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Tonight is a “boy band” and “girl group” theme on Dancing With the Stars 2019. In the spirit of the theme, former DWTS contestant Joey Fatone from NSYNC participated as a guest judge. He even danced in the show’s opening performance.

For season 28 of DWTS, there is live voting throughout the course of the show, with the bottom two contestants revealed at the end of the episode. Then, the judges get to cast their own votes to choose just one of the bottom two contestants to stay in the competition. Read on below for the spoilers on the show tonight, along with a live recap of tonight’s scores and the performances.

And, for those who just want to skip right to the spoilers on the contestant who was eliminated tonight, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Tonight’s DWTS Performances & Scores

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After seeing #TeamVanDerSlate, we’re about to lose control and we definitely like it! Amazing first performance. #DWTS

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James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater were the first couple to perform tonight and they are coming off of a night of perfect scores from last week. For their first performance, the two performed a Jive to a song by The Pointer Sisters. Their performance was full of high-energy, technique and joy. The two even incorporated a little tumbling and splits. Head judge Len Goodman said he liked the speed and the sharpness of the moves in the performance. Their scores tonight for this dance were a 36 out of 40.

Sean Spicer was up next and he was without his usual dance partner for the second week in a row. Lindsay Arnold’s mother-in-law died and Jenna Johnson has had to step in to take over while she’s with her family.

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BALLER Argentine Tango from @seanmspicer and @jennajohnson for #TeamSweetAndSpicey! 💵 #DWTS

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Spicer’s first dance tonight was an Argentine Tango and it was performed to a Destiny’ Child song. Guest judge Fatone was critical about Spicer’s frame and his lack of fluidity. Judge Bruno Tonioli brought up the fact that Spicer does “try very very hard” in his performances. For his first scores tonight, Spicer ended up with a 26 out of 40.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten were up next, performing a routine to TLC’s “No Scrubs”. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba complimented the routine but said some parts of the dance got away from them. Goodman and Fatone also commented that the dance got a little sloppy, though it was good. The two got a 32 out of 40 for their score.

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Take note: NO SCRUBS ALLOWED! Comment 💯 if you loved #TeamAlanbamaHannah’s Salsa. #DWTS

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Ally Brooke and her DWTS pro partner Sasha Farber took on “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls for their first performance tonight and they delivered a Samba. Judge Inaba said the two were so in sync and Goodman called the performance “a fantastic dance”. The two earned the first perfect score of the night with a 40 out of 40.

Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko decided to perform to “You Can’t Hurry Love” and Alaina opened up about going through a break up just a few weeks before starting DWTS. She said that being a part of the show has been a great cure for her break up blues. Goodman had a little criticism, but, overall he enjoyed the performance. Inaba said she didn’t know what any of the critiques were about because she thought the dance was amazing. For the couple’s first performance tonight, they received a 34 out of 40.

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Our love for #TeamTonkyHonk just grew by a million. Beautiful Quickstep! #DWTS

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Kel Mitchell was up next with his pro partner Witney Carson and he opened up about his life as a pastor, bringing Carson to church. Mitchell then put on an energetic performance to “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue. It was an intense routine, dark and sexy. Judge Bruno Tonioli jumped out of his seat, exclaiming over the power of the Paso performance. Inaba’s criticism was that she wanted Mitchell to dance “bigger” with his movements. As for head judge Goodman, he felt there was not enough “Paso Doble” in the routine. The duo got a 34 out of 40 for their first score of the night.

James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater’s second dance was to NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”. He revealed that he has actually been friends with several members of the former band and even lent them his ID when they were younger. Van Der Beek’s performance tonight was full of classic NSYNC moves, as well as some body-bending action. Goodman said he would have liked a bit more of the couple dancing together, rather than apart so much, even though it was a boy band routine. Fatone said he thought the performance was awesome.

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In the words of @carrieanninaba, “hi, hi, hi!” 😜 We think @nsync would be very proud of #TeamVanDerSlate’s Jazz. #DWTS

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Tonioli couldn’t contain himself over Van Der Beek and Slater’s routine, though he did say there could have been more attention to each other as partners. And, Inaba gushed that Van Der Beek gives “300%” to all of his performances but to watch his elbows in his performances. Their score for this was 36 out of 40, making an overall score of 72 out of 80.

Hannah Brown performed a Tango to BTS’ song “Boy With Love” for her second performance of the night. She was having anxiety during rehearsals over the routine and was trying to get the routine down to the best of her abilities. The performance was filled with passion, sharp movements, and determination.

Fatone said their performance was the best of the night and Tonioli called the routine “pure pleasure”. The couple ended up with a 39 out of 40 for this routine, bringing their total to 71 out of 80.

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Reaching for the Mirrorball, Tango style. There’s nothing but passion in #TeamAlanbamaHannah’s faces! #DWTS

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Sean Spicer was up next with a Foxtrot routine and they danced to One Direction’s “Story of My Life”. Inaba noted some missteps that Spicer had but also said she loves that Spicer continues to try his best, though he’s not necessarily a great dancer. Their scores were a 24 out of 40, making a 50 out of 80 for the night for Spicer.

Lauren Alaina and Savchenko performed a Rumba routine to “I Want It That Way” and she is actually friends with Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean, who stopped into rehearsals to offer additional help. Inaba told Alaina her growth in this competition has been phenomenal. She also told Alaina to watch being so stiff in her dancing, though Alaina said her fitted corset may have contributed to the stiffness. Fatone said the dancing was amazing and Goodman enjoyed it as well. Tonioli called the performance “smoldering”.

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Rumba + @backstreetboys + #TeamTonkyHonk = three of our favorite things. 😍 #DWTS

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After the performance, Alaina said that she’s celebrating her “birthday week”. For her present tonight, she got a 36 out of 40 for her second performance. This totals a 70 out of 80 for the night.

Kel Mitchell took on “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men for his Viennese Waltz with Witney Carson tonight. Mitchell appeared smooth in the routine and had a smile across his face for nearly the entire performance. Tonioli told Mitchell that he executed the routine with such confidence and a “soft touch”. Inaba said that Mitchell took her criticisms from earlier in the episode so well and incorporated them in his movements for the second dance, which was impressive. The duo got a perfect score for this routine, which brought their total for the night to a 74 out of 80.

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Two thumbs up for a PERFECT SCORE! Sensational Viennese Waltz from #TeamDanceWitKel. #DWTS

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Then it was time for Ally Brooke to perform a Jazz routine to “Step By Step” by New Kids on the Block with Sasha Farber for the final dance of the night. It was a fun and spirited routine, a great way to round out all the performances. Fatone said the energy was amazing and he enjoyed the story-telling in the performance. Tonioli said that Brooke reminded him of his “dear friend”, icon Paula Abdul, in the performance.

Goodman called the routine “the whole package” and “so much fun”. This was definitely reflected in their scores, as they got a perfect 40 out of 40, totally a perfect 80 out of 80 for the night.

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Step by step, #TeamTimeToShine made that Jazz look incredible! PERFECT SCORE for our mini @paulaabdul. ☺️ #DWTS

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Who Got Eliminated on DWTS Tonight

So, who got voted off the show tonight?

Before the results were revealed, Joey Fatone took a seat with the audience and left the judges’ table. Then, the first safe couple moving on to the semifinals was revealed to be Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber, followed by Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson. Joining them in the semifinals were James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater. And, the final couple revealed as moving forward was Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten.

This put Lauren Alaina and Sean Spicer in the bottom two. Spicer has been able to sail through each week because of a ton of at-home viewer support. Tonight, he was not able to escape his fate and the judges voted for Alaina to stay on in the competition.

Sean Spicer was eliminated tonight.

Next week is the season 28 semi-finals for DWTS, so be sure to tune in at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, on the ABC network. And, when it comes to the finale in two weeks, DWTS host Tom Bergeron revealed that Cher will be participating.

