your shoulder, it will need to be adjustable to be able to hang properly.


Your fanny pack will be going on plenty of adventures with you. For this reason, it will need to be lightweight yet strong and durable, and you’ll want to ensure that you can wipe or wash it as often as you need to.

Leather, PU, nylon, or even cotton fanny packs are all good choices, but you’ll need to choose a fabric that’s robust enough to hold your belongings without tearing.

Anti-Theft and Slash Proof

Many travel bags offer anti-theft protection and slash proof straps and material. Just because your fanny pack is small, doesn’t make it any less vulnerable to criminals eager to access your belongings.

RFID lining helps to protect the data held on your contactless credit cards while slash-proof material stops pickpockets with flick knives from stealing your stuff.

Organization, Pockets, and Water Bottle Holder

Not all fanny packs are equal as some offer more benefits than others.

A basic pack may have room to hold your essentials, while larger packs can provide a variety of slots or zippered compartments and may even have a mesh holder for your water bottle. These are great for longer adventures, hiking trips, or days at the beach.

The Best Travel Fanny Packs

The Everyday Fanny Pack

3,881 Reviews

Everest Signature Waist Pack in Jade

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, this cute little fanny pack is perfect for everyday use. With a 36-inch waist strap, a zippered compartment, and a front hanging key chain, this small bag will keep your essentials safe, whatever you’re doing.

The Everest Signature Waist Pack is made from polyester fabric and has a unique slim and sporty design. The adjustable waist belt can be made small enough to fit around your waist or lengthened to wear across your body.

The main compartment is large enough to hold your wallet, coins, and even your cellphone, while the zippered front pocket and key holder will keep everything else safe.

Designed with practicality in mind, this fanny pack can be wiped down or washed to ensure it looks good and lasts through many adventures.

Top of the Range Adventure Lumbar Pack

Osprey Packs Talon 6 Lumbar Pack

Travel giant Osprey is famous for their incredibly durable and long-lasting travel accessories, and the Talon 6 Lumbar Pack is certainly no exception. Made from mesh covered AirScape ridge foam to keep your load secure, this fanny pack allows you to be as sporty or adventurous as you want to be.

Much more than just a travel pouch, this large, secure, and stable lumber pack will keep your belongings safe and your posture grounded.

Complete with 2 Osprey 6000ml BPA-free water bottles that stay upright even when you don’t, this is a superb fanny pack for the serious traveler.

You can pack plenty of essentials including money, keys, your phone, and even your passport or ID in the large, zippered compartment, while the horizontal straight jacket compression straps ensure that the pack never gets bent out of shape.

As with all Osprey products, the Talon 6 Lumbar Pack comes with Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee. This is a serious bit of kit for serious travelers.

The Multiple Carry Options Fanny Pack

Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

This is a monster of a fanny pack, designed with seriously exciting adventures in mind. Made from wear-resistant nylon with a breathable mesh lumbar, this is the perfect pack to take with you on your next hiking, fishing, cycling, or camping trip.

Additional shoulder straps mean that you can carry this pack 3 ways: around your waist, across 1 shoulder, or over 2 shoulders like a backpack. The adjustable belt means you can make it long or short enough to fit almost anyone, while the 2 exterior, side zipper pockets will keep your stuff organized.

Dual water bottle holders will ensure you stay hydrated whatever you’re doing, while various compartments will easily hold your phone, wallet, keys, coins, and everything else you need.

Great Fanny Pack for Runners and Active Users

Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag Fanny Pack

Made from water-resistant nylon, this fanny pack is perfect for long hikes or outdoor adventures in any kind of weather. Large enough to fit your keys, your coins, and even your phone, this fanny pack will protect your precious belongings from the elements.

With the addition of a stable water bottle holder, your favorite drinking vessel will remain upright while you run, hike or climb. The 2 separate zipper pockets and an additional small front pocket are perfect for keeping your stuff organized and together, while the adjustable strap fits nicely around your waist.

Designed with sports fanatics in mind, the back mesh pad allows the straps to breathe, keeping your waist dry and fresh no matter how much you sweat.

For your own added security this bag comes complete with reflective strips, making it an excellent choice for anyone who is active or runs near cars or other vehicles.

Fanny Pack for the Organized Traveler

FREETOO Waist Pack Bag Fanny Pack for Men and Women

This traditional style fanny pack offers you all the space you need across 5 zippered pockets. The largest is big enough to hold your water bottle, while the smallest will keep all those little bits like keys and hair ties safe and organized.

