Tommy Hilfiger, Zendaya Unveil Immersive Online VR Fashion Show

A global audience can tune in for the shoppable VR runway show experience, streamed live from the Apollo Theater in Harlem on Sept. 8, where a bus parked curbside will sell the collection.

Since introducing his TommyNow experiential runway show with Gigi Hadid in fall 2016 in New York, Tommy Hilfiger has literally taken his show on the road to Los Angeles, London, Milan, Shanghai and, most recently, to Paris in March 2019. Now Hilfiger is finally bringing TommyNow back to New York City later this week, with the fall 2019 “see now, buy now” event at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater on Sunday Sept. 8.

This second Zendaya x Tommy collection, co-designed by Hilfiger with the pop star, the brand’s global womenswear brand ambassador, was unveiled last week in advance of the show. Its tailored, ‘70s-inspired pieces uphold Zendaya’s bold style infused with Hilfiger’s classic twist. Calling it a “full-circle moment,” Hilfiger is looking forward to bringing the show to Harlem, a suggestion of Zendaya’s, as the brand “continues to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity at the heart of our collaboration and brand DNA,” he said in a press statement.

Head over to IG TV to find out what individuality, style and empowerment mean to eight talented women from our HQ. #TommyXZendaya #PowerDressing

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For those who can’t be in New York to witness the event firsthand, Hilfiger has created a virtual reality e-commerce experience. Doing away with the need for a headset, the brand is using a web-based VR technology that will be available by desktop or mobile at It will provide a global audience with unique, real-time access to the runway, backstage, front row and a pop-up shop at the TommyNow show at the Apollo on Sept. 8, starting at 5:30 p.m. PT.

Since shuttering its flagship store on Fifth Avenue earlier this year, Hilfiger is continuing to branch out with new ways to reach fans of the label. Before the show, those using the site will be able to visit the virtual pop-up merchandise shop, look at clothing hanging on backstage dressing racks, and shop styles worn by the models on the catwalk. Then during the show, cameras with 360-degree views will be placed on site at the Apollo Theater to broadcast live feeds of the red carpet, backstage and front row.

Cultural historian and Vintage Black Glamour author Nichelle Gainer has chosen content to decorate the tunnel inside the Apollo that will immerse TommyNow guests in a walk through Harlem’s iconic music eras as they enter the event.

For those in New York City, a Tommy x Zendaya bus will be parked outside the Apollo on the day of the show to take the experience to the streets of Harlem. Ahead of the show, the collection will be exclusively available from the bus for purchase. For a week after the show, the bus will travel to another as-yet-undisclosed spot in New York where fans can step inside the “TZH”-monogrammed vehicle, decorated with a snake-skin inspired pattern, to shop runway styles.

As part of the special event, all sales proceeds of festival-inspired Tommy x Apollo x Zendaya T-shirts, designed exclusively for the event and sold at the TommyNow show, will be donated to the Apollo, of which Hilfiger is an official corporate sponsor. The same styles will be offered for sale on the Tommy x Zendaya experience bus, with all proceeds going to the Harlem-based performance training center Vy Higginsen’s Mama Foundation for the Arts, and musical talent from the foundation will perform at the fashion show.

Tommy Hilfiger

  • Zendaya has just blessed us all with a killer new clothing collection she designed for Tommy Hilfiger.
  • TOMMY X ZENDAYA took inspiration from icons of the 1970s and ’80s, as well as the star signs.
  • The entire size-inclusive collection dropped March 2 online and in stores.

Just read my horoscope and apparently, this month I’m going to spend a ton of money on Zendaya’s new clothing collection with Tommy Hilfiger.

The Greatest Showman actress just launched her TOMMY X ZENDAYA line, which includes vintage-inspired wardrobe staples inspired by zodiac signs and fashion icons of the ’70s and ’80s.

Every item is available in sizes 2-22, so you can shop a zodiac print suit, leather midi skirts, and tons of retro options designed by Z herself no matter what your size.

Zendaya Curve Organic Cotton Zodiac T-Shirt Tommy Hilfiger $59.50 Zendaya Wide Leg Stripe Trousers Tommy Hilfiger $149.50 Zendaya Curve Check Linen Blazer Tommy Hilfiger $295.00 Zendaya Pisces Necklace Tommy Hilfiger $65.00 Zendaya Metallic Detail Cardigan Tommy Hilfiger $149.50 Zendaya Curve Skinny Fit Ankle Jeans Tommy Hilfiger $139.50

As of March 2, the entire collection is available to shop online but fans noticed something that looked a little familiar: this fresh-as-hell navy striped two-piece.

Tommy Hilfiger

One Twitter user noted that this co-ord set actually showed up on Zendaya’s Instagram last June and no one even noticed.


— Zendaya (@Zendaya) February 19, 2019

On the Tommy Hilfiger website, Zendaya explained why designing this collection means so much to her.

