When: July 28-August 4, 2018
Why: There’s no need to sacrifice luxury to embark on a spiritual journey. Fort Lauderdale-based Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide sets up camp at Mahogany Bay Village—a new resort community with a full-service yoga studio and locavore eateries. Those who are serious about diving into Ashtanga will appreciate the opportunity to work with the retreat’s co-leader Greg Nardi, who studied under K. Pattabhi Jois. However, Dawn Oliver, of boutique travel company Well Xplored, which helped curate the retreat, says the experience is not just for seasoned yogis. “The beautiful thing about Ashtanga is that the teacher will meet you on the mat,” she says. In addition to the two-hour long yoga sessions and daily chanting and meditation huddles, you will have plenty of downtime. Indulge in the beauty of the landscape through add-on activities like snorkeling the second largest coral reef in the world and venturing to bustling San Pedro to hobnob with the locals.
Price: From $2,250, wellxplored.com
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8 of the Best Beach Yoga Retreats

Whether you are celebrating summer or looking to escape the chill of winter, a beach yoga retreat is the perfect way to uplift your spirit, relax your mind and strengthen your body under the golden sun rays. There is something truly wonderful about meditating to the sound of the ocean and diving into its salty coolness after an invigorating yoga class. The body falls into a natural healthy rhythm; waking with the sun and retiring with the moon. Meet like-minded guests, learn and practice with gifted teachers and allow yourself to be led on a journey that will open your heart and help you surrender to a place of simplicity. Let go of the stress, frustration and anxiety that comes with modern life and find where your inner zen resides. Rediscover the joy of sandy toes, salty hair and sun-kissed skin.

For the very best in beach yoga retreats then always consider Yoga retreats in Thailand

1. Vikasa Yoga

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand
Featured Retreat: 7 Night Vikasa Yoga Vacation
Prices from $656

Vikasa may just be the ideal location for a yoga beach retreat. Salute the sun as you gaze across the unfettered ocean from the open air yoga shala. Choose from an extensive daily program of unlimited yoga and meditation classes. Practice with world-renowned teachers and a community of yoga enthusiasts. Keep your body fueled with organic vegetarian cuisine at the signature Vikasa Life Cafe. Retire to bed with the sound of the ocean as your lullaby. Intrigued?! This is one place you need to experience to believe.

2. Soul Adventures
Location: Ibiza, Spain
Featured Retreat: 4 Day Return to Radiance Yoga Retreat
Prices from $967

Soul Adventures offer unique transformative retreats designed to connect you to your true self and be a catalyst for natural healing. Learn about sacred vibrations, sound healing, moving through energetic blocks, and discovering deep relaxation in order to discover your full power and vitality. In the Return to Radiance Retreat, specific kundalini yoga and meditation practices are used to cleanse the body and open up energetic pathways. Reawaken yourself to the beauty of life and the power within with this special retreat experience.

3. Anamaya Resort
Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica
Featured Retreat: 8 Day Anamaya Pure Yoga Retreat
Prices from $941

Set in the coastal rainforest of Costa Rica, near the bohemian town of Montezuma, Anamaya Resort offers bespoke yoga retreats with a balance of rejuvenation, relaxation, fitness, culture and adventure. The Pure Yoga retreat offers a yoga immersion where you can focus on your practice, enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings, and fuel your body with organic nourishing cuisine. Practice in the open air yoga shala overlooking the expansive ocean and train with leading teachers as you deepen your practice and find inner bliss. The perfect hideaway for peace-loving soul seekers, Anamaya offers a yoga paradise that you may never want to leave.

4. Xinalani Retreat
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Featured Retreat: 8 Day Xinalani Yogini Retreat
Prices from $1599

Untangle yourself from daily life, expand your practice and invigorate your spirit at Xinalani Retreat. Located on the coast of Mexico, be inspired by the beauty of the abundant natural surroundings and the emerald green waves of the Pacific Ocean. The Yogini Retreat is designed for women, offering a blissful week to calm your mind and soothe your body with daily yoga, healthy-gourmet dining, meditation, and activities – all in the setting of a secluded beach. Eco-chic accommodation, massage, and a complimentary arrival margarita balances a healthy yoga retreat with a little fun and sass.

