10 Halloween Costumes Made Completely of Workout Gear

While you’ve probably already started scouring Pinterest or hitting up party stores to find that perfect costume, we’re here to redirect your attention to the newest costume shopping destination: the gym.

You heard that right. Why spend Halloween evening walking around in uncomfortable heels or an awkward cardboard-box-style DIY costume when leggings and sneakers – much more comfortable pieces – could create just as epic of a costume?

Here are 10 of our favorite Halloween costumes made completely of workout gear.

Cat Woman

Get the look: Let’s face it: The cat costume has been a Halloween staple for ages and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. This year, put a twist on the traditional (and have an excuse to skip the knee-high boots) by dressing as cat woman instead. Pair this season’s hottest trend, high-waisted leggings, with a crop top and cat ears.


Get the look: With many of the world’s most influential international models now choosing boxing as their workout of choice, we’re seeing a resurgence in boxing gyms, and with that, traditional boxing apparel is suddenly finding itself at the center of street style trends. The sleeveless hoodie is every boxer’s go-to piece so pair that with training shorts and battle braids and you’ve got a Fashion Week-inspired Halloween costume that just may motivate you to hit the gym come Monday morning.

Pokemon Go Trainer

Get the look: Rumor has it that the Pokémon GO Trainers are already topping the list as 2016’s most popular Halloween costume.

The best part: These fictional trainers dress just like the trainers you see at the gym. Yes, we’re talking sweatshirts, baseball caps, and sneakers. Buy Poké Balls at your local party store to complete the look and you’ll be ready to ‘catch’em all.’

Conor McGregor

Get the look: There’s only one ‘Notorious’ – the whole point of the nickname is that there will never be another – but Halloween’s your chance to step into UFC fighter & pop culture icon Conor “the Notorious MMA” McGregor’s shoes for just one evening.

Pair these fashion-forward kicks with a pair of black shorts and invest in a McGregor jersey to complete the look. We have a feeling he won’t be retiring (again) anytime in the near future so, trust us, the jersey is a smart investment. Finish off the look by throwing on shades and waving around the Irish flag.

Ronda Rousey

Get the look: As a Hollywood starlet, cover girl and all around badass, you can dress like UFC superstar Ronda Rousey a lot of different ways, but we recommend sticking to her fiercest look: The UFC Fight Kit. There’s nothing scarier than when Rousey steps into the Octagon, which makes this look the perfect pop culture Halloween costume. Just don’t forget to dodge the paparazzi heading into your Halloween party!

Tennis Player

Get the look: Remember that tennis racket you bought for summer camp as a kid? Time to break it out because you’ll be needing it for this costume.

Wear a white collared shirt with navy or white gym shorts and a pair of retro tennis sneakers for this laid-back look. No tennis player is complete without a signature sweatband; throw yours on and you’ll be Wimbledon-ready just in time for October 31.

Disco Queen

Get the look: Put a modern, more comfortable twist on this defining look from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The Disco Queen was the center of attention at every dance hall, and wearing this disco-ball inspired sports bra and leggings combo is sure to leave you the center of attention at your next Halloween party as well.

Bonus: Remove the crown and this set doubles as the perfect outfit for yoga and Pilates.

The Joker

Get the look: He’s the villain we love to hate. And he just happens to have a defining look as well, leaving the Joker as one of the most popular Halloween costumes year after year.

If you’ve been hitting the gym hard, now’s the time to show that off because dressing as the Joker gives you an excuse to go shirtless (don’t act like you aren’t excited about it). Throw on black joggers and black sneakers and dye your hair green for the final touch.

Sporty Spice

Get the look: It’s a go-to Halloween throwback for all ‘90s babies. Yeah, yeah, all the Spice Girls had defining style and unquestionable flair but only Sporty Spice was able to still look trendy while still rocking workout gear.

Dressing as her for Halloween gives you the luxury of doing the same. Pair retro, color-blocked leggings with a sports bra or fitted crop top, and pull that hair into a sleek, slick-backed high ponytail.

Comic Book Character

Get the look: Makeup can play just as central of a role in the Halloween costume process. The problem? Even if you go all out with the lipstick and eyeliner, a character is never fully conveyed unless you have apparel to match.

We’ve found a solution to make that easier than ever.

Comic book character makeup is intricate and Pinterest-worthy, but after you spend an hour in front of the mirror getting that makeup down just right, throw on this comic-book-inspired sweater and a pair of loud, printed leggings.

Show us your best workout inspired costumes by tweeting @Reebok.

Whether you just look so darn good in your fitness gear that you want to find a way to rock it on Halloween, or you’ve run out of time to put something together and need a Halloween outfit STAT, we’ve got you covered. Here are five Halloween costumes you can make using the fitness wear that you’ve likely got lying around in your drawers. Happy haunting!

Beyonce 7 11

If you’ve got one day out of the whole year that you can be anything you want to be, why wouldn’t you be Beyonce? Particularly, queen Bey a la her 7 11 video, where she sports a super comfy Kale sweatshirt, knee pads and not much else.

Get the look:
Kale Sweatshirt, $20
Nike Knee Pads, $20
Black Dance Shorts, $15


Channel your inner “maniac” and don your best 80’s legwarmers to pull off Jennifer Beal’s look in Flashdance. Bonus points if you find a chair to dance on at the Halloween party you’re headed to.

