11 Exercise Clothes That Can Be Worn To Work So You Can Make The Most Of Your Gym Time

Finding time to hit the gym before work can be quite difficult, especially if you want to get more than a few hours of sleep the night before. That’s why wearing workout clothes to the office can not only allow you to maximize your wardrobe, but also your precious time, so you don’t have to do a full change of clothing before or after your workout. This idea might seem a little crazy, though. I mean, how are you going to wear workout clothing to the office without looking completely silly?

Since most of us probably work in places that have some kind of dress code, be it formal or informal, the idea of wearing your workout gear to work might seem like a good idea only if you want to be fired. However, the line between workout clothing and work clothing has become thinner and thinner the last few years, as designers have stepped up their game to create apparel that is both suitable for the gym and the board room.

Opting for work-appropriate workout gear allows you to maximize your time and clothing, but it also helps you stay comfortable. Think about how great it would be to wear your cozy, soft, flexible exercise gear to work and not be itching to get home and put your sweats on? If you’re a normal human, probably pretty darn good.

You can also take some of these pieces and mix and match them with traditional office attire for days you aren’t working out, or when you want to dress up your look a bit. There are really no rules for doing this! So without further ado, here are 11 workout items that can also be worn to actual work.

1. The Dressy Yoga Pants

Straight-Leg Dress Pant Yoga Pants, $70, B etaBrand

Also Consider: Rekucci Ease In To Comfort Fit Straight Pants, $32, Amazon

They may look like dress pants but surprise — they’re actually yoga pants in disguise! Made of rayon, these pants allow you maximize comfort, but are also tailored in the style of dress pants, giving you the best of both worlds. Seriously, no one but you will ever know the wiser about these and you’ll be comfortable even on your longest office days.

2. The Workout Dress

Women’s Sleeveless Fitness Dress, $7, Sears

Also Consider: Women’s Racerback Sleeveless Tank Maxi Midi Dress, $20, Amazon

This dress is a great choice thanks to its loose fabric and stretchy waistband. Sears suggests wearing it like an oversized tank top that you can layer over shorts, leggings, or yoga pants for your workout and by itself afterwards. The midsection allows you to change the fit and length of the dress, so you can wear it higher up for working out and lower on your waist for when you’re sporting it as a dress to the office.

3. Denim Jeggings

Cropped Denim Leggings, $50, Spanx

Also Consider: Miraclebody Cropped Denim Leggings, $45, Amazon

If you work in a more casual office environment in which denim is considered appropriate or are having a casual Friday at your place of employment, these jeggings from Spanx are a great option! They’re designed for working out — as they’re made from one of the largest undergarment and sports apparel brands out there — but also look exactly like jeans. If you ask me, I think this crisp, white pair also adds a level of chicness to these pseudo trousers.

4. The Hybrid Tank Top

Women’s Plus Burnout Tank, $11, OldNavy

Also Consider: RBX Plus Workout Cotton V-Neck Tank Top, $15, Amazon

This plus size workout option is so graphic and detailed that you can’t tell it’s made for exercise from afar. This is a great tank top to use for layering as well, and a cute blazer or sweater would add a touch of sophistication to this top.

5. The Plus Size Fitness Dress

Surplice Fitness Dress, $25, Amazon

Another plus size option, this fitness dress seriously looks like it’s made for the office with its wrap look, but is actually designed for working out. Because of how neutral it is, you can really dress it up or down as needed.

6. The Structured Sweatshirt

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Popover Sweater, $295, Intermix Online

This sweatshirt combines the perfect balance of structure and comfort. Because of its broad shoulders and tapered bottom, this sweatshirt can easily look like a blouse paired with a statement necklace or scarf for work, but is also a great companion to wear for your workout. The sweatshirt also has cutouts on the back that provide maximum comfort while looking highly designed and tailored.

7. The Soft Tunic

Enlightening Long Sleeve, $35, Amazon

This comfortable poly-spandex blended top is the perfect option to keep you cool as you hit the gym and effortless as you go into the office. The deep cranberry color makes this top seem very dressy, as well as the rouged neckline. It’s the perfect gym-meets-work top!

8. The Multi Purpose Cardigan

Cycle Cardigan, $37, Yoox

Also Consider: Women Gym Hoodie, $19, Amazon

Isn’t this just the chicest jacket you’ve ever seen? This piece really embodies the workout-clothes-meet-the-streets vibe in fashion right now and is the perfect layering piece to wear just about anywhere.

9. The Lightweight T-Shirt

Go Om Short Sleeve Tee, $58, Lululemon

How cute is this t-shirt from Lululemon? It says right on the website that this top is designed to go from the gym to the rest of your life, and it has a naturally breathable and loose feel that is meant to make it easy to layer. “We designed this lightweight tee to be the perfect layer. The relaxed fit and cropped length give us room to let off post-practice heat while the super-soft fabric helps us ward off chills,” the brand writes on its website.

10. The Mesh Top

Mesh Trim French Terry Active Top, $20, Avenue

This top is the perfect item to wear to the gym and then take to the office, since it’s structured enough to work for work, but also has a loose fit that is screaming “wear me on your run!” The mesh on the bottom and sleeves also adds a fun detail to the top that looks innocent enough, but will help to you keep you cool as you sweat it out.

11. The Classy Hoodie

Marled Knit Hoodie Top, $19, Forever21

Also Consider: Avenue Marled Hatchi Hoodie, $29, Amazon

This hoodie from Forever 21+ looks amazing because of its tunic-like cut and subtle hooded neckline that make this hoodie perfect for the gym and the streets. I love how the model is wearing the top and this is definitley a great look you could take to the office. The hoodie is casual enough that you could obviously wear it while working out, but has elements of style that make it anything but a plain sweatshirt.

