According to Global Industry Analysts, the sports apparel market is booming. The sector is projected to rake in a whopping $231.7 billion by 2024. The growth of the sports and fitness clothing sector is attributable to the increased participation in sports and fitness activities as the population shifts to healthier lifestyles. On top of that, athletic wear is quickly becoming a fixture in the mainstream apparel and fashion industry.

Just take a stroll down the streets of major cities and you’re bound to see people dressed like they’re headed to the gym, a spin class, or a yoga studio. From leggings to yoga pants, workout clothes and running gear, fitness apparel is becoming more and more popular in the United States and other parts of the world. This has created a lot of opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs. Would you like to know how to start a fitness clothing line? Here’s how.


Research the Industry and Target Market

Entrepreneurs who find a niche in the sports apparel world can build a lucrative business. But considering that you will be competing with giants such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, or The Sports Authority, you need to make sure that you have all the information you need before diving in. Just like any other type of business, understanding the market and knowing your customers are the key ingredients for success. Sportswear is as much about comfort and functionality as it’s about looking good.

Define Your Niche Market

As a small start-up in the cutthroat fitness clothing industry, a niche market is your best chance of success — unless you’ve got the resources to compete with industry moguls such as Nike, Adidas, and the rest. Use your research to determine your target market. With the information that you’ve gathered, put your ideas to work and design a clothing that fits the description of your target customer.

When designing your clothes, determine a product mix. Consider the number and types of designs, fabrics, and styles and come up with the best mix of these aspects. Take your direction from the sporting profile in your region, city, or community as well as what your competitors are stocking. For instance, there’s a big hockey presence in your locale — as demonstrated by sporting venues, inventory in other stores, and media — make sure that you have a sufficient inventory of hockey clothing.

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Prepare a Business Plan

Use your research findings to draw up a business plan. A business plan will help you define the specifics of your company and establish a business model. It’s a valuable tool when it comes to starting and running a successful fitness clothing line. In fact, a business plan is required by banks and other financial institution to get funds for your business. There are experts who can help you prepare this critical documents. Also, there are books and online templates you can as guides when preparing a business plan.

Source Funding

Unless you’re loaded, you’ll have to get some sort of financial assistance. The good news is that you don’t need a lot to start a fitness clothing line, meaning that there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to funding. For instance, you can go apply for a no doc business line of credit to get your fitness clothing line business up and running. A no doc business line of credit is simply a type of funding you borrow increments and repay in installments.

This type of funding is unsecured hence easy to obtain. You don’t need assets or any other form of collateral for your application to be approved. This type of funding is perfect for small businesses or start-ups. Amount offered depends on your personal credit activity and usually ranges from a few thousand to over one million. With consistency — vis-à-vis timely payments, you will be able to build credit and improve your limit.

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Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

Get up to $50,000 in Microloans or Grants

Get Microloans & Grants

Get up to $250,000 in Business Credit Lines

Get Business Credit Lines

Not sure how much it will cost to start a clothing line? The cost of starting a clothing line can be high or low. Go here to learn more about how much it could cost you.

Obtain a License

Compared to sourcing staff, finding premises, securing funding, or drawing up a business plan, obtaining a license for a fitness clothing line is a pretty straightforward process. In most cases, all you have to do is fill in the application forms and wait for the license. Ask your local licensing authority about the licensing you’ll need to operate or reach out to companies like Incfile, just to be sure. Some licenses, however, may be issued only after you’ve submitted to some kind of inspection.

Since you’ll probably be employing people, get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) by visiting the Internal Revenue Service website. If it’s necessary for your area, get a sales tax registration and apply for a sales tax license with your local Department of Revenue. Request for application information for all the information on all the licenses you need to start a fitness clothing line, along with the required documentation.

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Set Up Shop

Once you’ve obtained the necessary licenses, you’re good to set up your fitness clothing line store. The condition of the store you rent is contingent on the amount of energy, money, and time you must expend to ready the space for retail sport clothing sales. Remember that the location of your physical store or stores is key. Every business entity needs a name, it’s a very important element of the business. If you already have a name in mind, then that’s it.

Build Relationships with Manufacturers

Work on establishing a rapport with sports clothing manufacturers, distributors, and brokers. Hold meetings with these entities and inquire about factors such as volume discounts, delivery deadlines, and other issues that may affect the operations of your business. Before you start working with a particular manufacturer or distributor, ask for references from anyone who has worked with them before. This will help you assess whether they are reliable or not.

Starting a clothing line, or any other type of business for that matter is not easy. There are many challenges to overcome. Most importantly, you’ll need funding to get your business up and running. But that’s not all, you need a long-term financial strategy. When sourcing for funding, look for a financier that’s willing to share resources to help you overcome challenges, grow, and sustain your business. Small Business Brain has reputation for helping new entrepreneurs do exactly that.

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Editor and Director of Content & SEO at Small Business Brain Brittni is a millennial, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Information Systems from the University of Detroit Mercy and is currently a student in the Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures program at Central Michigan University.
She has spent the last 11+ years helping aspiring entrepreneurs start new businesses, raise capital and get connected to the resources they need to grow and thrive. She also spent this time helping B2B and B2C companies generate more leads and sales for their businesses via web development and the implementation of various digital marketing and advertising strategies.
She enjoys writing about her experiences as an entrepreneur and using data and information from reliable sources to back up what she writes about. Through her writing she aims to educate other entrepreneurs on how to build successful businesses doing what they love.


Ana KristianssonFollow Apr 7, 2017 · 7 min read

The Complete Guide To Starting A Sportswear Brand

Do you want to start up a sportswear brand? Do you have some great design ideas or a cool new apparel concept? Can’t you find the styles you are looking for? The time could be now for you to start up that brand you have been thinking of. But where do you start? How do you go about to make it all happen?

If you want to set up your own clothing brand, then this article is for you. We’ll give you an overview of the steps involved in starting your own business, and information that you have to think about.

Step 1. Idea & Customer Need.

It all starts with an idea. Maybe you can’t find the clothes you are looking for, or you have a strong design opinion that you want to show the world. You are better off if you can connect your idea to a customer need. If you strongly believe in your idea, you should go ahead and make it happen. The mosst important is to know who your customer is. Read: How to define your customer, to calirfy your target consumer.

Step 2. Market Scan.

You have a great idea for sure. The question is: is it unique? Perform a thorough market scan. Search the web, visit shops and read relevant magazines. You want your brand to stand out in the competition and find your target niche. If some other brand already has your idea, you will always be number two.

Step 3. Business Plan.

It can be great to have a business plan if you want to bring other people on board, e.g. investors or partners. But primarily, the business plan is there for you. It forces you to ask yourself those tough questions and look at your business venture from different angles. The business plan is a living document that will change and evolve over time, usually things don’t go exactly according to the initial picture in your head.

Step 4. Branding.

Put a lot of time and thought into your brand identity. There are many brands out there so you need to make yours stands out. Create brand awareness and loyalty that connects your customers to your label. It is important that your brand ties together with your actual products.

Step 5. Money.

Nothing is free. Nor to create a sportswear brand. In your business plan you have made an initial budget and you have an estimate of how much it will cost you to set it up. How will you finance it? Can family or friends help you? There are special start-up loans as well as investors to turn to. Going to an investor early on means giving away more of your company. But maybe that’s the best way to get it started and make your dream a reality?

Step 6. Entrepreneurship.

Running your own business isn’t a 9 to 5 job. It is not the hours you spend in the office that matters. What matters is what you produce. You are your own boss and you need to make it all happen. You will live and breathe your brand, working 24/7. All people have great ideas. The differentiator is that the entrepreneur makes them happen. It will require you to put in the work and follow through on your dream. Are you cut out for this or not? Is it really what you want?

Step 7. Team.

