Butt Building—Fixing Your Flat Butt!

As you and I know we have all been blessed with different body types. Some may think of their derriére as a blessing, while others would rather say their rear is a curse! I say, let’s work with what you have and turn your butt into your sexiest and most loved body part!

I have outlined for you some of the most affective proven butt building exercises. Each day that it’s time to train your lovely lower body, choose three exercises from the list below. Consistency is absolutely key in seeing, and feeling results.

The Resistance Exercises

1. Barbell Squat

Squats are an excellent and proven way of training your gluteus maximus (butt). You can add resistance by performing them while holding dumbbells in your hands or with a bar across your shoulders. If you opt for the bar (advanced), make sure you have a spotter unless the resistance is very light.

Varying the width of your feet will change the emphasis of the exercise. The closer together your feet are, the more your quads (front of the thighs) will work. As you move your feet further apart, you’ll feel the exercise more in your hips and butt. You should always have someone check your form to be sure you’re doing squats properly.

If you go to a gym, the leg press machine may be easier to use than doing squats with a bar, and it attacks the same region.

2. Lunges

Lunges are another exercise that works your glutes. Singer Jessica Simpson was noted to have fallen in love with lunges as she sculpted her body to fit her daisy duke shorts in The Dukes of Hazzard.

Here are several different types of lunges:

  • Stationary lunges
  • Walking lunges
  • Alternating lunges
  • Side lunges

As a refresher on how to do a lunge, let’s review the stationary lunge with dumbbells.

Hold two dumbbells to the side of your body. Bring one leg forward and stand so that you have good balance. Bend both legs and allow the dumbbells to bring your body down towards the ground, making sure your front knee does not go past your toes. At this time the other knee will almost touch the floor; then come back up. Do all of the reps with one leg forward and then continue with the second leg.

3. Hip Extension

Hip extension is a movement that I will always include in my pre-contest training or when I want my butt to look its best. This exercise, which I have learned as “Flutter Kicks” will surely make your hamstrings and glutes burn with delight. OK, maybe this doesn’t sound like fun to you, but if you simply give me a chance here, you may start enjoying it as much as I do.

On a step or platform, (or on your bed if you train at home) lie facedown with hips on the edge of the step, legs straight with toes resting lightly on the floor. (If you are using a bed, your legs will be off the edge and your feet high off the floor.) Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings and straighten the legs until they are level with the hips.

Lift one leg higher then the other and alternate. Move each leg as though you are doing a flutter kick in water. Try doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.

Do you want more? Once you have done your 3 sets of Flutter Kicks, in the same position, contract your glutes and hamstrings so that your legs are parallel with the floor and move your legs open, then close. When you close them, have one leg cross over the other. Alternate each rep, which leg is crossing over. Try doing 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.

4. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are excellent for your hamstrings, butt and lower back, but form is critical! Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, and your weights in front of thighs (bar or dumbbells). Keeping back flat and abs in, bend forward from the hips and lower your torso until your weights reach your shins.

This is where it’s time to SQUEEZE your butt to raise back up. Remember to keep your weights (bar) close to your legs throughout the entire range of motion, with just the slightest bend in the knees. Make sure that you don’t hyper extend your knees. Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Stepping Your Way To Tight Buns

Stairmasters and climbers when used at a slower frequency with honest, normal steps will recruit your butt muscles into action. Do you ever see people at the gym leaning on the machine with their arms and staying on their tiptoes? You have either seen them, or are one of them.

Spending 30 minutes on the climber, cheating your way through each step will not bring you results. Feel your body weight as you step down through your heel of each foot. The benefit of completing full steps rather than short mini steps is that your legs and glutes will be enjoying a better workout, as will your heart.

Yes this way may be more challenging but it’s the challenge that will raise your cheeks and heart rate = burned calories = fat loss. If you think that steppers will make your butt bigger, you may be eating more then you think. Steppers and a treadmill (on a high incline for walking) have been the foundation for keeping my butt firm, and round.

Start at 20 minutes 3 days / wk. If you want to make noticeable changes, step your way up to 30 – 45 min sessions, 5 – 6 days a week.

