Running Apparel

Breath, form, traffic-you have a lot of things on your mind as you run. Your apparel should never be one of them, so select running apparel that delivers a breathable, comfortable feel.

From the inside out, flatlock seams prevent uncomfortable bunching, chafing and irritation. You can reach your new PR in garments designed to wick moisture from your skin. And running apparel designed with quick-drying fabric is great when you’re working up a sweat or challenging Mother Nature on a rainy day.

Mesh fabric, inserts and paneling help maintain strategic breathability as you stride. Built-in UV ray protection offers an extra layer of coverage from the sun’s damaging rays. The best way to take on cold-weather runs is with layers-from compression to fleece to specialized heat-retaining fabrics.

Runners should always invest in clothing that comes with reflective detailing, which helps offer some visibility in low-light conditions. Running vests and wearable lights promote safety in your training.

Running accessories are the difference-maker you need. Look for a lightweight running hat or headband to keep hair in check. Choose running socks designed with thin performance fabric and flatlock seams for comfort. Socks that are sculpted and shaped to match the natural ball and heel strike pattern of your foot feel natural and comfortable.

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This is where to buy discounted running gear and accessories from premium quality brands. Our large collection features the latest trainers and running shoes in a variety of colours and designs to suit your personal style. These running trainers ensure you can express your individuality without compromising on speed, comfort or price. Whether you start running as if you are a running lover, choosing appropriate running shoes is the key to preventing blisters or sprains. In Runnerinn, is the most completed running online store, we help you to find the best and more suitable running shoes at your feet, at the best possible price. Running is an accessible sport to everyone. It is a healthy, simple and inexpensive sport. You´ll find hundreds of models of running shoes from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno and New Balance, from the smallest to the largest number. We also offer a wide range of running clothes, accessories and running gear, from socks, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, leggings, underwear, shorts, pants, barefoot running shoes, heart rate monitors, GPS watches cardio, nutrition, etc. for the whole family. There are several ways of running that need to be suitable tools as specialized shoes and stockings that fit perfectly the effort that will make. At Runnerinn we want you to shop with confidence and that´s why you´ll find shopping with us is easy, hassle free and reliable. So, from our fast and reliable delivery service through to our easy returns policy and fantastic customer advices, we´re dedicated to providing you with the best shopping experience and dependable customer service. Our professional team will give you the best tips for your running gear. Both run on route (jogging around the city), trail running and triathlon, can be made in amateur or semi-professional way. For all these modes, you´ll find tiny prices on our Asics shoes sale, Salomon shoes, Nike, Adidas sneakers for men, women and children while awaiting the arrival of the upcoming 2019 winter shoes.


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Running gear

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Running Water Bottles

The golden rule of hydration when running is simply to drink when you’re thirsty, rather than trying to follow some ridiculous equation you saw on some forum. Depending on how long you’re going out for this may mean needing to drink mid-run. Thankfully, running specific bottles make carrying water less of a chore than you might think.

Get the Right Size: Bottles go up to a litre in capacity but it’s unlikely you’ll need that much, unless you’re running for hours (in which case you should have a bag of essential supplies). Most handheld bottles carry between 200ml and 500ml – that might not sound much but will let you take a sip every few minutes of a 10k, which is enough to replace any water lost through perspiration.

Know Your Features: Going for a metal bottle totally eliminates BPA worries (see below) and keeps water cool for longer. Some running water bottles go for an oval loop shape to make then easier to hold, while others have a material part that acts as both hand strap and holder for things such as keys and bank cards. It’s all down to preference.

And Finally: Unless you’re buying from dodgy overseas sellers, it’s unlikely you’ll come across any bottles without a BPA-free stamp. Still, this nasty chemical can cause cancer so it’s something worth looking out for.

RECOMMENDED: The Best Running Water Bottles

Clothing Under 10 Reviews

Clothing Under 10 is a company based in Florida that sells their clothing products on their website at Despite their name, not all their clothes are priced below 10 dollars, although a lot of them do fall into that category.

