Women’s Luxury Retreats

Our Women’s Luxury Retreats throughout Asia tend to be small group affairs with like minded souls. If you’re looking to enjoy some ‘me’ time and are dreaming of wellness travel in the sunshine, then Asia is perfect. Solo travel is on the increase, as more of our guests are searching for single friendly holidays to heal and explore within.

Women in particular need to feel comforted and guided throughout, so here at Soul Sanctuaries you’ll have a personal wellness guide from initial contact right through until after you return home. We care about how you’re feeling, and your wellness guide will be in communication as much as you want, from tracking entry into a country to helping you to change or extend your healthy holiday once there. Our female guests feel reassured that they are never really travelling alone!

Whether you’re looking for a Women Only Yoga Retreat in Bali, a Solo Healing Holiday in India or a private Weight Loss Holiday in Thailand, we’ll personalise a women’s luxury retreat which allows you to feel both included and safe.

“The Bali, Women Only Yoga Retreat was so amazing and the service from start to end was just perfect. It was the most relaxed I have been in many years and the staff, location, experience was all 100% and beyond incredible. The idea of a ‘woman’s only’ retreat meant we all met other wonderful souls from around the world that you wouldn’t normally ever have the chance of meeting. I can’t wait to do it again!” – Ascher S, Australia

Admit it: You need a break. While sightseeing can be exciting and lounging around a pool might help you relax a little, sometimes it’s smart to specifically dedicate a vacation to feeling your best. That’s where wellness retreats come in. Whether you need a refresher in healthy eating, hope to up your fitness game, or want to tap into spirituality, there are a slew of programs at resorts across the country—and the world—that are designed to help you reach your wellness goals. The best part: With so many options out there, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your budget and your schedule. Here are 14 that are worth exploring.

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Kokora Retreat


Where: Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah
When: Wellness packages offered January 1 – February 28
Why: Kokoro means mind, body, and soul in Japanese, and this retreat aims to attend to all of them. Participants will take part in cooking classes, three meditation sessions (Crystal Sound Bath, Flotation, and guided meditation), three types of massages (sports, deep tissue, and Thai massage), and plenty of fitness classes (including Pilates and yoga). You’ll also get access to a three-hour mountain biking session and hiking experience.
Cost: From $2,505 per night

(Can’t afford to gift this retreat? Try buying one of these 14 calming presents for the yoga lover in your life.)

Wellness Collective Workshops

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Where: Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
When: 2018 dates: January 8-9 (Movement & Fitness); March 5-6 (Attitude & Perspective); May 7-8 (Nutrition & Toxicity); July 9-10 (Sleep & Respite); September 17-18 (Relationships & Connection); November 12-13 (Stress & Balance)
Why: Rancho Valencia has partnered with Lifewellness Institute to launch this series of intimate workshops, lectures, and activities organized around different themes. Need a relationship reboot? Having trouble snoozing? Choose the workshop that appeals most to you and return home with some new life skills in your toolbelt.
Cost: From $3,450 for 3 nights

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Miraval Retreat Weekend

Monarch Beach Resort

Where: Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, California
When: 2018 dates: January 12-14 (Your Year With Intention); March 15-18 (Discover the Authentic You); May 25-28 (Blue Mindfulness)
Why: Perfect for spiritual seekers, these themed retreats all feature chakra and meditation lessons, meditative painting, dream guidance, and more. (Start practicing now with this one-minute meditation for confidence!)
Cost: From $150 for the program; room rates additional

Women’s Wellness Retreat

Inns of Aurora

Where: Inns of Aurora, Aurora, NY
When: January 26-28, 2018
Why: Equal parts inspiration and relaxation, this quick retreat features inspirational talks, guided meditation, healing restorative yoga, and a custom-blend essential oils workshop with the property’s “Director of Serenity,” as well as talks about nutrition and health.
Cost: From $775 per person for double occupancy, including all meals and two nights of accommodations

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Pilates in Paradise

Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort and Spa

Where: Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort and Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica
When: February 9–11, 2018
Why: Want to get longer, leaner, and stronger? This Pilates-focused retreat caters to both newbies and those with advanced skills. You’ll also enjoy spa treatments at the brand new 30,000 square foot villa-inspired Grande Spa.
Cost: From $518 per room per night with a two-night minimum stay

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Wellness Week

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Where: Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
When: Annually in September; 2018 date TBD
Why: This annual event, which takes place 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, features culinary workshops headed by top chefs, cooking demos, yoga, Buddhist meditation, tea tastings by tea masters, instruction on health and wellness, and a variety of spa offerings.
Cost: From $319 per person per night

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Age Reversing Fitness Holiday

Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Where: Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Montego Bay, Jamaica
When: October 7–13, 2018
Why: If you need a little help turning back the clock—or at least pausing it—this program can help. The emphasis here is on full-body, dynamic stretching and strengthening exercises that are designed to help you feel more energetic, flexible, and less stiff so you can remain active and pain-free through the years.
Cost: From $3,035 for one person for 6 nights

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Amelia Island Wellness Festival

The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

Where: The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida
When: November 9-11, 2018
Why: This all-encompassing holistic wellness weekend combines yoga, meditation, and fitness. It also promises to be a lot of fun, thanks to the addition of celebrity fitness experts and a dance-inspired cardio studio (DanceBody).
Cost: From $499

(Over 40? These 5 exercise classes are perfect for you.)

Wellfit Institute retreat

Casa Tara Retreat

Where: Casa Tara Retreat, La Ventana Bay, Mexico
When: December 7-12, 2017 and March 1-6, 2018
Why: Calling all fitness fans and nature-lovers: You’ll spend six days enjoying activities like paddleboard yoga, TRX fitness and strength-training, kitesurfing, snorkeling, and swimming with whale sharks and sea lions. When you need to slow things down, head to meditation and clean cuisine classes, or take in an inspiring lecture.
Cost: From $1,695 per room

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Waikiki Luxury Wellness Retreat

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach

Where: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
When: Any time (offered year-round)
Why: Ready for some serious pampering? During your stay you’ll experience a three spa treatments inspired by Hawaiian traditions, private yoga sessions, a guided hike to Oahu’s Mānoa Valley, and a private chef’s dinner. You’ll also have access to your own custom-stocked kitchen filled with fresh, local ingredients.
Cost: From $21,000 for three nights

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Healthy Getaway or LivingWell Program

Hilton Head Health

Where: Hilton Head Health, Hilton Head, South Carolina
When: Any time (offered year-round)
Why: Spend at least a week (LivingWell) or even just 3-4 days (Healthy Getaway) and reset your health. You’ll be treated to a combo of healthy food, fitness classes, spa sessions, yoga, and wellness education.
Cost: From $700 per night for 3-4 days (Healthy Getaway); from $4,000 per week (LivingWell)

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Create your own spa retreat

Spruce Peak at Stowe

Where: Stowe Mountain Lodge at Spruce Peak, Stowe, Vermont
When: Any time (offered year-round)
Why: Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to craft their own wellness packages incorporating activities like hiking, mountain biking, zip line tours, skiing, ice climbing, and snowboarding. Indoor activities like barre and yoga classes also abound, as do spa offerings.
Cost: From $199 per night

(When it comes to comfort, stability, and everyday style, these are the best new athletic shoes for walking.)

