There’s no question that runners are of a different breed than non-runners (aka the “Muggles,” a Harry Potter-inspired name used by my college team to describe those that don’t enjoy running for miles on end). As diverse a group as we are, we certainly share some quirky qualities.

So we asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers what makes runners stand out from the “non-magical folk.” Here are our favorite responses:

You know you’re a runner when __________.

Heather M. – You scoff at paying $10 for a movie ticket, but you’ll happily pay $20 for a 5-K hat you hope lasts less than 30 minutes.

Nikki I. – You have more running clothes than regular clothes.

Dan W. – You actually get upset when you can’t run.

Drew H. – You can no longer stand the word “jog” or “jogger.”

William C. – You do laundry and you realize more than half of what you’re washing is running gear.

Elizabeth A. – You try to go for a walk, and the entire time you think about wanting to just break out into a run.

Suzanne S. – When you’re driving, you think, “This would be a great road to run on.”

Emma C. – You wake up in the morning and plan your day around your run.

Josh H. – When you’re asked how your weekend was, you can only reply in miles and time splits.

Linda D. – You pass up Friday nights out with your friends because you have to get up Saturday to do your long run.

Matthew S. – You think about running while running.

Andrew H. – Not running hurts more than running.

Cheryl K. – You don’t giggle when someone says “fartlek.”

Herb C. – You read hundreds of comments by runners laughing and agreeing with 99% of them!

Read the rest of the Facebook responses here and join the conversation in the Forums here.


We’ve beat the dead horse of if you run, you are a runner…so this isn’t about deciding to call yourself a runner. It’s really about laughing at the insanity that becomes your life once you are a runner.

Being a runner isn’t just a thing you do now and then, it becomes an identity…it takes over your closet, your laundry room, your kitchen cabinets and your weekends.

  1. You own more running shoes than regular shoes (ok more running shoes than shoes owned by the rest of your family).
  2. Your running gear costs more than the rest of your wardrobe (and you don’t even care).
  3. You know the difference between feeling like you can’t and knowing you’re out of gas (because you’ve been there, done that).
  4. You can’t wait for vacation because it means extra time to run (and often new places to run).
  5. You understand words like fartlek, pronation, Pose method (and you love to talk about them).
  6. You wake up earlier on Saturday to run than for work on Monday (and you don’t even mind).
  7. You know it’ s a lie every time you say this is my last….(the memories fade and registration buttons are so enticing)
  8. You can complain about the pain of running and extol it’s virtues in the same sentence (that pain made me a better person).
  9. You know immediately when someone says they ran a marathon last weekend and they mean a 5K (and you’ve heard it enough you don’t even feel like correcting them).
  10. You often find yourself assuming anyone who passes you isn’t running as far…they couldn’t possibly be, you’re a distance runner!
  11. You’ve been accused of having a one track mind (which is what makes you show up consistently for all your runs).
  12. You know that peanut butter is a valid food group and best eaten on a slice of bread with banana before a race.
  13. You know the art of porta potty usage, hover, sleeves for doors and bring your own back up TP (and your lung capacity means you can hold your breathe for the duration).
  14. You have ridiculous tan lines and are proud of them because they represent hard work (and yes even with sunscreen you get them).
  15. Your best stories all start with “so I was running…” (reason enough to do a relay race or try a crazy new distance).
  16. You await Marathon Monday like others do the Super Bowl (and you’re ridiculously unproductive at work watching it)
  17. You aren’t deterred by bad weather, you’re ready to feel like a bad ass or get creative.
  18. You know it’s not weird to run back and forth in front of your house to get to round numbers. Only psychos leave things at 4.27.
  19. You don’t look at running as something you have to do, it’ something that enhances everything else in your life.
  20. You’re convinced running solves nearly all life problems (because you are extremely smart).
  21. You say the words easy and a double digit number in the same sentence to describe your run (congrats you must be tapering).
  22. You have no issues adding on an extra mile or two for an extra slice of pizza (yes you do indeed run to eat on some level).
  23. You appreciate the ways running has shaped your life
  24. You have a bathroom schedule to ensure you are not the “mad pooper” currently all over the news.
  25. You have solved world hunger and other life altering things during a run (you just can’t remember them later).
  26. You know how to refute all the ongoing running myths, like it’s bad for your knees (but you’ve got better things to do…like go run).

26.2: You know life is better when you run. It doesn’t matter how far, it doesn’t matter how fast, it doesn’t matter if it’s solo or with friends. Any mile is a good mile.

Which of these most sounds like you?

Any that are missing??