Images: Courtesy Brands

For ones who exercise after work, might find lugging gym clothes to and from the office quite tough. They after gym work can find it even more difficult to pack and bring the things back home.

The best solution for this idea would be to wear workout clothes to work in. This idea also makes them look chic and beautiful.

When decided to pull out, workout dress at work consider as an art and there needs to be proper planning and selection of choices in order to master your dressing with comfort and ease.

Workout Clothes You Can Wear to Work :

1. Yoga pants:

Yoga pants are one which resembles the same as dress pants. Being made of rayon material, these pants are ones that offer ultimate comfort.

These pants are presently manufactured as dress pants and often provide the best for both workplace and gym. These yoga pants cannot be easily identified and can be best used for long office hours.

2. Multipurpose tunic tops:

Multipurpose tunics tops are the best choice which makes you look chic as well as perform your dual function of the gym after work easily.

There are various brands and shades of tops which can be tried out and used for a multipurpose idea.

3. Workout dress:

The latest women sleeveless fitness dress also mentioned as workout dress is a great choice to wear it to office.

The dress considers as one of the greatest choices as it possesses loose fabric and a stretchy waistband. This dress can be worn as an over-sized tank top over your yoga pants, leggings, or shorts for work.

The length and fit of the dress can alter by using the midsection. While working out, the dress can wear higher up and during office hours, it can be lowered.

4. Trek trousers:

These twill pants are most favored for travelers. These pants are reflective, water-repellent and are tailored perfectly.

They are suitable for morning bikers, workouts and more. This can be the best choice to work by snapping into sneakers.

5. Denim jeggings:

Denim jeggings can be a great choice for ones who desire for a workout after office hours.

Designed specifically for working out, they are manufactured from the largest sports apparel brand and undergarment and hence they look similar to jeans.

6. Opting for prints:

Yoga pant can be the right choice to rock in, but remember that you need to make your presence in the professional environment too.

Try to choose printed pants so that they mimic traditional work pants.

7. Hybrid tank top:

These hybrid tank tops look detailed and hybrid and can be the best choice for dual purpose. Wearing them to an office makes you look trendy and chic which can further be a comfortable choice for workouts.

A touch of sophistication is added to the top when a sweater or a blazer is added to it.

8. A casual blazer on:

The best way to dress your workout clothes to the office is to throw a casual blazer. It is hence good to opt for a stretchy, comfortable, breathable blazer so that one does not feel suffocating.

The latest performance knit blend blazers are updated and are ones which are more comfortable, relaxed and wrinkle free.

9. Go for a detailed dressing:

To gain a classy touch and refined look, go in for unique details. Some detailing includes asymmetrical hemline, cowl neck, seaming, ruching, and more.

Such dressing makes you look perfect for office work as well as for work out.

10. Layering your dress:

It is always good not to flaunt much in such dual reason for dressing. You can gain a lasting impression by layering your dress with design, hues, fabric which can be a perfect choice for work as well as for workouts.

It would be better to opt for breathable and fast-drying fabric and also accessorizing can be made simple so that it suits both the worlds.

11. Plus size fitness dress:

This is yet another option for both scenarios for it holds a wrap look perfect for the office but mainly intended for the workout. This dress is a neutral one and you can dress up as desired.

12. Fitted long sleeves:

A fitted sweater shirt or a trendy long sleeve shirt can be a perfect choice for office dressing as well as for workouts.

To match your workout environment opt for lightweight knits, French terry, or wicking polyester. This idea makes you look more refined and play a dual role.

13. Structured sweater shirt:

You look more comfortable and structured in a sweater shirt as it has tapered bottom and broad shoulders.

This sweater shirt can pair with a scarf or a statement necklace and is considered as one of the best choices for a workout.

To look higher tailored and designed, the sweater shirt has cutouts at the back too. This attire makes you look chic at the office and can be opted for workouts too.

14. Long sleeve tee:

The yoga tee which is long sleeved looks versatile and can a choice for the skirt to the office, the same can pair with leggings for a workout too.

15. Soft tunics:

Soft tunics consider as a comfortable option as the tops are poly spandex and are a comfortable choice for workouts and effortless for office work too.

The top can be made look very dressy when bright colors opt. The rough neckline makes it a good choice for both work and gym.

16. Cardigan multipurpose one:

These types of jackets consider the best choice as they make you look trendy. They can be comfortable for workouts and is in fashion right now.

They also consider as a perfect layering piece which can be worn anywhere.

17. Lightweight t-shirt:

One of the cutest choices is this lightweight t-shirt which highlights your wardrobe. The breathable and loose feel material is one which makes it perfect for work life and the top design for the gym.

The beneficial features of this choice the cropped length and the relaxed fit, and heat can ward off by its super-soft fabric.

18. Mesh top:

An outstanding choice to wear to the office and then to the gym, the structured work makes it the right option for work and the loose fit is a perfect choice for workouts.

Fun details add to the tops by the excellent mesh available in the bottom and sleeves of the tops. The choice is best as they help to keep you cool while you sweat.

19. Classy hoodie:

The subtle hooded neckline and the tunic like the cut is one factor which makes the top look classy. They are a perfect choice for the gym and trendy enough for work life.

They are casual enough for wearing it during workouts but they have elements which make it the right choice for an office.

20. Compression leggings:

Compression leggings are the best choice for extra-cold days as they can keep you warm on long runs.

These compression leggings can pair with a pair of boots which makes you look chic and modish. They can be the best option for work as well as for workouts.

21. Bomber jacket:

This bomber jacket has styled fashion and is an alternative to a blazer. The fun hidden pockets are another promising feature which makes the bomber jackets a multi user, for office as well as for workouts.