Cleansing and Detox Retreat

Rancho La Puerta

Where: Rancho La Puerta , Tecate, Mexico
When: March 17 – 31; June 30 – July 14; Sept 22 – Oct 6
Why: Got two weeks to spare? The Detox and Cleansing Retreat is a 14-day stay that aims to promote renewed physical balance, mental clarity, and a revitalized spirit. The Cleansing and Detox Retreat will offer: 7-day organic juice cleanse, utilizing the season’s freshest ingredients from the on-property garden; five spa therapies, including colonic hydrotherapy and massage; three private 90-minute consultations with Dr. Finkelstein, author of the book Slow Medicine and longtime Ranch guest; and more.
Cost: $13,550 (or sign up with a friend and pay $12,050 per person)

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Judy Koutsky Judy Koutsky’s work has appeared in over 30 publications including Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Parents, Prevention and Scholastic.

Relaxing, Inspiring Retreats

Allison is most alive when she engages in the magical process of creating new stories and discovering “a-ha’s!” with others. She is a natural at empowering and encouraging others to achieve their dreams.

A multilingual world traveler and skilled facilitator of international writing and creativity workshops, she blends coaching, writing and art therapy to bring out a person’s creative genius.

Allison’s creativity has been cultivated over the years as a CEO of a marketing firm in San Francisco, working primarily on culture change campaigns for environmental issues. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.A. in Environmental Policy.

Mid-career, her passion shifted from the business world to all things creative (arts, writing) and healing (Reiki and meditation). She participated in several workshops on writing, healing (she trained in Reiki and meditation) and creativity, many from the University of California at Berkeley as well as writing salons in San Francisco; she then begin to lead international ones herself. Some of the brightest sparks in her life are the inspired and meaningful experiences she has with retreat participants.

Allison has just finished writing a collection of healing fairy tales which will debut in 2020.

Allison has lived and worked in Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Canada and the United States, speaks four languages, and has visited over 40 countries.

All that travel has taught her that being part of a creative community is one of the best ways to reach your goals.

Depending on the retreat, Allison teams up with esteemed writers, yoga instructors and other healing arts professionals.

Weight Loss Camp for Women

Weight Loss Camp for Women, All Fitness Levels Welcome

Unite Fitness Retreat is a fitness and weight loss retreat for women in Salt Lake City, Utah. We do have sessions with co-ed camps but we also do private “women only” camps for those women looking for a weight loss camp for just women. Do you want to lose 10 pounds? 3o Pounds? 50 Pounds? Maybe 250 Pounds? Are you looking for a kick-start that will change your life?

Whatever your goals are, we can help you in achieve them – faster than you thought possible. Our 100% all-inclusive, comprehensive and effective approach to weight loss and fitness ensures your success and long term success in managing your weight and health.

An Individualized Approach to Your Health

You are unique and so is our approach to your health and fitness. We do not offer cookie cutter programs that fit every single body. Instead, we customize our workouts to fit each women uniquely. At Unite Fitness Retreat, we specialize in knowing our clients’ needs and have developed the Unite Fitness Womens’ Weight Loss Program to meet those needs. All ages and fitness levels are welcome and we will modify all exercise to fit you and get you the best possible daily workout.

We Know How to Relax At our Fitness Resort

Yes, you’ll be working HARD! That’s why you’ll be losing fat and inches every day, But..You will also be relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind. We provide our women fitness camp guests weekly 60 minute massages, private life-coaching, daily yoga, meditation, nature walks, eucalyptus steams, vision board creating, and much more. We want you to de-stress, connect with your awareness, become renewed and make lasting behavioral changes so your health and wellness will flourish long after you leave our program.

Get Away from Your Daily Life

This part is crucial for your success. You need to get away from the stressors holding you back from living your best (and healthiest) life. Our weight loss camp for women allows the focus to be on you. This is your chance to put yourself first. Our female guests would agree, it really is best to get away. When was the last time you took time for you? Our retreat location in Utah is perfect for our daily hikes and recreation, yet it’s in a setting that is easy to navigate with lots of fun to do in your free time- Not that you have a lot of that while you are with us. The Unite weight loss and fitness retreat is designed to be incredibly structured because of that structure, your weight loss success will follow.

The top fitness bootcamps for women in Toronto meld some serious conditioning with a female-friendly atmosphere. Though there’s not much of a military influence in modern-day fitness boot camps (unless you count, say, the O Course’s fatigue-wearing drill instructor), the fitness industry’s hung on to the term to describe anything that jams tons of all-over training into a brief time frame, with a focus on quick results (and an added bonus of camaraderie and team-building with your fellow bootcampers).

Toronto has tons of great co-ed bootcamp options, but women-only fitness programs take up a solid slice of the fitness landscape. If you’re hoping to work out with other like-minded ladies, there’s a range of bootcamps out there that will teach you some new kickboxing or yoga movies, boost your endurance, build muscle, and transform you into a lean, mean fightin’ machine. And don’t be put off by all the hot-pink branding and swirly fonts – these camps mean serious business.

Here are my picks for top fitness bootcamps for women in Toronto.

Build My Body Beautiful
Good things come in threes at Build My Body Beautiful. At their trio of downtown locations, they offer three boot camps: a fat loss-oriented “Build & Burn” program based on cardio and resistance training, a high-cardio kickboxing boot camp, and a “Fit & Firm” class created to tone the body through cardio, plymetrics and weight training. If you’re not sure which is for you, they’ll let you take a trial class for free. Instructors will keep you guessing week in and week out, and participants report a friendly, social vibe.

Buns of Steel Boot Camp
Based out of the Riverdale Presbyterian Church on the Danforth, this boot camp holds six weekly one-hour classes, ranging from the “COR-DIO” (core/cardio) workout to boxing-inspired courses and circuit training. This is a good one if you’re looking for a social group (and a little accountability) – participants say they’ll hold potlucks and events, and frequently encourage one another to go to class on days when they’re tempted to slack. (Aww.)

Fit Chicks
The Fit Chicks hold a series of four, eight and 12-week programs in seven locations around Toronto. The classes, have a fun, supportive and friendly vibe – but the workouts are no walk in the park. High-intensity interval workouts are the norm here, mixing short bursts of cardio and strength. The scaleable nature of the workouts mean they’re suitable for both pros and beginners – basically, you’ll get out whatever you put in.

Sandra Jean Fitness
Trainer Sandra Jean has found a cult audience for her women-only Girlz Gone Fit program, which holds four- and eight-week sessions in North York. The workouts run the gamut from core strengthening to agility drills and high-intensity interval training. (There’s also yoga camp and “lift camp”, which focuses on resistance training using free weights.)

Go Girl Boot Camp
Personal trainer Dan Go (get it?) whips women into shape with a series of boot camps around the GTA. Go Girl’s programs place a heavy emphasis on fat loss, with exercises designed to boost metabolism (as the weirdly spammy website explains), though fans say toning benefits become apparent quickly. The camps run for one month at a time, and you can take part in up to six classes a week.

Fly Girl Fitness
Fly Girl, which currently has two locations on the east side (near Coxwell and Woodbine stations), offers two-class or three-class per week options, depending on your schedule and goals. The classes feature a mix of activities to keep your body guessing, but their health-focused, holistic gym is focused far more on overall health and personal betterment than turning you into a killing machine.

Flirty Girl Fitness
Yes, they also offer “Coyote Ugly” weekend workshops. But King West’s Flirty Girl also does some hardcore training in the form of their Bikini Bootcamp classes. Weight and cardio circuits promote all-over toning and weight loss – look for them to bring in weights, resistance bands and balls to keep the workouts fresh.

This women-only gym on Church St. offers all kinds of courses, from kettlebell to TRX; their recurring bootcamp classes will throw a variety of obstacles and drills your way for that basic-training-style experience. (If you’re looking to whip yourself into shape in a short timeframe, they also offer an eight-week bridal bootcamp program.