They achieve this through close relationships with business partners and buying in bulk to help sell at the lowest price possible.’s mission is to satisfy their customers and provide clothing for the modern women who are ready to embrace their inner unique selves.

A benefit to shopping at this website is their partnership with an international shipping service, allowing you to purchase their products from anywhere in the world. However, do keep in mind that they do charge a shipping fee and that it isn’t free even within the US.

Products specializes in women’s clothing. They have products for almost any kind of women’s fashion that you can think of. In their catalog, you can find the typical tops, bottoms and dresses.

However, they also have options for career wear, activewear, shapewear and swimwear. Fortunately, is aware of all the different shapes and sizes that women come in, so they have supplied plus size pants as well.

However, they do not have tops or dresses in plus sizes. On top of that, although they cater towards women’s fashion, they do have a section for menswear. However, the selection isn’t nearly as extensive as the women’s section.

Cost and Price Plans

The products at come at a very reasonable price, as they come under the usual retailer price. At this apparel shop, you can make use of some sales they have on their website to save you some money.

You can save 5% off your first purchase if you sign up with them. Another way to save money on shopping is by looking through their sale catalog, which is available on their main menu.

You can also save by purchasing through the pack deals catalog, which is also found in the main menu. If you purchase something from that doesn’t meet your expectations, they do have a return policy.

You can return your items within 30 days of the receipt in which you will either get a full refund or store credit. There are some exceptions though: sale and shapewear items cannot be refunded as well as items with signs of wear.

Cancellations are possible within 24 hours of purchase.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Reviews on are rather difficult to pinpoint. They seem to be more of a hit and miss sort of situation. You might be asking “is safe?” or “is reliable?” It depends.

First off, there aren’t a lot of reviews about this website to start with, which may generate some skepticism among new buyers. The reviews about this website on BBB have been fairly mixed too – it’s either a 5-star review or a 1-star with no in-between.

Those who had a good experience with them mentioned the products being of high-quality, fit well and were comfortable to wear. However, the complaints did seem to have a specific pattern. seems to often make mistakes when sending their products, such as sending 2 of the same items rather than 2 separate products. Their shipping tends to take at least a week if not more and customers are only given a 30-day time span to return the item.

Some customers have complained that they were not able to return their products on time due to the lengthy time the shop takes to send their products in the first place.

Competitors and Alternatives isn’t the only business setting low prices on retail items. Here is how they stack up against some of their competitors.

One alternative is 5DollarFashions and as the name suggests, a lot of the product options available are about $5 after being discounted on their webpage. This online store does have the same target market while providing lower prices.

However, does have a larger collection of items to choose from, even if at a slightly higher price. 5DollarFashions does have plus-sized items though that are not limited to pants.

As only has plus-sized pants, this is a good alternative for some plus-sized tops or dresses.

The 10DollarRack is one of the few online businesses that aren’t playing games with their branding. All their products are exactly 10 dollars at full price and they rarely feature discounts.

However, this brand has a very limited number of products to choose from at any given time.

They do not feature many plus-sized items and do not feature any menswear.

Lastly, 6DollarShirts is a business in the same pricing category, but of a completely different style. As their name suggests, they specialize in tee-shirts for both men and women, but also feature other tops such as hoodies or sweatshirts.

6DollarShirts does not sell any other type of clothing other than tops. However, they do provide some discounts on special deals or clearance items.

Where to Buy?

As is an online store, purchases are to be made online. Upon completion of the purchase, your items will be shipped to the address you have specified, within or outside the US. has also taken the liberty to accept orders by phone. You can place your own order through their phone number at +13059441616.


Thanks to their good business relations, is an online business that can provide customers with a variety of women’s clothing options at a very competitive price.

Their main mission is to satisfy their customers, so you can always return or cancel your purchase if you feel the need. When compared to its competitors, has a firm stand in its position due to its large variety of options within the same price range.