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If you know any runners or are a runner yourself then you know how they / we can have some odd habits, weird lingo, and a lot of sweaty running apparel and gear all over the place. Love it or hate it you put up with us anyway and we appreciate it! 😁Here are 30 signs you might be dating a runner.

  1. Marathon doesn’t mean a movie marathon but instead 26.2 miles of running.
  2. $120 is a “good deal” on running shoes, so they buy two pairs….but they already own more sneakers than other shoes.
  3. It looks like a running store threw up in their laundry room.
  4. Sweaty, wet running clothes are constantly being aired out.
  5. Half of their wardrobe is running clothes.
  6. Friday nights need to end early because of Saturday morning races.
  7. Vacations turn into run-cations.
  8. Meal times are dictated by when they get out for their run.
  9. When you hear 5k you think of 3.1 miles, not five thousand dollars.
  10. They pack toilet paper in their shorts pocket before they leave for a run.
  11. They wake up before the crack of dawn to get in their long run.
  12. You’re frequently asked to go out on a run, even if you’re not a runner….and you notice them asking every friend too.
  13. Sweat is pouring off their body all over the house when they get back from a run.
  14. Some of their clothing is too stinky to wash with your stuff.
  15. You see them running back and forth past the house or doing small loops to finish their run at 5 Miles, not 4.89 Miles.
  16. Seeing a spare pair of running shoes and clothes in the trunk of their car is normal.
  17. When you’re driving in the car together and they mention a certain area looks nice for running.
  18. They wear their Garmin watch even when they aren’t running.
  19. Weird words come out of their mouth like PR, Fartlek, Tempo, BQ, Bloody Nipples, Corral….
  20. Could they possibly wear shorter shorts?
  21. The word “easy” and “10 miler” are used in the same sentence.
  22. Your partner gets jealous when they’re out driving and sees someone else out for a run.
  23. A “sweat” towel is kept by the driver’s seat in the car.
  24. Your partner talks about running when you’re out with friends.
  25. You’re asked to help roll them out with “The Stick” (aka “rolling pin” to a non runner).
  26. The breed of dog they own/want depends on how long that dog can run.
  27. They wear athletic socks with dress clothes because those are the only socks they own.
  28. Their drawers are filled with endless amounts of race shirts and hats. (I only have one large drawer of shirt because I have a t-shirt quilt on my sofa, success!)
  29. When they’re talking about lube it’s not what you think. It’s for chub rub/chafing.
  30. All the signs that are listed above are probably normal to the runner in your life and they most likely don’t even realize they do half of them!

So tell me… have you noticed any signs… are YOU dating a runner? If you have favorites or other signs to add to the list please share them with us, we would love to hear them! And from all the runners to those who date us we say thank you for putting up with are habits and loving us! ❤️Happy trails! 😊

Fleet Feet St. Louis

Runners tend to look at life through a different lens than the rest of the population. For instance, when we’re injured we’re more upset about not being able to run than we are about the fact that we have somehow damaged our body. Runners read that last sentence and say, “Duh!” Non-runners read it and say, “What?!?!?” Yes, we’re a different lot…and we embrace that fact. Because of that, I decided to scour the interwebs and put together a list of traits that are very runner-centric. Read them and see how many apply to your and your training partners. Let’s revel in our idiosyncrasies.
You might be a runner if….