READ NEXT: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2019 Cast: DWTS Contestants & Partners

“Dancing with the Stars” is winding down its controversial 28th season. Week eight was “Dance-Off Week” during which six of the seven remaining couples went head-to-head for bonus points to help them stay in the competition and get one step closer to the Mirror Ball Trophy, which will be handed out in just three weeks on November 25. So who won their dance-offs, who lost, and who paid the ultimate price at the end of the night by being eliminated? Find out below in our live blog with all the minute-by-minute developments as they happen.

The night started the way they always do, with each celeb performing a new dance in a previously unlearned dance style. Lauren Alaina and Kate Flannery performed jives. Hannah Brown danced a quickstep. Kel Mitchell got a salsa. James Van Der Beek lucked out with a contemporary number (that style usually results in higher scores). Sean Spicer danced a jazz routine. And Ally Brooke got something ABC described in its press release as a “Jazz Charleston” — some kind of hybrid routine perhaps?

Then the dance-offs pitted the celebs against each other performing cha cha, salsa or jive. The winners of each dance-off got two extra points added to their judges’ score for the night. But one couple was excused from the dance-offs entirely and got two extra bonus points automatically: James and Emma Slater.

Usually immunity from the dance-off is based on that night’s judges’ scores, but in this case immunity was based on the scores from “Halloween Night.” Van Der Beek topped the leaderboard during that show, tied with Ally and Lauren. But James also had the highest cumulative judges’ score for the season, which broke the tie and saved him from the head-to-head match-ups — though he wasn’t immune from possible elimination.

So who made it to the top six, and who danced off the show entirely. Follow along below starting at 8:00pm (times listed are Eastern).

Sean Spicer and Jenna Johnson (Jazz)

Daniel Montgomery, 8:02pm — Okay, let’s get this one over with. Though interestingly Sean’s usual partner Lindsay Arnold has been replaced from tonight’s routine. Lindsay’s mother-in-law passed away, so she’s spending time with her family.

Jeffrey Kare, 8:05pm — That looked about as good as a lame high school production of “Anything Goes.” I thought it would never end.

DM, 8:06pm — That routine was really good if you ignored Sean completely.

JUDGES — Len Goodman says what we’re all thinking: “We keep throwing you out of the boat, and the viewers keep throwing you a life preserver.” He says the mermaid had better feet than Sean did, but he “respects” the effort. Bruno Tonioli says, “You don’t have many jazz bones in your body … Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’ has a better sense of direction.” Carrie Ann Inaba says he looks like he’s doing the same dance over and over, but seeing Sean dance with someone else showed a different side of him.

DM, 8:09pm — Carrie Ann says she sees a different side of him with a different pro partner. Sadly, neither side is a dancer.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (7), Bruno (6) — TOTAL: 20 out of 30

Cordell Martin, 8:10pm — Oh hell.

DM, 8:10pm — No, just no.

Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko (Jive)

DM, 8:14pm — Last week Lauren got her best scores despite having multiple injured ribs, so when Carrie Ann told her that her core was getting stronger than ever, it was a proud moment for the country singer. They’re dancing a jive to Elvis Presley‘s “Hound Dog.” It will be a tribute to Lauren’s grandmother, who loves Elvis, but the jive is super technical, so hopefully those ribs hold up.

JK, 8:18pm — As for the first good routine of the night, I thought Lauren and Gleb both did a very stylish job this week.

DM, 8:18pm — I think Lauren’s timing might have gone off in the middle there for a bit, but otherwise I think that was one of her strongest performances

JUDGES — Bruno thought it had a great ’50s feel, and she had good pumping leg action, but she went wrong three times. Carrie Ann was thrilled when Lauren started the routine, but then “something went wrong.” Carrie Ann still thinks Lauren has a lot going for her. Len noticed “a few mistakes,” but “you deserve to stay in this competition,” so he hopes the night doesn’t end in “Heartbreak Hotel.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Bruno (8) — TOTAL: 24 out of 30

CM, 8:20pm — She’ll be safe.

JK, 8:20pm — Thank God she scored higher than the contestant who shall not be named.

DM, 8:21pm — I felt bad for her getting those critiques. Except for those couple little lapses, she looked great out there, and I agree with Erin that she’s being too hard on herself.

DM, 8:22pm — And yeah, I think that country fan base will keep her safe.

CM, 8:22pm — Most definitely. I think we’ll see Ally and Kel in the bottom.

DM, 8:24pm — That would be interesting because so far no one has landed in the bottom two twice and survived, and both Ally and Kel have been down there once already. I’m still worried for Kate too.

Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson (Salsa)

DM, 8:25pm — Kel and Witney are dancing a salsa to “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan, who is — ahem — a little before Witney’s time. She was born in 1993, and the song came out in 1995. Kel is also bringing Witney back to the 1990s by bringing her to the set of the “All That” reboot, which he’s executive producing. He’s got a suave stage presence, so I think he could nail the salsa.

JK, 8:29pm — Now that was full of energy!

DM, 8:29pm — A little too much “messing about” at first, as Len might say. Solid salsa when he got right down to it, some great moments in there, maybe still a little rough around the edges. But charisma for days.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann loved the back and forth between his solo grooving and their partner work. Len says, “You’re on a roll: full of rhythm, plenty of junk in the trunk” with good hip action. He was “large and in charge.” Bruno calls him “the main attraction” in a “star turn … You were leading the whole dance from the beginning to the end.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Bruno (10) — TOTAL: 28 out of 30

JK, 8:32pm — WOW! Kel gets the first 10 of the season!

CM, 8:32pm — YO!

DM, 8:32pm — Okay, that 10 went a little overboard. They were saving 10s all season, and that got the first one?

CM, 8:35pm — James or Hannah will get a perfect 30.

DM, 8:35pm — James has a contemporary, and Emma is an experienced choreographer, so I think she’ll get it for him.

Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber (Paso Doble)

DM, 8:37pm — Okay, so not a “Jazz Charleston” for Ally like ABC’s press release indicated, but a paso doble, That’s, um, not nearly the same thing. But I’m really excited to see Ally do a paso, and she’ll be dancing to her own song “Higher,” so she’ll be at ease with the material.

CM, 8:41pm — She’s tearing it up! Perfect 30!

JK, 8:41pm — In my opinion, that has to be the best performance of the night so far. I thought Ally and Sasha were both remarkable!

DM, 8:41pm — That paso was fire. If Kel’s routine was a 10, this one’s an 11.

JUDGES — Len thought it was “a mix of good technique and high performance.” Bruno though she was “conducting the orchestra” with “beauty, power, and artistry.” Carrie Ann says, “You proved to me that you are a freaking superstar … You commanded all of our attention … My mind is blown.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Bruno (10) — TOTAL: 30 out of 30

DM, 8:43pm — Now I’m REALLY worried about Kate.

JK, 8:44pm — We’re really moving on from the beginning of the night.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten (Quickstep)

DM, 8:48pm — I don’t envy Hannah having to follow last week’s tough critiques AND Ally’s perfect score. Hannah admits that she hasn’t felt connected to herself and that she agreed with a lot of Carrie Ann’s comments. So she’s regrouping by going back home to Alabama to visit her family. I, like Carrie Ann, am rooting for her because she has the dance ability.

DM, 8:53pm — No pun on the quickstep, but she really stepped up. That was one of her best routines, if not her very best.

JK, 8:53pm — I don’t know if Hannah and Alan are about to receive any 10s at all, but I thought that was terrific.

JUDGES — Bruno said Hannah’s performance was “a game-changer.” She really used the floor to give her “lift and spring … You were in orbit.” Carrie Ann’s critique starts by getting up out of her seat to hug Hannah. She thought Hannah was “open-hearted” and “that was the comeback of the season.” Len thought Hannah had a “nice frame” with “clarity of movement,” but there was a little gapping in-between them when they were in hold, but otherwise it was a “fabulous” dance.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (9), Bruno (10) — TOTAL: 29 out of 30

CM, 8:55pm — Told you guys she would get the redemption arc this week.

