ABC Makes More Changes to its ‘GMA’ Extension

ABC’s not-so-new hour of “Good Morning America” is getting another name – and a third host.

The network said the early-afternoon program called “Strahan & Sara” would now be titled “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke,” and feature a third host, Keke Palmer, in addition to the original team of Michael Strahan and Sara Haines. The program, initially conceived as a means of extending the network’s flagship “” into other time periods, and bringing affiliates and advertisers along for the ride, has been through several changes since its launch in September of last year.

Palmer, a singer and actress known for her time on Fox’s “Scream Queens,” has been filling in for Haines while she was on maternity leave. ““It’s been a blast having Keke co-host this summer. She brings a unique and spontaneous energy viewers love,” said Rory Albanese, the program’s executive producer, in a statement. ” She’s a multi-talented artist, and I’m thrilled to have her join Michael and Sara every day.”

The Disney-owned network had bet that the program, during which Strahan and Haines talk over some of the day’s lighter news and interview celebrities, would generate new money for the larger “GMA” franchise. “GMA” won approximately $359.1 million in ad dollars for ABC in 2017, according to Kantar, a tracker of ad spending. That figure is significantly lower than what NBC gets from the first two hours of rival “Today,” which have in the past nabbed more than $500 million in a year. One way to wring more revenue out of “GMA” is to broaden its presence, giving advertisers more of the property to sponsor.

A third hour of “GMA” is an easier prospect to pitch to Madison Avenue than a brand-new series. Indeed, ABC canceled “The Chew,” an early-afternoon hour focused on cooking, in favor of a show tied more directly to its morning mainstay.

Welcome back, Sara!