  • you can run 5+ miles, but struggle to walk up/down the stairs
  • you wake up before 5 am so you can get that 10+ miler in before work
  • you know the hourly forecast for the rest of the week
  • you take your shoes and socks off and it still looks like you’re wearing socks
  • you know that “Cotton is rotten”
  • you understand that awkward frustration of someone running right behind you breathing like a mad man and not being able to get away
  • you can never eat enough food
  • 50 degrees and overcast is your idea of a perfect weather forecast
  • you attempt to spit and end up looking like a bulldog with its head out the car window
  • you know that awkward feeling of not recognizing someone when they’re in “street” clothes
  • you wear tights out as leggings
  • you can never get caught up on laundry
  • you choose to run an extra mile instead of fixing your hair for the day
  • you consider the phrase “its all downhill from here” a good thing
  • you picture yourself running while running
  • part of your monthly expense budget goes to race fees
  • your daily run is like therapy, or an anti-depressant
  • you ask for a late check out not to sleep in, but rather to use the shower after a race/run
  • you plan vacation around a race
  • you propose on a track
  • a 5k is “only” 3.1 miles
  • you are compelled to let everyone on facebook know about a new loop you discovered
  • you drive by someone running and wish it was you
  • when someone mentions Garmin, you don’t think of the car navigation system
  • you think its perfectly acceptable to wear a gps or stopwatch to a formal function
  • tan lines are a way of life
  • you’ve ever lost a toenail (without the aid of dropping something on them or stubbing them)
  • hearing the word chafing sends a shiver down your spine
  • you understand the metric system
  • you have more running shoes than regular shoes
  • you’ll happily spend $100 or more on a pair of running shoes, but buy clearance for your dress shoes
  • you’ll do a quick 2 miles when you feel like doing nothing at all
  • you have to apologize to the person giving you a pedicure
  • taking a planned week off is harder for you than running 40 miles for the week
  • shin splits are part of normal conversation
  • you know what the term fartlek means
  • you know every public bathroom in your neighborhood
  • you’ve heard “Run Forrest Run” more often in public than from your TV
  • you’re used to being looked at as insane when you mention to someone about your 6 mile easy run
  • you consider an ice bath refreshing
  • GU has it’s own wing in your pantry
  • you keep track of your shoes in miles
  • the first thing you pack for a trip is your running clothes and shoes
  • you know what a PR is
  • you keep track of time down to the tenth of a second
  • you know which mailbox is exactly one mile from your house… in every direction
  • you want to smack the person who says, “I wouldn’t run unless I was being chased”
  • you want to smack the person who says. “I don’t even like to drive that far”
  • you have black toenails, and its not from nail polish
  • you’ve ever polished a patch of skin where your toenail used to be just to wear open toed shoes
  • you can move to a new neighborhood and in a couple of months know it better than your neighbors
  • you can hit targets with the farmers blow… while moving
  • you pay attention to the color of your pee
  • every road you drive on you think what a great hill workout this would be
  • you buy ibuprofen in economy size
  • a “ladder” has nothing to do with home maintenance
  • you know everyone at your local FLEET FEET
  • all your Saturday mornings for the next 4 months are filled
  • you read this whole list

Hopefully, you got a chuckle out of these and saw yourself in a few of them. Let me know your favorites and please post any that I’ve missed. Runners. Ya, we’re different. But isn’t that one of the things that make us great? Enjoy being a breed apart. And if you ever feel a need to be among like-minded souls, just swing by FLEET FEET. Good luck and happy racing. Coach Cary

You Might Be a Runner If…

Here’s the thing: if you run—no matter how far, how fast, or how often—you’re a runner. You definitely don’t need to check off all (or even any) of the items on this list to be considered a part of the club, but for the most part runners enjoy sharing a unique camaraderie by bonding over the following absurd aspects of the sport.

Composed with the help of some social media followers, if any of the items on this list ring true for you, then yes, you might just be a runner.

You might be a runner if…

Your sneakers cost more than your dress shoes.

You only check the weather forecast to figure out how it will effect your workout.

You’re angry you have to wear jeans when all of your running clothes are dirty.

You own more sneakers than any other type of shoe.

The majority of your wardrobe is made up of moisture-wicking material and active wear.

You own more sneakers than what most people would consider normal.

You’ve forgotten what it’s like to shop for normal, everyday clothes. @marathonstateofmind

Your shins are on fire. @juheyy

You’re missing a few toenails. @danni_belly

You double check to confirm the number of bathrooms that will be available along the route of your next race. @jenpadel

You’ve already registered for a race scheduled for 2015. @lydiamunoz00

You have trouble packing lightly when you travel because you need to bring running clothes and sneakers. @buddah_beth

The majority of your social media feeds are filled with updates from your favorite running bloggers. @sherbertski

You strategically plan your shower time around your daily workouts and you refuse to shower if you know you’ll be running later in the day. @templekn

When you’re out and about and you see someone else running you immediately get jealous. Even if you already went for a run that day. @fit_incollge & @lyss3279

You plan your social calendar around the races you plan to run. @aliciam34

You’re always hungry and your stomach feels like a bottomless pit. @emilymarquesx

When you see a good-looking stretch of road or a pretty trail your first thought is, “that’d be a great place to run!” @shewhoisjay

You research for races that will coincide with your vacations. @lovingburpees

When you’re running in the cold, rain, or snow, you break out in a huge grin because even though it’s not ideal, somehow you still love the moment. @tylerprairie

You think to yourself: “Imagine running up that!” every time you see a huge hill. @jogging_joan

You have race fees & race travel expenses included in your monthly budget. @soni303

You spend more of your day thinking about running compared to anything else. @itfitlifestyle

When you’re stuck in traffic with a certain amount of miles left to your exit you think, “I could run that!” or “I’d make it home faster if I could run right now.” @fancynancysan & @run_lift_dance

You run… @rfairburn

Is there anything else you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

You Might Be a Runner if…

It never fails – like clockwork – people start asking more questions about running every spring through summer. Seems like it is a natural trait many of us have engrained in us whether we like to run or not.

