This season on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore‘s falling for her hunky new boyfriend Chase Severino. And, if you follow her on social, you know Chase proposed to Whitney in Paris last year. But, who’s this guy that won Whitney’s heart and how does he fit into her life and plans for her future? Here’s some tidbits about Chase Severino.


Who is Chase Severino and How Did He Meet Whitney Thore – My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Whitney Thore met Chase Severino through mutual friend Ryan Andreas. He’s her partner in the NoBS Active, their subscription-based fitness program. And Ryan went to college with Chase Severino at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. So, Ryan introduced Whitney and Chase.

But who’s this guy really we’re meeting on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? First of all, his name’s not really Chase. His real name is Casey Patrick Severino and he’s 29 years old. What’s also interesting is that his degree is in Accounting and Finance and he’s got a very buttoned-up past.

You can see in the photo below his before and after. When we meet Chase first getting with Whitney Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life that he’s long-haired and hippy-looking. But before that, he was clean-shaven, with a short haircut and an auditor job at the NC revenue department.

From Accountant to Nightclubs – Chase Severino Got a Life Makeover?

Chase Severino’s backstory seems interesting as he’s gone from a buttoned-up accountant to something little more free-wheeling. When we see him on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Chase rocks long hair and a fun, laid-back attitude.

But you can see above that Chase looked totally different before. Now, we’re seeing lots more in Season 7 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life as Chase Severino romances Whitney Way Thore. According to his LinkedIn, he left the accounting field and moved into hospitality.

Now, Chase Severino’s reportedly managing a nightclub in the college district in Wilmington, NC. While all this unfolds on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, they first went public on social media on April 2019 and then he proposed to Whitney Thore in Paris six months later.

What’s Next for Whitney & Fiance? She Promises Not to be Bridezilla

Talking about Chase Severino, Whitney Thore said: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a really long time”. She says she didn’t know if she was “ready to be engaged” until he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Also, Whitney Way Thore welcomes fans to join her on the journey as she plans her wedding. And, she vowed that she “won’t be a Bridezilla”. Then, she low-key dissed her mom Barbara Thore with a smile saying “if anyone’s going to cause problems, it’ll definitely be Babs”.

Also, it looks like we’ll be learning a lot more about who Chase Severino is this season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. And, Whitney Thore said fans will get to watch her wedding. So, it sounds like TLC cameras will roll on Chase Severino and Whitney Thore’s wedding day.

Stay tuned for more My Big Fat Fabulous Life updates from Soap Dirt.

Whitney Thore, the 380-pound dancing star of TLC’s new hit reality series My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has put polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, in the spotlight as she has attributed her rapid weight gain over a short period of time to the condition, which may affect as much as 18% of women worldwide. But how does having the most common endocrine disorder among women cause someone to gain more than 230 pounds? How much of that can be attributed to PCOS?

I’ve spent the last couple hours researching PCOS to try to figure out the answer to these questions, and I’ll try to summarize my findings for you here. First off, it’s important to note that although PCOS was first diagnosed way back in 1935, there is still A LOT that the medical profession does not know about it.

Polycystic ovary syndrome got its name from the fact that one of its symptoms is the development of immature follicles on the ovaries that were once believed to be ovarian cysts. (It’s important to note that these are not the cause of PCOS, and the symptom is not present in everyone with PCOS.)

The most common symptoms of PCOS used in diagnosing the syndrome are anovulation (menstrual cycle in which the ovaries do not release an egg), excess androgenic hormones (which can cause a higher level of testosterone in women, as Whitney mentioned on the show, leading to male pattern baldness and excess facial hair), the presence of immature follicles on the ovaries (that appear as ovarian cysts in an ultrasound), and insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is the key to the link between PCOS and weight gain. From

Insulin resistance greatly reduces the sensitivity of your cell walls to insulin. So the vital process whereby glucose passes through the cell wall via insulin to be converted into energy is greatly impaired. As a result, excess glucose remains in the blood stream, causing elevated levels of blood sugar, which are sent to the liver. Once there, the sugar is converted into fat and carried via the blood stream throughout the body. This process can lead to weight gain and obesity.

According to a study published by BMC Medicine in 2010, “insulin resistance occurs in around 50% to 80% of women with PCOS, primarily in the more severe NIH diagnosed PCOS and in those who are overweight.” Interestingly, the study adds that “lean women and milder Rotterdam diagnosed PCOS appear to have less severe insulin resistance.”

This seems to pose a “chicken and the egg” conundrum: Is obesity caused by increased insulin resistance or is increased insulin resistance caused by obesity? From everything I read it appears that both are true and that what happens is sort of a downward (or upward) spiral of weight gain and insulin resistance if the PCOS sufferer does not maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep weight gain in check.

In other words, when Whitney says that having PCOS makes it easier for her to gain weight and harder to lose it, that does appear to be true with many people diagnosed with PCOS. However, it gets even easier to gain weight and even harder to lose weight the more pounds you put on.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned researching PCOS, in relation to the message of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, is that every single article and study I read were clear in stating that obese people with PCOS are at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease than non-PCOS patients and that weight loss has a dramatic effect on lowering those risks.

