How to Get Rid of Cellulite: Breaking Down Your Treatment Options

Doctor & MedSpa Cellulite Procedures

1. Cellfina

  • What is it? A minimally invasive treatment with incisions that cuts the fibrous cords creating cellulite under the skin
  • Does it work on cellulite? Yes
  • How long does it last? It’s FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least three years

According to the manufacturer, the minimally invasive Cellfina cellulite treatment improves the appearance of cellulite by actually cutting the fibrous cords woven throughout fat in the thighs and buttocks. These tight cords pull down the skin, which pushes up the fat cells and causes the “orange peel” dimpling effect. By cutting the cords, the skin releases and thighs and buttocks look smoother.

The treatment is performed in a doctor’s office. It uses a local numbing agent and a minimally invasive, small needle-sized device to cut the cords just beneath the surface of the skin.

2. Cellulaze

  • What is it? A minimally invasive laser-probe treatment with incisions that uses a laser to heat the tissue below the surface and target the fibrous cords causing cellulite
  • Does it work on cellulite? Yes
  • How long does it last? About a year, possibly longer with diet and exercise

According to the manufacturer, Cellulaze lasers heat up the tissue below the skin’s surface, which releases the fibrous cords creating cellulite. During the treatment, a small cannula—a tube about the size of the tip of a pen—is inserted under the skin through an incision. In addition to releasing the cords pulling the skin down, the laser liquifies fat, which is pressed out. The laser also can increase the thickness of the skin and stimulate collagen production to help create a smoother look.

The treatment, performed in a doctor’s office, takes about 1–1.5 hours and requires a local anesthetic. Bruising and discomfort is a possible side effect, and recovery lasts a day or two. Results should continue to improve for the next 3–12 months.

3. Radio Frequency

  • What is it? Radio frequency waves heat tissue and promote collagen production to smooth and tighten skin.
  • Does it work on cellulite? Yes—but with mixed results and not for very long
  • How long does it last? A few months to a year, depending on the treatment and the client


Thermage is one of the most well-known radio frequency treatments. It is primarily used to tighten loose skin and smooth wrinkles, but according to the manufacturer, it can also be used to temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite by boosting collagen production. Results can last up to a year.

Venus Treatments

Venus Concepts has two treatments designed to fight cellulite: Venus Versa and Venus Legacy. According to the manufacturer, these treatments use a combo of radio frequency and pulsed electro magnetic fields to help break down the fat under skin, as well as boost collagen production. This results in smoother, tighter skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Results last about 3–4 months.


VelaShape is FDA-cleared to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. It uses a combination of radio frequency waves, infrared light, and vacuum suction to increase collagen production and thus help smooth cellulite, according to the manufacturer. Results typically last for a few months.

The ideal VelaShape cellulite patient is either a Stage 1 or Stage 2 on the Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Scale.

Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Scale


Good VelaShape Candidate?

Stage 1

Patient experiences no “orange peel” dimpling while standing or lying down, but does experience it when their skin is pinched together


Stage 2

Patient experiences “orange peel” dimpling when standing up, but not when lying down


Stage 3

Patient experiences “orange peel” dimpling when standing up AND when lying down


Learn more

What Is VelaShape, and How Does It Work?
VelaShape not only can soften the appearance of cellulite, but also can slim down bodies. Here’s how it works.

4. Endermologie

  • What is it? A French treatment that uses a handheld machine that suctions and massages the skin in an attempt to soften fat and promote lymphatic drainage. It requires the client to wear a special bodysuit.
  • Does it work on cellulite? Possibly, it seems to depend on the person. Plus, it does take repeated treatments—at least 3 and upward of 10.
  • How long does it last? According to the Mayo Clinic, results are short-lived.

Endermologie is an FDA-approved massage system that studies have shown can help reduce body circumference. According to the manufacturer, 67% of people saw cellulite reduction after three sessions.

Yet according to an article published in the International Journal of Dermatology, 15 endermologie sessions improved the appearance of cellulite in only 15% of women (5 women out of 31 studied). Reviews are more favorable on Real Self, an online community for reviewing cosmetic treatments, with 65% of people saying the treatment is “worth it” (39 out of 60 reviews).

Bottom line? It may work for you, but you won’t know until you try it.