5. Ananda Resort
Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
Featured Retreat: 6 Day Ananda Pure Yoga Retreat
Prices from $451

Set upon a quiet stretch of coastline on the idyllic island of Koh Phangan, Ananda Resort is a world-class yoga retreat center that offers a range of affordable and immersive programs all year round. The Pure Yoga Retreat balances the physical side of yoga with the philosophy behind the practice in order to give you a better insight into the benefits of yoga and how to translate the lessons you learn on the mat into your daily life. Aside from yoga, the retreat includes an authentic Thai massage, exquisite vegetarian meals and nature trips around the breathtaking island. Reconnect with yourself and the natural world with Ananda Retreat.

6. Azulfit
Location: Canary Islands, Spain
Featured Retreat: Azulfit Yoga Retreats
Prices from $780

Experience an unforgettable yoga beach retreat with Azulfit in the stunning location of Fuerteventura, Spain. Drawing guests from all over the world, all year round, Azulfit have mastered the perfect balance of fitness retreat and boutique vacation. Start your days with beach yoga and meditation, explore the local beaches, try surfing or take a cooking class, relax with a full body rejuvenating massage, soak in the hot tub or work on your tan by the pool. This retreat has everything you could ask for in a healthy beach getaway, including attentive and passionate staff who are on hand to ensure every moment of your retreat is perfect.

7. Nautilus Boutique Hotel
Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Featured Retreat: 7 Day Nautilus Yoga Wellness Retreat
Prices from $950

Where the lush, Costa Rican jungle meets the Pacific Ocean, Nautilus Boutique Hotel offers an inspiring collection of wellness experiences designed to infuse each guest with holistic goodness. The 7 Day Yoga Wellness Retreat takes advantage of the rugged wilderness and adventurous nature of the region with surfing, hiking and waterfall excursions, and balances the adrenaline with daily yoga, detox cuisine and a complimentary massage. Deepen your practice, push your boundaries and fall in love with the ‘pure life’ in the heart of Costa Rica.

8. Amansala Eco-Chic Resort & Retreat Center
Location: Tulum, Mexico
Featured Retreat: Amansala Tulum Beach & Bliss Yoga Retreats
Prices from $1035

Located on the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea, Amansala is the perfect destination to escape to for a week of rejuvenation and inspiration. If your ideal holiday consists of spending time on a beautiful beach surrounded by like-minded people, practicing yoga twice a day and feasting on delicious, fresh, healthy food, then look no further! Try a dance class, cooking class, Mayan spa treatment or explore the history and eclectic nature and culture of Tulum. Remember what it feels like to be truly alive as you awaken your spirit and sense of vitality with Amansala.

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Beach Retreats

There is nothing so soothing as salt water and sunshine.

The way the salt pulls out toxins, both physical and emotional, feels like a good sweep from the inside.

The way the sun warms you as if your body is finally free to come alive feels like a big hug from nature.

Seriously, beach retreats are more than just a couple sun salutations and a dip in the water. They can be downright healing.

So, instead of shrugging off your yoga beach retreat as another item on your to-do list, take this opportunity to really select the right one for you.

This getaway can be the most rewarding thing you may do in all of 2017.

Popular Destinations

Yoga Retreat Vacations in Europe

When it comes to vacations, Europe is naturally a popular destination. Within hours you are able to experience hundreds of different cultures, languages, viewpoints, and food. It is rich is living history and the buildings are picturesque in and of themselves. Along the entire perimeter of Europe is coastline, so you definitely have your pick for beach spots. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania, and finally Greece all have spectacular beaches with warm water. The northern coastline of Europe also had incredible beaches, though you may not want to visit during the winter months.

Beach Retreats in Bali

Bali is always a top destination for yoga retreats. And do you know why?

