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Get more motivation from your workout music. RockMyRun works with the world’s best DJs to craft mixes and playlists that react to your body. You’ll enjoy every workout more because your music moves you!
As featured in the New York Times, LA Times, TIME Magazine, Rachael Ray Show and The Today Show (twice!), RockMyRun is PROVEN to increase motivation and enjoyment by up to 35%. Leave your workout music behind and experience the best fitness music, curated by experts.
► Mixes build in BPM (beats per minute) during your workout to help keep you going!
► Different from other music services because all songs are specially selected and seamlessly blended together, creating a unique workout experience
► Body Driven Music™ adjusts music tempo of mixes and playlists to match your steps or goal cadence
► New suggested mixes feature tailors mixes and playlists based on your listening preferences. It’s music that listens to you!
► Choose from a wide variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, EDM, 80’s & 90’s, Christian, Country & more!
► Works seamlessly with other running apps and tracking apps. They’ll do the tracking and we’ll do the rocking while you do the training!
RockMyRun was tested by EPARC, a leading exercise research lab based in San Diego, CA. Their tests compared the motivation people feel listening to RockMyRun vs. standard workout playlists.
It was found that the motivational appeal of the RockMyRun product was clear, with the main evidence seen when examining the IMI, a measurement device intended to assess the subjective experience of running, and the degree to which participant’s enjoyed and felt engaged in the experience. Read more about the details here:
Just for registering, you get a free trial and unlimited, 100% FREE access to the 1000’s of workout music mixes that react to your body. Once the trial ends, you’ll have limited access.
Get more motivation to boost your training with a ROCKSTAR upgrade that gives you unlimited workout music that matches your body, uninterrupted listening to the best running songs and workout music in the world and freedom from ads! Available from $4.99 USD/month or $35.99 USD/year
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Exercise Better with Music – The Right Playlist Can Inspire Successful Workouts

by David Ritt, Digital Media Designer at Runtastic

It sends shivers down your back, gives you sudden bursts of energy, sparks joy and tears…music can do this and much more for you. But did you know that music can also have a positive influence on your workout? The right beats can help you reach your goal faster while making your fitness routine more fun.

More Motivation for Your Workout

Music with the right tempo gets you working harder during your workout – this was the conclusion of a study conducted by the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences.(1) It also makes it easier to keep a steady pace while running or during bodyweight training. The recommended tempo for this is 120 to 130 bpm.

Good to know:

If you want to find out the tempo of the music, you have to count the beats per minute.

The good news is that a lot of songs are available in the tempo noted above. Runtastic’s Apple Music Playlist “Energizing Running Tracks” has plenty of songs that will add some energy to your workout routine:

Try these 4 playlists:

  • Hip Hop Workout Beats (Strength-Training/Hip Hop)
  • Running Beats for the Streets (Cardio-Training/Hip Hop)
  • Energizing Running Tracks (Strength-Training/Dance)
  • Pump up your Workout (Cardio-Training/Dance)

Music against daily stress

Exercise gets you in shape, keeps you young, and reduces stress: working out has many benefits for your health. Cardio training is the best if you want to give your mind and soul a break. This song might help you unwind:

Feel less tired during the workout

Sometimes your workout is really fun, feels easy, and endorphins are released into your system. On other days it’s much tougher to get motivated, you feel weak and want to give up after a few minutes. This is when music can help: studies have shown that people who listen to music when they work out don’t notice physical exhaustion as much.(2) Music inspires you to throw yourself into your workout, on bad days – and even more so on good days.

Workout music brings a group together

“As the DJ at the legendary Runtastic LIVE Workout Parties, I get to see the amazing effect of music on a crowd,” says David Ritt, Digital Media Designer at Runtastic. “The energy that is created when you work out together to motivational music is priceless.” Being part of a group makes you feel great and helps you stick with a sport. In addition to the Runtastic LIVE Workout Party, there are lots of other group workouts (zumba, spinning, etc.) where music plays a critical role.

You want to take the unique atmosphere of the Runtastic LIVE Workout Party home with you? You can get the official live set here:

What are your favorite songs to listen to when you crank up your workout? Share your tips in the comments!


Best Workout Songs of all times!

Music is 28% of the overall workout experience, but that’s just a number. As frequent gym-goers, we intuitively know how important it is to stay focused and motivated during the workout and the right music can help a lot.

You know what, it is sometimes more difficult to get yourself determined and driven enough to do the workout than the WORKOUT itself! It will be better for us to do gym and think of it as some high school dance where you just follow the rhythm and move along.

With GYM Radio, we are building massive workout songs playlists for the last 6 years to improve your workouts and keep you in the flow. It’s been hard, but we have collected tens of thousands of songs. But not all gyms are playing the GYM Radio yet, so we have decided to build also a great YouTube channel for all people who want to workout with great music.

Fight Workout Playlist

Boxing gyms, fight, and martial arts gyms are using the GYM Radio Fight channel to keep people focused. This playlist is an excerpt from our Fight Channel.

The Fight Music Playlist contains very high energy and high BPM Rap and Hip hop songs. The best songs from this playlist:

Neffex – Fight Back

We love Neffex. His songs are always full of energy and motivation. Check also his other songs.

Bonez – Warrior (Ultimate Fighter Theme)

This is the ultimate Fighter theme song. Go and fight.

Bazanji – Fed Up

“Fuck local radio stations, I got more plays than all of these rappers combined
I’m goin I’m goin again I been going in
I’m fed up with so many things”

Fuck local radio, listen to the GYM Radio 😉

Tech N9ne – Straight Out The Gate (Feat. Serj Tankian)

We have lot’s of songs in the GYM Radio from Tech N9ne, they are just awesome.