have so we thought we would facetime her and you guys could chat with her a little bit. I actually put on a little makeup and showered this morning just for you. Hi, Sara. Wait a minute, wait a minute. How is it that Sara looks that good after just having a baby? That’s a little bit ridiculous. Spectacular. Look at that. That’s crazy. Sara, we miss you so much. I mean, it’s like, I don’t even know what to do with myself at this point. I miss my Virgo twin. Well, so, you know what, I’m thinking about coming back — right now! Sara! First of all, I — As you can see, we’re all onto this gag that you pulled. All: Sara, Sara, Sara. Tom started that. Doesn’t matter. No, we’re so happy to see you. We’re so happy you’re back. You got baby Caleb. What is this like now? You got a bunch of little ones now. First of all, I am so, so, so excited to be back. Yes. Because you’re a Virgo and we need a routine. We like a routine. We got to have balance. Exactly. We’ve done this three times and even though the babies change, mama doesn’t. I know that I’m better when I get a little structure back in part of my day. Seriously. I get adult conversation. I see friends. You almost get a little vacation at work. This is all vacation, Michael. Absolutely. That’s what this smile is right now. I got away from the couch for a limited amount of time. No, but I’m very lucky to also have a job which you guys know in this business — and bosses that said stay home, do what you need to do and I’m like, please let me come back because I know I’m my best self when I have just a little bit of the day that I can find Sara again, not mama, just Sara. Yes. It’s true. And then I — the lucky part is I can race out of here right when I’m done to go feed the baby. That’s number one duty, and just be with the babies the rest of the day, so I feel very — again, lucky is the best word for it to have a little bit of both at the same time and that’s when I’m best which is best for the kids and my husband. Yeah. So I’m super excited to be back. I think we actually have a funny photo of your husband while you’re doing everything that’s going on at home and he’s He doesn’t seem to be keeping it together so well. Right, right. Are you talking about my — no, wait, so this is how he looked at the beginning of the night and he would — Wait, look at the sock. Look at his sock. Wait, so I send pictures. I’m texting with — I mean, Sara — He’s going to kill me for that. Can the guy get a pair of socks. I’m texting my siblings in three time Zones and my husband falls asleep. Okay, we had to give a little gift to him. You know what I’m saying. Max, this is your push present for not pushing. No, no, we got a push present for you. That’s just part of the — A push present? I never get push presents. You got a push present. My husband said the baby was my present. A couple things. Like, one, I went into Strahan’s room and I was just doing a little decorating in there. Watch out. He’s very careful about who comes in there. I know but I’m not afraid of him really. I know, I know. He’s not that big. He looks bigger on television. It adds like 50 pounds. It adds like 100 pounds and seven inches. But, so, I was putting some Cleveland browns posters up to make him feel at home when he came back. Just doing the friendly thing. And we found this and we thought this was perfect. It’s his super bowl ring and we thought this was perfect for you. He won’t care. He won’t care. So you won a super bowl. Michael, I should say, thank you, Michael and, thank you, Michael. We also have a video message from Michael that we’re going to show you too. Oh now I feel bad. Don’t cry. Hello, everybody. First off I got to say this is really a phone call. I’m not hanging out backstage, just so you know. But I wanted to reach out and say, Sara, welcome back, you beautiful mom you. Congratulations on beautiful baby Caleb. And congratulations to you, max, Alec, Sandra. Love you guys. So happy for you. Welcome back to the job, girl. And I promise on Monday I will be there to give you a hug in person. I just wanted to welcome you back. And I promise I’ll be shaved and haircut. I won’t look like this. See you on Monday. Michael — You can tell he doesn’t know I’m wearing his ring yet. No, he doesn’t. Why was he trying to throw that sexy voice. Michael’s like, I just want to welcome you. He gave you the Barry white welcome back. He actually sounds like Mike Tyson. That is all TV voice, just so you know ahead of time. Now, what is the significance of your baby boy’s name? Oh, okay, so that is Caleb and that is me looking magnificent. You do look magnificent. His middle name is the meaningful name. It’s Joseph. He was named after my grandfather who my brother was named after. So it was a duel name after — my brother is the closest person to me. He’s 14 months younger. My mom kept saying we knew you were going to name him after your brother. As Alec says, this is Caleb, uncle Joe shiffrin. Oh, my gosh. Alec and Sandra are good with the new brother? That’s a great question. So they both want to kiss and touch him and we’re still — he’s little so we try to tell them to touch the feet and not kiss up on him. Sandra has a very hard touch and she doesn’t know that yet. I was heavy handed as a kid too. Yeah, so like she’ll come up and she’s like, baby! And you’re like, oh, my gosh. I wonder where she got that from. Not me. I’m heavy handed for sure. I am for sure. I’m like punky Bruster and friends. I just punch everyone. No, but she thinks she’s being lovely and you’re like, closer to the feet, closer to the feet. But the hardest part has been we had to transition them to the same room so we watch them on the monitor and Sandra goes to bed earlier than Alec and she’s dead asleep and all you hear is Alec from the crib is like, be quiet, Sandra, go to bed. I’m like, she’s not saying anything. She’s asleep. Go to bed. That has been a nightmare but max is on that duty because I’m feeding the baby. Oh, my god, look how cute. I got to tell you, you have three truly little ones. Three kids under three and a half. You are a warrior. They’re all close together. They get to grow up close together. That’s exactly what we meant to do, keke. Keke, I think the problem was we were so close together. So close together, and then the babies came. But you look great. Thank you. Thank you. Sara, I’ve had fun since you’ve been gone but I’ve missed you so much. I’m so happy that you’re here. I missed you too. You held the fort down, girl. I tried to hold it down for the people. I had to, I had to. We have fun stuff going on, tattoos. I hear you have a lot of tattoos too. I have a good amount of tattoos. Is that a chef thing? You know what, I haven’t gotten a new tattoo is probably 20 years. I kind of ran out of real estate and then all these chefs started getting tattoos. You have your head whole to tattoo. That’s when Liz says good-bye. Liz is like, yeah, you were cute. Is Liz a tattoo person? She doesn’t mind. When I met her I had a bunch of tattoos. Sara, we’re so excited to have you back. Thank you. Welcome back, Sara! (Pirate girl) Ahoy!!!!!

Keke Palmer, an actress best known for her turn on Scream Queens, is closing in on a deal to join Michael Strahan and Sara Haines on ABC’s talk-show spinoff of Good Morning America, according to a source close to the show.

Palmer has demonstrated chemistry in multiple appearances with the two current hosts of Strahan and Sara. Bringing the 25-year-old aboard could widen the appeal of the show and potentially catch the interest of younger viewers.

The show started out as GMA Day, a replacement in 2018 for The Chew after that food-accented show left the airwaves due to the multiple sexual misconduct allegations against co-host Mario Batali.

The New York Post‘s Page Six, which had the first report of Palmer’s advanced discussions, noted she filled in for Haines during her maternity leave.

“She’s got tons of energy, she’s fun and super spontaneous,” the show source tells Deadline. “You can see everyone is having a blast.” Palmer’s interview with Bella Thorne, in which Thorne described her complicated relationship with her mother, made news earlier this week.