From the BMC Medicine study:

Impact of obesity on polycystic ovary syndrome

Obesity and excess weight are major chronic diseases in Western world countries. Obesity increases hyperandrogenism, hirsutism, infertility and pregnancy complications both independently and by exacerbating PCOS. In general populations, obesity and insulin resistance further increase type 2 diabetes (DM2) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Likewise, in PCOS obesity worsens insulin resistance and exacerbates reproductive and metabolic features. Furthermore, women with PCOS have increased risk factors for DM2 and CVD, increased impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), DM2 and potentially increased CVD. As obesity rates rise, the public health significance of PCOS will increase. Treatment of obesity through lifestyle intervention is a key treatment strategy in PCOS and improves insulin resistance, reproductive and metabolic features.

Weight loss, exercise and lifestyle interventions

Lifestyle change is first line treatment in an evidence-based approach in the management of the majority of PCOS women who are overweight. Furthermore, prevention of excess weight gain should be emphasised in all women with PCOS of both normal or increased body weight. As little as 5% to 10% weight loss has significant clinical benefits improving psychological outcomes, reproductive features (menstrual cyclicity, ovulation and fertility) and metabolic features (insulin resistance and risk factors for CVD and DM2). Evidence shows that lifestyle change with small achievable goals results in clinical benefits even when women remain in the overweight or obese range. Standard dietary management of obesity and related comorbidities is a nutritionally adequate, low fat (approximately 30% of energy, saturated fat approximately 10%), moderate protein (approximately 15%) and high carbohydrate intake (approximately 55%), with increased fibre-rich wholegrain breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables and moderate regular exercise. A moderate energy reduction diet (500 to 1,000 kcal/day reduction) reduces body weight by 7% to 10% over a period of 6 to 12 months. Simple and practical tips that can be covered in minutes in medical consultation include targeting fruit juice, soft drinks, portion sizes and high-fat foods. Incorporating simple moderate physical activity including structured exercise (at least 30 min/day) and incidental exercise increases weight loss and improves clinical outcomes in PCOS, compared to diet alone. Exercise alone also improves clinical outcomes. As in the general population, goals for exercise must focus on overall health benefits not weight loss per se.

Whitney Thore before she gained more than 230 pounds

In the premiere episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney reveals that she wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS until she was 21, which was after she had put on more than 200 pounds since starting college. As she enters the Duke University Medical Center she says “I’ve been to so many doctors around Greensboro who don’t know a whole lot so I’m hoping that this doctor knows more than the people I’ve seen in the past.”

Whitney speaks with Kathy, a nurse practitioner, who tells Whitney, “about a third of women with PCOS are thin, or normal weight, and about 2/3 are obese or overweight. And that we don’t understand as well, but that is one of the most frustrating things for our patients.”

Kathy later talks about how discrimination and lashing out against people who are overweight is one of the last socially tolerated prejudices that we have in this country, and then she explains to Whitney, “You don’t have to be a Barbie weight to significantly reduce your risk for diabetes.” Whitney responds by asking, “Fatness and fitness can kind of coexist?” Kathy responds by stating, “They can.”

Whitney seems overjoyed at the affirmation and declares, “See, that’s what I believe! That’s what I really think, and I feel like I’ve lived that way.” In the voice over Whitney adds, “She confirmed that you can be fat and fit.”

This is one of those instances where Whitney seems to be championing the Health at Every Size movement, but she quickly takes a small step back. “But, it’s come to a point where I do need to lose some weight.”

So what’s my conclusion? Can PCOS cause the kind of dramatic weight gain that Whitney experienced in such a short amount of time? I think it can certainly contribute to it, especially in a case like Whitney’s where she did not get diagnosed until years later. But, nothing indicates that someone with PCOS would put on that much weight if they were eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. It sounds like Whitney was a very active young woman, and I’m guessing that she (like many young women — and like myself) didn’t necessarily eat very healthy foods. So, once her PCOS kicked in and her insulin resistance increased, she began to gain weight. As her weight increased, her insulin resistance increased, which caused her weight to increase, which… You get the point.

The most important thing that I learned about PCOS is that for those who have it and are obese, it is even MORE important that you eat healthy, exercise and try to lose weight than it is for other non-PCOS obese people. Whitney seems to send conflicting messages all the time, and I think there are times where she is sending a dangerous message to fellow PCOS sufferers that they shouldn’t be concerned about their weight. Yes, obese people can be beautiful, and no, obese people should not be bullied and put down — BUT, if you have PCOS and you are obese, then you and your beautiful self need to consider your health and try to lose some weight, even if it is just a small amount at a time.

New episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life air Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

UPDATE – In a pre-finale interview with People, Whitney Thore echos my conclusions, but points out that it was hard to be motivated to work out because being seen in public was such a stressful experience:

You talk about PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome, an endocrine disorder) being responsible for your weight gain. But is it completely to blame?

