10 Yoga Poses That Double As Awesome Sex Positions

Namaste, baby.

Yoga is one of the best mind-body experiences you can give yourself.

Deep breathing, meditation and the gradual stretching of your body help to bring you to a place of peacefulness in the midst of a stressful life. Your body craves rest, and yoga is an excellent way to give your mind and muscles the rejuvenation they need.

Naturally, that translates really well to having great sex with your partner, helping you build both emotional and physical intimacy while changing your bodies for the better.

Yoga serves to strengthen your core and other areas of your body that allow for the flexibility and stamina needed for a good, long night.

Some people even report more intense orgasms — whole body orgasm, nine-hour orgasms, anyone? — using yoga or yoga-inspired sex positions.

Then there’s the fact that just practicing yoga breathing techniques could improve your sex life.

OK, now we have your attention. This certainly sounds like something worth trying out, right? Come on, don’t be shy! We know you’re curious and lucky for you we’ve got the hot details for the best yoga positions for better sex.

From dead bug to child’s pose, these moves are fun, exciting and yoga-instructor approved. And you don’t have to be able to twist yourself into a pretzel to try these out.

For example, take the Chakra Kiss: Have your partner positioned in an easy-seated pose. Place yourself on top with your legs wrapped around your partner’s torso and wrap your arms wrapped around your partner’s shoulders. When you start to breathe together, this builds up an enormous amount of intimacy and sexual energy.

This is just one out of the many ways yoga can spice up your sex life. If you’re tired of the same old same old, we’ve got the perfect yoga positions for better sex that you and your partner will love. No need to go out and purchase some strange sex toy or try to do the dirty in crazy locations in an effort to bring some excitement into your relationship (unless that’s your thing; if so, by all means, go for it).

We did the work, and now you can enjoy these yoga sex positions for yourself.

So get ready to blow your man’s mind like never before, because these are definitely the hottest and most body-improving sex positions out there. We’ve got the lowdown, so now it’s your turn to try them out.

Take a look at more of these hot yoga poses that double as sex positions we’re sure you’ll find a few that work for you.

Don’t believe us? Read on and find out for yourself.

1. Happy Baby Pose

Wikimedia Commons

This pose doesn’t sound sexy by name, but it is by practice. Lie on your back with your tailbone on the floor. Hold the outside edges of your feet with your hands and draw your knees down toward the floor. This gets everything nice and open.

Theresa Polley, host and instructor at Retreat in the Pines, says this makes it perfect for hip opening, as well as other areas. In fact, this pose is often also called “Happy Husband.”

2. Child’s Pose

Anna Wu/Flickr

This is fairly easy and can be done in bed or on the floor. While kneeling, touch your big toes and sit on your heels while separating your knees so they’re hip-width apart. Exhale and lay your upper body between your thighs. Lay your hands facing up along side your torso with shoulders relaxed.

Start standing on your knees with your knees hip-distance apart. Bring your feet together and send your hips all the way back to your heels. Extend your arms in front of you while you send your hips back.

“Your partner can then enter you from behind and pull your hips back while you stretch your arms forward. This creates a long, beautiful back for your partner to admire,” says celebrity yoga trainer Jessica James.

3. Downward-Facing Dog

Mor Shani on Unsplash

This pose is one of the most commonly performed moves in yoga. It’s also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana and resembles an upside down V.

“Hands should be shoulder-width apart with equal spacing between your fingers. Keeping your feet hip-width apart while channeling most of your energy into your hands by pushing the floor away from you while engaging your shoulders and upper body. Avoid arching and rounding your back to obtain perfect positioning,” says fitness expert Nadia Murdock.

This move is ideal for stand up “fun” versus your traditional … ahem … doggy position.

4. Full Straddle Forward Fold

Wikimedia Commons

Begin standing and step your feet apart into a wide-standing straddle. Hinge at your hips, and forward fold by bringing your hands to the floor for support. If you can’t comfortably reach the floor, bring your hands to a chair or your bed.

“This can be a nice posture for oral sex as well. Your partner can enter from behind. Experiment with your legs at varying distances. Feet together forward fold can be a fun change, too,” says James.

5. Chakra Kiss (aka Yab Yum)

Have your partner positioned in an easy-seated pose.

“Place yourself on top with your legs wrapped around your partner’s torso and your arms wrapped around your partner’s shoulders. Start to breath together and visualize your chakras merging, or kissing. Start from your crown chakra and move slowly all the way down to your root chakra,” says James. This builds up an enormous amount of intimacy and sexual energy.

6. Reclining Pigeon

Wikimedia Commons

Bend the left leg and put the foot down for support and to relax the spine. No one has fun if your back hurts.

“The right shin can act as a support for the man on top and the angle of penetration here is very nice. Try both sides,” says yoga instructor Vanessa Van Noy.

7. Reclining Bound Angel


“Lie on your back and surround yourself with pillows, then open your legs in a butterfly position, knees resting on the pillows. Widen your feet so your man can assume missionary position. Get very relaxed, breath. This can be a very long-lasting pleasurable position that can go on for a while,” says Carrie Minter, former Playboy Playmate and founder of Carries Pilates.

Also remember that you can maintain eye contact during this pose, which only boosts intimacy.

8. Shoulder Stand

Wikimedia Commons

This one is particularly amazing for hitting that spot that blows your mind. You lie down on the bed and he holds onto your legs, lifts your bottom off the bed and puts your ankles on his shoulders.

He should be on his knees on the bed, or you can also do it at the edge of the bed with him standing. The angle is great for getting the G-spot. And you still have a very intimate connection because you’re facing each other.

9. Tree Pose

Public Domain Pictures

Instead of keeping your foot against your thigh, lift your knee up so it’s as high as you can bring it toward your arm. Just keeping it on his side is a nice standing pose where he can hold onto your leg.

Since you’re on one leg, it requires balance and core strength, which should motivate people to practice tree and other balancing yoga poses, says Jessica Walsh, a yoga instructor.

“This is a great pose to do in the shower. It’s also one of my favorites because it’s very intimate and sexy. You get to look at your partner and have your bodies close the whole time. He’s holding onto your leg and you can alternate who’s in control. It’s also a great angle for both people to feel amazing,” says Walsh.

10. Wheel Pose

Wikimedia Commons

This move is a real game-changer and is sure to spice up your bedroom activity. Depending on the strength of the individuals, either person can be on the top or bottom. Wheel Pose can be easily modified for beginners.