If you’re interested in purchasing some new clothes for your wardrobe, could very well be the investment you should be interested in.

707 Shares I am a massive sucker for a cheap online shopping bargain.

In fact, it’s not rare that I’ll have an online shopping package waiting for me weekly.

You’re probably thinking “oh, this girl must drop a lot of dollars on the daily then.”


I never, ever shop expensive. I’m a firm believer of fakin’ it til’ ya make it. Looking expensive and shopping expensive are two very, very different things my friend. Don’t believe me? Check out more here.

I am not fussed on keeping up with brands, as I would much rather have a greater selection of clothes/accessories at a smaller price.

BUT, quality over quantity?

I totally get that. However I’m constantly experimenting with my style. Some weeks I’ll live in gym gear and pretend I’m athletic, other weeks I’ll wear band tees and pretend I’m a badass.

Buying my clothes on the cheap gives me more options to get creative with outfits, as I have a greater range to play with. I also love stocking up on basic little pieces.

In fact, you can jazz up any basic outfit with these quick steps:

  • Focus on rocking the hair and makeup. This can help put together a whole look.
  • Stock up on your basics. Simplicity screams sophistication.
  • Use cheaper accessories to jazz up your basics. Big earrings, bright lipstick and fabulous shoes.
  • Splurge on timeless items. Items will go out of fashion as quick as they come in. Splurge on staple items like handbags and shoes.
  • Give the cheaper sites a go if you’re experimenting with your style.
  • Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Confidence radiates.

Surely it’s a scam though?

Okay, I don’t blame you guys. The old “if it looks too good to be true, it usually is” saying didn’t come from nowhere.

However, these cheap online shopping sites are legit and just happen to be ridiculously cheap.

The above items were all purchased off Romwe, for under $10 per item.

I will mention that I always read the reviews before purchasing any items. I find this really important in being able to order the right size and also for authenticity reasons.

If an item has no reviews then I tend to continue looking. If I do order the wrong size or receive an unfit product then you can apply for a refund with proof provided. This happened when I ordered the wrong sized bikinis, however I ended up handing them down to my sister.

Still not convinced?

Check out Patricia Bright’s Youtube Channel, where she is constantly reviewing these sites.


Ali Express has been a long time friend for me. You can order almost anything you can think of. The shipping time can vary from one week to one month. The review system works well on this site. My favourite products from this site tend to be the sunglasses, bikinis, makeup storage and travel essentials. I try and stay away from clothing but stock up on little essentials here.


You probably would have come across a Zaful bikini advertisement online. They offer stunning bikini options, as well as your usual clothing lines. I always tend to order up a size from Zaful but ensure I utilise their review system. My order recently came in a week, which is an improvement from when the site first started running.

3.0 WISH

Wish literally makes all my dreams come true. I order phone chargers, travel packing cubes, makeup bags, beauty essentials and much more. I tend to stay away from Wish for clothing items, however have purchased the occasional bikinis and dresses. This site is mainly good for the little knick knacks that you need.


I recently spent $150 on 15 items off Romwe. A few of the items I purchased are pictured way above in this article, with each item displayed coming to under $10 each! They also do really cute pyjama sets that feature avocados, so you should probably go check that out soon. Like, right now.


I swear almost every gal has ordered something off Boohoo. I love the diversity of stock you’ll find on Boohoo and can easily snag a top for around $6. I have heard there is a bit of fluctuation between sizing, so I recommend checking the measurements before ordering.


Shein is extremely similar to Romwe, in fact I’m pretty sure they may operate out of the same warehouse. I recently ordered off Romwe, and one of the products that arrived had a Shein tag. Regardless, I love the swimwear and “under $8” section, making it easy to stock up on little basics.


Pretty Little Thing has some pricier options, however you can easily get your hands on a dress for under $20. This site is also one of the most established, ensuring constant quality and easier communication to head office.