Andy Mineo – You Can’t Stop Me

No one can stop you, only you can.

Trackrunners – Pound for Pound (Manny Pacquiao Fight Song)

This is the Manny Pacquiao Fight Song that you shouldn’t skip.

BLANK – On My Own (feat. Shorty)

Tech N9ne – E.B.A.H.

Again, Tech N9ne, great motivation for fight.

Diabolic – I Don’t Wanna Rhyme

This one is super explicit. But that’s what works for us.

Immortal Technique – Point of No Return

“This is the point of no return I could never go back.” Yeah, well you should only move only forward.

T. Powell – Big Time Players

You have entered into our home.
Don’t let us get into our zone.
Don’t let us get into our zone.
Don’t let us get into our zone.

Best Gym Workout Playlists

It is beautifully accredited by Arnold: “Pump is better than an orgasm”. Working out to the succeeding songs will get you in the mood to keep going even when you want to give up. The upbeat tempo of the tracks is all you need to stay motivated.

Top 10 Upbeat Songs

Those songs are going to keep your workout really intensive and hard:

  1. Remember The Name – Fort Minor
  2. Avery Watts – A Cut Above
  3. Skepta – Shutdown or Deuce – America

View All Songs

Listen to All Bodybuilding Playlists

Best CrossFit Workout Playlists

We have often heard that having a good workout list can help you a lot in your CrossFit time. This is mainly because, in order to stay motivated and upright during the whole workout time, it is important to get your head spinning and limbs moving with the beat.

CrossFit Music of 2016 – but still great in 2019;)

The CrossFit music playlist is quite hard to build, but fortunately, we had support from the CrossFit community. This is the result:

  1. 0:00 – Jetta – I’d Love To Change The World (Matstubs Remix)
  2. 2:01 – Vanix X K. Flay – Can’t Sleep
  3. 6:21 – Galantis – Runaway (Gioni Remix)

View All Songs

Best Cardio Workout Playlists

It is the time to get yourself and your body ready for the summer spree.

The great Arnold said: “If it jiggles, it’s fat.” Then why not go to the gym and burn the calories. I know it is often seen as one of the worst things to do because when you hear gym, it definitely calls for laziness. Getting our ears to the best workout music is not easy but how about the fact that you get the list of all the pump up and upbeat songs in one place. I know how you must be thinking that it is something inevitable but trust me if you go onto the list below you will definitely not regret it.

Running Music Playlist

Running needs upbeat, high-intensity and constant BPM music that keeps you going and literally overtake yourself. Those songs might help you:

View All Songs

Listen to All Cardio Playlists

Best Overall Workout Songs

Top 20 workout songs of all times!

There’s nothing as frustrating as going to the gym with — gasp! — no music. Pump up tunes and beats somehow add an extra dose of motivation to enhance your power through a difficult sweat session and induce the true spirit of workout overall, so having the best workout songs arsenal is key. But it’s very easy to get tired of the same ones, right? Here you go, no more boredom with the old songs, have a go at rounded up songs that will surely give you that extra push to keep you moving at the gym. Keep scrolling to the pump up songs:

1. Work Hustle, Kill – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
• Video link: Listen here!

2. Can’t Be Touched – Body Head Bangerz
• Video link: Listen here!

3. Hollywood Undead – Hear Me Now
• Video link: Listen here!

4. Hungry – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
• Video link: Listen here!

5. Back In Black – AC/DC
• Video link: Listen here!

6. Till I Collapse – Eminem
• Video link: Listen here!

7. Gonna Fly Now (Rocky 1 Theme) – Bill Conti
• Video link: Video link: Listen here!

8. Tech N9ne – The Beast
• Video link: Listen here!

9. Killing in the Name – Rage Against The Machine
• Video link: Listen here!

10. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
• Video link: Listen here!

11. Can’t be Tamed- Miley Cyrus
• Video link: Listen here!

12. Hit ‘Em Up – Tupac
• Video link: Listen here!

13. Skillet- feel invincible
• Video link: Listen here!

14. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit
• Video link: Listen here!

15. Big Things Poppin’ – T.I.
• Video link: Listen here!

16. Click Click Boom – Saliva
• Video link: Listen here!

17. Calvin Harris – Open Wide ft. Big Sean
• Video link: Listen here!

18. Machine Gun Kelly – Warning Shot (ft.Cassie)
• Video link: Listen here!

19. Pendulum – Blood Sugar
• Video link: Listen here!

20. Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations (D-JOG)
• Video link: Listen here!

Top 10 Best Workout Mix

The best part of doing the workout for most of the people getting themselves relaxed and, the best way to get oneself relaxed is obviously having a workout mix.

We are tying you up with the awesome workout songs to get your heartbeat up and the sweat gushing down your face. — plus, adding a little dance break in between moves will keep the calories burning. Here are the best upbeat songs only for you:

1. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Beast (Southpaw Remix)
• Video link: Listen here!
• A song with a beasty touch which will keep your heart rate up.

2. Stemm – Face the Pain
• Video link: Listen here!
• Upbeats in the gym, a perfect combination it is.

3. Metallica – Fade To Black
• Video link: Listen here!
• This song helps you to get your elf out of yourself and get things done for you- cheeky me, I know.

4. T.I. – No Matter What
• Video link: Listen here!
• Tunes and music are enough for you to help you gain adequate confidence in your thyself, getting things to the top indeed.