In addition to Scream Queens, Palmer starred in Akeelah and the Bee and Grease Live! She is appearing in the film Hustlers this fall, alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Constance Wu, and her new single is set for release August 2.

‘The View’ in Talks to Add ‘GMA Weekend’ Anchor Sara Haines (EXCLUSIVE)

“GMA Weekend” lifestyle anchor Sara Haines is in talks to take over as a co-host on the “The View,” Variety has learned.

The daytime talk show, which has been rocked by a series of staff shakeups since Barbara Walters retired in 2013, kicks off its 20th season the fall. Haines is a familiar presence at the Hot Topics table, having served as a guest host more than 30 times over the last two years. She’d be occupying the seat vacated by comedian Michelle Collins, who is exiting “The View” after just one year.

“We’re lucky to have terrific and talented guest co-hosts fill in at the table and we include Sara Haines on that list,” said an ABC spokesperson. “When we are ready to make to make an announcement about next season, we will.”

Sources inside ABC say that executives are high on Haines, 38, for her ability to tackle both hard and softs news stories, as well as her interviewing skills. Over the last six months, “The View” had been using Haines more frequently with the correspondent talking about her first pregnancy. In May, while still on her maternity leave, Haines stopped by for “The View’s” Mother’s Day episode to share stories about the birth of her son Alec. That followed a full-hour baby shower on “The View” in February for Haines, with an audience packed with pregnant women and surprise visits from her parents and husband.

Haines arrived at ABC News in 2013, after a nearly a decade at “Today,” where she served as a contributing correspondent for the fourth-hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Haines’ addition to “The View” would make her the second cast member to join from “Good Morning America” (after Paula Faris). Two years ago, when Disney/ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood switched the oversight of “The View” from daytime to the news division, it fueled speculation that the network was considering turning “The View” into a third-hour of “Good Morning America.” But ABC strongly denied such a plan was in place, and “The View” has remained a separate brand.

The rest of the panel for season 20 will likely include moderator Whoopi Goldberg (who is in talks to re-sign her contract), Joy Behar and Faris. The network is still figuring out if Raven Symone or Candace Cameron-Bure will be back as full-time co-hosts, according to two sources with knowledge of the discussions.

OH OH DOMINO Our family outing is always in the morning. We’ll get dressed, put the kids in their double decker stroller and venture out. Pushing the stroller is a serious workout, and since we don’t get to the gym on Sundays, we count it as exercise. Domino Park, on the East River, is always on our agenda. It’s beautiful. They have lots of climbing equipment and great water views. It’s hard to get Alec to leave.

CRAVINGS After the park, we’ll take a nice walk through the neighborhood so Max and I can get more steps in. We eventually end up at the Whole Foods and pick up groceries that we need for the rest of that day. Lately, we go because I’ve had pregnancy cravings. That means plantain chips or cookies and cream ice-cream.

LEFTOVERS We’re home by noon in time for lunch. This is the meal when we use up whatever food is left in the fridge. All of us follow a paleo diet as much as possible. We want to eat unprocessed foods, but we’re also dairy friendly. We have ground beef or ground turkey mixed with onions, this really great cauliflower casserole that we make during the week and various kinds of vegetables, including yams and broccoli. Max and I graze and make little plates for the kids.

Kathie Lee and Hoda said a bittersweet goodbye Friday morning to their “ray of light,” TODAY contributing correspondent Sara Haines.

“Someone once told me, ‘Sometimes you have to leave home to grow up,’” Sara told Kathie Lee and Hoda through tears. “It’s time for me to grow up.”

In her time at TODAY, Sara has flown through the air via jetpack, slogged through mud and obstacle courses, played firefighter for a day, and reported on more (much, much more) since she started on air in 2009; she joined the show as a production coordinator in 2002.

Kathie Lee and Hoda send Sara Haines off with a toast Friday morning.Today

With cake and champagne to celebrate, Kathie Lee and Hoda gushed over their protégé. She’s a “ray of light, a burst of sunshine, a little sister,” they said. “Our little sister is growing up.”

An emotional Sara thanked the ladies for their support over the years. “I couldn’t have better teachers,” she said. “And I couldn’t be a bigger fan.”

Best of luck to you, Sara, from all of us at TODAY.