All you fashionistas out there would have undoubtedly heard of Fashion Nova. There are plenty of influencers that are rocking their products on Instagram. It is the most expensive option on my list but is probably the most established brand so far. You can still pick up a dress for $15-$20. You’ll mainly find me on their “under $10” section, in true budget queen fashion.


I used this site for scarves and winter accessories when I was living in the UK. It is more aimed at the sophisticated work woman. Every item is capped at 5 pounds (AU$8.70) and is perfect for stocking up on basics, gym gear, work clothes and casual wear.


I don’t shop on Misguided often, however it is a site that dominates the online shopping market. This isn’t the cheapest on the list, however if you put on your investigating pants, it’s possible to find a super cute dress for under $20.


Today I’m doing an honest Romwe review. Romwe has been on my radar for a few years now but I haven’t ever tried them out for myself. I finally broke down and dropped about $150 on a range of items so I could test them out!

Is Romwe legit?

In this haul and review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on if Romwe makes clothing that is good quality, as pictured, share sizing thoughts and order time. This NOT a sponsored or gifted in any way, my Romwe reviews are 100% honest! Let’s go!

This is everything I wore in the video!

  1. Green dress (size Large)
  2. Green two-piece skirt & top (size Large)
  3. Yellow Skirt (size Large)
  4. Earrings
  5. Shoes (size 9.5)
  6. White off the shoulder top (size Large)
  7. Black Jumpsuit (size Large)
  8. PJ Set (size large)
  9. Watermelon Swimsuit (size Large)
  10. Black crop top (size Large)

Romwe two piece set Romwe earrings Romwe dress Romwe dress

My general Romwe review: they are the exact same company as Shein. As I go over in my Shein haul, I wasn’t happy at all with my order. All the clothes were really poor quality and fell apart instantly.

So, as you can imagine, I’m super wary of Romwe and if other people should actually go shopping there. Everything came in a Shein bag for god sake! That being said, my Romwe order WAS a little better than Shein. The clothes felt like they are made better and I’m keeping more pieces than I did with Shein. But I am still unsure if they are going to hold together in the long term.

For fast fashion, they do win over Shein but I still think places like Target or even Amazon Prime will be a safer bet, at least they have better customer service!


Between time filming this video and publishing (about 2 weeks) I’ve had to chance to wear many of these pieces out as I kept some. The earrings pictured here fell apart on the very first day I wore them out. Like, within hours. I had a feeling this would happen, as the exact same thing happened with my Shein pieces.

I’m still waiting to get my refund from them as well.

Video Transcript

(for my hard of hearing readers!)

This company is just a whole facade, and I don’t know who they think they’re fooling.

Hi guys. Welcome back to the Whimsy Soul Channel. Today, we’re going to be talking about Romwe. I’m excited to dive into this one for you. They just make me laugh, like who do they think they’re pulling one on here? This company is just a whole façade, and I don’t know who they think they’re fooling, but I just think it’s funny.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hop onto the Romwe site and then pull open as well, and literally like the same site, same UX, same popups, different logos, basically the same inventory. So, they’re the same company. To prove it, this says “SHEIN.” This was in my Romwe order. More on that in a little bit.

Why Romwe? For the longest time, I had followers asked me about SHEIN, so I did a whole nother review about them. I’ll put the link below. You can also find it on my channel. The long story short there is I loved the prices, but everything was just crap from SHEIN. They all fell apart instantly. So, my readers was like, “Kara, yes, I see this stuff all the time on Facebook. It looks so enticing to order. It looks so cheap. It looks so cute.”

I investigated SHEIN, and my answer is no. So, I wanted to try Romwe out as well because I kept getting ads from them too. I figured a lot of you are probably wondering, “Are they actually good? Should I order from them?” I thought I could take the hit and find out for you, so you don’t have to waste $100 and find out that they might be crap. So, let’s get started. Before I dive in and show you all the things I got, I will quickly note this shipment issue.