5. Back For More – Five Finger Death Punch
• Video link: Listen here!
• This top-notch song in this upbeat list will make you move swiftly and swirl nicely.

6. Saving Abel – Bringing Down The Giant
• Video link: Listen here!
• You said you needed a break from your gym routine, wait then have a go on this and keep going!

7. Kraddy – Android Porn
• Video link: Listen here!
• Feel free and enjoy the mood. The mood which will sway you off your feet.

8. It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll) – AC/DC
• Video link: Listen here!
• A song to keep you determined and excited about your workout. Don’t give up and keep it up.

9. Linkin Park – Bleed It Out
• Video link: Listen here!
• Bring it on fellows, this is something to keep you upright and steadfast.

10. Monster – Skillet
• Video link: Listen here!
• Here you go another song to lift you up from within for your workout.

In the end, just another heartfelt tip for you to get through your tiring gym and workout session: Think about the enduring results which you will get and forget about the rest, keep yourself motivated enough for the cause you are working on. And, these songs are cherry on top for you to keep up your pace in the gym!

Workout Music

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This app is your best home exercises and workout routines partner. You will be glad of this training music for weight loss listening the best workout music that ever has been released. Practice zumba exercises, cardio exercises, aerobics music and fitness music routines with the best exercise music and running music, as well as spinning music.

How to Free Download 2019 Top 10 Workout Music to MP3

Music is inspiring us, especially your favorite song can get you moving. How your favorite tunes enhance your exercise? Firstly, listening to music distracts athletes from their “bodily awareness”, such a distraction can benefit athletic performance by up to 15 percent. Secondly, songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm) have the maximum effect on moderate exercisers. Finally, you can use your tunes to help you escape negativity and power you through your workout, and you know you’ll feel great when it’s over. In a word, your playlist has the ability to make you move, so here we list the best 10 workout music which help take your exercise to the next level.

Enjoy Top 10 Workout/Fitness/Wellness Music on Spotify

1. “Without Me” by Halsey

“Without Me” boasts an atmospheric blend of synths that swirl around thumping percussion. Halsey delivers a potent vocal performance. “Without Me” is good opening when you want to do some warmup exercise.

2. “Natural” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’s tracks are often adopted as the BGM of Hollywood blockbuster and games, and there is no exceptional in gymnasium. On the single “Natural”, Dan Reynolds cynically barks through the chorus, with padded synths and thundering drums. With this powerful background music, you will feel full of energy to burn calories.

3. “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake, Cardi B, Ozuna, Selena Gomez

“Taki Taki” is an awesome, Latin-tinged dance track. Just “Work it, keep it tight everyday…”.

4. “Beautiful” by Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello

Pop artist Bazzi returns with a remix of “Beautiful” (feat. Camila Cabello). To get beautiful life right now, just to listen to this beautiful song and stay motivated.

5. “The Middle” by Zedd feat. Maren Morris & Grey

Zedd is famous Russian-German record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter who produced and performed many popular EDM tracks. “The Middle” it is a refreshing and enjoyable pop track. This is also the first time Zedd has worked with a country artist.

6. “Used To Have It All” by Fais and Afrojack

If you’re a fan of Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love” with Disciples, then Fais and Afrojack’s single “Used To Have It All” should be right up your alley. Though it was released in 2016, it still in my workout playlist.

7. “I’m So Tired” by Lauv & Troye Sivan

You feel so excited that your favorite singers start working together. “I’m So Tired” is a hyper-emotional indie-pop track. With dark synths that roll into a pulsating delivery he has you instantly grooving along to this catchy hook. It also a little lazy and sexy.

8. “Jackie Chan” by Tiësto & Dzeko ft. Preme & Post Malone

DJ’s Tiësto and Dzeko make an interesting and exciting combination with popular artist Post Malone. The song references the actor and martial artist Jackie Chan as the name of the song. The song itself is upbeat and lively.

9. “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

The Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has a long history of working with pop princesses like Rihanna, Katy Perry. This time, Calvin Harris has created an intensely listenable tune that succeeds in putting a fresh twist on an old sound. You can dance to this music at home or gymnasium, even though you are not good at, sweat is the best lotion and essence to keep you young and full of energy.

10. “I Got You” by Bebe Rexha

The groovy “I Got You” experiments with a tropical beat and an electrifying bass line. This rhythmic music is suitable for multi-spot, warming up before exercise, aerobic exercise or muscle-building exercise.

Tips: How to Free Download Workout/Fitness/Wellness Music or Playlist to MP3

Regardless of what devices (mobile phone, MP3 players) you are using to listen to music while workout, creating a library of your favorite workout music has important benefits. To help you enjoying your favorite workout music more freely on your multiple portable devices, here we share you guys a way on how to free download workout/fitness/wellness music or playlist from Spotify to MP3.

Before you start, please make sure that Spotify client was already installed on your desktop, then download and install Sidify Music Converter Free on your PC.

Spotify Music Converter Free

  • Easily download Spotify songs/playlists to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC.
  • Keep partial ID3 tags, including Artist and Art Cover.
  • Intuitive Interface; Support batch conversion.
  • Allow user to burn Spotify music to CD and share via Email.

Step 1 Launch Sidify Music Converter Free

After the installation is completed, you can launch this free Spotify music downloader on your Windows PC.

Step 2 Add Workout/Wellness/Fitness Track or Playlist

Click button or click center of Sidify, a new adding music window would pop out. You can directly drag the workout music or playlist from Spotify to Sidify program. Or you can add music by copying the link of playlist or song to clipboard.