22. Teck tape pants:

These categories of pants are the best choice for work to workouts as their fabric is anti-microbial, wick able, breathable and opaque. The best part of teck tape is that they are dressy.

They are ones which support your muscles and makes you look perfect for work as well as for workouts. They can pair with stunning contrast tops which makes you modish.

23. Cashmere sweater:

It is a cozy layering piece and a good option to pair with leggings. The oversized and swingy sweater is breathable and adds a chic look for work as well as for workouts.

They can wear to the office which makes a unique fashion amongst others.

24. Leather yoga jacket:

Your gym workout is not made complete without the touch of leather jackets. These leather jackets possess a sleek layer as your hand becomes toasty in the freezing weather.

They look trendy when worn for office work and later for gym workouts.

25. Ankle leggings:

These ankle leggings are the latest trend which has new shades of fashion in it. The ones best suited for office as well as for work is the two-tone leggings or the inky blue hues which offers a polished getup.

This can pair up with a long sleeve shirt along with a blazer. This can make the best attire with a pair of patent platform oxfords.

26. V-neck drawstring tank:

An effortless exercise of mixing and matching can be achieved with this choice with neutral colors. This V-neck tank offers you a hint of athletic flair which can make perfect with premium sneakers for office.

27. Running woman sweats:

This activewear is the choice of most joggers as they offer a trouser like the style. This can pair with an oversized sweater, or half tucked in a t-shirt with short ear drops and classic pumps.

28. Cocoon wrap:

The heavy knit topper is a perfect choice for gym, and an option for work when paired up with understated cuff, pencil skirt, and chunky heels. The material is soft, cozy and makes you feel comfortable.

29. Barricade jacket:

These barricade jackets can pair with elegant blouses and high waist trousers. This makes your attire for work look chic, also comfortable enough when you desire to go to the gym after office hours.

There are yet several ways by which fashion can tune to make a perfect fit for office work as well as for workouts. The sleeveless longline tunics can pair with ankle boots which makes it a trendy look for both official workspace and workouts.

A collar necklace may highlight your trend and grab other attention. Illusion necklines and mesh panels are yet another choice which makes you look more modish and updated with the fashion.

Such categories with a short midi skirt and knee boots can be a perfect choice and can play a dual role as attire.

Workout gears can be now worn to office as there are a variety of brands which are designed to be stylish and look chic apparels. There are several trends which have popped up which helps you wear your workout gear to the office.

For people who are fashion conscious, there are several kinds of stuff which look great and amazing and can be used for both office and workouts.

These clothes design stylishly so that they can be a perfect choice for work as well as for the gym. It is mandatory to make the right mixing and matching so that you update with the latest looks.


The above mentioned tips and hints on workout clothes you can wear to work can be helpful for people who like to be trendy and wear their gym wear to work.

Only a few modifications and tips, your work out wear works well for work too. Moreover, several branded stores sell the latest trends for dual purpose.

People look for style and comfort which are necessities which makes the look outstanding and excellent. The right accessories, pattern, and way of dressing are important to grab the attention of others and make your attire a multipurpose one.

When I wrote “The Best (And Most) Stylish Gym Gear For Men” I thought the endless emails requesting some cool gym clothes would stop.

But they didn’t.

You see, I made a mistake of not giving you any outfit ideas, which is like a cookbook telling you what ingredients to buy without offering any recipes.


Lucky for you, I recently had a coffee with my friend Cass, an amazing fellow personal stylist who just happened to work as the buyer for Equinox gym previously.

And I asked her to help me out with a follow-up post.

Today Cass shares her expert knowledge, dropping some amazing recommendations based on her years as a buyer for some of the most luxurious gyms, showing you how to rock them only the way an amazing stylist could.


Peter Says: “My trainer has been getting on my case to get better with my mobility, especially on my non-training days. Years of sleeping wrong has definitely done a number on my body, so I’ve recently taken up Yoga. This one is a special request by me, I asked Cass to give me a look that I personally wouldn’t be embarrassed wearing.”

Cass Says: “Tons of men are getting into yoga to increase their mobility and recovery, or give themselves something a bit lower impact to do on their rest days.”

Vince Double Knit Hoodie ($145) This hoodie is the perfect easy to throw on for going and leaving the gym. It doesn’t scream “Gym” so you can easily incorporate it into your non-gym outfits.

Manduka Knit Pant ($66) Super soft blended fabric which stretches easily. Drawcord to hold you in place and modern tapered style for yoga. This pant will effortlessly move with you as you go from downward dog to child’s pose.

Vuori Strato Tech Tee ($44) This shirt is meant to move! It is made of a super soft stretch jersey that will move with you throughout your practice. It is also designed to wick moisture, dry extremely quickly, and resist odors.

Swell Bottle ($29) These bottles are super lightweight and are designed to hold hot and cold liquids. They’re double walled, which helps prevent any annoying condensation outside the bottle, making it easier to grip and keeps everything else in your bag dry.

Manduka Yoga Mat Prolite Long and Wide ($118) One of the best mats out on the market! This mat is durable, anti-slip, long and wide, great for beginners and perfect for taller men. If you happen to sweat a lot during yoga, be sure to include a yoga towel!

Lululemon T.H.E Sock Silver ($18) This pair of socks is the perfect multi-purpose workout sock you can have! It also has silver in the threads which means it has an anti-stink technology and will keep your feet cool and dry.

(Peter Says: These are my personal favorite gym socks. My favorite part is the different knit directions, which help the sock “hug” your feet for a better fit.)