Made from strong 1000D Polyester, this bag is easy to clean and built to last. An excellent addition to your everyday travel baggage, this useful little pack has sturdy zippers, an adjustable strap with a secure waist buckle, and the option to be worn either around your waist or across your shoulders.

Just as useful for outdoor activities as it is for festivals and having fun, this is a great option for anyone.

Fanny Pack For Fashionistas

Badiya Women’s Mini Crocodile Leather Waist Bag

This fabulous little fanny pack is just the right size for keeping your phone, credit card, money, and ID safe while you enjoy the finer things in life. With an on-trend leather look, this beauty is an excellent choice for festivals, parties, and shopping.

Made from high-quality faux crocodile material, the pack has 2 pockets and an adjustable strap that reaches up to 39 inches, making it easy for you to wear around your waist or to carry over your shoulder.

With a look and feel that takes you back to the belt bags of the 1970s, this is an up to date way to keep your personal belongings close to you at all times, while still looking fashionable.

The Classic Cotton Canvas Fanny Pack

Ibagbar Small Multifunction Vintage Canvas Waist Bag

Modern convenience with a vintage flavor, this canvas fanny pack is made of high-density water wash cotton canvas with genuine leather zippers and plenty of room to carry all your personal belongings.

With 1 large zippered pocket and 1 small pocket, this vintage look fanny pack is large enough to carry your glasses, small power bank, cell phone, and your keys. It can be carefully hand washed to keep it looking as fresh as you do on every outing.

The adjustable waist bag can be worn around your waist or slung over your shoulder for a real old school feel. Great for festivals, beach parties, and gatherings you can keep everything close with this epic little fanny pack.

The Festival Fanny Pack

SoJourner Black Rose Fanny Pack

A gorgeous 90s-style fanny pack with plenty of space to keep your belongings safe, this bag come in a variety of prints including flowers, stripes, polka dots, and even the American flag. Perfect for trendy chicks and festival lovers, these bags are adorable and super useful.

The 2 main zippered pockets will keep your water bottle, money, keys, cards, and cellphone all close to hand, while the back pocket is perfect for loose change and hair ties. The adjustable nylon waistband fits a 15- to 48-inch waist.

These bags are suitable for both men and women, and the durable nylon construction will ensure that your SoJourner fanny pack will last you over many great adventures.

Compact and Lightweight Waist Pack

Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag Waist Pack

Cute and compact, this basic little fanny pack is perfect for keeping your most important pieces close to you. Made from durable, washable nylon, you can rely on this bag over and over again.

The zippered front accessory pocket is great for storing your keys, your ID card, your credit and debit cards, your cell phone, and even your coin purse. You can also stay looking good from the word go, with enough room to stash your favorite lipstick, perfume, or comb.

The discreet back pocket will keep notes or valuables hidden out of sight, and the lightweight, fashionable design means this little beauty can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. The waist belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes from 16 to 40 inches, so you can throw it around your waist or sling it over your shoulder.

Extremely Slim and Minimalist Waist Pack

Waterfly Slim Fanny Pack

This weather-resistant fanny pack will keep your belongings safe from a damp day or a little bit of drizzle. Designed to fit men, women, and even children, it has a highly adjustable waistband that can accommodate all sizes. The Waterfly brand also offers extendable band straps for extra large waists, that can be purchased separately.

This fanny pack is well made and yet lightweight and extremely durable. The slim, elongated design of this waist bag keeps it compact and discreet.

The main double zippered compartment is perfect for housing your keys, phone, wallet, and credit cards, while the 2 extra front pockets and hidden rear pocket are great for smaller valuables and loose change.

Available in a variety of different colors, the slim design of this bag makes it just right for cyclists, runners, climbers, or campers.

Giant Waist Pack for Those Who Need Lots of Space

The Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack

This giant of a fanny pack is a favorite with hikers and outdoor-minded travelers. Large enough to be used as a hiking pack, a golfing bag, or even for carrying spare diapers, this Tour Lumbar pack will keep your going on many adventures.

Made from durable and high-quality Cordura fabric, this pack can be carried in a variety of ways.

The pack comes complete with a removable shoulder strap, traditional front panel bungee, an interior tablet sleeve, a smartphone compatible waist belt pocket, a ridged EVA back panel padding with stash pocket, side water bottle holders, hanging inner sanctum, zippered front panel pocket with key clip, and even a headphone port.

This pack can fit in everything you need, and then some.

Despite its enormous size, it remains reasonably lightweight and easy to carry, making its hefty price tag worth the investment if you’re planning to get a lot of use out of your new compact carrier.