Start by lying on the floor facing up and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your heels close to your sitting bone as much as possible. Next, you want to bend your elbows and spread your palms on the floor beside your head.

Your forearms are ideally perpendicular to the floor and fingers pointing toward your shoulders. Press your feet into the ground and take two to three breaths pushing upward, your tailbone up toward your pubis. Spread your shoulder blades across your back and let your head hang.

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5 Yoga Poses That Double as Sexual Positions

How do you get ready for love? Some people love to pamper themselves by having their hair done, taking a long luxurious bath, or setting aside a little shopping trip before a sexy rendezvous.

While all of these rituals are great, I personally make sure that I do not skip my yoga practice before a hot date. I need to take the time to mindfully align with my highest intention, release some of those nervous-excited butterflies and revitalize my tight and sore muscles from a long day of anticipation.

After a sweaty vinyasa sesh, I always feel a boost of confidence, a greater willingness to connect intimately, and that glorious post-yoga radiance certainly inspires me to share the love with that special someone.

In fact, many of my favorite yoga poses translate just as powerfully in the bedroom as they do in my yoga class. I am not only referring to the mere physicality of yoga and sex, either.

When you feel a sense of well-being and love for the self, you will enhance your lovemaking and strengthen the partnership with your beloved. Here are five sexy yoga poses that you can incorporate as creatively as you like on and off the mat, or wherever you happen to be when the mood strikes!

1. Cat Pose (Marjaryasana)

Credit: Anna Coventry

The undulation of the spine allows for greater flexibility, increased blood flow, and openness in both the heart and the nether regions of the pelvis. You can practice this pose with your partner from all angles, so feel free to explore your cat-like curiosity.

2. Foot-Behind-the-Head Pose (Supta Eka Pada Sirsasana)

Credit: Prana Shama

You need a bit of flexibility and a playful spirit to pull this off, but in the end, your hamstrings won’t be the only part of your body thankful for your extra effort. Make sure that amidst the throes of passion you switch sides, otherwise you might need to set up for round two to keep everything in balance.

3. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Credit: Julia Lee

Practice reciprocity! Ask for what you need. This pose requires some thigh action that will draw some heat up toward your center point of connection. If you get a little weary through the arms and shoulders, place a firm pillow or two beneath the lumbar spine so you can lie back, relax, and RECEIVE.

4. Reclining Belly Twist (Jathara Parivartanasana)

Credit: Tips From Town

If you prefer face-to-face contact, spooning, or just lying back and enjoying some divine entanglement as you cuddle up with your love, you can do it all in this restorative pose. Just like love flows naturally without effort, this twist will help you embrace the moment and each other a little longer.

5. Yab Yum

Credit: Shashi Solluna

In Tantra, Yab Yum, a partner version of Baddha Konasana, creates the ultimate Shakti and Shiva flow. When you face one another and practice this pose, you can breathe, move, and embody the rhythm of your special “dance” together.

Keep in mind that a passionate sexual union can involve eye contact, touching “uncommon” erogenous zones such as the hands, the nape of the neck and the feet. You may never even get to the point of intercourse to experience feelings of contentment and satisfaction.

Yoga teaches awareness, the ability to stay present in the NOW without distraction. When you invite that level of attention into your relationships, you allow for intimacy to blossom and grow just like a lotus. I hope you bring your love of yoga into everything you do and find the bliss you desire.

Beth Bischoff

If you’ve ever struck a pose during a yoga class and thought, “Wow, I could have sex like this,” you’re not alone. All those ass-in-the-air, lady-parts-on-display postures can make you feel like you’re practicing the Kama Sutra rather than yoga.

That got us thinking…could some of those classic yoga poses actually work as sex positions? It’s possible! Read on to see the postures that could double as sex moves. They might put you in touch with your body in more ways than one. Namaste.

Puppy Dog Stretch

Beth Bischoff

Sounds adorable, right? Well, this seemingly innocent pose could make a G-spot-stimulating stretch that we would do over and over again. You game?

Happy Baby

Beth Bischoff

Anyone else think it’s weird that the sexiest poses are named after innocent and adorable things? That being said, going spread eagle on our backs and grabbing our feet while getting down definitely makes us happy, baby.

(Tone up, beat stress, and feel great with Rodale’s new With Yoga DVD.)


Beth Bischoff

If you’ve ever conquered a tough yoga pose and immediately thought, “I did it! Nos, how can I work this impressive pose into my sex life?” you’re totally normal, and we like the way you think. Also, you get bonus points if your guy’s thrusting doesn’t interfere with your balance.

Half Dog at the Wall

Beth Bischoff

Also known as the bend-over-and-take-it-at-the-wall posture. This is definitely a pose worth trying in the shower.

Reclined Big Toe

You might start out doing this pose to clear the clutter in your head and restore a sense of calm to achieve a mind and body balance, but when the stretch is over, your main objective to get your leg over his shoulder mid-sex. #goals

Downward Facing Dog

Beth Bischoff

Can you really push back into down dog without immediately feeling like you’re about to take it from behind? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Standing Split

Beth Bischoff

If you have the flexibility to bend over, put nose to knee, and lift your other leg at a 180-degree angle, we salute you. If we had that skill, we’d definitely use it to have the craziest sex ever. Until then, it’s a big motivator to sign up for class.

You may already be aware of the benefits of practicing yoga, including better flexibility and quality sleep. What you might not know is that when you’re deep in the trenches of a sex rut, yoga-inspired sex positions might help you break out.

These yoga poses are less intimidating than cracking open the Kama Sutra and can insert some much-needed novelty into your sex life while improving your strength and flexibility at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

1. Downward dog

Just like doggy style is some couples go-to sex position, downward dog is a mainstay of yoga sun salutations. As an inversion pose, downward facing dog can clear your head and give you a “glow,” thanks to all the blood rushing towards your head. It also presents an opportunity to ditch the bed and try a rear entry position while on the floor.

2. Happy baby

It might be weird to think about babies in conjunction with a sex sesh, but don’t let the awkwardly innocent name dissuade you from trying this position. The happy baby is often used at the end of a yoga class to stretch the hamstrings and release lower back tension, but as a sex position, it’s a twist on missionary with the receiving partner’s legs up.

3. Plow pose

If you’re looking for a position that will get your partner on board with the whole “let’s try yoga sex” initiative, may we suggest the aptly named plow pose? Some say that it “invigorates and renews the whole body.” This position requires the receiving partner to raise their legs over their head while laying on the floor, so make sure you gently attempt this pose or avoid all together if you have a bad back.