Step 3 Choose MP3 as the Output Format

Click on the button on the upper-right corner, and then you can adjust output format, output audio quality and output directory. In setting window, you can choose output format as MP3, and output quality as High 320kbps. or change the output folder as required.

Step 4 Start Downloading the Workout Music

Once saving the settings, you can click on “Convert” button to start downloading workout song or playlist to MP3 for free. After the downloading finished, you can find the well-downloaded audio files by clicking on icon.

Music for Walking

  • Easy-going bosa-nova tune with the boost to get up and dance. This smooth, rhythmical groove is the best choice as background music for a beach party, romantic candlelight dinner, good time with food and friends, or just for projects needing of positive neutral vibe.

    Nice and happy commercial swing with beautiful melodies recorded with gypsy swing acoustic guitars, drums and bass. Perfect for your video presentations, advertising, films, games.

    Walking down the long and dusty road to nowhere. This atmospheric outlaw country track features dobro, slide guitar, tubular bells, electric guitar, and wind effect. Sounds like Ry Cooder. Perfect in scenes with tumbleweeds, abandoned ghost town, crossroads, whiskey, cowboys, spaghetti western, and scorching sun.

    An acoustic hip-hop track with confident and a little melancholic mood, featuring groovy percussion and acoustic piano. Best for urban love, walking the streets, city life, contemplative thoughts. Also good for corporate projects, advertising, and other types of media.

    A cheerful track with a fun, digital sound, that emulates sounds of bugs. Perfect for children commercials, video games, digital media culture, computers and cute robots, funny advertising, comic videos, television shows. Enjoy!

    Easy going acoustic guitar based track with a feel good southern country vibe. Features electric slide guitar, steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and percussion.

    A funky and cool jazz style contemporary French melody featuring casual finger clicks, fiddle, and accordion. Very stylish and casual suggesting somebody walking along in style clicking their fingers being confident and cool. Very useful for advertising and commercials for radio and TV.

    This is a funny and happy video game music loop. The tune reminds walking the colorful streets of a cartoon town, bobbing your head to some music and saying hello to friendly neighbors. Featuring electric piano, xylophone, guitar and 808 drums. The tune is similar to old computer games like: animal crossing, “Stardew valley”, magicians quest, fantasy life, wandering willows, rune factory, shepherds crossing, castaway paradise, harvest moon, viva pinata, happy street and more of that genre. Suitable for games, animations, and children related productions.

    This is beautiful easy listing tune in a smooth jazz style and Bossa Nova rhythms. Main instruments are electric pianos, rhodes, acoustic bass, strings, acoustic and electric guitars and light drums. This pleasant and relaxing royalty-free music can be a perfect background for resort videos, ocean views, lounge, restaurant and bar videos, cocktail parties, hold music for phone systems or shopping mall, real-estate presentations and more.

    Surreal, relaxed, intimate and beautiful new age/ chill out royalty free music. Suitable for yoga classes, zen meditation, nature timelapse, drone videos, ethereal scenes and peaceful moments.

    Casual Finger clicks, jazz guitar, upright bass and pizzicato strings combine to create casual care-free flowing jazz melody featuring suggesting walking along without a care in the world. Very useful to convey everyday life or confidence.

    Gloomy trip-hop track with flowing mood and bouncy old school vinyl sound. Suitable for urban mystery, dramatic plots, scenes of disappointment, post-apocalyptic era images, or independent projects.

    Smooth, and uplifting Latin Bossa Nova style music in the tradition of Jobim, Astrud Gilberto 1960s recordings. Perfect for creating great backing in product advertising retail, infomercial or branding campaign, luxury advert, restaurant cafe lounge, elegant scenes, summer beach vacation. Enjoy and feel the sun on your face!

    A jazzy pleasant tune with upright walking bass and Fender Rhodes. Featuring tambourine and brush kit drums. Great for cartoon and comedies.

    Lively loop with a funky beat and a bit of bounce to the rhythm. Inspired by the fashionable person walking up a town. Ideal for you uses as background in an ad, voice-over. Or could be used for video game music.

    A groovy retro jazz-funk track with a carefree beat that brings to mind 80s or early 90s music. Smooth, elegant and classy. Perfect for adding a laid back feel to your project. Ideal for flashback moments, cocktail party, shopping malls, etc. Ideal background music to return your audience back to this unforgettable time.

    This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for corporate presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

    A laid-back, catchy melody featuring funky upright bass, human whistle and bassoon creates a steady happy go lucky style track with a carefree vibe suggesting someone walking along whistling casually. Ideal music for advertising to imply simplicity and ease.

    Amusing comical music, full of humour and smile. Featuring brass and pizzicato strings. Great for the comical situation when something goes wrong with the plan, clowns, cartoon animation, funny prank videos, playful scenes, spy comedy, bungling criminals, planning the surprise video, sneaky characters, happy and positive mood and more.

    Smooth and positive instrumental chillout music with a perfect lounge atmosphere. Ideal as a background for phone hold music, elevator music, cocktail hour, in-store music, restaurant, cafe, or waiting room.

    A smooth and easy-going corporate piece that sounds like “The Sims” series. Classical piano arpeggios that slowly grow, adding mallets, brass and strings. This music has a confident and happy mood and will fit well in commercials, casual film plots or other uplifting media. This sweet track will take you back to dreams and make you smile.

    This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, human whistle, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

    Imagine walking on the Copacabana beach during a warm starry night and hearing in the distance some musicians whom playing a smooth bossa nova.