Get the look:
Black Leotard, $19
One Shoulder Grey Sweatshirt, $12
Black Leg Warmers, Sock Dreams, $10

Rhonda Rousey

You work out like a champion, so why not dress like one this Halloween? Those boxing gloves from your kickboxing class will make great props, and you likely already own a boxer-esque hoodie!

Get the look:
Training Gloves, $50
Boxing Shorts, $25
Knockout Sports Bra, $50
Oversized Black Zip Up Hoodie, $30

Fitness Barbie

Let’s be real: Fitness Barbie was the most fun to play with, since she was always on the move! Break out the best of your pink workout gear to make this look come alive.

Get the look:
Barbie Leotard or a Pink Leotard, $6
Black Leggings (worn underneath), $18c
Pink Leg Warmers and Headband, $13

Richard Simmons

Spend the night cheering everyone on with Richard Simmons’ lines of encouragement — “If you believe it, you can achieve it!” If you’ve got a tank top and striped shorts lying around, you really can achieve this look.

Get the look:
Red and White Striped Shorts, $30
Red Workout Tank Top, $7
Men’s White Tube Socks, $15
Red Sweatband, $3
Wig, $6

If you are already a fitness enthusiast, you do not need to venture far out of your comfort zone to find the perfect Halloween costume this year. We have assembled a list of the best and most fun costumes to wear. The best part? Most of these can be thrown together at the last minute — which is great if you forgot Halloween lands on October 31 again this year! Ensure you get your workouts in, even with all of your Halloween festivities, by signing up for Garage Grind Training daily workout plans — spend less time planning and more time achieving your goals!


A costume is certainly one place no one will give you funny looks for spray painting those abs on. Even if you have not reached your fitness goals yet, live out the looks of a bodybuilder for one night this Halloween. Be sure to show off that six pack and those guns too!

Favorite Athlete

Whether Olympic champion or football prodigy, Halloween is the perfect night to emulate your favorite superstar. This is an especially easy costume if you already have their jersey laying around! Dress up like your favorite athlete and, who knows? Maybe you will have some extra speed and strength for your workout the next day!


Go for your favorite professional team coach or go as “the coach.” Grab a whistle, your favorite athletic gear, and some motivation to get your team to the championship this year! This is another easy costume to pull together at the last minute and is perfect for anyone with a competitive spirit.

Couples or Family Costume

Get the entire family together or grab your partner and turn your costume this year into a team effort! Add some members to your team, get a cheerleading squad, or act as a personal trainer or coach for your little athletes. Transform any of the fitness-inspired costumes we have here into a group costume, which will only increase the fun for your entire group this Halloween!

Throwback Gym Attire

Pick a decade and get inspiration for your fitness costume. A popular era for iconic workout wear is the 80s — rocking bright neon colors and tight leggings. Dig up some old athletic favorites from your closet or head to a local thrift store to find the perfect items for a throwback gym costume.

Personal Trainer

Whether you have a personal trainer, know a personal trainer, or are a personal trainer, this is one of the easiest costumes to assemble from items within your own closet. Grab your favorite workout gear and a positive, energized spirit to become a personal trainer for the night!

Wheaties Box

Finally get your face featured on “The Breakfast of Champions” with this creative Halloween costume. You are sure to impress the room with your accomplishments when you show up decked out as every young athlete’s dream moment.

diy mary lou retton costume

Okay, I am well aware that there are many of you out there going “Mary Lou Who??!!” But…if your kid goes trick or treating in this ensemble I can promise you that many of the other, ahem, “older”.. parents will know exactly who this is. And who she is a famous gymnast that every girl wanted to be in the 80s.

1984 was the year, Los Angeles was the setting. Mary Lou stole America’s heart when she wore her iconic flag leotard and nabbed the gold medal in the individual all-around gymnastics. She later became the first female athlete to adorn a Wheaties box. Basically, she was 4’9″ of awesomeness.

And that leotard was darn fun to recreate:

If you have an avid gymnastics fan or are interested in throwing it back 80’s sports star style this is the costume for you. And just because my version is on a 4 year doesn’t mean you can’t rock this as an adult!

What you will need:

  • white leotard
  • blue painters tape (wide width)
  • red tape (desireed width – mine was close to 2″
  • white duct tape (2″)
  • red, white, blue ribbon
  • sparkly gold foam paper
  • short brown wig (optional)
  • tools: exacto knife, hot glue and glue gun, scissors

This is a super simple costume. Basically, take your tape and replicate Mary’s leotard pattern. Making the stars out of the white tape. Construct the medal by cutting 2 circles out of foam paper and attaching to ribbon with hot glue. Finish with wig and tights/sneakers (if cold and for walking). Your lil’ Mary Lou is ready to compete!

If you can find painters tape over duct tape for red I highly suggest. The red duct didn’t stay on the leotard fabric extremely well, especially her arm. It could be reinforced with clear tape if you cannot find red painters tape.

Can we talk about the wig? Sorry Mary, it was as close as I could come. Shocked Jettie was willing to wear it. Makes a momma happy that she loves costumes so much!

Stay tuned for Bing as an 80s sports icon…you’re not gonna want to miss it!

Don’t forget to tag #PPJHalloween when you post you or your loved ones in their fabulous costumes! I’m extremely excited to see them all!


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