As mentioned in step 6, setting up your brand will require a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Can you do it all by yourself? Even if you can, is that the most efficient way to do it? Make sure to liaise yourself with talented and driven people that can help you out where you fall short. If you are a designer find a good business partner, and if you are a business person find a good designer. No one can do it all and you shouldn’t either.

Step 8. Define The Collection.

Leaving the start-up phase behind you, it’s now time to start the product development, the process of making your garments. The first step here is to define your collection. Focus on your brand identity, your vision, and the products you wish to create. Make sure your collection is clear and has cohesion.

Step 9. Design.

You have structured and defined your collection and the designer can start sketching. Get back to the inspiration and the brand image, and the customer you want to have. The styles should fit in with the vision and identity of your brand. The designer needs to make great tech packs so you can carry on with your product development. Read more about designing in the article: How to design without knowing how to draw

Step 10. Sourcing.

Sourcing means finding factories, materials, and accessories. Materials is a science by itself. If you know your price points, performance requirement, and quality level, it will help you narrow down your search for the right materials. Accessories can be cords, zippers, pullers etc that you want to include in your garments. Then you need to find a factory that suits your needs, can produce your styles, and believe in your concept.

Step 11. Pricing.

In the start-up phase you had a first look at the costs and the prices for your styles and production. Now when the collection is defined, you have sourced materials and found factories, and hence production costs, you need to check your pricing again. Does it add up? Will it be profitable? Review all the posts in your budget and see how you can recalibrate it. In the end you want to live and work, doing what you love. You don’t want it to be an expensive hoppy that you poor money into.

Step 12. Pattern & Prototype.

This is a very crucial part. Even though you have great designs on paper, you need to transform them into garments that look and feel the way you want. Based on the tech packs you need to find a good pattern maker, which isn’t easy. The pattern is made in your wanted sample size and will later be graded to fit several sizes. With the pattern you will start making your prototypes. In between every prototype you will measure, fit, and adjust the pattern to improve your garment. Typically you will need 2–3 prototypes per style before you have a sample ready to show/sell.

Step 13. Production.

Once you have arrived at your final prototype (sales man sample), you can start planning the bulk production. Discuss this with your factory as early as you can. They need to plan in your production in their schedule. They of course need to know how big your production will be, the number or styles and sizes per style. We suggest you write an agreement with the manufacturer stating delivery times and quality requirements.

Step 14. Shipping.

You have the bulk production ready and need to get your fantastic garments to your customers. Depending on your sales strategy you can have one or more customers. There can be shops, end-users, and wholesalers. Take a look at your logistics, negotiate with transportation partners, and plan how you will repackage the goods to suit your designated customer.

Step 15. Marketing.

Let the world know your brand’s story. Marketing is your products, your meetings, your communication, and everything you do in you business. Be honest in everything you do, let the customers understand why you do it, and what your brand is about. You want to get your message out. Tell the world about your products and what differentiates them from the competitors.

Step 16. Sales.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best products in the world with the best story, if no-one buys them. In the end it all comes down to sales. You want your garments to sell, so you can reinvest and develop your collection and keep doing what you love. If you work with retailers, the traditional way is to show at trade fair and to take your collection in garment bags and visit the shops. This way you end up having multiple mini presentations and demonstrations of your awesome collection. Not all buyer are open to new things, so don’t get discouraged when it gets tough. Believe in your brand and keep going.

Step 17. Order.

The manufacturer usually has minimum quantity requirements for producing your garment. This should at least be your selling target. Sell, sell, sell, and collect your orders to meet those minimums. At the same time, keep track of your minimum requirements for materials. How much fabrics are on each roll that you buy? You don’t want to buy too much fabric that in the end turns into left over. A good recommendation is to only produce the garments you have orders on. Don’t stock up, unless you have an online business, and therefor need your own stock.

Step 18. Customer Service.

Take care of your customers. You make your garments so that your customers can have them for their intended need. Don’t disappoint them, put yourself in their shoes and just see how you can help them. How will you handle complaints, returns, delays? Talk to your customers, put your ego aside, and use the information to make even better products in the future.

This 18 step overview gives you an idea of what is involved in starting up your own sportswear brand. Visit and read the posts to get more information on each step. If you need help with design and product development, visit the Ana Kristiansson Design Agency. If you have any questions or if I can help you with your sportswear business, please drop me a line at [email protected]

Launch Your Own Activewear Brand In 5 Steps

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Activewear has not always been synonymous with fashion. But in recent years, healthy lifestyles paired with fashionable activewear has taken over.

Activewear has found a place that stretches far beyond clothes we simply exercise in.

Activewear as functional fashion means that it transitions from active to everyday seamlessly.

This is not a fleeting fashion fad.

Over the past few years we have embraced living a healthier lifestyle as a whole. It reflects in our wardrobe and why shouldn’t it? With the ever evolving world of fitness, why should there not be an evolving wardrobe to match?

Many stylish activewear brands were born out of necessity. Take P.E Nation – a household brand that managed to enter the market at what seemed to be a very calculated moment. For Co-Founder Pip Edwards this was not the case, P.E Nation was born out of need. The active wear Pip wanted to wear was not available on the market. So Claire Tregoning and Pip created it. The niche was found, and you can see how it has flourished in 2 short years.

Don’t be afraid to fill the hole you see in the activewear market. This is where Custom Activewear manufacturing comes into play.

Here’s how to launch your own active wear brand in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Knowing What You’re Selling

Every great activewear brand started like you are now – with an idea. Whether it’s a new idea or an improved concept to bring to the activewear market. You may even be filling needs customers didn’t know they had.

There are a few things to learn about your customers and products before you move into manufacturing your apparel.

Knowing what you’re selling can be broken down into these key selling points; What, Who, Where, Why & How? (it’s Cliche but it works!)

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

– What are you selling? What is your product? What is your ‘point of difference’ or ‘personalisation’ that will capture your audience? What is your unique brand identity?

– This leads you to the next point, your audience; Who are they? What do they like and dislike about activewear products? What is their disposable income for activewear pieces? Find and know your audience, conduct market research. Be thorough.

– Why is this product needed for the activewear market? Why will it sell? What was your aha moment? Why do you believe this product will sell? Why does your target market need this? Why do you need this product? Back yourself and your product.

– Where will you sell this? Where does your target audience like to spend? Will you be using your own ecommerce store? Will it start out in brick and mortar stores? If so what are these locations? Conducting market research on where your target market shops is key.

– How will you sell this? How are you planning to market your product? Is your marketing strategy inline with your product and audience? How are you going to engage your audience to buy? How are you going to be better and bigger than your direct competition? Utilising free social channels has changed the whole game. It’s important to stay on-top of social media, its ever-changing.

Writing down these questions (and more), ticking them off one by one will help you start to plan your brand. Ensure you have a detailed business plan to work with. Things like a SWOT analysis and marketing plan will be hugely beneficial too.

In saying this, don’t get stuck in research land. Done is always better than perfect and continuous progress is key.

Try to remember, mistakes will happen, expect it. No one ever worth remembering got it 100% right the first time anyway.

Step 2: Get designing

This Is How You Do It

Now that you have your vision for starting your own activewear brand, and you know who you are selling it to, the next step is to get your designs done.

Consider purchasing a Slyletica Sample Pack. Is has everything you need from premium garments, fabrics, trends and more. Plus all the insider knowledge you are going to need to build a successful brand. Other things you can do is start a Pinterest board. Save your favourite Instagram bloggers. Cut up your favourite active wear for swatches (it’s okay to let go sometimes) and collage magazine clippings.

This is where you can have fun. Start a Pinterest board. Save your favourite Instagram bloggers. Cut up your favourite active wear for swatches (it’s okay to let go sometimes) and collage magazine clippings.

It’s through this process that you find your brands aesthetic and voice. Find what you like, don’t like and what works for you and your brand vision.