So, I ordered this, and then within a couple of days, I got a dress from them. At first, I was like, “Hell, yeah. My order came so quickly. This is amazing.” But then I realized it was just one piece of a 10-piece order, so I had to wait another two weeks to get the rest of my order. So, you might be waiting a while, and your orders might be split up into two just as a warning. They don’t get an A-plus for shipping because it was so sporadic.

That being said, that first dress that I got, we’ll start with that one. I’m in love with this dress, you guys. Make sure you subscribe. Follow me on Instagram. I post daily over there, and I also put out, Monday and Friday, IGTVs, so make sure to give me a follow if you are looking for more content. I’m also going to be linking all the pieces I talked about below and my blog posts, so you can find everything there as well.

As a Kirby girl, I really like things that hit me at my waist and are flowy, just flatters my curves well. So, this type of dress usually flatters me. Usually, it’s comfy, and it arrived, and I put it on, and I have this moment where I was just like, “Ah. I want to live in this dress.” Considering that it’s from Romwe/SHEIN, this one was not in a SHEIN bag. So, I will say this one didn’t come with SHEIN branding.

It was actually decent quality. It feels like something I would get at Target. So, the stitching wasn’t all over the place. Fit really well. The fabric feels nice and soft. It just looks really nice, and it was only $16, so I did a little happy dance, and I started wearing this immediately. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me wear it a lot in Stories and some posts on Instagram already, because I really like this dress.

I think that this could fit a lot of different body types really well because it’s just so stretchy, and it really molds to what you got. If you like that style, give it a whirl. All right, so let’s dive into my second order. So, that was the one that came first, and then everything else is in the second order. First, we’re going to look at this two-piece set, which again has that big old SHEIN logo there, so I don’t know who they’re trying to trick, but clearly this is all from SHEIN, just under the Romwe name too.

I have a feeling it’s for profit margins. You trick people into buying SHEIN, and then you trick them into buying Romwe because you think it’s a different company. So, you’re just really tapping out the same customers twice. I think that’s probably what that is. All right, so I really liked this design. I’m trying to push my comfort zone and wear more two-pieces and short things, which aren’t always my go-to because I’m curvy, and it’s just like sometimes things just don’t feel good, or I don’t necessarily feel the most confident in them.

But this one looked nice, so I tried it on. It’s a two-piece. It has a very similar pattern to that other dress I showed you, but they are different. It’s a different quality fabric. It’s a little less soft, a little more plasticky. As you can see, it fits all right. The bottom skirt doesn’t hit me at my high waist, which is where I like to wear things. It rides a little low. It has a little bit of that 2000 low-rider jean style. Other than that, it fits well.

I’m personally going to return it just because it’s a little too loose around my bottom. Also, the inside stitching, you can tell on this that it’s not quite the best. It’s like a little sloppy. I don’t know if my camera’s going to pick that up, but it’s pretty cute, and I think it was cheap. So, if you’re still looking for some summer things, it’s not a bad option. I guess real quick… God, my phone’s blowing up. Let me silence that.

Real quick. It’s important to note that for my SHEIN review, all this stuff for that came right before I was going on a one-week trip, so I took it with me. I just don’t want it sitting downstairs in our lobby. I literally grabbed it as we walked out the door, and I actually wore some of the pieces out and tried them out in real life, and that’s when I realized that SHEIN things, almost every single thing I ordered, held together enough for one wear, but by the time I wore it again, it started falling apart. So, do keep that in mind.

That’s my cat rolling around in her toy over there. Overall, things seem to be made better than SHEIN. I will say from a quick glance, the quality does seem to be a little bit better. That being said, I haven’t worn these out. I haven’t actually tested them out in real life. Other than the dress, I have tested the dress out. I can say that’s been holding up, just something to keep in mind. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that on this time.