CoolSculpting for the Thighs

Does It Fix the Outer Thigh?

Along with targeting fat on the inner area, CoolSculpting works incredibly well on the outer thigh. Although both men and women struggle with the same issue of having too much fat on the upper legs, this is a particular challenge for women. The reason is that the physiology of fat storage differs between the two genders.

As an example, women tend to store extra fat in the hips and thighs during pregnancy, which then serves as reserve energy for producing breast milk. However, after giving birth, shifting the fat from this part of the body becomes incredibly difficult. CoolSculpting, which is the only nonsurgical and FDA-approved treatment for reducing fat, delivers proven results without needles, surgery, anesthesia, or downtime.

What Is a Thigh Lift?

A traditional thigh lift is a surgical procedure in which excess skin gets removed. This surgery is often accompanied by liposuction, which sucks out fat from the inner or outer thigh, or both. Usually, bariatric weight loss patients or people who dropped a significant amount of weight using diet and exercise select a surgical thigh lift.

However, you have another option, which is nonsurgical and, therefore, safer. Utilizing an energy-based device called Ultherapy, which is FDA approved, works by lifting the skin. In addition to the thighs, this procedure is excellent for the neck and lower face. With just one treatment, you will notice a difference, which continues to improve over time.

How to Remove Outer Thigh Fat?

CoolSculpting removes fat from the outer thigh area in the same way it works on the inner thigh. The only difference is the placement of the gel pad and applicator. For optimum results, your physician will likely recommend that you adopt an exercise program or get involved with a physical activity that focuses on the upper legs and maintain a healthy diet.

Does It Fix Thigh Cellulite?

Because CoolSculpting targets fat, and the fact that cellulite is a skin issue, this treatment does not help. However, by reducing a firm bulge of fat located beneath the skin, many patients experience smoother, tighter, and more sculpted thighs.

Can It Give Me a Thigh Gap?

Women especially strive to achieve a thigh gap, which is a space between the inner thigh area created when standing erect. When wearing jeans, slacks, and swimsuits, a thigh gap gives women a slimmer and sexier appearance. Instead of going through a radical procedure to create an unnatural gap, CoolSculpting is a better solution, one that makes the thighs look entirely natural.

Will It Make My Thighs Swell?

During and following a CoolSculpting procedure, you can expect to have some degree of swelling. For most people, it is so minimal that no one notices. Usually within a few days to weeks, this side effect, as well as others, subsides.

Will This Procedure Cause Pain in My Thigh?

You will likely experience some sensations associated with the CoolSculpting procedure as mentioned. However, these are only minor and the last a short time. Having actual pain is extremely rare.

Are There Side Effects on My Thighs?

After a CoolSculpting treatment, it is normal to have some side effects. More than likely, you would notice minimal tingling, cramping, aching, tugging, stinging, and sensitivity to touch, but as stated, not only are these side effects minimal, they are also short lasting.

CoolSculpting® can help your body’s metabolism by increasing blood … By temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite, the fat cells that are treated with …

At Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center, your initial consultation is a private encounter with Dr. Coley and his professional staff. You can complete paperwork prior to your visit or complete it on-site.

The blue Torso System uses controlled temperatures to help you FINALLY lose those stubborn inches on your sides, back and abs. Our fat freeze kit even helps tighten skin and reduce cellulite.

We’re all looking for the magic pill, potion or treatment that will make us lose unwanted fat, inches, and cellulite. There’s a lot of … “My patients have seen excellent results with coolsculpting. …

Before & After photos of real CoolSculpting patients. See for yourself what CoolSculpting can do to reduce fat, non-invasively. | See more ideas about Cool …

CoolSculpting is a groundbreaking procedure that can safely transform the shape of your body. It is one of the first, non-surgical means of fat reduction.