    Dark and suspicious urban hip hop loop with strings, guitars, vocal chops and piano bits. Best for prison movies, action trailers, gangsta movies, spy plots in Tarantino style, video games, or original YouTube content.

    Chill funky breakbeat with a retro feel featuring piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, old-school groovy drum beat, funky brass and horns. Good for cooking TV and online show, program, travel and vacation visuals.

    Inspirational corporate track with synthesizers, electric guitar, piano, and steady rhythm. Perfect for intense growth and permanent movement, inspiring advertising, pro-slideshows, motivating travel content, promotional videos, startup presentation, online education, business event highlight, and more.

    Happy, funny and positive background music track featuring piano, bells, hand claps, whistling and acoustic guitar. This sweet arrangement with warm sound will suit for children projects, as underscore for tv commercial, cooking videos, kids educational tutorials, cute cartoons, family fun, Grandma’s apple pie recipe, etc.

    It’s a romantic, sentimental classic-piano track, which evokes high feelings and causes slight nostalgia. Great for bittersweet moments, touching stories documentary, emotional drama, melodramatic cinematic plots, light sadness scenes, mellow trailers, final drama credits, flashback footage, social message commercials, and more.

    Neutral Chillout/Lounge music with smooth jazz elements and easy-going relaxing mood. Main instruments are electronic piano, warm synth pads, electric guitar and synth sub-bass. This easy listening royalty-free track creates a lovely atmosphere of a sunny day, which is perfect for vacation videos, green landscape view, air drone footage, travel videos. You may use it also as music on hold for call centre, podcasts or other multimedia projects.

    Cool and casual Blues track with an easy going bar room feel. Features harmonica, electric slide guitar, bass, organ, drums, and a great boogie woogie style piano solo. Great for smoky bar and club scenes, a live band playing in the background. Also good for themes involving friendship, drinking, fun, leisure, and good times.

    Easy-going, light and carefree chillhop track with stylish vocal samples. This music creates a sunny atmosphere of daily life in the city, get a cup of coffee and enjoy a long autumn walk. Great background music for lifestyle vlogs, elegant fashion campaigns, and other projects.

    A relaxing, new age royalty-free music theme similar to Deep Forest or Enigma. Featuring gentle flutes, nice percussion, pads, e-organ bass and vocal cuts. Great for the beautiful atmospheric soundscape, rainforest exploration, nature documentaries or Asian ravel visuals.

    A calm and beautiful atmospheric background music with peaceful and ambient mood. This royalty free track can be used in promo videos, presentations, corporate and business projects, documentaries, TV and Radio programmes, as on hold music and other multimedia projects.

    A chill-out track with a relaxed, soulful atmosphere. Useful for how-to demonstration, resort promotion clips, emotional video content, night city timelapse, lounge club music, an evening stroll or reflection on life.

    Happy jazz music track recorded with piano trio. Optimistic mood, swinging and light this music track will fit well for ambient situations, background music and cool moments.

    Dramatic and melancholic future acoustic track. The main melody is played with the support of digital synths and guitars. There are synths, strings, bass and electronic drums in the background. This track is great for sad, emotive, touching moments of your videos or presentations.

    Good ol fun time country instrumental. Americana retro. Electric twang guitars leading the way. Good for fun, good times, happy, excitement, comedy and similar. Lots of feelgood fun.

    The groovy, powerful funky tune with sexy guitars, Rhodes bits, pads, cooling drums, and SFX. Immerse yourself in the buzzing atmosphere of a big city, strong confidence and a winner of life like mood. Perfect for provocative fashion clips, sport projects, badass advertising, business courses, online casinos and gambling activities, adventure games, all or nothing mood, or YouTube vlogs.

    A downtempo lo-fi track with a vintage, vinyl style, trip-hop atmosphere. Great for adding some retro, old fashioned, cool ambience to any video. 4 versions are included.

    This is an instrumental jazz music. Great for cocktail party and cafe lounge, bars and restaurant, cooking and food shows, midnight and nightclub situations, New York or Paris moods, casino and elevator music and more.

    A glamorous, gentle royalty-free acid jazz tune with relaxing piano bits, strings, vocal cuts and nice beats. Best for the lounge, everyday life-related visuals, lingerie boutique commercials, makeup YouTube videos, morning routine vlogs, and other chillwave media projects.

    Modern smooth jazz track with groovy atmosphere and funky beat. Background music with a contemporary vibe and feeling. Nice electric piano with electric guitar playing beautiful harmony and melody together with a catchy beat. Perfect background audio for your Youtube video, on-hold systems, or other production use.

    Stylish, smooth, a cool chillhop track. The great atmosphere of this music will make your video more saturated and creative. Ideal for vlogging, fashion projects, supercar, luxury boats, Instagram videos, models lifestyle, travel show, commercial photos, fashion streetstyle, beauty tutorial, urban video and more.

    A very subtle, smooth and relaxing music – perfect for a meditative background or background ambiance. This package includes: Full Track, 60s Edit, 30s Edit, Long Loop.

    Welcome to a world of glam with rhythmic and stylish royalty-free RnB loop. Featuring quirky guitars, pulsing beats, and tight synths. Perfect for sensual or elegant commercials, fashion events, night city timelapse, trendy restaurant and bar, bright party visuals, product promo advert, uptown vibe, and feel good.

    Relaxed, downtempo chillhop track, with a cool lo-fi, warm sound. Great for projects related to the casual lifestyle, leisure time, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, in-store music, elevators music, interior designers, real-estate projects, and more.