Did O miss any? Leave your favourite bootcamp program geared toward women in the comments.

Photo via the Build by Body Beautiful Facebook page

10 Of The Best Women’s Retreats For 2020


Are you looking for a women’s spiritual retreat or relaxation retreat that won’t take you too far from home?

Has it been getting harder to ignore the restlessness and agitation inside you or to sleep away the aching exhaustion that is eroding your energy and confidence day after day?

Those healing retreats you’ve seen online or in magazines sound awfully good right now.

You could use a break, but you want to do more than sleep or spend hours in a spa soaking in mud and drinking cucumber water.

Or maybe that’s exactly what you need.

But if you go on one of these retreats for women, no matter what kind, you want to come away from it feeling renewed.

Yes, you’ll finally have the chance to sleep, but you’ll also learn something new about yourself for your personal growth and to make the most of the life you have.

If you need a reason to go on a women’s retreat, here are a few of the most common:

  • Develop or deepen a yoga or meditation practice
  • Detoxify your body and learn sustainable daily wellness habits
  • Relax and practice self-care to restore and rejuvenate your body
  • Challenge your physical limits by tackling some bucket list activities
  • Write a book — or properly revise one you’ve written
  • Learn something new that your busy life leaves no room for
  • Take time alone to understand and to address a problem in your life

Whatever your reasons, if you could use some time alone, time with your sister or mom or with a group of your best girlfriends, consider one of the options in this article.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Retreat

Before you decide to make some phone calls, do yourself a favor and make a list of exactly what you hope to experience at a women’s meditation retreat or another kind of retreat — and what features are going to be most important to you.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Great food — prepared by someone else
  • Alcohol — or no alcohol
  • Good and plentiful coffee or tea (or both)
  • Opportunities and plenty of space for exercise (the kind you like)
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Isolation from technology (i.e. off the grid)
  • Good Wi-Fi (i.e., not off the grid)
  • Plenty of social time with other retreat goers (to make new friends)
  • Plenty of time alone (to recover from an excess of socialization)
  • A variety of soothing and detoxifying spa experiences
  • A chance to scope it out as a possible destination for a romantic retreat
  • Access to shopping (for clothing, shoes, souvenirs, etc.)
  • A chance to cross something off your bucket list

Don’t just settle on a retreat that’s closest to home or the most affordable. Look for one that meets at least one of your most critical needs or your strongest desires.

Otherwise, why bother?

10 of the Best Women’s Retreats for Self-Love and Wellness

Whether you’re looking through this list wondering, “What are the best women’s retreats near me,” or “How far away can I get from this place,” you’ll find something here that will make this year your most transformative year yet.

1. Big Sky Yoga Retreats

Locations: California, Montana, Costa Rica, Italy, and Argentina

Whether you’re a beginner with yoga or you’re looking to deepen your practice, Big Sky has luxury yoga retreats for women in Montana, as well as in more exotic locales like Patagonia, the French Alps, and Tuscany (among others).

Enjoy the wide open spaces, fresh air, exercise, and camaraderie, while you strengthen your mind-body connection and fall deeper in love with nature.

Hiking is also part of many of the women’s retreats held around the world, while yoga is at the center of it all.

2. Women’s Quest Adventures for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Locations: Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Iceland, Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, etc.

Choose one of the breathtaking locations as a backdrop and prepare yourself for an adventure that blends outdoor activities with mindful practices.

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Enjoy daily yoga and the program’s own Heart’s Desire process to help you discover what you truly want to do.

Created by women for women, these retreats are all about personal growth, transformation, and having fun.

3. New Life Hiking Spa

Location: Vermont

2020 Season Dates: May 16 — September 30

An award-winning and nationally recognized destination spa and wellness retreat, New Life provides a variety of hiking options as well as healthy cuisine and spa treatments for singles, couples, and groups.

Situated in Vermont, it’s one of the oldest and most established spa programs of its kind — focusing on wellness, rejuvenation, and weight loss.

4. Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

Location: New Mexico

Set on 70 acres fed by natural springs, this Santa Fe resort lets you decide what to focus on — from pure relaxation and pampering to adventure and self-discovery.

Meander through the gardens or down walking paths, take one of their wellness classes, or indulge in a deeply relaxing spa treatment.

Enjoy the farm-to-table cuisine and learn about ancient wisdom and healing traditions. You can even meet with a spiritual guide, try a hypnotherapy session, or learn how to identify your spirit animal.

5. The Golden Door

Location: California

Check out the #1 destination spa in the world — visited and recommended by celebrities as well as a variety of people who came expecting luxury spa treatment and some challenging exercise and who found more than they dared expect.

You’ll have a chance to work on personal issues with caring experts, to detoxify emotionally, spiritually and physically, and to experience compassion, forgiveness, and peace.

6. Hawaii Island Retreat

Location: Hawaii

This eco-boutique wellness spa on the island of Hawaii is situated right on the legendary North Kohala Coast, with acres of gardens and wild groves to walk through, as well as valley trails.

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The retreat runs on sustainable energy and grows organic fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Meals are prepared daily by their executive chef, Moe, who caters to each diner’s specific dietary needs.

Each room is equipped with organic bamboo robes and other organic self-care products, as well as other thoughtful surprises.

7. Springwater Center

Location: New York

If you’re looking for a silent retreat that serves only vegetarian fare, and that is situated in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of western New York, consider Springwater Center.

The only requirements are that you participate in the silence and do your assigned job.

The food is all communally prepared, and aside from the silent times and the hour-long work period, you have the rest of the day to enjoy secluded trails, outdoor lawn spaces, or one of the many comfortable indoor spaces for meditation — alone or with others.

8. Lake Austin Spa Resort

Location: Texas

A premier wellness retreat 30 minutes from downtown Austin, this spa resort offers fitness classes, nature trails, spa and facial treatments (including massage), cooking classes, and astrologer-guided stargazing sessions.

The majority of those who come here are women — many in groups with family or friends — and room rates include all meals, including an afternoon snack.

The food and spa treatments use produce and herbs from the resort’s own gardens.

9. The Art of Living Retreat Center

Location: North Carolina (Western)

Set high up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this sanctuary provides a variety of retreat experiences and America’s #1 Ayurvedic Spa for deep relaxation and healing.

Wholesome and flavorful vegetarian dishes are served buffet style three times a day, and you have a varied menu of activities to choose from for exercise, education, or relaxation.

10. Copperhood Retreat and Spa

Location: New York (Catskills)

Nestled in the Catskill Mountains, a two hour’s drive from New York City, this award-winning retreat spa offers personalized plans for weight loss, detox juice fasting, raw food diets, and fitness conditioning — as well as stress relief.

Come to renew your commitment to fitness and health and enjoy the spa services and the gourmet, organic, farm-to-table meals.

BONUS. Write Around the World Retreats

Location: France, Lake Tahoe, etc.

Write that book in a magical villa north of Paris. Or choose Lake Tahoe for your scenic backdrop.

We know you could probably write just about anywhere if you had to, but why not start something new with your next writing project?

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Combine writing with traveling to inspire you in ways you might not experience if you wrote in the same place as before.

The coordinators for these writing retreats also offer customizable writing retreats for those who want to choose their own dates and who’d prefer a Greek island, a French castle, or another idyllic location.

Ready for your next women’s retreat?

Now that you know some great options for women’s retreats and what they offer, what features and locations appeal to you most right now?

Which ones made you feel more relaxed as you read about them? Or which excited you more?