Nike Lunar Prime Iron II ($80) Even though you’d most likely be doing yoga barefoot, these shoes are a great multi-purpose sneaker to have for whatever workout you decide to do. They’re super lightweight (12oz) to wear and travel with, especially when things get hot thanks to their breathable material. Minimal, and available in a handful of solid colors, these are easy to pair with any outfit.


Peter Says: “When it comes to running, the trickiest thing is keeping it lightweight, comfortable, and cool, especially in long runs, while giving you enough functionality.”

Lululemon Metal Vent 1/2 Zip Pullover ($98) This is one of the best selling items in fitness gear for men because it’s a great layering piece that you can transition through any season. It has tons of cool performance properties — including strategic placement of venting so it filters through sweat, seamless construction (cause seams can sometimes rub you and be irritating) and anti-stink technology. It also is made of Lulu’s exclusive fabric called Silvervecent, which eliminates odor-causing bacteria getting trapped in the garment.

Nike Dry Fit Medalist ($65) This Nike top is the perfect running shirt for so many reasons. It’s super lightweight so doesn’t weigh you down during a run. It also includes an open knit stitching, allowing the right areas to breathe. The raglan sleeve (the diagonal seam) at the shoulders allows more flexibility and movement as swing your arms during your run. Last, it has a ton of strategically placed reflective areas, which is great for running safety in low light.

UA Accelebolt Running Tight ($74) These tights were specifically made for running. The fabric is more on the compression side, so it will hold you in place and improve your blood flow during your run. The leggings have a built-in brief so you can be completely comfortable :). Lastly, you can stash your keys and credit card in the side zip pocket!

(Peter Says: Throw these under your shorts on during colder months for a cool layered look. I prefer layering shorts over tights versus working out in sweats.)

Nike Distance Short 7-inch, Unlined ($40) These are the perfect lightweight running short that you can also wear for other workouts too! The waistband constructed from a soft knit for comfort. It has a zip pocket to keep your valuables in place, and reflective strips to keep you safe as you are running.

Spibelt ($19) If you hate the sometimes awkward placement of pockets on running tights and shorts, this is the perfect running belt for you. Lightweight, it expands so you can easily store iPhone, keys and any other small items.

Apple Airpods ($159) I have to admit, I was skeptical about these headphones. I’m super particular about my workout headphones because, in my opinion, one of the worst things is when you don’t have music or working headphones for your workout. I recently converted over to the Airpods, and I have to say I’m a believer now. I went for a run with them the first day, and they actually stayed in. Also, they will easily pair up with your phone so you can pump yourself up with your music on the way to the gym. These are absolutely worth the price.

(Peter Says: My ears, unfortunately, are one of the few types that aren’t the best match when it comes to Apple’s stock headphone design. If you’re like me, I recommend picking up additional slip on grips to keep them in place. I like these from Earbuddyz, $11)

(Pictured again) Lululemon T.H.E Sock Silver ($18) This pair of socks is the perfect multi-purpose workout sock you can have! It also has silver in the threads which means it has an anti-stink technology and will keep your feet cool and dry.

Nike Free RN Flyknit ($120) One of the lightest shoes within the Flyknit family, coming in at just 8.2oz! Made entirely of knit, it has more stretch yarns and unique directional patterns that hug your feet. This makes the fit secure and comfortable, especially with the sock-like upper. This is a great travel shoe too since it’s super lightweight and is a lot more forgiving if it’s flattened.


Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Tank ($58) Best fitting tank in the market, lightweight tank and wicks sweat so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a weight vest as you go through your work out! Also has anti-stink properties so you can feel confident as you wear.

(Peter Says: I just picked up a few of these, and I love them. This is coming from a guy who almost never wears tank tops, especially out in public.)

Ten Thousand Foundation Short ($58) This NYC based brand specializes in creating workout gear for whatever form of exercise you decide to do! I love their foundation short that was explicitly designed for strength training. A few things that I love: it has plenty of pockets (3 to be exact, including a zipper pocket), anti-chafe + anti-odor liner, drawcord and fly for secure fit AND you can get it in either a 7-inch or 9-inch length, which makes it an excellent option for taller guys. (For most guys, go with the 7-inch)

Reigning Champ x Adidas Zip Hoodie ($91) A collaboration between Adidas and Canadian based luxe basic men’s brand Reigning Champ, this stylish hoodie is anything but standard. They’ve mixed various performance materials to create an awesome, sophisticated look and is the perfect piece to transition you through the seasons. This hoodie has great ventilation as it’s constructed from performance materials, has underarm vents, and built with raglan sleeves so you can move around easily.

Stance Socks ($16) Stylish, performance socks. They also feature arch support as well as a reinforced heel, and seamless toe. Super breathable, it comes in crew or ankle. Grab a few ankles for general workouts, pick up a crew for deadlift days.

Dsptch Gym/Work Bag ($198) Ditch your usual backpack and opt-in for this in black ballistic for the minimalist stealth look, or camo print for something a bit more unique. This consolidated backpack has a lot of great features for a guy on the go; laptop sleeve, ventilated shoe compartment and the lining is made up of moisture resistant nylon which prevents odors from forming.

Liquid Grip ($8) Get an even better grip of your weight with this fast-drying liquid chalk. No gloves needed. Throw it in your bag and go!

Vyper 2 ($199) Take your foam rolling to the next level with this vibrating foam roller. It features three speeds and allows you to get an even deeper roll. A favorite among celebrity trainers.

(Pictured again) Nike Lunar Prime Iron II ($80) These shoes are a great multi-purpose sneaker to have for whatever workout you decide to do. They’re super lightweight (12oz) to wear and travel with, especially when things get hot thanks to their breathable material. Minimal, and available in a handful of solid colors, these are easy to pair with any outfit.