Fabrication and construction with activewear is much more important than with clothing items such as streetwear . Activewear, it’s in the title – your clothes need to be functional, durable and fashionable. Make sure you stay focussed on what you’d like your final designs to look like. Find items that match the aesthetics you are going for.

Once your design ideas are formed, you will need a design / concept board to put it all together. This will be a visual story of your activewear brand and product. Where all your conceptualising begins to take shape.

Find a good designer that will give you a design board with variations on your product. This will allow you to see your designs front and back and make necessary changes before moving on.

The design/concept boards allows a total visual of your entire brand aesthetics. After putting it together, you may not like the colour you’ve picked. Or you may see your design and decide you need to add or take things off. Before you get to the nitty gritty, you need a design board.

Don’t be afraid to be direct with your vision. Getting it right here will help you later down the track.

Once your design board is done and finalised, its time to move into the next steps, Tech Packs.

Create your Tech Pack

What is a Tech Pack you might be wondering?

Why do you need a Tech Pack?

A Tech Pack is a set of instructional documents made by your designer. Without a Tech Pack your manufacturer will not know how to create your design. This includes specifications such as size gradings, fabrications, colourways, sizing breakdowns, internal brand labels, care labels, swing tags & much more.

Each Tech Pack will be unique and custom designed based on your concept and instruction. You will need a Tech pack for each garment you’d like to make.

A Tech Pack is gospel when it comes to custom clothing manufacturing.

There are many benefits, but here are a few to help give you a better idea of why you need a Tech Pack:

– Accuracy – a Tech Pack ensures that every detail of your garment construction is accounted for. This will help streamline production of samples and ensure accurate pricing can be given for your activewear from the Factory.

– Agreement – A Tech Pack works like a contract between you and your manufacturer. You are providing a detailed instruction manual for production. If anything produced did not match your Tech Pack, you have a point of reference to refer too.

– Quality Control – When your products are complete, your Tech Pack then becomes your final check. Did you get what you asked for? If not, then back to the Tech Pack you go to see what needs fixing. Fabrication is a huge part of custom activewear manufacturing. You want to ensure you are getting what you asked and paid for.

– Archives – Tech Packs are a good thing to keep on file. If your products are flying out the door then you may need to re-order. Your Tech Pack will ensure that all later products will be identical.

Without a Tech Pack your manufacturer will be unable to provide you with a quote to manufacture your new garments.

Step 3: Get Your Quote

Once your Design board & Tech Pack have been created, you can now move into sourcing your fabrics and getting quotes for the manufacturing of your new brand.

By sending your Design Board and individual Tech Packs, you can now be sure that the factory is clear on what you are trying to create, and how they can create it. From here, the factory will be able to provide you with quote on manufacturing the garments, as well as advise on your MOQ (minimum order quantity) per garment.

Before you send your designs and tech packs away, make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Trim The Fat And Build A Production Plan

Here is where you start getting a clearer understanding of how much your garments will cost. You can take this time to re-evaluate your garments, what is needed, what is not, and how this affects your budget.

A good example of this is swing tags. If you’re going to be selling online, you can easily forgo the swing tags for launching your collection. It’s an additional cost that can be cut from your Tech Pack in the quoting stage.

You can also build out a production plan for your entire collection. Choose which items to drop first, and which to drop later. This will ensure you stay relevant and focussed on the end game, launching new garments as often as you can.

Step 4: Start Sampling

You’ve come this far, now it’s time to see your product start to come alive.

There are many types of samples to choose from, and knowing where to start can be somewhat overwhelming.

A factory generally can’t create the exact sample you are after until you have confirmed your order with them. This is because they will need to order all your accessories, trims, fabrics, and colours. Something they are unwilling to do without a deposit from you.

Instead of an exact sample, you should focus on receiving a Fit Sample.

A fit sample should be measured and compared against your Tech Pack. This is to ensure that it is accurately constructed and made to your size grading.

This is also where your patterns are made. Any minor details or changes will need to happen here, before bulk production. You can get as many fit samples as you want. But if your tech pack is correct, and you’ve chosen the right factory – there should be no need for that.

A fit sample is not your final sample. Often it will be in a standard colour, without print and in a similar fabric to what you are requested. The key here is to focus on the Fit of the garment and its functionality. This is key to getting the perfect fit for your brand.

At this stage, you can also ask the factory to source your accessories and send you swatches of fabrics for your review and approval.

Step 5: Manufacturing And Production – Putting it all together

It’s getting close now isn’t it?

Your idea only sprouted a few weeks ago, and now you’re into manufacturing and production!

Once your fit sample has received the green-light, it’s time to move into production.

At this stage, you are ready to receive a PPS (Pre-Production Sample) by placing an initial deposit and getting ready to move into full production. A PPS is sneak peak of your finished product. This is where you make your final say. We can’t change your fabrication, colours or accessories at this point, but if your logo is 2mm off centre – we can fix that.

Full production takes between 8-10 weeks, so this is the perfect time to start setting up everything else you’ll need to sell your products. This includes your ECommerce store, pre-sales, social media set up, marketing strategy and brand identity. You’re excited about your incoming product, and now everyone else should be too.

And that’s all there is too it…

If that seems a little daunting, or if you want to get someone to take this off your hands, we’re here to help.

Lucky for you, there are great services available to bring your brand to life. Services like this guide you all the way through. From developing your initial idea, to designing your garments & building your Tech Packs. They can even handle the manufacturing, and show you how to market your brand right.

You don’t need a degree in design to bring your custom activewear brand to life.

Just remember, to follow the 5 simple steps:

1) The Idea – your ‘Who, What, Where, Why & How’. These 5 key points combined with a solid business plan will get the wheels turning for your idea.

2) Design & Tech Pack – Start to bring your activewear product to life. Find your visual inspiration, get your design board created & finalise your Tech Pack. Without this step you will find bringing the idea to production near impossible

3) Get Your Quote – Now you’ve got your product clearly laid out, it’s time to figure out the cost of production. This is where you can crunch numbers and trim the fat.

4) Start Sampling – Try, try, try before you buy. Make sure your samples are accurate to your tech pack specs.

5) Production & Manufacturing – You’ve come this far, you’re on the home stretch. Time to get the product made.

Now it’s time to go to market! By now you should have your brand voice and aesthetic mapped out – all that’s left is your perfect product.

You can start building your vision right now by beginning the Design + Tech Pack process with us.

And if you want a little more information feel free to get in touch with us here.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below, how have you used Tech Packs in your business? What problems have you faced?

Let us know and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Until next time 🙂

Written by

Sally Cordukes – Slyletica Brand Associate
Simon Rawadi – Slyletica CoFounder

Ever since activewear transitioned from fashion faux-pas to downright trendy, luxury athleisure is giving us a run for our money (pun intended). You’ve seen it everywhere and worn by everyone — including our favourite celebrities — from the streets to the runways, from fitness studios to happy hour and back again.

From a buzzword to a trend to now a lifestyle, luxury athleisure is here to stay. Many brands (both up-and-coming names and offshoots of legacy labels) are now offering activewear lines to fit multi-faceted luxury lifestyles.
With this ever-growing and overwhelmingly saturated athleisure market, it can be hard to know which fashion-meets-function brands are worthy of purchase.

To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve put together a guide to the top luxury activewear lines you need to shop right now. From stylish sneakers to cool bomber jackets and athleisure wear designed by Beyoncé herself, we rounded up the top activewear brands that you can wear whether you want to look good while you break a sweat, or just run errands sipping a chai tea latte. Granted, some brands shown here are so cool you’d rather wear them to hang out than to work out, but they definitely make legit functional activewear.

Keep reading to discover the most stylish luxury activewear labels on the market that every modern trendsetter needs in their life.