Cellulite Treatment from Dr. Earl can reduce the appearance of cellulite through non-invasive, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

How Coolsculpting Works How CoolSculpting works. greater huntsville, Alabama’s CoolSculpting Experts. The team at Penny’s from Heaven is happy to offer the groundbreaking and fat … Can Coolsculpting Cause Diarrhea Sep 6, 2018 … Too much excreted fat is called steatorrhea and can signal health issues. … in bowel movements, but this is dietary fat and may be caused

They are divided into two groups: Rockmore explains that Coolsculpting currently is only FDA-approved … and plenty of fiber can help women decrease cellulite. Exercising regularly, maintaining an op…

Will Coolsculpting Give Me Abs Coolsculpting Where To Buy Coolsculpting Licensing Since It’s Noninvasive. Can Anyone Provide This Service? … Can anyone buy a Coolsculpting Machine? Hi, Zeltiq, the manufacturers of Coolsculpting, will only sell to physicians who are willing to be compliant with training and monitoring of the treatment. They recommend all physicians who own a machine to undergo

Identifying the type(s) of fat you want to lose will help you pick the right strategy, stay … This fat is the perfect match for CoolSculpting or SculpSure. … Cellulaze is a revolutionary treatment that addresses all 3 causes of cellulite – fat within the …

The treatments permanently remove fat and tighten skin, reduces cellulite and there are minimal to no side effects, pain or downtime. If you are looking to lose weight or just get rid of the muffin to…

Albuquerque’s Western Dermatology Consultants gives Santa Fe-area patients seeking quality skin care and top dermatologists access to three board-certified skin experts.

Can Coolsculpting Cause Diarrhea Sep 6, 2018 … Too much excreted fat is called steatorrhea and can signal health issues. … in bowel movements, but this is dietary fat and may be caused by an inability to properly digest foods. … Chronic Pancreatitis With Severe Diarrhea. Will Coolsculpting Give Me Abs Coolsculpting Where To Buy Coolsculpting Licensing Since It’s

Body Contouring | Fat & Cellulite Reduction Coolsculpting. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology.

COOLSCULPTING® Ready to LOSE Stubborn FAT? No SURGERY…No DOWNTIME…No NEEDLES!! CoolSculpting eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime.

Nov 8, 2017 … While diet and exercise can help diminish the severity, they aren’t a … cellulite, kwan dermatology pairs Zwave with Coolsculpting for a …

CoolSculpting is supposed to reduce unwanted fat, but does it get rid of the cellulite, too? Cellfina does a great job with cellulite, but it certainly doesn’t remove …

But if you’re breaking out into a sweat at the thought of denim shorts, help is at hand, as there are a number of … 3D-Lipo claims to use a mix of technologies to reduce fat and cellulite, and tight…

Why Cryoslim?

What makes the Cryoskin device unique?

Cryoskin vs CoolSculpting

  • Coolsculpting can be painful. 88% enjoy Cryoskin like a massage, 12% say it’s bearable (due to cold feeling).

  • Coolsculpting has incidences of “shelving” (fat collecting in other areas due to the suction) and numbness. Cryoskin adverse effect very low (redness and numbness).

  • Coolsculpting charges about $1000 an applicator. Many need 4 applicators so $4000 total. You can benefit from Cryoskin at a fraction of the price.

  • Coolsculpting fat loss in treated areas averages 20%. Cryoskin fat loss in treated areas averages 38%.

  • Most Cryoslim clients lose 1/2 – 1 inch or more in one treatment. We recommend 3 – 5 treatments depending on health and wellness goals.

CryoSlimming is ideal for someone who follows a healthy and active lifestyle but still has some excess fat that they would like to get rid of. It is not ideal for someone who is classified as “Obese” or with a BMI of 35 or higher.

Is it safe?

How does it work?

How does the treatment work?

What are the benefits?

What are the common results?
Research has shown a 38% fat reduction in treated areas. These results were seen over the course of 10 weeks.

The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. This is due to the technique and the session beginning with skin warming descending into the gradual decrease of temperature.

No. (Thousands of clients have been treated from hundreds of Cryoskin devices throughout the United States and Europe with no serious side effects)

Anyone with the conditions below should not do this treatment:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome

  • People who suffer from very poor circulation

  • Pregnant woman

  • Severe diabetes

  • Cancer

No. The reason for this is not to pass bodily fluid onto the wand that is used in the session.

It’s best to wait one week after these treatments to make sure the treated areas are fully healed and bodily fluids won’t get on the wand.

You must wait 3 months for safety purposes after getting Botox or facial implants before you can do a Cryoskin facial treatment.

How often can I have the treatments?

Absolutely there are no side effects to this treatment that will stop you working out. Make sure to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water.