(Peter Says: For serious lifters, I’m a big fan of Nike’s Metcon, which have a lower drop and harder sole to give you stability for lifting.)


Cass Says: “One common thing that I’ve seen with my clients is that they want to make sure that they are getting the most value from their clothing. They always ask for ideas on different situations and ways to wear a specific piece.

There’s no such thing as separate wardrobes for work, weekends, and travel anymore. They’re all blending into one, and athleisure wear, workout or workout inspired clothes worn casually outside the gym, is at the forefront of this movement.

Athleisure wear is the PERFECT clothing to wear while you travel, not just for a workout.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your workout pieces with other items in your wardrobe to create a slick look while you travel. The obvious best part about this look is the first class comfort you’ll be experiencing, even if you’re flying coach. (Sorry, I had to!)

For this outfit, I pulled pieces from previous workout looks, like the Lulu grey pullover ($98), and threw in a pair of Lulu tapered sweatpants ($118). These easily mix with casual fashion items, like a Mack Weldon white t-shirt ($32) and minimalist pair of Suit Supply white sneakers ($179)

One of my favorite parts of this look is actually the shoe bag! Yes, I said a shoe bag! (Incase, $35)

I’m one of those weirdo’s that don’t like my dirty shoes touching all the other nice stuff in my bag. The various sizes make it super versatile to hold just about anything that you need – from shoes to power cords, to toiletries. And yes, you can even use it to keep dirty laundry (cause I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my dirty laundry spewing all over my clean clothes.)

Also Pictured: Mack Weldon ion Weekender Bag, $148 | N/A Low Cut Color Block Socks, $12


Cass Says: “Don’t limit your workout clothes to just working out. When you pick stylish gym gear, they can serve double duty for times you’re not breaking a sweat.

This is a clean, stylish after workout outfit to transition you into a casual workplace or a lunch meeting. Incorporate pieces that you already were using for the gym (like the hoodie and backpack), so you have less annoying things to carry.

My personal favorite piece is the pants, which are by Bonobos ($168). My clients have tried A LOT of different bottoms from different brands, and I found that this chino is a client favorite. Why? Well because it is made of a technical fabric, giving it a fantastic fit and breathability. You won’t feel stiff or restricted in these – which is ideal if whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or running around for meetings and errands.


Cass Says: “If you are heading into the office directly from the gym, there are a few things that are important to remember.

  1. It should be appropriate enough for the office or last-minute work meeting, but not feel too forced.
  2. You want clothing that’s packable and lightweight enough, so it doesn’t bulk up and weigh down your gym bag.
  3. You want clothes that won’t be a wrinkly mess once you change into them.

I love this outfit because it covers all those bases. This outfit is perfect for the temperamental spring weather so you can throw on the sweater over the short sleeve button down or wear it on its own! The Canon Short Sleeve from Untuckit ($88) is made of anti-wrinkle linen so you won’t run hot. The sweater (Massimo Dutti Cotton/Silk/Cashmere sweater, $75) and chino (Suit Supply, $149) dress up your look without going full sports coat or suit, and the minimal aesthetic of the Greats sneaker ($179) won’t raise any eyebrows at the office.

Also Pictured: Tie Bar Grey Socks, $8


I’m so excited to get Cass to contribute to The Essential Man.

Cass is one of the few people who’s taste and recommendations I trust. She’s spent 15 years in fashion, and worked as a luxury buyer for places like Equinox, specializing in menswear. Now she’s gone the Peter route and works as a private personal stylist, with clients all around the U.S.

If you love the work that I do, and want more amazing, expert style advice for in and out of the gym, head on over to Next Level Wardrobe and get in touch with Cass.

Gone are the days of itchy polyester pantsuits (thank goodness), but wearing “work appropriate” clothing may mean pricey dry-cleaning and discomfort. And if you aren’t a fitness trainer, wearing yoga pants to your 9-to-5 could be considered frowned upon — until now. Betabrand, a retail clothing company and online community that makes crowdsourced and crowdfunded products, has become known for its dress pant yoga pants.

The brand claims that with its help, you can now wear yoga pants to work. Each pair costs $58 and they’re available in seven types: Straight-Leg, Boot-Cut, Skinny-Leg, Pockets, Six-Button, Cropped-Leg, and Palazzo. The fabric is described as a “stretchy rayon blend” and is made from rayon, nylon, and spandex.

As much as we love our stretchy pants, we were slightly skeptical at first. So, four staffers decided to put them to the test. We all tried ’em in black, but you can find them in more than a dozen other colors and prints.

The Boot-Cut

Pro: No annoying seams or buttons.

News Editor Kayla Keegan typically opts for skirts and dresses, but she was pleasantly surprised after trying on a pair of Betabrand pants.

“As someone who never, ever wears pants to work, I found these extremely comfortable,” she says. “There were no annoying buttons digging into my belly. No weird seam lines hitting my thighs in the wrong parts. They legitimately feel like stretchy pants with just a little bit extra class.”

Betsy Farrell

Con: We want pockets and we want ’em now.

“I don’t know why retailers don’t listen when women have been screaming at the top of our lungs for years that we need more pockets,” says Kayla. “At the risk of sounding redundant, ‘WE NEED ACTUAL POCKETS, PLEASE!’”

(At the risk of sounding even more redundant, it should be known that all four editors were disappointed that the pants didn’t have real pockets).

The Straight Leg

Pro: Look like trousers, feel like Lululemons.

With the slightly wider leg, they reminded us of Lululemon’s classic Groove Pant Flare. Designed with a front button and faux pocket accents, and when paired with heels and a nice top, Associate Editor Blake Bakkila says she felt comfortable wearing a pair at work.