No. I am totally about personal responsibility. My initial weight gain in college was 100 lbs. in eight months. I absolutely blame that on PCOS. It happened out of nowhere, I had no control over it. But since then, of course, I’ve continued to gain weight. What made me fat was a combination of PCOS and the shame and the stigma that you face being a fat woman in America. When I gained weight, did I want to leave my house? No. When I walked to the gym and people called me a fat ass, did that make me want to go work out? No. Did I want to take really good care of myself? No. But if anybody thinks that I just blame the fact that I’m 380 lbs. on PCOS, that’s clearly wrong.

This season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans are getting to know Chase Severino. So far, fans have only seen that he is dating Whitney Way Thore. It turns out that there is more to this couple, though. Whitney already shared that they are now engaged. The wedding hasn’t happened just yet, though.

How are Whitney Way Thore and Chase Severino doing now?

It turns out that this couple is still going strong. Whitney Way Thore recently posted a photo on her Instagram that shows they are still together.

View this post on Instagram

@severinbro7, I’m otw. 🚘

A post shared by Whitney Way Thore⚡️ (@whitneywaythore) on Jan 24, 2020 at 2:14pm PST

In this pic, Whitney is letting her fiance know she is on the way to him. He even replied to her on the post. Chase said, “I love this and I love you, wish you were here right now.” It does look like Whitney and Chase are still doing well together. Hopefully, they are working on wedding planning.

Getting to know Chase

Chase met Whitney through her business partner Ryan. They are really good friends. From the second that Whitney and Chase went on a date, it was obvious that sparks were flying. He obviously has a love for Whitney’s mom Babs as well. Check out the post he made on his Instagram recently.

View this post on Instagram

No cheesy or corniness in this caption of the lovely Babs per @whitneywaythore request lol. Another episode tonight at 8/7C. Tune in!

A post shared by Chase Severino (@severinbro7) on Jan 21, 2020 at 4:33pm PST

Anyone that knows Whitney, realizes she has a love for her cats. It turns out that Chase has a dog he posts about on his account. Hopefully, they are all able to get along before the couple gets married. Chase does seem to enjoy having a good time and of course, spending time with Whitney.

It did take a bit for Buddy Bell and Chase to get through their issues. Buddy and Whitney have had a bit of a confusing relationship over the years. Buddy does follow Chase on Instagram, though. As the season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life continues, fans will be able to see how these two get along.

Don’t miss new episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesday nights on TLC. They are followed by I Am Jazz.

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Whitney Way Thore Calls Out Trolls Asking Her Why She Isn’t Losing Weight

Over the past few months, Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has been sharing videos and photos of her working up a sweat while doing several CrossFit-style workouts. While she’s received an overwhelming amount of support from fans for her nailing some pretty challengings moves, some people have bashed her of not losing weight despite putting in so much effort.

Obviously, sick of all the negative banter, Thore decided to take to Instagram and shut down her body-shamers once and for all. (Speaking of body-shaming, here are 20 celebrity bodies we need to stop talking about.)

“Recently I’ve gotten a lot of comments and DMs with an…accusatory nature, asking me questions like, ‘If you work out so much, why don’t you lose weight? What are you eating?’ and things like…’If you’re going to post workouts and not meals, that isn’t fair; we’re not getting the full picture,'” Thore wrote alongside a picture of herself.

She went on to say that before judging her so harshly, people should take into account all the details of her life that she doesn’t necessarily share on social media. For instance, she explains that she has several food issues that make it hard for her to lose weight.

“For those of you who speculate about my eating habits, I’ll give you this,” Thore said, noting all of her dietary problems. “I used to struggle with disordered eating, both purging (but not traditional ‘bingeing’; I used to purge regular meals), as well as restricting (eating as little as a few hundred calories a day for months at a time). The last time I engaged in either of these behaviors was in 2011 when I lost 100 pounds and-ironically-everyone thought I was so healthy,” she said. (Related: What to Do If Your Friend Has an Eating Disorder)

Thore also shared that she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, a common endocrine disorder that can cause infertility and mess with your hormones.

“PCOS in and of itself did not make me this fat, but it did cause me to gain a significant amount of weight over several months when I was 18,” she wrote. “I’ve been insulin resistant for 14 years due to PCOS, and that has an effect on weight gain and weight loss-no matter what weight you are…Insulin-resistant PCOS coupled with shame, depression, disordered eating, alcohol and lots of weight losses and weight gains have led me to where I am today. Some of this was a choice; some of it was not.”

Struggling to eat more regularly is also an issue, she admits. More often than not, Thore says she has one or two large meals a day which can, at times, be so much food that she can “eat past the point of fullness.” But then, other times she isn’t eating enough.

A few weeks ago she also shared a photo of herself from her senior prom where she looks noticeably smaller but noted that while she weighed less, she was hurting her body. “Before any or everyone comments about how healthy I was or something, I’ll just point out that I was bulimic and depressed and abusing Adderall and I threw up my dinner in a fancy restaurant bathroom about an hour after this was taken,” she wrote.

Thore ended by telling her followers that she’s doing the best she can, and that for her, it’s enough. “Where I am today is a woman who, just like you, is trying to be balanced, who is trying to be healthy (also mentally and emotionally), and who is just…doing her best,” she said. “That’s it.”