4. Cobra pose

If you’re constantly arching your back during certain sex positions, cobra pose can bring some balance to your sex life. It also supposedly stimulates your body’s “sexual centers” as well.

5. Bridge pose

If bridge pose looks familiar, it might be because you already have it in your sex playbook. If not, definitely give this more advanced version of missionary position a go.

6. Forward bend

While there are several types of forward bends in yoga, the one with the most application for knocking boots is the standing forward bend. It can be a great position for rear entry or even for oral sex. Make sure there are some yoga blocks nearby if you find you’re wobbly attempting this position. Even the best sex is not worth an injury!

7. Reclining butterfly

Does any sex position sound as relaxing as a reclining butterfly? If you’re looking for a comfy sex position where both partners may be able to last a while, this one might be it. As a bonus, this position allows for extra deep penetration, too.

8. Standing split

For more advanced yogis who can maintain a standing split without feeling like they will topple over, this position has the advantages of doggy style while allowing the receiving partner to show off their gymnast-like flexibility. For yoga newbies who want to give the sex position a whirl, it might be a good idea to hold onto a bed poster or another sturdy object while you attempt to stand on one leg.

7 Fabulous Yoga Poses to Increase Your Libido

Yoga is amazing. It helps you find balance in your world, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By teaching us to embrace each moment and live life one breath at a time, yoga lets us better connect with ourselves and our partner—spiritually, physically, and yes, even sexually.

Yoga tones up our bodies, reduces our stress levels, and increases our energy, but did know that yoga can also help fire up your libido and your sex life?

A study dating back to 2009 showed that a “regular yoga practice improves several aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm and overall satisfaction.” It’s a no-brainer then that yoga is a fantastic way to improve your sex life, no?

How Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

  1. Yoga helps increase flexibility.
  2. Yoga helps maintain a healthy body image and self-esteem.
  3. Yoga helps you learn and appreciate awareness in the present moment.
  4. Yoga helps increase libido.

There are many fabulous yoga poses that help increase circulation to our pelvic region, that make the whole area come more alive, resulting in a fun-filled, love-fuelled time under the sheets with your beloved!

Yoga Poses to Increase Your Libido

These poses are for beginners and experienced yogis alike. With regular practice, they’ll improve flexibility and heighten body awareness and self-confidence, all of which make you more comfortable in your own skin, meaning you’re more likely to feel relaxed and uber confident in a sexual relationship.

You can use these yoga poses as a gateway into a deeper experience of loving intimacy and total relaxation. Here are some poses that without a doubt will help you to increase your libido:

1. Cat/Cow Flow

  • Start in Tabletop, shoulders directly above wrists, hips over knees.
  • Inhale and arch back (Cow), lifting chest and heart away from belly, reaching tailbone skyward.
  • Exhale and round back up (Cat), drawing belly into spine, separating shoulder blades.
  • Repeat five times.

Benefits: You strengthen the Kegel muscles—those wonderful muscles that contract during orgasm—as you control your tailbone moving from Cat to Cow. Strong Kegels produce better, more controlled orgasms.

2. Bound Angle Pose

  • Bring soles together, bending knees and allowing them to drop towards floor.
  • Hold onto toes with both hands. Inhale, lengthen torso. Exhale, hinge forward from hips. Aim is to lower head towards toes. This pose can also be done lying flat on your back in a reclined position.
  • Hold pose for 10 breaths.

Benefits: Bound Angle is great for low libido, stretching the inner thighs and opening the hips for a wider range of motion. In this pose, people often shed layers of anxiety and tend to feel a natural openness and sense of intimacy.

It improves blood flow to the pelvic area immediately, and where the blood goes, so does the energy and vitality. Circulation and increased blood flow are directly linked to level of arousal.

3. Pigeon Pose

  • Bring left shin parallel to top of mat, drawing heel closer to groin.
  • Bring right leg into a straight line behind you.
  • Slowly lower down to forearms, rest head in arms, a block, or onto mat.
  • Hold for 10 breaths before moving to other side.

Benefits: Pigeon is excellent for releasing deep tension in the hips, putting the mind in total chill mode. By bringing your attention to your breath, you move away from your thoughts and into the present moment. This enhances your ability to create a sense of sexual intimacy with your partner.

4. Eagle Pose

  • Ground down through left foot as you bend same knee.
  • Lift right foot, cross it over left knee, then bring front of right foot around left calf, or wherever you can reach.
  • Tuck your tailbone down, slowly sink into legs.
  • Inhale arms ahead. Cross left arm over right, fold forearms at elbow, wrap around each other to bring palms together. Lift elbows towards the sky and enjoy the stretch in the sweet spot at the back of the heart.
  • Hold for five breaths, release and move to other side

Benefits: Eagle is so sexy, it;s even in the Kama Sutra. When you release the legs, all of the blood comes flooding through the cervix, preparing the whole area for some sweet, sweet, loving!

Holding the pose itself requires poise and steadiness, which is beneficial if you’re stressed. Your mind has to focus, helping you to slow life down a little, allowing you to stay present and enjoy the breathtaking moments to follow!

5. Bridge Pose

  • Lie on back, bend knees, and place feet hip width apart and 5 inches beneath buttocks.
  • Inhale hips towards sky. Interlace fingers beneath the hips, drawing shoulder blades together and keeping both on the mat.
  • Hold for 10 breaths, taking deep inhales and exhales.

Benefits: Bridge Pose not only provides an intense hip flexor stretch, it also tones the vagina and improves orgasms. Holding Bridge is similar to doing a Kegel, because you squeeze the same pelvic muscles.

6. Downward Dog

  • Take feet hip width apart, drawing heels towards the floor. With hands spread wide at top of mat, tailbone draws towards back of mat, lengthening through spine and creating an inverted V shape.
  • Draw shoulders away from ears, relax neck.
  • Hold for five to 10 breaths.

Benefits: Downward Dog calms the mind and invigorates the body, both important ingredients in good sex. This pose not only boosts confidence and muscle tone, but it’s also kind of sexy in itself as your butt is lifting in the air and you’re feeling super strong, long, and relaxed.

You’re also kind of looking straight at your hips and groin and connecting to that area visually, which could be an awesome aphrodisiac. Downward Dog will ease muscle tension in your back and improve overall flexibility.