JK, 8:55pm — (Almost) Everyone’s killing it this week!

DM, 8:57pm — When the judges get so 10-happy and go in on the comeback narratives, it’s not always earned, but I think this week has been a genuine breakthrough, especially for Ally and Hannah, both of whom seemed more at ease as performers and with their technique. James finally has some competition this season.

Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov (Jive)

DM, 8:59pm — They’re dancing to “Heatwave” by Linda Ronstadt, and they’re paying tribute to Kate’s sister Nancy. Kate had just come from Nancy’s funeral after she died of cancer. Ronstadt was one of Nancy’s favorite artists, so Kate wants to express the “joy and pride of being Nancy’s sister.”

JK, 9:03pm — This must be Kate and Pasha’s best routine yet.

CM, 9:03pm — That was cute.

DM, 9:04pm — Really good jive from Kate, I think she might score better than Lauren, but I think she needed to be lights-out perfect with the way scores are coming down tonight.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann felt the “celebration” in the dance, but there were times when Kate’s arm was “small” out of hold. Len thought they were a “joy to watch … It’s not your best, but it’s certainly not your worst.” Bruno felt it was “clever” and “tailor-made for your ability,” but she “went out of sync a couple of times.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Bruno (8) — TOTAL: 24 out of 30

DM, 9:06pm — I think Kate might be done for. I hope I’m wrong, but she needs huge fan support when she’s currently second to last on the judges’ leaderboard.

CM, 9:07pm — We gotta think positive friend. Hopefully, her fans rally behind her this week.

JK, 9:08pm — It should be interesting to see who’ll end up in the bottom two this week.

James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater (Contemporary)

DM, 9:11pm — They’re performing a contemporary routine to “Don’t Stop Believin’.” I’m … skeptical about that song choice, but he feels an emotional connection to that song as a reminder of how his parents were unabashedly supportive of his acting career. Mom and dad even came to watch his rehearsals with Emma.

DM, 9:14pm — Great work for James. Not the dance of the night for me, but it’s right up there.

JK, 9:14pm — Very interesting to hear “Don’t Stop Believin’” arranged like that. Though James & Emma both just did stunning work.

CM, 9:14pm — Another perfect score.

JUDGES — Len thought it was like “a good book … holds your interest from start to finish … and I think you’re going to find it has a really happy ending.” Bruno thought it was “totally compelling,” and the lifts were “absolutely exquisite,” with the “fluidity of water.” Carrie Ann has never seen a lift executed so well on the show; it was “pure artistry in motion.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Bruno (10) — TOTAL: 30 out of 30

DM, 9:17pm — OMG, James’s daughter is crying. Even crazier, his daughter looks so much like Witney Carson.

DM, 9:21pm — I just gave all my votes to Kate.

CM, 9:21pm — Haha me too, Daniel! “DWTS” gods, please let it be the night when Spicy goes home.


Kel Mitchell vs. Ally Brooke (Jive)

DM, 9:22pm — Kel Mitchell will be battling Ally Brooke, and they’ll be dancing … jive to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” I think Ally has the edge here since she usually scores higher.

CM, 9:24pm — It should’ve been Ally vs. Hannah, Kel vs. Lauren, Kate vs. Sean.

DM, 9:24pm — I agree.

DM, 9:26pm — Too much editing. I couldn’t really make out enough of those jives to pick which was better.

JK, 9:27pm — You guys are probably right, because Ally and Kel were both so great just now, that it was hard for me to tell who was doing better.

JUDGES — Len thought both teams were “top-notch” and “terrific.” Bruno thinks it’s “almost impossible to call.” Carrie Ann also thought they were “both on fire … You don’t make our jobs easy.”

DECISIONS — Carrie Ann (KEL), Len (ALLY), Bruno (KEL)

DM, 9:30pm — Kel gets the two bonus points, which brings his score for the night to 30, which actually ties Ally’s total score for the night.

CM, 9:30pm — Whoa!

Sean Spicer vs. Kate Flannery (Cha Cha)

DM, 9:33pm — They’re doing cha chas to “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory. Sean and Kate have both performed cha chas before. I can’t imagine Kate losing this face-off, though. God help us if she doesn’t.

DM, 9:36pm — Sean is literally ruining the color purple for me.

JK, 9:37pm — Kate and Pasha both just blew everything Sean and Jenna did out of the water.

JUDGES — Bruno saw “somebody who quite improved,” and someone who caught his attention, though not necessarily for the right reasons. Carrie Ann has “nothing but respect” for both of them; one of the couples had two people doing the cha cha, and the other couple had maybe one dancer doing the cha cha. Len thought both celebs did a “really good” cha cha, and it was “a fun thing to watch.”

DECISIONS — Carrie Ann (KATE), Len (KATE), Bruno (KATE)

DM, 9:39pm — No surprise there. It gives Kate a two-point boost to her score tonight, but I’m not sure if two points is enough to change the results one way or the other given how drastically audience votes have skewed the results this season.

Lauren Alaina vs. Hannah Brown (Salsa)

DM, 9:43pm — Hannah has had some challenges during the season, but I think she has the advantage in terms of her technique, while Lauren has been better at capturing the character of her routines. But neither of them have performed a salsa before, so it might be a pretty even match. They’re dancing to “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” by Gloria Estefan.

DM, 9:48pm — I could see them giving this to Lauren to give her a score boost over Sean.

JK, 9:48pm — I thought Hannah and Lauren were both excellent for different reasons.

DM, 9:49pm — OMG, the male dancers ripping off their shirts — that’s not gonna help you with Len, guys!

JUDGES — Carrie Ann thought it was an “amazing showcase” and “the girls are in it to win it.” Len urges Gleb to put his shirt back on, but he wishes he could give the ladies one point each. Bruno thought the Southern belles were “illegally hot.”

CM, 9:51pm — I would give it to Hannah.


DM, 9:52pm — That gives Hannah two points and brings her up to 31 and a second-place finish on the night’s leaderboard. Kate’s dance-off win gives her a two-point buffer against Lauren near the bottom of the leaderboard.

CM, 9:53pm — I’m so nervous.

DM, 9:53pm — Just expect the worst and you won’t be disappointed. If Sean is safe, I hope they just say so first. Them dragging it out is the worst.


DM, 9:56pm — Safe from elimination are Sean Spicer (well, at least they listened to me … sigh), Hannah Brown, James Van Der Beek, Kel Mitchell and Lauren Alaina. So Kate Flannery and Ally Brooke are the bottom two.

DECISION— Carrie Ann is “confused” and “irritated” that these are the bottom two. Bruno agrees that these are the wrong bottom two. But it’s unanimous: Ally is saved, Kate is eliminated, and “DWTS” is still broken.

DM, 10:00pm — I’m glad Carrie Ann said “irritated” to describe her reaction. They’ve been nicer about it before, but now they’re totally subtweeting Sean up there.

CM, 10:01pm — Yeah, they need to quit coddling Sean, but at this point he’s not going anywhere.

DM, 10:02pm — He would have survived with straight 6s too, but why did they give him any 7s?


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VIRGIN Media host Glenda Gilson has been voted off this week from Dancing With The Stars making her the second celebrity to be voted from the show.

It was movie this week and unfortunately, someone had to go and it just happened to be Glenda this week.

3 The judges weren’t impressed with Fr Ray KellyCredit: Kyran O’Brien 3 Lottie Ryan is at the top of the leader boardCredit: Kyran O’Brien 3 Yewande was voted off last weekCredit: Kyran O’Brien

Last week saw Fr Ray Kelly get the lowest rating from the judges as Julian said that he didn’t know what to say after the dance.

Brian also said that he wished the dance hadn’t started and in the end, Fr Ray Kelly received a total of six points from the judges.

However, on the opposite end of the leader board was Lottie Ryan as she blew the judges away with her contemporary ballroom dance.

The three judges were thoroughly impressed with the radio presenter and her dancing partner Pasquale La Rocca.