Hoda hugs Sara on her last day.Today Kathie Lee wishes Sara good luck on her next adventure.Today

Sara Haines spent four years as a sunny presence on the fourth hour of the Today show, helping Americans wake up alongside Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Now she’s a correspondent for ABC News, still in the a.m. slot with Good Morning America. She talked to about how she first got on TV, why media now is more exciting than ever, and her ultimate dream job.

I grew up in Newton, Iowa. No, not the cool “Newton” of Massachusetts. I feel the need to clarify that because I spent my four years at Smith College, which is in Massachusetts, explaining all of my high school sweatshirts to people who lit up in recognition of that wicked awesome place called Newton. It took me a good year to stop reacting so excitedly by the fact that they all knew where I was from … because they didn’t.

Whenever I was asked what I wanted to be growing up, I would say a marine biologist — at least that was my answer in high school. Eventually that response evolved into practicing international law, which I’m pretty sure was born from what everyone else was saying around me at Smith. It seemed like a good choice for a government major. I loved my major and my liberal arts course load, but I had a dirty little secret: I really daydreamed about being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. OK, it wasn’t so dirty.

I was always an athlete growing up, which meant I couldn’t be a theater kid too. So as I balanced a multi-sport lifestyle in high school, I colored it with performance by playing in the marching band, dancing in show choir, and always teaming up with friends in comedy sketches when the talent shows rolled around each year. I continued my athletic pursuits at Smith, playing volleyball throughout, and I even tried adding basketball during my sophomore year, which had me stretched way too thin, so I dropped it after that.

Whether it was on a court or onstage, I loved performing, so I decided that after graduation, I was going to give myself a shot and head to New York City to try my hand at comedic acting. Now, I knew nothing about the business. I hadn’t studied it, and I didn’t have any experience with internships, so I was starting from the ground floor. I cast the net far and wide to find any job within the industry where I could take a crash course in the biz by day that would afford me my acting classes by night.

And then I found it, the job I had been hoping for, which was actually even better than I could have imagined — the NBC Page Program. It’s a yearlong position that is a combination of studio tours and assignments in different departments and at different shows throughout the company. Although the meager wages of $10 an hour and no benefits — at least at the time — had my mom in a tailspin, with a tight budget, I was able to make rent and save up for classes.

Elizabeth Griffin

Since my focus was entertainment, I went for every assignment that would allow me to get a little closer to how all of this TV magic happened. During my stint as a page, I had five assignments, which is actually a lot considering you aren’t eligible for the first three months to do anything beyond cutting your teeth on the tours and learning the ins and outs of this magical place called 30 Rock. The biggest thing I learned while I was a page is that you have to be a sponge and soak in everything because new things, people, lessons are all around you if you are open to letting them in. The problem many people have is that they are so busy worrying about what they are working toward, or the “next” in their life, that they miss out on the “right now.”

After 10 months in the program, a job opened up for production coordinator of the Today show. I interviewed for the job, and I got it. As the coordinator, I would work under the production managers. I was in charge of arranging guest transportation, ordering on-site catering, booking hair and makeup teams, VIP tickets to concerts, and so much more — basically, an event planner for TV.

If you had originally asked me what my plan was, I would have said that I’d be there for a year and then really jump off in the performing world. Well, that isn’t what happened at all. I was the production coordinator for seven years. Throughout my time at Today, if I wasn’t in an acting class at night, I was auditioning, whenever I could step away, and when auditioning slowed down, I would sign up for another class.

Since I spent so much of my time at the office though, I thought I needed to soak in as much as I could, so I attended pitch meetings, learned how to produce, and would shadow producers and production managers on assignments. My focus had also changed in my passion pursuits. With a few years under my belt of taking classes at Stella Adler, Upright Citizens Brigade, and TVI Actors Studio, I had decided that I was better being myself than other characters, so I had honed in on hosting auditions.

After about five years at the show, the website became a big priority at the company, and they were in need of content. I asked a friend who produced a lot of the concerts if he would mind if I conducted one of the website interviews, but I wanted to be on camera rather than asking questions from off camera, which is how producers typically conduct interviews. I told him that I would do all of the necessary research and anything else he needed me to do to make it happen. The first one went well, so I kept doing them. In time, with the help of a couple of colleagues — actually a PA who is now a producer at the show and an intern who is a producer at the website — we branded our productions “Backstage Pass.” Our goal was to give viewers a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes. Our main beat was a short interview with the performer and then we colored it with fan interaction on some of the long lines, chats with the traveling entourage, and other fun shots that you could only experience at the studio.