Whitney Way Thore is the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which will have its season 6 premiere tonight on TLC.

For those new to the show, it chronicles the life of Whitney Way Thore, who weighed 380 pounds at the beginning of the series. Thore’s goal on the show is to lose weight.

What should you know about Thore? Read on to find out.

1. A Viral Video Skyrocketed Her to Fame

In 2014, Thore created a video on Youtube called “A Fat Girl Dancing”. It went viral, garnering more than 2.5 million views.

Thore says she was surprised by the reaction to the video. “My co-worker Jared Pike suggested putting the video online because fat girls are really popular on the internet. It started being shared on Facebook and people weren’t posting it to say ‘haha, lets make fun of this girl’ which is what I would think. They were actually posting it to say ‘yeah, this girls awesome’ and I was just feeling all this love from all over the place.”

The Youtube video’s wild success led to Thore’s appearances on ABC News, NBC’s The Today Show, and The Huffington Post. Within one year, her day-to-day life was chronicled on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, where she pursued one goal: to lose weight.

In her interview with the Huffington Post, Thore said, “Six months ago I would never have gone out in public and put my body on show. Becoming body positive has been the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me. I get messages of support from all over the world from fat people saying thank you. It’s mind blowing to me that loving yourself when you’re fat is seen as so subversive.”

2. She Majored in Theater

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Whitney Way Thore⚡️ (@whitneywaythore) on Dec 23, 2018 at 6:34pm PST

Thore was born on April 4, 1984, in Greensboro, North Carolina. She studied at Page High School before going on to Appalachian State University, where she majored in theater.

Last season on the series, Thore suffered a stroke. This season is expected to be no less dramatic– in a preview for the show, Thore tells her mother, “You are a liar from the pit of hell and I finally caught you!” Her mother innocently responds, “What?”

What exactly is this secret? We’ll have to wait and see. Thore recently told NewsWeek, “My mom is doing pretty well. I don’t know if you can really tell this from the trailer or not, but in the beginning of the season I found out a huge secret about her that basically changed everything I thought about her and our family… That’s something interesting. I’ve always known Babs is not an innocent Southern Belle but what I found out is that she’s really not. She’s really not.”

This season’s preview also shows Thore kissing her longtime friend. She tells Newsweek, “There really isn’t a word for it, to be honest. When I kiss Buddy it’s always weird. There’s always weirdness from being friends with him. But I think that sometimes people have a chemistry that’s just there. I’m just gonna have to say, if I pick one word, I’m still gonna say weird.”

3. She Released a Memoir in 2016

View this post on Instagram

Merry Christmas Eve! 😘

A post shared by Whitney Way Thore⚡️ (@whitneywaythore) on Dec 24, 2018 at 5:01pm PST

In 2016, Thore released her memoir, I Do It with the Lights On: And 10 More Discoveries on the Road to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life..

Speaking about the book, Thore tells People, “In I Do It with the Lights On, readers will get to understand how I became the happy, confident woman they see on My Big Fat Fabulous Life… There is so much more to me than can be edited down into 30-minute episodes and this book will reveal all the challenges and triumphs that made me the person I am today – and everything, and I do mean everything, in between.”

She continued, “Feeling supremely comfortable and proud in your own skin is hardest in the bedroom where we are most vulnerable, and I’ve used it as a litmus test… Once I could enjoy sex with the lights on, I knew I’d made it.”

3. She Has Been Vocal About Battling Eating Disorders

In her 20s, Thore battled bulimia and anorexia. She tells the Huffington Post, “In my first year of college I gained 100lb and basically stopped doing everything I loved. I internalized a lot of shame because of my weight and even forced myself to throw up after meals.”

Later on, Thore was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), an incurable condition which can cause weight-gain, excessive hair growth and infertility. She also says she’s battled depression.

Thore tells the Huffington Post, “I’d never heard of PCOS, which is crazy because it affects around 10% of women. By this time I’d internalised a lot of shame about my body so it was really wasn’t a stretch for me to feel bad about myself.”

5. She Has Been Posting About Exercising on Social Media

Thore has started posting about her workout routines on social media, which has garnered a lot of attention.

In a recent interview with People, the reality star said, “People were asking me about my workouts ALL the time… I’ve gotten such a good response from people, whether they be fat people or people with different abilities, or people who just aren’t confident in their fitness levels.”

She goes on to say that she wanted to encourage people to get fit and healthy but wasn’t sure how to do it. “I’ve been thinking about what I could do to help encourage or inspire other people, but personal trainers are really expensive and not everyone has an hour to spend in the gym every day,” she says.

She then partnered with Ryan Andreas, a personal trainer who created a training program that’s just 24 minutes long. Together, the two came up with something called No BS Active, which People describes as “a program with daily online workouts that people can do at home, for $20 a month.”

No BS Active already has 13k followers on social media. Learn more about it here.