7. Wide-Legged Straddle

  • Sit upright, spreading legs wide apart.
  • Press back of legs into floor, pointing knees and toes toward sky.
  • Inhale, lengthen torso. Exhale, lean forward from hips, reaching to take hold of big toes.
  • Hold for 10 breaths. With every inhale, lengthen torso; with every exhale, extend chest farther forward as you lower down.

Benefits: Like Bound Angle, this move is good for low libido, improving blood flow to the pelvic area and increasing energy and vitality.

Final Exercise: Saving the Best for Last

The most common yoga pose to enhance sexual pleasure is a posture that can be done anywhere. It involves contracting and releasing the muscles of your pubic area as if you want to stop the flow or urine. You can do this 10 times, holding to a count of five each time.

This helps strengthen the Kegels, leading to fabulously mind-blowing orgasms!

10 Yoga Poses That Increase Your Sex Drive and Why

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A 2009 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that yoga can improve sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction. How, you ask? By increasing circulation to the pelvic region, activating and engaging the body’s core region, sharpening our focus, and increasing oxygen levels in the body.
Let’s face it. Sex is one of life’s most delightful pleasures. It can be soft and sensual, playful and exciting, or deeply spiritual and connecting. Your yoga practice can help you prepare for and become excited about your sexual practice. Yoga helps create balance in your life on all levels.

By teaching us to embrace every moment of life, to live one breath at a time, yoga helps us better connect with ourselves and our partner spiritually, physically, and sexually.

It is no secret that a regular yoga practice can increase flexibility, self-esteem, self-awareness, and energy levels. What might be surprising, though, is that yoga can also increase your libido!

Here are ten yoga poses that you can use as a way to increase your libido and bring excitement and passion into your bedroom:

Cat/Cow Flow

The flow between Cat and Cow poses not only helps awaken and bring more flexibility into the spinal column, but also strengthens the mula bandha (or the pelvic floor muscles). These are the muscles that contract during orgasm. Therefore, by strengthening them, you can create more controlled and intense orgasms. Cat/Cow also helps relieve stress and create emotional balance, which always helps in our romantic relationships.
How to do it: Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists, and your hips over the knees. Inhale into Cat, arching the back and drawing your belly into your spine, with the crease of your elbows facing each other. Exhale into Cow, dropping the belly and lifting the heart forward and up. Repeat the Cat/Cow flow several times through.

Happy Baby pose

This pose – and hip openers in general – is great for releasing stress and anxiety. Happy Baby releases the lower back, sacrum, and glutes, and stretches the hamstrings and spine. It also aids in relieving fatigue while calming the nervous system. It is nearly impossible to not feel a sense of fun and joy in this pose, which can translate to the bedroom. Sex is supposed to be fun. Happy Baby pose can help you embrace your youthful curiosity.
How to do it: Draw your knees toward your armpits while bending the elbows. Stack the ankles directly over the knees and remember to flex your feet. Lengthen the spine and continue pressing your low back into the mat.

Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

To get the highest benefit from Eagle pose, it is important that you actively squeeze the inner thighs together. Upon release, fresh blood and oxygen rush to the pelvic region, preparing the cervix for a sexy romp in bed. Additionally, this pose requires steadiness and ease which is beneficial to reducing stress and anxiety. By drawing your drishti (your eyes’ point of focus) to one point, you not only gain balance in the pose, but in your emotional body as well.
How to do it: The major joints of your body should be aligned down the center. Gently lift your elbows towards the sky to help stretch the shoulders and the back of the heart. Draw your belly in towards your spine and your tailbone slightly downward. Ground down through all four corners of your standing foot.

Upward Facing Bow / Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

This pose – and backbends in general – are great for energizing the body. Backbends are energizing because they stimulate the nervous system by activating the metabolism and releasing adrenaline. Wheel pose is great for stretching the hip flexors, which can help in creating more intense orgasms. This pose is a heart opener as well, which can only be helpful once you are snuggled up next to your partner.
How to do it: Begin with your feet close to your glutes, hip-width distance apart. Place your hands alongside your ears shoulder-width apart, index fingers pointed towards your body. On an exhalation, press into your hands and feet and lift your hips skyward.

Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This pose simultaneously calms the mind and invigorates the body, both of which are important for sex. In Down Dog, your spine is elongated, which improves circulation and releases full-body tension. By drawing the navel into the spine you compress the spleen, liver, and kidneys which aids digestion, helping you feel refreshed. Down Dog can also boost muscle tone and confidence. Plus, if your honey is in viewing distance, shaking your booty in this pose is sure to get the fun started!
How to do it: Place your hands shoulder-width apart with the fingers spread wide – your index finger pointing towards the top of the mat. Feet are hip-distance apart and the legs are working towards being straight. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and gaze towards your thighs. Your body should be making an upside down “V” shape.
Watch this Down Dog video tutorial!

Seated Wide-Angle Forward Bend (Upavistha Konasana)

This pose is very helpful for those with a low libido. There is a deep inner thigh and groin stretch with this pose, which promotes greater circulation to the pelvic region. The hips gain a wider range of motion with this pose, which can bring more fun into your sexual experiences. Seated Wide-Angle stretch is also helpful in calming the mind and shedding anxiety from the body which can help in creating intimacy.
How to do it: Before bending forward, sit up tall with a straight spine. Lengthen your torso forward with each exhale. Engage your core by drawing your navel towards your spine while lengthening forward. Keep your feet flexed back towards your face to release your hamstrings.

Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand aids in stimulating hormone production and balancing the thyroid and hypothalamus glands. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, bringing a sense of calm and serenity to the heart and mind. The throat chakra is also ignited in this pose which aids in creativity and self-expression. This will help you express all of your desires and fantasies to your partner.
How to do it: Lift your chin slightly away from your chest – there should be a large enough gap between your neck and the floor to fit two fingers. This ensures that the weight of your body is upon your shoulders, not your neck. Place your hands, fingertips pointing up, on your lower back. Rotate your thighs inward and flex your feet.

Recommended read: You May Be Hurting Your Neck in Shoulderstand (Here’s How to Fix It)

Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

In Sanskrit, Padmasana is derived from the words padma (lotus) and sana (seat or throne). Sacred Hindu texts tell us that Padmasana destroys disease and awakens the Kundalini energy that rests at the base of the spine.
Meditation may not seem to be a path to your sensuality and sexuality, but the reality is that meditation gives you the space and time to tap into these intensely personal and rich experiences. By taking the time to be present in the moment, you create a direct unfiltered connection to your true self – sexuality included.
How to do it: For Padmasana, cradle each leg into the arms with one elbow supporting the knee and the other supporting the ankle prior to placing the leg into Lotus position to increase range of motion in the hip socket and stretch the gluteal muscles. Sukhasana (Easy Seated pose) is a great alternative if Padmasana is not in your practice.
The practice of yoga is helpful in a multitude of ways. Why not take your playfulness on the mat into the bedroom? Being patient, connected, and adventurous on the mat and in the bedroom can provide you and your partner with a wealth of sensual and exciting experiences together. So grab your partner and have some fun!
Namaste yogis!