Final Points

Before I let you hit the gym, there are a few points that are important to know.

  • You can’t choose where you gain weight. If you start eating more and lifting weights, there is no guarantee that your butt will be the area reaping the benefits.
  • The shape of your butt is primarily based on genetics. Looking at your parents or other relatives you will probably notice that you have inherited some of their genes.
  • Doing lower body exercises (along with upper body training and cardio) and eating more calories than you burn can help you build muscle but your genetics will decide how much your butt can really change.
  • There isn’t one magic exercise that will make your butt change. Consistency in the gym paired with a nutrient packed eating plan with adequate amounts of protein will be your keys to bringing out the best your glorious glutes have to offer!

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6 Exercises To Get A Bigger Butt

If you’re in search of a butt that rivals Jennifer Lopez’s, you might have to manage your expectations a bit—a killer behind like that is thanks, in large part, to genetics. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t work toward the best (and biggest) your own special butt can be.

And while how your backside looks in jeans might be your number one reason for doing more squats at the gym, it shouldn’t be your only motivation—a stronger butt has some serious health perks, as well, says Quianna Camper, CPT, a trainer with RSP Nutrition. “Stronger glute muscles can help reduce the risk of injury, boost your metabolism, improve your athletic performance, and give the appearance of a lifted, rounder bum,” says Camper.

Also important: Butt building moves don’t just result in glutes gains. “You can do exercises that primarily target the glute muscles,” says Camper. “But the movements you should do for stronger glutes are multi-joint, multi-muscle movements that are also going to strengthen your whole body.” That’s because all the muscles in the body work together—which means a more toned butt can mean gains for your entire body, too.

So, now that you’re convinced that you need to start working your glutes more, how do you do it? Here, Camper shares six key exercises to get a bigger butt and stronger glutes. You’ll want to add these to your workout routine ASAP.

1. Glute Bridge

Image zoom Meredith

How to do it: Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the ground and hip-width apart. Extend your arms down by your sides, and palms on the floor. Pressing your feet into the floor and keeping shoulder blades rooted to ground, lift your hips into the air, until your body creates a straight line from your knees to shoulders. Squeeze your glutes at the top and hold for one to three seconds, then return to ground. That’s one rep. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps total.

To add weight, rest a barbell straight against your pelvis. Place your hands on the bar right on either side of your hips to keep the weight from rolling down your body. Then, complete the movement as described above.

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2. Jump squats

Image zoom Meredith

How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Breath in, engage your core and keep your chest up as you drop into a squat. Continue lowering your butt until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Exhale and drive back up through heels to jump up, using your arms as necessary. Land with bent knees to absorb impact. That’s one rep. Do three sets of 12 to 20 reps.

3. Barbell Front Squat

Image zoom Meredith

How to do it: Prop an empty barbell into the squat rack so that when you’re facing it, the bar hits you at chest height. Step towards the bar, place fingertips under bar, so that they’re just outside of your shoulders. Drive elbows up so that they’re parallel to the ground and lift barbell out of rack, stepping back. Get into squat position by adjusting feet so that they’re hip-width apart and your toes are pointed out slightly.

Breathe in, engage core by drawing your bellybutton to spine, then shift hips back and bend knees like you’re sitting back. Actively press knees out, and elbows up (to keep chest up raised) as you lower. Continue lowering until your hips are lower than your knees. Breathe out and push through your midfoot and heels to return to standing, squeezing glutes at the top. That’s one rep. Aim for four sets of 8 to 10 reps, resting two minutes between sets.

4. Dumbbell Walking Lunge

Image zoom Meredith

How to do it: Start holding two dumbbells, one in each hand, with straight arms and shoulders back and down. Engage core and step forward with your right leg, lowering hips until your right leg is bent at a 90-degree angle and left knee grazes floor. Drawing shoulders back away from your ears, press your right heel into the ground and push off with your left foot to return to standing. That’s one rep. Repeat with your left leg. Aim 4 sets of 12 total reps.