TLC has spent the last few years carving out yet another reality show niche for itself– in this case, producing shows about people who are of unique physical shapes and sizes. My 600-Pound Life, My Giant Life, Little People Big World, and 7 Little Johnsons are all TLC reality shows about people who are taller, shorter, or otherwise differently-sized than what we typically see on TV>

But perhaps none of TLC’s size-focused reality shows have produced a more prominent single breakout star than Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. First gaining fame via her viral “Fat Girl Dancing” YouTube video, Whitney has used MBFFL to not only give viewers a glimpse into the life of a full-figured women who isn’t ashamed of her body, but aims to teach other people– big or small– that nobody should ever be made to feel badly about themselves because of how they look.

Besides being about the trials and tribulations of a plus-sized lady navigating a society that says all women should be slim and trim in order to be beautiful, MBFFL follows star Whitney in various other aspects of her life, from dating to dealing with family drama. And for as salacious as some of the stuff that happens on camera might be, as it usually goes with reality shows, it’s the behind-the-scenes secrets that are the juiciest.

Here are 15 Dark Secrets Behind My Big Fat Fabulous Life.


15 The truth behind Whitney’s cat catching fire

During the second season episode where Whitney is preparing to move out of her parents’ house and in with her friend Buddy, she casually mentions how her cat Henchi was on fire once– and that it was her own fault. This rather shocking revelation is blown by pretty quickly in the episode, but naturally, viewers demanded an explanation.

After Whitney’s Facebook page was inundated with requests for clarification on the burnt kitty incident, she decided to come clean on what went down. She explained that Henchi would often rub against the space heater in her apartment in South Korea where the pair once lived, and one night Henchi must have lingered a little too long or got too close to the heater and his tail caught fire. Whitney claims that Henchi wasn’t even aware he was on fire, and she only realized what was going on when she smelled burning hair.

14 Buddy was arrested for assaulting a cop

While people primarily tune into My Big Fat Fabulous life to see star Whitney Thore, the show is also filled out by a colorful cast of supporting characters– mostly Whitney’s family, friends, and occasionally, significant others. Once Whitney moved in with her friend Buddy Bell, he became one of the most prominent people on the series.

But fans wondered how much Whitney really knew about Buddy– whose real name is Luby– when it came out in April of last year that he had been arrested for a violent incident just a few years prior. In 2014, Buddy was arrested during a rock concert for trespassing, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and most shocking of all, assaulting a police officer. Ultimately, he was only charged with disorderly conduct and given a fine and probation.


13 Whitney was put on a diet by a doctor at age 5

In her book I Do It With The Lights On, Whitney revealed a lot about her lifetime struggle with her weight, and more specifically, dealing with the judgments of those around her as she grew up. In one of the more shocking revelations, Whitney says that a doctor put her on a diet when she was only five years old, despite Whitney’s insistence that she was only a few pounds overweight at the time.

“Just after preschool, I was indoctrinated into diet culture,” Whitney writes. She says that it immediately set her up to feel ashamed of being anything but the perfect weight from an extremely young age, and that it set in motion years of struggle and frustration. To have a doctor tell you that you need to go on a diet at an age before you can truly process such information would be damaging for any child.

12 Lennie’s real name isn’t Lennie

During My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s run, the most prominent boyfriend Whitney has had so far has been Lennie Alehat. Does that name seem a little… off to you? Well there’s a reason for that: It’s not his real name.

While digging a bit into Lennie’s sordid past– more on that in a bit– RadarOnline discovered that “Lennie Alehat” is an actually just an alias, and that Whitney’s bearded now-ex-boyfriend’s real name is actually Nathanial David Lee. It’s not exactly known why he was using an alias, though it’s easy to assume that he didn’t want TLC– and therefore, Whitney herself– finding out what dark secrets lurked in “Nathaniel’s” past.

Given how many convicted criminals TLC and other networks have had no issue with putting on TV in their various reality shows, we aren’t sure it would’ve mattered anyway.


11 “Lennie” was arrested for DUI and assaulting a cop

If Lennie/Nathaniel did change his name to try to cover up indiscretions, what could’ve been so bad that he was afraid of anyone finding out about them? Well, it turns out that it wasn’t just past incidents but two active warrants that were out for him at the time that he was on the show.

In 2008, Lennie was arrested for DWI and was three times over the legal limit. As if that weren’t bad enough, he violently resisted arrest– including after he was already handcuffed– and was accused of repeatedly “spitting on police equipment” during the incident. Lennie then violated the probation he was sentenced to, but ultimately completed it by 2010.

In 2016, not long before appearing on the show and dating Whitney, two warrants were put out against Lennie for making violent threats against two people.

10 Whitney developed her first eating disorder at age 13

Whitney’s memoir I Do It With The Lights On goes into great detail about how hard it was for her in school, being bullied for her weight and called names like “Baby Beluga” and saying she had a “whale of a tail.” It would be a lot for anyone to deal with, but for a young women at an already-awkward and difficult age, it was too much for Whitney to handle.

So, just as she was entering her teen years, Whitney developed her first eating disorder. Sharing the nitty gritty details of her struggle, she writes, “I grew to crave the hollow feeling of an empty stomach, the red rawness of my throat, and the acidic taste afterward.”