    The beautiful track with a nostalgic, lyrical theme, acoustic guitars, and accordion. The melody filled with warmth, a sense of pure nostalgia, the atmosphere of a summer evening in the village. Good for scenes of romance, re-uniting, sadness or loneliness, captions and dubbing, series and melodramas, about the rural outback and happiness against all the odds.

    Electric piano and soft sweeping strings provide a beautiful, flowing melody. The music theme builds gradually, as additional strings are introduced, creating a sense of hope, love and promise. This background music implies freedom, escape and positivity, whilst hinting at love and romance making it ideal for sad or happy endings, having freedom or fulfilling dreams.

    A cute and bouncy track featuring marimba, guitar, tuba, and percussion. Don’t let the length fool you! In 15 seconds, this track embodies a playful and lighthearted tone that is sure to make you happy and bring a smile to your face! Great for children’s music, cheerful advertisements, funny commercials, cute animals videos, and more!

    This is a beautiful and stylish lounge house music. Great for beach bars and coffee shops, summer fashion shows, tropical island resorts, elevator background, presentations, slideshows, and more.

    Light, and friendly track with non-intrusive accompaniment. This positive and carefree tune would be ideal for podcast intros, cozy family gathering at home vlogs, cookies recipes videos, working with animation clips process, and more.

    A fun and positive dance track with a confident attitude, sampled saxophone and house rhythm. Perfect as a background for night club party, urban outfit, youth fashion, colourful dancefloor. Enjoy!

    Latin acoustic guitar music track with beautiful and emotional melodies. It will evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance and melancholy. It will certainly work well with Latin American video projects, documentaries, travel shows, slideshows and more.

    An evocative piece of music, similar in style to Thomas Newman, played almost entirely on the marimba. There is a strong sense of narrative to the track despite its simple instrumentation and it would be perfect for any modern drama.

    Cheerful, happy and fun kids track with exciting and vibrant xilophone, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, pizzicato strings and orchestral percussion. Ideal for comedy film scenes, children videos, animations, cartoon series where it wants to emphasize adventure and fun. Think about “Tom and Jerry” or Warner Bros. cartoons.

    An inspirational upbeat composition that sound-a-like Daft Punk “Get Lucky”. Featuring positive piano chords, nice muted rhythm guitar, playful funk guitar, warm bass and an easy electronic beat. Perfect for TV commercials, radio commercials, advertising, presentation, corporate videos, YouTube and radio imaging.

    Optimistic and naive bossa-nova track, with Brazilian rhythms and catchy mallet melody. Useful for many media projects, such as Tv cooking shows, holiday and leisure scenes, coffee shop music, advertising campaigns where family, friendship, and all positive values have relevance. Enjoy!

    Graceful Moments is a peaceful, quite with a soft and worm pads and atmospheres and a cool Nylon guitar riff. Ideal for an atmospheric underscore, documentary films, nature, animals, travels etc.

    A light, groovy and easy-going jazzy track with positive, uplifting and joyful vibes. Featuring marimba, double bass, and jazzy drums. Great for comedy scenes, fun moments, cartoon animations, kids projects and more.

    It’s Indian etnic, meditational track. This track is consisting of Indian tabla, metal tongue drum, electric guitar, bells, percussion and fretless bass. Great for meditation, travel videos, relaxation vibes, in-store retail background music, etc.

  • Modern, energetic dance track for incredible projects. Best EDM background music for your vibrant projects, stylish footage, intensive workout, summer festivals or nightclub dancefloor, travel vlogs, and more.

    A trendy tropical house tune with a fresh and hip vibe. Great for summer vacation, night club parties, hot fashion show, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos, stylish commercial and more. Instruments: flutes, leads, synth, drums, percussion and funny pitched voice.

    Modern energetic pop dance composition with a cheerful and modern melody, featuring beautiful male and female vocals. Suitable for incredible projects such as Youtube lifestyle vlogs, daily motivated videos, travel and adventure travel content, beauty products ads, full-body no equipment workouts, and more. Enjoy!

    Great uplifting, energetic, groovy dance pop music featuring electric guitars, pianos and catchy synth beat. Perfect for corporate use, party scenes, teenage flicks, dynamic youthful videos, commercials, new product promos, fitness and workout.

    It’s a relaxing, happy, lively Hip Hop track with a great positive and easy atmosphere! This HipHop track will approach for: vlogging, fashion, cars, supercars, boats, boards, Apps, instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, models, travel videos, adventure videos, Cafe / Bar background music, photography, lifestyle, youth advertising, workout, and many other.

    Groovy hip hop track with punchy drums, wobbling bass and driving synths. Perfect fit for fashion videos, radio, advertising, viral marketing, web advertisements, vlogs and travel videos.

    Stylish electronic track in tropical house style for your video and projects. Best suits as background music for youth advertising, YouTube vlogs, make-up tutorial, weight loss apps, cool beach parties, workout playlist, fashion campaigns. Choose a stylish sound for your wildest ideas.

    A light, clean and fresh track with a quiet intensity and positivity. With no sudden noises or peaks, the track enables an element of concentration and serious business. Also good, for Youtube vlogs, as a soundscape for the morning routine, everyday life moments, fresh morning start with the workout, yoga, or a fresh juice.

    Melodic and inspirational dance-pop track with modern synth sound. This track will raise your projects to a new level. Perfect for fashion videos, beach projects, dance parties, travel vlogs, summer videos, intense workout and more.