Warning: Once you start buying these luxury workout clothes, you’ll be wearing them everywhere all the time.

The best athleisure brands for active luxury lifestyles

Flattering cuts and sleek designs (check), standout fabrics (check), versatility and comfort that empower you to take over the world (check check check).

From the line behind the #DoingThings movement to celebrity athleisure wear, here are the best luxury activewear brands (in no particular order) that you should know today. They are ideal for the gym, for out-and-about, and for everything in-between.

To help you find the activewear brand that’s best for you, we’ve broken down our list into luxury athleisure brands and affordable activewear brands. In no particular order, here’s our list of the top brands:

Activewear Brand
2 Ivy Park
3 Fenty PUMA
4 Tory Sport
5 Ultracor
7 P.E Nation
8 Lululemon
9 Sweaty Betty
11 Perfect Moment
12 Versace Gym
13 Nike
14 Nike x MMW
15 Under Armour
16 Adidas
17 Adidas by Stella McCartney
18 Y-3
19 Alo Yoga
20 Olympia Activewear
21 The Upside
22 Koral
24 FP Movement by Free People
25 Alala
26 Varley
27 Beyond Yoga
28 Athleta (by Gap)
29 Outdoor Voices
30 Kit and Ace
31 Fabletics


Italian heritage label FENDI gives a luxury spin to athleisure wear. One of the world’s most renowned luxury labels, FENDI’s activewear collection includes everything from leggings to tanks, tees, and bomber jackets.


Ivy Park

Beyoncé’ Ivy Park offers high-fashion meets high-tech performance wear. The collection of activewear is effortlessly cool and includes everything from sports bras to leggings, crop and oversized sweatshirts, bodysuits and more.


Fenty PUMA

Launched in 2016, Fenty Puma is a collaborative line of activewear clothes between PUMA and singer Rihanna that work, work, work, work, work.


Tory Sport

Tory Sport is the performance luxury activewear for women by Tory Burch that seamlessly balances style and performance. Defined by classic American sportswear, Tory Sport offers a comprehensive range of stylish and wearable sports clothing and athletic wear for coming and going, running, studio, tennis and golf.

Perfect for the fitness fashionista.



Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, Ultracor is a luxury activewear brand that effortlessly marries luxury, cutting edge styling, high-performance and shapewear. Created with the finest technical fabrics, seamless construction, and anti-camel toe technology (seriously!) to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions, Ultracor redefines activewear with strong silhouettes, deeply saturated colours and bold prints.

With many celebrities championing the brand on the regular, you have definitely already spotted the best-selling leggings with foil star motifs in your social media feed.



NO KA’OI is an Italian-made, Hawaiian-inspired luxury activewear line. Rooted in the spirit of yoga and powered by style, NO KA’OI combines high performance and high fashion to offer state-of-the-art athleisure pieces.

NO KA’OI uses bold textures, vibrant hues, and patterns that set it apart from other athleisure brands.


P.E Nation

A favourite of the Kardashian-Jenners, P.E Nation is an Australian sportswear brand that has taken your social media feed by storm. This uber-chic athleisure brand with a “tomboy meets city girl” attitude is best known for merging technical qualities with retro-inspired designs through its body-sculpting and eye-catching garments from geometric shapes to bright colours.

Seamlessly merging high fashion and fitness, P.E Nation is the perfect fit for fast-paced urban lifestyles.



No luxury activewear edit would be complete without the Canadian brand Lululemon. Best known for its yoga-inspired athletic clothing roots, Lululemon now offers an expansive and reliably well-made range of elegantly muted activewear products (from basic gym gear to trail and hiking apparel). A sure win for both the gym and the street style scene.


Sweaty Betty

Born in London in 1998, sassy activewear brand Sweaty Betty (which defines its name as “Someone who works out, but definitely likes cake”) offers an incredible range of workout essentials.

Sweaty Betty is one of the first active fashion brands to bring a holistic lifestyle approach to their high-end workout clothes. Their covetable selection of studio-to-street designs features quirky graphic tees, pops of colours and fun patterns.



London-based activewear brand LNDR incorporates cutting edge technology (from waterproof outdoor pieces to temperature regulating pieces) into its apparel to suit well-rounded active lifestyles.

Keeping things minimal and stylish, LNDR offers an exclusive range of temperature-regulated sports bras, shorts and leggings, and weatherproof coats that can easily take you from yoga class to brunch. LDNR uses integrated seams and premium ‘second skin’-like (read: breathable, high-compression) fabrics that slim physiques and allow movement.

Perfect for busy energetic city lifestyles, high-intensity workout or a long plane ride.


Perfect Moment

Launched by extreme sports documentary-maker Thierry Donard, Perfect Moment is a French athleisure brand for the adventure-seekers.

Blending high-performance with style, Perfect Moment creates rigorously tested activewear (including ski, surf, swim and workout staples) offering optimal athletic performance and an exceptional fit.


Versace Gym

Italian luxury brand Versace brings its characteristic “more is more” philosophy to athleisure wear. The luxury activewear collection combines bold prints and sexy detailing with a high-fashion edge that elevate your casual look.

Versace Gym offers everything from sweatshirts to sweatpants and sports tanks for a stylish active look.


The best affordable high-end athleisure brands

One of the most successful and recognisable sportswear brands in the world, Nike offers everything from quality shorts and t-shirts to shoes and socks that are both fashionable and functional.

Over the years, Nike has developed a cult following by constantly innovating on new designs and reissuing its classic ones. A cut above the iconic brand’s mainline offering, Nike Sportswear NSW Collection is the pinnacle of Nike’s performance apparel that totally looks good for everyday wear.


Nike x MMW

Designed by Matthew M. Williams (the American designer behind luxe streetwear brand Alyx), and using Nike’s vast repository of athlete-informed performance data, Nike x MMW capsule collection offers versatile, fluid training apparel and accessories.

Inspired by movement, the elevated training collection purposefully blurs the line between performance gear and street-ready clothing in a city-ready palette of black, white, and more black.


The American sportswear label Under Armour launched in 2016 Under Armour Sportswear (UAS), a premium athleisure range designed by Belgian designer Tim Coppens. UAS fuses high-performance sportswear designs with an elevated sartorial touch.


Adidas is a sportswear powerhouse that combines quality and style to create modern, street-savvy activewear. Its signature three-stripe motif has gained iconic status in popular culture.


Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella Mccartney is the ultimate chic activewear brand for fashion-forward women. This highly successful long-term collaboration between the fashion designer and sportswear giant continues to hit the mark.

The collection (which includes clothing for yoga, running, tennis, athleisure and more) features bold hues and prints, high-quality and high-performance fabrics, elegant silhouettes, and undeniably fashionable designs that will stand out no matter where you roam.



The brainchild of a collaboration between Adidas and Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 blends sport functionality and fashion elegance.


Alo Yoga

Los Angeles-born Alo Yoga offers elevated athleisure clothing that features unexpected details such as rips, cutouts, lacing and mesh detailing. A celebrity favourite – from Gigi Hadid to Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner – Alo Yoga transitions easily from practice to the coffee shop.

Their leggings, tanks, sports bras and other activewear staples are all made of high-performance, innovative fabrics for that perfect move-with-you fit.


Olympia Activewear

With its modern and refined approach to activewear, Olympia Activewear offers a unique balance between strong and feminine aesthetics. Olympia Activewear is designed with the active women in mind, combining utmost comfort and style.

In addition to versatile cotton and custom elastics, Olympia Activewear offers stunning silk lounge pieces you’ll never want to take off.


The Upside

The Upside is an Australian luxury activewear label that offers chic, versatile athleisure pieces in dynamic prints, florals, and patterns. The Upside combines body-sculpting styles with high-tech materials to elevate your workout wardrobe – from leggings to bras and tanks.