Listen to your gut on this one; it knows more than your conscious, reasoning mind has access to. Listen to them both as you examine your favorites and choose where you’ll spend your first women’s retreat. provides links to and information on a variety of relaxation retreats in the U.S. — including those specifically for women.

And links to 194 of the best women’s retreats around the world.

Whether you stay within a specific radius of your home or fly off to a different country, your retreat should offer something you can’t get at home.

Only you can then decide, after enjoying your retreat, whether the same place would also be a great couple’s destination or an ideal vacation spot for the important ladies in your life.

If you’re traveling outside your borders, though, make sure the political climate doesn’t make your chosen venue dangerous to U.S. citizens — and to women in particular.

You want this to be an experience you’ll not only survive but thoroughly enjoy.

Otherwise, may your curiosity and sense of adventure influence your choice and everything else you do today.


Women’s Retreat – Top 20

A women’s retreat 2019 is one of the biggest trends for travel and they look set to grow over the coming months and years. We have compiled a guide of women’s retreat ideas for you and not only included yoga retreats but wellness retreats, surf retreats, raw food retreats, transformative experiences or just the chance to relax and unwind in a safe and supportive, women-only environment, there is unique wellness retreats out there waiting for you. Because nothing beats stress, overwhelming health problems, or even a lack of direction in life than booking a trip, getting away from it all, reconnecting with nature and nurturing yourself for a change. Especially if it involves a tropical location, like a Bali Women’s retreat!
There’s also something special about being part of a group of women who are all looking to grow, to share, to support and to have fun together that just can’t be matched in a mixed-sex environment. We’ve worked hard and left no stone unturned in our quest to find you the best women’s retreat 2019. Some are a bit of a splurge, some are more budget-friendly, but they’ll all help you shake off stress, hit that reset button and have a ton of fun at the same time. Read on!


1. Bali Women’s Retreats
2. UK Women’s Retreats
3. Women’s Retreats – Continental Europe
4. Women’s Retreats – America
5. Women’s Retreats – Rest of the World

Bali Women’s Retreat

Bliss Sanctuary for Women’s Retreats, Bali

Shake off your everyday worries, disconnect, and find your bliss with this women’s wellness retreat nestled between the rice paddies in beautiful Berawa Canggu, Bali. Unlike many other retreats, this one doesn’t give you a schedule or any planned activities you’re obliged to turn up for. Just come along, indulge in the unlimited yoga sessions, unlimited massages, unlimited sightseeing and unlimited meals and create your own retreat schedule that suits your needs.
Activities on offer also include personal training, surfing, SUP, sessions with a healer, cooking lessons or even a trek up Mt Batur volcano to help you walk away feeling happier, nurtured and totally serene. And when you’re done with that, enjoy your indoor/outdoor bathroom, take a walk through the tropical gardens, enjoy the beaches close by and enjoy the luxury bohemian feel you’d expect from a Bali retreat.

Style of yoga: Various (choose when you arrive)
Price range: Luxury
Food: Gourmet local, healthy cuisine
Activities: Yoga, sightseeing, meditation, surf, healing, spa treatments
Pros: Wide selection of unlimited yoga classes
Cons: The price might be off-putting to some

Goddess Retreats (Yoga, Surf, Fit), Bali

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic all-round women’s wellness retreat to help you shake off the stress and escape from the mayhem, you’re looking to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally or you’d love to try your hand at surfing or SUP, award-winning Goddess Retreats has the women’s wellness retreat package for you.
Nourish your body with healthy organic meals, lift your spirits with transformational yoga and meditation sessions, spoil your body with unlimited spa treatments and develop a brand-new skill by indulging in surf or SUP lessons in a supportive, women-only environment with plenty of laughs, friendship and understanding.
If you’d like to explore more of the cultural side of Bali, you can also enjoy Balinese healing sessions, cultural activities at sacred Balinese sites and enjoy the magic that this tropical jungle environment can provide.
Unlike many other retreats, Goddess Retreats also offers a range of women’s retreat packages to suit every budget, so you can enjoy this transformative space even if you’re not so well off.

Style of yoga: Transformational Yoga
Price range: Mid-range to luxury
Food: Personalised gourmet menu
Activities: Yoga, meditation, cultural activities, wellness activities, healing, surf, SUP.
Pros: They’re one of the longest running wellness retreat organisers around, so they really know how to create a retreat that rocks!
Cons: Despite the packages, the price might still be too high for some.

Escape Haven Retreats, Bali
Voted best women’s retreat by Harper Bazaar and in 2017 won the Best Luxury Wellness Retreat in the World award at the world luxury hotel awards, this high-quality wellness sanctuary is surrounded by nature, in the heart of the Bali jungle and will help you ‘rejuvenate, transform, and blossom’ into the most radiant version of yourself whilst having fun.
This yoga retreat will allow you to unwind and recharge your batteries in whatever way your heart desires. Do as much or little of the wellness activities on offer as you like, or simply kick-back, reconnect with your spiritual side and enjoy everything that this tropical destination has to offer.
You’ll get unlimited yoga and meditation sessions, daily spa treatments and luxurious activities that will help you feel calmer and de-stressed. Don’t forget to enjoy the spa menu whilst you’re there- it’s nourishing and delicious and they even offer complimentary exotic fruit baskets, picnic snack packs and poolside snack platters that will get you glowing from the inside.
When it comes to the private luxury accommodation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Expect fresh cotton linen, an iPod dock stereo (private retreat villas), hair dryers, custom-blended spa products and even the sound of birdsong first thing in the morning.
They even provide a butler and free airport transfers too. It’s no wonder that they’re consistently voted number one on TripAdvisor for women’s yoga retreats in Bali and they continue to win travel awards around the world.
And if you’re still feeling energetic after all that, you can add surf lessons to the mix and experience a whole new side to Bali.

Style of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Kundalini and Yoga Nidra (plus plenty more like partner yoga)
Price range: Luxury
Food: Personalised gourmet meals created by Therapeutic Chefs and designed by whole food nutritionists
Activities: Yoga, meditation, surfing, spa, healing, sightseeing, fitness
Pros: the only women’s specific surfing programme – over 40 staff looking after 14 guests, the most luxurious accommodation of any Bali retreat, a holistic healing centre, unlimited yoga, meditation and spa treatments. Set in the famous Canggu surf village.
Cons: Again, the price might be too high for some.

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UK Women’s Retreat

The Body Retreat, UK/France/Spain

The Body Retreat offers a wonderful range of women’s wellness retreats which promise to help you lose weight, overcome stress, eliminate sugar, and feel wonderful about yourself over the space of a few days or a week.
Designed by women for women, they’ve really paid attention to the finer details of their wellness retreats, including mindfulness sessions, group hypnotherapy, yoga, Pilates, exercise and tasty nourishing foods in the programme so you can walk away feeling pounds lighter and a million miles more relaxed than when you arrived.
I love their focus on whole-body wellness, their supportive, calm and gentle manner, and the sense that you really will be taken care of on one of their women’s only retreats.

Style of yoga: Various (please check with the retreat organisers)
Price range: Mid-range
Food: Delicious personalised meals
Activities: Yoga, mindfulness, group hypnotherapy, Nordic Walking, Gymsticks, Pilates, strength training, HIIT, workshops,
Pros: Brilliant range of retreat options and dates
Cons: If you’re not keen to lose weight, this might not be the best choice for you.