Because of the beaches.

Naturally, this makes it one of the top destinations for a yoga beach retreat.

Beginner Yoga Retreats on the Beach

Even for those who practice yoga back home, it can seem a bit intimidating to sign up for a full yoga retreat vacation. Instead of committing themselves to something that they are afraid they may not be able to handle, they combine their two loves: yoga and vacation. And so we have beginner retreats on the beach.

But you know what?

Every yoga retreat is going to accommodate you to your own abilities unless they specifically state otherwise. So go ahead and pick one that feels right to you and ask the retreat owner about the ability levels.

Top Beach Yoga Retreat Centers

When you are searching for beach retreats, you can search for a specific type of yoga style or beach retreats that come with an ocean view. There are tropical beaches and beaches that require a hot tub. There are beaches with a private beach and there are beaches with rental chairs. Whatever vacation style you are looking for, may you find it at the beach.

Salishan Spa in Oregon, USA

So technically this is not a beach retreat quite like you would expect, but its close proximity to the ocean qualifies it for this section. Plus, this spa resort is extremely popular, attracting guests from all over the world thanks to their comfy queen-size beds, spa treatments, and perfectly manicured golf course. Walk to the beach for an outdoor yoga session with a view. Book a room with them and bring your own yoga mat. Make a luxurious vacation out of your upcoming yoga holiday.

Samahita Retreat in Thailand

This cute beach villa lies on the south coast of Koh Samui, a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand that still has long stretches of pristine beaches and unspoiled land. Situated on Laem Sor beach, Samahita Retreat is surrounded by towering coconut trees in a quiet, spacious area, with incredible sunrises and sunsets that play with the colors of the water, sand and tropical fauna. It is the perfect setting for those with spiritual direction.

Wailea Beach Villa in Hawaii, USA

Forget the all-inclusive resorts because Wailea Beach Villa has vacation rentals that dreams are made of. In their resort, you will feel like you are in your own beach house. It comes complete with a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, master bedroom, and amazing views. While they don’t necessarily offer yoga retreats, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy their amazing accommodations for your very own private retreat of sorts.

Omassim Guest House in Portugal

This retreat cottage is absolutely perfect for your upcoming weekend getaway. Treat your body and soul with yoga, massages, vegetarian food and coastal walking along the most stunning part of Portugal`s West Coast Ericeira – first world surfing reserve. Jump into the pool in between yoga classes or book a surf lesson for the day (or grab a beach chair to watch the surfers!). Portugal is a gem and is meant to be enjoyed.

Sandycamps in Morocco

Their yoga instructors teach two collective yoga classes per day, one at dawn and one at sunset. The morning classes will sculpt your body, build your muscle strength and increase tone. In the evening, you can relax and meditate as the sun goes down, stretch and relieve your muscles.

Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua

Many people forget that Nicaragua is made up of never-ending coastline, so there are endless beaches to be enjoyed on either coast. This luxury retreat center is the absolute epitome of what you probably imagined in your head when you first dreamt of a luxury retreat. Bamboo walls, open floor plans, lush mountains, white-sand beaches with turquoise water… it has it all. Plus spa treatments and an open-air yoga studio. I mean. What else is there?

Holis Wellness Center in Costa Rica

Go experience the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and immerse yourself in your yoga practice, outdoor hiking, the turquoise Manuel Antonio sea, and beauty of this tropical paradise. There will be plenty of wellbeing moments – the ‘Pura Vida’ way!

Casa del Sol in Ecuador

A warm and inviting bamboo studio with an ocean view. A safe and secure place to explore all aspects of yoga while listening to the sound of the waves break on the beach! If you want direct access to the beach and incredible surf instructors, then this is the perfect place to stay. Plus, the breakfasts that are included are *amazing*.


Where are the most affordable destinations for a beach retreat?

Thailand is notoriously cheap, as is Nicaragua. You can find some pretty affordable (and super relaxing) beach yoga in Ecuador, and some life-changing views in Greece for pretty low costs. Take a look around. You will be excited to find that a lot of beaches are not expensive at all.