A favourite amongst A-list celebrities, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian, The Upside creates functional pieces that look great in and out of the studio.



Inspired by the liveliness of Brazil and laidback spirit of California, Koral is a technical activewear that combines fashion, form and fitness.

Think fashion forward style (including faux leather workout pants and fishnet mesh tops) meets luxurious sportswear engineering and high-tech materials to empower women with very active lives.



New York technical clothing brand ADAY produces hardworking, versatile styles that seamlessly bring you from barre to the bar. ADAY adopts a ‘less-is-more’ approach and a design ethos based on seasonless pieces and sustainability to offer everyday, athleisure-inspired clothes that are both performance-driven and stylish.

Every ADAY piece of clothing features novel technical material properties (sweat-wicking, quick-drying, UV- and chlorine-protected and wrinkle-free).


FP Movement by Free People

FP Movement is Free People’s active fashion line which triumphs both bohemian chic style and function. Their leggings, bras and sweats offer ultra-chic details (such as decorative cut-outs and added straps), trendy colour schemes and impeccable fit.

Perfect whether you’re actually working out or not.



Alala is a super trendy New York City-inspired luxury activewear brand. Featuring high-tech performance fabrics with high-fashion details (from mesh backs to cut-out tops and more), Alala’s sophisticated pieces can be worn anywhere from dinner to a party, or even work.

Effortlessly cool and contemporary.



Varley is a performance-first lifestyle brand that offers technically innovative, fashion forward athleisure apparel for the modern woman. Varley’s clothes can be worn ‘from the school-run to the office, from the ballet barre to the boxing ring’.

From leggings to outwear, the collection features pastel and neutral tones, mesh details, and trendy patterns.


Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is a luxury athleisure brand with mostly muted solid-colours. Their high-performance leggings, bras and tanks feature intricate straps, mesh insets, and luxe textures.

The yoga-inspired collection is made in the USA from soft, durable, easy-care fabrics.


Athleta (by Gap)

The Gap-owned fitness brand Athleta offers stylish athleisure wear for women and girls for a variety of activities including yoga, running, swimming, and hiking.


Taking a lighthearted approach to activewear, fitness label Outdoor Voices is on a mission to celebrate active lifestyles of all different backgrounds. Made for “casual activity”, Outdoor Voices is fundamentally about “Doing Things” and daily activities which require movement – whether you’re a rock climber or just an avid dog walker.

A firm favourite of millennials, Outdoor Voices offers minimalist designs in ultra-comfortable, perfectly fitted styles and breathable fabrics. Perfect for those into outdoor recreational activities.


Kit and Ace

Kit and Ace creates apparel for the Modern Commuter. They are for people who value the functional details that cycling gear provides and the tech properties of athletic wear, all wrapped up in a office ready aesthetic.

Commuting by bike is their benchmark. If it performs on a bike, rain or shine, their apparel has you covered for all the other ways you are moving in your day. Think bike to boardroom.



Kate Hudson’s fitness fashion brand Fabletics features a collection of comfortable workout and athleisure clothing. This American retailer sells sportswear, footwear and accessories.


There you have it: the best luxury athleisure and activewear brands for getting your sweat on in style.

But what exactly is athleisure wear?

Chic activewear has become a wardrobe staple. One of the hottest trends in fashion, athleisure is casual wear that combines high-quality athletic staples with versatile leisurewear to offer the utmost comfort whilst maintaining style.

Focusing less on sportswear as technical apparel, and more as a lifestyle, athleisure can be worn anywhere, anytime.


Shop our newest Rhone premium mens activewear products, designed & engineered to provide comfort and quality. Rhone is premium men’s athletic apparel and gear for every active lifestyle. If your busy life requires long hours at the office, international business trips, climbing the highest mountains, or surfing the best waves around the world, Rhone is perfect for you. Looking for the best athletic clothes for men? Look no further. Rhone is perfect for the gym, yoga, cross-training, biking or any sweaty activity. Explore our latest collections of workout clothing for men, activewear, running shorts, fitness apparel, and premium outerwear. Each collection is designed exclusively for men who live #ForeverForward. We source premium Rhone fabrics across many continents to provide high performance activewear for men that endures rough terrains and intense gym workouts. With tanks, tops, and shorts, we provide the essentials for any sports, workout, or comfort wardrobe. We were tired of men being an afterthought for premium sportswear and being stuck with subpar ‘serve everyone’ brands, where quality and fit aren’t paramount. So, we decided to do something about it. Men’s athletic clothes are not an afterthought. That is the founding principle of Rhone, which inspires our promise: Rhone men’s premium activewear and workout clothes will always look good and perform even better.


Our design team carefully engineers premium fitness apparel & sportswear for runners, professional athletes, and men who strive to push themselves in every aspect of life. Whether you prefer the term “athleisure” or not, Rhone will keep men looking and performing their best. We produce the best anti-odor and anti-stink shirts for guys who workout, the best workout shorts, running shorts for runners, and boardshorts for surfers. Everything in our collections serves a unique purpose for top performance, from the anti-stink no-show socks, mid-calf socks, and all other accessories.

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From working hard at the office to relaxing afternoon yoga and everything in between, Rhone engineers the best fitness apparel and workout gear for men. Rhone has top of the line outerwear including base layers, jackets and hoodies. If you are searching for workout gear, winter outerwear, or the perfect pair of running shorts to conquer your next marathon – Rhone has you covered. Find the best athletic clothing in your size from our range of premium products.

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Do you ever feel like you hear about a new activewear brand every single day?

Whether the 411 comes from targeted posts on Facebook, influencers promoting on Instagram, or just a new logo on a slick pair of joggers that catches your eye at the gym, there seem to be a never ending amount of brands producing fitness clothing. And with specialty gear comes specialty prices—most of the newer brands are expensive to the point of being prohibitive, even though they’ve largely not been tried and tested by the general public. How can you know if you’ll regret shelling out the dough for a shirt one of your favorite follows was rocking on the ‘Gram?

We decided to help narrow the playing field by asking some of our favorite fitness experts and trainers—you know, the guys who spend their days (and early mornings, and evenings, and sometimes even nights) decked out in activewear and athleisure. Who better to give you the truth about the best fitness gear? Here are pricey men’s activewear and athleisure brands that are worth the price tag, according to trainers and fitness pros.

Men’s Activewear Brands That Are Worth The Money

1. WOLACO, $30 to $98

Ever been working out and have your cell phone crash to the ground from a loose pocket, or ever had to place your phone on the ground because your shorts or pants don’t even have a pocket to begin with. This brand saw a gap in the market and filled it—men’s compression shorts and pant with sweat-proof pockets made to securely stash your cell phone. While their shorts and leggings are most popular, they also make tops, too.

Essential Gear: North Moore Shorts

WOLACO North Moore Compression Shorts $50.00 “I’m obsessed with leggings, but it’s so hard to find a pair that fits like a glove and has a functional pocket. The North Moore Shorts fit perfectly and have two built-in jostle-free pockets! The Clinton Tank is extremely lightweight and so comfortable. Also, I love the colors that it comes in.

  • Luke Lombardo, RRCA running coach, master instructor of Lagree Fitness in Los Angeles, CA

“I love the Wolaco compression tights. I own some of the compression shorts, which are great, but what I love the most is a good 3/4 compression legging. Their material is a little thicker, which makes them durable but also gives them a tighter feel, which I love. Even though they seem to be thicker than some other brands they keep you cool and don’t overheat you.”

  • Mat Forzaglia, NFPT-CPT, creator of In Time Fitness, and trainer at NeoU in New York City

2. Roots of Fight, $40 to $350

Think: clothing that not only performs, but also inspires. That’s the winning pairing that Roots of Fight features in each of their pieces, which celebrate legendary athletes like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. As the brand’s promotional material puts it, “Each story we tell depicts the unending fight at the root of every human triumph.” This gear has that old school feel with a new school design that performs well in the gym or on-the-go.