You can wear or bring comfortable clothes that allow access to the areas where we will be treating. For CryoFacials we will have to remove your makeup for the best results with the treatment.

What is the difference between this and other Cryotherapy treatments?

The natural destruction of fat cells will cause cell waste. This waste is passed through the body naturally, first through the blood then the lymphatic system and then urine and this process on average takes 2 weeks.

The results may be compromised by the natural cycle of waste disposal and thus increase the risk of clogging the pathways. This does not represent a significant risk but would compromise the results.

Again, to not overload the body’s elimination pathways. There is also strong internal cooling of the tissues and the treating of more zones at the same time could cause in extreme cases hypothermia and fatigue.

What if I want to do my tummy, face, arms and legs, can I do them at the same time?

  • Face and arms in one session

  • Stomach (Slimming) and legs (Toning) in another session

In general, it is always advisable to practice treatment on the upper OR lower body in a session.

The legs would count as one area because you would divide the time between each leg.

We may extend the time when we are working with someone who has a much larger body mass. Pre-programmed treatments were performed on average body surfaces so are effective across a variety of body types.

This 20-Minute Treatment Made My Cellulite Disappear

Photo: CryoSkin

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I first noticed cellulite dimpling the sides of my thighs-80 to 90 percent of women have it and I’m well aware that it’s completely normal (see: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cellulite). But I still thought that with all my marathon training and working out, I’d be the exception to the rule. No dice, as an afternoon of trying on new bathing suits proved earlier this year.

My realization certainly wasn’t going to stop me from wearing a bathing suit or running in shorts, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have more of an…awareness around my thighs, especially as summer approached. I wasn’t going to do anything about it, though, until I heard about CryoSkin through work (sometimes my job involves researching cellulite, which certainly doesn’t help any insecurities).

A similar treatment to CoolSculpting (the fat-freezing procedure you’ve probably seen on ads…pretty much everywhere), CryoSkin is a noninvasive procedure that uses thermoelectric cooling technology to freeze and kill subcutaneous fat tissue, which is then disposed of naturally through your body’s lymphatic system. Plus, targeted cold therapy jump-starts metabolism and circulation in the treated area and boosts your body’s collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

“Cryolipolysis, the destruction of fat cells with cold temperature, is what CoolSculpting is based on, and there are numerous studies to show the effectiveness of CoolSculpting for the modest reduction of subcutaneous fat in certain areas,” says Anthony M. Rossi M.D., a cosmetic dermatologic surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The idea of using CryoSkin for cellulite, though, is a little harder to digest, says Dr. Rossi. “Cellulite is a very complex issue that requires releasing the bands that tether the skin down (which creates the dimples we see) and improving the skin texture and quality,” he says. “CoolSculpting, for example, has shown slight improvement in skin quality, but it has not been approved or marketed toward cellulite.” And as of now, Dr. Rossi points out, there haven’t been any scientific studies done on the CryoSkin device or on whether using a different type of contact to cool the fat cells can decrease cellulite.

And from my own research, I was skeptical. People talk a lot about remedies for cellulite, but the reality is that there’s no scientific evidence in favor of any cellulite treatment options. CryoSkin, which is offered at salons, spas, gyms, and cryo studios across the country (practitioners are trained in workshops with a CryoSkin Master Trainer), isn’t yet approved by the FDA. But it has received a CE marking in Europe, a certification that’s generally considered to be equivalent. (Dr. Rossi has never used CryoSkin himself, but notes that CoolSculpting-which does work differently-has been shown to be quite safe.) So I bit the bullet and booked an appointment.

At Modrn Sanctuary, a luxury spa in New York, I gamely took my pants off and lay facedown on a massage table covered in a Grecian-looking blanket-a typical workday, right? I was a little afraid my practitioner, Ashley Sanchez, would take one look at my skinny legs and laugh me out of the room, but she told me that because I was looking to tighten up my skin rather than lose inches, I was actually a perfect candidate for CryoToning, a 20-minute treatment that uses only cold therapy to cause vasodilation-or widening-in the blood vessels. “This will increase your blood flow, which causes your body to produce more collagen and break down cellulite, and your microcirculation, which improves elasticity and pore size,” she explained.