Brian said that it was a top-class performance as Loraine said that it was ‘gripping’.

Julian said that it was ‘near perfection’ and he added that they had amazing chemistry together.

Brian gave an eight, Loraine a nine and Julian also gave a nine which gave them 26 points leaving them at the top of the leader board.

There was a shock elimination last week as the Love Island star Yewande was voted off the show along with her dance partner Stephen.

Following the elimination Yewande denied claims that race was an issue in her being the first dancer voted off the show.


Holly collapses on the floor as This Morning’s Spin To Win goes wrong AGAIN


Gay Byrne poignantly predicted own death in time capsule letter 25 years ago Spoiler

Love City

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Fr Ray reckons he’s got rite stuff for DWTS but some massgoers incensed

Yewande, who was born in Ireland, and has Nigerian parents told the Irish Sun on Sunday: “I think everyone has their opinion but that’s a very serious allegation to make.

“I’m going say it’s because I couldn’t connect with Irish viewers because I’m in the UK.”

We will have all the latest gossip from tonight’s show right here.

  • Fans of the show weren’t happy to see Glenda leaving the show tonight.

    Really sorry to see @Glendagilson go!!Beautiful on the inside and out she was superb week in and week out and should not have gone home ❤❤❤ #DWTSIrl

    — Stephanie Wall (@stephmwall) January 26, 2020

    I DON’T BELIEVE IT #DWTSIrl 😳😱🤷🏻‍♀️😮 something wrong ? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Glenda Gone ?? 😳😮🤷🏻‍♀️ NOT DESERVED 😠

    — Cat C (@catco65) January 26, 2020

    #DWTSIRL I’m shocked!!! Thought Glenda was fantastic tonight. So elegant ….😢

    — Caroline Kennedy (@CKennedyPR) January 26, 2020

    Can’t believe @Glendagilson going home she was fantastic tonight. @DWTSIRL #DWTSIRL

    — Shane Fitzpatrick (@ShaneF_Official) January 26, 2020

  • Unfortunately Glenda and Robert have been sent home tonight.

    That means that Fr Ray and Grainne will be appearing again next week.

  • The votes are in and the first couple safe are Mary and John.

    Ryan Andrews is also safe for another week.

    Lottie is safe for another week.

    The next couple safe is Michael and Karen.

    Next up is Sinead and Ryan.

    Also through is Aidan and Emily.

    The next couple that is safe is Brian and Laura.

    The three couples remaining are Grainne and Kai and Glenda and Rovbert and Fr Ray and Kylee.

  • Julian said that Lottie gave an A list performance and so did Ryan.

    Brian said that Fr Ray improved 100 per cent from last week.

    Loraine also said that Ryan also had a standout performance as well as Aidan Fogarty.

  • Loraine Barry joined the professionals on the dancefloor tonight.

    They were dancing to Mamma Mia tonight and Loraine took centre stage.

    She whizzed around the floor with Kai.

    They were then joined by Brian and Julian at the very end.

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Last week, we had our frightful first group dance, with two teams of celeb hopefuls and a whole slew of professional dancers hoofing their spooky hearts out to Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” and Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”.

Standouts included James Van Der Beek’s romantic waltz to “I Put a Spell on You”, Ally Brookes’ Harley Quinn-inspired dance to “Sweet But a Psycho,” and Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson’s wild jive to “The Time Warp.” Meanwhile, Sean Spicer fell back a step with his dance to the “Monster Mash,” which received his lowest scores yet.

In a shock elimination last week, it was fan-favorite Karamo Brown who was removed from the competition, with Kate Flannery joining him in the bottom two. Who will join him this week, as dancers prepare to face off in their first one-on-one dance off?

8:10 p.m.: Sean Spicer was dancing first. Last week he took a step backwards score-wise and he felt somewhat discouraged. Told they will be dancing jazz to “Come Sail Away” by Styx, he waxed about his memories growing up in Rhode Island on the ocean and sailing. Spicer was at one point, Arnold said, a sailor.

In the middle of rehearsals, Sean discovered that Lindsay Arnold’s mother-in-law passed away, and he ended up finishing dancing with Jenna Johnson, Karamo Brown’s former partner.

The sailor-themed jazz number was…a bit clunky. But there was a kickline!

“Well…we keep throwing you out of the boat, and the viewers keep throwing you a life preserver,” said judge Len Goodman, though he said he respected his effort. “The mermaid had better feet than you, actually,” which garnered Goodman some boos.

Bruno Tonioli said that “I think Dory in Finding Nemo has a better sense of direction. I praise your religion.” Goodman spoke up, and Tonioni realized he misspoke, meaning “Resilience.”

“Sometimes it looks like you’re doing the same dance over and over again,” said Carrie Ann Inaba, who praised him for showing “another shade” of himself.

Scores: 20 out of 30

8:22 p.m.: It turned out that Lauren Alaina was working with a broken rib on the right side of her body. Gleb Savchenko helps her rework the choreography, since some of the lifts he’d put in were too painful. They planned a “sassy” number in tribute to Alaina’s mother, to a song by Alaina’s mother’s favorite artist, Elvis Presley: “Hound Dog.”

The jive was definitely high energy, and Alaina did succeed in carrying off a new level of spirit, but she made three clear footwork mistakes.

“You went wrong, my darling—there were three mistakes,” said Tonioni, who was booed. “I can’t undo the mistakes!” he shouted back to the audience.

“You did forget—something went wrong there,” Inaba said, but added that Alaina “had a lot going for her.”

“I hope tonight isn’t going to be Heartbreak Hotel,” said Goodman. “Because you deserve to stay in the competition.”

Scores: 24 out of 30

Picture of the Cast of Dancing with the Stars ABC

8:33 p.m.: Kel Mitchell knocked the judge’s socks off last week, and now he’s ready to keep the momentum going. They were going to dance the salsa to “This Is How We Do it” by Montell Jordan, whom Witney Carson didn’t recognize by name and whose name Witney couldn’t pronounce.

Kel Mitchell talked about being on All That. “We were the Beibers of the 90s!” he said. He took Witney to the set of the rebooted All That, and said he was excited to be bringing the show back to the screen—he’s producing the show for Nickelodeon.

The dance was filled with attitude, lifts and slides. The audience ate it up, and gave them a standing ovation.

“I don’t have a paddle,” said Tom Bergeron, “but that was your best dance.”

“You took me way back!” said Carrie Ann Inaba, who pointed out that Kel lead during that dance and was impressed.

“Well, Kel, you old sausage, you’re on a roll!” said Len Goodman, who praised Kel’s hip action. “You were large and in charge!” he added.

“That was a star turn,” said Tonioni.

Scores: 28 out of 30, with Tonioni delivering the first 10 of the season!

8:47 p.m.: Ally Brooke found out she would be dancing the paso doble to her own song, “Higher”, which she said “perfectly” described where she was in her life at that moment. She talked about the producers she met, and how she went about following her dreams.

She and Sasha Faber went to The Sound Academy, a school for underprivileged youth run by the two men who discovered her, and Ally spoke to the students there.

The costuming and attitude of the dance were perfect, and the audience was pumped.

“Is it just me,” Bergeron asked, “or has the energy in the room changed over these last two dances?”

“It was a mix of good technique and high performance,” said Goodman. “And that’s irresistible.”

“Excuse me, Miss Silver Lightning!” said Tonioni. “She was conducting the orchestra! Beauty, power, artistry!”

Erin Andrews pointed out Faber’s choreography, which she said the judges didn’t mention. “the jumps, yes please, so Dirty Dancing!”

Scores: First 30 out of 30 of the season!

8:55 p.m. :Last week, Hannah Brown had some disappointing scores—she admitted she felt disconnected from herself and from her core. Alan Bersten vowed to unlock more of her layers, which meant that they were going to her home in Alabama.

Her family rallied around her, and she held a party for them. She showed Bersten her room and talked about her teen years.

Brown and Bersten danced the quick step to “American Girl” by Tom Petty, which was quick and zesty.