Essential Gear: Mike Tyson Tee

Roots of Fight Mike Tyson Tee “Having boxed my whole life and being involved in the culture, I love what roots of Fight is doing. While being comfortable and stylish, they pay tribute to the fighters who helped build the sport and paved the way for fighters like Floyd Mayweather and any up and coming fighters. My favorite is the Mike Tyson sweatshirt that says Brooklyn on it, because that’s where I’m from.”

  • Eric Rakofsky, NASM, USA Boxing, CPR, AED, coach at Performix House in New York City

3. Fourlaps, $34 to 128

Quality over quantity is this brand’s motto. If you have great gear that can hold up to intense workouts and lots of laundry sessions, then you don’t need a ton of it. Fourlaps uses odor-resistant, moisture wicking technology in all of its fabrics. The brand’s “Level Collection” fabric even has the ability to allow heat to escape when you sweat, while trapping in the warmth when the weather gets chilly.

Essential Gear: Advance Short

Advance Short $68.00

“I’m a huge fan of Fourlaps! I love their hats, tees, and their joggers and track pants are clutch. Given my role as both a trainer and entrepreneur, it’s important for me to be able to work the training floor, and then rush out the door to a meeting or an event and still look on-point and stylish. Fourlaps gear is perfect for both.”

  • Kelvin Gary, NASM, founder and owner of Body Space Fitness in New York City

4. Outdoor Voices, $35 to $115

Choose from either the Rec Kit (made for everyday activity), or the Tech Kit (which is designed to keep you cool during high intensity workouts) from this brand and you’ll get a matching top and bottom for $95. While that’s a good chunk of change, the company focuses on making versatile products that can handle a ton of work, so it will be worth every penny.

Essential Gear: Sunday Shorts

Outdoor Voices Sunday Shorts $55.00 “I’m extremely picky when it comes to performance gear. It all comes down to comfort for me. I prefer the tighter, slim fit, which is why I’m currently digging Outdoor Voice’s Sunday Shorts. They are the perfect length, extremely comfortable, and not ‘poofy’ on my legs, which is key for me—I have a tough time finding shorts that don’t flare out at the sides due to the pockets. I also love how versatile they are— I’ll wear them during a high intensity workout at my gym, but also while I’m waking my dog or going to the grocery store.

  • Shawn Booth, Ironman, owner of Boothcamp Gym in Nashville, TN

“Outdoor Voices shorts are just the right length—gotta love split shorts to show off those running legs—and have all the pockets you ever need when you’re out on a run. I can hold my MetroCard, cash, keys and gels without the shorts falling down. The brief liner is also super comfortable even when things get sweaty. The Merino Longsleeve T-Shirt is great for those colder mornings and later nights to keep you warm, but it’s also still breathable and wicks away moisture.”

  • Matt Meyer, ACE, RRCA Run Coach, coach at Mile High Run Club in New York City

5. Rhone, $68 to $88 for core products

Rhone isn’t just for gym bros. The brand aims to produce activewear for the young professional–and they’ve been pretty successful in that mission. While their core products include activewear and some streetwear pieces, they also have a popular commuter pants and just launched a dress shirt, too.

Essential Gear: Mako Short

Rhone Mako 9 $68.00 “I have multiple pairs of shorts, shirts, and tank tops from Rhone. I really enjoy their gear for going on runs or bootcamp-style classes, where I don’t have to worry about them wearing from a barbell. They are comfortable, and have enough stretch in them that allows zero restriction. The clothing is presentable and fitted, which in my line of work really is helpful.”

  • Mat Forzaglia, NFPT-CPT, creator of In Time Fitness, and trainer at NeoU in New York City

“I’ve been running a lot lately and tried a bunch of brands, and nothing comes close to comparison in fit, function, and durability than Rhone. It’s great for all around functional fitness.”

  • Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl champion, former professional football player, and fitness expert in Encinitas, CA

“I like Rhone for athleisure. The clothing feels really good and it’s great if you want to be relaxed and stay sporty, but look dressed up a bit.”

  • Alonzo Wilson, founder and director of training at Tone House in New York City

6. No Bull, $32 to $129

You might be more familiar with No Bull’s pricey lifting shoes, but did you know they make apparel, too? The brand identifies its target consumer as one who trains hard and doesn’t have time for excuses, insisting that its gear will show up if you do, but it can’t show up for you. The clothes are everything you need to workout, and nothing you don’t.

Essential Gear: Coach Long Sleeve Tee

Coach Long Sleeve $52.00 “I’m a fan of minimalism and understatement. No Bull apparel and shoes are not flashy, yet have a bold, unique design with quality material that doesn’t intrude on your performance. Living in a time where your appearance and activities often reflect your values and identity, I strongly identify with the brand’s message of no BS and putting in the work. I feel their products inspire and allow you to do just that.”

  • Gerren Liles, NASM, master instructor at Equinox, and founding trainer of The Mirror

7. Olivers, $38 to $158

Simple, understated style is the name of the game with this brand. Pairing fabrics made out of merino wool, celliant, cordura nylon, and four-way stretch nylon results in gear that not only looks dapper but performs well, too. Bonus: All of the gear is made in California.

Essential Gear: All Over Short

All Over Short $68.00 “I’m a fan of Olivers, especially their All Over Short. I love this short because the material is durable—I’ve had them for years and they’ve never ripped or torn from barbells scraping against them. They also don’t bunch up or ride up, which is key in order to keep moving without having to adjust them mid-workout.”

—Andrew Mariani, NASM, trainer at Fhitting Room in New York City

8. Lululemon, $14 to $498

Those who think this brand just makes women’s yoga gear—or solely yoga gear in general—are missing out on a treasure. Once you wear one of Lululemon’s signature t-shirts or tanks for a workout, there’s no turning back. Each piece of clothing comes with a tag that explains what it was made for; a high intensity sweat session versus a recovery day.

Essential Gear: Metal Tech Vent Long Sleeve

Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve Shirt Lululemon $98.00 “I enjoy wearing Lululemon gear. My favorite piece is their Metal Tech Vent long sleeve shirts. I’m a fan of long sleeve workout tops and this particular shirt fits perfectly around the body and arms. It allows me to move without any restriction and it also feels good—which are my top two most important qualifications for workout gear. Not to mention, I like how it looks on me.”

—Solomon Bamiro, NASM, former Harlem Globetrotter, coach at Tone House in New York City

“Lululemon gear is my favorite athleisure wear because, for starters, its as comfortable as can be. They are presentable and are fitted, so I can still look professional as a fitness professional. The 5 Year Basic Tee is one of my favorites because its super comfortable, but also a fitted t-shirt. It’s stretchy, so it hugs your body just right, and if it feels too tight, you can stretch it out a little before putting it on, and it will fit great.”

—Mat Forzaglia, NFPT-CPT, creator of In Time Fitness, and trainer at NeoU in New York City

“I have the Lululemon Metal Vent Tank in every color. I especially love the fit of this tank because it accentuates all the right places of my body. I’m also a fan of the quality of material Lulu uses—clothing from other brands end up smelling over time when you workout in them a lot. My Lululemon gear doesn’t and I wear them on the regular.”

—Keoni Hudoba, chief instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp in New York City

9. Virus, $35 to $88

Priding itself on making gear than can hold up against the toughest of training sessions and competitions, this brand keeps up on the latest technology so that you’re able to push your limits with apparel that can keep up. The company makes training and recovery apparel, but also have some coveted transitional pieces, too, like its Icon X Joggers.

Essential Gear: IconX Joggers

IconX BioCeramic Performance Pant $88.00 “All of the apparel from this brand is perfect in my opinion. The way it fits an athletic frame is not only sophisticated but also sporty. Being a coach who spends a lot of his time running around New York, for me, the gear is perfect because it can easily transition from a workout to the street. It’s the ultimate brand for me.”