“Through clothes I’ve found confidence, I’ve gotten to know myself better,” she said. “People think clothes are just clothes, but I look at clothes as a very emotional thing.”

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Tommy himself added: “Zendaya has become a global icon, using fashion to make bold statement while always staying true to herself. Our capsule collection will fuse her eclectic style with the Americana spirit of our brand.”

Shop the full collection on and in stores.

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Daya by Zendaya. Photo: Daya by Zendaya

I’ve always loved Zendaya’s playful, fashion-forward style both on and off the red carpet. She consistently looks cool and stylish but approachable, too. And with the help of her stylist Law Roach she’s managed to channel that sensibility into her own versatile line, Daya by Zendaya. Since its debut last fall, not only is the line affordable (the most expensive piece was a $148 jacket), it’s also size inclusive — a detail that’s usually an afterthought. Her second collection just dropped and it’s even better.

This time around, Zendaya stayed true to her sporty roots with casual, athleisure-friendly, gender-fluid pieces as well as feminine styles that are an affordable nod to her designer favorites like Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors. The versatile range includes reinvented basics like patchwork sweatshirts mixed in with trendier silhouettes (slinky slip dresses, track pants) making it easy to put together a cool outfit, even if you’re not a stylist. Read ahead to hear what she has to say about inclusivity, her favorite things to design, and that special, surprisingly affordable dress from the Kids’ Choice Awards red carpet. Plus, check out my favorite pieces.

What do you love more about Drop Two than Drop One?

When you first come out with a line, the first run is really to see what people like and gravitate towards. I felt there were too many options and this time I wanted to make it more cohesive collection.

You looked amazing at the Kids’ Choice Awards, wearing a Daya by Zendaya rustic slip dress. Why did you choose that dress from your Drop Two collection over all the other pieces?

I think it was the perfect show things can look expensive, especially in the way it’s cut and the material, without having to actually be expensive. It’s mainly in the way you style and rock things. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. I think that’s one of the most important things about the brand. I make sure it’s affordable and realistic because that’s the market I’m catering to. college students out there, let’s be realistic.

What’s your favorite piece from Drop Two, and how would you style it?

I really love my sweatpants sets because they’re so comfortable and they can be dressed up or down. I love taking sweatpants and make them look like loungewear that you can wear to the gym. and you can literally wear them on the red carpet.

I really appreciate all the different ethnicities and size diversity among the models on your site. Most designers aren’t as progressive as you are. What do you think is the main reason for that?

With most everything I do in my career there’s always a bigger reason behind it. When it came down to making a clothing brand I thought, how can I make something different than the billions of other clothing brands out there? What was missing was that sense of inclusivity, be it gender-neutral clothing, or offering more sizes. everybody to feel like they can shop from the same place. I don’t think that my older sister, who is a thicker woman, should have to go to a certain section on my website to find an outfit. It’s the same when it comes to men and women — a guy shouldn’t have to go on my site and feel like he can’t wear something because only girls are wearing it or vice versa. Stop trying to put everybody in the categories and boxes. Let everybody just live. It’s really simple and makes a difference for the shopper.

Shop Nadia’s Favorites

Photo: Daya by Zendaya Daya by Zendaya

This frayed denim jacket with exaggerated sleeves was my top pick when I first laid eyes on it. The bell-sleeve detailing makes it feel special, but not so fancy that I can’t wear it every day. I’m ready to pair it with the matching pants plus a cute little white crop top and flatform shoes.

Photo: Daya by Zendaya Stripe Track Pants

Track pants are having a moment because they’re comfortable and have that cool streetwear element. I’d wear these with this form-fitting black bodysuit and red high-heeled sandals.

Photo: Daya by Zendaya Velvet Bomber

All this needs is an oversized pair of silver hoop earrings, classic white Adidas sneakers, and my hair up in a high bun for a chill, weekend-ready look.

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Zendaya has already proven she’s a master of talking the talk when it comes to promoting inclusivity and self-expression—now, she’s gearing up to walk the walk, too, with the launch of her first-ever clothing line, Daya by Zendaya. While the 20-year-old multihyphenate debuted a shoe line earlier this year, now she’s teamed up with her longtime stylist, Law Roach, to design a full collection of apparel—velvet jumpsuits, slinky slip dresses, satin bombers, and graphic hoodies—in sizes 0 to 22, all priced under $160.

Unlike many celeb brands, hers is direct-to-consumer and online-only, with the exception of pop-up shops this weekend in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, all of which Zendaya will be making personal appearances at on Saturday (girl’s got a busy day ahead of her—she’s also launching her app today). Yesterday, she visited the Soho store and briefed us on the message behind the line—which, naturally, is all about empowerment. Keeping the price point affordable was essential, she says, because well, “People have lives to live”—meaning they can’t necessarily drop $500 on a jacket. Sizing, too, was a no-brainer. “I want my mom to be able to wear my clothes. I want my older sister to be able to wear my clothes,” she says. “There’s too many shapes and sizes in my family to say like, ‘Oooh yeah but you can’t wear that, though.’”