Tonioni pointed out that Brown used the floor to give her lift and spring.

Inaba went in for a hug and told her she was open-hearted. She called it the “comeback of the season.”

Goodman said he “watched her feet a lot and they were on point,” but there was a little bit of gapping.

Scores: 29 out of 30

9:20 p.m.: Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov were almost sent home last week. “I’m being judged within an inch of my life by people and I’m dressed like a clown—just one more day in the life of Kate Flannery.”

Flannery’s sister, Nancy’s, favorite song was “Heatwave” by Linda Ronstadt, and Kate got the news she was going to be on the show on the way home from Nancy’s funeral. “No one was ever allowed to touch her stereo,” Kate remembered. Pashkov was lovely and supportive.

Flannery and Pashkov danced the jive in matching plaid pajamas and in a plaid room. The dance was fun and charming.

“I wasn’t watching your feet,” Bergeron said, “I was watching your faces.”

“Dance is a celebration, and I’m sure your sister Nancy is watching and smiling.” Inaba said. She also praised the dance but said they were a little out of hold.

“You two are an absolute joy for me to watch,” said Goodman.

“What is this, The Shining? The Dream is coming out of the wall,” said Tonioni, who characterized the dance as ‘charming’.

Scores: 24 out of 30

9:28 p.m.: James Van Der Beek had the highest cumulative scores, and thus had won immunity from the dance-off and won two extra points to boot.

He and Emma Slater had contemporary. They’re going to be dancing to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and he said that life as a child actor was tough. He was ridiculed mercilessly as a child actor and he said his kids were there. His parents came to watch him dance, and they were delighted by him.

The dance is set to a slow, emotional version of the song, and moved Van Der Beek’s daughter, partner, wife and mother to tears. He ran over to hug them all before getting judge’s comments.

“It was like a good book…there’s something for everyone,” said Goodman.

“The musicality, the expression, flawless,” said Tonioni.

“We have never, ever seen a lift executed with such beauty,” said Inaba. “I could feel the breeze that you were both riding.

Scores: 30 out of 30, another perfect score!

9:34 p.m.: Dance-off time: engaged! Ally Brooke and Kel Mitchell will be dancing with one another, with the style being jive and the song being “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

The judges both spoke about how good the two were at jive and said that Kel in particular had to live up to his previous jive. While the choreography for Ally was very light and airy, there were a lot of kicks and flicks from Kel.

Goodman said he thought it was fantastic and that it was “a jive to survive.”

“You’re going to drive me crazy!” said Tonioni, who thought they were going to dance together.

Inaba, too, said they were both on fire. “You certainly don’t make our job easy.” she lamented having to make a choice.

“We give you choices to make and dangerous chairs to sit in,” confirmed Bergeron.

Scores: Kel wins with two out of three judge votes.

9:41 p.m.: Sean Spicer and Kate Flannery were paired together, and Kate said that it was a bummer because they’d just done the group dance-off together. “And now I’m going to crush you!” said Spicer.

The dance was the cha-cha to “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory. Spicer began the dance by employing the cabbage patch.

Tonioni said that “one of them has improved and one of them grabbed my attention—and I don’t know if it was for the right reason.”

“Two dances in one night is no joke.” Inaba was favorable to Flannery.

“You both came out and you both really danced proper,” said Len Goodman. “It was a really fun thing to watch.”

“I love it when the audience is so excited I can barely hear Erin at all,” said Bergeron.

Scores: Kate across the board

9:53 p.m.: Coming back from commercial break, Goodman said that they were “all exhausted… Usually by now someone is bleeding, but not so the case tonight.” There was further live banter before Alaina and Brown were paired off.

Alaina said that “Hannah was a great dancer,” and Brown returned the compliment.

They were assigned a salsa to “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You” by Miami Sound Machine, and Tonioni said they should be “snakey, not shaky.”

Definitely shaky was Alaina, who used a lot of hip and booty action, and a twin shirt strip-off by the male dancers.

“Put your shirt on,” demanded Goodman of Savchenko. “I don’t mind, honey!” shouted Tonioni.

“It was illegally hot, I have steam coming out of my ears!” said Tonioni as the crowd went wild.

“Before they went up there, they said ‘Gleb’s not mic’d”, remarked Andrews.

Scores: Hannah across the board

And it’s results time!

Bottom Two: Flannery and Pashkov and Brooke and Farber.

“It’s confusing to me as to why these are the bottom two. I’m confused and a little irritated,” said Inaba. She voted to save Ally and Sasha, as did Tonioni. Goodman admitted he would have saved her too.

Eliminated: Kate Flannery

LOVE Island star Yewande Biala is the first celebrity to be voted off Dancing With The Stars tonight.

There were some amazing performances and no so great routines on tonight’s show.

2 Glenda performed the Cha Cha ChaCredit: Kyran O’Brien 2 Lottie danced the jive last weekCredit: Kyran O’Brien

Fr Ray Kelly earned the lowest marks tonight while Lottie Ryan earned the highest marsk.

The men’s performed for the first week and the standout dancer had to be Ryan Andrews who also scored 21 points so he is at the top along with Sinead.

Fr Ray Kelly was the lowest marked contestant on the show as he received only eight points from the judges.


Tonight will see the first star leave the show as the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite and who they want to see in the next episode.

Everyone will be performing tonight and there was some worry as to whether boxer Michael Carruth would be fit to dance as he had been injured during his training.

The 52-year-old did not take part in Sunday night’s show on the advice of doctors after tearing a calf muscle and a tendon in his leg while training.

He told the Irish Sun that his future as a contestant now hangs in the balance.

Former soldier Michael previously said: “It depends on me and no one else. If I burst this injury and make it worse I can the risk of eruption so I have to be clever and say I am pulling myself out of this because there is no point putting people up for elimination if I can’t go on with this.

“There is no point in me being the martyr and someone else going out. If I feel this is going to get worse I will pull myself out of this.

Holly collapses on the floor as This Morning’s Spin To Win goes wrong AGAIN Gay Byrne poignantly predicted own death in time capsule letter 25 years ago Spoiler Sparks fly with Mondo and Melanie on Fair City as Fiona wants to get with Paul Eamonn takes dig at This Morning Phil feud as Loose Women hosts have ‘fight’ Exclusive Emily Atack and Jack Fincham caught ‘snogging’ at NTAs days after his baby news Exclusive Fr Ray reckons he’s got rite stuff for DWTS but some massgoers incensed

“I’ll be devastated because I have been training for six weeks for this. But if I feel the leg is going to go again, I will talk to the producers and say this isn’t going to survive.”

However, it seems that he will be taking part in tonight’s show and he and his partner Karen Byrne are doing the samba to It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones.

We will have all the latest gossip from tonight’s show right here.

  • That’s it for another week.

    Yewande is the first celebrity to be voted off the show by the public.

    Keep an eye out on The Irish Sun for all the latest Dancing With The Stars gossip.

  • Fans of the show were not happy that Yewande was voted off the show.

    So Michael and Fr Ray stay and Yewande goes. Are you for real Irish people??? I’m embarrassed for your Ma’s for having you. #DWTSIRL

    — Melanie Gibney (@Melanie_Gibney) January 19, 2020

    (Shame on ye who voted for the Priest over someone who actually had potential) #DWTSIRL

    — Certus (@WriterofQueen) January 19, 2020

    Yewande definetly should not be going home, it’s scandalous! Father Ray Kelly didn’t get one dance move right and his first to be saved! Honestly so stupid!!! 😂😂@DWTSIRL #DWTSIRL

    — Carole Hogan (@CaroleHogan13) January 19, 2020

  • Yewande and Stephen have been voted out tonight.

    Mary and Brian have been saved for another week.

    Yewande seemed to be very disappointed that she was voted out.

  • We are down to our three final couples.

    Mary and John, Yewande and Stephen and Brain and Laura are all in the bottom three.

  • The first couple saved is Fr Ray and Kylee.