Sanchez used what looked like an ultrasound wand set at -2 degrees Celsius to rub the back and sides of my thighs in upward motions-“to go against gravity,” she said. It actually felt great; like getting a light massage with an ice pack (an especially delightful experience on a mind-numbingly hot summer day in Manhattan).

After 10 minutes on each leg, I hopped off the bed and turned my back to the mirror. I squeezed my butt several times in a way that I’m very glad was not captured in any smartphone footage, and it was clear: All the cellulite in the middle and along the sides of my thighs had vanished! There was still some dimpling right under my cheeks, but only when I really squeezed, as if I were clenching at the top of a glute bridge.

For the best results, Sanchez recommended I come back every month or two to keep up the results for the first six months. After that, I could need another two to three maintenance sessions for results that would last up to several years. At $350 per session, that’s not exactly cheap.

It’s been a few weeks now, and, for the most part, that cellulite is still gone. I have noticed some of my cellulite has reappeared like my technician warned-if I really squeeze (yes, I’ve been checking, don’t @ me). With that price tag, I’m not sure if this is something I would continue doing regularly, but I would definitely splurge for the treatment before an important beach vacation or some other big event that might put my butt or thighs on display. Sure, others may consider it vain of me, but in my eyes, it’s no different than a quick facial, spray tan, eyelash extensions-or any of the other beauty treatments women book for an instant pep in their step.

I know that cellulite is just a fact of life for the vast majority of women, but if I can afford a quick fix (even if it’s only a short-term one!) that will make me feel better, why not? Just look at how far that mentality took the Botox industry…

  • By Ashley Mateo @ashleymateo

How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Fat: From CoolSculpting to Venus Freeze

Fat Loss. Cellulite Removal. Which Treatment is Right for Me?

Interested in body sculpting? You’re not alone! The idea of being able to (finally) kiss that stubborn bulge goodbye, or get that smooth curve you’re so close to achieving, is undeniably enticing. But where to begin?

If you’re new to body sculpting treatments, or perhaps interested in really amping up the results, keep reading. But first, let’s look at what your body sculpting options are, and how these fat loss and cellulite removal treatments work:

Best for Treatment Overall Fat Loss: CoolSculpting© Plus+

CoolSculpting®, one of the most popular treatments at Honolulu MedSpa, permanently freezes away fat from the belly, thighs, and other large areas of the body through a process called cryolipolysis. While this treatment has quickly become a household name based on its rockstar results, our process and approach—we call it CoolSculpting® Plus+—can provide extremely comprehensive and unparalleled results. Our technique introduces Z-Wave technology to the CoolSculpting® process, which adds a powerful boost to the combustion of fat molecules. There’s no downtime, and you can expect to see up to 25% of fat cells gone from treated areas.

What makes CoolSculpting® Plus+ so popular and effective is the range and breadth of resources we have to treat a variety of areas on the body. There are a variety of device combinations and techniques to freeze your way to a slimmer silhouette. Want double the impact in less time? Come on in for a consultation and we’ll bend your ear on DualSculpting. For smaller areas of concern, like the double chin (or submental fat) and underarms, the CoolMini® does a beautiful job eliminating fat cells. You can expect to see the first results about three weeks after your treatment date.

Best Treatment for Refined Body Sculpting: TightSculpting™

Honolulu MedSpa is the first medical spa to deliver the advanced laser treatment TightSculpting™ to Hawaii! This groundbreaking, versatile body sculpting and skin tightening treatment have been making many patients smile based on some beautiful results. During the procedure, multiple lasers work at the same time to gently treat areas plagued by stubborn, excess fat. The first stage heats fat cells beneath the skin, and the second stage works on the skin’s surface to stimulate new collagen growth. Seeing smoother, lifted skin right away is one of the best parts of a TightSculpting™ session!

Best Treatment for Cellulite Removal: Venus Freeze®

A tried-and-tested choice, especially when it comes to cellulite, the Venus Freeze® device uses multi-polar radio frequency to shrink fat cells and spur existing collagen to contract. This treatment is usually requested for the thighs and derriere and anywhere cellulite regularly rears its ugly head. We suggest patients book at least one session per season, but many patients schedule treatments monthl—they enjoy the results that much.

Interested in learning more?

Book a complimentary consultation.