When is the best time to head to the beach?

This really depends on where you plan to head. Keep in mind that not every location has distinct seasons and that many places only have two seasons (rainy season and windy season). Tropical climates run on the “rainy season” approach, whereas beaches on the northern hemisphere will be best during “summer” time.

Relax at the best Caribbean yoga retreats

Jungle Bay Jungle Bay’s Jungle Spa Adventure Package includes all kinds of detoxing perks, including organic cuisine, nature hikes, daily spa treatments and daily yoga classes. Jungle Bay A number of yoga teachers utilize the property to host yoga retreats, including Chrissy Carter, a New York City-based yoga instructor who for the past eight years has been bringing groups each winter to Jungle Bay for one-week yoga retreats. www.liobaschneider.de Parrot Cay Como Shambhala Andreas von Einsiedel, BodyHoliday Andreas von Einsiedel, BodyHoliday In addition to yoga, the Body Yoga program includes meditation and healthful eating practices. BodyHoliday Petit St. Vincent The all-inclusive Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort & Spa in Jamaica is hosting a number of yoga weeks this year — with the yoga program included in the all-inclusive price. Jewel Resorts Rosewood Little Dix Bay, a resort located on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, has a “Revitalize, Refresh, Renew Yoga” multi-level yoga program headed up by Johnny Anzalone, a certified instructor of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. Rosewood Little Dix Bay Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Interested in this topic? You may also want to view these photo galleries:

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The Caribbean is a stress-buster par excellence. The region’s beautiful beaches, seascapes and sunsets immediately lower most travelers’ blood pressure and anxiety levels. Add a yoga workshop to the mix and a Caribbean vacation’s health benefits are optimized. Many resorts offer yoga programs year-round, while other resorts fly in top practitioners in the field to head up specially scheduled yoga weekends. Regardless of the format, these yoga retreats will have you in a state of bliss in no time.

Dominica:Jungle Bay on the tiny island of Dominica offers stays in luxury eco-cottages. The secluded cottages have received high marks from guests; Jungle Bay is currently ranked #2 on Trip Advisor’s list of the top 25 Caribbean Hotels. The hotel’s Jungle Spa Adventure Package includes all kinds of detoxing perks, including organic cuisine, nature hikes, daily spa treatments and daily yoga classes. A number of yoga teachers utilize the property to host yoga retreats. Chrissy Carter is a New York City-based yoga instructor who for the past eight years has been bringing groups each winter to Jungle Bay for one-week yoga retreats.

“Yoga retreats are a great way to either jumpstart or deepen a yoga practice,” says Carter. “The benefits, however, go way beyond doing yoga in a tropical paradise. Even just a few days spent away from everyday life can offer the luxury of perspective—folks are able to process, study and reassess their lives through the lens of yoga.”

Turks and Caicos: Some of the top yoga instructors in the world – Elena Brower, Erich Schiffmann, Rodney Yee, and Colleen Saiman-Yee – make their way to conduct classes at Parrot Cay Como Shambhala, a resort on a 1,000-acre island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago. Yoga classes are held in an open-air, sea view studio, which is also the site of the resort’s complimentary one-hour sunset yoga session. In addition to yoga, guests can avail themselves of healthful practices at the resort’s holistic spa, which offers Ayurvedic treatments.

Saint Lucia:BodyHoliday, a resort on the island of Saint Lucia has a variety of options for yoga-minded travelers. The resort recently initiated the Body Yoga program, which combines yoga and Ayurveda practices. The program gives guests a chance to try out a variety of yoga disciplines. Hatha is a slower style, ideal for beginners; Hirudhaya Yoga helps to relieve stress and promotes a healthy heart; and Pre-natal Yoga prepares a woman for childbirth by introducing calming breathing practices. In addition to yoga, the Body Yoga program includes meditation and healthful eating practices. For those desiring an immersive experience, the resort has Octoba Yoga, a month-long October program.