Elizabeth Griffin

After a couple of months into that concert season, we approached our executive producer and said that we were really enjoying making these, but that the fans of the show may not know about them unless we mention it on air. I asked if he would mind putting me on air just to “tease” our online content. He thought about it and then agreed to let me take a swing at doing an on-air tease. Afterward, we followed up to see what he thought. He said it was fine and then politely mentioned that if we made another one that we should let him know and he would consider letting us do another on-air tease. Well, we took him for his word and did one every week that summer.

By the fall, Kathie Lee and Hoda had mentioned that I should come play with them on the fourth hour of the Today show. I was so flattered that they had noticed my work and were being so gracious in asking me to “play” with them on their show. The catch was I didn’t exactly know what I had to offer. I wasn’t a chef, a trainer, a fashion expert, so what could I do? Finally, they said that I should show them how to use a flash drive or download photos from their camera or anything else that was deemed “young.” That should be easy enough.

I still remember the segment that changed my life. I put together a segment launching Kathie Lee and Hoda’s “fan page” on Facebook. I reached out to Facebook directly, which should show you how early this was in the Facebook era. While on the air, fans started writing in and we read some of the comments aloud. It was a rush to see the instant feedback. Right after the segment, Kathie Lee and Hoda said that I had to come back to read comments again tomorrow. That was the beginning of my daily appearances on the fourth hour.

I was still actively the production coordinator for the show, so after stepping off the set, I would head back to my desk and get to work on the job that actually paid me. Although the hours were really long, and I was doing two jobs, this period of time was my favorite because my morning appearances fueled everything else in my day. By March, I felt that I had built up enough appearances to make a really solid reel and go somewhere and do my on-air hosting as a full-time gig. A wise friend told me at the time, “Why don’t you ask if they would keep you at the Today show?” I thought it was so absurd. Why would a show, or rather, an institution, add someone like me to their all-star lineup when that is the destination for everyone in this business, not the starting block? The problem was that after the seed was planted, I realized my friend was right. I couldn’t live with never having asked if there was room for one more.

In May of that year, I signed my first contract as an on-air contributing correspondent. For the next four years, I appeared daily on the fourth hour of the show. My favorite part was my weekly series, “Sara in the City,” where I stepped into a variety of odd jobs including the Yankees grounds crew, lobstering in Maine, learning to be a butcher, and so many more. I also did daily segments geared toward viewer interaction. After so many years learning the production of live television behind the scenes, I had now entered a boot camp, taught by the best in the business, of how to be on air. It was amazing, exhilarating, humbling, and every range of emotion that comes with a dream realized. Although I had originally called this dream acting, my discombobulated route had lead me to a role where I could play myself, indulge my insatiable curiosity for life, exhaust my Midwestern work ethic, and pepper it all with a ton of comedy and laughter. I had found my happy place.

Elizabeth Griffin

Last fall, I got an amazing opportunity to move to ABC as a correspondent for the news division. And as much as I couldn’t imagine leaving the place I had grown up, a friend said to me, “Sometimes you have to leave home to grow up.” So I did. And it’s been a total blessing. My primary role is on Good Morning America as the weekend “Pop News” anchor, and I also cover lifestyle segments, online trends, and anything that involves fun on the weekday show — they call me the “ambassador of fun” at GMA.

One piece of advice I live by came before I entered the doors of NBC, and it isn’t new, but it’s crucial: If someone asks you to make a cup of coffee, make the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had, because why would they trust you with anything else if you can’t do that? No task is too small. In my position at the Today show, I hired pages, and I was the one that selected pages to have assignments on the show. I did not take that task lightly. I would call their managers and their bosses and ask, “Who is working when they’re up there in the page office?” At 30 Rock, it’s easy to impress people when you’re on the show. But I wanted to know who was answering the phones when no one was watching. I believe in worker bees — people who are proactive, who make things, who are doers.

I surround myself with wise, smart people. And a lot of girls. I’ve had a lot of conversations with groups of girls over coffee about “I’m going to have a meeting today and I’m going to ask for a title change” or “I’m going to ask for a jump in my pay,” and we’d sit around being like, “Yes, and you have to word it like this, and don’t forget to mention that project you worked on.” My fellow pages were great girlfriends who were the moving force in my taking steps up the career ladder. The best friends are people who make you want to be better. And that’s the type of friends I have.