    Melodic and uplifting Future Bass with punchy drop and cool groove. The track consists of powerful drums, bass, supersaw leads, uplifting buildup with rolls, claps, risers and melodic pitched voice chops.

    A super aggressive hard rock track similar to Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic music. Used classic rock riff, heavy drums, synthesizers, dubstep bass, male voice. It is ideal for sports and power workouts, fitness, extreme races, wrestling show. This piece will emphasize the energy of your project.

    Motivational, aggressive and energetic dance track, with noisy loud sound and driving mood. Great background music for night clubs, breaking news, extreme sports, action movies, speed, car racing, video games, football, high tension, stressful situations, exhausting workout, etc. Enjoy!

    An edgy and bold hard rock tune with powerful distorted electric guitar and catchy drums. This driving and dynamic royalty-free music has a strong, focused and energetic atmosphere that is perfect for extreme sports, adrenaline action, manly and fearless videos, motocross and cars advertising or more.

    Inspirational corporate music with muted pluck guitars, piano, cellos, and drums. Great for summer days, successful business starts, inspiring moments, product presentation, bright achievements, and more.

    Fun, energetic dance track with a trendy house rhythm and catchy saxophone melody in style of “Alors on Danse”. Great for the club scene and positive stories, will cheer you up and revitalize your project. Perfect for summer festivals, vacation time, energy drinks commercials, workout challenges, etc.

    Tropical Sun is fresh summer royalty free music with electric guitar and inspirational melody. Suitable for motivational videos, zoomba workouts, beach parties, celebration, fashion shows or other cool and trendy events.

    Hot and energetic trap tune, with some hip-hop elements. This modern, powerful tune is full of crazy energy. Perfect music score for dance battles, extreme sports competition, car racing, urban underground footages, provocative content, parkour videos, and more.

    Big heroic and pompous hip-hop with an epic and dangerous mood. Could be useful in shooter game overflow or walkthrough, dramatic and cinematic visuals, sports, or any project requires power and energy.

    Provocative and vibrant gangway trap music. Electronic synths, low bass, and drive drums make power in this track. This aggressive background music is perfect for hard workout videos, sport-related projects, mixed martial arts videos, extreme sports, GTA style games, etc.

    Energetic ethnic style dance composition with catchy rhythms, featuring powerful bass, koto, and fresh synth beats. Suitable for incredible projects such as Youtube lifestyle vlogs, daily motivated videos, travel adventure content, full-body no equipment workouts, martial arts demonstration and more.

    Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance track for incredible projects. Great for youtube videos, football sports, fitness workout, beauty blogs, youth festivals, party openers, presentation, and more.

    Easy-going, elegant and groovy hip hop / chillhop track featuring swing beats, soul samples and scratches. Suitable for cool, relaxed urban style projects, related to sport, fashion, lifestyle or modern luxury.

    Hot and energetic EDM dance music with a rich synthesizer sound, SFX sounds, and catchy beats. Perfect for a high-energetic workout session, motivational projects, dynamic animations and presentations. Enjoy!

    Atmospheric electronic EDM background tune, with an easy synthesizer melody and future house elements. Great for fashion-related projects, dance events, intense workout, youth-oriented media content and more.

    Happy mood and energy of modern summer party for your videos. Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance royalty free music for incredible projects. Such as youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation. I used dance leads, piano, house beat, vocal samples and electric guitar.

    Bright and fresh summer party anthem with thick dubstep percussion and unique tropical vibes. The atmosphere of this EDM track is inspiring and encouraging. Perfectly fits for summertime advertisement, fresh and positive club promo, videos relating to summer life, vacations, travel journeys or any other projects.

    This is driving and intense rock music with bright and cool sound. Very energetic and dynamic music for sports videos, films, advertising and commercials, Youtube videos, motivational and powerful projects.

    High energetic, hard-hitting, intense, and motivational dubstep royalty-free music. It’s digital robotic sound is suitable for various modern projects. Perfect for sport-related commercials, energetic workout, new technology, racing games, extreme action, urban parkour videos, youtube GoPro clips, or sports nutrition advertising. Just do it!

    Subtly shaded hi-tech textured future chill track with a dynamic and precise rhythm. The ambiguous feeling of modern progress and cloudy atmosphere. Excellent for mobile apps, energetic workout, innovative projects, corporate branding, new product launch videos, and any production needs a catchy digital background.

    Hot pumping pop dance track, very energetic and catchy. Great for youthful feeling projects, teen-targeted audience, fashion catwalk, workout exercises. This music will make you want to party all night long.

    Feel the real buzz with its energetic future bass EDM track. The catchy melody, massive wobble synth chords, and smooth drum section transfer you to the hot summer atmosphere. Perfect for сommercial, lifestyle vlogs, travel videos, reviews of resorts, water sports, stylish events, party announcement, and more.

    Dark and powerful hip-hop arrangement with stomp effects and a sexy female vocal chops. This music is sure to highlight your next project. Perfect for sports motivation content, extreme competition, TRX workout, street style videos, and more.

    Fresh summer royalty free tropical house music similar to Kygo, or Cut Your Teeth. Great for fitness workout, fashion shows, bright celebration, summer videos, and trendy events.

    Atmospheric background beat with deep bass, glitch percussion and dubstep drums. This is cool music for tech presentations, digital promos, media slideshows, 4K drone footage, life in the megacity timelapse, awesome innovation ideas, etc. Enjoy!

    Atmospheric house track with an alert mood but with a chill, mellow edge. Great for fashion-related media, videos, mobile app, commercials or catwalk show. Keep in mind America’s Top Model, Project Runway.