Grenadines:Petit St. Vincent, a super-luxurious private island in the Grenadines, has two open-air yoga pavilions, one with beautiful views of the Caribbean on the leeward side of the island; while the other pavilion looks out on Conch Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Travelers will have a choice of practicing yoga on their own, or joining one of the regularly scheduled sessions conducted by the island’s resident yoga instructor.

Jamaica: The all-inclusive Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort & Spa in Jamaica is hosting a number of yoga weeks this year. The good news is that the yoga program is included in the all-inclusive package price. The weeks are May 10 –16 (incorporating Mother’s Day); August 16 – 22; and Dec. 6 – 12.

Bahamas: Hatha yoga instructor Marcia Miller fell in love with the Bahamas when she vacationed on Andros Island. This inspired her to develop an annual “Yoga & Scuba Diving/Snorkeling” spring trip geared towards families. The one-week program at Small Hope Bay Lodge combines morning and afternoon yoga sessions with the opportunity to snorkel or dive the island’s coral reefs.

Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island, Bahamas is famous for its year-round yoga retreats that also offer meditation, vegetarian cuisine and lectures by recognized experts. The Bahamas retreat also holds a Spring Family Holiday Program with a special emphasis on teaching yoga to children. This year the program will be held April 19 — 25 and will be headed up by Tara Rachel Jones (Omkari) and Aaron Jones (Sivaram).

British Virgin Islands: Rosewood Little Dix Bay, a resort located on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, has a “Revitalize, Refresh, Renew Yoga” multi-level yoga program headed up by Johnny Anzalone, a certified instructor of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. Classes are held at various locations around the property, including the resort’s secluded beaches.

MORE BLISS: The Caribbean’s most unusual spas

I took these photos during my stay June 14th – 21st, 2015. – Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas, Paradise Island

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Like last year’s round-up of unique wellness trips, Epicure & Culture wants to help you stretch your limits with yoga retreats that fuse flexibility, strength training and curative stretching with something else. Maybe you want to cultivate compassion by volunteering at an animal rescue center, conscious living with permaculture or awareness by giving a Thai massage. In 2015, take advantage of these amazing ways to jump start a year of wellness travel.

Living Room at Vieques Island facilities. Photo courtesy of W Retreat and Spa.

1) Yoga & Glow-in-the-dark Kayaking (Puerto Rico)

Visiting Vieques Island proves you can enter a whole new world without leaving the country. Travel eight miles off the coast of Puerto Rico for a totally different lifestyle. Not home to even a single traffic light, the local Viequense still travel by Jeep and horseback on the island’s Paso Fino horses. Join the W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island for an exclusive three or five-day ENERGIZE yoga retreat with celebrity yoga teacher, Tara Stiles. Kick-start a healthier lifestyle with Strala yoga classes, wellness assessments, immersive nature escapes, cooking classes with the resort’s chef and more. While there, night kayak atop the bio-luminescent bay water that literally sparkles with light, as it’s filled with plankton that glow when disturbed. You can also horse-back ride on the beach, snorkel and visit the spa for made-to-order treatments.

Rates start at $609 per night. for more information.

Snow-ga. Photo courtesy of Yogascapes.

2) Yoga & Snowshoeing (New York)

If you prefer snow to surf, consider snow-ga at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Join Yogascapes for a wintery hike around the gorgeous Canandaigua Lake. You will stop along the way to learn how to incorporate yoga moves into the hike, using ski poles for balance. An alternative to skiing or snowboarding during the winter season, snow-ga is an ideal way to enjoy outdoor recreation and fitness even in a winter wonderland. Your night will end with appetizers and wine around a bonfire.

Prices start at $40. for more information.

Mountain to Mat Yoga at Shaw Valley Resort. Photo courtesy of Tor Johnson.