Betsy Farrell

Con: Panty lines were an issue.

Take it from Blake, and avoid full-coverage undies with these pants.

The Skinny-Leg (Long)

Pro: The thick material makes them look more professional.

The material was high-quality and durable, helping them pass off as work pants, says Digital Director Lauren Matthews. They also washed well, and didn’t pill for her next wear.

“The pants made it really easy to get dressed in the morning,” she says. “I just threw them on with a sweater and paired them with flats; but definitely the best part was that they were insanely comfy to wear all day. I felt like I was getting away with wearing my PJs at the office.”

Betsy Farrell

Con: The waistband had washing and tummy control issues.

Though Lauren was impressed with how it washed, she notes that the waistband twisted up, but she was able to readjust it. “I also would have loved a slightly higher waistband for a bit of tummy control,” she adds.

The Skinny-Leg (Petite)

Pro: Great for all-day comfort.

Associate Editor Caroline Picard says these were more comfortable than other work pants she owns and really felt like yoga pants.

“Normally the pants I wear feel super tight on my calves and thighs and I can’t wait to take them off when I get home,” she says. “But I could definitely wear these ones all day.”

Betsy Farrell

Con: Too loose and too long.

“The pants felt a little loose around my waist,” she says. “Also, I’m 5-foot-2 and the petite version still ran super long. I ended up folding the hem up on the skinny-leg pants at least 3 inches to wear them with flats.”

Though there were a few cons to note, we all agree that we’ll be slipping into our Betabrand dress pant yoga pants again. If you want to be comfy and polished from the start of your day to when you put on your PJs, consider these stretchy suit pants, too.

Blake Bakkila Associate Editor Blake is the Associate Editor for covering beauty, celebrity, holiday entertaining, and other lifestyle news.

11 Athleisure Pieces You Can Actually Wear to Work

If you’re the kind of person who rises with the sun to catch a workout before heading to the office, you’re most likely running around with a bag full of clothes. Getting ready on the go is tough enough without having to iron your clothes with a hair straightener or stand butt-naked under a locker room fan so you don’t sweat through your shirt.

The good news is that you can find stylish and comfortable clothing that supports you from gym to work to happy hour and beyond. These days, there are so many brands that have performance properties like four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and anti-wrinkle material. They make essential pieces you can wear in a business casual work environment or out to dinner with friends—all without looking like a total slob.

I’ve been in the fashion industry for 15 years, so I’ve worked closely with a bunch of athleisure and performance brands. Here are my picks for the top 11 athleisure pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe.

The Perfect Wrinkle-Free Shirt

Ever have one of those days when you’ve neatly packed your work outfit in your gym bag, only to find it a few hours later in a wrinkled blob with no iron in sight? Not gonna happen with Untuckit’s Pio Cesare Wrinkle Free Shirt. True to its name, it stays crease free so you’ll never have to look like an origami crane as you walk into the office. Untuckit’s stuff is also super lightweight, which means that you can wear this shirt year-round and your bag strap won’t drench your shoulder in sweat.Throw on a blazer for a more formal feel or layer a sweater over it during those extra-cold winter days. Untuckit is also known for its semi-custom fits, and I’ve dressed all sorts of different body types in the brand.($88;

A Suit You Can Actually Breathe In

Sometimes you don’t have a clue what your day will bring—you might get pulled into a meeting with the head honcho of your company or land that hard-to-get dinner reservation for a first date. Whatever happens, having a suit you can move in freely ensures that you at least look on top of it all.Both of these pieces from Bluff Works are wrinkle free, lightweight, moisture-wicking and low-maintenance (hello, machine washable!). I always recommend choosing a navy suit—it will go with every color in your closet.($295 & $140;

A High-End Hoodie (Yep, It Exists)

A lightweight zip hoodie is an essential staple in your wardrobe year round. This slub front zip hoodie from Canadian brand Wings + Horns is awesome to wear on a warm spring day with shorts and a t-shirt; in the winter, it’s light enough to layer under your coat. The price-tag is steep, but I recommend the hoodie because the zipper is super sturdy, and it’s truly a quality piece.($165;

Swanky Sneakers

For those days when the weather is unpredictable, it’s helpful to have waterproof shoes. I’ve searched high and low, and these waterproof Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are the most functional and stylish option I’ve found. The outside is nubuck waterproof leather, and there’s an additional interior bootie to ensure that no water gets inside. Depending on your office’s vibe, you can pair these with trousers and a sweater for an effortless but functional look.($120;

The Perfect Pants for Work/Life Balance

Lululemon nailed the ideal commuter bottom with its On the Fly pant. They have a great fit and are made with Lululemon’s super-comfortable Luxtreme fabric. They’re movable enough to bike in, but trousery enough to give a presentation in.Luxtreme has four-way stretch, making them the perfect pant to wear while traveling—they’re cozy enough to wear on an airplane but still look more put-together than leggings.($118;

The Makeup Bag of Dreams

When you’re rushing off to work after a workout, your time is precious. One way to make sure you’re as efficient as possible is with a killer makeup bag—trust me, keeping everything in one organized pouch is a lifesaver.I love the light gray camo print of Dagne Dover’s Lola pouch as an upgraded alternative to a solid color. It has two interior slip pockets to store small belongings, secure magnetic closures, and an exterior clip that you can attach to your bigger bag. Another use? Take it out at night as a clutch!($95;

A Transitional, Lightweight Jumpsuit

Lululemon’s collaboration with principal dancer Francesca Hayward features more than just leotards and legwarmers—this jumpsuit is made with soft and breathable cupro fabric and is as comfy as it is sleek.You can pair it with a blazer and heels for the office and even swap out the blazer for a sassy leather jacket look for happy hour. It doesn’t have any zippers or buttons, so it’s super comfortable for sitting in the car or on an airplane.($138;