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6 Yoga Poses That Will Make You Better at Sex

If you want to boost your sex life, try using some of these poses in your regular yoga practice.

1. Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) and Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

Often performed together, these poses help you loosen up the spine and relax. This helps lower your overall stress levels and makes it easier to get into the mood.

Active Body. Creative Mind.

  1. Start this pose on all fours. Make sure your wrists are underneath your shoulders and your knees are in line with your hips. Keep your spine neutral and your weight balanced evenly across your body.
  2. Inhale as you look up and let your stomach curve toward the floor. Lift your eyes, chin, and chest up as you stretch.
  3. Exhale, tucking your chin into your chest, and draw your navel toward your spine. Round your spine toward the ceiling.
  4. Move slowly between the two for 1 minute.

2. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

This pose helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Strengthening these muscles helps reduce pain during sex and can even make the good stuff, well, better.

Active Body. Creative Mind.

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Bend both knees and position your feet hip-width apart with your knees in line with your ankles.
  3. Put your arms flat on the floor with your palms against the ground and spread your fingers.
  4. Lift your pelvic region off the ground, allowing your torso to follow, but keep your shoulders and head on the floor.
  5. Hold the pose for 5 seconds.
  6. Release.

3. Happy Baby (Ananda Balasana)

A popular relaxation pose, this pose stretches your glutes and lower back. Plus, it doubles as a variation of missionary position. To try it in bed, start in missionary position with your partner on top, and then extend your legs and wrap them around your partner’s torso.

Active Body. Creative Mind.

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. With an exhale, bend your knees up toward your stomach.
  3. Inhale and reach up to grab the outside of your feet, and then widen your knees. You can also use a belt or towel looped over your foot to make it easier.
  4. Flex your feet, pushing your heels upward as you pull down with your hands to stretch.

4. One-Legged Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

There are many variations of Pigeon, and all of them are great for stretching and opening up your hips. Tight hips can make sex uncomfortable, and they can also keep you from trying different sexual positions.

Active Body. Creative Mind.

  1. Start on the floor on all floors.
  2. Pick up your right leg and move it in front of your body so your lower leg is at a 90-degree angle from your body.
  3. Stretch your left leg out behind you on the floor with the top of your foot facing down and your toes pointing back.
  4. Exhale as you lean forward, shifting your body weight. Use your arms to support your weight. If this is uncomfortable, try folding up a blanket or a pillow and putting it under your right hip to keep your hips level as you stretch.
  5. Release and repeat on the other side.

5. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

This pose is a fantastic way to open your hips and find deep relaxation without needing to be crazy flexible. It’s also a grounding pose, meaning your focus should be on resting and breathing throughout the pose, which can help any stress and anxiety melt away.

Active Body. Creative Mind.

  1. Start by kneeling on the floor. With your big toes touching, widen your knees until they’re around hip-width apart.
  2. Exhale and lean forward. Place your hands in front of you and stretch out, allowing your upper body to relax between your legs. Try to touch your forehead to the mat, but you can also rest your head on a block or pillow.
  3. Relax in this position for 30 seconds to a few minutes.

6. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Yoga classes usually end in Corpse Pose, or Savasana, and there’s definitely a good reason. This pose helps you relax and learn to let go of stress. Think of it as a mini meditation session at the end of your yoga practice that supercharges your relaxation and feel-good efforts.

Active Body. Creative Mind.

  1. Lay on your back with your feet spread and palms facing up. Relax every part of your body from your face to your fingers and toes.
  2. Stay in this pose for as long as you want.

Want better sex? How about more sex, longer lasting sex and sex that’s more intense? Of course, you do. Believe it or not, a regular yoga practice can help you achieve those goals.

Yoga improves your sex life in several ways. You’ll see an increase in stamina, better flexibility, improved circulation and an increase in your libido, just to name a few. You don’t have to study the Kama Sutra or participate in Tantric yoga to get the benefits. But you’ll want to commit to a regular yoga practice.

The Sex Benefits of Yoga

The benefits are so impressive that yoga might just be able to facilitate world peace. That is, if everyone would do it. There are almost too many benefits to list. But these are the benefits that are key to improving your sex life.

Improved Flexibility

Ok, it’s a cliché. But better flexibility does make it easier and more comfortable to try new and exciting positions. Greater flexibility in your hips allows greater access to the pelvic floor, which can increase sensations in that area.

Better Body-Mind Connection

Yoga teaches you to be more present. You’ll also learn to eliminate distractions, which enhances your body awareness. You’ll be more aware of the sensorial cues your body is sending you and can integrate them into your conscious awareness.

Increased Libido

Yoga regulates your hormones and boosts testosterone. Testosterone is not just a male hormone. Women also produce it, albeit at lower levels. Testosterone levels are directly responsible for sexual desire in both men and women.

Reduced Stress

Stress is a killer. A libido killer that is. When you’re worried or stressed out, you’re far less likely to be sexually interested. Yoga reduces your cortisol levels, which gives you a peaceful, easy feeling. You’re more likely to be in the mood when you’re relaxed.

Increased Circulation

Better circulation means an increase in blood flow to your genitals. This leads to increased sensation and stronger orgasms.

Curbs Premature Ejaculation

Men usually want to hold off on ejaculation for as long as possible to prolong sex. So premature ejaculation can cause it to rain on your parade. Researchers have found that yoga is a safe, effective and drug-free option to treat PE.

The 5 Best Yoga Postures for Sex

Yoga for better sex doesn’t have to be complicated. If you participate in a regular yoga practice, you will see an overall improvement in many areas of your life. Including your sex life. But these are the best postures to try to improve the quality of your sex life.


During cat-cow pose, you will flex and extend your spine. These movements will tone your hips and pelvis. They also increase blood flow to these areas and strengthen the muscles that support your genitals. The result? Better sexual function and performance.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon is a deep hip-opening posture. If your hips are tight, it can take weeks or even months of regular practice to get into the full expression of this pose. If you’re patient, however, you will reap the benefit of greater flexibility in the hip area.