    The second couple is Lottie and Pasquale.

    Aidan and Emily are also safe tonight.

    Ryan and Guilia are also safe this week.

    Glenda and Robert have also been saved by the audience.

    Sinead and Ryan have also managed to stay in for next week.

    Michael and Karen are also saved for next week.

    Grainne and Kai have also been saved this week.

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Sean Spicer is out — again.

The former White House press secretary was voted off from “Dancing With the Stars,” after about a month and a half of performing on the show.

“To everyone who has voted & supported me over the past 9 weeks on @DancingABC thank u from the bottom of my heart. I made it to the quarterfinals bc of your votes. I had a blast,” the former Trump aide tweeted after he was sent home Monday night. He also thanked his family, his professional dance partners Lindsay Arnold and Jenna Johnson.

Spicer’s last dances on the show were an Argentine tango to Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” and a foxtrot to “Story of My Life” by One Direction. Spicer and Johnson earned a 26 out of 40 score.

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Sean Spicer busts the moves to ‘Come Sail Away’

Nov. 5, 201901:33

His average scores in past weeks have been relatively low, frustrating judges who have limited say in who stays and who goes due to an audience voting system.

Before Monday, Spicer’s team was never in the bottom two. But when he didn’t receive enough votes to keep him out, the judges seized and sent him packing.

Donald Trump Jr. and others on the right had encouraged viewers to vote for Spicer. “Guys get this going again for Spicy. The meltdown the Hollywood types keep having when he wins with your votes is soooo worth the time. Get on it!!!” Trump tweeted last week.

Team Trump: time to agitate the Hollywood leftist elites yet again!!!
Let’s get @seanspicer to the semifinals!
Send 20 votes tonight between 8-10pm. Text SEAN 10 times to 21523 and vote 10 times at

— Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) November 12, 2019

President Donald Trump had also been rooting for Spicer. He tried to urge his supporters to vote for Spicer Monday in a now-deleted tweet that was replaced with one that said: “A great try by @seanspicer. We are all proud of you!”

“Thank you @POTUS @realDonaldTrump I can’t begin to express how much your continued support has meant, especially during my time on @DancingABC,” Spicer replied.

His six-month stint in the Trump administration was tumultuous, and his relationship with the press was fraught. He resigned in July 2017.

His casting on the 28th season of “DWTS” was met with a good deal of backlash, including from one of the show’s longtime hosts, Tom Bergeron.

And his first appearance, which included a ruffled neon green shirt and bongos, became the inspiration for dozens of mocking memes and gifs, though Spicer seemed to be in on the joke.

Country singer Lauren Alaina, singer Ally Brooke, “Bachelorette” contestant Hannah Brown, comedian Kel Mitchell, and actor James Van Der Beek will move on to the semifinals next week.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: The pain begins as first star is dramatically sent home

Spoiler alert: This story contains the results from Monday’s emotionally turbulent second week of “Dancing With the Stars.” Sit down with loved ones and watch the episode before reading.

It’s only week two of “Dancing With the Stars” Season 28, and yet the bitter pain of loss has already begun beneath the disco mirror ball.

Monday night’s program, which fell on contestant and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s 48th birthday, started the elimination process with one celebrity couple packing up and going home.

With remarkable dance drama in the early stages, there were tears, booing of judges and a conservative country star had a planned wardrobe malfunction involving her skirt.

Read on to get the dancing dirt on all the couples and find out which is the first (of 11) dearly departed before a new “DWTS” champion is crowned.

Last week’s drama: Controversial Sean Spicer dazzles with outfit, if not with dance

Get to know your stars: Here are all the celebs competing

Actor James Van Der Beek and pro Emma Slater

Last week’s breakout dance sensation, “Dawson’s Creek” alum Van Der Beek, continued to impress with an impressive Cha-cha-cha amid a flurry of dance floor balloons. There was even too much flourish for perpetually cranky judge Len Goodman who objected to, among other things, a slick Van Der Beek slide move.

“It was another solid performance, just cut out the gimmicks, give me dancing,” said Goodman.

Judge Bruno Tonioli called it a “Broadway” performance but also pressed Van Der Beek on a missed step, which the actor admitted was an attempt to avoid tripping over a fog machine (or as he called it “a fog-in-ator”). Ah, dancing problems!

Final score: 20/30

Sailor Brinkley-Cook and pro Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Model Brinkley-Cook continued to fill in for her injured supermodel mother Christie Brinkley, who cheered on with her apparently injured arm from the audience.

The judges admired Brinkley-Cook’s body-clutching rumba and for stepping in on short notice. But judge Bruno Tonioli gave “tough love” saying she was hitting the moves but “had to link and feel” the “grown-up dance.”

Commentator Erin Andrews pointed out that part of the difficulty might be that Brinkley-Cook’s boyfriend was watching the romantic dance with heart-throb Chmerkovskiy (who is morally opposed to shirt buttons over his abs).

“You’re still making your Mom very proud, but what you’re lacking is consistency,” she said.

Final score: 18/30

Retired NFL star Ray Lewis and pro Cheryl Burke

The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker had his dancing face on during a passionate Foxtrot that had the judges impressed after a weaker dance in the previous week. There were foot mistakes, but the judges said they saw improvement and energy.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba loved the dance despite “tons of mistakes.”

“Whatever happens, you always light up the room,” Tonioli added. “You sold it. Next time, if you come back, make sure you don’t make so many mistakes.”

Lewis added, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. It’s what the journey is about.”

Final score: 15/30

Singer Ally Brooke and pro Sasha Farber

Brooke went to the emotional place usually reserved for later weeks, talking about how Internet trolls have always insisted she couldn’t dance. “I’m not going to let that stop me,” she declared tearfully, before going into a Viennese Waltz with Farber.

The final result had Inaba jumping joyfully away from the judges’ desk and giving Brooke a hug.

Final score 20/30

Comedian/actor Kel Mitchell and pro Witney Carson

Mitchell tearfully pointed out in the pre-dance video package that his father had undergone brain surgery, adding to the drama of his energetic samba.

“You are so smooth. I can tell the music feels good on you,” said Inaba. “I really see improvement. There was more sophistication this week.”

Mitchell announced that his father was safely out of the hospital, recovering and watching.

“I did this for my Dad. I love you Dad,” he said with emotion into the camera.

Final score 20/30

Founding Supreme Mary Wilson and pro Brandon Armstrong

The Supreme Wilson, the oldest dancer at 75, wowed with her showmanship during her Cha-Cha-Cha to Aretha Franklin’s “Think,” which had mistakes. But Goodman pointed out that the missteps were disguised with her polished, unflappable stage presence.

“You’re full of freedom. But, Mary it’s a a joy to see you out there,” said Goodman.

Total score: 15/30

Country singer Lauren Alaina and pro Gleb Savchenko

Alaina admitted she might have shocked her Alabama parents with her dangerous paso doble that featured Savchenko whipping off her skirt mid-dance to reveal a sheer jumpsuit.

“You seem so conservative, but not today,” said Inaba.

“I never really expected a man rip my skirt off on TV. My dad in Alabama is very surprised right now,” said the laughing Alaina afterwards. “I love you Dad.”

Tonioli said the dance was “nasty, and I loved it, my darling. Nasty is good.”

Total score: 19/30

Sean Spicer and pro Lindsay Arnold

Birthday-boy Spicer was less flamboyantly dressed from the past week’s insane neon outfit, but is continuing to old-school campaign for votes with buttons and signs (“Let’s stand up for people who can’t dance!” he proclaimed).

This is one campaign pledge Spicer is keeping. But his methodical, foot-heavy tango paired with a skeleton-esque fixed grin left the judges slightly more impressed over last week.

“I can see the effort,” said Tonioli.”It was a little militaristic. But a tango nevertheless.”

Final score: 16/30

‘Queer Eye’ culture expert Karamo and pro Jenna Johnson

Karamo drafted his former ballroom dancer mother-in-law to help him train and the results paid off in an energetic Quick Step dance to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.”