Guide to Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Cellulite is an extremely common cosmetic issue that in the past has been notoriously difficult to treat. Thanks to new non-surgical technologies, cosmetic surgeons now can more effectively address the structural causes of cellulite, helping to reduce the characteristic dimpling and restore a smoother, firmer texture to skin affected by cellulite. Choose from the links below to learn more about your options:

  • What causes cellulite? Why do I have it?
  • Am I a good candidate for cellulite reduction?
  • What are my treatment options?
    • Laser cellulite reduction (Cellulaze)
    • Non-laser treatments (radiofrequency, ultrasound, etc.)
    • Mechanical cellulite reduction (Cellfina)
    • Massage & topical creams
  • Infographic guide to non-surgical body contouring options
  • Choosing a provider

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite forms when fibrous bands called “septae,” which connect the skin to the underlying muscle fascia, tighten irregularly, pulling down on the skin, and/or begin to break down, allowing the normal layer of fat beneath the skin to push upward. This results in the puckering or “cottage cheese” appearance.

An estimated 85 to 90% of adult women have cellulite, typically on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The aging process can worsen the appearance of cellulite, as skin loses elasticity and is less able to resist irregular tension created by the fibrous bands. While overweight individuals tend to have more pronounced cellulite, it is common even in very lean women, and losing weight rarely gets rid of cellulite altogether.

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Am I a good candidate for cellulite reduction?

While it’s actually more common than not for women to have cellulite, the dimpled, irregular appearance is bothersome to many women. If you are unhappy with cellulite on your body, then cellulite reduction can help you feel more confident in your appearance. In general, cellulite treatment will b most effective if:

  • You are bothered by the effect cellulite has on your appearance, and wish to reduce it
  • You are happy with your current body weight and not significantly overweight
  • You are in good overall health
  • You have realistic expectations—cellulite reduction treatments can reduce dimpling, but not totally eliminate it

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What are my treatment options?

Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of treatments to help patients reduce cellulite. While none are permanent, many can achieve results that last a year or longer. Below, we’ve outlined the most commonly used treatment types and brand name applications—availability of these or any other treatment will vary depending on what cosmetic surgeons in your area offer.

Laser treatments (Cellulaze®)

Laser cellulite reduction (the FDA cleared treatment is called Cellulaze) uses a tiny laser probe, which is inserted just beneath the skin through a small incision. This laser heats the tissues beneath the skin’s surface, where it works to:

  • releases some of the fibrous septae
  • reduce thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer
  • stimulates collagen production
  • improve skin texture and elasticity

Although it involves tiny incisions, laser cellulite reduction is considered a minimally invasive and can be safely performed by a qualified provider in-office, using local anesthesia. Downtime is typically limited to 1 to 2 days. Cellulaze is indicated to last about one year, and patients typically achieve their desired result after one treatment.

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Non-laser energy treatments

Many treatments use energy from radiofrequency (RF), ultrasound, infrared light, or radial pulses to heat skin, stimulate collagen production and reduce cellulite. Depending on the specific treatment, energy-based cellulite reduction may also help achieve mild fat reduction and/or relax the fibrous septae to achieve a smoother, more even skin texture. Current FDA cleared treatments include:

  • VelaShape® (RF and infrared light)
  • Venus Freeze® (RF and pulsed electro-magnetic fields)
  • ThermiSmooth® Body (RF)
  • Zimmer Z Wave (radial pulse therapy)

Energy-based cellulite treatments are delivered through the skin, so they are considered non-invasive and usually require no downtime. However, a series of treatments may be recommended for optimal results. Additionally, results are temporary, so you will need to repeat treatment every few months to maintain results.

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Mechanical treatments (Cellfina®)

Cellfina is an FDA cleared automated mechanical cellulite reduction treatment. It works by releasing tightened septae using a very thin blade, which is inserted through a tiny incision. The skin is gently suctioned up into the Cellfina device, which allows the cosmetic surgeon to insert the blade only a few millimeters beneath the skin, minimizing impact on surrounding tissues. Local anesthesia is used.

To date, Cellfina is indicated as the longest-lasting cellulite treatment, with results lasting up to 3 years. Minimal downtime is needed, and results are noticeable within a few days after treatment. Side effects include temporary soreness and mild bruising, with serious side effects very rare when treatment is performed by a qualified physician.

