If you are looking for a fitness routine that will provide maximum visible results in the shortest amount of time, then Windsor Pilates is the best routine in Canada for your fitness investment. Seriously, when you consider the fact that you are investing in very little physical equipment, you won’t need a room dedicated to house that equipment, and you can not only tone your muscles, but target specific muscles and muscle groups for strength training and control, this really is the best all around investment you can make with your fitness budget. It only makes sense that if it works for well for Americans that it would also work for Canadians as well. Unless of course there is some major physiological difference between us that I’m not aware of.
Windsor Pilates provides the basic framework for the building of longer leaner muscles that are so sought after among celebrities and ordinary people alike. We all strive to present our best face (or in this case bodies) to the world and Windsor Pilates is an excellent resource for achieving those fitness goals. The exercises of Windsor Pilates are designed to help people of all body types and various fitness goals achieve the results they desire quickly and without wasted effort or high-impact moves that put additional stress on joints that are already over tasked. The fact that Winsor Pilates doesn’t waste time or motion is one of the most popular things about it-every move in a Winsor Pilates routine has a purpose.
The introduction of equipment to the Mari Winsor inspired pilates routine has opened up an entirely new segment to this industry. Canadians and Americans alike enjoy the introduction of equipment such as mats, balls, belts, and bands to enhance the workout experience. As more and more people are introduced to the wonderfully effective fitness and weight loss system known as Winsor Pilates, the popularity of this system is growing. By combining aerobic exercises to your fitness routine on the days that you aren’t performing your Pilates exercises you are doubling the effectiveness of the Pilates. By adding the simply calorie burning aerobic exercises you are providing fuel for your Pilates sculpting routine. If you combine that with diet and cutting your caloric intake you will be placing yourself in a position to achieve maximum results for your Pilates efforts.
The routines are no different in Canada than they are in American and they are equally effective when followed to the letter. With any exercise and fitness program it is important to listen to and follow all instructions. So, whether you live in Canada or America, what’s stopping you from reaching your fitness goals? Isn’t it about time you try for yourself and see what all the buzz is about?

Winsor Pilates Classic


Basic Step-By-Step

The Basic Step-By-Step workout consists of seven exercises, which are the foundation of all Pilates workouts, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Mari breaks down the exercises step-by-step so you really understand where your “Powerhouse” is, what role the frame of you body plays, the importance of body alignment, and how breathing will affect your performance. Plus, this video features our exclusive 3-D Training to put you in proper position and form. It’s the next best thing to having a personal trainer right in the room with you.

Approximate Running Time: 29 Minutes

20 Minute Workout

Developed by Mari Winsor, trainer to the stars, this 20 Minute Workout is a fast, fun, no-nonsense program designed to Sculpt Your Body Slim in just 20 minutes a day! Mari has designed the perfect program for when you don’t have a lot of time to workout. Now there are no more excuses. In just 20 minutes a day, you’ll tighten and tone your buttock and thighs – all the while working your “Powerhouse” and corpuscles to get a flat, lean stomach. Plus, you’ll improve your strength, coordination and posture. Your friends will want to know hat you’ve been doing.

Approximate Running Time: 26 Minutes

Accelerated Body Sculpting

Mari Windsor’s Accelerated Body Sculpting is a complete total biddy workout designed to work every area of the body. Shrink and firm your buns, hips and thighs. Tighten and flatten your tummy by working your center or “Powerhouse”. Increase energy, flexibility and improve overall health. Plus, sculpt long, lean muscles that will redefine your body.

A series of choreographed moves, this modular workout system allows you to tailor your workout based upon your level of physical fitness, endurance and sensitivities, so you can build and get stronger. With only three consistent workouts a week, you will not only change your body, you will change your life.

Approximate Running Time: 57 Minutes

Win-In-10 Meal Plan

To achieve the best results, to combine your workouts with a healthy eating plan. A great place to start is with the Winsor Pilates Win-In-10 Meal Plan, created just for you and featuring an easy to follow nutrition program.

If you take a look at a Pilates forum, you’ll very quickly come across a few that are totally dedicated to Windsor Pilates. The most sweeping question: does it work? Of course, like most questions, depending on who you ask, you’ll get diverse answers. Some know its one of the most adequate workouts available, while others feels its a complete waste of time.

So who do you believe?
Kind words spoken in favor of Windsor Pilates contain statements that claimed a slimmer, sculpted body as a result of Mari Winsor Pilates and others advertise that you only need 60 minutes a week with this form of exercise in order to have the slimmer, firmer body while even more call Pilates a low-intensity powerhouse of a workout. The only way to be absolutely sure of whether or not Windsor Pilates is right for you is to try it out and see. You can always check with your local library and see if they have one of the DVDs before spending the cash to try it out. If you conclude you like it, then be sure to spend money on your own DVD. No matter how much you love it or abominate it, the library will want their copy back, I promise.
Pilates has been around for more than seventy years and several of Hollywood’s finest celebrities tout the veracity of all claims that this is truly one of the best low-intensity body shaping workouts that money can buy. This, by many has been enough to give this workout a try. While some love it, there are obviously those it doesn’t work magic for and then there are those who bought it and never bothered to take it out of the DVD case (it certainly didn’t work for them). Students who study Mari Winsor Pilates often claim to feel restrored and energized after a workout rather than feeling drowsy and drained as they invariably do with different workout methods.