“Everyone is going crazy for Karamo,” said Tonioli. “You have such panache, such flair.” But Goodman, already an oddly fierce critic, continued to be clearly unimpressed for the second week in a row. “I wasn’t over-struck,” he grumbled, before giving a low, completely unwarranted 5 score. The boos rolled in, and Karamo’s mother-in-law has jokingly threatened a little argy-bargy for the British Goodman, who has it coming.

Total score: 19/30

‘The Office’ star Kate Flannery and pro Pasha Pashkov

As the entire dance floor (and judges) donned space alien glasses, Flannery impressed with a Foxtrot to her favorite song, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” Inaba called the dance and technique “amazing.”

“Houston to Kate, we have lift-off,” said Tonioli, who praised the star’s improvement. “We have entered the correct orbit. Mission Foxtrot Accomplished.”

Final score: 21/30

Former NBA star Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd

The 6-foot-10 former Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat star bounced up from a dismal performance the past week (with the lowest score in the field), and showed some improvement with his salsa dance. But he remained dangerously low on the board with low judge scores.

“It’s difficult. You’re a very tall guy,” said Goodman. “You seem a little more confident. You have a ways to go. But you’re on the right track.”

Final score: 12/30

‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown and pro Alan Bersten

After kicking off the season in style with the first dance last week, Brown managed to get even better with her second week dance — a romantic Viennese Waltz in a flowing blue gown. The flower petal “American Beauty” finale had “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison hooting and applauding in the audience.

Inaba said she was “whisked off into another world” watching the dance and even suggested that Brown might have been holding back last week. The reality show star earnestly insisted that she had just been nervous going first before.

Goodman proclaimed, “Everything is just an opinion, but that was the best dance of the night.”

Final score: 24/30

So what happened in the end?

The judges’ scores (from the past two weeks) were combined with votes from the fans. There was a loud gasp in the ballroom when Odom was the first star announced to be “safe.” Even Odom was visibly open-mouthed surprised to make the first cut.

The rest of the “safe” dance couples were then called out and exited the dance floor, leaving only the bottom two couples — Ray Lewis-Cheryl Burke along with Mary Wilson-Brandon Armstrong.

With a new rule change this season, the final decision was left to the judges —with Tonioli and Inaba splitting their votes. The final call was left to the clearly pained Goodman, who voted with “my head, over my heart.”

Goodman chose the Lewis-Burke team based on their potential to progress in the competition, sending home the show’s first victim — singing legend Wilson.

The Supreme never stopped smiling.

Instagram/DancingABC Pictured: DWTS Co-Hosts Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron

Tonight was the semifinals on Dancing With the Stars 2019. And, each contestant performs two routines, one of which is a “redemption” dance.

For season 28 of DWTS, there is live voting throughout the course of the show, with the bottom two contestants revealed at the end of the episode. Then, the judges get to cast their own votes to choose just one of the bottom two contestants to stay in the competition. Read on below for the spoilers on the show tonight, along with a live recap of tonight’s scores and the performances.

And, for those who just want to skip right to the spoilers on who was eliminated tonight, scroll down to the bottom of this post, as the results are revealed live.

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Tonight’s #DWTS #Semifinals are going to rock! Comment 🎸 if you’re watching at 8|7c on ABC!

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The semifinals started out with the celebrity introductions and the redemption round was the first up for the night. Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko were the first pair to perform and they were joined by head judge Len Goodman. Goodman let them know that they were being given a Paso Doble for their comeback dance. The two carried out a fun, yet sexy performance and Goodman said the routine “had a lovely mix of expression and aggression”. Carrie Ann Inaba said that Alaina was “commanding” on the dance floor. For their scores on this dance, the two earned a 27 out of 30.

Kel Mitchell was next up, dancing with partner Witney Carson, and last week they got a perfect score. So, the pressure was on. For their redemption dance, Bruno Tonioli assisted them with a Tango. Tonioli said Mitchell has been inspiring to watch because he’s worked so hard and has improved so much in the competition. After the performance, Tonioli said he was so proud of Mitchell. Carson and Mitchell also got a score of 27 out of 30 for their first performance tonight.

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Hyped! Comment 🌹 if you loved #TeamDanceWitKel’s redemption Tango. #DWTS

A post shared by Dancing with the Stars (@dancingabc) on Nov 18, 2019 at 5:25pm PST

Ally Brooke was the next contestant to perform. She and her pro partner Sasha Farber were joined by Len Goodman, who let them know they would be dancing the Viennese Waltz. He previously felt their waltz was lacking in many ways. Brooke said she hopes viewers can see her growth from the start of the season to today. Brooke gushed over Farber after their performance and said that she is very grateful for Farber. Tonight, they received a 29 out of 30 for their redemption routine.

Hannah Brown was given Carrie Ann Inaba for her redemption coach with partner Alan Bersten and Brown told the cameras that Inaba has not been “a source of confidence” for her this season. Brown started to shut down and said she has felt attacked by Inaba. Both Brown and Inaba became emotional. For Brown’s redemption dance, she performed a Rumba, and after her performance, Brown apologized to Inaba for her emotions and reaction to Inaba’s criticisms. The two then shared a hug. Ultimately, Brown and Bersten ended up with a score of 27 out of 30 for their performance.

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Holy RUMBA! 😳😍 #TeamAlanbamaHannah #DWTS #Semifinals

A post shared by Dancing with the Stars (@dancingabc) on Nov 18, 2019 at 5:46pm PST

James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater were the last to perform their redemption dance and Goodman was helping them. Goodman started by congratulating Van Der Beek on his dancing. For his redemption dance, Van Der Beek was taking on the Cha Cha, which earned him his lowest scores of the season. Van Der Beek flawlessly carried out the disco-themed routine. Even though the dancing was great, Goodman said he would have rather seen more Cha Cha in the routine. Tonioli said he liked the routine but saw Van Der Beek off-time a few times. Inaba said the performance was very entertaining but that Van Der Beek’s posture was “broken”. The two ended up with a 24 out of 30 for their performance.

For their second dance, Lauren Alaina performed to the song “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw. Alaina said she wants to dedicate the dance to her parents for always believing in her. Carrie Ann Inaba said that Alaina has really grown up in this competition. A 27 out of 30 was Alaina’s score for her performance.

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Humble & kind. Two perfect words to describe how we feel about #TeamTonkyHonk. 😭💖 Beautiful Viennese Waltz! #DWTS #Semifinals

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Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson performed a Contemporary dance to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. Mitchell said the song has always meant something to him and then he opened up about gun violence. He then revealed his friend Sam was murdered when he was just 16 years old. Mitchell said that instead of guns, “choose love”. The routine was emotional and powerful. Tonioli called the performance “pure art”. The two received a perfect score for this routine.

Brooke and Farber were taking on a routine where they could incorporate a lot of “tricks”. Brooke said that before being on the show, she was made fun of for her dancing. She also said that she has been worried about being eliminated after being in the bottom two twice on the show. For the duo’s second performance, they danced the Charleston. The judges gushed over the routine and gave them a perfect score, bringing their total to a 59 out of 60 for the semifinals.

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HATS OFF to #TeamTimeToShine! 😱 What did you think of their energetic Charleston? #DWTS #Semifinals

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Before Van Der Beek’s final performance of the night, he revealed that he and his family suffered a great loss this week. He and his wife lost their baby. Their pregnancy was revealed on the show this season, even taking fans inside an ultrasound appointment. For Van Der Beek’s performance, he danced to Hozier and dedicated the performance to his wife, who is still in the hospital.

The routine was very emotional and Tonioli said that Van Der Beek “put so much heart” into the performance. Inaba was very emotional but managed to make light of the situation and make Van Der Beek laugh. One of Van Der Beek’s children was in the audience and was crying, so he picked her up and included her in receiving his scores. Van Der Beek held his crying daughter and gave a romantic shout out to his wife. For his scores tonight, Van Der Beek got a 27 out of 30, with a 51 out of 60 for his total scores.