Womb Yoga Women’s Retreat, UK

If you’re looking for a women’s yoga retreat which targets the unique needs of women at every stage of their lives, helps to unlock inner female wisdom, awakens female energies and celebrates what it means to be a woman in a spiritual, soothing space, you should definitely check out Womb Yoga.
You’ll learn how to disconnect from everyday stress and worry, relax deeply and unleash your inner goddess through plenty of deep relaxation sessions, sound baths, Bhakti yoga, movement, dance, delicious vegan food and walks in the Wiltshire country air. You’ll emerge feeling like your goddess energy has been unlocked and you’ve been reborn!
I love the fact they also have an inclusion statement on their website which helps outline what you should do if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have young children but still want to attend this wonderful women-only retreat.

Style of yoga: Bhakti yoga, Yoga Nidra
Price range: Budget
Food: Tasty vegan food
Activities: Sacred dance, yoga, meditation, nature walks
Pros: Affordable, plenty of yoga and delicious vegan food!
Cons: This retreat focuses heavily on the spiritual and the divine female energy. This might not be great for all.

The Sharpham Trust Woodland Retreat, UK

If you’re a girl who prefers to get out into the great outdoors and dreams of slipping away from the craziness of modern life and connecting with Mother Nature, you’ll be a big fan of the Nature Connection Retreats for Women offered by the Sharpham Trust.
You’ll sleep in a beautiful bell tent with the fresh air wafting through the woodland around you, you’ll wake to the sound of birds singing, you’ll experience life-changing guided meditations, movement and sitting practices, attend medicine walks, and forage and feast on wild food. But don’t worry- you don’t have to gather all your own food- they’ll also provide a beautiful spread of home-cooked vegetarian food throughout the retreat.
Whether you’re new to mindfulness, you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress or you’re just looking for a soothing and rejuvenating breakaway, you’ll finish your retreat with all the tools to stay calm even when life is giving you lemons. You’ll also start to grow into your most authentic self and feel connected and strong. I should mention though that this retreat emphasises the meditation aspect of yoga instead of the postures, so if you’d prefer to get moving you should probably choose a different retreat.

Style of yoga: Movement meditation practice
Price range: Budget
Food: Home-cooked vegetarian food
Activities: guided meditations, movement & sitting practice, nature awareness and nature sensing activities, medicine walks, foraging and feasting on wild food
Pros: You’ll be in a beautiful bell tent in the forest. What could be better?
Cons: This retreat mainly focuses on meditation and stillness and downplays the movement element of the retreat.

Raw Horizons Wellbeing & Yoga Retreats UK

If you’re looking to combine a transformative Kundalini yoga retreat with meditation and delicious raw food, make sure you reserve your place on the Raw Horizon’s two-night yoga retreat. Whether you’re already living a raw food lifestyle, or you’re simply curious what this energizing and restorative food can bring to your life, this wellness retreat is perfect for you. It will leave you feeling enlightened, relaxed, cleansed both inside and out, and ready for anything life might throw at you.
What makes it unusual is the Kundalini yoga. This style doesn’t feature often in most yoga retreats but it’s a wonderful style for helping reconnect the body with the mind and unleashing any untapped energy. I love it!
All this detoxing and reconnecting takes place at Split Farthing Hall, an 18th-century Georgian mansion located in the peaceful North Yorkshire countryside, just 2 hours train journey from Manchester or London, England.
Did I mention how there are also therapeutic spa facilities, a hot tub and far-infrared sauna to enjoy as well a range of massages and even high-speed WIFI available?…

Style of yoga: Kundalini
Price range: Mid-range
Food: Healthy, gourmet raw food
Activities: Yoga, group workshops, energy work, massages, meditation
Pros: Small groups of no more than twelve women
Cons: Might not be the best option if you’re not keen on the idea of raw food

White Calm Retreats – Women’s Retreat, UK & Spain

Banish your worries and overcome your hormonal issues by attending this luxury women’s wellness retreat in a stunning country house in Devon, England.
With the expert guidance of two loving and supportive women, you’ll learn how to banish night sweats and mood swings, overcome PMT and adrenal fatigue, and start living in flow with your unique female energy. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll enjoy womb yoga sessions, hormone workshops, healthy and nourishing food, optional spa treatments and hormone testing, plenty of outdoor walks and even an open fire to return to when you’re feeling chilly.
Because this retreat is all about ageing gracefully, it’s specially designed for women over 35, and very much focused on sexual health and the menopause. I’d highly recommend it for women who are starting to struggle with their hormones and want to feel grounded, soothed and radiant.
Style of yoga: Womb yoga
Price range: Luxury
Food: Healthy food
Activities: yoga, dance, breath and meditation sessions, Workshops on menopause, hormones and weight gain, spa treatments, hormone testing,
Pros: Great way to address symptoms of the peri-menopause and menopause.
Cons: Not a great option if you’re under 35 and your hormones are fine.

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Europe Women’s Retreat

Menogo Wellness Retreats, Spain

Start putting yourself first and give yourself some TLC by joining Lynda and her team for the Menogo Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit & Menopause.
From the top of a hill in the stunning Andalucian countryside, looking down on acres of olive and lemon trees, you’ll learn how to make the most of your blessings, move forward with enthusiasm, energy and self-awareness, and create brand new healthy habits that will allow you to make the second half of your life, the best half.
Be aware that this isn’t purely a women’s yoga retreat, nor a women’s wellness retreat, more like a masterful blend of the two- offering life coaching sessions alongside yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, healthy food and great sleep, self-care rituals and plenty of the fresh Mediterranean air.
If you’re struggling with your hormones or any aspect of the menopause, this is definitely the women-only retreat you need to choose.
Style of yoga: Various (please check with retreat organisers)
Price range: Luxury
Food: Fresh healthy foods for hormonal health
Activities: Life coaching, yoga, meditation, massage, waterskiing, paddle boarding, cycling and rock climbing, Hormone Mastery Workshop
Pros: Perfect if you want to heal your hormones and feel great
Cons: Might not be the best choice if you’re under 35 and not concerned about your hormones

Heart Centre Yoga Nourish in Nature – Women’s Retreat, Portugal

When you have a crazy busy life and you’re constantly taking care of the kids, or staying late at the office, or trying to remember a million and one things, you often find you need time to disconnect and learn healthy ways to deal with the stress so it doesn’t overwhelm you.
If this sounds familiar, then you’ll love’s women’s yoga retreat in sunny Portugal. _
Enjoy the peaceful off-grid boutique eco-accommodation, take leisurely swims in the natural pool nearby, sink into the twice-daily yoga sessions, enjoy the three wholefood nutritious meals available (gluten-free and vegan options are available), treat yourself to a massage, reflexology or reiki session, take long walks, and enjoy learning more about herbs, hormones and adrenal fatigue, and return to everyday life feeling like a brand-new woman!
This place is perfect if you’re really desperate to get away from it all and reconnect with nature.
Style of yoga: Hatha and vinyasa
Price range: Budget/mid-range
Food: Fresh, wholesome and tasty
Activities: Yoga, pranayama, meditation, massage, reiki, reflexology, herb and nutrition workshops,
Pros: Located in the heart of the stunning Portuguese countryside.
Cons: Might feel too isolated for some.

Chicks on Waves Yoga & Surf Weeks, Portugal

Chicks on Waves offers yoga retreats or combined yoga and surf retreats in the stunningly beautiful, isolated, sunny location of Sagres, in the Algarve, Portugal.
With the best waves in Europe, and more than 300 days of sunshine each year, this is the place to go if you want a women’s only retreat with yoga lessons, meals, free water tea, coffee and fruit and perhaps even daily surfing lessons. If you want to explore some of this craggy, lush coastline, jump on the free mountain bike they provide and pedal your way around the coastline, or visit the nearby town of Lagos and other pretty fishing villages in this part of the Algarve.
The best part about these women only retreats is the fact that they keep everything super-simple, without frills or unnecessary details on the website or unnecessary extras.