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5. Hip Thrust

Image zoom Meredith

How to do it: Start seated with a barbell back of your shoulder-blades resting against a bench or box, feet flat and slightly narrower than hips-width. Rest arms on bench of stability and root feet into the ground, then lift hips to up until your trunk is parallel with the floor. Squeeze glutes at top before returning to start. That’s one rep. Aim 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Once you have the movement pattern down, add weight by laying a barbell across your hip crease. Load barbell so that you can do at least five “clean” reps in a row.

6. Good Morning

Image zoom Meredith

How to do it: Stand with feet hip-width, barbell resting on your back hands holding it just outside of your shoulder blades. Elbows pointing towards the ground, use your hands to pull the bar down and against your back. Inhale and brace core, then hinge at hips by bending at the waist and pressing glutes back. Continue pushing hips back until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings and your torso is parallel to the ground. Exhale as you push your hips forward and return to start, squeezing glutes at top. That’s one rep. Repeat for three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

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8 Yoga Poses for a Firm, Strong, and Sexy Butt

While yoga pants already help the booty look fantastic, there are many important reasons to take care of the gluteus muscles that go beyond looks or aesthetics, including back pain relief and overall better health.

There are three main muscles that are considered as constituting the butt: gluteus maximus (also the largest muscle in the body), gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. While genetics contribute to butt size and shape, everyone can have a healthy, firm, strong, and sexy butt with these 8 yoga poses!

1. High Lunge Pose with Back Leg Bent

High lunge naturally is a glute-activating pose, adding a small bend to the back leg intensifies that fire in the glutes. Working with the Mula Bandha by lifting the pelvic floor, the pubic bone, and the sternum brings the pelvis more towards a neutral alignment with the butt underneath the shoulders.

An active Mula Bandha with the hips squaring and squeezing the inner thigh energy makes this an ultimate booty workout.

2. Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

Extended Hand to Big Toe pose, or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, requires the glutes to keep the body engaged, lifted, and balanced.

The glutes partner with the core for stabilization and are essential in helping keep the hips level while you lift your leg. Activating the Mula Bandha increases the intensity of the pose for a strong and sexy bum.

3. Side Plank Pose

Side Plank Pose, or Vasisthasana, is an amazing all over body workout and can strengthen and maintain a firm butt. A common misalignment that puts extra stress on the wrists is the drooping of hips and butt. When the gluteus muscles are not engaged, the side body listlessly sinks to the ground and may shift backwards out of alignment.

Alternatively, lifting the hips too high is great for the core but negates the ability for the glutes to fully activate and work for the body. Lastly, lifting the leg in alignment with the body adds more of a challenge to this Side plank pose.

4. Warrior III

While all the variations of Warrior, or Virabhadrasana, are great workouts for the butt, Warrior 3 requires the most booty work to maintain proper form.

In general, the gluteus maximus is a powerful hip extensor and external rotator; therefore, the medial hamstring and adductor magnus help balance the gluteus maximus. Specifically, in Warrior 3, the gluteus maximus helps maintain the leg at a level parallel to the ground and the pinkie toe works its way towards the floor.

5. Chair Pose Variation

Traditional Chair pose is a go-to butt workout. Scooting the booty as far back as possible while maintaining proper alignment is tough. In this variation, the feet lift an inch or two off the mat and the shoulders stay aligned with the hips.

The butt lowers to the ankles, then engaging the inner thighs, the hips and butt lift just slightly higher than the knees. Do micro/small lifts and hold for 5 breaths every lift up, and you’ve got yourself a major booty workout!

6. Malasana or Yogic Squat Lifts

Malasana, or yoga squats, can help fire up the glutes when done with a butt lift. From a squat position, slowly lift the hips until the thighs are parallel to the ground and the chest is aligned with the thighs.

Arms can be spread wide when lifting and palms at heart center when lowering to a yoga squat. Take two or three rounds of 10x slowly lift, 10x fast lift, and 10 seconds hold in lifted position.

7. Fire Hydrant Lifts

From a tabletop position, use the glutes to lift the leg at a 90-degree angle away from the body. Slowing down the movement, and keeping the rest of the body stable and still, isolates the movement to the primary working muscles in the core, back, and booty. Lift the leg 10-20 times on each side, trying to lift the thigh higher than parallel intensifies the work.