Your New Favorite Shirt

Nothing makes getting ready easier than having that go-to piece that you know will go with everything in your closet—especially if it doesn’t require an iron—and Athleta’s Nopa shirt is just that.This dreamy shirt has a relaxed fit, so it’s roomy throughout and can be worn a bunch of different ways. Keep it long and tunic-like to pair with leggings and flats, or tuck it into a skirt or trousers to dress it up. You can even tie it up in the front for a more relaxed look. However you style it, the fabric is stretchy and anti-wrinkle, so it will move with you through your busy day.($79;

An Upgraded Pair of Black Leggings

I’m all about finding those “basics with a twist”—you know, like leggings that are tough enough for a workout but also nice enough to wear to a coffee date? The high-waisted Takara leggings from Carbon38 have my vote.They have a high waist that provides the right amount of comfort and stretchy fabric that’s so sleek I’ve even paired them with a sweater and heels after barre class. They also come in a variety of colors, so if you want to make more of a statement, go for the gray or rose color.($109;

This Trendy Plaid Hoodie

Plaid is the perfect print to wear into work or a more formal occasion because it instantly classes things up. Pick a multicolor plaid to make a statement or go more subtle with this black-and-white print from Wesley. This hoodie is slim fit, and you can easily pair with a skirt, trousers, sneakers or heels.($148;

Not-Your-Little-Sister’s Backpack

I have to admit I fought the backpack trend for as long as I could. My right shoulder and I have always just endured the pain of schlepping a purse that’s packed far too heavy but full of stuff I need for my day. Then Caraa answered my bag prayers by making a highly functional but stylish backpack that has plenty of space to hold all of my belongings for the day and more.The Studio 2 Mini comes with organized storage (like mesh pockets and a shoe pouch), a quick-grab phone pocket (no more digging for minutes trying to find it!) and best of all, it’s actually waterproof—I’ve worn mine in torrential downpours, and not a drop of water gets inside.($165;

Cassandra Sethi is an NYC personal stylist and founder of Next Level Wardrobe. Before starting her own styling company, she worked in the fashion industry for 15 years—most recently as a senior buyer for Equinox. She also loves Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, no matter the season. Ready to take your style to the Next Level? Reach out to her at [email protected] for more information.

5 Outfits You Can Wear to Work and to Workout

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  • Style

Posted on January 14, 2017 By Amy Trotter

Fashion that you can wear in the boardroom and to the weight room maximizes your wardrobe plus saves time and money. With the demands of professional attire to be comfortable and workout wear to be stylish, it’s easy to put together outfits that you can wear to work and to work out in. Some fitness wear brands have listened to their customers and provide ready-to-wear pieces just for this purpose. This makes it easy to come up with outfits that will do double duty—and help motivate you to get to the gym.

Depending on the requirements of your workplace (formal, business casual, or startup), you can style them with different shoes and accessories to make selections more professional or laid back. For example, add heels to your choices and your outfit becomes more dressy. Wear flats if your place of employment is more relaxed. Here are some suggestions for putting together five outfits that will take you from work to workout.

  1. Cute bottoms in a business print with a soft tunic top

Cute bottoms are a must for your multi-tasking wardrobe. Start with a pair of comfortable leggings in a solid color as they pair well with just about anything. Choose neutral colors such as black, khaki, grey, navy and white. Prints and fabrics should be similar to those of dress pants where you can hardly tell the difference.

The elastic waistband keeps you comfortable at the office and in the gym. Stretchy spandex offers slimming, support and compression while making you look fab. Add a dressy, soft tunic that makes you look sharp yet is perfect for bending, moving and stretching during your fitness activities.

  1. Jeggings with a hybrid top

Jeggings in prints and fabrics that look and feel like jeans, corduroy, twill and more are stretchy yet look very much like pants and jeans. Some even have front fastenings, fake pockets and belt loops. Yet they are made of Spandex and are flexible as you move into your yoga or pilates class.

Pair with a loose, flowing hybrid top (tank top or tee shirt), one that has much style and print that you can’t tell it’s workout wear. For a more professional look, add a soft stretchy solid color blazer or a sweater and add heels.

  1. Structured sweatshirt with leggings

A structured sweatshirt is comfortable yet more tailored and styled. It’s a modern take on a reliable classic that looks polished. Tapered with cutouts and unique styling that’s not typical of a regular baggy sweatshirt, it works well as a blouse for the workplace. Pair with chic stretchy slim-fitting leggings and all you need is a trendy bag which will double as a large tote and a gym bag. Talk about maximizing your wardrobe!

  1. Workout dress

Not your typical tennis dress, the workout dress has come a long way. With modern styling that can transition from office attire to street wear to fitness apparel, these dresses deliver a lot of functioning for an active life. It is made from comfy fabric with an elasticized waistband which can be adjusted so that you can wear it with dressy heels or flats. Add a bold necklace to give it a pop of color and glamour.

The dress can go from business to dinner to workout. Adjust the length to go shorter and wear the dress as a tunic with a pair of stylish leggings or yoga pants. Some workout dresses are simply tank dresses that are made with stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric. Wear these with or without a belt. You can also add workout shorts underneath for tummy control and compression. When it’s time to get your fitness on, just add tennis shoes, running shoes, ballet flats or go barefoot depending on the type of fitness you’re doing—the options are always expanding as the fitness industry continues to grow.