Next up is this yellow skirt. Yellow is my favorite color. So, I was super pumped to try this out. Then I got this, and as you can see, it’s very yellow. It didn’t look quite this vibrant online. This one is just like Big Bird yellow. It’s a little much. The color’s a little much. Also, you can see through it. That was my other main issue. So, I have the tattoo on my butt, and my test is always that. If I can see my tattoo, the fabric is too sheer, so I could see my tattoo through this one.

The color was a little much for me, but I think if you maybe have a different skin tone, this could actually look super baller on you. So, something to consider. I also tried some shoes. Overall, shoes from places other than Target and DSW usually don’t fit me very well. I got big German feet, but these are just too narrow, so I ordered… What size? I got 40, which usually fits me, but they’re just too narrow on the top, so I won’t be able to keep these.

That being said, I think this is a good quality I find at Target. So, it’s not too bad. Granted I haven’t taken these out for an actual stroll yet, but it seems fine for a $15 shoe. It’s a little scuffed up. But again, I think I could go into Target and find something just like this, but this is the cheaper version of it.

Next up is a top, again, ordered from Romwe, comes om a SHEIN bag. Let’s see. So, this was another one that is just too sheer to wear, like straight up could see those nipples, and when it’s an off-the-shoulder like this, I would refuse to wear a bra, which is just me. You could wear a cute bandeau with this and be fine, but it was a little too sheer in my opinion.

That being said, I thought this is a super cute, and it’d go super well with high-waisted jeans and skirts that you can wear in the summer and the fall and probably even pair these with a coat or a blazer in the winter. So, I thought it was nice. The stitching’s fine. It is a little frayed on the ends here. But again, as I mentioned, all this stuff seems to be made a lot better than my first order from SHEIN a couple of months ago. So, maybe even though that they have this label, maybe they switched manufacturers. Maybe I just really got really bad pieces that last time. I don’t know, but it does seem to be a little bit better.

Again, I could go to Forever 21 and get something like this, but this is the cheaper version. I think it’s super cute. It looked really nice with some red lipstick and some fun earrings. On the note of earrings, I did get a pair. Let me see if I can find them, but I don’t know. I used to work in a jewelry store. I can give you the lowdown on jewelry. The markup for jewelry is huge, you guys. It’s astronomical the markup that this place was.

Literally, like it would cost $10 to make a pair of earrings, and we’d sell them for 120. So, I’m always wary of jewelry because I know that the markup is a lot, and it doesn’t cost them very much to make it. I also like loose earrings, jewelry, like I’m constantly changing up my style. So, unless it’s actual, real metal or gemstones, like real gemstones, I don’t think it’s worth paying more than 15 or $20 for any piece of jewelry, which brings me to why I actually really like getting jewelry from places like Romwe and Target and H&M.

They’re not going to last very long, but by the time they break, my style has changed anyways. Plus you’re only paying $5. I think these are honestly $2. So, in my opinion, it’s better. I also tend to lose jewelry a lot, and that’s just my issue. These are actually not too bad. I’m a little wary that the backs are going to fall off. It looks like they’re just glued on. I don’t know if you can see that, and the earrings are heavy.

That being said, like it seems pretty sturdy. Next up, we have this pajama set, which I’m super bummed out about you, guys. So, we’ve been having a mini heatwave here in San Francisco, so our version of heatwaves. Things are in the 70s, which is a big deal because nobody has air conditioning. So, I’ve been really hot lately, and usually, I wear really long sleeve, cozy, warm PJs at night because it’s so chilly, but I’ve been really craving a cute little short-sleeve shirt set. I got the large.

I don’t know about you. The fact that I can basically fit this on the screen should tell you that this is not a large. It’s so tight. It’s not comfy. It doesn’t fit me well at all. Also, it looks like silk, but the fabric is that weird plastic thing where your skin can’t actually breathe. So, I think it would be really awful to wear this on a hot day at nighttime because I think it’d just stick to your skin. On top of that, there are some loose threads and stuff on it. The stitch work isn’t great, but yeah, I was mostly just really disappointed because guys, this is not a large. I don’t know who you’re fooling. This is not a large. Maybe it’s a large in kids.