8. Locust Pose

Likewise, as in Warrior 3, the gluteus maximus wants to take all the credit as a hip extensor and external rotator. The medial hamstring and adductor magnus are crucial to maintain extension and lift without over rotation. Activation and engagement of the glutes is essential to lifting the thighs off the ground and finding power in Locust Pose.

There ya go! Try incorporating these yoga poses in your next asana practice and work those glutes!

Yoga pants are becoming more and more accepted in society as everyday apparel.

We wear our yoga pants not only to yoga class but to the grocery store, university classes, and maybe even to have a beer (or two…) with friends. Our yoga pants have become our friends. They are easy, comfortable, and always seasonally acceptable!

So, whether it’s bikini season, wedding season or just a trip to the grocery store – we are always thinking about how our butt could look better in whatever outfit we are wearing. If you are reading this thinking, “huh”? It probably means you already have a naturally great asset. And by this, I mean a great ass! You are blessed! Some of us, not so much…

But no need to worry. The magic of having a yoga practice is that yoga works every single part of your body, including your butt. Want to feel good in your yoga pants? Why not do yoga and feel good! Here are some yoga poses which will help strengthen and tone that tush! (Look out for the “tips” underneath some poses in order to really get the benefits for your bum!)

8 Yoga Poses To Tone Your Tushy

Chair Pose – Utkatasana

We all know chair pose. Or do we all just dread chair pose? It burns, in the best way. Squats are not everyone’s favorite, but they sure do work. Begin in mountain pose. Inhale your arms up and at the same time bend your knees, lower the hips and drop the buttox down towards the floor. Knees, feet, and toes are all parallel to each other and as close together as possible. Butt, back, and arms are all in one long straight line. Keep your shoulders relaxed and rotate the outer edge of the arms inward, which will help open up your back. Keep the weight in your heels, and sink down without losing sight of the toes in front of you (knees should not be going over toes).

Tip: Glutes are activated, sink down further!

Warrior 1 – Virabhadrasana I

Warrior 1 may seem like one of those “simple” yoga poses but this posture, when done correctly can tone every single part of you – most of all, your bum! Feet should be about 3 – 4 feet distance apart, front foot is facing forward and back foot is at about a 45-degree angle. Heels should be in line. Your hips should be squared forward and torso is lifted up (engage your core here). Your front knee is bending until your thigh is parallel to the floor (knee stacked over heel as much as possible). Your arms are reaching straight up at about shoulder-width distance apart. Elongate your neck and have a strong gaze forward, you are a warrior!

Tip: Activating that back leg more and lifting up will strengthen and lift your buttox over time.

Warrior 3 – Virabhadrasana III

Warrior 3 is the perfect medicine for strengthening the glutes and thighs. From Warrior 1 or Crescent Pose, extend your heart forward and lean over the front thigh. Keep your gaze forward and without collapsing in your back lift your back leg off the floor until it is parallel with the floor. Your whole body should be parallel to the floor (eventually). Your grounded leg should be straight, strong and perpendicular to the floor. Stretch and extend your arms out in front of you while keeping the back leg lifted and strong. Back leg toes can be flexed towards the grounded (or pointed to take a nice picture ;))

Tip: The more engaged your grounded leg is and the more elevated your lifted leg is, the more your glutes will be activated, shaped, and firmed!

Upward Facing Dog – Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

We see upward dog over and over again in Vinyasa flow classes, but did you know it is one of the most buttox-firming poses in a simple sun salutation? Start lying on the floor with legs hip-width apart and toes flat on the mat. Palms are placed flat on the floor directly underneath shoulders and elbows. Press into all 10 toes and flat hands and lift everything off the floor, except for the tops of your feet and the palms. Shoulders should be rolled back and gaze is strong in front of you.

Downward Dog Leg Lifts

Downward Dog leg lifts are a fun way to strengthen and work the buttox. Downward Dog Leg lifts are also a very efficient and dynamic warm up to begin your daily yoga practice. When in downward dog bring one leg high up into the sky without losing the straight line alignment down your back and arms. You can play with this pose by bending the knee that’s in the air and opening up the hips. You can also swing the leg in through plank to meet your chest for a great core work out!

