DVD-A-DAY #17: Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting with Resistance

Thank you to MISSLILSTAMPER for inspiring me to dig these DVDs out!
Today’s video selection was actually a twofer: one pilates resistance band workout, and another focusing on the abs (also with band.) Mari Winsor leads both programs while a few other people demonstrate, including one woman who shows all modifications (thank you!) You need a plain resistance band (not the tube-style with handles), which originally came with the set, although I have no idea where it is now. I just used another band and it was perfectly fine. (*ahem!StottPilatesFitnessCirc
The abs video is about 15 minutes and works mainly spinal flexion, and the full-body video is just over 20 minutes and covers a little abs, arms, legs, glutes, and some spinal extension and rotation. I did them back-to-back, and there were surprisingly few repeated exercises. Because ///every body/// is different, ///everybody/// will find different things challenging, but probably have to put some real effort into at least one or two moves.
The Good:
+Well-rounded. The full-body resistance program offered a nice variety of exercises.
+Effective. If you take advantage of the mind-body component, you can make yourself work hard to get the most out of just a few reps.
+Mods. As it should be.
+DVD quality. Simple menu design and you can customize the audio.
The MEH:
-Continuity. Too many breaks between exercises, which I get is good for if you are new to the moves, but perhaps there should be a feature to familiarize users with the materials so the real workout can flow better.
-Pace. Some of the exercises seemed too fast, so that you could perform them relying on momentum instead of your own strength.
Overall but it’s pilates, so no real

Winsor pilates resistance band

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