  1. Multipurpose athletic jacket and bootcut yoga pants

Nowadays athletic jackets are multifunctioning and look the part. They’re no longer the sportswear with the typical sports logo hat scream fitness jacket and only for sports. They’re fashionable and functionable and you can rock them with just about anything. Some have drawstrings and some have self belts. Some have zippers, sparkles and more yet they’re all comfortable and made for physical activity.

The more professional you want to look, the more structured your athletic jacket should be. Choose one that is more tailored and looks like a trench coat for a more corporate look. If you don’t have to go so formal, opt for a jacket that has a zipper, drawstring and even a hoodie. Pair with boot cut yoga pants that are stretchy yet look just like dress pants with their faux pockets and zipper. Add a pair of highheeled pumps or flats depending on your workplace environment.

Stay stylish at your job and at the gym

You now have five outfits that will take you from work right into working out—and look good in the process. They will provide the style and comfortability that you need plus the functionality to perform. Add the appropriate accessories and shoes and you’ll save time, money and space with athletic fashions that do double duty. Bonus: these will look great out to dinner, on dates and out running errands. So allow your fashion to go the extra mile along with you.

There’s nothing quite like kicking off the morning with a sweaty workout and heading to work feeling energised and ready for the day.

But there’s nothing worse than arriving in the office wearing a crumpled shirt that completely takes away from your fresh face and well-earned liveliness.

Don’t worry – we’ve got some great tips for keeping your clothes fresh in your gym bag, so you get the benefit of working out and will still look good when you arrive at work.

How to keep your clothes fresh in your gym bag

1. Roll your clothes in your bag

It may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but rolling your clothes will actually keep them straighter than laying them flat on your bag, where gravity will eventually take its toll and leave them with deep creases. Roll your clothes into tight tubes and stack them next to each other.

2. Make a clothes parcel

Just like rolling your clothes, making a ‘clothes parcel’ will protect your clothes from creases they may get when they’re packed for too long. Simply lay all your clothes flat and place them layered on top of each other. Make sure you put a stronger item in the middle to act as a core, such as socks wrapped in a t-shirt.

3. Wrap your shoes in plastic bags

In order to protect your clothes from the dirt of your shoes, keep a plastic or recyclable bag in your gym bag and put your shoes in it. This way, you can make the most out of gym bag space without compromising on cleanliness.

4. Put your socks inside the shoes

Another great idea to maximise space (and minimise the chance of your shoes becoming squished) is to stuff your shoes with your socks. This will also make finding your socks in your bag much easier.

5. Put your belt inside your shirt’s collar

A very clever idea to look after your work shirt is to put your belt inside the collar. This will save the collar from collapsing and becoming squashed. It’ll also works as a reminder to not forget your belt at home.

6. Keep silica gel packs and scented sachets in your bag

You know those little white silica gel packets that come in the box with your brand new shoes? Silica gel packets are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry – making them a perfect item to keep inside your gym bag at all times. Silica gel packs will help absorb any excessive moisture that your sweaty activewear may expel, keeping your clean clothes dry.

Always keep one (if not a few) of scented sachets in your gym bag. This will ensure your clean clothes will smell nice and fresh even if they’ve been packed for a while. Scented sachets also make for a fun DIY project!

7. Keep emergency garments at work

Needless to say, we all forget to pack some essential garments sometimes, and we all become victims of unfortunate accidents like coffee or water spills. As a precaution, always keep some backup items at work, such as socks, a clean shirt, or underwear.

8. Keep a fabric cleaner or freshener at work

We’ve all been there – your protein shake or your shampoo bottle spills in your bag, and suddenly your planned work outfit is not looking as good as it did when you tried it on last night. Keep an on-the-go stain remover or spot cleaner at work for just such a scenario – it’ll go a long way towards fighting small stains.

Workout to work transition

There’s more to getting work-ready than simply having clean, pressed clothes.

1. Before and after your workout: Take a shower

Clean clothes are important, but dressing sharp is pointless if you smell like freshly-chopped Spanish onions. Keeping your body odour to a minimum is basic manners. Showering after getting out of bed will get rid of any dry sweat or body oils you may have expelled at night time (especially in summer). This will mean your sweat at the gym will be ‘cleaner’ and less strong. After your workout, you should also take a shower to get rid of the workout session’s sweat.

2. Separate your gym clothes

You don’t want everything else in your bag to end up smelling like sweaty gym clothes, so keep a plastic or reusable bag handy to put your gym clothes in when you’re done.

3. Keep personal hygiene items at work

It may be a good idea to keep some basic hygiene items at work to always smell and look good, such as deodorant, dry shampoo, or perfume.

Stay active and look good

There’s no need to compromise on looking good in the office just to make it to the gym in the morning. Stay active and look great with these simple tips.


Every day of every month at GQ, we start your morning on Instagram with visual advice on What to Wear Today. But we want to go deeper. Give you the nuts and bolts of how to get the look into your wardrobe. Today we’re walking you through the ultimate streamlined gym to office kit.

If you’re hoping to get swole in time for summer, you’ve got to get on a consistent workout schedule. It doesn’t really matter if you fit it in before or after the office—as long as you fit it in. Daily workouts can involve a lot of schlepping, but they really don’t have to. With an actually good looking duffle (read: not gym bag) in hand and cool kid kicks on your feet you can swiftly, stylishly get from the gym to the office. Taking the time to streamline your kit means less time worrying about what to pile on when going from point A to B. So slip into your gym kicks off of the elliptical (just make sure you change socks) and layer your suited look with an athletic-inspired crewneck sweatshirt to keep the sporty vibes steady. (Do your coworkers a favor by packing your sweaty clothes separately from clean ones with the help of a reusable nylon bag). After that, just follow the same steps every day until you’re shredded. Easy, right?

Workout clothes for work

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