3) Yoga & Skiing (California)

Improve your skills on the slopes and in the studio with Squaw Valley’s new “Mountain to Mat” program in Olympic Valley, California. New this winter, Squaw Valley is hosting three weekend workshops with intermediate through expert ski/snowboard lessons and yoga. You will wake up to a locally-sourced, organic breakfast and lunch, a half day on the mountain with a professional ski/snowboard guide, an afternoon restorative yoga class at the Wanderlust Yoga Studio, and wrap up your day with wine and mini-spa treatments while sipping wine.

The workshop costs $169/person without a lift ticket, and $229/person with a lift ticket. for more information.

View from the Lighthouse. Photo courtesy of Wanderwoman.

4) Yoga & Lighthouses (Maine)

Join Wander Woman for a weekend of wellness, with the theme of the retreat centered around lighthouses. Like the beacons of light guiding sailors and fishermen safely into harbors along the rocky Maine coastline, this retreat is destined to awaken consciousness to help you navigate life’s obstacles. Each day, you can attend yoga classes with varying levels and choose from a variety of activities. Some examples include kayaking around Curtis Island lighthouse, hiking up Mount Battie for a view of Penobscot Bay, dance and biking. You will also take cooking classes to learn about preparing nutritious meals, explore alternative health regimens, and find Food Fingerprints for optimal energy and well-being.

Prices for this five day retreat start at $1499 per person. for more information on this woman’s retreat.


Green yoga and permaculture. Photo courtesy of Yoga Forest.

5) Green Yoga & Permaculture (Guatemala)

Journey to sacred Mayan land in San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala for a yoga and immersive live experience that will change the way you see the world around you. Live off-the-grid and stay in rustic cabanas to escape the day-to-day grind of technological living, learning to re-appreciate simple pleasures. While here, you will learn about permaculture which nurtures similar principles as yoga: awareness of surroundings, working with your body, and cultivating a union between mind and movements. The Yoga Forest helps you achieve honest living, and you’ll learn to recognize the impact of plants, buildings, animals and insects on the environment and its occupants. Participate in daily yoga, meditation and service (seva or karma yoga) within the community in a comfortable place conducive to growth and sharing.

Accommodations include daily meditation, two yoga classes, a permaculture class, and three delicious vegetarian meals. Rates start at $40 USD per night. for more information.

Monkey encounter! Photo courtesy of Escuela Del Sol.

6) Yoga & Wildlife Volunteering (Costa Rica)

There’s always something happening at La Escuela Del Sol: Spanish lessons, surfing, scuba certification and fire poi dance lessons in a tropical Costa Rica location, for example. This spring, you can add wildlife volunteering to that list, as they just bought Rainsong Wildlife Rescue Center. Starting in April 2015, you will also be able to assist their efforts in accepting injured and abandoned animals from the area. Moreover, new glamping tents, a new yoga deck and a swimming pool are on the menu for the new year.

Rates vary depending on what program you decide to take. for an estimate and to find out more about the extensive offerings of La Escuela del Sol.

Meditation. Photo courtesy of Sacred Earth Journeys.

7) Yoga & Festivals (India)

Join Sacred Earth for a yoga journey through southern India, in time to participate in one of the area’s most moving festivals: Karthigai Deepam. A festival of lights, you’ll see the streets and buildings glow red and gold as ghee (clarified butter) is lit on the summit of Mount Arunachala as a powerful beacon of light visible from afar. During this time, see thousands upon thousands of pilgrims walking to Tiruvannamalaito to walk around the Holy Mountain, stopping at devotional shrines along the way. On this 16-day retreat, you will also cruise through rice paddies, take a rickshaw tour of markets and attend a dance performance in Kerala. You will practice yoga throughout and absorb the spirit of the place where it all began, through visits to temples and various other holy spaces.

The retreat runs from November 20 – December 5, 2015 and starts at $3500. for more information.

Ziplining through the jungle with Langua Travel. Photo courtesy of Audrey Hoyt.