The thing that stops me up the most and continues to get in the way is getting antsy about what’s next. We trust our own minds to dream big enough to know what we want — we think it’s right there. Rarely is it right there. Sometimes, the better modus operandi is to treat a job like it’s a job. It’s a paycheck. So many of us live with so many blessings that we’re able to dream about working in our passion, but there are times it will serve you better to clock in and clock out. You get some perspective. It’s like, let me take this overthinking, obsessive person out of my head so I’m not dreaming every day and dissatisfied with my job, and find my passion outside of work. For example, I joined a volleyball league, and it helped to remind me that I am all these other things. When I wasn’t hunting for the golden ticket in my job every day, my morale would lift and I could reassess. You have to do the job you have well, and if you’re looking up too much, you’re not going to get your job done. When you don’t find passion at work, go find it somewhere else right now, and then come back.

Elizabeth Griffin

This is a great time to pursue creative on-air projects because it is no longer just about TV. The digital landscape is growing so fast that opportunities are popping up everywhere if you take the time to look. You will change over time in regard to what you want to spend your days doing, so make sure that you don’t hold on too tightly to old dreams without reassessing or you may lose sight of why you started the journey in the first place.

If I could snap my fingers and have the ultimate dream job, I would love to cohost a show with a format similar to Kelly and Michael, Kathie Lee and Hoda, or The View. I love the combination of chatty topics, practical life stuff — fashion, cooking, family, etc. — mixed with a lot of humor. And if Lorne Michaels called because they needed a fill-in on SNL, let’s just say that I wouldn’t turn him away.

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ABC’s latest addition is sure to have some viewers in their feelings. Actress and singer Keke Palmer is reportedly joining Michael Strahan and Sara Haines’ Good Morning America spinoff Strahan & Sara as a full-time co-host, Page Six reports.

UPDATE: Palmer was officially made a co-host on Aug. 26.

Already a frequent guest host, particularly during Haines’ recent maternity leave, Palmer has developed a solid connection with the show’s viewers, according to an insider, who adds, “The audience knows her and she’s got great chemistry with both .”

Last seen in VH1’s six-part Scream: Resurrection, Palmer also played memorable roles on Fox’s Star, Epix’s Berlin Station, Fox’s Scream Queens and Showtime’s Masters of Sex. Of course, we’ll always remember her as the titular vice president on Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP.

Palmer’s career extends far beyond television. During the course of her career, Palmer has released two full-length studio albums, played the title role in Broadway’s Cinderella, and starred in a wide variety of films,

TVLine has reached out to ABC for comment. In the meantime, how do you feel about Palmer joining the Strahan & Sara family? And more importantly, how might the show squeeze Palmer’s (first or last) name into the title? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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ABC has renamed Good Morning America’s third-hour show, “Strahan & Sara,” to “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke,” the show’s hosts announced on Monday.

This is the third name change for the show, which first premiered last September as “GMA Day” as a replacement to “The Chew,” which was cancelled last year over sexual misconduct allegations against one of its hosts, Mario Batali, and a number of other problems. In January, “GMA Day” — hosted by Michael Strahan and Sara Haines –was rebranded as “Strahan & Sara.” And now, with this third new name, the actress Keke Palmer (“Scream Queens,” “Hustlers”) joins the hourlong daytime show as a co-host alongside Strahan and Haines.

Palmer had been hosting the show with Strahan over the summer as Haines was out on maternity leave, and the new name officially incorporates her into the show’s branding.

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“It’s been a blast having Keke co-host this summer. She brings a unique and spontaneous energy viewers love,” executive producer Rory Albanese said in a statement. “She’s a multitalented artist, and I’m thrilled to have her join Michael and Sara every day. The three of them are a terrific team, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The next season of “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke” begins on Sept. 9, airing on ABC.