Bridge Pose

This pose will tighten your glutes, open up your hip flexors and strengthen your pelvic floor. You’ll learn to engage mula bandha. Mula bandha is the act of tightening and drawing your pelvic floor up, very similar to Kegels.

Cobra Pose

Cobra is one of the best spine and core strengthening poses that yoga has to offer. A strong core will give you greater thrusting power and more control over your pelvis, which leads to better performance.

Eagle Pose

This balancing pose takes concentration, which will help you to learn to shut out distractions. It also increases blood circulation to the lower part of your body, more specifically to your pelvic region. The increase in your circulation leads to more powerful orgasms and better performance.

You don’t have to become a full-blown yogi to reap the powerful benefits that yoga has to offer. A little bit can go a long way. If you set aside 15 to 30 minutes a few times a week, it’s enough. You may organically find yourself wanting to practice more, eventually.

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

-Kevin Trudeau

Additional Tips

Yoga was not meant to be an exercise class. Its purpose is to prepare your body and mind for meditation. To reap the full benefits of yoga for better sex, look for authentic yoga classes that incorporate breathwork, chanting, and meditation.

Form in yoga is extremely important. Learn the proper form of each pose and be mindful of your movements throughout your practice. Check with your health care professional to see if certain yoga poses are contraindicated by any health conditions you may have.

Janet Ashforth is a certified Personal Trainer, licensed Massage Therapist, and meditation instructor. She has been helping people regain their health and wellness for more than 14 years. Janet also writes about health, fitness, nutrition, cooking, and baking. She is a real food advocate and currently creating a wellness retreat.

The numerous benefits of yoga are well documented, from reducing stress, to improving flexibility and mobility, strengthening and supporting the body, and even helping with energy levels, metabolic conditions, sleep, and mental health. But did you know that yoga could also help improve your sex life?

According to one (albeit small) study which followed 40 women as they practiced yoga for 12 weeks, yoga may have a significant impact on women’s sex lives. The researchers found that almost 75% of the women reported feeling more satisfied with their sexual life following the yoga training.

Why? Well, many of the postures in yoga increase not only flexibility (particularly in the hips) but also circulation to the pelvic region, enabling better blood flow. This, combined with yoga’s associated pelvic floor exercises, may help increase libido.

Trish Whelan from Soul Adventures says: “Yoga helps to improve your sex life in the same way that is helps to improve your work life, your love life, your home life and basically all elements of your life. It allows you to connect within as opposed to looking with out, it makes you feel happy and connected and to heal, and that is for sure the best first step in improving your sex life.”

The stress busting benefits of the practice too cannot be understated – one of the main negative effects on the body of increased stress is a decrease in sexual desire. Furthermore, yoga helps maintain a healthy body image and self esteem (both essential for good sex) as well as encourage a better connection with yourself and the present moment, helping foster a clearer understanding of your likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

If you want to boost your sex life, try adding these postures into your daily routine. Remain in each for 5-10 breaths, or longer if that feels accessible and safe.


1. Reclined butterfly

This posture stretches the inner thighs and opens the hips, enabling a better range of motion. It also improves blood flow to the pelvic area, which is linked directly to higher levels of arousal.


2. Cobra/Sphinx

The pressure in this pose increases blood flow and tone to the pelvic area; try combining with pelvic floor exercises (contracting and releasing the muscles as if you need to pee).


3. Bridge

Bridge Pose not only provides an intense hip flexor stretch, it’s also similar to doing pelvic floor exercises because you squeeze the same pelvic muscles. This can help improve orgasms.


4. Dancer

This more challenging balancing posture both stretches and strengthens the core, improving the overall tone of the hips and pelvic floor.


5. Pigeon

Tight hips make sex uncomfortable, and may keep you from trying different positions. Pigeon is the perfect posture for stretching and opening them up.


6. Childs pose

This posture is a great way to open the hips, while also grounding and resting – which can help melt away anxiety and stress.

By Lily Silverton

It’s something we’ve all heard. Yoga helps improve your sex life. Does it really? Personally, I’d like to think so. Yoga helps to improve your sex life by making you more physically fit, improving your circulation, increasing bodily awareness (sensation), and helping you to connect on a deeper level with your partner. Here are my 10 favorite poses for better sex.

1) Half plank – You need to have the core strength and upper body endurance to be able to hold yourself up without getting tired. And you most certainly cannot sacrifice quantity (the number of up and down motions) for quality here, so you need to be able to control your body and keep a solid rhythm as you go through the motions.

2) Cobra – Cobra is awesome for your lower back strength, but it is also amazing for helping you to control your breathing. Cobra is a pose that forces you to breathe hard if you take your chest off the ground as high as you can, and being able to control your breathing in the heat of the moment is often the difference between experiencing the climax and pumping the brakes to try again later (and possibly killing the mood).

3) High Lunge – You are combining hip flexibility, core strength, endurance and balance all into one movement with the high lunge. Being able to develop the core strength and flexibility required to bring your butt slightly under your body in high lunge will greatly increase your hip mobility and endurance while teaching your core to contract, which means more power, control, and range of motion from your just above your knees to your chest. Think about it.

4) Haka (aka Goddess or Horse) – This pose gets deep into hip flexibility and mobility while testing your lower body endurance and forcing you to engage your core like crazy to keep the pressure out of your low back. It forces you to keep your body upright while working into hip flexibility, which is something that’s pretty necessary for any decent sexual encounter.

5) Crow – Unless you want to flop around like a fish during sex, you should be able to hold yourself up. Crow Pose helps you develop the strength to hold yourself up while forcing you to utilize your core strength and balance.

6) Bridge – It takes two to tango, so even if you’re on bottom you’re going to need to help your partner out while they are on top. Bridge helps you replicate the motion of lifting your body off the ground while lying on your back. The result will be a partner who’s satisfied because they aren’t doing all the work and a deeper connection because both of your bodies are moving.

7) Downdog Knee-to-Nose – Being able to contract your core is essential for getting an extra push in your thrust. Squeezing one knee at a time to your elbow or nose from a downdog position will tremendously improve your ability to squeeze your core and give your hips increased range of motion. An inch or two can really make the difference here.

8) Chair – Neither one of you wants to stop because your lower body endurance and balance can’t handle it when you’re standing up behind your partner. (More specifically, it’s not exactly a boost for your ego when you get tired here.) Chair pose gives your lower body more endurance and core strength so that you can hold your position and keep going by improving your balance and control with your legs bent. Keep your arms parallel to the ground and your feet spread hip-width distant to best apply this pose to the bedroom.