—Kenny Santucci, NASM, coach at Solace in New York City

“I love Virus’ compression tights for lifting and doing any kind of workout that taxes the lower extremities. I always feel more confident going for heavy lifts with these on.”

—Andrew Mariani, NASM, trainer at Fhitting Room in New York City

10. Nike

Chances are you’re intimately familiar with this mega-brand if you’re a gym rat, athlete, or even if you don’t watch sports on the regular. But there’s a good reason that it’s the top dog in sports. That means the brand is always innovating with new technologies like Flyknit and Dri-FIT, which keep getting upgraded and integrated into more of its stellar gear.

Essential Gear: Nike Pro Tights

Pro Hypercool 3/4 Black Tights Nike $27.99 “I’m a big fan of the Nike Pro Line for three reasons: it looks cool, it’s comfortable, and it fits well. It’s not too tight that it looks weird, but also not so baggy that you look like you’re wearing a trash bag. The line is a little pricey, but it’s great.”

—Ben Bruno, CFSC, trainer based in Los Angeles, CA

“I grew up on Nike and they’re still consistently coming up with new ways to be innovative. They’re making clothing that allows me to focus on my training movements, being very specific to the personal details of their material and design, whether you’re doing yoga or showing up for a HIIT class. Nike seems to have an item to make sure you maximize each workout, assuring functionality and comfort—all without compromising the fact that their clothes look great, too! Look good, feel good, perform great—that’s what always keeps me motivated and a loyal brand customer.”

—Curtis Williams, NASM, former NFL wide receiver, creator of Training C.A.M.P., coach at Performix House in New York City

“Nike’s running apparel is great because they offer gear to face any weather condition. Whether your out for a run in the cold, rain, or wind they have the proper gear to keep you warm and dry. ”

—Nick Panebianco, NASM, trainer at Trooper Fitness in New York City

“Nike makes a great training short that I own every color in because I like them so much! These Flex shorts are fitted but also have a stretch in them, so they’re not restrictive when I’m squatting or performing other hip bending movements. Since I train a lot with a barbell, I look for gear that is not going to fade or deteriorate from the bar rubbing against it, over and over. These shorts have proven to be worthy for training in my opinion.”

—Mat Forzaglia, NFPT-CPT, creator of In Time Fitness, and trainer at NeoU in New York City

11. Softwear, $42 to $88

Sustainability is one of the core values of this 100 percent American-made brand. That commitment to excellence, plus the fact that this atheisure wear couldn’t feel more supple against your skin put this brand on the “worth it,” level.

Essential Gear: Jogger Pant

Jogger $78.00 “These are by far the most comfortable pair of sweats I own. You can dress them up or down—they always look and feel great! And while they fall more into the athleisure category, the lightweight and form-fitting properties make them amazing to workout in, too.”

—Kenny Santucci, NASM, coach at Solace in New York City

12. Goodlife Clothing, $45 to $175

Goodlife Clothing produces simple, well-cut, essentials that you’ll never stop using. These American-made pieces are cut to be aesthetically appealing and fit close to the body. It’s gear with a goal—to help you live your good life.

Essential Gear: Supima Classic Crew

Goodlife Tri-Blend Classic Crew $60.00 “Goodlife is my favorite all-purpose brand. I’ve worn it on fashion runways with a sport coat, and in a Tough Mudder race. The clothing never stretches out.

—Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl champion, former professional football player, and fitness expert

Amy Schlinger Amy Schlinger is a skilled health and fitness writer and editor based in New York City.

Whether you’re a regular gym rat or just starting to dip your toes into the athletic world (good for you!), chances are you could use some new workout gear. Sure the stuff from college is technically fine, but why not ditch the old gym shorts and invest in some high-quality garments that could actually optimize your workout instead of just barely getting you through it?

With that in mind, we thought we’d run through some of the best brands for men’s workout clothes on the internet. These companies run the gamut from household names to exciting newcomers, so there’s bound to be one that’s going to be the absolute perfect fit for you and your type of workout, whether that’s hoops in the park, sprints on the track, or lifting weights in the gym.



In the decades since its founding in 1964, Nike has gone on to become the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Christened with the brand’s iconic swoosh, each product is as sleek as it is practical, marrying functionality with a fashion-forward aesthetic. This is perhaps why Nike has always been such a hit with both athletes and streetwear enthusiasts alike and garnered such a solid reputation among a myriad of different customers. While the company is best known for its shoes (particularly the Air Jordan and Air Max models), it also boasts a wide range of other products geared toward nearly every sport imaginable.

Price range: $-$$$

Perfect for: Rounding out your style with some tried-and-true gear.


Of course, no roundup of fantastic men’s workout clothes would be complete without Adidas, the sort of hip older brother to Nike’s all-American vibe. While the two brands are pretty similar (shhh don’t tell the die-hards), we think Adidas has a somewhat broader focus than Nike’s specific “anyone can be an athlete” one. What this means is that Adidas dabbles in pretty much everything from tracksuits to shoes to accessories and has slightly more crossover appeal between the gym and outside world. Plus, celebrities love an Adidas moment and the brand has certainly benefited from a heavy dose of influencer clout over the years.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Looking cool while hitting the grind.



Rhone has made a name for itself with a line of streamlined workout gear designed for optimized mobility and performance. What this means is that each article of clothing is infused with all the tech you’ll need to get some serious work done in your next spin class, including anti-microbial, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties. While the duds may not be anything fancy to look at, their simplicity is emblematic of their purpose i.e. to help you achieve your fitness goals without fuss. You can’t really go wrong with any of the goods, but we’re especially big fans of the Mako short and Swift short sleeve shirt.

Price range: $$-$$$

Perfect for: Filling out your workout wardrobe with some awesome essentials.

Under Armour

Under Armour

While Under Armour has traditionally favored substance over style, the brand has recently upped its fashion game in the face of the rising athleisure trend. The extensive line of athletic gear here is probably most appropriate for those looking to do some serious training at the gym as opposed to those who want to look fly at post-workout brunch. Notably, many of the items are built with recovery in mind, especially those outfitted with the brand’s proprietary UA Tech, which not only actively cools, but also helps fight pesky odors and moisture.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Hitting the gym with precision and comfort.



One of the more affordable options on the list, Gymshark is a popular athletic brand featuring tops and bottoms ranging in price from $18-$50. Advertised as being “built for graft, not for glamour,” the workout line is relatively bare-bones and is constructed mostly with cotton fabric. While this may not be a great fit for those in search of uber-intense athletic garb that’ll wick moisture or absorb odor, it could be a real winner for those gym rats who want something that’ll transition seamlessly between different spaces, especially as many of the items feature interesting graphics and bright colors.

Price range: $

Perfect for: Spending less and bringing some contemporary style into your workout wear rotation.



California-based Vuori does athletic wear with a west coast sensibility, creating clothes that are technically sound but still totally chill, bro. What this means is that the collection of joggers, shorts, and shirts is probably best suited for those guys who want fantastic workout gear, but don’t necessarily need it to look like workout gear. In the place of sheeny polyester or breathable mesh, fellas will find bright colors, fun patterns, and an overall relaxed aesthetic that’s at home on the beach and the weight room.

Price range: $$-$$$

Perfect for: Diverting from the athletic wear norm.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

If athleisure is your MO, Outdoor Voices might just be the athletic brand for you. Though the collection here is certainly not as expansive as the others in this round up, its specific focus on contemporary silhouettes could really work for guys who want to stay on trend. I’m especially intrigued by the new EcoMesh T-Shirt, which combines mesh with 100% recyclable polyester for a top that’s as breathable as it is eco-friendly. Other standouts include the Sunday Short and RecTrek Jogger. Plus, you can take advantage of the OV kit deal in which you can pair one bottom with one top for just $95.