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Massage and topical cellulite treatments

Specialized massage techniques have been used for years as a way to address cellulite. These typically use vacuum suction or a roller to “knead” the skin and subcutaneous fat. While some patients report positive effects, improvements are temporary and any smoothing effect likely results from mild inflammation in the treatment area.

Most patients who are bothered by cellulite have tried cream or lotion that promises to improve cellulite. While certain medical grade products can help gradually improve collagen production for firmer skin, even high-quality products are rarely effective on cellulite, which requires more extensive remodeling of fat, connective tissue and collagen than a cream can provide. Cellulite creams are rarely a worthwhile investment.

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Your Non-Surgical Body Contouring Options: an Infographic Guide

Non-surgical body contouring includes much more than cellulite reduction. Today, you have options to reduce fat, rejuvenate vaginal tissues, tighten skin, and remove unwanted hair. The guide below outlines your options.

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Choosing a provider for cellulite reduction

In general, non-invasive cellulite reduction (such as VelaShape, Z Wave, or Venus Freeze) can be safely performed by a licensed, trained aesthetician working under physician supervision. Treatments that require a laser, incision, or both (such as Cellulaze or Cellfina) require advanced medical training and knowledge of anatomy and should be performed only by a qualified cosmetic surgeon or provider with equivalent training and experience.


The best place to start? Find an ABCS diplomate cosmetic surgeon near you, and schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals, review your treatment options, and learn whether cellulite reduction treatment is right for you.

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9 Cellulite Treatments That Don’t Get Rid of Cellulite

Given the expense, some of the following treatments should be avoided altogether — others may be worth a small try.

  1. Creams Dozens of over-the-counter beauty creams are promoted as cellulite treatments. With ingredients like retinols, caffeine, and botanicals, they act to improve local microcirculation of the skin. Though some may temporarily tighten or brighten skin, be skeptical. “When you look at cellulite, there are three treatable aspects: the fat, dense collagen, and circulation,” says Dr. Bissoon. There is no topical product that successfully addresses all three, he adds.
  2. Brushes Cellulite does seem to be affected by circulation concerns, but skin brushing increases circulation only at the surface and not in a way that will repair the damage that leads to cellulite. Massages, wraps, and similar therapeutic touch remedies aren’t effective beauty tips either, although they could help you feel better in your body.
  3. Cellulite garments Specialized garments, often called “massage garments” or “compression garments,” have been developed and are promoted as ways to manage cellulite. How long these effects last may depend on individual use of the garments.
  4. Roller-suction treatments The devices often go by a name like “cellulite massagers” — they roll or suck the skin and, at least in theory, increase circulation. “The roller-suction devices seem to give some — I think usually temporary — improvement, but it depends on the device, settings, technique, patient,” cautions Dr. McDaniel.
  5. Liposuction It might seem that simply removing the troublesome fat would fix the problem, but that’s not the case with cellulite. “Liposuction is intended for body sculpting or contouring,” points out Bissoon. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of lipo is increased dimpling.
  6. Cryolipolysis Also known as “fat freezing,” this noninvasive treatment involves cooling of body fat to break down fat cells. Results are mixed, and the American Academy of Dermatology claims that while it may be effective for getting rid of small pockets of unwanted fat, the treatment cannot get rid of cellulite.
  7. Weight loss Weight loss is a worthwhile health goal, but it can actually make cellulite look worse. If your weight loss is significant, you could end up with “redundant” skin — loose skin that can make cellulite seem more severe than it is.
  8. Lifestyle changes Overall it’s a good idea to start eating more healthfully (more fruits and veggies, please!) and exercising. These changes alone can’t cure cellulite completely, but its appearance may improve.
  9. Hydration Staying hydrated won’t conquer cellulite, but you should do it anyway, says Bissoon. “Take your body weight and divide it by 2.2 to give you the number of ounces you need to drink per day,” he advises. This will help you look and feel better, even with cellulite.

The good news for cellulite sufferers is that researchers are working to find a solution. Some approaches, such as acoustic wave therapy, laser treatments, and subcision (in which a needle is inserted under the skin to break up the fibrous bands responsible for puckering) have shown good results. The challenge for researchers is to distinguish between treatments that provide some temporary improvement and those that can change cellulite at the structural level.