The Statement Fanny Pack From JanSport

754 Reviews

JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Pack

A favorite with hipsters and high schoolers all over the world, the JanSport brand is as popular as ever. The Fifth Avenue fanny pack is available in a variety of colors and prints and can be worn on your waist or across your body.

Made from durable, wipeable fabric, this fanny pack has a large main compartment that can keep your keys, coins, credit cards, and even your cellphone safe while you’re on the move. The smaller zipper pocket is perfect for quick and easy access to your loose change or small valuables.

A usefully sized pouch with a cool logo, the JanSport fanny pouch is one of the most fashionable on the market.

The Budget Double Water Bottle Holding Waist Pack

403 Reviews

Everest Lumbar Waist Pack

This fanny pack from Everest can be worn as a lumbar pack, a fanny pack, or even as a side hip pack, depending on your preference.

With 3 good-sized pockets, you’ll be able to carry everything you need with you, including your keys, wallet, credit cards, coins, cellphone, and even your passport.

It also comes with the addition of 2 water bottle pockets that are insulated to keep your refreshments cool even on the move. The tie-down straps keep your bottle upright, even when you’re not, while the nylon waist strap will accommodate up to a 48-inch waist.

Padded back panels make this super comfy to wear, and the breathable fabric wicks away moisture to prevent sweaty patches when you’re wearing it.

The Fanny Pack for Hikers

EGOGO Travel Sport Waist Pack Fanny Pack

Designed to be worn on the side of your hip, this water-resistant waist pack is a unique way to keep your belongings close by your side at all times.

A little on the small side, this cute little bag is big enough to carry your water bottle, wallet, phone, and perhaps even your travel camera in the main compartment. Your keys and loose change can be stored in the smaller zippered compartment.

With a padded back and side panel, it will rest gently against your hip, and stay there comfortably for as long as you need it.

Available in a variety of colors, this is a nice little bag for adventurers of all kinds.

Final Thoughts

What was once a laughable accessory reserved only for elderly tourists or old men in lycra is now coming back into fashion in a massive way.

Fanny packs are popular from the beaches of Miami to the dance floors of NYC, taking in Coachella and a host of different sporting events and activities along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Wear your stuff where you can see it and keep your hands free to bike or climb with a fanny pack.

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History has a funny way of repeating itself.

This saying right here isn’t just for things like politics and certainly rings true for fashion! In case you haven’t noticed, we’re reliving the 90s right here and now in 2018. And guess what gals? The FANNY PACK is back!!!

Whether you call it a fanny pack, pouchette, or bougie belt bag, these functional waist-definers are ready to don your outfit. And they also happen to come in plus sizes!

But the real question is… are you going to be rocking one?

Helloooooo Plus Size Fanny Pack!!!

Universal Standard Leather Belt + Midi Pochette at Savage Fanny Pack from

Listen, the fanny pack has come a long way. We aren’t rocking the old school Saved By The Bell goofy ones any longer.

Fanny packs now have style, personality and non-tacky pizzazz just waiting to do things like hold your phone and wallet so you can go through life hands-free. This trend is spreading like wildfire right now!!!

Quilted Fanny Pack from

Are YOU Rocking The Fanny Pack or Belt Bag?

If you’re a runner or workout, the fanny pack has never gone out of style. I mean, where else are we supposed to put keys and things while we’re sweating for the summer, right?

But influencers are shamelessly bringing this trend back for the fashionistas and fashionistos (is that a thing?) of the world.

Mini Saddle Belt Bag from

Fanny packs are coming out in all colors and materials from translucent PVC, quilted leathers and denim, to iridescent styles in a variety of fabrications.

You can get them in the fancy “belt bag” which is spotted being worn across the body similar to that of the cross-body bag or you can get the traditional fanny pack that sits on the waist.

Style wise, these are being dressed up and worn to parties, to the store, and for everyday use.

They’re being added to the prim and proper preppy outfits too! You will find a belt bag that matches your style and taste and this is curious!

Rose Gold Fanny Pack from

Sleek and chic, bright and bold, or playful and quirky- you are going to find more than a few options in a variety of price ranges for your budget, too!

This is one trend that is transcending style-specific looks. There’s literally a fanny pack or belt bag for anyone! But the real question here is:

Will you be hopping on the trend and rocking this?

Is this a trend you can see yourself playing around with and in?

Can you see yourself going handsfree in style or is this a trend you care not to resurrect?

Let’s discuss!

As The Curvy Fashionista editors, we write about stuff we love and we think you’ll like too. The Curvy Fashionista often has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Where can I get a cute fanny pack?

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