Whitney says that people will sometimes see pictures of her as a teenager and compliment how she looked, but she constantly needs to explain how unhealthy she actually was at that time.


9 Whitney’s run-in with comedian Kerryn Feehan may have been staged

In the explosive season three finale, Whitney confronted comedian Kerryn Feehan over her act that goes pretty hard against overweight people. The two have a tense exchange, which of course is ultimately framed as Whitney putting Kerryn in her place. Well, according to Kerryn, producers planned it that way.

During a Reddit AMA, Kerryn fielded questions about her time on the show and claims that Whitney didn’t just happen to show up to see her set, but instead that she was specifically asked to be on the show– and to eventually have it out with Whitney over her act. Kerryn of course agreed, because it meant exposure on a popular TV show, and the comedian proudly wears the event and the controversy it stirs on her sleeve as she proclaims herself a “fat-shaming comedian” on her Twitter account.

8 Whitney’s picture was wrongly used in a clickbait ad

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet in the past five years has seen those ads for articles that promise to shock you with what celebrities are worth, which ones are dead that you didn’t know about, and what a celeb looks like after they’ve lost a lot of weight.

The problem is that the pictures for such articles are often deliberately misleading, for instance showing a very much alive actor for a list of celebrities that are dead, or pretending that a picture of some Playboy bunny is the after image of Mama June. In Whitney’s case, a picture of her was used for an article about celebrities who had experienced a dramatic weight loss, with the teaser line “You Won’t Believe Her Transformation! She’s Too Skinny Now!” The article itself, of course, featured no further mention– or pictures– of Whitney.


7 A spam filter almost stopped the show from happening

Email spam filters aren’t completely fool-proof, not only letting obvious spam make it to our actual inboxes sometimes but also letting real email get filed away into a spam folder. Because of the latter, it’s necessary to glance through email spam folders before they are cleared out, just in case legitimate correspondence found its way in there.

A spam filter probably can’t be blamed for being skeptical of an email from TLC promising the recipient her own show, and decided to just shuffle it off to a spam folder for eventual deletion. Fortunately, Whitney is one of those people who knows that you should always scan your spam folder before you clear it, as she did have an email in there from TLC offering her a show, and it was legitimate.

It’s crazy to think that My Big Fat Fabulous Life was one “clear spam folder” click away from never happening.

6 Whitney found out she was the “other woman”

A constantly underlying theme of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is Whitney’s attempts at love– attempts that, sadly, seem to always end up going sour. During the hiatus following the season four finale, things were looking as though season five was going to be not only about Whitney finally having a successful relationship, but maybe even feature a wedding with this new beau. But, again, disaster reared its ugly head.

This time, Whitney found out that boyfriend Avi Lang wasn’t just dating another woman, but was actively planning a wedding with her while dating Whitney– which led Whitney to conclude that it was her who was the “side chick.” Whitney then outed the cheater online, finally realizing that it wasn’t just shyness that was behind his insistence she never post pictures of the two of them together. Lang had been telling his fianceé Nada Louis the same thing, not surprisingly.


5 A doctor sent Whitney a very rude letter

It’s hard to know why many people don’t think that celebrities are human beings with actual feelings, but nonetheless, hearing brutal “honesty” from complete strangers seems to come with the territory of being famous these days.

In February of 2017, Whitney alleged that she received a letter from a man claiming to be a doctor who decided he needed to share how he really felt about her and her life. The doctor disputes Whitney’s claims that her excessive weight gain is at least partially due to polycystic ovarian syndrome and says instead that it’s because of “plain old gluttony.” He then goes on to call her a “big fat pig” and says that she lives “a disgusting existence.”

Shouldn’t a doctor be more concerned about actually trying to help people rather than just cruelly insulting them?

4 Keeping her birth control down helped her kick bulimia

Among the eating disorders that Whitney developed in her teen years was bulimia nervosa, which is defined as binge eating followed by making yourself throw up– or purging– all that food you just took in. In addition to the many harmful side effects of bulimia, one in particular helped to convince Whitney to finally give up the dangerous practice. That reason, as it turns out, is a rather unusual– but still valid– one.

Once in college, Whitney decided to go on the birth control pill. As she thought about it, she realized that when she purged from her bulimia, she would also be potentially throwing up her birth control pills, which meant risking being pregnant. In Whitney’s own words, “I knew I’d rather be fat than pregnant, so I stopped throwing up my food.”


3 South Koreans spit on Whitney on the street

Sometimes it’s good to have a change of scenery, especially if your life isn’t going the way you want it to in the place you’re currently living. Whitney did just that after college, living and working in South Korea for a time– but as it turned out, the people of South Korea were capable of being even more cruel to overweight people than Americans had been.

Whitney says that people in South Korea weren’t shy about harassing her on the street for her size, and that in addition to complete strangers blatantly laughing at her, people would occasionally even spit on her as they walked past her in public. While Whitney had dealt with similar things in the U.S.– sans the spitting– it was generally at least from classmates or peers. Being openly bullied by complete strangers was a sobering new level of harassment for the future reality star.