Tip: Once you’ve reached your maximum, hold the leg there high in the air and take a few breaths. You should be able to feel the glutes working and strengthening.

Locust Pose – Salabhasana

Locust pose is one of those crazy back strengtheners but it’s also a serious tushy toner! Start lying on your belly. Arms can be straight out in front, beside you, or clasped behind you. Cobra arms is also a nice variation of this pose. Engage and press your core into the floor to lift your chest and legs. Make sure your shoulders are rolled back, legs are straight and toes are spread and reaching back. Tip: On your last breath lift a little bit higher, feeling the glutes automatically engaging a bit harder (if only just for a brief breath).

Bridge Pose – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Begin lying on the back, bend the knees and bring the feet flat on the floor, about hip-width apart. Slowly lift your hips off the floor pushing the pelvis up – creating a strong curvature in the back. You can keep your hands to your side or interlace the fingers beneath your lower back. Roll your shoulders under your chest and press through the feet. Tip: The buttox is not over activated or squeezed in this pose. Instead, the amount of support your glutes naturally and automatically give, will assist in the strengthening and shaping your bum over time.

Wheel Pose – Urdhva Dhanurasana

Begin lying on the back (same as preparation for bridge – above). Place your hands on the mat above your head, palms down and fingertips are pointing towards you. Start by lifting the hips and gently placing the crown of your head on the mat. Once stable and feeling strong, straighten your arms (hugging the elbows in) and lift your head off the ground. Your tailbone should be lengthening towards your knees. Press your shin bones back and try to keep your feet parallel. Lift Lift Lift!

Tip: Beware, this pose will give you so much energy that you will want to do all these poses all over again!! Look out sexy yoga pants, we’re coming for you!

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About The Author

Brooke first discovered her love for yoga 4 years ago while going to University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She had practiced different styles from ashtanga, bikram and vinyasa flow before deciding to take her YTT at Blue Osa in 2014. The 28-day hatha-based yoga immersion completely transformed her life and yoga practice, in a way she never imagined. A dream came true, and she went back to Blue Osa in 2015 to assist with the YTT and left there again with a brand new, fresh, completely inspired outlook on the world. Now living and working a day job in the Cayman Islands, Brooke hopes to one day pursue a career in yoga, but for now, is enjoying life with her sister and dog on the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean! Follow her Instagram @barefootbrookeyoga.

“Yoga completely saved me. It was the only thing that made me happy and gave me confidence at a time in my life when I had neither. It helped me get my breath back. It helped me get my life back. I am forever grateful for yoga.

Higher, tighter, stronger, firmer.

When it comes to glutes, that’s exactly what you want. Problem is, who has the time to spend to get a rock-hard rear end? Luckily, that’s where yoga comes to the rescue!

This exclusive at-home, no-equipment workout focuses on lifting and shaping your backside with fun yoga-inspired moves. “Yoga is perfect for strengthening and sculpting the gluteal muscles,” explains certified yoga instructor Angie Knight. “Lunges, standing poses and balance poses, in particular, work like magic because you’re using your own body weight as resistance.” That means you can get through your workout quickly and easily., without having to worry about gathering equipment or getting your tush to the gym.

Get a perkier booty, fast!

  • Perform the exercises in the order listed.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply throughout the routine. Inhale to gather energy and exhale as you execute the move.
  • Focus on the muscles doing the work. Avoid using momentum to move through the exercises.
  • Repeat the entire circuit up to three times, depending on your level of fitness. Beginners, start with one circuit the first time you do this routine.

Active Cat

Target Muscles: glutes, abdominals

Set Up: Start on all fours, with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees close together.

Action: As you inhale, lift your chest and extend your right leg behind you, reaching your foot up toward the ceiling ; as you exhale, round your spine and draw your right knee in toward your chest, trying to touch your knee to your forehead . Continue, moving smoothly with your breath. Perform 12 to 15 reps before switching sides.

Flowing Warrior I

Target Muscles: glutes, quads, hamstrings, shoulders

Set Up: From a standing position, step your right foot forward and lower into a deep lunge, with your right knee directly over your ankle. Keep your back heel lifted.