    Powerful, energetic dubstep track. The main instruments are the synthesizer, bass, drum with stylish vocal samples. Good as background music for your YouTube sports channel, dynamic workout, parkour videos, urbanistic timelapse shoots, and any media projects.

    Sophisticated and funky uplifting EDM House track, with tight beats and unique, quirky vocal licks. This moody and alluring music will be great for kids fashion show, corporate party, cocktail hour, model runway, catwalk song, workouts, fashion-related videos and games, stylish presentations.

    Fashionable, energetic, cool, dubstep music with an industrial, gritty, updated sound. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, extreme, fashion, and much more! 4 versions included.

    A modern dance hip-hop with electronic sounds, powerful deep bass and catchy groove. Works well with extreme sports related projects, urban street style footages, club scenes, hip commercials, fashion films, and more.

    Sexy and provocative electro house track with high energy and powerful determined sound. Perfect for provocative fashion footage, fetish BDSM music, shock content, GoPro videos, life on the edge, extreme sports pro, parkour and freerunning clips, electro-car advertising, adrenaline racing games, private night party event, luxury marketing campaigns, full-body workout tutorials and more.

    An ethnic hip-hop tune with world sounds hard drums and female vocal samples. This track will pump you to your physical limit. It’s perfect for all kinds of sports videos or martial arts demonstration, fighting video games, extreme races in the desert, the track to listen to during a hard workout, etc.

    Bright, uplifting track in the mega trending future bass genre. Punchy breakbeat drum beats, trap styled hats, deep house and dubstep styled basses, tons of beauty atmospheric sounds, emotional fantasy piano, fast arpeggio, rave synthesizers, wobbling leads, pitched vocal chops and other. Perfect for innovative technologies, sports workout, youthful projects, fashion show or car commercial.

    An energetic hard rock track with smashing drums, driving guitar riffs and powerful synths. Perfect for action trailers, fast paced games, extreme sports clips or promos, barbershop commercials, motivational videos, and any other media projects.

    A modern catchy track with live saxophone samples, pumping kicks, and lead synth parts. “Gimme Your Sax” is a club banger. It’s perfect for anything relating to dance clubs, fashion events, cardio workout videos, exciting product launches, and more.

    A crazy electronic track filled with digital synths, strong beats and galloping melody. Suitable for a beach club fun, summer fashion show, large game machines in game centres, vacation fun vlogs, cliff jumping, and any energetic and ultra-modern projects. Enjoy!

    Happy, elegant, refined and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and success. This track will give everyone confidence in the victory and strength! Made with love, soul and skill!

    A dynamic and energetic heavy metal/hard rock track with a blasting guitar solo. Good for an energetic workout, ultimate fighting, unlimited speed, car racing, extreme shows. Also good for driving moments, sports competitions, promotional videos.

    Modern, energetic motivational pop dance music for the incredible projects. Such as stylish youtube videos, fitness workout, trendy fashion show, travel videos, beauty and lifestyle vlogs, commercials and other media productions.

    This is an electronic synthpop track with sexy, stylish, fascinating and catchy vibes. Ideal for energetic workouts, lifestyle vlogs, urban style commercial, youth fashion, and any project that need speed and motion.

    Epic, tribal, hybrid percussive music with electronic motives, and powerful synth bass. Has a strong mechanical, industrial, futuristic feel. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, progress, technology, and more.

    A beautiful futuristic chill track, featuring dreamy synth, warm pads, a bright piano that create an uplifting mood. Ideal for technology commercials, scientific research, corporate presentation, voice-overs, as on-hold music for sophisticated projects, VIP style, etc.

    This is the future bass/dubstep music track with digital synthesizers, focused drums and inspiring mood. Suitable for your summer projects, travel videos, workout and urban, games and sport themes. Enjoy!

    Modern, who’sg, and aggressive dubstep track with bright vocal samples and heavy trap rhythms. Filled with tension and pathos of a gangster party. Best sound for workout motivations, snappy catchy advertising, extreme footage, street dance battles, car racing “drift” videos, and afterparty, etc. Tell me what’s cooler than being cool, Yo bro!

    Quality royalty free dance music. Useful for youtube videos, videohive projects, fitness workout, stylish videos, beauty blogs, openers and presentation. I used dance leads, electric guitar, piano, house beat.

    A rhythmic, powerful, energetic and upbeat percussion music with stomps, claps, snaps and drums. Great for advertisements, media entertainment, action scenes, sport projects and any project that needs uplifting, exciting vibes.

    Energizing, inspiring, motivating and very exciting percussion for any kind of your projects. This high energy, catchy and addictive percussion track contains very strong kick, big foot stomps, hand claps and finger snaps. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

    Groovy, happy, bouncy summer dance melody in progressive house style with electronic synths plucks and pulsating beats. This dance floor music is perfect for your great night party, energy drinks advertisements, cool and trendy events, fitness cardio workout. Enjoy!

    Energetic and motivational EDM track in David Guetta style. Great for night club party, dancefloor contest, workout exercises, aerobic videos, and summer mood. Enjoy!

    Happy, fun, optimistic and upbeat pop dance track with powerful synths, piano, and punchy drums. Perfect for Radio/TV advertising, youth-oriented commercials, active travel lifestyle, energetic workout, unforgettable summer projects, pool beach party, YouTube vlogs, and more.

    Energetic progressive house summer tune, featuring light piano melody, and modern dance elements. Ideal stylish background for glamorous events, night clubs, fashion show, infomercials, business promo, luxury goods, workout videos, social life, etc.

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