2 Whitney endures vicious cyberbullying

Not only do people feel entitled to say whatever awful things they want to celebrities, social media makes doing so easier than ever. When you’re a polarizing public figure like Whitney Thore and you have a large social media presence, you’re most definitely going to hear people’s least-filtered thoughts about you.

In addition to hearing the things you’d probably assume she hears from online trolls, most of it concerning their detailed opinions on her body, Whitney says that she is told to kill herself on a near-daily basis. Why some people immediately go the “you should kill yourself” route with any celebrity they don’t like is anyone’s guess, but it can’t ever be an easy thing to hear– especially with that kind of frequency. It definitely speaks to Whitney’s confidence and her determination to spread her message that she is willing to endure that.


1 The show is accused of glorifying obesity

Any time there is a public female personality who weighs more than 120 pounds and isn’t ashamed of it and/or isn’t actively trying to lose weight, the backlash is inevitable. So it goes with My Big Fat Fabulous Life and its star, who critics accuse of trying to promote or otherwise glorify being overweight.

Whitney’s response to her critics is that she is simply trying to promote self-confidence, and that it isn’t about fat or skinny, healthy or unhealthy, it’s about everyone having the right to feel good about themselves, and to not be shamed because of how they look.

Beyond just the show, Whitney has started the hashtag and motto “No BS,” which is short for “No Body Shaming” not to promote obesity, but to combat people being criticized for not having the so-called perfect body.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns next month season 7 and finds his star Whitney Thore who has to do with the decline of her parents Glen Thore and Barbara ‘Babs’ Thore. Whitney’s people are huge favorites with loyal MBFFL fans.

Many admire how close a relationship Whitney Thore has with her dear parents at My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Plus, there is no doubt that they are relationship role models for Whitney Thore, her friends and fans. However, this season we are learning that Whitney Thore has her hands full now that the health problems of her aging parent need more time.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Takes Care Of Her Parents

It has been over a year since the mother of My Star Fat Fabulous Life reality star Barbara “Babs” Thore suffered her stroke. Whitney Thore is a dedicated daughter and an active part of Babs’ recovery process. She also helps her father, Glenn Thore, enormously. Whitney attends all of her mother’s doctor’s appointments so that both of her parents understand exactly what information the doctors are giving them.

My fans of Big Fat Fabulous Life remember that Glenn’s hearing is a problem for the family. He wears hearing aids in both ears. So without them, he can’t hear what’s being said in conversations. In addition, it is a huge help that a third set of eyes and ears is present to ensure both Babs and Glenn, the parents of Whitney Thore, that they fully understand their doctor’s appointments with everything they need.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Lashes Out At Her Brother Hunter Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life celebrates Whitney Thore snaps to her brother Hunter Thore in a tense scene in the trailer video for the new season (see below). In addition, she informs her younger brother that “something really happens to their parents”. She tells him that they have to face it soon. Afterall Babs and Glenn are well into their 70s. So Whitney needs her little brother to intensify his game with regard to the care of their parents.

What sparked the argument for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life family was that Whitney discovered that her father had fainted almost to death. In another incident, her mother fell from the stars and had to stay in hospital. This was after her blood sugar had fallen. Hopefully Hunter will take Whitney seriously with this family affair.

Whitney Way Thore Just Got Real About Weight Loss Compliments—And Why She Doesn’t Want To Be Anyone’s Inspiration

Real talk: Mentioning a person’s weight loss (or apparent weight loss) is typically meant as a compliment, but it’s not always well received—and with damn good reason. Take it from reality TV star Whitney Way Thore, who recently called out Instagram commenters who congratulated her on even just appearing to have lost weight.

In a new Instagram post, shared yesterday, Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, opened up to her followers about this. “Just had to get this off my chest,” she wrote in the caption. “Reminder: Your value does not increase if your weight decreases.”

RELATED: Tess Holliday Reveals She’s Been Called Out for Changing Her Body—Here’s Why She Thinks That’s Ridiculous

She spoke out in a selfie-style video after noticing that many of her followers liked to congratulate her on the weight they think she’s lost. “I’ve been reading my comments, and a large majority of them are people congratulating me for losing some amount of weight that you have perceived that I’ve lost—but I guarantee you that I’m still fat as s—t,” Thore says.

She goes on to say that she doesn’t want to be equated with your hashtag fitness goals—because she’s more than that. “I’m not out here to be anybody’s weight loss inspiration. I’m a complex human being focusing on a lot of other things in life besides losing weight. not something I will ever feel comfortable saying thank you for.”

RELATED: This Gym Is Under Fire for Sending Its Members a Horrifying Body-Shaming Email

Her post comes at a time when the body positivity movement has been somewhat trampled on by diet culture. The message of the true body positivity movement is simple: Respect and love your body regardless of what you look like. But fitness goals and weight loss challenges have, in recent years, horned in on that message and warped it into a new one: Respect and love your body by being thin.

This isn’t the first time Thore has spoken out about unneeded Instagram comments. Last year she took to Instagram to call out trolls, explaining that she simply doesn’t care what hateful people have to say. “When you come into my space, I can make you leave. This doesn’t mean I can’t handle a contrary opinion. It means I take no stock in your opinion and it’s unnecessary noise.”