Sara Haines Gets Wedding Surprise During Pop News

We are not getting parry sfwld for those who don’t know our beautiful adorable lovely delightful human ball of sunshine, Sara Haines, is getting married next weekend in the Bahamas. Your co-anchors can’t join you so we’ve re-created it right here and we brought — She is marrying this gentleman right here, let me get out of the way supply shouldn’t have said I was going to marry Dan. Her chihuahua carrying lawyer. Congratulations. We’re so excited for you. We’re so bummed we can’t be there but we’re doing like a precreation right here, not a recreation. In is the beach where you’re going to be getting married. Oh, my gosh. You’re the best. I hope we’re not intruding. No, we knew that you were really sad because your puppies wouldn’t be able to be there so we wanted there to be there for another ceremony. In is the best day ever. The best day ever will be next weekend. When we come back we’ll have a surprise but before we go to break, you have something you wanted to ask. I want you to kiss the bride but before we do, do you take Sara to be your lawfully wedding wife. I will next Saturday. What about you. I do. Kiss the bride. That is adorable. We’ll be right back with Munn more surprise. Keep it here. These are my babies. Here. Check it out. Aren’t they adorable? ] Can’t nose… Suddenly you’re a mouthbreather. Well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone. So you can breathe and sleep. Shut your mouth and sleep right. Breathe right. Of model.” I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. So I talked to my doctor about my condition and my treatment options he told me about stelara® in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. And 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections some serious infections require hospitalization

Sara Haines is kicking her post-pregnancy body back in gear.

The TV host, 41, divulged her fitness secrets for shedding her pregnancy weight at the Us Weekly Most Stylish New Yorkers party at Cathédrale at Moxy East Village to celebrate NYFW on Wednesday, September 11.

“I always worry about steps in a day. Like, I was joking, we were at a shoot earlier and I’m sitting like this stepping. And they’re like, ‘What are you doing?’ I was like, ‘Getting steps,’” Haines exclusively told Us about her fitness plan after giving birth to her third child, Caleb Joseph, in late June.

Sara Haines at Us Weekly’s Most Stylish New Yorkers Party on September 11, 2019. Dave Kotinsky for Us Weekly

Haines, who was an honoree at Us Weekly’s bash, also revealed that she tried to get ahead of the weight gain by not overindulging when she was pregnant.

“Well, I always tried to watch in pregnancy because I know that’s an old tale: ‘You’re eating for two.’ The baby’s this big, he’s not eating much,” Haines told Us. “But I always watched during pregnancy that I didn’t put on too much.

Haines and her husband, lawyer Max Shifrin, whom she wed in November 2014, are also the parents of Alec Richard, 3, and Sandra Grace, 20 months.

She said that the reality of taking care of three children hasn’t hit her yet.

“I think to three, I haven’t really completely noticed because you already know that you just are going to have to divide and conquer,” Haines told Us. “So I don’t think I’ve felt the jump as supremely. It’s just keeping those toddlers, who are, like, climbing the walls, alive.”

Haines admitted that she was stressed when she found herself expecting a third baby while cohosting a talk show.

She said she and her husband “always thought we wanted three,” but the timing clashed with her cohosting duties.

“And when it happened, I was crying to my husband and I’m like, ‘Why now?’” Haines recalled. “You have to just make a choice. So I had been saying my whole time, ‘I’m going to take four weeks. I need to be medically ready and a doctor needs to tell me I’m OK, but I got to go back.’”

Haines returned on the air after taking a one-month absence for maternity leave.

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Michael Strahan Can’t Resist Eating Pregnant TV “Wife” Sara Haines’ Junk Food

Michael Strahan and Sara Haines, co-hosts of ABC’s “Strahan and Sara,” sat down with Rachael — in their first appearance together on her show — to talk about their show, its name change, how Sara is handling her third pregnancy and more.

“I love the name change,” Rach tells the pair. “It’s so much cooler and it’s so much more about you guys! Because that’s why people tune in — to get your personality.”

Originally called “GMA Day,” Michael says he actually likes the way “Sara and Strahan” sounds better than “Strahan and Sara.”

“But it’s too late, we already switched it once. We can’t switch it again,” he quips.

“Michael calls it the wrong name every day in meetings,” Sara dishes.

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In other exciting news, Sara is pregnant with her third child!

And while Michael did wear a sympathy belly on the show to express his support for her and acknowledge that pregnancy isn’t always an easy journey, Rach doesn’t think that’s nearly enough.

“That thing needs a cattle prod on the inside so it zaps you in the badoobies and you really feel what it’s like!” she jokes. “It’s not sympathy to just carry the weight around.” (She’s got a point!)

Well, Michael also explains that while Sara is going through the ups and downs of pregnancy, he’s experiencing some of the cravings, too — thanks to the snacks she keeps on set!

“He’s put on weight,” Sara laughs. ” these little problems hit me unexpectedly, so I need crackers, Swedish fish, Thin Mints … and then occasionally other healthy cooked foods by our chefs.”

“You really are like a daytime duo,” Rach adds. “Like sort of daytime married.”

“We actually do love each other,” Michael says. “It’s real.”


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