Whether it is preparing for upcoming racing cycles or maintaining your speed for military or FBI fitness tests, people are running. If you have run before, you will understand the many issues that occur when you run. Some of these issues arise for longer distance race runners, but often if you are a non-runner having to pass fitness tests, the same overuse injuries can occur. This is true even if you are only training for a 1.5 mile timed run for the Navy. Below is a series of issues that runners face every year, along with links or advice to help with whatever running goals you may have:


  • You know what Plantar Faciitis (PF) is. Running injuries of the foot are common to new and veteran runners. Usually, the cause is improper foot wear or foot strike. Many get PF if they run in running shoes even with great support, but the rest of the day they wear dress shoes or work shoes with no support. If you cannot walk on your heal in the morning when first out of bed – you may have Plantar Faciitis.
  • You have had shin splints, calve muscle tightness, or Achilles pain. Lower extremity injuries are very common mainly to those new to running or those who ramp up their miles way too fast. Consider a steady long progression if long distance running is your thing. It may take months to build up to 4-5 miles of distance. Often, many are guilty of jumping right into a 5 mile run after several months off and they wonder why their legs hurt from the knees down. Progressive running programs are the ONLY way to build up to long distance. Or opt to keep it short and do sprints / faster paced short runs.
  • You have “pulled a hammy” or know what ITB and PFS stand for. Running can be painful, even when you do everything correct. Sprinters, or “those who try to sprint,” will inevitably pull a hamstring muscle — usually at the top of the muscle tendon connection — when running faster than normal. If you are over the age of 30, this injury can take several months before feeling 100% again. Knee pain is also typical. It is so typical that there are Runner’s Knee, Patella Tendonitis, and Illio-Tibial Band Syndrome, to name a few of the running pains that can occur. The foam roller has saved me with these ailments personally, and helped alleviate pain and tightness enough to not stop running (but reduce it and baby the joints, muscles, and tendons with mobility exercises). I have found treading water, with no hands but using a variety of kicks, works miracles for hip and leg pain and increasing mobility.
  • Your body yells at you for the first mile but you are golden thereafter. Especially as we age and run, you will find that the first mile or so is painful and your body is in pain. You often have to overcome the brain saying, “What are you doing? STOP THIS!” Give yourself a good 5-10 minutes of light running followed by a light stretch and the running pain should be comparably non-existent. Try a few minutes on the bike or elliptical, add in dynamic stretches, and then start running and that initial mile pain will not be there. In a nutshell – WARMUP.
  • You have tried out different running styles to find out what worked best for you. From POSE, CHI, Evolution, Barefoot Running, to mid-foot strike and others. Everyone has a way to run. My recommendation is to find what works best for you and go with it. Experimenting with other forms of running always injured me in some way (ITB, Calves, Knee, Shins, feet). This is my Evolution of Running.
  • You have a certain level of mental toughness. There is nothing quite like running – especially when you do not want to — that builds mental toughness. Being a disciplined runner and getting it done daily is the very habit that will help you get through those tough tests — military or personal. You are likely competitive by nature and do not like being last in anything. Running is a mental test much more than a physical test. If you are a runner, you know that.
  • If you like your runs long and your shorts short! We call them Silkies, Ranger Panties, or Daisy Dukes of Freedom in the military. If you run in the military, you will likely run in shorter shorts than are currently stylish. Or if you grew up in the 80’s you just never got out of style!
  • You have no posterior chain development or mobility / flexibility. The posterior chain muscles are the muscles of your back side: Lower back, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves. Often these muscles are used by runners but not exercised in full range of motion strengthening programs. Squats, lunges, box jumps, dead lifts, and sled pushes are some of exercises that strengthen these muscles, help stabilize hip, knee, and ankle function, and will actually make you faster when you are on a running cycle again. Make sure you have a lifting cycle of these muscles during your shorter running / no running cycle. Do not forget mobility and flexibility — not just for running, but for being a healthy human. Focus daily (10 minutes a day) on both flexibility and mobility time.
  • And finally…You Might Be a Runner, IF you cannot bench press your body weight. Face it, guys who run at the front of the pack are typically not the guys you see under a pullup bar or on a bench press. I am not knocking the athletic choices of the perfect specimen of a runner, but if you want an off season goal, work to do 15-20 pullups and bench press your body weight. Will it affect your running? Maybe a little, but the human body can do both strength and endurance well at the same time. You may not be world class in either, but you can be above average in both with some periodization training.

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