8) Yoga & River Rafting (Costa Rica)

If you seek surf and spirituality, consider Langua Travel’s Costa Rica Yoga+ Adventure trip. This custom yoga trip can contain an action-packed week of yoga, whitewater rafting and surfing in the jungles and on the beaches of Costa Rica. You may also opt to add Spanish courses, paddle-boarding or horseback riding. Your trip culminates with a rafting excursion on the wild rapids of the Pacuare River, in the middle of the rain forest. In the evenings, healthy and delicious meals and savored before sunset yoga. Activities like zip lining and waterfall jumping are offered at stops along the river.

Trips start at $1,450. Email Langua Travel () to start building your custom yoga adventure trip.

Yoga With Waves of Hope. Photo courtesy of Coco Loco.

9) Yoga & Dance (Nicaragua)

Visit El Coco Loco Resort in Managua, Nicaragua for a retreat that blends yoga with meditation, including a silent and blindfolded dance meditation. You’ll dine on raw and vegetarian food and can participate in tutorials about juicing, eating raw, chocolate-making and massage. You can also dabble in surfing, acro and thai yoga massage and giving back to the community with a local non-profit. Waves of Hope Non-Profit will allow you to help the local community by teaching English classes, building and painting.

The week-long retreat starts at $1500. Click here for more information.

Take your practice upside down with aerial yoga. Photo courtesy of Harmony Hotel.

10) Aerial Yoga & Surfing (Costa Rica)

If you want to take your yoga practice upside down, visit the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica for the unique opportunity to enjoy aerial yoga from the comfort of your hotel. This anti-gravity yoga provides an incredible stretch that is good for the spine. In addition to aerial yoga, chose from several other types of yoga and meditation classes or visit the nearby Playa Guiones to take advantage of surfing (they have some of the world’s most consistent year-round breaks). Whether you are into long-boarding, short-boarding or stand up paddle boarding, you can leave your wetsuit at home thanks to year-round warm weather and convenient board rental near the hotel (cost ranges from $15 to $25 per day).

Hotel rates start at $330 per night. for more information about all the services and treatments offered at The Healing Centre.

By Katie Foote

Do you have a yoga fusion retreat you’d like to recommend? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Click the photo for details, from the Epicure & Culture Shop

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20. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

At this faultless island spa resort, you can book daily private yoga classes in a variety of styles and enjoy beautifying treatments and rituals in over-the-ocean, wooden-slatted rooms. Try the joyously therapeutic AntiGravity Yoga in a jungle clearing – you’ll be suspended in hammocks to help you practice inversions easily.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives Credit: Copyright Ken Seet

For yoga and outdoor activities

21. Zest Life Retreats, Anglesey

On these well-run monthly retreats at the Plas Cadnant estate, you can enjoy two yoga classes a day and activities such as wild swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, coastal walking or seashore foraging. Yoga classes are either vinyasa flow-based with Zest Life founder Laura Bell or yin-based with Kate Hamilton-Hunter.

From £375 per person sharing for two nights, all-inclusive. Yoga & Wild Swimming runs June 23-25 (07989 512859; thezestlife.co.uk)

Zest Life Retreats Credit: plainpicture/CI2/plainpicture/CI2

22. Soul & Surf, Kerala, India

This laid-back surf and yoga hotel on a cliff top overlooking Golden Beach in Varkala opens from October to May for a relaxed programme of surf lessons and guided yoga practice. Do vinyasa and yin yoga with Yoga Alliance-qualified teachers on a platform overlooking the Arabian Sea and perfect your surf skills.

From £231 per person sharing for seven nights, including daily surf lessons; six daily yoga classes cost £32.50 (01273 931282; soulandsurf.com)

23. Adventure Yogi, France

Set in a chalet at St Foy in the French Alps, these action-packed holidays feature daily 1½-hour vinyasa yoga classes with Wenche Beard and Rebecca Keenaghan and two-day-long hikes that start with sunrise yoga up a mountain.

