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Summer is here! That means warm water temperatures and less layers, two things that we’re pretty excited about. At ROXY, we get particularly excited when it comes to our surf gear because our brand has been rooted in surf culture since the beginning. We love being able to design the best products that can keep you properly outfitted for the time you spend on your surfboard no matter what time of year it is. With summertime comes sunny days and warmer water, which means light layers are all you need next time you suit up to go surf. Our collection of women’s rash guards is the perfect place to find suitable rash guards that will keep you protected and also allow you to remain cool in the water. Rash guards are a versatile piece that every surfer should have in her wardrobe ready to go.

All You Need is a ROXY Rash Guard

A ROXY rash guard is great for a long day in the water. Women’s rash guards may look simple, but they are actually quite versatile. They protect against a variety of conditions at once so you can have an enjoyable time in the water. One of the main benefits of wearing a rashguard is to protect your skin from getting irritated from too much friction against your board. If you’re spending a lot of time in the water, you should be extra cognisant of providing your skin with the proper protection it needs to comfortably endure a full day of catching waves. Another benefit to wearing a rashguard while you surf is to protect your skin from getting sunburned. Posting up on your board and waiting for the perfect set can leave your back exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and one of our rash guards is the perfect way to keep your color in check. No one wants to get in from a great day in the water to realize that they’ve got a nasty sunburn to deal with; let one of our women’s rashguards keep you protected so you can focus on enjoying your time spent leisurely in the water.

Women’s Rash Guards That Perform

Wearing a ROXY rash guard shirt is like having an extra layer of skin; it’s lightweight nature will leave you feeling like you’re not wearing anything additional at all. We design our women’s rash guards to be soft and comfortable so you don’t have any distractions while you’re in the water. Our rash guards and rash vests are made with the best quick-dry, water repellant materials that will not weigh you down while you surf. At ROXY, we know that performance is key when it comes to all of our surf products and our rashguards and swim shirts for women are held to the highest standards and improved upon season after season. We never overlook a detail, and our women’s rashguards have been tested to ensure they meet all of the necessary requirements for you to have the best surf session. Try one out for yourself the next time you paddle out, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Are You Ready to Buy a Women’s Rash Guard?

Keep your skin in great shape by stocking up on your favorite women’s rash guards from ROXY. You can find your ideal rash guard in our online store selection, and conveniently buy the style that you like the most. A rash guard is something every surfer should have in her beach bag, just incase conditions call for some lightweight, all day protection. If you’re not sure which style of rashguard is best for you, just ask our free customer service help line and they can provide the information and answers you need to make the right decision.

Keep Your Skin Safe With Women’s Rash Guards

Excited to spend a long day on the water? Whether you’re shredding the waves with your surfboard, preparing for a thrilling water-skiing session or simply perfecting your front crawl, work a women’s rash guard into your swim suit. Usually designed with a form-fitting silhouette to ensure the mobility you need for vigorous water activities, rash guards are intended to protect your skin from both the sun and the irritation that comes along with certain water sports. They’re typically found in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles to deliver a level of coverage that suits your unique application.

Look For These Key Rash Guard Features

If you’re shopping for women’s rash guards to safeguard your skin from the elements, it’s important to consider a number of factors before selecting the rash guard that’s right for you. Start by examining available materials. Often, you’ll discover rash guards made from stretchy fabrics, such as rayon, which help keep you comfortable while you’re in motion. Additionally, some rash guards boast integrated shape retention technologies as well as materials designed to fend off stains from chlorine and salt water, which both serve to prolong the rash guard’s life. You’ll also find rash guards in a range of colors and designs that make it easy to work a touch of fun into your water sports outfit. Need rash guards for the whole family? Browse men’s rash guards and boys’ rash guards on Academy.com.

Womens long sleeve rash guard

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