Stay tuned. You’ll know a truly effective treatment by the long lines of women waiting to try it.

Cryotherapy for Cellulite

Moving ahead, hormonal changes, specifically a decline in estrogen levels, are also believed to contribute to changes in circulation and a reduction in the production of collagen. Therefore, when fat cells become more substantial or if they increase in number, doing so in the presence of a thinner collagen layer, and change in blood supply, the effect is usually the formation of cellulite. Cellulite is, however not a health issue, nor is it something that emanates from health matters. It, however, affects how we look since people with cellulite have skin that is not smooth as compared to individuals without it.

How Cryotherapy Fights Cellulite

Having said the above, we understand that cellulite has many ‘cures,’ most of which are hectic. However, Cryotherapy has proved to be the most comfortable and strain-free formula for the treatment and control of cellulite.

Cryotherapy basically means cold therapy and is sometimes referred to as cryosurgery. This is a procedure used to destroy the tissue of both benign and malignant lesions by the freezing and re-thawing process. In the treatment of cellulite, cryotherapy may be used as a means to freeze some unwanted fat layers from the skin.


Before and After: This client did 10 treatments and lost 3 inches in each thigh!!! Skin is so much more smooth, tight and less cellulite. Less puckering of the skin. Participant has signed up for 10 more treatments because results are so dramatic!

Before and After 10 Treatments at Chill Cryotherapy for Cellulite. Significant reduction in loose skin, puckering and cellulite. Participant lost 1 inch on each thigh and has signed up for another 10 treatments!

Before and After: Client lost 3 inches in each thigh after 10 treatments!! Our customized cellulite protocol visibly reduced the appearance of cellulite and trimmed her thighs by 3 inches!!

Cryotherapy for Cellulite Reduction

If you have cellulite, you’re not alone. Roughly 95 percent of American women have this problem. Until now,there haven’t been effective treatments for reducing cellulite and stubborn fat deposits. Fortunately, whole body and local cryotherapy treatments can help!

How it Works: Cryotherapy for Cellulite Reduction

Cryotherapy is the brief application of very cold temperature to the skin. Cryotherapy can be applied to the whole body or to localized body parts. There are two ways in which cryotherapy can diminish cellulite and fat deposits.

Cellulite is a dimpling of the skin that has been linked to a breakdown in collagen in the skin. Collagen is the connective tissue found in skin that breaks down due to age or genetics. Until now, there was no way to increase collagen in the skin (or anywhere in the body!). Cryotherapy activates collagen production in the skin which repairs broken connections in the skin–thus reducing the appearance of cellulite! Cryotherapy will actually activate collagen production throughout the body: collagen is found in skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, discs and even teeth! So in addition to reducing cellulite, cryotherapy will make you stronger, increase your mobility, flexibility and will fortify your vital organs.

In addition to increasing collagen and smoothing out areas of cellulite, cryotherapy reduces fat deposits; fat cells are extremely intolerant of the cold. When fat cells are exposed to extremely cold temperatures they undergo cell apoptosis and actually self destruct. The fat cell contents are then detoxified from the body through the lymphatic system. By eliminating fat deposits and the fat underlying cellulite, the appearance of cellulite is also diminished. Hooray!!

Other Considerations

Cryotherapy is extremely effective at healing skin cells post-operatively or following cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, laser treatments or injections. Cryotherapy reduces the appearance of bruises, swelling, edema, inflammation and pain. In addition to these benefits, your skin will feel tighter, more firm with more elasticity.

Cryotherapy is safe, comfortable and cost-efficient

Cryotherapy involves the application of very cold DRY air to the skin. Therefore the treatment is very comfortable and safe–frostbite only occurs in the presence of water/moisture. Treatments are also time limited to 3 minutes making hypothermia impossible.

Cryotherapy is very cost-effective compared to other cellulite reducing treatments such as CoolSculpt, liposuction and Cellulaze which cost $750 to $2000 per treatment (and have not been shown to work!). Whole body and local cryotherapy treatments are in the $30 to $60 range at Chill Cryotherapy making them very affordable.

Please call or email us for details!! 732-945-1320.

Will coolsculpting get rid of cellulite?

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