Action: As you inhale, raise your arms overhead . As you exhale, straighten your knees and extend your arms downward . Continue like this for 12 reps, then switch sides.

Three-Legged Dog

Target Muscles: glutes, hamstrings

Set Up: From an all-fours position, lift your knees and come into a downward dog position. Your hips should be pointing towards the ceiling .

Action: Raise your right leg as high as you can, using your glutes to lift ; lower slowly with control. Repeat for 12 to 15 reps before switching sides.

Fearless Twist

Target Muscles: glutes, hamstrings, quads, abdominals

Set Up: Stand on your right foot and bend your left knee as shown .

Action: Twist to the right side and bend your knee deeply; try to touch the floor outside your right foot with your left hand . Return to standing and repeat for eight to 10 reps. When you are through, switch sides.

Flowing Warrior III

Target Muscles: glutes, hamstrings, abdominals

Set Up: Stand on your left leg and bend your right knee, bringing it as high as your hip. Extend your arms overhead .

Action: Extend your right leg behind you, and hinge your torso forward until parallel to the floor, bringing your arms alongside your hips . Return to the starting position and repeat for eight to 10 reps, then switch sides.

One-Legged Bridge

Target Muscles: glutes, hamstrings, quads

Set Up: Lie on your back with your right knee bent, foot flat on the floor, and your left ankle resting on top of your right thigh.

Action: Raise your hips off the floor as high as you can. Slowly lower, then repeat for 10 to 12 reps before switching sides.

Want a Perky Booty? Do These 9 Yoga Poses For a Great Butt Workout (Video)

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Looking fo a great butt workout? Yoga can quickly lead you to the booty you’ve always wanted. Without further ado, here’s a complete guide to getting a yoga booty!

The traditional butt workout using squats, lunges, and gym equipment can get old. Adding these yoga poses to your workouts will not only help shape, round, and lift your booty in all the right ways, it will make you more flexible, centered, and ready to take on the day.
There are 3 primary muscles to target when working on shaping the booty: the (gluteus) maximus, medius, and minimus. We will walk through 9 poses to maximize muscle use and stimulate growth in each area. Repeat each move for 5 breaths.

Let’s shape that assana!

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Want more explanation? Check out the yoga pose breakdown bellow:

Target: Gluteus Maximus

The maximus is the primary gluteal muscle. Extending the thigh backward into any hip extension will activate the maximus. Poses that will strengthen the gluteus maximus are Crescent Lunge, Warrior 3, and Standing Splits.
Here’s how to do it:
Crescent Lunge (Anjaneyasana) works the gluteus maximus. Find your edge by dipping the knee to the mat on your exhales, coming up to full Crescent Lunge through your inhale. After 5 breaths in a moving or steady Crescent, lift the back foot off the mat and reach strong through the arms to fly into Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana 3), also called Airplane pose. Hold the arms, mid-section, and top leg parallel to the mat for 5 breaths. Close in on the maximus burn by kicking the leg even higher into the sky to Standing Splits. Try to keep the front pelvis parallel to the floor by internally rotating the left thigh. Work on walking the hands towards the standing foot.

Target: Gluteus Medius

The medius is situated on the outer surface of the pelvis and works to abduct (pull the thigh away from the midline). Working the medius will tone the upper hips and create a strong and well-rounded side butt. Work the medius by practicing Half-Moon (Ardha Chandrasana), Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana) and Reverse Plank.
Here’s how to do it:
Find Half-Moon pose from Warrior 3 (Airplane pose) by reaching one arm downward and the other skyward, stacking one shoulder on the top of the other as you work to stack your lifted leg’s hip on top of the standing leg’s hip. Extend through the upper heel and hold for 5 breaths.
To prepare for Goddess, step back from Half-Moon to a wide stance with your feet parallel to the long side of your mat. Point the toes outward at a 45-degree angle and sink the hips to knee-level. Draw your tailbone down and keep the core stable. For an added challenge, bring the heels up to hold Goddess on the balls of your feet, working the calf muscles.
Reverse Plank produces high levels of gluteus medius activation. Sit in Staff pose (Dandasana) with your hands 6-8 inches behind you and your fingertips pointed toward your hips. As you inhale, lift your hips and straighten your arms. Tighten the core, squeeze the glutes, and hold for 5 breaths. Lower down slowly with control.