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Naturally, she also wants her fans to wear her clothes—and plenty of them are young people inspired by her you-do-you thinking. Fashion is a tool for self-discovery, and having been in the spotlight since she was 14, Zendaya has done it in a very public way. “When I first started working with I was kind of shy, like, ‘Oh is this too much? Like are people gonna think it’s weird?’,” she recalls. But now, she says, it’s more like “‘Is this weird enough?’ So it’s been that kind of change and evolving of me as a person—of slowly caring less and less about other people and caring more and more about me and how I feel. And that’s how it should be.”

It also helps that they have such a strong partnership. “Often we agree—nine times out of ten,” she says. “But that one percent that we don’t—that’s when the best stuff comes out.” Fans of Zendaya’s style will definitely find some of this stuff in the line—there are low-key pieces for lounging around, like sweats and a camo PJ top with matching track pants, alongside glam going-out gear (the tuxedo romper, in particular, looked like something she’d rock on the red carpet)—and, if all goes according to her master plan, feel pretty damn good in it.

So, how does fashion fit within her brand of self-empowerment? Well, as anyone who’s walked around in a skirt that keeps riding up or a pair of too-tight jeans knows, what you wear on the outside has a pretty strong affect on how you feel inside.

“Fashion is emotional. Clothing is emotional. When you wear a jacket or you buy a good pair of shoes or you put on a dress that fits your body just right, you feel different. You feel good,” she says. The reverse is also true. “If something doesn’t fit right, if something is not highlighting the part of your body that you’d like, it’s emotional … So my whole idea with this is to just to give people the freedom to do what they want with it.”

Do what you want: who can argue with that?

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In the slideshow, shop some of the best pieces from the debut collection, and find the rest at

1 of 7

Quilted Kimono Wrap Jacket, $98; at Daya by Zendaya

Quilted Jogger, $68; at Daya by Zendaya

Kyle Classic Geometric Print Pump, $79.95; at Daya by Zendaya

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

Ribbed Crop Top, $48; at Daya by Zendaya

Ribbed Skater Skirt, $58; at Daya by Zendaya

Patched Military Anorak, $138; at Daya by Zendaya

Kettle Lace Up Bootie, $119.95; at Daya by Zendaya

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

Satin Cross-Back Slip Dress, $58; at Daya by Zendaya

Longline Satin Bomber, $88; at Daya by Zendaya

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

Satin Paneled Top, $48; at Daya by Zendaya

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

Oversized Velvet Jumpsuit, $98; at Daya by Zendaya

Kearney Platform Bootie, $124.95; at Daya by Zendaya

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

Satin Paneled Top, $48; at Daya by Zendaya

Photo: Daya by ZendayaPhoto: Daya by Zendaya

Zendaya’s New Clothing Line Is Inclusive In Every Damn Way

Daya by Zendaya is Zendaya’s first clothing venture, and she’s making her mark on the fashion industry in the best way possible. The line is reasonably priced, totally on trend, and practically everyone can rock a piece from Daya thanks to the brand’s inclusive mission.

No one bats an eyelash when celebrities release their own clothing lines. If you’ve got a name that’ll sell, might as well brand it, right? Zendaya is no exception. The young celeb is entering the fashion world with stylish fervor. But even though Zendaya’s fame certainly bolsters her entrepreneurial ventures, her new clothing line called Daya by Zendaya is unlike most celebrity fashion collections on the market, and for an extremely good reason: it’s completely inclusive.

Yep, you heard that right: Zendaya designed her premiere fashion line for literally everyone. Daya features sizes ranging from 0 to 22, nothing is more expensive than $160 and most items are unisex, meaning clothing swaps have never been easier. From jumpsuits to loungewear to trendy anoraks, Daya represents every style genre alongside every body type.

Check out some of Daya’s hottest pieces, all under $100:

Scuba Lace Up Dress, $88

Ribbed One-Shoulder Crop Top, $58

Satin Cross-Back Slip Dress, $58.00

Don’t mind us, we’re just shelling out every last dollar we’re worth over here. As if the minimalist, chic street wear designs weren’t enough to pull you in and rob you of every last cent, it’s extremely refreshing to invest in a clothing line supporting equal representation.

According to Daya’s website, Zendaya teamed up with celebrity stylist Law Roach to “break every fashion rule and create a legendary label transforming what you know about high fashion.” Daya’s contemporary brand is “designed for all ages, shapes, and nationalities.”

Well, what are you waiting for? Daya is available exclusively online, and we’re sure these pieces are going to fly off the virtual shelves. We’re mad proud of Zendaya’s new line, and we totally support her inclusive fashion representation mission. After all, good fashion never goes out of style.


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