9) Standing Side Stretch (Crescent Moon) – Obviously you need to have hip mobility to move your body from front to back, but people can forget that adding a side-to-side element to your hip mobility can seriously improve your ability to be hit different spots, and therefore add a potentially whole new and creative dimension to your sex life.

10) Savasana (Corpse Pose) – Personally, I feel at my most vulnerable after orgasm, and it’s at this point, the obligatory post-coital 5-minute cuddle stage, that you can reach a level of intimacy as great, if not greater than, the orgasm itself. If you start fidgeting at this phase, it can make you and your partner feel extremely uncomfortable. Savasana teaches you to relax your body, and to minimize your fidgeting, which helps make you AND your partner feel more comfortable, and therefore to bond more deeply after sex. Just make sure to hold off on savasana until both you AND your partner have reached your climaxes – don’t be selfish, dude.

Men, practice and apply. Ladies – share this. Again, you’ll thank me later.

About The Author

Dean Pohlman is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor and the founder of Man Flow Yoga. Dean is widely considered to be an authority on Yoga for Men. His workouts and programs have been used by professional and collegiate athletes, athletic trainers, as well as Physical Therapists in Texas.

Dean is a successful published Author through DK Publishing (Yoga Fitness for Men), selling 25,000 copies worldwide, in addition to being a co-producer of the Body by Yoga DVD Series, which has sold over 40,000 copies on Amazon since its release in 2016.

Man Flow Yoga has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, The Chicago Sun, New York Magazine, and many more major news media outlets.

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Yoga Poses for Male Sexual Health

Yoga Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction

Kundalini Yoga is considered the ultimate house holder’s yoga. Which means virility and sexual energy are not suppressed, but in fact considered an important aspect of one’s health and life. Previously, I have also indicated that sexual energy, which is considered the most potent form of bio-chemical energy in the body, is the one form of energy that can be used for rejuvenating the entire physical apparatus, as well as be used for spiritual growth and transformation; so this energy is certainly important to have in quantity and quality.

The ancient holy men, yogis and rishis (saints) of India were known to maintain their sexual charge and drive right through their life and towards that end, yoga played no small role. This article is going to provide a potent yoga set for men to heal any sexual dysfunction, increase their sexual potency and refine their sexual energy, so it can be utilized for spiritual transformation. Although this yoga set is excellent for women as well and can be done by them also, it is tailored specifically for men and the male sexual system.

The Yoga Exercises in this set are all linked and detailed in the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises E-book and the Free Illustrated Hatha Yoga Poses E-book, where you can get all the details, cautions, modifications, etc. This set will also make up Chapter 13 of our popular Free Online Kundalini Yoga Sets E-book. Soon it will also be a part of the Free Online Yoga & Meditation Classes held here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises for Male Sexual Health:

Below are the benefits of this yoga set:

  • Helps raise the vibration of sexual energy, so it can be used for healing and spiritual transformation.
  • Helps develop sexual potency and improves sex drive.
  • Helps cure sexual dysfunction and sexual phobias.
  • Helps cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Increases your overall level of energy and vitality.
  • Significantly develops lower body strength and flexibility.
  • Tones legs and buttocks.
  • Awakens, heals and balances the Sex Chakra.

Yoga Exercises for Male Sexual Health Preparation:

The following two articles are important to read as they provide guidelines on how to practice yoga intelligently and safely:

Essential Beginners Guide to Yoga Practice

10 Important Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice

Remember the golden rule is please do not overdo or over strain. Especially if you are new to yoga, please use the beginner’s version for the difficult exercises and back off if you feel uncomfortable or dizzy. Each exercise title is a link to the chapter with the details for that exercise. For all the poses in this set illustrations have also been provided.

You will also need to learn the Breath of Fire breathing exercise, which is taught in the following video: Breath of Fire Kundalini Yoga Pranayama. This breathing exercise is a fundamental breathing technique in Kundalini Yoga and is used in conjunction with the yoga poses in the set below. If at any time you feel it is difficult to keep up with breath of fire during the exercise, please switch to long deep breathing or normal breathing instead.

Male Sexual Health Yoga Set:

Remember that each title is a link to the article with full details on each pose. Also, in each of those respective articles, modifications for beginners are also given, so make sure you use those modifications as you start out.

1. Kundalini Yoga Butterfly Pose:

  • Kundalini yoga pose to stretch the sexual meridians.
  • Duration: 1 – 3 mins.
  • Breath: Breath of Fire.

Butterfly Pose for Stretch Sex Maridians

2. Yoga Cobra Pose:

  • Cobra Pose to balance and heal the Sex Chakra. If your arms get tired, come down from cobra and then go back into the pose after recovering.
  • Duration: 30 seconds – 3 mins.
  • Breath: Long Deep Breathing.

Cobra Pose for Healing Sex Chakra

3. Forward Stretch Pose for Navel Chakra:

  • This is an excellent pose for healing the nervous system and promoting good health. Start the stretch slowly and as your body opens up, accentuate the stretch further.
  • Duration: 1 – 3 mins.
  • Breath: Breath of Fire or Long Deep Breathing.

Forward Bend for Health and Healing

4. Yoga Modified Wheel Pose:

  • The modified version of this pose (bridge pose) will also provide you with the necessary benefits, so if cannot reach your ankles, feel free to use the modified version.
  • Duration: 1 – 3 mins.
  • Breath: Breath of Fire.

Modified Wheel Pose to Tone Sexual Organs

5. Yoga Plough Pose for Sexual Excellence:

  • First off, please develop your capacity to do this pose slowly and gently. Careful with your neck and do not over strain. Improving the flexibility in your hamstrings will help you with doing this pose as well. This pose is absolutely excellent to improve your sexual systems.
  • Duration: 1 – 3 mins.
  • Breath: Long deep breathing.

Plough Pose for Sexual Healing

6. Yoga Rock-n-Roll:

  • Good Posture to help distribute the energy you have generated.
  • Duration: 30 seconds – 1 min
  • Breath: Normal.

Yoga Rock-n-Roll

7. Yoga Chair Pose for Sexual Health:

  • We now get to the exercises which really start to work the lower body and legs, which are the source of a great deal of the sexual power and energy. Be careful with your knees for the following two exercises. Remember, you can see more illustrations and details in the article linked by the title as well. Take breaks in between if you need to.
  • Duration: 15 seconds – 3 mins
  • Breath: Breath of Fire.