From £889 per person for seven nights all-inclusive, apart from some activities. Next runs July 26-Aug 2 (01273 782734; adventureyogi.com)

24. ​Skyros, Greece

​From July to September​,​ these one or two​-​week sunny holistic holidays offer a daily hatha yoga practice alongside myriad other activities at two locations. Choose the Skyros Centre for writing, wellbeing, music and the arts​;​ or the beachside Atsitsa Bay for sporty options such as windsurfing and salsa dancing​,​ or theatrical arts such screenwriting and comedy improvisation.

From £725 ​per person sharing ​on a ​full board ​basis, ​including daily yoga and your chosen course​ (01983 865566​; skyros.com​)​.

25. Kaliyoga Yoga and Hillwalking, Spain​

On ​this dedicated week-long retreat at Kaliyoga’s home base in the Alpujarras​,​ you’ll have two full days of trekking as well as two hours of ​mindful ​vinyasa ​yoga, Kaliyoga’s house style, each day. The walks​, which​ are guided​ and include challenging climbs and moderately easy hills​, would suit anyone who​ is reasonably active at home. Alcohol-free meals are veggie and vegan.

From £895 ​per person sharing for ​six nights​. Next runs September​ 24​​ (020 8123 6946​; kaliyoga.com​)​.

For yoga and family fun

26. Ro Ro Retreats at Santillan, Spain

These delightful retreats are taught by warm and witty yogic parents of three, ashtanga teacher Nigel Jones and classical yoga teacher Tara Fraser. Based at Santillan, a retreat in the hills near Malaga with pretty gardens and a swimming pool, they offer hands-on child care during two daily yoga classes for parents, family yoga sessions and home-cooked meals. School holiday dates for 2018 and news of a UK venue will be announced soon.

A seven-night stay costs £1,200 per adult, £700 per child sharing ([email protected]; rororetreats.com)

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27. Ila Wellness Workshop for Families, Gloucestershire

If you’re time-poor but want to experience yoga with your children, book a family wellness workshop at organic therapy brand Ila’s bucolic barns in the Cotswolds. Available by demand for a minimum of five people, the workshops include a yoga session, breathing exercises, a sound healing session, a wellness talk on the chakras and the chance to learn how to massage each other.

Workshops cost £95 per person, including healthy snacks (01608 677676; ila-spa.com)

28. Pachamama Yoga Retreats for Mums and Children, Derbyshire​

These glamping retreats in the Peak ​D​istrict give mothers and children time to relax and bond​.​ ​They include two hours of ​vinyasa flow yoga each morning, a forest school and yoga for children, and three evening sessions of yin yoga, meditation or yoga nidra during the week. There​ are also massages, vegan food, an ​A​frican dance workshop and walks.

From £1​,​100 for a mother ​and child for ​six nights all​-​inclusive​ Next runs October​ 23-29 ([email protected]​; pachamama-yoga.com​)​.

For a city escape

29. Tilton House, Sussex​

​This splendid Georgian house​,​ set at the foot of the South Downs National Park​,​ offers a range of yoga retreats beautifully hosted by owners Polly and Shaun. You can expect incredible views from each window, a cedar-wood sauna and delicious meals ​made ​with local produce. Upcoming retreats​, lasting two to five nights,​ include yoga and songwriting with Chris Difford and hatha yoga with Sally Parkes.

From £349 ​per person sharing​, on an​ all​-​inclusive​ basis ​(​01323 811 570​; tiltonhouse.co.uk​)​.

30. Green Farm, Kent​

​At this lovely rural retreat on a working farm​,​ you can pre-book a mini yoga spa break that combines private hatha yoga classes with local teacher Sally Bayly and ESPA treatments, ​plus ​use of a garden hot tub and sauna. There are also day and weekend yoga retreats with London-based Yoga Alliance teacher Emma Deery. A pregnancy yoga day runs ​on July​ 22​.

From £395 ​per person sharing for a ​two-night yoga weekend​ (01233 733 997​; greenfarmkent.co.uk​)​.

​Caroline Sylger Jones is founder of Queen of Retreats, a curated collection of retreats bought to you by trusted writers and wellbeing buffs which has just received a makeover at queenofretreats.com.

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