Next up is this jumpsuit, which I didn’t think I was going to like at all because jumpsuits are very hard for a curvy woman to wear. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s no in-between. Dark colors have really flatter curves, so even though it’s tight on bottom, and I usually don’t wear things that hug my hips and my stomach like that, I actually really like how this is. Granted I do think if I ate a lot of food, I might look pregnant in this. So, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it for that reason, but I do feel really confident in this.

I think the top fits nice. There’s room on top if you have larger breasts. I don’t. I wear like a B, but if you don’t, it fits you as well, which is really nice. The stitch working is actually pretty decent. This is something that you could pop into like a Zara bag for me, and I totally would’ve believed that this is from Zara. So, this is a pretty good piece, and it’s for a fraction of the price of Zara, so they definitely get a win on this one.

I think that this would be really fun for fall and especially for the holidays. You can honestly wear them with these earrings, but I don’t know. Just put your hair up in a ponytail, some dainty jewelry, a red lip and red heels. My God, you’re killing it, girl. This is what I think this should be really good for. I feel like this is just never ending. Every time I reach into this bag, there’s just more. As you know, I have an obsession of swimsuits. I just love them. I love swimsuits.

I spent a large time of my life hating being at the pool and hating being in swimsuits. So, now, I have found the confidence to wear them. I’ve just been going all out and wearing them all the time. So, I thought this one was super fun. Looks like a watermelon. I haven’t seen that before. It just seems like something fun to sit by the pool on. My issues with this is it’s small on me. It’s quite a stretch. I’d have to lose some weight to wear this comfortably, but you can’t return some suits to Romwe, so you probably will see this on Instagram.

I will wear this. I will make it work. I would definitely recommend getting swimsuits from them if you’re going on vacation or have a bachelorette party or something, and you just want a one-hit wonder. You just want a cheap, new swimsuit that you might not wear a bunch, but you just want it for a vacation. That’s usually how I tell people for SHEIN and Romwe, like if you were going to be ordering from them. Definitely, just get something that you just want to wear a couple times, like you’re going somewhere new, or you have a special event.

You don’t know how long the clothes are going to hold up, so it’d suck if you were planning on wearing this every single day in the summer. I’m not convinced that you’d be able to, but for something fun or a photoshoot, definitely get this. Then last step, I think we’re finally on the last item, is this crop top, which I’m definitely keeping. It was only $8, and it’s super cute. I’ve been looking for some more crop tops to pair with high-waisted things, because most of my bottoms are high-waisted, all but one.

So, yeah, I mean, like it’s a little bit of polyester, but it’s not too bad. It’s pretty soft, fits really well, hangs really well. Not from Romwe though. Has that SHEIN tag, but yeah, I think this is nice. It’s very cheap. I am, again, not sure if this is actually going to hold up. I have a sneaking feeling that these buttons are going to fall off pretty quickly, but it’s fine. It’s fine for $8. It’ll bring me through the end of the summer and into the fall quite well.

Whew. I need some water. Okay, so that is my Romwe Haul and review. Overall, I am surprised because I think the quality of stuff is better than my order from SHEIN. That being said, I think they’re the same company, and they all came in SHEIN bags. Seemed a little bit better. That being said, I still haven’t worn any of them out, so I’m not sure how long they’ll last. I will update you in my blog posts. So, as I mentioned, I linked everything below, and for the things I keep and if they start falling apart, I will note that in my blog posts. So, if you’re curious, just hop on over. I’ll put an update there.

If you have ordered from Romwe, I’d love to hear your thoughts below whether they’re good or bad. Let’s get a discussion going. Before you head out, make sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram. Again, I post IGTVs every Monday and Friday, and I’m posting over there daily, so make sure to give me a follow. If you have any questions, let me know. Can’t wait to see you next week. Bye.

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