Others feel that Pilates is not an a satisfactory form of working out to meet their needs. No one exercise is going to be right for everyone. That being said, there are many that feel it is a great exercise plan, but not necessarily a weight loss plan. As a result I recommend that you never use diet or exercise alone as part of a weight loss plan, but a combination of the two. Of course you should always consult with your doctor before beginning any major weight loss regimen. To answer the question: Does Mari Winsor Pilates really work? That answer is one that only you can answer for yourself. I can, however, tell you that nothing works unless you try.

Does Winsor Pilates Work For Weight Loss

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1. Does Winsor Pilates Work For Weight Loss 200g Protein Weight Loss

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  • Mari Winsor: Famous for Pilates, A Teacher At Heart!

    Pilates expert Mari Winsor has a reputation. She is, of course, the creator of Winsor Pilates. She is also a business woman, a renowned pilates teacher, and an extremely fit baby boomer woman with a committed following of high profile clients.

    But the truth is that when you exercise with her Winsor Pilates workout dvd series, her presence is warm but strong, patient but insistent. Sort of like – yeah – that favorite teacher you had! Mari Winsor took some time to answer some questions for us about pilates, staying fit in midlife, and how she celebrated that milestone birthday…

    Q. How is Winsor Pilates different from traditional Pilates, and what led you to develop this highly effective take on the traditional?

    A. I was trained in Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska. She was Joseph Pilates Protege and took over his studio when he died in 1968. She taught by his side for forty years. She certified me in 1992 to teach the Pilates method. I am also a teacher trainer for her organization. Winsor Pilates is what I learned from her with my own twist on it. It is pretty much the same work. I am not sure what traditional Pilates is…when you perform Pilates exercises correctly, you get fabulous results!

    Q. What are the benefits of Winsor Pilates techniques for baby boomer women before, during, and after menopause?

    A. Maintaining good posture, staying strong and flexible, and improving balance are all important benefits to doing Pilates as we age. Improving circulation is essential for good health. Having toning and firming benefits on top of all that isn’t bad either!

    Q. For women fifty and over who are new to this type of exercise, where do you suggest they begin? Do you also recommend diet or lifestyle changes?

    A. Anyone – no matter what age – can do my dvd’s. If there is an exercise that is too difficult there is always a modifier one can follow. If you need to lose weight as well I recommend a walking regime of 20 minutes 4 times a week and watch your diet. Try and stay away from sugar and starch.

    Q. Unlike many instructors, your style of teaching on your DVD’s could be described as “warmly professional”. Do you think your approach to teaching offers a different type of appeal for at-home users?

    A. I never script a dvd – it is always fresh and different. I can never prepare what I am going to say because I am not an actress, I am a teacher. It is important to help people feel comfortable, and feel that someone really cares about what they are doing. I speak from my heart and I hope that reaches your living room a little easier. Laughing once in a while is not bad either! I only hope I can motivate people to take better care of themselves and feel better.

    Q. Can you share your insight on how to stay motivated when working out at home?

    A. When you start seeing results, you will be motivated to continue no matter where you work out. In the comfort of your own home on your own time is great, and very convenient.

    Q. You look absolutely amazing. How did you celebrate your 50th birthday?

    A. Thank you for the compliment! For my 50th I had a huge bash…I just turned 61 and my husband and I had a romantic get away in the San Ynez Valley. Both were great!

    Browse our site for more information on fitness after 50, menopause, empty nest, beauty and fashion for baby boomer women. Sign up for our newsletter!

    Author archive for Mari Winsor

    Mari Winsor

    Fitness expert Mari Winsor is widely credited with popularizing Pilates and making this once-obscure workout accessible to the public at-large.

    In 1990, Mari opened her first Pilates studio in Los Angeles, and introduced her innovative signature workout, “dynamic sequencing,” based on techniques developed by Joseph Pilates. Soon after, the highly visible bodies of musicians, professional athletes, and celebrities began to flock to her studio to be shaped, toned, and strengthened.

    Eager to learn as much as she possible could about Pilates, in 1992, Mari began studying with Romana Kryzanowska, who trained with Joseph Pilates and took over his New York studio upon his death. After one year of intense study, Mari earned her certification in the true technique of Joseph Pilates. Mari continues to study with Romana to this day.

    In 2003, Mari brought Pilates to a new level of public recognition when she released her first infomercial. The record-breaking success of the Winsor Pilates workout series and award-winning infomercials was unparalleled. Thirty videos later and over 50 million programs sold, Mari’s groundbreaking dynamic workouts have helped millions of Americans get the body they want making Winsor Pilates a household name.

    Committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with the public, Mari has created an Online Winsor Pilates Fitness Club. She has co-authored three books: The Pilates Powerhouse; The Pilates Pregnancy: Maintaining Strength, Flexibility and Your Figure; and The Pilates Workout Journal: An Exercise Diary and Conditioning Guide. Mari’s fitness expertise has been featured in countless magazines such as: Allure, Glamour, Fit Pregnancy, Health, InStyle, More, Redbook, Shape, Vogue, W, and Woman’s World.

    Now the owner of two Winsor Pilates studios and with a continuous roster of A-list clients that includes Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Berkeley, Minnie Driver, Daisy Fuentes, Jasmine Guy, Jewel, Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone, Marisa Tomei, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Dita Von Tees, Mari remains the most sought-after trainer in Hollywood and a celebrity in the world of health and fitness.

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    Winsor pilates work out

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