Style of yoga: Various, including Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow.
Price range: Budget
Food: Healthy food for maximum energy!
Activities: Yoga, surf, use of mountain bikes
Pros: Emphasis on quality surf lessons and for a really affordable price!
Cons: Accommodation is in a shared room, which might not be suitable for all(though private rooms are available at request)

America Women’s Retreat

The Chopra Center Women’s Retreat, USA

Get the guidance and support you need to unlock your innate female wisdom and start making the most of your full potential on this women’s retreat, hosted by The Chopra Center.
Awaken your power with the daily Shakti yoga sessions, reveal your inner wonders with their unique style of meditation, and attend inspiring talks from big names in women’s wellness such as psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff, author Geneen Roth, leader of The New Heart Movement, Louise Laffey, medical director Dr. Sheila Patel, and master educator Sara Harvey.
You’ll also enjoy delicious Ayurvedic meals, stay at the luxurious Omni La Costa Resort & Spa near San Diego, and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about female self-care, how to nurture yourself, and how to unlock your immense female potential. The life benefits you’ll reap from this retreat are very much worth the price.

Style of yoga: Shakti Yoga
Price range: Luxury
Food: Ayurvedic food
Activities: Yoga, meditation, workshops & talks,
Pros: Wonderful way to learn more about female health from a group of experts and spoil yourself a little.
Cons: If you’re without psychological issues and just looking to do a ton of yoga, this might not be the best choice for you.

Las Olas Surf Safaris Women’s Retreat, Mexico

Las Olas believe that yoga isn’t just about stretching your body, but it’s also about stretching your mind, trying new things and slow down to relish each and every moment, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’d highly recommend these surf and yoga retreats at Las Olas in Mexico.
Founded by Bev Sanders, co-founder of Avalanche Snowboards, Las Olas have been running their ground-breaking retreats since way back in 1997 and continually prove that yoga and surf are the best paths towards relaxation and self-empowerment.
What I love most is the way they add a ton of cultural activities to their women-only retreats, such as salsa and guacamole making, fun salsa dancing lessons, margarita-making, Huichol beading presentations and perhaps even the chance to see baby turtles released into the wild, or dolphins and whales in their natural habitat.
You’ll stay in their gorgeous villas which have been individually designed and built by local craftsmen and artisans, dine on the freshest local food around and have an incredible amount of fun.

Style of yoga: Surf-specific yoga
Price range: Mid-range
Food: Delicious healthy food
Activities: Surf, massage, yoga, spa treatments, Salsa y Guacamole Lesson, Love Your Surfboard workshop, SUP, salsa dancing, Margarita-making, Huichol beading presentation, “¿Que onda?” Neighborhood Spanish Lesson.
Pros: Great way to immerse yourself in Mexican life and get plenty of surf and yoga.
Cons: This retreat is mainly about the surfing. This might not be ideal for everyone.

Crossbow Villa Luxury Retreat, Barbados

Crossbow Villa offers an incredible women’s retreat that will keep you up and moving, burning those calories, shaping and flexing your body, and enjoying the beautiful island of Barbados.
You’ll be staying in a luxury retreat room, complete with Egyptian cotton sheets, ceiling fans, AC, flat-screen TV, DVDs, and full ensuite facilities, and most rooms have a stunning view right outside. All meals have been carefully designed to promote healthy weight-loss and are included in the price.
Style of yoga: Various (please contact the retreat organiser to find out more)
Price range: Luxury
Food: Healthy and delicious
Activities: Stretching, swimming, cardio, Pilates, paddle boarding, snorkelling, spinning, HIIT, Boxercise, hiking and more.
Pros: Brilliant women’s retreat if you’re keen to lose weight and get fit.
Cons: This retreat is ultra-light when it comes to the yoga, but heavy on the fitness which might not appeal to all.

New Mexico Women’s Retreat, Guest Houses & Healing Center, USA

Sometimes, you find yourself in a place in life when you simply need to heal. Perhaps you’ve struggled with a difficult, person, place or situation. Perhaps ill health has taken its toll. Perhaps you’re grieving a lost loved one, a lost relationship or lost dreams.
When you feel like this, the perfect place to go is the high desert of New Mexico, right next to Santa Fe National Park. Because there you’ll find the New Mexico Women’s Retreat featuring a group of fully equipped adobe casitas, 1000 acres of nature, wild eagles and other desert animals, complete peace and quiet, love and friendship and sometimes even female healers who could share their skills with you if required.
Stay here in the depths of nature and you’ll find your pain slowly melts away and the joy will fill the darkest parts of your heart.
This is the perfect place to heal, read, write, compose, draw, practice yoga or meditation (although classes aren’t provided), make new friends and simply be at one with nature. If you’re interested, please do read through their website- there’s a ton of information there.
Style of yoga: Whatever you desire
Price range: Budget
Food: Not included
Activities: Whatever you feel like doing.
Pros: Beautiful unspoilt New Mexico with all the time in the world to enjoy it.
Cons: No direct yoga instruction so not the best option if you’re looking for a teacher-lead class.

Worldwide Women’s Retreat

Travel Girls Getaways (Bali, Malawi & Morroco)

Women’s yoga and wellness retreats don’t need to be just about practicing yoga, meditating and stillness. They can also be active, adventurous, educational and tons of fun. Like this two-week women’s only retreat in the heart of Bali. More coming up too in Malawi & Morroco,
Strictly speaking, this isn’t exactly a yoga retreat (there’s only one yoga class) but we’ve included it in this list because of the wealth of education and wellness inspiration it offers.
On this Bali women’s retreat, you’ll learn everything you need to know to kick-start a career in the blogging world whilst kicking back and enjoying Bali from an insider’s perspective. You’ll also enjoy 7-nights’ accommodation in a luxury villa, full 3 meals per day, a ton of eBooks, all entrance fees paid, a yoga class, a massage, great tours of the island and of course, the exciting chance to get to know a ton of other like-minded women.
Having said that, if you don’t want to buzz around the island exploring or want to skip an activity or two, that’s perfectly fine too.

Style of yoga: Various (please contact the retreat organisers)
Price range: Luxury
Food: Delicious food inside the villa and also in restaurants
Activities: Yoga, blogging and business workshops, massage,
Pros: Brilliant way to experience Bali, learn more about online business and stick to your yoga practice.
Cons: This retreat is more about the blogging and Bali than the yoga.

Swell Women Surf, Yoga and Wellness Vacations (various locations)

If a women’s yoga and surf break in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Maui, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka or Indonesia sounds like your dream come true, book yourself a trip with Swell Women.
They offer a range of dates and locations around the world which combine epic surf lessons, nourishing breakfasts, soothing yoga sessions and even a Sunset sail dinner to help you unplug from the madness and find your ‘inner om’ in just a week.
Get up early for the expert surf lessons, indulge in a nourishing breakfast that will energise you for the rest of your day, head out on excursions, slip into the spa or just sit and read a book in paradise. You’ll soon feel revived, refreshed and ready to head back to everyday life.