Thore’s recent post is a great reminder that we’re all more than our appearances (and that weight-loss compliments aren’t always appreciated, and often miss the mark). She explains at the end of her enlightening PSA that she doesn’t want people to be impressed by her weight loss—or again, her percieved weight loss. Instead, she hopes anyone who has been touched by her story finds inspiration in her self-care and truly body positive message.

She says, “If you’re inspired by me, I’m glad, but I hope it’s because I’m a woman who learned to love herself no matter what size she is.” Amen.

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Earlier this year 30-year-old Whitney Thore got the world’s attention with a video of herself cutting a rug. Lots of people post dancing videos, but hers stood out because she’s 380 lbs and still dancing like nobody’s business.

Since her initial boost of fame, she’s launched the No Body Shame Campaign, and landed a TLC reality show called My Big Fat Fabulous Life that’s set to air January 13.

In a preview clip for the show Whitney explains that she used to be a slim 112 pounds, but quickly gained over 200 in college after developing polycystic ovarian syndrome.

She says after her initial gain of 100 pounds freshman year she gave up dancing, and found herself in a deep depression. Now, she’s hoping to spread body positivity. “There’s P.C. terms for everything these days, but fat people are fair game,” Whitney says. “Someone has to fight for us!”

“Looking back to when I was thin, I can’t believe how much I took it for granted,” she says. “I hate people thinking that I’m lazy.” She’s happy now to embrace dancing despite her weight, and even teaches a dance class for bigger women.

She does, however, want to lose weight because she recognizes that 380 pounds is just not a healthy weight to be. “I love all of the positive things that came out of the videos, but it doesn’t change that right now, I’m the heaviest that I’ve ever been in my whole life,” she says. “So I need to lose some weight so that I can do everything in life I want to do, and hopefully I can do that through dance.”

UPDATE – Can PCOS really cause dramatic weight gain similar to what Whitney Thore experienced? And can someone with PCOS be 380 pounds and still be healthy? We did AL LOT of research and here are our findings.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs January 13 at 10 p.m

TLC extends its fascination with people who struggle with morbid obesity and weight loss. On January 1, if you feel guilty about eating too much over the festive season, they deliver the fix you might need to get back into your daily workouts. We already see My-600-Lb Life and My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Now, to make it a threesome, expect to see 1000-Lb Sisters in the New Year.

TLC’s new weight loss show called 1000-Lb Sisters arrives a week before My Big Fat Fabulous Life

TV Shows Ace reported that My Big Fat Fabulous Life arrives on January 7. Whitney Way Thore introduces her new fiance Chase Severino to viewers. But, you don’t need to wait that long to see other people battling weight loss. The new show presents YouTubers, “Amy and Tammy Slaton,” Starcasm reports. Fans already watched much of their journey on YouTube. One video, which you can see below garnered nearly two-million views over the last five years.

TLC documents their newest challenge as the two sisters try and get their weight down for bariatric surgery. Hopefully, they show a lot more restraint than their marshmallow eating challenge. Many people who saw the sisters felt disgusted by their eating habits. But, that’s something TLC does so well. Just look at Dr. Pimple Popper if you want an example of a show that both fascinates and repels viewers. So, as the new show follows the new My-600-Lb Life on January 1, you’ll find plenty to turn your stomach in the New Year.

Fans hope the already popular sisters succeed

TLC popped up the trailer on Twitter for 1000-Lb Sisters. In their short synopsis, they wrote, “Sisters Amy and Tammy have an unbreakable bond. Now their weight loss journey could push them to the limit. Tune in to the series premiere of #1000lbSisters Wednesday, January 1 at 10/9c.” In the trailer, we hear them say that between the two of them they weight around “a thousand pounds.” Enormous, the girls who could be attractive, seem light-hearted about their weight.

But, obviously, it’s a hard and challenging struggle ahead for them. They seem to really enjoy putting things in their mouths and laugh and joke a lot. But, obviously, they can’t continue eating as they do. Their condition’s life-threatening. So, when fans commented on the trailer, they mostly expressed their hope that the journey’s successful. And, they’ll get the viewers as some people said they’re “here for it.”

Sisters Amy and Tammy have an unbreakable bond. Now their weight loss journey could push them to the limit. Tune in to the series premiere of #1000lbSisters Wednesday, January 1 at 10/9c.

— TLC Network (@TLC) December 4, 2019

Comments by fans on the new trailer

While many TLC fans really just think that amount of weight’s gross. Plenty of others hope they succeed. Here’s what some of them said about the 1000-Lb Sisters.

  • “Addiction comes in many forms. Sugar and High fructose Corn Syrup are some of the most addicting legal substances.”
  • “If this show is the motivation they need then I hope they both find tremendous success!”
  • “I’ll probably give this show a try. Losing weight is hard so hopefully, they’ll pull through with it.”
  • “This makes me sad because you know they’re hurting inside. I’m rooting for you, ladies!”

What do you think about TLC bringing us yet another show about morbid obesity and struggles with weight loss? Will you watch it? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters.

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