Price range: $$

Perfect for: Modernizing your workout gear with some trendy styles.



Ryu Apparel is all about designing clothes for the athletic individual, whether they’re hitting leg day or just hitting a local cafe. In this vein, the goods here are specifically built to look as natural in the gym as they do outside it, which could be a plus for those with an exceptionally active lifestyle. Available in an array of muted colors, Ryu’s hoodies, pullovers, joggers, and shirts are all constructed with an airy knit jersey incorporated with just a touch of spandex for stretch. The resulting collection is therefore comfortable, breathable, and super functional.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Pulling off that post-gym glow even on your cheat days.



Fourlaps is a New York City-based brand that draws inspiration from the kinetic energy and grit of its hometown. The result is a diverse array of tops, bottoms, and accessories that are as tough as they are stylish. Take the popular Rush Hoodie, for example, which amps up a classic silhouette with super soft French Terry and breathable mesh. Or the Extend Short, crafted from a four-way stretch material that’s also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. All in all, a great brand for city dwelling athletes in need of workout gear that can handle both the gym and the urban jungle.

Price: $$

Perfect for: Folks in need of fashion-forward workout clothes that are practical yet fashion-forward.


No Bull

As the name suggests, No Bull is a brand that skips the bullsh*t in favor of no-fuss workout gear that’s functional, durable, and affordable. While you won’t find playful graphic tees or sleek joggers in this collection, you will discover plenty of essential items built to last through both workouts and passing trends. It’s a straightforward approach to athletic apparel that could work wonders for guys in search of optimized basics, from T-shirts to compression tights, zip-up sweaters, performance hoodies, lightweight shorts, and more.

Price: $ – $$

Perfect for: Serious athletes in search of no-frills gear to get them through the grind.



Are you someone who finds most athletic brands to be a little, well … intense? Then Olivers Apparel might just be the one for you! The Los Angeles-based company sells a bevy of workout essentials that are as accessible as they are effective. From the All Over Short (built with quick-drying four-way stretch) to the Bradbury Jogger (made from lightweight, water repellent fabric), the items here are designed with subtlety and optimization in mind. It also doesn’t hurt that they look as good outside the gym as they do in it.

Price: $$

Perfect for: The casual gym rat looking to score some straightforward yet stylish essentials.

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10 Stylish Activewear Brands to Know Right Now

Chic activewear has become a wardrobe staple for all of us who value both fitness and fashion. Luckily, there are now numerous brands out to help us achieve all our health goals while keeping us flawlessly stylish. Whether you need high-performance gear that helps you stand out at the gym or a cute yoga set to take you from workout to brunch there is a sportswear label for you. Here are the best activewear brands that you should know today.

1. Lululemon

You don’t become a giant within a crowded industry without doing a few things right. We love Lululemon for its expansive and perfected range of products. Whether your thing is yoga, running or training, Lulu has you covered. The brand’s leggings and pants come in a variety of lengths and styles to suit everyone, and its sports bras offer the perfect support. These great products combined with excellent customer service (hello free in-store yoga classes) make Lululemon the ideal activewear brand.

SHOP Lululemon

2. FP Movement by Free People

There’s a lot to like about Free People’s activewear range, FP Movement, but what we love are the designs. Featuring ultra-chic details, such as decorative cut-outs and added straps, FP Movement offers a range that triumphs both fashion and function. If you run, do yoga, dance or surf, then this is a must-know brand for you. The label, which has been created with free and adventurous 20-somethings in mind, offers an extensive variety of products at affordable prices. And with free shipping to the US, Canada, and Australia on purchases over $100, FP Movement is worth checking out.

SHOP FP Movement by Free People

3. Fabletics

Fabletics is the activewear creation of actress, Kate Hudson. And while the brand can’t promise you’ll end up with a body like Kate’s, it can promise that you’ll end up with gym wear which you’ll love. After taking a pop quiz about your style preferences and sizes, you’ll be able to view a range of Fabletics gear which has been curated to suit your needs. With no more sorting through pages of styles that just aren’t for you, this brand makes finding the right product a breeze. Then simply check out as a guest or become a VIP member to receive additional savings.

SHOP Fabletics

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella McCartney is one collaboration that just keeps on giving. Combining one of our favorite designers with one of the greatest sportswear labels ever is pure genius. Shop the collection to find high-quality and high-performance fabrics and styles in undeniably fashionable designs. Floral prints, bold colors and almost futuristic fitness designs make Adidas by Stella McCartney a perfect addition to your wardrobe rotation. Once you start buying pieces from this range, we predict that you’ll be wearing them everywhere. Whether it’s in the gym, to brunch, or for a quick Instagram pic, these pieces easily work for any occasion.

SHOP Adidas by Stella McCartney

5. Vie Active

Vie Active was born in Bondi Beach, Australia and offers high-performance, fashionable fitness wear. Created with the goal of allowing women to transition easily from a workout into a busy day, Vie Active’s mantra is; “Designed by sweat professionals, for sweat professionals.” The brand’s collections offer a great mix of basic activewear and more fashionable, standout pieces. Look out for the Modern Geo and Marble prints if you’re after some on-trend styles to spice up your workout wardrobe.

SHOP Vie Active

6. Pins to Kill

Pins to Kill is the new kid on the block when it comes to activewear. Offering comfortable leggings in super cute prints, this brand will brighten up your morning workout. With styles becoming available for purchase twice a month, pick up a pair fast before they sell out. If you do miss out, you could always try your hand at designing your own pair! Pins to Kill offers customers the option of personalising their leggings or even uploading their own designs. We love this fun and innovative idea! After all, who wouldn’t want one of a kind, custom gym gear?

SHOP Pins to Kill

7. Sweaty Betty

From humble origins as a single boutique brand in 1998 to a global, multi-channel, activewear business in 2016, Sweaty Betty has grown into an unstoppable industry leader. The brand’s pretty and minimalistic website offers an incredible range of products which are easily shop-able by activity/sport. So whether you swim, spin or play tennis, you’ll always be able to find the right piece to fit your needs. Expect workout essentials intersected with in-your-face pops of color and pattern. We also love Sweaty Betty’s range of reversible leggings which can be worn two ways to maximize style while reducing wardrobe space.

SHOP Sweaty Betty

8. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices has quickly grown into an important activewear/athleisure brand to watch. By offering minimalist designs in ultra-comfortable styles and fabrics, this label has become a firm favorite of millennials. Basic leggings, sweatshirts and track pants in neutral colors are all staples of this relaxed label. Made for “casual activity”, Outdoor Voices’ designs are intended to be worn anywhere and everywhere outdoors. If you’re the type that’s more into recreation than perspiration, then this is the perfect lifestyle label for you.

SHOP Outdoor Voices

9. Olympia Activewear

If you’ve been meaning to try out Olympia Activewear, now’s your time. The brand’s 2016 collection is refined sportswear at its best. With a focus on simple silhouettes, the range offers modern, athletic designs in gorgeous neutrals; from basic black to warm brown and soft pink. Consistently setting itself apart from the crowd, Olympia Activewear offers a unique balance between strong and feminine aesthetics in signature custom elastics, versatile cotton basics and silk lounge pieces.

SHOP Olympia Activewear

10. Live the Process

Live the Process is a wellness and holistic health site that also offers its luxury activewear brand. The brand’s designs feature a modern take on classic pieces ranging from bodysuits and bras to leggings and outerwear. Its styles are all incredibly chic and can easily be mixed and layered for the perfect look. We love the classic V Pant and V Bra in soft pink for the ultimate yoga outfit! Another thing we love about this brand? Its products are made ethically in the USA. So now you can feel good and look good at the same time.

SHOP Live the Process


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