Target: Gluteus Minimus

The minimus is the part of the butt that is responsible for “THE LIFT”. The best butt workout yoga pose for targeting this muscle is Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana), Bow pose (Dhanurasana), and Locust pose (Salabhasana) will target this portion of the glutes.
Here’s how to do it:
Beginning with Bridge pose, begin by lying on your back with knees bent and heels close to the hips. Press firmly through the feet to lift the hips upward. Keep the knees directly above the ankles. For an added burn, bring one leg up to the sky and hold for 5 breaths on each side. Lower down slowly and give yourself a pat on the butt.
Flip onto your stomach and bring your heels close to your yoga booty. Reach back with the hands and grab the ankles, keeping the knees parallel. Gently pull on the ankles, open up the chest and broaden the collarbones, kick into your hands to bring the fronts of your thighs off the mat. Breathe deeply through the core for 5 breaths. Lower down, bringing your hands to each side of your body and chin to the mat to prepare for Locust. Using the strength of your entire back body, lift the head, arms, and legs as high as you can. Breathe deeply for 5 breaths and then slowly lower.
To maximize the effects, we recommend performing each pose consecutively for a high-intensity burn. It is the cumulative effect of performing the whole series that will give you the results you’re looking for, so give it your all and go all out! You have nothing to loose, and a yoga booty to gain!!

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Yoga Booty Workout

Fashion | Fitness | Workouts | Yoga

May 8, 2017 | By: Whitney E. RD

This yoga booty workout incorporates classic yoga poses with dynamic booty-toning exercises for a fun, challenging beachside workout.

Beach season is in full swing in L.A., and I’ve been seizing every opportunity to hit the sand and soak up a little Vitamin Sea.

I live in mid-city and getting to the beach can take a while if you hit traffic. So the hubs and I like to get there early on the weekend, which means missing our favorite Saturday morning yoga class.

On a recent outing to try out Billabong’s new WarholSwim collection, I decided to make up for missing my beloved class by creating my own beachside Yoga Booty Workout.

Warholsurf High Neck Bikini Top + Bottoms // Tank (similar)

This stretching and strengthening circuit is a total body toner but specifically targets those quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and can be done anywhere – though I highly recommend a blue, breezy backdrop 😉

Try it out on your next leg day or when your summer beach read gets boring.

1. Goddess Squats – 15 reps

A. Start with legs spread wide, toes pointing out, arms stretched overhead and palms touching.

B. Squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground, knees bending directly over the ankle. Return to start. Repeat.

2. Crescent Lunge to Warrior 3 – 15 reps per side

A. Start in crescent lunge with arms reaching straight up overhead.

B. Hinge forward at the waist and use your back leg to launch into Warrior 3. Slowly, with control, return to start. Repeat on the same leg for 15 reps, then switch sides.

3. The Surfer – 10 reps

A. Starting on your belly, with arms and legs reaching straight out in opposite directions, paddle arms and flutter kick legs for 10 counts.

B. Plant hands below arms pits and use momentum to “pop” up into a surfer squat. Place hands back down and jump back into plank. Lower back to belly. Repeat. Alternate direction of jump with each rep.

4. Cat-Cow Extension – 15 reps per side

A. Begin on hands and knees with a flat back. Extend alternate arm and leg in opposite directions, arching back.

B. Bring elbow to knee, rounding back into a “cat” pose. Repeat for 15 reps, then switch sides.

5. Reverse Plank – 10 reps

A. Start sitting with legs straight. And palms planted on either side.

B. Press into palms, raising hips and butt toward the sky while keeping the legs straight. Hold for 5 seconds. Return to start. Repeat.

Repeat circuit 2-3 x

PIN the workout!

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Weigh in: What are your favorite yoga booty exercises? Where is your favorite spot to workout outdoors?

*This post is sponsored by Billabong but all opinions are my own.

Yoga poses for butt

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