Yoga Chair Pose for Sexual Health

8. Kundalini Yoga Frog Pose:

  • These can be a little tough for beginner’s to do, but are excellent to tone and strengthen your legs and also, it will give your heart a good workout. Do only a few at a time in the beginning and take breaks between repetitions as you build up your capacity. Build up slowly to 52 in a row over time.
  • Duration: 11 – 52 repetitions
  • Breath: Inhale Down / Exhale Up.

Yoga Frog Pose (Inhale)

Yoga Frog Pose (Exhale)

9. Kundalini Yoga Sat Kriya for Sex Chakra:

  • This is a very powerful tantra yoga technique to raise the vibration of your sexual energy. It also helps remove sexual phobias and cures sexual dysfunctions. Make sure you don’t overdo this exercise and build up your capacity slowly over time.
  • Duration: 1 – 11 mins.
  • Breath: As given in the exercise.

Sat Kriya for Healing Sex Chakra

10. Corpse Pose:

  • Once you have completed the Yoga Set for Men’s Sexual Health, make sure you relax on your back in corpse pose. For corpse pose just lie comfortably on your back and have your hands out to the sides or on your chest. Just let go during this time and let the Universe take care of you. Have no worries, anxieties or goals, and simply surrender to Infinity. The longer you do Sat Kriya above, the longer you need to rest as well.
  • Duration: 3 – 11 mins.
  • Breath: Relaxed

Trust in the wisdom of this science and do your practice consistently. There is no reason why you will not be able to cure your conditions and improve your sexual health and stamina. Enjoy …

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  • Survey: Who Practices Yoga More, Men or Women?

7 Ways Yoga Can Drastically Improve Your Sex Life And The Quality Of Your Orgasms

Haven’t you always wondered why yoga instructors have that certain glow? Is it the vegan, gluten-free, raw diet they’re on? Or the hundreds of hours they’ve logged on their mats? Perhaps it’s the super organic skincare routine all yogis seems to follow? I’m going to take a wild guess and say the reason for the glow is their amazing sex lives. The benefits of yoga are so wildly impressive, it’s kind of a shock we can’t use it to achieve world peace — or, you know, something close to that. The long list of yoga benefits includes: Better posture, lower blood pressure, improved lung capacity, better balance, flexibility, weight loss, improved brain function, and dozens of other stellar benefits. But the one that wakes plenty of yogis up in the morning? The promise of a more fulfilling sex life. I don’t know about you, but I’d get out of bed early for a few sun salutations for that.

Everyone knows that working out can improve your sex life when it comes to your energy and self esteem, but with yoga, you get all those benefits plus a few you could have never imagined. Whether you just want a new, fun form of exercise or you are always searching for ways to spice up your sex life (go you), yoga could be the answer to everything.

1. Mula Bandha is yogi talk for “doing lots of kegals”

You might not realize it, but yoga actually requires pretty much all of your muscles. When working on standing positions that force you to support your own body weight (like warrior and balancing poses), you’re increasing the strength of your sphincter muscle and the muscle that controls your urination. What this translates to is anywhere from 10-40 minutes of kegal exercises per yoga class — or repeatedly contracting the muscles used when you urinate. As we all know, daily kegals can give you much stronger orgasms, so if that’s not an incentive to break out the yoga mat, I’m not sure what is.

2. You can finally live in the moment

Sometimes being present during sex is harder than it seems, even if it feels great. You might be loving everything your partner is doing, but you get so focused on how your moans sound or how your stomach looks from a certain angle that you end up missing all the good stuff. Plus orgasming with a jam-packed mind is near impossible. A huge part of practicing yoga is being mindful of your body in each moment. Your instructor might bring your attention to parts of yourself you rarely pay attention to. When you’re in tune with yourself, you can bring your A-game to any sexy situation, and take your sex life to new heights.

3. It makes you feel super sexy

From the outside yoga might look easy, but nothing strengthens your core and increases your flexibility like a good vinyasa flow. Working out not only gives you feel good energy, but boosts your self esteem —and in turn, your sex life. When you’re getting sweatier at the gym, things can get steamier at home. In the yoga studio, the only equipment you really need is your own body, because you use your own weight as resistance, which is way harder than it seems. Thanks to a regular yoga practice, you can feel slimmer, more fit, and overall a lot more confident in your body.

4. Today’s yoga poses are tomorrow’s sex positions

Your newfound ability to touch your toes and wrap a leg behind your head can certainly be put to good use. Now you can flip through the Kama Sutra with full confidence that you can conquer practically any position. Focusing on a few key yoga poses can help really enhance your sexual skills. For releasing tension in your groin muscles, try a seated wide-legged straddle. For increasing blood to your nether regions, cobra pose if your go-to. Now, try out some of those poses with your partner…naked. The possibilities (and the positions) really are endless.

5. You’ll have way more energy

Apparently, 6 in 10 Americans crave sleep more than sex. I’m going to go ahead and guess that’s because we’re a country of non-stop workers, thinkers, and doers, who rarely take a moment to relax, let alone have a siesta. Many couples are so sleep-deprived, sex often feels like just another thing on a never-ending to-do list. It turns out, doing yoga regularly works wonders for your energy levels and also helps you sleep better at night, which could be just what your sexual appetite needs.

6. It can help ease your period symptoms — and up your sex drive

When you’re bloated and feeling like a blow-up doll version of yourself, it’s likely the last thing on your mind is getting laid. And although going to the gym probably isn’t high on your list either, getting in 35 to 40 minutes of yoga can help those pesky symptoms. In India, researchers did a study on 150 women with period problems including spotting, cramps, and heavy flows — half of which practiced yoga. After six months, those who maintained a regular yoga routine had lower levels of follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and prolactin, which lead to less severe menstrual symptoms. When you aren’t plagued by cramps and backaches, you’ll be more inclined to get your orgasm on, which also helps to relieve period pain.

7. You can find your zen place

When you aren’t in a great mental head space, it can be difficult to truly enjoy being intimate with someone else. You generally need a clear mind to be feel fully satisfied with your sex life and yourself. It has been proven that yoga helps with all kinds of mental and physical troubles, including high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. After 60 minutes of dimly lit candles, a soothing instructor’s voice, and stretching out those sore muscles, you can’t help but feel like a brand new, and much more relaxed person.

Images: bikiniyoga_, nutrientes, yunok_yully, bendybreakfast, mynameisjessamyn/Instagram; Giphy (2)

Yoga positions for sex

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