Style of yoga: Various (please contact directly)
Price range: High-end luxury
Food: Only breakfast included
Activities: Surf, yoga, catamaran trip, massage.
Pros: Expect an action-packed trip!
Cons: The price is very high compared to most yoga retreats…

Shakti Retreats (various locations)

Launched in 2017 by Elena Rose Davis, a certified Sattva Yoga Teacher, Shakti Retreats provides retreats for women to honour the divine through ancient rituals, movement practices, therapeutic touch, wisdom, conscious community, culture, and exploring, This retreat includes daily movement and meditation sessions (including Kundalini, Kriyas, and Vinyasa yoga for all levels, pranayama, mantra and chanting, Pilates, ecstatic dance, and more), sacred ceremonies and rituals based in the Tantric and Balinese traditions such as daily Puja and water purification ceremony, excursions including free diving, snorkeling, and hikes, plus additional massage therapy and private healing services are available. Packages start at $1400, including all lodging and meals.

Style of yoga: Sattva Yoga
Price range: Mid-range
Food: All inclusive vegan & vegetarian meals
Activities: Free diving, snorkelling, massage.
Pros: Expect an action-packed trip!
Cons: The retreat is more leaning on the spiritual side with chanting, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Also, it’s newly established so not much feedback at present.

A Women’s retreat is all about spoiling yourself, so what are you waiting for? Book yourself a break from the madness of everyday life, then relax and reconnect, unleash your true female power and feel amazing whilst you enjoy a holiday you’ll never forget. And if you have any Women’s retreat ideas that we might have missed out, please leave a comment below.

The best yoga, mindfulness and fitness breaks for 2018

Bamboo Yoga, Goa, India

With so much choice in India – the birthplace of yoga – it’s hard to know where to start. Bamboo Yoga, at the southern end of Patnem beach in Goa, is a true find, with brilliant teachers, comfortable huts and tasty organic, vegetarian food. Guests can tailor-make yoga holidays, dropping into classes (resident teachers run two 90-minute classes a day) and choosing to eat in or at the restaurants and bars on the beach, or come on an all-inclusive week-long retreat run by a visiting teacher (Jeff Phenix of London’s Triyoga is here from 10-17 February, for example). With several yoga shalas (studios) there’s plenty of space, and the location by the sea is perfect.
• Stays from €66 night, including substantial breakfast, afternoon tea and snacks, and all yoga. Open October to end March,

Shamballah Yoga Retreat, Portugal

Opened last summer by Portuguese couple Patricia and Zarqa (who are great masseurs), Shamballah is an intimate retreat in a stunning part of Portugal, on the edge of Sintra national park, 10 minutes’ walk from the wild, beautiful coast. The week-long retreats are for all levels, with two yoga classes a day, plus an hour of meditation after dinner. In between there are walks, surfing lessons and the fairytale town of Sintra to explore. The creative vegetarian food deserves special mention, with delicious packed lunches provided each day. The retreat is the couple’s home – with just three simple guest bedrooms (a quadruple and two twins, shared bathrooms) – which adds to the personal experience. Lisbon airport is a 40-minute drive away.
• From €600 all-inclusive for a week in a shared room, flights extra,

Sharpham Trust, Devon

On a beautiful estate near Totnes, South Devon, the Sharpham Trust is a charity that runs a variety of mindfulness, meditation and yoga retreats. On a three-night yoga break there are three sessions each day with different teachers offering various styles, including yoga nidra (yoga of sleep) and periods of silence. Other weekends focus on reconnecting with nature and mindfulness through singing.
• 4 June, three-night mindfulness and yoga reatreat, £325, full board,

Adventure Yogi, Ibiza

If an intensive yoga retreat feels too restrictive, Adventure Yogi has a B&B and yoga option in Ibiza with lots of flexibility. Daily 90-minute morning yoga classes and a huge and healthy brunch are included in the price – and the rest of the time is free to explore the White Isle’s beaches, towns and nightlife. Accommodation is “ashram style” in a simple finca or in caravans in the garden. Adventure Yogi offers lots of other great choices, from UK weekends to a skiing and yoga week in France.
• Room from £60 a night (min four nights), week £395, caravan £90 a night for two, with yoga and breakfast,

Centro Santillan, Spain

This beautiful retreat centre in the Andalucian hills, overlooking the Mediterranean east of Malaga, hosts different teachers and various types of yoga holiday year round. New for 2018 is a raw food, yoga and walking retreat with regular teacher and co-owner Simon Low. Besides dynamic and restorative yoga classes there are morning hikes in the surrounding hills, chi kung, food preparation and nutrition classes, plus lots of sumptuous raw feasts and juices.
• 6-13 May and 6-23 September, from £1,012, flights extra, For full calendar see

42 Acres, Somerset

In a secluded Somerset valley surrounded by 700 acres of ancient woodland, 42 Acres is a beautiful place to get away from it all. Stylish accommodation (including a dorm) is in the main house – originally a 19th-century dairy farm – and cottages in the grounds. The programme of retreats for 2018 includes a Springtime Awakening weekend, with twice-daily yoga and guided evening meditations in the yoga yurt and inside by an open fire, all led by yoga teacher and nutritionist Suzanne Cork. Workshops on essential oils and hip-opening yoga poses are also included. All food is organic and local and includes meat and fish.
• 23-25 March, from £349,

Pure Flow Yoga, Thailand

Right on the beach on Koh Phangan and backed by lush jungle, Pure Flow Yoga offers a range of classes with experienced teachers, held in a beautiful shala. There are 5-, 10- or 15-day retreats and accommodation in simple bungalows at nearby Bamboo Huts is included in the price. Besides two yoga classes a day there’s pranayama (breathwork) and meditation, an asana alignment workshop and complimentary Thai massages and steam baths. Food is extra but there’s lots of local choice – Bamboo Huts has a great restaurant.
• Six-night, five-day retreat from $505, flights extra,

Destination Yoga, Sardinia

For a luxurious yoga break in a gorgeous location, Destination Yoga has introduced one-week retreats at Hotel Galanias, near Bari Sardo on the east coast of Sardinia. Twice-daily yoga classes take place on an outdoor platform overlooking the sea, and there’s lots of time to enjoy the two pools, sandy beach and spa treatments. Delicious local food (including non-vegetarian options) is included in the price. Destination Yoga has also introduced tailor-made holidays at 10 destinations for 2018, so guests can stay as long as they like and join twice-daily classes without being on a set group retreat.
• 20-27 July, 27 July-3 August and 4-11 August, from £995pp full-board, flights extra,

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness has been a wellbeing buzzword for several years now – but it’s here to stay and the only way to see if the said benefits of a calm, more focused mind are true is to try it. The Now Project offers non-intimidating, relaxed weekend retreats for those totally new to the practice as well as those with more experience. Held several times a year in a woodland location near Eye in the north of Suffolk, the courses teach mindfulness techniques and allow participants plenty of time to try them out. Meals are vegetarian and accommodation is in log cabins with bunk beds – or tents in summer – though there are B&Bs nearby for those wanting more comfort.
• Two nights £290pp in cabin, £240 camping, full board,

Breathwork, Poland

It’s a little bit out there, but the idea behind the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release method is that the breath can help release unprocessed emotions and tensions from the body. On a week or 10-day retreat, participants join in long, daily group breathing sessions (expect tears) led by the movement’s founder, Giten Tonkov, as well as moving meditation and dance. Greater clarity and a new-found sense of peace are said to be some of the benefits experienced. Retreats are held around the world: three times a year in Poland, as well as in Bali and the USA. Each week counts as a module towards training to be a breathworker (four completes it) for those who want to take it further.
• A week in Poland costs €950, excluding food and accommodation (from €220) and flights to Krakow,

Vipassana, Herefordshire

Photograph: Kirk Brown

For those who want to delve deep into meditation, a 10-day vipassana retreat offers full immersion. Silence is maintained throughout and 10 hours of meditation is practised a day – with no reading, writing or mobile phones allowed. It is full-on, with an early start and just two vegetarian meals a day, but the effort apparently pays off with participants often citing a greater sense of calm, a quieter mind and tools for bringing meditation into daily life among the results. There are retreat centres around the world – in the UK try Dhamma Dipa in Herefordshire, in a rural setting with basic but comfortable accommodation. Payment is by donation – the idea is that you’re donating for someone else to have the experience.