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“When there are no words, you dance.” Our hearts are entirely with @vanderjames and his family during this tragic time. Your strength continues to inspire us. ❤️ #DWTS #Semifinals

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Hannah Brown’s performance with Bersten was a Contemporary routine and she opened up about the demise of her relationship of Bachelorette winner Jed Wyatt. Brown broke down crying. After the performance, Tonioli was the first to comment and he said that he liked the dynamic of the lifts and drops in the dance. Goodman said that normally he isn’t fond of Contemporary dances, but that he enjoyed the performance. The two earned a 27 out of 30 for this dance, totaling a 54 out of 60.

Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson were the first couple to be announced as moving on to the finale, followed by Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten. And, the last couple announced as definitely competing in the finale were Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko.

This left James Van Der Beek and Ally Brooke’s fates up to the judges. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba became emotional when picking Brooke to move forward. She apologized to Van Der Beek for her choice. Tonioli and Goodman both agreed with Inaba and Van Der Beek was sent home.

Van Der Beek’s partner Emma Slater was in tears, but it was Brooke who sobbed and asked if she could give her spot to Van Der Beek. The other contestants all showed their upset and shock over the elimination, as Van Der Beek was the front-runner this season. Just one night of unfavorable scores can take a contestant out of the mix.

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Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars can essentially be divided into two halves: The Sean Spicer era and the post-Spicer era. And with all due respect to the former White House press secretary, the post-Spicer era is a heckuva lot more enjoyable.

There was never any doubt that Sean was trying his best, and he gamely smiled through all of the judges’ harsh critiques each week. But as Monday’s semifinals got underway, it was refreshing to see all of the remaining couples genuinely crush it, which is exactly what should happen when we’re seven days away from handing someone the Mirrorball.

That said, not all semifinals performances were created equal on Monday — and the elimination at the end of the episode was easily the season’s most emotional. Let’s recap what happened during the broadcast:

Lauren Alaina and pro Gleb Savchenko
Lauren and Gleb kicked things off with a paso doble redemption dance, which showcased Lauren’s physical strength and command of choreography. I still think she needs to work on losing herself in her dances; Lauren always seems incredibly aware that she’s performing a routine, and you can practically see her sketching out the dance in her head as she does it. Fortunately, the couple’s Viennese waltz gave her a chance to slow down and elongate her movements — and since she had such a personal connection to the dance, she seemed so much more at ease, and that made all the difference. Judges’ Scores: 27/30 and 27/30

Kel Mitchell and pro Witney Carson
First up was a tango redemption dance for Kel and Witney, which was certainly an improvement on the first time they danced that style, but was ultimately not particularly memorable. (The thing I actually remember most is Kel’s bizarrely blank expression for the first two-thirds of the dance, which was not quite as intense as he may have intended.) But their contemporary, which honored victims of gun violence (including a friend of Kel’s), was simply gorgeous. The routine included a number of difficult lifts and tricks, including a pose near the end of the number that had to be so carefully grounded, lest Kel or Witney lose their balance and topple over. But Kel handled all of it with strength and elegance, even while overcome with emotion. Judges’ Scores: 27/30 and 30/30

Ally Brooke and pro Sasha Farber
Real talk, Dancing fans: When it comes to Ally and Sasha, I’m just not seeing what the judges are seeing. Their Viennese waltz was plenty lovely and emotional… but I sincerely cringed through parts of their Charleston, and I was shocked that none of the judges had even a small critique. Ally briefly blanked on some arm movements toward the start of the dance (leaving her out of sync with Sasha for a beat), and the rest of the routine was peppered with moments where she was a hair behind her partner, or simply not bringing as much energy to the dance as he was. The choreography here was certainly challenging, and Ally did a solid job — but I’m not convinced they deserved 10s across the board. Judges’ Scores: 29/30 and 30/30

James Van Der Beek and pro Emma Slater
James and Emma first showcased a cha-cha redemption dance, which oddly featured some of the exact gimmicks that Len Goodman didn’t enjoy the first time around. (I do, however, think it was a little late in the season for Carrie Ann Inaba to suddenly call out James’ “broken” posture. You’ve had weeks to do that, woman!) But somehow, James pulled off a stunning foxtrot later in the episode, even though his wife had suffered a miscarriage just days ago. With all of that emotion fueling his performance, James’ foxtrot was intense, but incredibly gentle all the same. As for the moment where he carried his weeping daughter to the Star Lounge after the dance? It. Broke. Me. Judges’ Scores: 24/30 and 27/30 (…the latter of which seems a little insane, given the circumstances)

Hannah Brown and pro Alan Bersten
First, Hannah and Alan performed a rumba redemption dance, which featured much stronger hip action than the first time they performed that style. (And, thankfully, “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips was not the soundtrack this time around.) But their contemporary was even more impressive; Hannah pulled off some beautiful lifts and highly ambitious dips in this routine, and I was glad to see some sadness and anger etched on her face as she communicated the heartbreak of her Bachelorette season. (Boo, Jed!) Judges’ Scores: 27/30 and 27/30

And now, the results:

Kel Mitchell and pro Witney Carson
Hannah Brown and pro Alan Bersten
Lauren Alaina and pro Gleb Savchenko

Ally Brooke and pro Sasha Farber
James Van Der Beek and pro Emma Slater

James Van Der Beek and pro Emma Slater (despite a sobbing Ally attempting to give the finale spot to James, which was brutally sad to watch)

Your turn! How do you feel about James and Emma’s elimination? And who are you hoping wins the Mirrorball next week? Drop a comment below!

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 28 Winner Revealed (SPOILERS)

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the Season 28 finale of “Dancing With The Stars” on ABC. The winner is revealed in this post.

Another season, another mirror ball trophy.

The winner of the 28th season of “Dancing with the Stars” was revealed Monday night during ’s finale of the celebrity dance competition show.

“The Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown waltzed away as the winner, spinning off the dance floor with her partner Alan Bersten and the mirror ball trophy.


Before Brown was declared the winner, the other final couples heading into the finale were country music singer Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko; actor and Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson; and Fifth Harmony pop star Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber.

Alaina and Savchenko ended up in fourth place, Brooke and Farber in third place and Mitchell and Carson in second place.

The finale episode started with a mega dance routine to “Last Dance,” which featured the four finalists dazzled in gold costumes. The night then headed into each couple performing a repeat dance, kicking off with Brooke and Farber receiving a perfect score with three 10’s from the judges. Alaina and Savchenko scored a 9, 9, 9; Mitchell and Carson received three 10’s; and Brown and Bersten received a 10, 9, 9. Each couple then performed a freestyle dance with Brooke and Farber receiving another perfect score; Alaina and Savchenko and Brown and Bersten also received perfect scores; and Mitchell and Carson received 10, 9 and 10.

Cher, Pitbull and Ne-Yo (pictured) performed during the finale. In a moment of network cross-promotion, “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie revealing that former “Idol” contestant Layla Spring will get another chance to compete in the new season, which premieres Feb. 16 on ABC.

This season of “Dancing with the Stars” started off with one of the most impressive casts in years — and one of the most controversial cast members of all time with Sean Spicer, who was voted off during Week 9. Spicer’s casting prompted much media backlash with Variety‘s TV critic criticizing the show for a rating’s grab. Spicer’s elimination earlier this month prompted a tweet from President Donald Trump, who wrote, “A great try by @seanspicer. We are all proud of you!”

The full cast included Spicer, Brown, Brooke, Mitchell, Alaina, plus “Dawson’s Creek” actor James Van Der Beek, former Laker Lamar Odom, “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown, former Supreme Mary Wilson, “The Office” actress Kate Flannery and former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Supermodel Christie Brinkley was originally part of the cast, but after suffering an injury, she never made it to the competition and was replaced by her daughter, model Sailor Brinkley-Cook.

“Dancing with the Stars” is hosted by Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. The judges are Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.

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