Wim Hof method, Switzerland

There’s only one F in Hof … the Dutchman Wim Hof

Dutchman Wim Hof – aka Ice Man – has been making headlines for his ability to withstand extreme cold and hold his breath for minutes on end. The method he uses – which he attributes to a form of yogic breathing and meditation – is claimed to reduce stress, boost energy, increase endurance and fortify the immune system. Wim, or one of his trainees, hold one-day workshops around the world, as well as weekends and week-long experiences, all designed to help participants towards optimal mental and physical health. One option is a three-day You Are Limitless weekend in the Bernese Oberland run by Linda Koeman, which includes breathing exercises, exposure to the cold, hiking and optional winter river swimming.
• 23-25 March and 14-16 December, from €550 full-board, flights extra,

Walking and mindfulness, Mallorca

After the popularity of its Mindfulness in the Mountains holidays in the Lake District, Ramblers Walking Holidays has introduced a Mindfulness in Mallorca break. Based in San Telmo on the unspoiled south-west coast, the week includes mindfulness practices suitable for anyone and coastal and inland walks (some in silence) through beautiful countryside, with yoga and meditation too.
• 1-8 September, seven nights from £935 half-board including BA flights,

Five-day mindfuless, Isles of Scilly

Tresco, Scilly

Thirty miles off the Cornish coast, the island of Tresco really offers a chance to get away from it all. This year will see the first Tresco Mindfulness break – five days of meditation, reflection and relaxation in a wild landscape. Guests should learn the tools of mindfulness, spend restorative time in nature (including a day on an uninhabited island) and come away rested and equipped with a personal practice to support challenges in daily life. Payment for teaching is based on the concept of dana – a contribution depending on what you can afford and what you feel the retreat is worth.
• 5-10 October, from £435, including half-board and flight or ferry to Tresco from Cornwall. Tuition extra, based on donation,

FeelViana, Portugal

Cycling near Viana do Castelo

Surrounded by pine forest, right on the beach near Viana do Castelo in north Portugal, FeelViana is a new hotel dedicated to sport and wellness. There are yoga and pilates classes, an extensive spa and Turkish baths, and a choice of sporting activities, such as kitesurfing, standup paddleboarding and sailing. There are great biking and hiking routes here too, along coast and rivers and into the area’s mountains. Classes are paid for separately so the trip can be tailormade. Porto airport is 45 minutes away.
• Seven nights from £695 B&B, including flights, SUP tour or surf lesson £30,

Fitness week, France

With its pine forests, lakes and wild Atlantic beaches, the landscape around Hossegor, north of Biarritz, draws comparisons to parts of California – and makes an ideal spot for a wellness break. “Reboot France” is a new collaboration between holiday rental company Alternative Aquitaine and Bay Fitness (both run by Brits), which combines a week’s stay at a beautiful villa with activities that make the most of the natural setting. Yoga, cycling, surfing, hiking in the Pyrenees and bootcamp-style classes on the beach are among options. Guests have a health screening on arrival, checking everything from posture to blood pressure, and programmes are tailored to suit. It’s run by fitness guru Andrew Blake, who has worked with Olympic athletes.
• 12-19 May, from £799 pp full-board based on two sharing, flights extra, with a further week in October,

Unplugged weekend, Devon

Schumacher College, Totnes, offers courses in sustainable living. Photograph: Kim Aldis

Nature-based learning centre Schumacher College offers a chance to retreat and recharge on its Unplugged weekend, held on the beautiful Dartington estate in Totnes. There are guided walks across Dartmoor with an ecologist to explore forests, rivers, a deer park and famous gardens, as well as “sound meditation”, poetry, music and yoga. The college also offers long and short courses in ecology and sustainable living year round.
• 23-25 February, £295 including basic accommodation, vegetarian meals and activities,

Lotus Retreat, Canary islands

For those who might find the average yoga break a little too worthy, Lotus Retreat in the seaside town of Corralejo on Fuerteventura could be the answer. A week there offers yoga, tai chi, pilates and watersports, but also plenty of time to chill on the beach (some classes are held on the sand too). Two evening meals are included during the week. Sister property Surya Retreat, 15km inland, offers a quieter, all-inclusive retreat-style option. There’s a programme of speciality retreats and courses at both venues.
• Open year-round with weekly retreats starting on Saturdays from €735, including classes, a one-hour massage, brunch and some meals (€700 at Surya), flights extra,

The Zest Life, Anglesey

Photograph: Lucy Devereux

The Zest Life offers yoga and wellbeing weekends at its venues in Wales and the Lake District. New for this year is a Reshape Yoga and Fitness Weekend at Las Cadnant, a country house on Anglesey. As well as yoga and meditation, there are beach run training sessions, pilates and guided countryside walks. The food is healthy and hearty and there’s a choice of great treatments from reiki to reflexology (at extra cost). Other weekend offerings include the yoga element plus wild swimming, standup paddle boarding, foraging and hiking.
• 9-11 February, from £405, including all meals and activities,

Yoga and adventure, Spain

Suryalila yoga retreat in Spain.

A magical yoga centre on an old olive farm in the foothills of the Sierra de Grazalema, Andalucía, Suryalila has three yoga shalas (including the Om Dome, a cathedral-like geo tent). Different visiting teachers run weeks year-round, but for those who like a range of activities, week-long Adventure and Yoga Retreats run thrice-yearly and combine twice-daily classes with activities from canyoning and kayaking to flamenco dancing. There’s a range of accommodation, from glamping to dorms or luxurious rooms, and a yoga festival from 9-16 June.
• Adventure and Yoga Retreats 21-28 April, 11-18 August and 6-13 October, from €800pp full-board in a tent (dorms and private rooms also available), flights extra,

Women’s activity week, Lake District

Derwentwater in the Lake District national park. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

This new women’s activity week on the shores of Buttermere combines a stay in the Hassness Country House with lots of outdoor action. Besides yoga and pilates, there’s hill and Nordic walking, kayaking on Derwentwater (swimming optional), circuit training and aerobics. All that activity is fuelled by delicious home-cooked meals and freshly baked, well-deserved cake.
• Weeks from 7 July, 11 August or 15 September, from £585pp in a twin room, with all meals except one dinner,

Yoga + Fitness Retreats

We handpick the best luxury yoga retreat in Asia and the top fitness holidays. We get bendy and try out classes to ensure authentic healthy holidays for you. You might be a newbie wanting to learn yoga or looking to deepen your practice. From small yoga groups, doing sun salutations against the sea to private one to one instruction, we can organise it all.

We’ll also source top Pilates Retreats, personalise Triathlon and Swim Training Packages or why not try a Martial Art such as Muay Thai or Tai Chi?

Hate group fitness? We’ll book you a personal fitness instructor. All our fitness vacations can be as relaxed or intense as you demand. Health and fitness travel is about achieving your own personal best and feeling great on your return home.

Need to unwind? We’ll tailor in spa treatments that hit the sweet spot. We have access to Asia’s leading luxury wellness resorts.

We don’t believe in roughing it; stunning 5-Star health retreats and Asian, private villa hideaways await.

From Ananda in the Himalayas in India to COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, no two yoga retreats and fitness holidays are the same when you’re booking through us.

Women’s wellness retreats 2019

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